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To: Mary Jo White, Esq.
Debevoise & Plimpton, LLP via email /mail
Chair Strategic Crisis Response and Solutions Group
New York, NY USA 6.July 2017 af/ hk ref: 76900nys

Consur White,

I am contacting you on the occasion of an April 2017 NY-LJ write up, that portrays you positively as a
person who respects the Rule of Law and has ample experience with falsities not only during a deposition
with Mr. Trump. Therefore, being of counsel to Prof. Christian Viertel, who acts pro se in NY judicial
proceedings, on whose behalf I request that you actively assist in dispositive rectifications of unconstitutional
violations during the period when you were in control of the USANYS, presumably as holdover, after January
20, 2001.

As you can glean from the submission, one of the key elements, inter alia, is a missing LEAVE to
SEAL application that you as USA should have completed, that seems not to exist, but was still miraculously
spotted by a curious bystander, the unassigned Henry Pitman, acting as private or bar-card-holder, but not as
NYSD Magistrate in this INDEX number 01-571, despite his rubber seal.

It is also unusual that Pitman signed off under pretense of authority to bear witness on pamphlet D.E.#2 ,
attached as courtesy, which according to staffers at the USANYS, was not penned by him, but crafted outside
his office Chambers. Namely, according to staffers, at USANYS quarters, probably inside, what was coined, the
war room. A specimen lab comparison revealed that a draft of a non-public, unpresented [in Open Court],
unsigned and unsealed Indictment sampler was faxed as such on 6/15/2001 to three out of State FBI
residencies by FBI Squad C-12 BQMRA, and matches the optical parameters of D.E.#2. Consequently, D.E.#2
was a bogus production of your former team mates, Harris and Weddle, under supervision of George Canellos,
and fraudulent as such. Apparently USANYS must own up to both and do it now.

John Koeltl still appears to be in denial and seeks to keep reliance on this counterfeit pamphlet.

Furthermore, BQMRA claimed authority to seek apprehension of THREE FUGIVES, Blumenberg,

Lee and Viertel, in overt commission of a grave constitutional violation, that you, same day, denied that
FUGITIVES were involved in this Case, by filing AO257, while AG Ashcroft was unaware of a wave of
news media arrests. Somehow to double-dip on 6/14/2001 Harris fabricated 3 arrest warrant drafts, which he,
in lieu of a judicial approval decorated with a stolen autograph stamp of a Melanie L Lopez, a fictitious
clerk at best (excerpt see below page 2)

I request your explanations and rectifications at the earliest occasion, and express my sincere hopes that
#MAGA will have a true ring to it.


Mail: 9858 GLADES ROAD, SUITE D-3 #239, BOCA RATON, FL 33434 PB
33, CHEMIN DES PETIT PLAN 06800 CAGNES SUR MER - FRANCE +33 4 92 08 10 83)
Mail: 9858 GLADES ROAD, SUITE D-3 #239, BOCA RATON, FL 33434 PB
33, CHEMIN DES PETIT PLAN 06800 CAGNES SUR MER - FRANCE +33 4 92 08 10 83)