Chapter 5All Wrong

A Fair. Huh. Well I suddenly feel like I'm eight again. The smell of cotton candy, screams of frantic children, young lovers. Ahhh how I love re-living childhood memories. Jacob swung our intertwined hands between us as we walked. Jared and Paul were taking up bets like who could win the upcoming pie eating contest. And then the winner had to ride the fastest ride here, and if they puked the loser got there money back. It sounded pretty gross to me. Embry was nowhere to be seen. He ws out "Babe Hunting". What a dork. I had watched Jake and the boys ride some rides. They insisted that I ride, but speed is'nt really my thing. Actually, I enjoyed the speed to much. And I didn't

want to lose control. Not here. "So Bella, you wanna ride the ferris wheel? Or are you to big of a chicken for that too?" Jared followed Paul's teasing with some clucking sounds. "Alright cut it out." Jacob smacked them both upside the head. The ferris wheel didn't sound all that bad. It would also give me some time with Jake. "Ok. The ferris wheel I can do." "Alright!" Paul smiled, clapping his hands together. "Hey Jared, I heard of a couple people flipping one of the seats. You wanna try? Or we can through random things at people." "Dude, I'm not getting in one of those seats with you." "Why? You afraide I got coodies?" He made kissy faces at him. Jared rolled his eyes. "Oh yeah, man. Im reel afraid of your cooties." He rolled his eyes. I laughed, they were so goofy.I was distracted when two girls walked by singing a song about a cat to the top of their lungs. We all turned and watch them walk off. It was kinda random. And weird.

"Alrighty then?" Jacob turned around and started walking again. "Hey woah, wait guys. I think Jared and I just found us some seat partners." Gah they were so stupid. I giggled. Jake looked at him with an eyebrow raised. "You gunna' go chace them down?" Jared was the one to speak this time "Nah they're not my type. We all know dogs are way better." I snorted "Ahmen to that one!" They all laughed. Jacob jabbed me in the rib with his thumb. We were almost to the line. It wasn't to backed up, we might just have to wait five minutes. That wasn't to bad. Jacob turned to Paul, "Listen, please dont do something stupid and get us stuck up here for three hours." Paul raised his eyebrow, "Why? It would give you more time to suck face with Bella." "Shut up." Jared fake gagged. I blushed and turned my head. Everyones voices were a muted background noise now. My eyes focused on a tall, pale woman standing 10ft infront of me.

Dark, red-ish brown hair draped over her heart-shaped face like satin curtains. She was wearing a pair of skin-tight jeans and a red blouse. Something that looked like it had came from a desiner in Paris. She also wore a pair of black stiletto's. I had a fear that knew exactly what I was staring at. Something I had been trying to hide from. Instead of looking away like my instincts told me to, I did the exact oposite. She had golden eyes. My body shut down and I could twll I was shaking. The edges of my vision trembled and blurred. "Bella? Bella! Bella whats wrong?" My sound was back to normal, and I was back to reality. Maybe I was seeing things. For all I know, I could be insane. I had already been hallucinating. I closed my eyes and hoped it went away. But sure enough she didn't. This time it wasn't me trembling. Jacob's voice was urgent. "We have to go now." Jared and Pauls expresions became furious,along with Jacobs. The strange womans eyes grew huge, like something in her head had clicked. She looked around before she dissapered. But she was 3ft from me as

quick as she had left. The last thing I heard was her soft velvity voice say my name before I faded into the blackness.


"Thats wonderful. Do you know what you coming here is going to do to her? You parisites aren't welcome here." Jacob wasn't yelling, but he was close to it. I hadn't opened my eyes yet, I was kinda afraid to. I was guessing Jacob was holding me, since my body was softly trembling. He was trying hard not to lose it. "I just hve something to say, and then I'll leave." "Oh yeah. The bloodsucker has something to say. Don't they all." He was shaking harder now. I guess it's time for me to regain consiousness. I opened my eyes slowly. I was still afraid of what I would see. We were back in the guest bedroom of Sam's house. I was right, Jake was cradeling

me in his arms, the woman was infront of me, and Sam was sitting on the other side of the room. Jake saw me and releif came to his face. He grabbed me into one of those tight bear hugs. "Bella," He sighed. He wasn't shaking anymore, so that was good. "Can't...breath....Jake..." I managed to gasp. He chuckled and loosened his grip a little, but didn't let go. "Welcome back." He whispered in my ear before kissing my cheek. The woman sighed. It wasn't one of those impationt sighs or happy sighs either. This one was sad. Jake shot an acusing glare at her, "The leech has something to tell you." "My name is Elisabeth." Acid leaked heavily into her voice. "Not leech, not bloodsucker, not parisite." "It is when you enter my teritory!" He shot back at her. "Jake," Sam said. "Let her say what she has to say so she can leave. I dont want my house to stink." She rolled her eyes "It already does." Jake growled at her.

"Ok," I said wiggling out of Jakes arms to sit infront of her. "What is it." She looked at the bed before she started. "My name is Elisabeth Cordilea. Some call me Ell-" Jakes booming voice shook the house "You came here to tell her that?!" What was so bad about her name? v.v I didnt get it. "Why the heck did you come here to do that? Why couldn't you have just left her alone? Left us alone? And she was doing so good! Why the he-" "Jake, go. Hurry." Sams head was in his hands. He held keys out with one hand, looking up breifly. "I dont need your keys." He kicked off his shoes and through his shirt to the floor. He looked dangerous. He slammed the door behind him. It felt like the whole house trembled. Sam seemed to know what was going on too. "Thanks. You are just about to make our lives a whole heck of alot easyer." He said sarcasticly." "I have to. I have to apologise." She turned to me. I was still lost. "Like

I was saying, some people-" She looked like she got choked up. She smiled apoligeticly and started again. "Some people call me Ellie. I can see the past, and I think there is something you diserve to know." I looked at her, eyes wide. My breathing began to speed. "I'm going to send Emily up here." He walked off and shut the door quietly. My past? The only important part of my past was Edward. The golden eyes? The perfect clothes? It all started settling into place. Emily walked in and came beside me, placing her hand on top of mine. There was only one thing I could think of. I looked down at Elisabeth's hand. She was wearing a wedding ring. On her wrist was a small silver bracelett with a charm hanging off of it. A Crest. My vision became blurry from my tears. I huffed a shaky breath of air. "My last name's not Cordilea anymore. It's Cullen."

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