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Lesson Code: 155_B78_060106 June 1st 2006 / 2006ᐕ6᦬1ᣣ
Kanji Transcript
Kana Transcript
Rǀmaii Transcript
Grammar Points
Toppings Galore
Beginner Lesson
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Lesson Code: 155_B78_060106 June 1st 2006 / 2006ᐕ6᦬1ᣣ
ࠃߒ ߔߺ߹ߖࠎޕᵈᢥ߅㗿޿ߒ߹ߔޕ
ᐫຬ ߪ޿ޕ߆ߒߎ߹ࠅ߹ߒߚޕ
ࠃߒ ࡑ࡞ࠟ࡝࡯࠲ࡇࠩ৻ߟ߅㗿޿ߒ߹ߔޕ
ᐫຬ ߅㘶ߺ‛ߪ޿߆߇ߢߔ߆ޕ
ࠃߒ ߅᳓ߢ޿޿ߢߔޕੑߟ߅㗿޿ߒ߹ߔޕ
ᐫຬ ߪ޿ޕ߆ߒߎ߹ࠅ߹ߒߚޕ
㜞ἑ ߔߺ߹ߖࠎޕ࠻࠶ࡇࡦࠣߦࠕࡦ࠴࡚ࡆ
ᐫຬ ߪ޿ޔߢ߈߹ߔࠃޕ
㜞ἑ ߥߔ߽ㅊടߢ߈߹ߔ߆ޕ
ᐫຬ ߪ޿ޔᄢਂᄦߢߔࠃޕ
㜞ἑ ޽ߣޔࠠࡁࠦߣࡇ࡯ࡑࡦߣࡄࠗ࠽࠶ࡊ
ᐫຬ ߪ޿ޔ߆ߒߎ߹ࠅ߹ߒߚޕ
ࠃߒ ᧄ᳇ߢߔ߆ޕߘࠇߪᧄᒰߦ߅޿ߒ޿ߢ
㜞ἑ ߪ޿ޔ߅޿ߒ޿ߢߔޕ
ࠃߒ ోㇱ㘩ߴࠆߎߣ߇ߢ߈߹ߔ߆ޕ
㜞ἑ ߽ߜࠈࠎޕࠃߒߐࠎߪ㧫
ࠃߒ ⛘ኻߢ߈߹ߖࠎޕ⑳ߦߪήℂߢߔޕߔ
ᐫຬ ߪ޿ޕ
ࠃߒ ࡑ࡞ࠟ࡝࡯࠲ࡇ߽ࠩ߁৻ߟ߅㗿޿ߒ߹
㜞ἑ ޽ޔࠃ߆ߞߚߢߔޕ
ࠃߒ ߔߺ߹ߖࠎޕߜࠀ߁߽ࠎ߅ߨ߇޿
ߡࠎ޿ࠎ ߪ޿ޕ߆ߒߎ߹ࠅ߹ߒߚޕ
ࠃߒ ࡑ࡞ࠟ࡝࡯࠲ࡇࠩ߭ߣߟ߅ߨ߇޿
ߡࠎ޿ࠎ ߅ߩߺ߽ߩߪ޿߆߇ߢߔ߆ޕ
ࠃߒ ߅ߺߕߢ޿޿ߢߔޕ߰ߚߟ߅ߨ߇
ߡࠎ޿ࠎ ߪ޿ޕ߆ߒߎ߹ࠅ߹ߒߚޕ
ߚ߆ߖ ߔߺ߹ߖࠎޕ࠻࠶ࡇࡦࠣߦࠕࡦ࠴
ߡࠎ޿ࠎ ߪ޿ޔߢ߈߹ߔࠃޕ
ߚ߆ߖ ߥߔ߽ߟ޿߆ߢ߈߹ߔ߆ޕ
ߡࠎ޿ࠎ ߪ޿ޔߛ޿ߓࠂ߁߱ߢߔࠃޕ
ߚ߆ߖ ޽ߣޔࠠࡁࠦߣࡇ࡯ࡑࡦߣࡄࠗ࠽
ߡࠎ޿ࠎ ߪ޿ޔ߆ߒߎ߹ࠅ߹ߒߚޕ
ࠃߒ ߶ࠎ߈ߢߔ߆ޕߘࠇߪ߶ࠎߣ߁ߦ
ߚ߆ߖ ߪ޿ޔ߅޿ߒ޿ߢߔޕ
ࠃߒ ߗࠎ߱ߚߴࠆߎߣ߇ߢ߈߹ߔ߆ޕ
ߚ߆ߖ ߽ߜࠈࠎޕࠃߒߐࠎߪ㧫
ࠃߒ ߗߞߚ޿ߢ߈߹ߖࠎޕࠊߚߒߦߪ
ߡࠎ޿ࠎ ߪ޿ޕ
ࠃߒ ࡑ࡞ࠟ࡝࡯࠲ࡇ߽ࠩ߁߭ߣߟ߅ߨ
ߚ߆ߖ ޽ޔࠃ߆ߞߚߢߔޕ
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Lesson Code: 155_B78_060106 June 1st 2006 / 2006ᐕ6᦬1ᣣ
Yoshi Sumimasen. Chnjmon onegai shimasu.
Ten’in Hai. Kashikomarimashita.
Yoshi MarugarƯta piza hitotsu onegai shimasu.
Iiǀ desu.
Ten’in Onomimono wa ikaga desu ka.
Yoshi Omizu de ii desu. Futatsu onegai shi-
Ten’in Hai. Kashikomarimashita.
Takase Sumimasen. Toppingu ni anchobi no
tsuika wa dekimasu ka?
Ten’in Hai, dekimasu yo.
Takase Nasu mo tsuika dekimasu ka?
Ten’in Hai, daiiǀbu desu yo.
Takase Ato, kinoko to pƯman to painappuru to
chokorƝto mo onegai shimasu.
Ten’in Hai, kashikomarimashita.
Yoshi Honki desu ka. Sore wa hontǀ ni oishii
desu ka.
Takase Hai, oishii desu.
Yoshi Zenbu taberu koto ga dekimasu ka.
Takase Mochiron. Yoshi-san wa?
Yoshi Zettai dekimasen. Watashi niwa muri
desu. Sumimasen.
Ten’in Hai.
Yoshi MarugarƯta piza mǀ hitotsu onegai shi-
Takase A, yokatta desu.
Yoshi Excuse me, I would like to order.
Staff Yes, understood.
Yoshi One margarita pizza. That`s all.
Staff Would you like something to drink?
Yoshi Water is fne. Two please.
Staff Yes, understood.
Takase Excuse me, is it possible to add ancho-
vies as a topping?
Staff Yes, it is possible.
Takase Can you also add eggplant?
Staff Yes, no problem.
Takase And mushrooms, green pepper, pineap-
ple, and chocolate please.
Staff Yes, understood.
Yoshi Are you serious? Is that really good?
Takase It is great.
Yoshi Can you eat it all?
Takase OI course. How about you?
Yoshi I defnitely can`t. It is impossible Ior me.
Excuse me.
Staff Yes.
Yoshi One more margarita pizza please.
Takase Ah, good.
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Lesson Code: 155_B78_060106 June 1st 2006 / 2006ᐕ6᦬1ᣣ
Vocabulary - න⺆

Kanji Kana 5ǀPDML English
ᵈᢥ ߜࠀ߁߽ࠎ
chnjmon order
⇊߹ࠅ߹ߒߚ ߆ߒߎ߹ࠅ߹ߒߚ
kashikomarimashita certainly, no problem
ࡑ࡞ࠟ࡝࡯࠲ ࡑ࡞ࠟ࡝࡯࠲
marugarƯta margarita
ࡇࠩ ࡇࠩ
piza pizza
એ਄ ޿ߓࠂ߁
iiǀ that is all, more than
࠻࠶ࡇࡦࠣ ࠻࠶ࡇࡦࠣ
toppingu topping
ࠕࡦ࠴࡚ࡆ ࠕࡦ࠴࡚ࡆ
anchobi anchovies
ㅊട ߟ޿߆
tsuika addition
⨅ሶ ߥߔ
nasu eggplant
ࠠࡁࠦ ࠠࡁࠦ
kinoko mushrooms
ࡇ࡯ࡑࡦ ࡇ࡯ࡑࡦ
pƯman green pepper
ࡄࠗ࠽࠶ࡊ࡞ ࡄࠗ࠽࠶ࡊ࡞
painappuru pineapple
࠴࡚ࠦ࡟࡯࠻ ࠴࡚ࠦ࡟࡯࠻
chokorƝto chocolate
޿߆߇ ޿߆߇
ikaga how about (polite Iorm oI dǀ)
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Lesson Code: 155_B78_060106 June 1st 2006 / 2006ᐕ6᦬1ᣣ
Today`s grammar point complements and rounds oII the explanation oI dekiru. As covered in the previous
two grammar points, the basic structure oI a sentence using the verb dekiru is:
(Phr. 1) ga(wa/mo) dekiru
where Phrase 1 (Phr. 1) is a noun phrase, an adverb, or a verb ¹ the nominalizer koto.
The Iollowing example is taken Irom today`s lesson.
“Toppingu ni anchobi no tsuika wa dekimasu ka?”
'Can you (is it possible to) add anchovies to the topping?¨
The structure oI this sentence is broken down below.
Phrase 1
Toppingu ni - to the toppings
anchobi - anchovies
no tsuika - addition of
wa - topic marking particle
dekimasu - able to
ka - question particle
When using the verb dekiru to ask about the possibility oI either:
࡮someone perIorming an act Ior you or Ior someone in your group, or
࡮you yourselI or someone in your group perIorming an act,
the meaning most commonly expressed is that oI whether or not the act itselI is possible. There are, how-
ever, certain cases in which the question itselI is used either to request that the act be done, or to request
permission to perIorm the act.
Next on the agenda is kashikomaru, the humble Iorm oI wakaru. This verb is usually used in the polite past
aIfrmative tense: kashikomarimashita. The expression is oIten used by people in the service industry and
in client-customer relationships when confrming the request oI a customer.
Lastly, a Iew useIul expressions that can be used to ask Ior more time when ordering at a restaurant:
Mada desu. - Yet (I have yet to decide my order).
0ǀVXNRVKLMLNDQRNXGDVDL - Please give me some more time.
Grammar Points