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TO : Benjamin V.


From : LSCAD

RE : Request for Restructuring of the account Sps. Roque Joaquin and Gloria Gomez

The account of spouses Gomez was already endorsed to Legal Department. Sps. Gomez particularly Ms.
Gloria Gomez wanted to restructure the account as early as last year . However it didnt materialize
because no substantial offer was made. Last June 2017 , Ms. Gomez called the legal department about
negotiating the account if it can still be worked out. We gave her an updating balance of Php 430,000.00
to be paid on June 16, 2017 covering the amount of interest and penalty as per President if not paid
proceed with the foreclosure. Time lapsed then Sps. Gomez didnt show up or even pay the agreed
amount to have it structure, Legal Department instituted the foreclosure sale , last June 17, 2017. With
EJF case # 17-3590.

Last June 29-30 , Mrs. Gomez called that she is willing to pay atleast Php 430,000.00 as agreed
upon last June 1, 2017 . I told Mrs. Gomez that we already instituted the foreclosure and that the filing
fee for the said foreclosure amounts to Php 61,832.56. She is begging if she can still restructure her
housing loan. I told her that matter will be brought to attention of the management and told her that
theres no guarantee of such request.

Recommendation :

Mrs. Gomez will pay the updating balance , plus the filing fee . CSBi can move for the withdrawal of the
petition , at the expense of the client insofar as filing fee is concern plus other expense that the bank
may incurred as a result of such withdrawal.

2nd Option will be proceed with the foreclosure but the Certificate of Sale will not be annotated so the
redemption period will not run.

We are asking for your opinion or suggestion if we can have Mrs. Gomez request be granted.

Prepared by: Noted By:

John Karlo P. Fernandez Atty. Eduardo L. De Jesus