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Dear LeeAnne,

Thank you for your email and reaching out to me with your concerns. I want to let you know that
Ive processed your email and spoke with the music teacher in order to provide for you hopefully
more insight to the first grade music show. In addition, Id like to address ways in which we can
move forward hand can work together to give all of our students a better sense of inclusion at

After speaking with the music teacher heres what Ive learned. ((Insert what we discussed))
Going forward weve arrived at some options for this song. One is providing students with an
alternative to sing during the first grade music show. Second is to put in the bulletin an except
noting the learning and background of this song and how we support students from all
backgrounds at Hale.

I agree with you that the message may not be inviting to students not born in the US.

It sounds like with your passion and background that the parent group at Hale to support with
with equity and inclusion would be a perfect fit. They meet ____ times a month on ____ day. If
youd like, I can email the lead of this team to let them know your interest and that youd like to

I look forward to working together with you on this.

Amy Engler