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Ave Maria Press Offers E-textbooks for 2010–2011 School Year
fering e-textbooks for the 2010–2011 school year through its partnership with Xplana, an innovative e-book provider. Xplana offers a robust digital content library to students and teachers; starting in August 2010 this will include Ave Maria Press textbooks. Jesus Christ: God’s Revelation to the World, Encountering Jesus in the New Testament, and Your life in Christ will be the first available in electronic format. The numerous benefits of this partnership to teachers, students, and parents include cost-effectiveness, access to content either online or offline, the ability to create and keep notes all in one place, and the availability of such digital resources as e-books, documents, videos, activities, and more. Under the terms of this partnership, students are able to purchase Ave Maria Press e-textbooks directly from Xplana. Xplana will provide access codes for students to view their e-texts both online and offline on their laptops, e-Readers, and iPhones. This means that students will not be required to be connected to the Internet to read their books and makes manual downloading by school staff unnecessary. Schools wishing to buy books for the students may do so directly from by purchasing access codes to distribute to the students. List of AMP Titles to be Made Available as E-textbooks
• Jesus Christ: God’s Revelation to the World • Jesus Christ: His Mission and Ministry • Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments • Encountering Jesus in the New Testament • Your Life in Christ • Catholic Essentials • Catholic Social Teaching • The Church: Our Story • Our Catholic Faith • Exploring Religions of Our World • Marriage and Holy Orders • The Old Testament: Our Call to Faith and Justice • This Is Our Church • The Catholic Spirit • Sex and the Teenager

Notre Dame, IN- Ave Maria Press is pleased to announce that it will be of-

Jesus Christ: God’s Revelation to the World By Michael Pennock ISBN: 9781594711848 • 320 pages • $24.95
Available online at or

Learn More about Ave Maria Press E-Textbooks at:

Frequently Asked Questions
When can we purchase these e-textbooks? Books purchased through will be available in August 2010. Books will be available for review in July 2010 in the Xplana electronic learning environment. How much will it cost? Electronic texts will be available at discounted rates. Check with for details on each textbook price. Students can purchase the texts directly from Schools wishing to purchase a site license can do so directly from by purchasing access codes to distribute to students. Will there be a PDF option? A PDF site license is also available directly from Ave Maria Press for a limited number of high schools. Call 1-800-282-1865 x270 for details.

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