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Daily Practice Problems

Q.1 4.6 1022 atoms of an element weigh 13.8 gm. The gram atomic mass of the element is: [3]
(A) 120 gm (B) 180 gm (C) 35.5 gm (D) 108 gm

Q.2 1 gm-atom of nitrogen may represents : [3]

(A) 6.02 1023 N2 molecules (B) 22.4 lit. of N2 at 1 atm & 273 K
(C) 11.2 lit. of N2at 1 atm & 0C (D) 28 g of nitrogen

Q.3 The true statement out of the following is /are [6]

(A) The mole is the amount of substance containing the same number of chemical units as there are
atoms in exactly 12 gms of 12C.
(B) Avogadros number is the number of units in a mole.

(C) The wt. of one gm-atom of an element means its atomic-weight in gms.
(D) One gm-atom of each element contains the same number of atoms.
Questions No . 4 to 6 (3 questions) are based on the following comprehension.
Just like universal gas constant R, another constant Boltzman constant is also frequently used & is

defined as N = K. Using this information & the fact that only gases follow the equation PV = nRT,,

answer the following questions. [9]


Q.4 gives the value of

(A) number of moles of gas (B) mass of gas
(C) number of molecules of gas (D) molar mass of the gas

Q.5 Which of the following gas has maximum number of atoms.

(A) 44.8 lit. O3 at 1 atm, 273 K (B) 49.26 lit. of H2 at 1 atm, 300 K
(C) 22.4 lit. of O2 at 2 atm, 546 K (D) 11.2 lit. of laughing gas (N2O) at 4 atm, K

Q.6 If value of R = 0.0821 atm-lit./ K mole, then what will be its approximate value in Pam3/K mole units?
(A) 0.0821 (B) 8.31 (C) 1.98 (D) 8.314 103
Q.7 Match the column. [12]

Column-I Column-II

(A) 1 mole of O2 (P) Occupies 22.4 lit. at 1 atm & 0C

(B) 1 mole of SO2 (Q) Weighs 32 gms

(C) 4 gm of He (R) Collection of NA smallest existing independent


(D) 1 gm of H2 (S) Occupies 12.3 lit at 1 atm and 300 K

Q.8 Which one of the following contains the greatest number of oxygen atoms? [4]
1.0g of O atoms, 1.0g of O2, or 1.0 g of ozone, O3.

Calculate the number of moles of "H" atoms in each specie and compare them in given species.
(i) 7.3 gm of HCl (ii) 9.8 gm of H3PO4 [4]
Q.10 Calculate the number of molecules of H2O in 100 ml of H2O (l) if its density is 0.981 gm/ml at the given
temperature 300 K. [4]
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