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MITUL R. PATEL, a IN THE Plaintiff, 0 CIRCUIT COURT v. * FOR MATHEW CHAN < BALTIMORE CITY Defendant. p Case No.: 24-C-16-003573 ee . . . ee 8 * * ‘ + # ORDER ian of June, 2017, hereby, ORDERED that Court construes the Motion to Intervene of Mitul R. Patel (Docket Entry Itis, by the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, this #4000), which the Court is granting, and the Affidavit of Mitul R. Patel, attached thereto as Exhibit 1, as a request to dismiss the case; and it is further, ORDERED that the request to dismiss the case is GRANTED; and it is further ORDERED that the case is CLOSED. 1 ye Alth |. Hans | judge's Signature appears on the original document _ ~—v ALTHEA M. HANDY j Judge Notice to Clerk: Please send copies to all parties. TRUE COPY Y409 SUAT Test

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