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And Justice for All!

Super Powered villains for use with Supers! Revised Edition

Recording. WARNING!

PHAROS Sync... Initial comparison of subject’s
Complete features to PHAROS strongly
Indicates the possibility of
Uploading Image... super human abilities.
The presence of super human

Biometrics Comparison... abilities in any subject should
Complete alert the observer of the
presence of danger.

Contacting Database...

Complete This subject should be con-
sidered armed and danger-
Super-Human Subject ous.

Stand By... PHAROS Response Agents
By Proximity:

Agent R.Burley 0:17
Reporting Agent: Agent H.Mikimoto 0:39
MASON P-94080 Agent N.Fine 1:04

For Use with

J.J. Mason

may be offering monetary compensation for information leading directly to the apprehension or convic- tion of the depicted individual.hazardstudio. Mason Edited by Lana Mason file ple PHAROS m Proportional Hazard Assessment Rating of Superhumans Sa Classified as a THREAT to public safety To be distributed to all law enforcement and specialized super- human response personnel CAUTION: Individuals tracked by PHAROS are to be considered armed & dangerous due to the possession of extraordinary abilities and/ or equipment that classifies them as a threat to public safety.J. the Proportional Hazard Assessment Rating of Superhu- mans was created by and copyright ©2015 J. If you have any information concerning this individual.J. The game is available at www. SUPERS! The Comic Book Role Playing Game and all associated logos and marks are copyright © Walt Robillard and Andrew Collas. Twin Flame Publishing and the Twin Flame Logo are copyright © 2015 J. Walt Robillard and Andrew Collas make no claims as to the content or quality of this product. Injustice for All! and all characters & artwork contained within were created by and copyright © 2015 J.J. By HAZARD Studio Ltd. All rights reserved. Mason.J. SUPERS! The Comic Book Role Playing Game. please For Use with contact your local FBI office. United States Department of Supernormal . This product uses. And Justice for All! INJUSTICE for All! Super Powered villains for use with Supers! Revised Edition Written & Illustrated by J. REWARDS The Rewards for Justice Program. or gov- ernment affiliated superhuman response team. PHAROS. Mason. Used with permission. PHAROS network office. & Lana Mason.