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Scenario Letters 1

Scenario Letters

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Scenario Letters 2

Letter 1: Practical completion




Re: Practical completion of the project

Dear Client,

As the lead architect, I support the decision for the use of the hall before completion of

the project. Since this is an agreement between me and the client, you are liable for any issues

that arise once I hand over the project to you. You should note that this would lead to a change in

the practical completion agreement. The contract should be finalized and is ready for use on this

date. This will ensure that the defects and incomplete work are minimal. This will also entail

approval from the relevant authorities and commissioning tests to ensure the safety of the

construction. If the project is handed over to you at this this, these activities will have to be

ignored (Long, 2015). Moreover, this would mean that the practical completion has occurred.

As the client, you are liable for any issues that arise during the defect liability phase. You

can now use the construction subject the approval of the necessary authorities. You also take

over the role of insuring the building. We will prove a final certificate before the completion of

the project. This shows that the defect liability period has been completed, and the contact

between the client and architect has been finalized. We will also carry out a financial adjustment

since we will not carry out any aspects of the project that were part of the initial agreement. The

retention cash will also be returned to you. You also have the defect liability. You are
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responsible for any issues or repairs that could have occurred during the defect liability phase.

This means that you are not protected from any issues that arise after the occupation of the

premises. You are responsible for all the finances and deliverables. The activities that are

expected to occur during the defect liability phase will be done early to ensure a timely handover

of the project to you.

Sincerely yours,

[Name of project manager]

[Name of company]

Letter 2: Extension of time




Re: Extension of time due to damages from rain

Dear SMMB,

We are still progressing with the work as fast as we come. However, we believe that an

extension of time is essential to ensure that the project will be completed. We hereby request for

10 additional days to cater for the destruction from the rains. This involves clean up efforts to

reduce the impact from the rains. We have attached photographs showing the damage done by

the rains. The additional time will also cater to for the time lost during the rainy conditions.
Scenario Letters 4

The weather conditions have had devastating implications on the project. It has been

impossible for workers to continue with constructions due to the rains. Additionally, the rain

creates additional risks such as electrocution for the workers who are working with equipment

that relies on electricity like drills. The visibility is also minimized during the rains (Architects,


Several actions have to occur to deal with the damages. This will involve preventing

additional water from draining into the site using barricades. Moreover, the excess water should

be drained from the site. The excavated earth in site will also be removed from the site to prevent

it from filling the excavation site again. This should be done in a timely manner to prevent

escalation of the issues.

The additional work will lead to additional costs. The costs will arise from equipment

rentals to pump the excess water from the site, disruption, productivity loss, overtime, and fuel

costs to move the debris and excavated materials to another location. If the funds are in place, the

work will resume swiftly after the extra days have been catered for. We are commuted to ensure

that the contractual agreement is achieved. Your cooperation in resolving these issues will be

highly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

[Name of project manager]

[Name of company]

Letter 3: Fee

Scenario Letters 5



Re: Fee adjustment

Dear client,

This scenario letter seeks to bring to your attention the need to increase the fees for the

project. The indoor sports facility will require additional supplies that are costly, that this will

affect what has to be bought for the HVAC and swimming pool. New changes in the project

require additional finances to ensure their completion, and that we will use the highest quality

materials. This is essential to guarantee the durability and sustainability of the project (ICE,


The cost implications will arise from the purchase of the materials required foe the

HVAC and swimming pool. This will involve cement, pumps, tiles, paint, steel, and pipes. We

will also require a larger tank to ensure constant supply of water and that the swimming pool will

be filled with water quickly. Additional finances will be spent on Quantity Surveyors who would

ensure that the project meets the required specifications. The redesign of the swimming pool will

require more finances, and this will be based on an agreement between the client and us. Based

on the nature of the redesign, we will charge an hourly rate of 130 Australian dollars.

Several alternatives will have to be considered for the sports facility. In this regard, to

improve the environment and beauty of the construction, we would suggest planting deciduous

trees around the facility. This will prove beneficial in creating an appealing microclimate (Long,

2015). Furthermore, it will minimize the cost implications of redesigning the HVAC. You should
Scenario Letters 6

note that planting the trees will not lead to additional costs for the construction, as it will be

linked to the costs of landscaping.

We would also appeal that you provide any suggestions you think are suitable for the new

developments. We will be more than happy to integrate them, and ensure that your needs have

been met by the project. I guarantee that we will have an open line of communication during the

entire project. We are honored for the opportunity to allow our firm to carry out the project. The

contract will be forthcoming soon so that we can discuss and finalize the arrangements before we

begin the project.

Sincerely yours,

[Name of project manager]

[Name of company]

Letter 4: Fees




Re: Fee

Dear client,

It is accepted that the project will involve a sporting arena, recreational venues,

swimming, pool, HVAC, and locker room. The trim, finishes, and built-ins will involve various

activities such as purchase of materials, window treatment, and use of particular colors that have
Scenario Letters 7

not been part of the initial scope of the project. The interior design activities are part of an

additional service based on an hourly rate.

The interior design activities can begin within a week after you agree to the proposal. We

will carry out a design review on a weekly basis with an additional 3 weeks to go through the

construction documents. Furthermore, there will be an extra month for pricing activities and

issue of permits by the local authorities (Long, 2015).

The architectural services will involve preliminary analysis, design, and construction.

You will be charged a fixed fee of AUS $130 on an hourly rate for our professional services.

Other individuals include the associate ($80/hr.), Draftsman ($50/hr.), and clerical personnel

($20/hr.). Some extra services can also be provided at your request. It includes

negotiations/bidding, variance process (board meeting attendance, communication with local

authorities), additional design and code letters (redrafting of documents and inspection). Invoices

will be provided based on the completion rate as a percentage. The invoice will attract an interest

of 1.5% if unpaid within a month. Please note that you should respond swiftly to any drawing

and data forwarded to you for your perusal and approval.

We appreciate a good working relationship with you, and we hope you will meet your

obligations in paying the necessary fees for the firm. A Client-Architect Agreement is available

to finalize this agreement, but it has not been attached. Otherwise, we guarantee you that the

project will proceed and it will be completed on time as expected (Architects, 2009).

[Name of project manager]

[Name of company]

Letter 5: Consultants
Scenario Letters 8




Re: Consultants

Dear client,

We would like to appreciate the assistance and dedication of the MP towards the success

and completion of this project. Through the MP, it was possible to get the required financing for

the project, and this ensured we had all the required support. This also guaranteed that the project

meets the contractual agreement. It is a fact that the time required to complete the project was

minimal. This meant that we would have to hasten the pace to ensure that the project was

completed on time. Additionally, some recommendations and suggestions had been put in place

that made the project impractical. However, we were able to overcome these issues to ensure that

the requirements of the contract were met upon completion of the project.

The site is compliant with the site-specific LEP amendment. This arises from the use of

certifications and inspection services that are required for the project. They will be used from

time to time, and the client is obligated to accept any changes that are required to ensure that the

project is successful. Moreover, we engaged with a consultancy firm for all our needs to ensure

that we integrated new planning policies and provision by the local government and council

(ICE, 2016). It entails zoning or land use, development standards and assessment needs. This

will ensure that the approval process will not face any risks when it goes through the Joint

regional Planning Panel (JRPP).

Scenario Letters 9

We appreciate the resolutions made by the board. This will ensure that the project is

completed on time, and it will meet all the requirements. Moreover, we will do everything in our

capacity to guarantee the success of the project.

[Name of project manager]

[Name of company]
Scenario Letters 10

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