Conference Highlights & Information

2017 Fall Conference Session 1—Seating, Placement, and Vital Colors • Cultivating Motivation: Review and Renewal
for Your Choir: An Approach to the Dr. Shannon Gravelle, Director of Choral
Placement of Individual Voices Activities, Meredith College, Raleigh
Placement of voices within an ensemble can greatly
Guest affect the overall sound. This presentation will look at • More than Just “Run It Again”: Effective and
schools of thought on choral sound and the approach- Efficient Rehearsal Strategies for Advancing
Clinician: es to handling differing Your Church Choir
timbres and vibratos within the choral ensemble. Dr. Aaron Jackson, Minister of Music, Christ
Jo-Michael Session 2—Purpose-Driven Warm-ups Baptist Church, Raleigh
Well-crafted warmups are a crucial tool in planning • Choral Outreach and Barbershop Harmony
Scheibe an effective and productive rehearsal. This presenta- Dr. Michael Martin, Director of Choral Activities,
tion will explore the purposes of various warm-ups as
Methodist University, Fayetteville, and
they relate to rehearsal elements, including physical
and mental focus, breathing, vocalization, and tuning. Dr. William Adams, Vice President for Youth in
Harmony and Outreach, Carolinas District,
Session 3—Consonants: The Key to Intonation Barbershop Harmony Society
and Featuring Let’s have a look at intonation and the role of
NC SINGS! consonants. Vowels are commonly the only focus in a
choral rehearsal. This presentation will explore the
Also Included!
(Concurrent Saturday only event) importance of consonants and their affective role in
• NC Sings! A Workshop for Young Singers
phonation and tuning within an ensemble.
(concurrent event with open rehearsals)
Including Concert Sessions, • 2 Reading Sessions—Presented by our R&R Chairs
Interest Sessions, Multiple Music Industry Exhibitors
♪ Colla Voce (SATB) • Friday afternoon All-Conference Reception
Networking & More! Holly Springs High School • Extended Lunch-time on Saturday for R&R
Jennifer Patchett, Conductor Roundtables/Networking
♪ Women’s Chamber Singers (SSAA)
October 6-7, 2017 William A. Hough High School Jo-Michael Scheibe chairs the Thornton School of
Christ Baptist Church Heidi Hickox, Conductor
Music’s Department of Choral and Sacred Music at the
400 Newton Road ♪ Bella Voce (SSAA) University of Southern California. Under his direction,
Marvin Ridge High School
Raleigh, NC 27615 the USC Thornton Chamber Singers received the 2015
Dareion Malone, Conductor
American Prize in Choral Music and performed for the
♪ Raleigh Boychoir
Early Registration Deadline: Jerimy Tucker, Conductor ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City (his 7th
appearance at that event), and were one of 25 choirs
September 6, 2017 ♪ UNCP Singers (SATB)
selected to perform for the Tenth World Choral Sym-
University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Dr. Jaeyoon Kim, Conductor posium in Seoul in 2014. Scheibe has prepared cho-
Conference Hotel:
♪ Heart of Carolina A Cappella (TTBB) ruses for Helmuth Rilling, Michael Tilson Thomas and
Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown
Durham, NC others, and has collaborated with diverse artists in-
$129 room rate for NC ACDA Dr. William Adams, Conductor cluding Luciano Pavarotti, Sir Elton John, and the Roll-
Reserve by September 13 for Special Rate
♪ NC Sings! Concert ing Stones. Scheibe presents nationally and interna-
Details Inside
Treble (grades 4-7), SATB (grades 8-12) tionally as a clinician, conductor and adjudicator. See
Mary Biddlecombe and Dr. Tucker Biddlecombe,
more info at .
Attend the Fall Conference at the reduced fee of $20 Postmark by September 6, 2017
which includes a year of membership! NC ACDA and the Early Registration
National Office will share the cost of your student mem- (Postmarked or completed online
bership when you attend Fall Conference. You can take on/before September 6, 2017)
care of all of this at the conference registration table on-
___ $70 Active ACDA member
site or speak with the ACDA Student Chapter Faculty ACDA membership number______________________
Advisor at your college/university. (Visit for member information) ___ $50 first time member
(joining ACDA to attend conference)
CONFERENCE ACCOMMODATIONS Home Information ___ $80 Non-ACDA Member, Spouse, Guest
The Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown serves as our con- ___ $20 Collegiate member
ference hotel, which is in the general vicinity of Christ City, State, Zip_______________________________ ___ $45 One day rate
Baptist Chuch. Rooms are available under the group
code CHOR at a conference rate of $129 per night +tax Phone______________________________________ ___ $35 Retired member
for a room with a king bed or two double beds. Free
E-mail______________________________________ Registration (Postmarked or completed online
parking and Wi-Fi are included. Rooms will be availa-
after September 6, 2017)
ble at this rate until September 13. You may call the
hotel directly at 919-872-2323 or book online at http:// Work Information
Institution____________________________________ ___ $80 ACDA member
RDUNHHF-CHOR-20171006 ___ $60 First time member
Address_____________________________________ (joining ACDA to attend conference)
City, State, Zip_______________________________ ___ $90 Non-ACDA Member, Spouse, Guest
3415 Wake Forest Road
___ $20 Collegiate member
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609-7330
Phone______________________________________ ___ $55 One day rate
Phone: 919-872-2323
REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: email_______________________________________ ___ $45 Retired member

1. Register online at with a credit Total amount enclosed $_______________
I have special needs and wish to be called about
card, or complete this registration form and mail arrangements. CEU Credit: If you would like to receive CEU credit for
along with a with a check for the appropriate amount attending the conference, please obtain the pre-approval
made out to NC ACDA (postmarked by Sept. 6 for the I am a first year Teacher/Director. form from your school system. NC ACDA will provide a
reduced early registration rate) to: Conference Regis- documentation of your attendance.
trar Bethany Jennings, Stuart W. Cramer High NC ACDA will take photographs during the conference
School, 101 Lakewood Road, Belmont, NC 28012 If using this form to register, be sure to fill it out in
for archival and publicity purposes. These pictures may
2. Current Members must present ACDA Membership its entirety and mail it along with your check in the
be used on the website, conference recordings, news- appropriate amount (made out to NC ACDA) to
Card at check-in.
letters and other NC ACDA print materials. NC ACDA NC ACDA Conference Registrar
3. We do not renew memberships on site.
has permission to use photographs taken during the Fall Bethany Jennings
4. ON-SITE REGISTRATION payments may be done with Stuart W. Cramer High School
Conference on their website, conference recordings,
a check (made out to NC ACDA) or a credit card. 101 Lakewood Road
newsletters and other NC ACDA mailings without any
other express written consent.
—Friday, October 6th: 11:45 AM-3:00 PM
—Saturday, October 7th: 8:30-10:00 AM You may also register online with a credit or debit
card at . The same deadlines
Signature Date apply.

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