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elementary unit twelve English

Choose the best answer. Use the weblinks to help you.
And remember you dont have to understand every word. 9 What are Ghillie Brogues?

a hats
1 What type of clothes does Adams sell?
b shoes
a mens
c trousers
b womens
c childrens
2 Which of the following is a department store? 10 What sort of animals wear Yapwear clothes?
a Debenhams a cats
b Zara b rabbits
c Vision Express c dogs
3 Where can you buy sports clothes? 11 On which part of the body would an animal
a WH Smith wear a gruff?
b Footlocker a neck
c Monsoon b head
c legs
12 Where do Yapwear clothes come from?
4 How much are the diamond shoes?
a two hundred and twenty-five thousand
b France
c Australia
b six hundred and fifty thousand pounds
c one million pounds
5 Who designed the shoes? 13 Where did Elizabeth and David Emanuel
a David Coulthard learn about fashion?
b Heidi Wichlinski a City of London School for Girls
c Stuart Weitzman b Harrow College
6 Where did Laura Harring wear the shoes? c Royal College of Art
a at the Oscars 14 Who did Elizabeth and David design a
b at her wedding wedding dress for in 1981?
c at the Olympics a Hilary Clinton
b Princess Diana
c Britney Spears
7 How long does it take to make a kilt? 15 Which airline asked Elizabeth to design
a 24 weeks clothes for their workers?
b 46 weeks a British Airways
c 68 weeks b Virgin
8 What colour is the Maxwell tartan? c Qantas
a blue, brown, and green
b yellow, white, and purple
c red, green, and black

Photocopiable Oxford University Press 2006