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Body: Aluminium
(powder coated)

Sealing: NBR (Silicone on request)

Connection: Colour coded spring type terminals

Protection class: IP 65, IP 67 and IP 68 to EN 60529

Temperature range: -20°C to +85°C

Screws: Stainless steel

Sensors: 2 or 3 microswitches
2 or 3 V3 proximity switches
2 proximity switches M12 or M8
Adjustment range: max. three control switches, adjustable
within 240° Pro
Solenoid valve: max. 2 inductors Qu
Double-acting pneumatic actuator with SBU-switch box directly 3 (p
3 te
5 te
- Direct mounting acc. to VDI/VDE 3845 (EB4.1 - EB12.1) Pla
- Bracket mounting possible
- Compact dimensions
- The operating voltage for microswitches is selectable with M2
isolated changeover contacts
- The aluminium body protects against mechanical damages *Va
- Cover attachment with captive screws *Va
- Separate terminal boards for sensors and solenoid valves Plu
- Colour coded 2-pole spring-type terminals Plu
- Labelling of clamping units of the circuit board
- Terminal diagram within the cover
- Connection of a third switch and of a solenoid valve with
two inductors (optional)
- 360° position indicator
- Switches are contacted directly on the circuit board NB
- Sensors are connected via spring-type terminals and can be NC
replaced separately SJ3
* Fo
Switch box with diaphragm for ventilation and plug-in connection
(pic. below).


DIN_A4_Einzelseite.indd 1
07-01_SBU_2012.indd 2 13.06.2012 15:14:53

2 3. a 4-pole double terminal block and a 3-pole double terminal block for a solenoid valve. Two M8 round proximity switches (open/closed) . a 5-pole double terminal block for a double inductor solenoid valve. a 4-pole double terminal block and a 3-pole double terminal block for a solenoid valve. 6. Two M12 round proximity switches (open/closed) . Two slot indicators (open/closed. a 3. Visible position indicator for on/off valves as well as for valves with L. 4 5.indd 1 30. cylindric or slotted. Three gland openings allow a large variety of connection. 3 7. 4-pole double terminal block and a 3-pole double terminal block for a solenoid valve. 5 4. The basic circuit board can be assembled with microswitches or proximity switches in different forms: V3. 07-01_SBU_2012.04. Three V3-proximity switches (open/closed/mid position).or T travel movement. Two microswitches (open/closed). Bridging of supply voltage for sensors and solenoid valves on request. Two V3-proximity switches (open/closed) . 6 Circuit board options with following assemblies: 1. Colour coded spring terminals (separated for sensors and solenoid valves) ensure a safe and correct wiring.and 4-poles) and a terminal block to connect a solenoid valve. a double terminal block (4-poles) and a 3-pole terminal block for a solenoid valve.or 4-pole double terminal block a. The bottom section of the switch box is directly mounted on the actuator. 7 2.2012 08:45:00 . Variable shaft construction with switch cams adjustable to 240°. Standard version: 90°. MODULAR DESIGN SBU Robust aluminium cover with sight glass and captive screws. a 4-pole 1 double terminal block and a 3-pole double terminal block for a solenoid valve. Three microswitches (open/closed and a mid position) with one double terminal block (3. end position alive or dead).

SWITCH BOX SBU 68 98 80 114 30 70 125 TYPE CODE Switch box unit SBU . * For sensors type V an additional variant number is added to the type code.06.ebro-armaturen. to DIN EN 175301-803) 4 4 *Valve connector configuration A ( 04.2012 08:45:07 post@ebro-armaturen.  www.indd 4 13. e. -V123 Subject to changes without notice. X N N N -X NN Type of sensor Microswitch M ble Proximity switch / voltage de-energized (Standard) P Proximity switch / voltage energized* V Quantity of sensors without 0 1 1 2 2 3 (possbile only with 5 terminals for solenoid valves) 3 Ex-version without 0 Terminal blocks for solenoid valves 3 terminals (one inductor) 3 5 terminals (two inductors.2012 15:14:54 30.5 for wiring 5-9mm 3 3 3 *Valve connector configuration A (acc.0701 01 NBB2-V3-E2 01 NCB2-V3-N0 02 SJ3. X N N X. to DIN EN 175301-803) with LED and protection circuit (24 V) 5 5 Plug connector M12 S Plug connector M 18 M Diaphragm B B Sensors Marquard M Pepperl+Fuchs P Type of sensor Marquard / 1006.2012 DIN_A4_Einzelseite. prepared for third sensor) 5 Screw connection Plastic K Metal M Plug in / Electrical connections Sealing plug 1 1 1 M20x1.5-N 03 NJ4-12GK40-E2 05 Further on request.04.5 for wiring 8-13mm 2 2 2 M20x1.