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Atlas Copco Hydraulic rock drills

COP 1132

Rock drills for superior productivity

COP 1132
Short, double-damped 11 kW hydraulic drill for hole sizes 33 - 51 mm
COP 1132: about 30 percent faster than your old COP

Atlas Copco makes it possible Nothing to hide, everything to be proud of

COP 1132 is a completely new rock
drill, equipped with the latest Atlas
Copco technology. It incorporates high-
frequency technology, floating adapter
and double damping, and is therefore 2 1
rather like the Atlas Copco flagship
the 30 kW COP 3038. Optimized
4 6 7
economy thus also comes to the smallest
class of drill. In short it means faster 5
drilling, lower drill steel wear and
simplified maintenance.

Leading high-frequency
COP 1132 has an impact power of 11
kW, which makes it by far the strongest
drill in its hole range on the market.
The high power has been achieved
through the now well-proven high-
Drill speeds like youve never seen before
frequency technology, which is largely m/min
unique to Atlas Copco. In summary,
the technology means that instead of 4,0
striking the drill steel harder, the piston
3,5 Lime
strikes it at higher frequency. This ston
results in faster penetration without 3,0
increasing the stress on the drill steel.
The technology is thus both gentle and 2,5 Gran
extremely efficient.

Compare it with popular 0,0

forerunners 33 35 40 45 50 51
Hole diameter, mm
COP 1132 operates in the same hole Assumptions:
range as the earlier COP 1028 and 1032. Compression strength, limestone = 160 MPa
COP 1132 at 11 kW strikes the drill Compression strength, granite = 200 MPa
steel no harder than COP 1028 at only
5.5 kW. However, it strikes it twice as
fast, which is what gives rise to the high
By comparison, COP 1032 at 7.5 kW
is significantly harder on the drill steel.
The energy in each strike is about 165
J compared with only 110 J for the new
COP 1132. With the high frequency
technology, you get higher power
without having to strike harder.
P 1032

1) Damping piston, presses the adapter/ Floating adapter

drill steel/drill bit against the rock so
that re-tightening of the rods can occur makes it possible
between blows.
Atlas Copco is no longer alone in
2) Damping chamber, where reflex waves having a floating adapter for efficient
from the rock are absorbed and con-
verted into heat, which is absorbed by re-tightening of rod joints. But thanks
the hydraulic system. to our system being so fast, we can
3) Impact piston, as slim as the drill take advantage of the high-frequency
3 steel for the most efficient energy technology and still ensure that the
transfer. joints are re-tightened after every blow.
4) Adapter, exactly matched to the impact Floating adapters are something that
piston for the most efficient energy
COP 1028, COP 1032 and similar drills
5) Rotation motor, reversible with a full
from other companies cannot offer.
225 Nm.
6) Flushing chamber, for up to 12 bar Now also with double damping
flushing pressure. COP 1028 has no damping at all.
7) Powerful stop ring, a must when COP 1032 has the older single damping
back hammering.
system. COP 1132 has been equipped
with the same well-tested double-
damping system that only Atlas Copcos
larger hydraulic drills have had before.
COP 1132 is thus the markets smallest
drill with high-efficiency damping of the
reflex shockwave.
Now you can talk about serious savings
even when drilling small holes. More
drill metres and less wear on tools,
drill and rig add up to better overall

The only thing not big about it

is the size
Including the male adapter, COP 1132
is a full 20 cm shorter than COP 1032.
That means better exploitation of the
feed length and fewer rod changes
or connections, something that can
be directly translated into higher
productivity. COP 1132 also has a
smaller cutting angle, which gives better
access in confined spaces.

Easy to mount, easy to use

COP 1132 can be left- or right-hand
mounted without moving the hoses. The
low weight helps. It is about 30 percent
lighter than COP 1032.
COP 1132 has male adapters for threads
R28, SR28 and R32 and a female
adapter for thread R32. Changing an
adapter and resetting the drill for the
new drill-steel dimension takes quarter
of an hour.
Technical data
COP 1132
Impact power, max. 11 kW
Hydraulic pressure, max. 210 bar
Impact rate 100 Hz
Lubrication air (at the drill), min. 3 bar
Flushing water, max. 25 bar
Weight, with adapter 75 kg
Length, without adapter 735 mm
Width 291 mm
Height 154 mm
Height above drilling centre 77 mm

Male adapter, 35 mm, L = 410 mm
Thread type R28, Ordering No. 407-15701,00
Male adapter, 35 mm, L = 410 mm
Thread type SR28, Ordering No. 425-15701,00
Male adapter, 35 mm, L = 500 mm
Thread type SR28, Ordering No. 425-15704,00
Male adapter, 35 mm, L = 410 mm
Thread type R32, Ordering No. 403-15701,00
Male adapter, 35 mm, L = 500 mm
Thread type R32, Ordering No. 403-15704,00
Female adapter, 45 mm. L = 280 mm
Thread type R32, Ordering No. 403-15703-F,00

Rotation motors
OMP 80
Torque (measured on the drill steel), max. continously/temporary 220/330 Nm
Rotation speed (measured on the drill steel), max. 500 rpm
Hydraulic pressure, max. continously/temporary 140/225 bar
OMP 125
Torque (measured on the drill steel), max. continously/temporary 360/550 Nm
Rotation speed (measured on the drill steel), max. 320 rpm
Hydraulic pressure, max. continously/temporary 140/225 bar

Suitable drill rigs

Bolt-hole drilling The short lightweight body makes COP

modifications without prior notice. 2006.09 CIAA AB Printed in Sweden

Boltec 235, MC, MD, LC, LD and similar bolting rigs. 1132 ideal for bolt-hole drilling in confined
Tunneling spaces. Here the drill is shown mounted on a
Boomer 104, 281, 282 and similar drill rigs. Boltec for semi-automatic bolting.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make

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