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JULY 9, 2017
Mass Schedule
Saturday 5PM
Sunday 8AM & 10AM

Served by:
Fr. Anthony R. Lipari, FCM

Fr. Drew Miller

Associate Pastor

Sr. Donna Lombardi, N/FCM

Pastoral Associate

Karen Suter
Parish Administrator

Mike & Fran Krol

Parish Council Leaders

An All Inclusive Independent Catholic Community,

Dedicated to Making the World a Better Place
A Shepherd's View

July 9: The world of social

5pm People of the Parish media, with all its
8am People of the Parish boasting, certainly
10am Lora Ann Weaver has an aura of "it's
all about me!" In
July 16: contrast, the read-
5pm ings today speak of a king who
8am comes humbly. They speak of a
10am yoke that does not impose extra
burdens but rather lightens the
burdens we already bear.
This is not to say that the life of
Franciscan Reflection
discipleship is easy. It is just to
say the whole thing doesn't rest
Let us adore God on my shoulders. Indeed, what
with pure hearts be- transforms humility to hubris is
the arrogant assumption that I
cause we need to
alone carry the load. I alone de-
"pray continually
serve credit for what I alone have
and never lose
heart", for the Father seeks In his prayer, "I give praise to
such worshipers. "God is spir- you, Father, Lord of Heaven and
it, and those who worship Earth," Jesus shifts the focus to
Him must worship in spirit our true boast: "Look at God!
and truth." Look at what God has done!"

- Rule of 1221, Ch. 22

Live Jesus in our hearts,
Saints of the Week

July 11: St. Benedict, Abbot (+c547)

July 132 St. Veronicaq (+1st century)

July 14: St. Kateri Tekakwitha, Virgin


July 15: t Bonaventure, Bishop & Doctor of

the Church (+1274)

St Veronica
Woman of Mercy (First Century)
According to legend, Veronica
was a woman who encountered
Christ as he labored under the
weight of the cross on his way to
Golgotha. Moved by compassion,
she wiped his face with her veil,
which then, miraculously, bore the imprint of his fea-
There is no scriptural basis for this story. Its
earliest reference occurs in an apocryphal Gospel of
the fourth century. Although various theologians
have tried to identify Veronica with other unnamed
women in the Gospels, it is speculated that her name
is derived from the miracle itself: vera icon (true im-
The story of Veronica was eventually appropriated
into the stations of the Cross, a devotional exercise
intended to place the penitent imaginatively within
the drama of Christs passion. Veronica is the faithful
disciple who ought to have been present in the
Gospel story. She performs the act of mercy we
ought to have performed, had we been there. In fact
the story contains no indication that Veronica was a
disciple of Jesus. She was simply a woman who
responded compassionately to a man in pain and
anguish, a convicted felon on his way to death.
Veronica wiped his face with her veil and in the
miraculous image left behind he revealed his true
Source: Blessed Among Us; Day by Day with Saintly
Witnesses written by Robert Ellsberg
Published by Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN
While enjoying the summer weather .

More on Walking Welcome to our Faith

Meditation Gianna Genardi
July 8, 2017
There is a Zen tradition called walking meditation
which invites us to do exactly what we do all the
time: walk! But now we are invited to walk with Rosalies Kitchen
awareness, slowly, mindfully. Not walking in order
to hurry from here to there, but walking for its own Food Bank collection next
sake and to be purely in the present moment, enjoy- Weekend, July 15 & 16
ing each step we take. If we transform our daily
walks into a meditation, our feet will take each step Christ Episcopal Church Food Pantry
Most urgent needs this month:
with awareness. Our breathing and our stepping will
be in harmony and our mind will be free to find peace
Grape jelly
and joy. And to cause peace and joy to flow through Peanut butter
us to others. As far back as 1930, Romano Guardini, Tuna
the great Catholic liturgist, also spoke of the sacra- canned stew
mentality of walking: Walking is the expression of pasta sauce
essentially human nobility. The upright carriage of canned tomatoes
the who masters ones self, who bears ones self Rice
along calmly and quietlythat is a human privilege. long-life milk
Walking upright means being a human. macaroni and cheese
But we are even more than just human. Scrip- soup (with meatnot chicken)
ture says that we are the offspring of God, reborn of vegetable soup (not tomato)
God to a new life. Imagine! We should walk as Salt
though we remembered that Christ lives in us. His Flour
body dwells in our flesh; his blood circulates in our sugar
vegetable oil
veins. For they that eat my flesh and drink my
canned fruit (any kind)
blood, abide in me and I in them. Guardini goes on
to say The knowledge of this mystery could find its If ableplease mark expiration date in
expression in walking rightly, joyfully, with graceful marker on each item.
and firm movement. It could be a profound fulfill-
ment of the command: Walk before me and be per- Thank you for your continued support!
We can transform our daily constitutional
River Belle
into walking meditation. Breathing and stepping in
Luncheon Cruise participants:
rhythm. Watching the firm, joyful steps we take. Walk-
ing in the faith that Christ is formed in us; that all that
Please plan to arrive to the Broadway Basin no
we do has become part of Christs life in us.
later than 11:30 AM for boarding. Boat departs
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