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1. Check the top level of PCC.

2. Embedment length of pile to be 75mm or as per drg, i.e. pile should project above the PCC top
by 75mm or as per drg.
3. Mark the coordinates of the pilecap edges using concrete nails and shuttering (inner) line to be
marked using line (blue colour cheaply available shall be used).
4. PCC offset from edge of pilecap to be checked and confirmed as per drg.
5. Column coordinates to be marked as per drg with nails. Reinforcements shall be restricted inside
the column marking with suitable covers.
6. Place the bottom mat. Dia of bars, Ld and L of the bars shall be as per drg. Binding wires shall
be as per the approved method statement/ specs.
7. Column bars shall be placed and tied to the bottom mat. Ld above the TOC pilecap shall be
ensured. Double knot pattern is preferred for binding of column bars to pilecap mat.
8. The distributors/ hooks/ rings shall be placed and bind to the column bars inside pilecap after
ensuring verticality of the column. (This shall never be missed)
9. The intermediate straight bars shall be tied and depth of the bar from TOC shall be as per drg.
10. Place the top mat. The checks mentioned in step 06 shall be ensured.
11. Clear cover of bars shall be checked to the pilecap line marked (step 03).


12. Call for inspection. Checklist, BBS, approved GFC shall be available during inspection.
13. Proceed formwork only after clearing Step 12.
14. The shuttering material shall be as per approved method statement/ specs, form releasing
agents as per approved brands shall be used. Diesel / machine oils are not permitted by any
15. Pre-fab shutters shall be aligned to the shuttering line with ample support. The verticality of the
shutters shall be checked.
16. The diagonal measurements of shutters shall be checked to ensure dimensions.
17. Dimensional tolerances are mentioned in the method statement and the same shall be complied.
18. Tie rods shall be provided for pilecaps of higher size and the holes shall be filled with non-
shrink grout after Deshuttering. The PVC pipes provided in tie rods shall be removed prior to
19. TOC shall be marked in the shutter using nails and line doori shall be tied. Levels to be cross
checked using dumpy levels only.
20. The vertical rods projecting above the top of pilecap shall be held in its position using support
rods (horizontal bars fixed on the column face and inclined bars to support it anchored to
pilecap). The steel shall be cut to the top of the pilecap after concreting.
21. Bottom of Formwork shall be 2-3mm raised from PCC top, to aid the water to flow out which is
used for final washing the inside area. After washing the gaps shall be sealed with gunny bags,
LDPE sheets/ newspaper to prevent slurry leakage.
22. Cement slurry shall be poured prior to start of concrete.
23. Electric/ gasoline vibrators shall only be used, needle dia not less than 60mm shall be used for
pilecaps. Stand by shall be available at pour location ( not in store).
24. Fall height of concrete shall be 1.2m (max) as per IS code.
25. Layer by layer pour and vibration shall be ensured.
26. Over vibration shall be avoided and needles shall be inserted to concrete at 90 degree only.
Inclined [position of needle leads to segregation.
27. Column keys shall be provided at concrete tops.
28. Deshuttering time to comply IS code ( stripping time IS 456).
29. DOC of the [pilecap shall be mentioned in the pilecap using spray paint.
30. Cube Ids cast shall be 1a,2a,3a (7 days) and 1b,2b,3b( 28 days).
31. Slump, temperature, time of entry of vehicle , start and finish time of pour shall be mentioned
in the DC of RMC supplier.
32. Concrete shall be poured 2hours within batching completion.
33. Temperature of concrete not to exceed 40C.

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Sl no Code
1 DC Delivery chellan
2 RMC Ready mix concrete
3 Id Identification number
4 IS Indian Standard
5 LDPE Low density polyethylene
6 TOC Top of concrete
7 Ld Development length of bar.

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