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1 Registration of Salem District Cooperative Milk Producers Union 10.07.1978

Ltd ED:912
2 Starting of the Salem District Cooperative Milk Producers 07.10.1978
Union Ltd
3 Area of operation Salem & Namakkal District
4 No. of Societies affiliated 1101
5 No. of Functional Societies 1,049
6 Total No. of farmer members 3,26,684

a) Women Members 1,10,693

b) Pouring Members 47,582
7 No.of Rural Milk collection Routes 56
8 Procurement Price paid to Producers
Buffaloe Milk per Kg Fat Rs. 200.00 - Rs.14.00 / Lit
Cow Milk per Kg Total Solid Rs. 92.30 - Rs.12.00 /
9 Daily Average Procurement in Litres 3,97,727
10 Maximum Milk Procurement 4,47,675 Litres on
11 Local Milk Sales 1.38 lakhs litres / day
12 Processing capacity in lpd 3,00,000
13 Chilling capacity in lpd
Chilling Centre - Attur 1,30,000
Namakkal 50,000
P. Velur 50,000
14 Handling at present in lpd

a.) Salem Dairy 3,40,000

b) Chilling Centre - Attur 1,02,740
Namakkal 49,628
P.Velur 47,978
15 Product Production Capacity (per day)
16 No. of Regular Employees working in this Union 675


An Aseptic Packaging Unit, consisting of a sophisticated tetrapack packing plant imported

fromSweden and Stormac UHT Plant are installed in the Union . This is the first of its kind in Tamil
Nadu. This unit is packing 200 ml Flavoured Milk ,500 ml Tetra Fino and 1000 ml standardized milk. This
Milk has a shelf life of 120 days.

Ultra High temperature treated milk was introduced in India during 1985. It has a shelf life of 120
days at room temperature without refrigeration. For Ultra High Temperature treatment, milk of low
bacteriological count is taken and is subjected to high temperature of 140 degree C gradually ( Exposed
for 2 seconds) and cooled back to ambient temperature and packed in sterile Aluminium foil polythene
paper in the shape of Brick.
The main advantages of Ultra High Temperature treated milk are:
1. No refrigeration is required until opened.
2. Very hygenic and no adulteration can be done.
3. Single way transportation, easy for storage, pilfer-proof and ready to consume product.
4. Reasonable price.

As Salem District is known familiar with Mango fruits, fresh mango juice is packed in Tetra pack
with shelf lfe of 120 days in the brand name of MAAVIN and supplied to the consumers throughout the