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Hi there

how are you?

good, and you?
i'm good thanks :d
I'm David, from Chile
and you?
This is Emily from PUXIN, nice to meet you. Can I help you?
i want to know about biogas
here in chile i want to import devices
do you sell to Chile?
Would you mind telling us your email address so that send you details and q
uoation later?
OK, do you need small biodigester or medium size?
2016-06-18 00:06
i want to import small biodigestor
here in chile we are 17.000.000 population
we are a really small country
and i want to import to the small milk production
i want to use cow deposition
i want to produce biogas with urine and feces
OK, our smalll biodigester convert cow dung to biogas for cooking, electricity
and so on
here the milk production are really small, the have like 50 cows
so i want to sell them this biodigestor to produce electricity
2016-06-18 00:10
Great, 50cows will produce about 50m3 biogas if all adult cow
do you have an small biodigestor
mobile biodigestor
yeah, 3.4m3 biodigester
this one
could you send me the catalog?
Of course
File Received: PUXIN+Quotation+-+3.4m3+biodigester.xls
Size: 958KBDownload
the file is the quotation, do you get it?
i'm downloading
do you have videos?
which is your MOQ
But for 50 cows, you need 25 sets of 3.4m3 biodigeste
2016-06-18 00:15
Yes, there is a video
it doesn't open
Well, send it to your mailbox, OK?
Have you opened the quotation?
im connected
so please send it
yes i already have opened
All equipments is applied for the biodigester, to make the biodigester workin
g better
how much Biogas use the generator of 3Kw
how many cubic meters?
how many hours should the generator work daily?
6 hours
2016-06-18 00:20
but not continuosly
3 hour in the morning
and 3 hours in the afternoon
may be 4 and 4
but not more than that
2016-06-18 00:25
if 3 and 3, needs 12.6m3biogas. 4 and 4, 16.8m3 biogas
and how much gas price in one hour
3kw generator working 1 hours consumes 2.1m3 biogas
so with the bag of 2m3 i can use 1 hour
but that 2m3 in how much time i can produce it with the biodigestter
one day
for 3.4m3 biodigester
what does mean if saying how much gas price in one hour?
2016-06-18 00:30
hi, have you watched the video?
sent to you by email
i was watching
and how much gas do you produce with de 5 liter of food?
2016-06-18 00:35
there in the video your workers put 5 liters of food
how much gas do you produce
with that quantity
in how much time?
so it is 0.16m3 in 2 every 2 hours
0.16m3 in every 2hours
ok now how much energy i can produce with 0.16m3
2016-06-18 00:40
for one person cooking all day
apenas de las grandes distancias como se conectan las piramides
sorry that it wasn't for you
haha, fine
how much energy i can produce with 0.16m3
how many Kw
with the small generator
0.076kw.h for 3kw generator
and with the 1.5 Kw generator?
2016-06-18 00:45
and with 0.16m3 the 1.5kw generator works 1 hour?
how much time works?
how much waste i have to use to produce 2m3 and hour?
if i want produce 2m3 in one hour, how much waste do i need?
2016-06-18 00:51
0.16m3 biogas for 1.5kw generator working for 9.6 minutes
if produce 2m3 in one hour
take cow manure for example, 60kg needed
and all day produces about 48m3 biogas, needs 1440kg cow manure, it is su
itable for your 50 cows, 50m3 biogas produced, needs 1.5 tonnes cow manu
a moth
if 50m3 biogas a day, 45 tonnes cow manure needed
2016-06-18 01:00
i can make a mix of food waste and cow manure?
of course
there will be more biogas
how much food waste in a day?
i don't know :P
I mean there will be more biogas if add food waste based on 50 cows
yes i understand
2016-06-18 01:05
which is your MOQ
and do you have one to put on the earth?
one set
the MOQ
my customer installed one on the earth
few days ago
2016-06-18 01:12
do you have any table where i can convert how many m3 i produce by Kg?

1) is for concrete biogas plant

2016-06-18 01:16
do you have any catalog of concrete biogas plant?
File Received:
Size: 225KBDownload
pls check
do you have pictures off concrete biogas plant?
fo concrete biogas plant
of concrete biogas plant
File Received: BiogaSA+067.jpg
Size: 95KBDownload
2016-06-18 01:20

built in a high school

how much is it one piece of concrete biogas plant?
File Received: PUXIN+PI+-+FOB+1+set+10M3+biogas+system.xls
Size: 484KBDownload
its steel mold i reusable
is reusable
did you put into a container some time?
what do you think?
it can be possible
a container? for shipping?
2016-06-18 01:26
for storage of biogas?
if i buy one
do you think you can send to me by container?
Nope, if one concrete biogas plant, send by plywood
how is it send by plywood?
what is playwood
sorry, i don't what so you mean a container
waht do you mean a container
overseas container
overseas shipping
you need a container to send overseas something so big
nope, let me show you a picture of plywood
2016-06-18 01:31

thats a pallet?
how many m3 is it?
the complete plant
about 5m3
look better give me a proposal with sea freight to San Vicente port, Chile
proposal of a mobile plant and a concrete plant
both in different quotation please
do you send any plant to Chile before?
mobile biogas plant packed in 1m3 with four cardboard cases
one set
do you have pictures of the making?
of the packing
2016-06-18 01:35
this is package of one set of mobile biogas plant
that wood is it fumigated?
please send me the quotation :D

for one set of concrete biogas plant

no you didn't answer about if you send some time to Chile
do you have any customer in Chile
of course, our old colleague contacted with Chile friend
but we did'nt get feedback with pictures
But he buy it?
maybe you can send some pictures to us after you purchased
2016-06-18 01:40
look i'm interested on buy one
i need two formal quotation
one with mobile plant
and one with concrete plant
no problem, next Monday, OK? I need to check the shipping cost
the shipping agent is work off at weekend
out of office
please send me FOB quotation now
and CIF quotation on monday
please sen FOB quotation now
and CIF quotation on monday
quotation were sent to you before
send to you again by email