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E-diet is an electronic method for diet management that

facilitates personalized online delivery of meals information based Start

on the users health profiles. The personalization technique used
in the system is known as collaborative filtering technique that Enter rating
has been widely implemented in various fields of web-based to the meals
recommender systems such as entertainment, commerce and
Grab meals
services. In order to develop this system, an exploratory research and rating
has been conducted since the implementation of
recommendation for food consumptions among the diabetic Calculate user similarity
patients has not been clearly defined before by other researchers. via Pearson Correlation
In this study, the focus is to match the patients health profile
such as their blood glucose readings (BGR) with the Body Mass Calculate distance between patient 1
Index (BMI) in order to produce a list of meals recommended and patient 2 (how similar patients are)
specifically for the particular user who is also a diabetic patient.
Later, the Pearson Correlation algorithm has been applied in the Dissimilar Very similar
personal recommender system where the user need to rate the -1 r 1
Calculate Pearson
listed meals in order to find the similarities among other users =
2 [ 2 ()2 ] Get list of meals
that will promote the personal meal recommendations. Usability both have rated
testing has been conducted in this study and the result has
showed that the personalized recommendation of meals
presented via this recommender system is more accessible and recommendation
easy for the diabetic patients rather than only depending on their
dietitians or health officers. End

To develop a web-based diet management application for

diabetic patients. Planning &
To apply a suitable algorithm for the personal recommender Information


E-Diet: Meals Recommendation for Diabetic Patients system is

able to help the diabetic patients and the dietitian. The most crucial Design
part of this system is the recommendation of the meals to the
patients. Whereby, the patients will get the recommended
meals once they give rate to the meals recommended. Development
Thus, it can be said that this system able to ease the process
of the diabetic patients in finding the right meals that
suitable with their health condition. Testing