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These questions are assembled with the help of the students who took the test last year.
Most of the options are doubtful but they are written for the sole purpose of giving you an
insight into the problem/mcq. Kindly don't take them as final answers.


1. Persistently n repeatedly are? (Synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, phonemes)

2. Opposite of still? (Asleep, effervescent, scintillating, none)
3. Peter: Can i talk to Jimmy?
Tom: He's out for a meeting but John's ____. Do you want to talk to him? (Near, In, Out,
4. Tom said its not easy to live in Paris ___ less than 10,000 dollars a year? (In, On, At,
5. I told Sara that this side of the fence is mine and that side is _____. (Hers, Theirs, Hers,
6. Shelf is to bookcase, key is to _____? ( Piano, Guitar, Open, Close)
7. 10 questions from paragraph comprehension.
8. I bought a book ____ Professor Claude. His writing is very beautiful and legible. ( By,
From, Of, With)
9. John can be very ____ sometimes. He can talk to you into anything. (Persuasive,
Informative, Logical, Precise)
10. John! Stop acting like a little boy. You're being so _____. (Childish, Childlike, Curious,
11. John decided to build a tree house. He _____ up when the doorbell rang. (Climbed, was
climbing, had climbed, had been climbing)
12. Would the guests be happy? The cooks _____ hard to make the food delicious. (Had
worked, Will be working, Worked, Had been working)
13. Opposite of shapeless? (Massive, Tiny, Definite, Prodigious)
14. Which of the following is incorrect in the given sentence:
Light passes through the windows in winter and keep the room warm. (Light passes,
Through the windows, Keep, None of these)
15. I arrived at the train station at 10pm. The train ___ at 10:15pm (Left, Will be leaving,
Had left, Was leaving)
16. Synonym of eradicate?


1. A pendulum suspended from ceiling of a train has a time T when the train is at rest.
When train moves with a uniform acceleration a, the period of oscillation will?
(Increase, Decrease, Constant, Infinite)
2. An element having symbol Te has half-life of 6 hours. What is the number of decayed
atoms left after one day? (1/2, 1/4, 1/16, 1/32)
3. No. Of significant figures in 0.0072000?
4. Force increased from 8N to 14N, mass=3kg, the acceleration will be?
5. If electron and proton are moving in a magnetic field then which is true about the forces
acting on them? (Same in magnitude but opposite in direction, Same magnitude same
direction, Different magnitude different direction, Different magnitude same direction)
1. The device used for conversion of temperature into electrical signal is known as:
(Hydrometer, Thermocouple, Voltmeter, Potentiometer)
2. If source and sink of an engine A are 950C and 370C respectively and that of B engine
are 540C and 220C. Then: (Efficiency of A is greater than B, Efficiency of B is greater than
A, Both have same efficiencies, None of these
6. Forces 10N, 47N and 23N act on a body in equilibrium. The resultant of the forces 23N
and 47N is:___
7. The slope and y-intercept of the following graph is:
Note: The graph was mentioned in the paper.
8. The capacitance of 10^14 electrons having 10V is?
9. Sound waves cannot be: (Diffracted, Refracted, Polarized, Reflected)
10. Which of the following will have no effect on chemical properties if it is added in the
nucleus? (Alpha particle, Proton, Neutron, Electron)
11. The velocity of satellite around earth of radius 8000km and g=6.2ms^2 is? (5 km/s, 6
km/s, 7 km/s, depends on mass of the satellite)
12. If a negatively charged particle is brought near to a negatively charged electroscope
then the leaves of the electroscope:(Diverges, converges, remains neutral, none)
13. If a rod of 10m length has coefficient of expansion 2x10^-5 and the temperature is
increased from 22C to 47C then what will be the change in length?
14. An object having mass 17g is put in a beaker full of water. The water flows out 4cm^3.
What is the weight of the object?
15. If masses of two bodies are m1 and m2 then reduced mass of system will be?
((m1+m2)/(m1-m2), (m1+m2)/(m1m2), (m1-m2)/(m1+m2), (m1-m2)/(m1m2),
16. At dark band interference pattern, two light waves having same amplitude are: (exactly
in phase, out of phase 90 degree, out of phase 180 degree, Opposite in direction)
17. At sea level, the time period of pendulum is 2. Which of the following length will be
closest to the exact value? (1, 2, 1.5, 2.5)
18. A 15ohm and a 5 ohm resistor are connected in series to a D.C generator. The battery is
connected to 15ohm resistor having 40Volts. What is the current through 5ohm
resistor? (0.7777777, 2.6666666, 0.3757375, None of these)


1. Symbol of Tungsten?
2. Which is exothermic process? (Condensation, Vaporization, Freezing)
3. Molarity of pure Water? (1 mole, 550 moles, 55.5 moles, 550.5 moles)
4. Ratio of HCl and HNO3 in Aqua Regia?
5. Which of the following is not a pair of Conjugate Lewis acid and conjugate Lewis base?
6. Which of the following contains the same number of oxygen atoms?
7. Which of the following best defines covalent bond?
8. Which if the following is most dissolved in water? (Polar, non-polar, noble gases,
halogens) What is the Kc value of the following reaction?
9. Which of the following is most stable?
10. Which of the following has different mass from the other three given options? (3 ethyl
pentane, 2,2 dimethyl butane, 2 methyl butane, 2,3 di ethyl pentane)
11. What is the ratio of mole fraction of glucose if 180g of it is dissolved in 720g of water?
12. Which of the following is the oxidizing agent in the given reaction?(reaction between
KMnO4 and another compound)
13. What is the Hybridization in NH3?
14. Which of the following best describes the large number of compound forming of
15. Oxidation state of hydrogen in metal hydrides is? (+1,+2,-1,-1)
16. Which of the following is least related to polarity? (Normal boiling point, Molar mass,
Solubility in water, Critical Temperature)
17. Mass percent of NaCl when 20g of it is dissolved in 100g of water is?
18. Which of the following molecules have the strongest force among its molecules? (H2O,
Ne, CH4, CO2)
19. If a sample of nitrogen is inserted in a needle and placed in a beaker. If its volume is
increased to three times and the absolute temperature is increased 2.8 times then the
pressure on it will be? (0.8P,4.5P,1.3P,None of these)
20. Most stable form of oxygen is? (O^2-, O^2+, O^1-, O^1+)


1. If a notorious postman delivers 4 letters in 4 houses in such a way that none of the houses
get the right letter then in how many total ways can he deliver these letters?(3,4,6,9)
2. When x approaches to pi/2 then tan x/ (1+tan x)=?
3. f(x)=x^3+1; 0<=x<=2, inverse of f(x)=?
4. The roots of the equation x^3 - ax^2 + x + 1=0 are 1,-1, 2. Then the value of a will be
5. The area of a rectangle is 25cm^2. Then the minimum perimeter of rectangle is? (10cm,
15cm, 20cm, 25cm)
6. The concavity of the function y=x^3 - x^2 - 6x + 3 is? ([0.5,-0.5], [0.5, 2.5], [-0.5,0.25],
None of these)
7. | (3/2) x - 1| = | (1/2) x + 1|, x=? (x=0,3, x=0,4, x=0,2, x=7,6)
8. The volume of solid cylinder if y=x^2 is rotated along the x axis and x may be in between
0 to 2 is: (32/(3pi), 32/(6pi), 15/(16pi), None of these)
9. Rank of a given matrix.(matrix not in echelon or reduced echelon form)
10. The equations 2x-y=3, x+y=3 and x-y=4 has(One solution, infinitely many, 3 solutions, no
11. If [x,y,z]^T and [y,z,x]^T are vector where T represents the Transpose operation then the
angle between the vectors is: (1.2 rad, 1.4 rad, 1.7 rad, 1.9 rad)
12. The series 1/3.4 + 1/4.5 +.... 1/(n+2)(n+3)+.... is: (Divergent, Convergent, Fluctuating,
None of these)
13. Limit x approaches 0 (sinx)/(1+cosx)=?
14. A=[1,2,3,4], B=(x,y,z), F(x)=[(1,x),(2,x),(3,y),(4,y)], Which function is this? (One to one,
Onto, Not onto, Bijective)
15. Which of the following is the Volume of right circular cone? (2/3 pi r^2 h, 3/2 pi r^2 h,
1/2 pi r^2 h,1/3 pi r^2 h)
16. No of arrangements of TALLAHASSEE if no two A's are adjacent?
17. [(1+i)/(1-i)]^12=?(1,-1,i,-i)
18. The 9th term in the expansion of (1/y - x/2) ^11 is?
19. The domain of the given function.
20. The solid cylinder y=x is rotated around x-axis. Which of the following can be it?
(Hyperbloid Revolution, Parabloid Revolution, Right circular cone, Ellipsoid Revolution)
21. Definite integral from -infinity to +infinity e^(-x^2/2)=square root 2pi then what would
be the definite integral of -infinity to +infinity x^2 e^(-x^2/2)=?
22. The volume of right circular cone is=?(1/3pi r^2 h, 2/3 pi r^2 h, 3/2 pi r^2 h)