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Arrowight contains themes of violence, ctional deities and magic common to most fantasy literature. It is intended for mature
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I feel I should let Arrowight players know that wed been planning a Revised & Expanded Edition since 2004, just two years
after the First Edition release. Unfortunately, the co-founder of Deep7 and co-architect of much of Arrowights history, Samantha
Downing, lost a three-year battle with a rare cancer in April 2005. Her passing was a grievous wound to our company and product
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my children, but was happy to return to the RPG world to see so many Arrowight fans clamoring for more, even after almost a

On the technical side, this book would not be possible without the work of my dear brother and co-author Gavin Downing, editor
Mark Bruno and illustrator Steve Hartley, whose collective work continues to bring a detailed fantasy world to life. On the not-
so-technical side, I could not have nished this project without the support of my son Tyler, my daughter Kayleigh, and my wife
Raechelle, who encouraged me to resurrect the Arrowight RPG and release the game as Id always envisioned it. I thank you for
your patience, encouragement and support.
- Todd Downing
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La Mort de Arthur
The Mabinogion
The Tain
World history & culture
Various contemporary sagas


Introduction 5 Vehicles 52
Character Creation 7 Magic & Divinity 55
Human 8 Arcane Theories 57
Elf 9
Lab Magicks 74
Dwarf 10
Montaka 11 Chaos 83
Orc 12 Priestly Virtues 84
Shaltaka 13
Religions of the World 89
Faerie 14
Earthfolk 15 Deities, Saints & Holy Places 98

Lifeline 18 World Overview 107

Skills 20 Geography 108

Personality 24 Bestiary 114

Quick-Start Templates 29 Equipment 162

The Art of Combat (Combat Skills) 34 GM Section 175

System 40 Arrowflight Scenario Generator 178

Insanity Table 42 Appendix

Combat 44 Domestic & Wild Animals 181-188

Damage Overview 45 INDEX 189-196

Arrowflight Character Sheet*
Wound Status 46
Arrowflight Vehicle Sheet*
Vehicle Combat 50
Arrowflight Mount Sheet*
Vehicle Damage 51
Arrowflight Spell/Prayer Worksheet*
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~ Introduction ~
omewhere in the mists of dreams there exists a world of may last only a couple of hours, but be part of a much larger
fantasy and mythic adventurea world where nations plot campaign or storyline.
and intrigue against one another, where mighty armies In most board games, there is no referee. In a roleplaying
clash, powerful wizards bend nature to their will, and the favored game, one player is designated the Game Master, or GM. This
priests of venerable gods smite infidels with divine wrath. Ships person is the cornerstone of the entire experience, relating the
of sea and air explore vast and exotic lands as varied as the games story and environment in immersive detail, arbitrating
creatures that inhabit them. Ancient feuds erupt in war, while combat, keeping track of the non-player characters (or
dashing heroes seek honor, fame and legend NPCs), and moderating the overall result of a given situation.
The denizens of this world call it Nia, or The World, for it Roleplaying fosters communication, problem solving and
is all that they know. It is a difficult place in which to survive, interpersonal skills, improves mathematics ability and exercises
let alone thrive, but it has bred dynamic and distinct cultures, the imagination. It is a fun excuse to get together with friends
and survived a long and often savage history. It is home to races and improvise a fantasy saga. It is not a replacement for family,
that, though familiar to many readers, nonetheless occupy an spouse, school, job, church or any other real-world obligation.
important position in the balance of all life upon it. Its oceans
are deep and vast, its mountains broad and dark, its forests and
jungles lush and greenall of it dangerous to those who venture Glossary of Terms

forth unwarily. f you have played roleplaying games before, you will already
Yet its treasures are manifold for those with the courage, be accustomed to some of the terminology used. If this
fortitude and skill enough to claim them. Intrepid adventurers is your first such game, or you feel you are in need of a
all, welcome to Arrowflight. refresher, read on.

D6 Refers to a standard 6-sided die (commonly found with

What is Arrowight? most board games). One 6-sided die is referred to as 1D6, two

rrowflight is a fantasy roleplaying game that allows players 6-sided dice are referred to as 2D6, etc. This is to differentiate
to manage the actions of characters in an interactive between the various types of polyhedral dice used in many
story. Players create a character, or alter-ego, using roleplaying and tactical strategy games (including D4, D8,
points and dice. These characters can be mighty warriors, D10, D12, D20 and D100). Arrowflight uses only a D6.
devout priests, secretive mages, intrepid scouts, selfless healers,
benevolent nobles, daring explorers, cunning thieves, savage D3 Refers to the result of 1D6 halved (round up). A result of
pirates, common craftspeople, and so forth. In fact, the character 1 or 2 is one, 3 or 4 is two and 5 or 6 is three.
possibilities are endless, and the gameplay is immersive and fun.
Stat The designation on the character sheet for raw talent in
Exploring the world of Arrowflight in your minds eye can be
a given area of personal development. Stats consist of Agility,
exhilarating, full of adventure, romance and danger. You need
Dexterity, Strength, Perception, Intelligence, Willpower, Mana and
only a pencil, scratch paper, a handful of standard 6-sided dice,
some friends and your imagination. Deep7 Press and its parent
company, Despot Media, LLC, grant permission to photocopy Skill Any of a number of sub-headings listed under an
the character sheet in the back of the book for personal use. individual attribute, each indicating learned ability, natural
Arrowflight is intended for players 13 and older, as it includes aptitude, or a combination of the two.
frank discussions of combat, adult relations, fictional deities and
the occult; themes common to most heroic fantasy literature. Character The playing piece of the roleplayer in the game.
Sometimes referred to as a Player Character or PC. The
Roleplaying Primer character may be Ulrich the Ugly orc trollslayer, or Seera
of Marigor illusionist and combat mage, depending on the

any volumes have been written on the roleplaying players preference and the GMs direction.
hobby and its counterparts in counseling and
psychotherapy. In the simplest of terms, roleplaying is GM Game Master. The referee, storyteller and moderator of
an amalgam of acting, storytelling and charades in a parlor game the game.
setting. It is an extension of traditional board and card games, yet
with some striking differences. In a roleplaying game, instead of
moving pieces around on a board, players keep tallies and records
on their character sheets, noting changes in a characters status
throughout the course of the game (although small metal or
plastic miniatures will often be used for a tactical representation
of combat). Where a board game is most often competitive, a
roleplaying game is generally cooperative. There is usually no
clear winner, nor a designated finish line. A single game session

Melee or Melee Round A period of time within which precise
gameplay like combat takes place.

Min-max Often associated with powergaming, this is the

practice of assigning character points to the prime requisites of
a character while neglecting his other attributes and skills, thus
creating a one-dimensional, lopsided character. Players will find it
difficult to min-max Arrowflight characters without consequence.

Munchkin A player who seeks out every possible loophole in

the rules to exploit for his own gain. This includes min-maxing,
as well as the literal interpretation of rules to the detriment of the
story or other characters.

Session A single installment of a roleplaying game, usually a few

hours on a single night, but often part of a larger campaign.

Campaign The overall story run by the GM, consisting of two

or more single sessions (depending on the scope of the story).

Party The group of player characters (PCs).

Death Because the world of Arrowflight is hazardous and filled

with mystery and intrigue, characters can sometimes be killed.
This is figurative and only applies to the piece of paper called
the character. It in no way requires the players removal from the Geographical Overview
gamein fact, quite the opposite! If a players character dies, the

player is encouraged to create a new one and rejoin the group at ccording to legend and borne out by scientific discovery,
the GMs earliest convenience. Players who nurture characters the world-plane of Nia lays suspended in the heavens. It
for a long period of time may understandably feel a sort of loss is a great, flat expanse of vast oceans, dense forests, searing
when the character dies, but everyone is urged to remember deserts, fertile plains and snow-capped mountains. Ancient dogma
that Arrowflight is a game, and each new character brings new tells us that Rai leaps from his golden throne each morning to fly
adventure and new possibilities. across the world, into the arms of his wife, Mun, the goddess of the
night. And thus it appears to be so. Rai and Mun traverse the world
across its center, just north of where many scholars believe the Zero
Basic Mechanics Axis lies. It is this point upon which the world teeters, so slowly as

layers already familiar with Deep7s other XPG products will to be imperceptible to mortal senses, and yet enough to regulate
be primed to play Arrowflight, as all of the basic mechanics the passing of seasons and schedule of the tides. Explorers postulate
are the same. The character consists mainly of stats and that an exact inverse mold of the world lies underneath it, and for
skills. The stat and skill ratings are added together to make a Target millennia it has been believed that this is the true Underworld,
Number. This is the number the player must attempt to roll equal where the dead journey. Here, it is believed, sits the City of Truth,
to or less than on two 6-sided dice to achieve success. The higher a meeting place of the gods, object of desire to every good soul. It is
Target Number, the easier it is to succeed, and by greater degrees. also thought that many of the Caverns of Chaos extend into this
This is called a self-test system, and it enables the player to take realm, and that a constant war is fought between Order and Chaos
responsibility for his characters own actions, thereby freeing the for control of this domain. Some travelers have claimed to have
GM to manage other aspects of the game. More details are found ventured to the Underworld, either by sea or by underground means
later in the System section on page 40. from the world above, but this has never been conclusively proven.
Nia is home to thousands of species of flora, fauna and many
intelligent races, each vying for dominance. Humans dwell beside
their civilized elf cousins in great cities, while feral tribes of elves
remain in wilderness enclaves. Dwarves forge the finest steel in
their bastions of stone, while wild clans of orcs and goblins terrorize
entire nations. Faeries swarm and earthfolk gather in subterranean
clanholds. Fantastic creatures roam endless forests, great dragons
soar through the skies, and giant seers carve their prophecies on the
very cliffs and mountains. It is a world where a mortal may go far
on his skill and honor, a world where danger lurks at every turn, and
where the dead walk again.

~ Character Creation ~
f the world is host to so much mortal life, so it is also the
playground of the gods. Wars are fought and millions die over
dogma, and a worthy acolyte may find his prayers answered in the

voice of his deity...or with cold silence. A priest in this world wields efore you get started, you will want to make
enormous power, and commensurate responsibility. The gods take an certain you have a character sheet, scratch
active interest in the affairs of mortals, paper, some 6-sided dice, a pencil, and a copy
and the faithful are often rewarded for of this book.
their service and praise, and punished
xDecide on a race/ethnicity for your character
in equal measure for their blasphemy.
CHARACTER (page 8). Races are generally limited to Human,
Elf, Dwarf, Montaka, Orc, Shaltaka, Faerie, and
IO Earthfolk, though other races may be allowed,
at a GLANCE depending on the campaign and the GMs discretion. If

ust as there is divine influence
you wish, you may be a crossbreed of two races (choose
in the world, so there is another
the dominant race for racial caps & benefits). Use the
source of power, much closer to 1. Pick a race racial caps (aka Attribute Maximums) specific to your
a mortals everyday existence. All life characters race to determine the maximum stat rating.
in Nia is part of a contiguous web of
2. 30 points
ts in stats
x Determine all eight of your primary stats (described
living energy, and this Web of Life forms 3. Lifeline
the matrix of corporeal existencean below). These are Agility, Dexterity, Intelligence,
invisible tapestry that keeps the material 4. 30 points
ints in skills Perception, Strength, Willpower, Mana, and Spirit.
You have 30 points to divide between these stats. No
plane coherent and functional. Every 5. INITIATIVE = stat can be higher than the racial maximum, and all
living thing is a point on the Web of Life,
total PER and AGL stats must have at least a rating of 1. Be careful here;
connected to every other living thing everything is important.
through its ethereal strands. Diverse 6. SHRUG G=
schools of magic study have discovered x Use the tables in the Lifeline (page 18) section to
average STR and WIL
av start fleshing out your characters background. This is
that plucking these strands or tying knots
7. SAVEE= important to the characters history and will give him
in the Web of Life gives the arcanist the
valuable skills. All skill ratings are stackable, so if a
ability to bend the laws of nature to his total STR and WIL character receives Natural Sciences of 1 twice, he gets a
The way of magic is an ancient, 8. Destiny = 1 total of 2 in his Natural Sciences skill.
mysterious, and difficult path to follow. 9. Determinee ap
appearance x Using the rules under Skills (page 20), distribute
The rewards are great and the price of 30 points among the various skills on your character
failure terrible, but with study and talent, 10. 2D6 x100 geld sheet. These skills will aid the character in succeeding
those who excel in its discipline will leave at certain things. Descriptions of skills can be found in
a lasting mark upon history. the Skill Listings section (starting on page 20).
x Calculate your characters Save (the sum of Strength
plus Willpower), Shrug (the average of Strength and
War Willpower), and Initiative (the sum of Perception and

he face of the world has been Agility). Remember to round up when calculating
deeply scarred by conflict, so averages.
much so that survival is often the
x Put 1 point in Destiny.
reward of those who have perfected the
science of destruction. Martial disciplines x Decide on an appearance and a name for your
are as numerous and varied as the mortals character. Height, weight, eye color, hair color,
who use them, from the cloud-strewn and gender are all up to you, unless your GM says
skies to the blood-soaked battlefields, to otherwise. Obviously, the characters race, ethnicity,
the very depths of the oceans. They carry and original environment will dictate some of this.
the axe and sword, the spear and shield, x Determine the amount of starting money. Each
bows, slings, war machines of all sizes and character receives 2D6 x100 geld. This may be
muskets that crack with a fire only Rai multiplied based on the characters social status,
had once been capable of creating. Much and additional funds may also be added due to
status is placed upon those who craft the inheritance.
finest weapons, for often such a thing is x Use the list of goods in the Equipment section (page 162)
the only protection a mortal has in the to buy items you may need, including armor, weapons, and
world. food.
Entire warrior cults have evolved around a specific style or
discipline, and the Code of Honor is a soldiers bond with his society,
a promise to uphold the law of his country, and die in its service if
need be.
~ Human ~
t is written in various histories that man was born of an unholy
union of elf and demon. Some additional theories state that
mankind is the result of elf and dwarf crossbreeding, or the
product of the montaka invasion of Zeah some eons ago. Whatever
the true origin of the human species in the world, history has told
tales of astounding goodness and heroism, as well as incredible
evil and depravity. Humans are creatures of extremes, and their
constant struggle appears to be one of achieving internal balance
between Order, which governs their everyday world, and Chaos,
which rules their passions. It is from the embrace of Order and the
kind tutelage of elf mages that the first human magicks arose, and
it is from the seduction of Chaos that hybrid species and horrible
abominations were made.
Humans range in height from 4 to 7 feet tall, with the mid
5-foot range being average. They come in all shapes, from the
rotund to the rail-thin, and range in color from pale white to ebony
black, depending on their region and environment. Human males
are typically larger in terms of both height and muscle-mass, and are
fertile from their early teens until death. Human females are fertile
from their early teens through their mid-forties and carry their
offspring for a three-season gestation, usually resulting in a single
offspring. Twins and occasional triplets do occur, but often result in
injury or fatality to the mother.

Racial Stat Caps:

DEX 6 Eons of natural selection through war, famine and
STR 6 disease have produced a generally diverse and hearty
WIL 6 stock of humans on nearly every continent in the world.
PER 6 They are extremely adaptable and have an inherent
INT 6 resistance to magic and psychological trauma that
SPIRIT 6 continues to puzzle elf scholars. Humans have a long
MANA 6 history of interbreeding with elves, and that practice has
Special Abilities: had two major effects: A human of either gender can
Resist 1 expect, short of disease or violence, to live to a healthy
100 years of age. Conversely, the civilized elves of the
world have had their lifespan cut in half (and yet, given
the mental instability elves often suffer with old age, this
has not been seen as a detriment among the cosmopolitan, urban members of the
Humans have no inborn hatred of any race, and have often laid the
groundwork for integration of the various races in urban settings. They live and work
alongside elves, dwarves, earthfolk, faerie and orc, and individual prejudice aside,
find something of value in each. If there is a species that most civilized humans have
a predilection for conflict with, it is goblinkind. As the first civilized tribes of man
spread across the world, they often found themselves at odds with the cannibalistic
gray-skinned creatures and their troll and orc cohorts. In retaliation for age-old
slights (both real and perceived), goblins now hold a special place for humankind
over the mantle or on a pike. Goblin mages take special pride in stealing human
babies away to become Blood Children, and raids on rural human settlements are a
regular and traditional occurrence.

~ Elf ~
rguably the first mortal species to walk
upon the fertile earth of Nia, elfkind has Racial Stat Caps:
produced an astonishing range of art, AGL 6
culture, politics, and personality. It is said that DEX 6
the first elf was the goddess Dalah, who was STR 5
given domain over the land by Creator when he WIL 6
raised it from the ocean depths. Dalah is also PER 6
said to have created the different types of elfkind INT 6
(including merfolk, faeriefolk and earthfolk), SPIRIT 6
that still walk the World to this day. In addition, MANA 7
it was the mountain god Deains rape of Dalah Special Abilities:
that produced the dwarf race. In essence, Dalah is Awareness 1
thought to be the progenitor of all the intelligent
races (with the exception of giant-kin, goblins,
orcs, and dragons).
Ranging in height from 4 to 6 feet with an average of 5 feet and a lean
build, elves can be found in nearly every skin color and social environment, and
on most every continent. Their history is the history of Nia itself, including its
wars, glories, advances and declines. While many elves cling to the old social
structure of territorial or nomadic tribes living close to nature, still others prefer
the comfort and intellectual challenge of civilization. In some areas of the world,
elf society is dominant, if not exclusive, to a given region. In others, elves may
bend to the will of humans or other races. In either case, their genetic and cultural
diversity mirrors that of their close relatives the humans.
It is widely believed that humans were the unwitting spawn of demonic
guile, and from the moment of their arrival their elf parents kept a watchful eye
on their development as a species. The elven mind and spirit personifies Order,
be it a social order or the natural order. It was the magic theories of Order that
the elves taught their human kin.
The dynamic human civilizations that currently dominate much of
the world are mostly reflections and traditions based on earlier elven social
structures. Those elves whose families have lived in urban proximity to
humans have, through interbreeding, developed very human traits: a shorter
lifespan, stronger builds and facial hair, and the occasional multiple birth (a
phenomenon unheard of among their tribal counterparts).
The tribal elf tends to be somewhat leaner and less muscular than his urban
cousins, with more feral features and less body hair. Both varieties have keen
senses and observational instincts.
If elves as a species have any natural enemies, they are the greater dragons.
Elves have a long history of conflict with the awesome creatures, and it was
one such war that served as the distraction necessary for the alleged demonic
conception of mankind. Over centuries of hunting and killing the giant beasts,
elves have developed a tolerance for the highly acidic dragon meat, a food that is
toxic to most other species.
As in humans, male and female elves reach sexual maturity in their early
teens. Both genders remain fertile until their mid 40s. The average lifespan is
600 years for purebred elves and 300 years for urban elves. Elves mature
at the same rate as their human counterparts, and after age 50 begin to slow
the aging process. After 150 years, the elf perception of time begins to skew,
as each year seems to fly by more rapidly than the last. For urban elves, this
hypersensitivity can become extremely stressful, and many become eccentric,
insane, or suicidal. Most elves 200 years or older seek any quiet solitude they
can find, such as venturing into the woods and forests to spend their remaining
centuries communing with the wild. The most enlightened bond with trees and
become sacred groves, tended by feral elf caretakers.

There are physically few differences

~ Dwarf ~ in the build of male and female

dwarves, save for enlarged breasts
on the female and facial hair on

lthough dwarves share a the male (which they grow and
common progenitor with the cultivate from a young age). Both
elves, they look to their father, are compact and heavy, having a
the mountain god Deain, for their dense and sturdy build, and ranging
ethnic direction. Deains self-proclaimed from 3 to 5 feet in height. Females
first children (although more recent have a reputation for hospitality
scientific discoveries theorize the title unmatched among the dominant
might actually belong to the montaka), races. It is said that any mandwarf
the dwarf gods of the earth are ever or otherwisewho has a dwarf
present in all aspects of dwarven daily woman fill his belly and warm his
life, from fishing to mining to drinking. bed will never look elsewhere for
Dwarf culture is so ancient and nourishment or pleasure.
unchanging that many forms of Dwarves generally range in color
their art, science, and law have been from a chalky off-white to a dusky
integrated into human society. In most tan, with very tough, leathery skin.
northern kingdoms, dwarven law serves Hair color ranges from blonde to
as the foundation for most official order brown, white to black, and males
and due process, and many of the best keep thick beards. Interbreeding
lawyers and advocates come from dwarf stock. Their society tends to with elves and humans has occurred, but on a scale so
be extremely regimented and full of daily ritual and ancient dogma. insignificant that it has not affected their racial characteristics.
Guilt is a driving social force, whether used for or against a dwarf. Humans and elves of dwarf descent are usually raised in human
Cultural memory is long and past wrongs are not easily forgotten. or elf society; rarely the other way around. A dwarf who marries
The center of dwarven ethnicity is the Raihar Empire, which into a human or elf family has chosen that culture over his
spans most of the southernmost continent. It is here that most own, and becomes a social outsider for the remainder of his
dwarves look for cultural identity and continuity. In recent years, a life. Dwarves reach sexual maturity at about age 20, and remain
renewed exchange of trade and immigration has boosted the once- fertile unto the mid-50s. Children are carried by the female
dwindling dwarven population in the north. Most well trained for a 1-year gestation and are born one at a time, with the rare
dwarf professionals will find an open and high-paying market for multiple birth.
their services (especially in smithing, brewing and law), and some A dwarf s average lifespan
Raihar expatriates move north simply to escape Imperial propaganda is 500 years (which has not
and flag-waving. The decreased, due to their social Racial Stat Caps:
concept of a centralized, taboos against outside genetic AGL 5
nationalistic ethnic influence). Like their long- DEX 6
identity seems to be lived elf cousins, once dwarves STR 6
unique to dwarfkind and achieve 150 or 200 years, their WIL 7
all but unheard of among perception of time begins to PER 6
the other sentient races. accelerate, each year becoming a INT 6
Rune Magic, the relatively smaller portion of their SPIRIT 6
art and science of life experience. Older dwarves MANA 6
encoding arcane effects will often undertake a pilgrimage Special Abilities:
permanently into stone to the Raihar Empire on the Endurance 1
and steel, began with southern continent. There, they SHRUG +1
the dwarves and is still enjoy an ethnically homogenous
alive today, though the retirement, eventually
art is a closely guarded finding eternal rest in one of many Halls of Heroes, the most
secret (and prohibitively enlightened returning to the stone from whence their race
hard to learn). There came. Where elves practice social lives and seek isolation and
are perhaps thirty active quiet in their elder years, dwarves are much more emotionally
runeforges in the entire guarded and solitary in their youth and seek out community
world. with age.

~ Montaka ~
(mon-TAH-kah) Montaka are humanoid, with simian faces and strong, muscular

Racial Stat Caps: he origins of the bodies covered in dark brown or black hair. Montaka males possess
AGL 6 montaka are steeped long skulls with jutting fangs, primarily used for intimidation,
DEX 6 in mystery: not even but both genders have a nasty bite (WR 2). They typically wear
STR 8 the montaka themselves little clothing, often little more than a loincloth, though armor is
WIL 5 seem to know how they common among warriors. Slaves or those montaka now living in
PER 7 came to be or why they were warmer lands typically dress more formally, though they still prefer
INT 4 created. Their name, which fewer or lighter clothes than others in the same region might. Like
SPIRIT 6 translates to men of the humans, montaka are born singly, with twins uncommon. They
MANA 6 mountain in Ancient, refers reach maturity at age 12 and reach heights of 6 to 8 feet. Most
Special Abilities: to their native homes in the montaka tribal religion consists of ancestor worship, though some
Strength Feat 1 jungle covered mountains are known to worship nature spirits or elder gods such as Deain or
Fur AV1 of the Dark Lands and the Dalah.
Bite WR2 Southern Wilds, where they
live in small tribes. Though
their current society is made
up of small tribal groups, they are often encountered in ancient
jungle ruins that appear to have been built by their ancient
ancestors. Archaic glyphs show pictures of the montaka as
rulers of a mighty empire.
In truth, the montaka may have been Deains first
children after the giants, predating even the dwarves. They
ruled a powerful empire that once stretched across much of
the southern continents. However, a terrible event occurred
which drove the species to near-extinction and toppled their
mighty cities across all of Nia. Was it a terrible war? A magical
curse? The wrath of the gods? Or something else entirely?
Unfortunately, the specifics of what caused this tragic fall still
remain unknown. Whatever the cause, the montaka are now
shadows of their former glory, picking through pieces of their
once-great empire for scraps.
Though they often are suspicious of outsiders, they also
have been known to forge strong bonds with non-simians when
the situation demands. They often ally with local elf, human,
or faerie tribes in their native lands, and typically find conflict
with troll, goblin, and ogre tribes. Once they warm up to an
individual, montaka can be very friendly; and their loyalty is
fierce. They also have a strong distrust of foreign interlopers,
particularly humans, as Kilmoorian slave vessels often target
montaka tribes for capture. As slaves of the Kilmoorians and
Kharhounai, they often serve as gladiatorial arena-fodder, heavy
laborers, or merely as oarsmen for Kilmoorian war galleys.
Kilmoors war with Corvel and Bachra has lead to freed
montaka recently taking up residence in Corvel, Bachra, and
Seris. Though the three nations have been welcoming, many
citizens are still growing used to their appearance even in the
most cosmopolitan areas. More rural communities have even
attacked free montaka, believing them to be monsters. Because
of this, many freed montaka have taken to wearing bulky,
hooded robes to pass as orcs.

Many orcs now function quite adequately in urban society, taking
~ Orc ~ jobs as blacksmiths, innkeepers, bodyguards, professional
athletes, and of course, soldiers. The human

t was only a short time after humans had and elf nobility have discovered the advantages
been taught the elven magicks that of a well-trained, well-fed orc population, and
they began to experiment with the will always try to exploit their ferocity on the
volatile forces at their command. And as battlefield. In peacetime, the civilized orcs
so often occurs when offered power, the predilection for confrontation and physical
unscrupulous few become corrupted by it. conflict is often channeled into bounty
It was one such case, in an elder kingdom of hunting, combat instruction, or the Imperial
the north, in which a human sorcerer now Batara League. Urban orcs have spread out
referred to as Tokra the Maker attempted of Corvel into other nations and now exist in
to create an army of warriors warriors small numbers in Bachra, Seris, and the Kainal
with the combined traits of the savage troll Islands, but they are still most common in
and the aggressive wild boar, who would be Corvel.
unstoppable in combat, and who would follow Although few tribes of wild orcs remain
his every command. in Corvel, they can be found elsewhere
And as with everything that has an origin throughout the world, speaking regional
in Chaos, this new slave race was everything variants of their troll mother tongue. Orcs
the mage had anticipated, and proved much have no organized religion, but follow a tribe-
more than he could ever hope to control. specific system of shamanism/hero-worship,
Once a small number had escaped into the as well as acknowledging Tokra the Maker,
wild, they began to breedand breed some the mage who created their kind. Urban orcs observe
more. Within a few short generations, entire tribes of orcs the religion of the local culture. In Corvel, orcs have
had spread across the north. Prone to berserk rages and random embraced the Rellianite Church, identifying with its
outbursts of violence, it was initially thought that the creatures would doctrines of sacrifice and vigilance.
wipe themselves out. Yet their high birthrate and extremely tough Orcs mature quickly, reaching sexual maturity by age 10
physiology balanced out the rough lifestyle they led. By the first and remaining fertile until age 30. Usually full grown by age 16, the
Chaos Wars, orcs were a force to be reckoned with, and when allied porcine creatures can reach heights in excess of 6 feet, males often
with goblin tribes they became a very real threat to many kingdoms. attaining the 7-foot mark. They range
Yet if there was an infestation of any single species in the in color from pale tan to black, with
world, it was man. And with the human dynasties of Corvel pig-like facial features and huge knots
came retribution for all the crimes, whether actual or of muscle covered in a thick, bristly
perceived, that mankind felt it had suffered at the hands hide. Orcs have a high metabolism and
of the orc masses. It was a tide the orc tribes could not can consume vast quantities of food and
stand against. A single administration under the Scarlet drink in one sitting, as well as surviving
King, Gar II of House Blaris, was responsible for the for several days without eating. They are
wholesale slaughter of orcs in the tens of thousands. able to digest foods in various stages of
Were it not for the fact that King Gar was also decay without gastric incident (beyond the
exterminating elves, faeries and earthfolk, the holocaust usual gaseous purges common to all orcs).
might have passed unnoticed by the other races. But The effects of inbreeding have traditionally
it was the combined atrocity and near extinction of been a problem for the orcs, and albinism is
most nonhumans in Corvel that prompted something common. Young are birthed in litters of four
unheard of in all of to six, with a 50% mortality rate common.
history, and as yet Because of the orcs troll-based genetic
Racial Stat Caps: un
unduplicated anywhere pattern, interbreeding with other species on
AGL 7 in the worlda cultural any large scale has proven unsuccessful
DEX 5 pe accord between
peace although a few human/orc half-breeds have
STR 7 or and the other
orcs survived.
WIL 6 civ
civilized species. Regardless of the social philosophy
PER 6 Since the time surrounding the urbanization of orcs in
INT 5 of the accord, orcs in Corvel, the species has received some
Corvel have undergone benefits. An urban orc can expect to see
MANA 4 c
a curious civilizing 70 years, whereas a wild orc will rarely
Special Abilities: pr
process that some think live half as long (and would see living any
+1 Awareness (auditory & is unnatural, but that longer as a liability, both to himself and his
olfactory) is almost universally tribe). Urban orcs have been educated in
1 Awareness (visual) ac
accepted, given the language and art, and some have even been
Skin AV1 alt
alternativea return to tribal taught magic (although such occurrences are rare).
warfare and wholesale carnage.

~ Shaltaka ~ but are clearly not human any longer. They were once priests proving their
(shal-TAH-kah) dedication to the Dragon Lords, but their devotion obviously lacked. Over
the ages, depending on the prevailing social mores and the attitude of the

haltaka (literally Dragon-Man in
Kilmoorian king, shaltaka have been treated as equals, as second-class
Ancient) are a race of oviparousus
citizens, and as superior beings. Non-Kilm
Non-Kilmoorian shaltaka are clearly
warm-blooded humanoids
lesser beings, however, and are seen only aas fodder for slavery. Most
believed to be native to the
Kilmoorian shaltaka gather in small
continent of Mooria. In the
clans in the mountains of Kilmoor,
early ages of the Kilmoorian
content to prove themselves as
people, before they were unified
worthy Niarites by serving a
into a single nation, many priests
Dragon Lord or church leader.
attempted to transform themselves
Individually, they may exhibit more
into dragons through arcane
religious apathy (and some may
invocations and the ingestion of
actually scorn the religion), but
dragon blood (highly toxic to most
seldom do any dissidents collect
humans). The ritual was unsuccessful, ul,
in any great numbers. Some
and the priests found themselves left ft
rogues follow the spice roads of
with draconic traits while retaining
the deserts, growing wealthy as
their humanoid nature. From an
merchants, couriers, or hired
initial pool of two hundred priests and
muscle. Many develop a spice
priestesses, a new half-human, half-
habit, which ultimately confines
draconic species was born.
their range and career options.
Or so the Kilmoorians claim. Iff
Quick and lithe in warm
this is truly the origin of the shaltaka,
climates, shaltaka are often
the species has spread far from their
utilized as scouts or trackers in
initial land of origin. Though they are
treacherous areas. Mages and
rare in the northern continents (savee
priests are also common, and they
Kharhoun, where they have emigrated ted
can be quite skilled in both areas
from Kilmoor), they are found
of study. Within the Dark Lands,
throughout the central continents
they generally live in tribal groups,
of Arcania, Verdia, and Volcania.
where they typically avoid outsiders
However, the further they get from
of all kinds. Some few tribes may
Kilmoor and Kharhoun, the more
ally with their neighbors in trade or
their draconic appearance changes.
even friendship, and their societies
The reason for this change is
can run the gamut from chaotic to
unknown; it may be that the speciess
highly ordered.
devolves over generations away
Though they appear to
from Kilmoorian lands, or it may
be of human origin, many
be that Kilmoorian shaltaka are a
scholars now classify the
different species than the shaltaka
shaltaka as a species of lesser dragon.
of other lands. If the latter is true,
Indeed, female shaltaka lay clutches of up to six
their origin is unknown.
eeggs after a successful mating. As a result of their
The shaltaka possess reptilian heads and
Racial Stat Caps: rreproductive process, shaltaka cannot interbreed
humanoid bodies, all of which are covered with thick,
AGL 6 wwith other races. Average life expectancy is 250
lizard-like scales. The coloration of the scales can
DEX 4 yyears, and adult height ranges from 5 to 7 feet.
vary widely, but most tend toward greens, yellows,
STR 7 SSee the entries for Elf and Dwarf for notes on
and reddish-browns. Their fingers sport long claws,
WIL 6 ttemporal perception past 150 years.
which can be deadly, but tend to interfere with the
manipulation of small objects.
Although their recorded numbers are not known,
it is estimated that the reptilian people may exist all
over the wilds of the south, and that total population
Special Abilities:
may number in the hundreds of thousands. By
Skin AV4
contrast, the minority shaltaka of Kilmoor are
Claws WR1
something of an enigmathey were once human,

~ Faerie ~
ll types of faerie are adaptable and are
quite competent with magic, having

reated by Dalah, the proto-elf earth goddess, their own culturally taught spells known
all the winged varieties of elf-kin are included as glamours. All but will-o-the-wisps are aware
under the term faerie-folk. They have been of their blood-and-magic bond with elves, and
around since before mankind, and include sprites, tend to maintain a live-and-let-live rule when
pixies, wind-nymphs, ellinyeh, and will-o-the-wisps. interacting with their tall, wingless brethren.
Wind-nymphs sport brown feathered wings, like Rural faeries are especially close to their feral
those of a sparrow. They shun urban areas, seeking elf relatives, and it is not uncommon to see a
instead the company of feral elves and other rural hunting party of wood elves accompanied by a
tribesfolk. To all others they are cold, aloof, and distant, small unit of glowing sprites or pixies.
with the exception of goblins, trolls and wild orcs, In times of war, the strength of the
whom they regard with outright hostility. faerie is sheer numbers. Swarms of pixies armed
Ellinyeh (EL-ih-NY-eh) are found in the far north, with poisoned barbs have been known to
braving gusts of arctic wind with small, crystalline- upset the balance of many a military campaign
looking wings and tough, leathery gray-white skin. They (although they will generally not involve
often live and travel with the nomadic feral elf tribes of themselves in civilized affairs unless directly
the Akrindor tundra, ranging from the contested Region concerned with the politics of the situation).
of Ice in northern Corvel across to eastern Tolak. Social Many faerie tribes have domesticated large
creatures, they are generally friendly toward members insects, birds and other small animals for use as
of their immediate tribe, but adopt a defensive posture mounts or draft animals.
toward unknowns. Full-grown adult faeries are usually
Will-o-the-wisps are an exclusive, Chaos-oriented faerie kind. about
b 10 inches in height and weigh roughly one-
Their wings are insectoid and their skin is covered with a chitinous half pound. Fertile from
carapace that gives them a bug-like appearance. They prefer living ages 10 until death, males and
females reproduce by copulating Racial Stat Caps:
in swampy areas, where they are known to lure travelers to their
among flowering plants, leaving a AGL 8
death. While they usually eat their victims, they sometimes treat
powdery residue which, over the DEX 6
the corpses with glamours to preserve them. They sew the bodies of
course of the winter, becomes a STR 2
these victims together and burrow through the corpses, turning the
brood of faerie larvae (of ten to WIL 5
macabre creations into their clan holds.
twenty individuals), some of which PER 7
Of all faerie-folk, sprites and pixies are the most common,
can become food for local rodents INT 5
and the most likely to involve
and reptiles. These SPIRIT 6
themselves in the affairs of
young are incubated MANA 8
civilization. Although similar
in the plant stems and Special Ability:
in size and coloring, they have
hatched from the buds Faeries of all varieties can
certain cultural and physical
each spring. Faeries are fly, are bioluminescent
differences, which they are quick
communally raised, and produce an ethereal
to point out.
citing no two specific glow (3-foot radius) as
Sprites have full, colorful
individuals as parents. a byproduct of flight (it
wings resembling butterflies or
The average faerie cannot be turned off). In
moths, and make clan holds out
lifespan is 50 years, addition, faeries have some
of fallen trees and earthworks in
as their kind rides the other race-specific bonuses
meadows and thin woodlands.
transient energies of the and restrictions, which
They are typically more docile
Web of Life, confident are covered in more detail
and less headstrong than their
in their eventual in the Playing Faerie Folk
pixie cousins, and tend to nurture
rebirth into the natural section.
strong friendships with their
elf, dwarf, human and earthfolk cycle. Because of the
specific method of NOTE: Will-o-the-wisps
reproduction, faeries are not generally available
Pixies sport thin, transparent
have only been able to as player characters, and
wasp-like wings, their dwellings resembling beehives and hornet
achieve viable offspring with other are therefore listed in the
nests (which they build in deep forest groves). Pixies tend toward
faerie species. Bestiary (page 123).
more militant, mischievous behavior than sprites, and enjoy a good
practical joke. There is a good-natured but deep-running rivalry
between the two groups.

of stone and are the most easily accessible
~ Earthfolk ~ by species that engage in commerce.
Gnomes originated the art and technology

he step between long-lived elves and the brightly- of clockwork, a system of gears, springs
but-quickly-burning candle that is faerie kind lies and cogs used to animate clocks, artwork,
among the earthfolk: the missing link between functional items and vehicles. Unlike magic
the transient magicks of nature and the scholarship disciplines, clockwork requires nimble
and craft of long life. A sub-class of the faerie, the term digits far smaller than the average elf, dwarf,
earthfolk is a broad classification given to any of human or orc.
the non-flying species of diminutive elf-relations, and Sprigs are the gnomes antisocial
includes further subspecies such as firefolk, waterfolk, cousins, building their earthen holts in
and icefolk. The most common are gnomes, nymphs meadows protected by groves of trees. They
and sprigs, and the ubiquitous brownies. As diverse as are generally of a dark complexion and sport
their physical appearance may be, they are nonetheless long, tapered elf-like ears. When they do
similar enough genetically and culturally to warrant a socialize or travel with larger species, they
common listing. Earthfolk are always social, gathering tend toward solitary occupations (making
in communities of several dozen families to a few them predisposed toward thievery and
hundred. The communities can be remote, rural or urban, assassination).
but will always be partly subterranean or built into the natural Brownies are the most feral and animalistic of the
surroundings in some way. earthfolk, gathering in arboreal tribes that range throughout a
Fine craftsmanship is an forest, usually having several strongholds in exposed roots and the
honored tradition among most hollows of enormous trees. They are nomads, making the circuit of their
kinds of earthfolk, from the most encampments over the course of the year. Resembling upright badgers
primitive pottery to the most ornate te or foxes from a distance, brownies are covered in short but shaggy fur
wheelock pistol. They are practiced and possess the extremely feral features of the wild elf tribes. They are
scholars and artisans, creating somee quite adept at jury-rigging snares, traps, and conveyances for their
of the most beautiful and lasting nomadic lifestyle and are most comfortable wearing exquisitely crafted
works of art and enchantments in tunics and breeches made of leather and fur.
the world. Although not specificallyy Icefolk, an arctic species of brownie, range across the continent
of a martial orientation, many of Nordia, staying mostly above the tree line. Firefolk are found only
earthfolk craftspeople have become in warm climates near volcanic vents, and are highly resistant to
renowned weaponsmiths, producing ng heat and flame. Waterfolk exist only in aquatic environs, their tribes
ornately gilt blades and firearms. clinging to the various mer nations
With the exception of nymphs, in a symbiotic relationship. Other
earthfolk have a collective subspecies may exist in the more
attraction to technology of isolated corners of the world.
any kind, and although they Throughout history, earthfolk
are not innovators, they pride have occupied positions of
themselves on making existing im
importance in the workings of
Racial Stat Caps: tthe various kingdoms, becoming
things more beautiful, functional,
AGL 6 aadvisors, spies and inventors. The
and efficient.
Nymphs are a particularly DEX 7 ggnome Touchek of Marigor holds the
reclusive breed of earthfolk. STR 4 ddistinction of having been the only
Painfully shy, these frail creatures WIL 6 CCorvel regent of earthfolk descent.
resemble small feral elves but are PER 6 Earthfolk are typically 2 to 3 feet
stationary, limiting their range to INT 6 ttall, weighing from 15 to 30 pounds,
a small grove or thicket and often SPIRIT 6 aand are of varied skin tones that
remaining there for generations MANA 7 rrange from light gray to dusky brown
upon generations. Nymphs prefer Special Ability: ((brownies and icefolk being the only
their solitude; although cordial Any 2 DEX skills at 1. sspecies to grow actual fur). Male
in the presence of non-aggressive ggnomes and sprigs usually cultivate
individuals, they generally shun NOTE: Waterfolk and bbeards when they reach about 20 years of age. Both
humanity and even the company of firefolk are not generally ggenders are fertile from the early teens until their mid-40s. Females carry
other earthfolk. available as player yyoung for a 1-year gestation, and give birth to a single child. Multiple
Gnomes boast the most characters, and are therefore bbirths are uncommon. Earthfolk lifespan is roughly 250 years, and
cultivated society of all the listed in the Bestiary (page is generally not accompanied by the temporal dementia exhibited by
earthfolk, and are the only breed 122). ttheir elf and dwarf counterparts. Interbreeding among earthfolk species
that lacks the long, tapered ears of is common, and there have been some allegations of dwarven and/or
their elf brethren (which has led eelven genetic incursion, but earthfolk have never achieved a successful
to theories of dwarf genetic influence, given their similar looks and crossbreeding with humans or the larger species.
affinity for functional craftsmanship). Their clan holds tend to be
will spread the faeries insides all over
Playing Faerie Folk the wall. Area-effect spells, prayers, and

laying faerie characters (and weapons can be especially effective as well.
to a lesser extent, earthfolk) Because of the scale of faerie hardware
presents certain challenges in and a small STR cap, it is no wonder most
terms of physics and scale. While a of these folk take less directly combative
faerie character may be the strongest roles within a given party. The
in the hive, a single swat from a heaviest armor they can wear is
human or similar-sized opponent AV2 and even that gives them a
could easily end his life. This 1 penalty to their AGL; anything heavier
section is intended to give faerie is too constrictive and claustrophobic for
players a more in-depth background the free-spirited faerie who depends a
and shed some light on the species as great deal upon his ability to fly. All faerie
a whole. weapons are WR1, with a damage bonus
Faeries are social creatures born (DB) of +1 for a two-handed weapon.
of nature. Their hives or clan holds For this reason, most offensive hardware
are always in a rural or wilderness will be tipped with reptile or insect
area far from man and technology, and yet they are inquisitive venom, drugs or other such toxins. One
as a breed, which leads many to the bustling towns, cities and trade stab through the eye-slit of a helm with a faerie-made bone spear
ports of the world. Nevertheless, their short life cycle and attention is enough to deliver a potentially lethal dose of poison (and is one
span prevents them from learning the sophisticated, combative reason a faerie swarm on a battlefield is so terrifying).
magicks of their long-lived brethren, the elves. Instead, faeries are Earthfolk are often gregarious (depending on the type), and
born with an affinity toward more primal magic, and any that show are able to bridge the cultural gap between their tall elf cousins
an interest are taught the art of glamours. and their winged faerie brethren with style and grace. Naturally
Glamours are subtle and insidious, used mostly to dazzle and predisposed toward magicks of all kinds, earthfolk have the
trick an opponent. They may be used to cloak or protect a hive, or advantage of being able to choose Glamours as a Theory, as well as
to subdue a stranger until its motives can be gleaned. Any faerie any other Arcane Theory allowed by their mage college.
character may take the Arcane Theory of Glamours without the When it comes to combat, earthfolk suffer from some of
prerequisite of Natural and Theoretical Sciences. However, they may the same liabilities of diminutive size, most notably in their low
never learn the ancient Arcane Theories taught by the mage colleges SHRUG. However, they are a step between faeries and normal-
of elves and men, nor are they allowed to teach a non-faerie the sized folk on the scale chart, and thus are able to parry attacks from
art of glamours. Either task would require a human or elf level of humans, elves, dwarves and orcs (though generally cannot last long
concentration and attention, something faeries simply do not have. in single combat against larger foes). Earthfolk are not restricted
If faeries are dangerous in a swarm, they can be equally sneaky in the type of armor they wear, but cannot wield anything greater
alone. Their small size and winged flight make possible all sorts of than WR2 weapons unless they are pistols or similar firearms. They
reconnaissance and subterfuge. They can carry small objects like gain appropriate bonuses (again, see the Scale chart) for striking
keys and gems, though lack of leverage makes anything larger than larger targets and only suffer a 1 to strike faerie targets, as well as
a dagger extremely unwieldy and impossible to lift off the ground presenting larger attackers a much smaller, harder-to-hit profile.
for any length of time (and then never as an effective weapon). If a Nonetheless, the tiny earthfolk are simply not physically built to
faerie carries currency at all (a rare, world-wise faerie indeed), it will engage in single combat against foes of human (or larger) scale.
be in the form of small, cut gems kept in a satchel strapped close to Thusly, an earthfolk character may tend to stick with cultural
his body so as not to affect flight. strengths within a party, acting as thief, mage, scout, medic,
Combat presents the faerie character with another conundrum. armorer, or pistolier.
Because of their small stature (see Scale rules on page 48 for details),
faeries cannot parry an attack from someone of normal scale or Other Playable Races
larger. Although they are often militant as a species, faeries are

epending on the campaign, other supplements for
undisciplined and lack any specific combat skills. However, because
Arrowflight have other races that may be appropriate.
of their flying ability and high Agility potential, faeries can dodge
Marrish, Mer, and many other races can be found in
without spending an action to do so (like a normal parry). Their
Island Nations; while Sphynxes and Mehnuk can be found in
choice of combat skills is limited to Brawling and Melee Weapon,
Northern Empires. Future supplements will include additional races.
although they are often adept at Athletics for dodging and can use
In addition, many of the other races found in the bestiary
a few specific small ranged weapons with the Missile Weapon skill.
of this book may be appropriate for some campaigns. Talk to
Faeries may make called shots at a bonus appropriate to the size of
your GM, and use common sense. A goblin PC would likely be
their target, and are equally more difficult for a larger attacker to
killed walking into any town in a Corvel-based game, while being
hit. But lest any faeries begin to have delusions of invulnerability,
human would be considered a crime punishable by death in a Zeah
consider that with such low SHRUG, one swat from an orcs grago

Primary Stats Destiny

o begin with, you will notice that the character has some veryone gets 1 extra point to place into DESTINY.
basic stats (the words in large bold letters on the character DESTINY is kind of a cosmic bank account or karmic value.
sheet). Players allocate 30 points among them, and record You may use a point of DESTINY at any time during the
the result in the space allotted. Put at least 1 point in every stat. No course of the game to re-roll a failed skill check or Wound Save. Of
stat may exceed the racial Attribute Maximum. course, the second rollno matter how much better or worse than
the firstmust be accepted. Once used, the spent DESTINY point
AGILITY (AGL): General physical prowess and gross motor
returns at the start of the next game session.
function. It influences things like Combat Skills, Riding, and
Spending a Destiny point also can be used to temporarily
playing Batara.
allow the character to pull of seemingly impossible or super-heroic
DEXTERITY (DEX): Fine motor skill and hand-eye coordination. actions. If the player spends the Destiny point at the beginning of
It covers things like Repair and Black Powder. a melee round, his characters stats double for the duration of the
PERCEPTION (PER): General empathic and interactive ability, round, effectively increasing his Target Numbers for all skill checks.
from the passive (Awareness) to the active (Gambling, Con). A This means the character can execute several actions in a round
character with a high PERCEPTION knows his place in the world without penalties weighing him down, or he can be assured of doing
and has a grasp of the psychological exchange between people. one action really well. Note that Destiny only affects stats and not
skill ratings. Also note that Destiny can either be used for re-rolling
STRENGTH (STR): Raw muscle. This stat governs things like a failed skill check or Wound Save, OR for doubling stats for one
Climbing and Swimming, and comes in handy when you have to round, not both at the same time.
raise a portcullis with your bare hands. Using a DESTINY point in a fundamentally evil or
INTELLIGENCE (INT): Gray matter. Raw brainpower. A blend of uncharacteristic manner will get it taken away permanently.
instinctive knowledge and book learning. This stat covers skills like However, using a DESTINY point in a heroic or dramatically
Area Knowledge and the various Sciences. appropriate way may earn an additional DESTINY point. The GM
should use discretion and refrain from handing out DESTINY like
WILLPOWER (WIL): Mental and emotional stamina. This stat
party favors. They should be hard to win, yet easy to lose.
helps you keep your Cool or Resist the effects of magic, fear, or
Most NPCs will not have DESTINY; some important
NPCs may have it, but the vast majority of opponents will not.
MANA: The energy that anchors the Spirit to the material plane. However, those NPCs with DESTINY do not inherently lose it for
This is the stat which powers arcane magic. conducting evil actions. Arrowflight PCs, on the other hand, are
SPIRIT: The power of the characters soul when it comes to divine expected to be heroes.
favor. The greater the Spirit, the more brightly he shines in the
ethereal planes, and the more readily the gods will answer his

Derived Stats
Once youve used up your points for the Primary Stats, youll need
to determine your characters Derived Stats, which are listed at the
bottom of the Skill section. These Stats are INITIATIVE, SHRUG,
and SAVE.

INITIATIVE is the sum of the characters PERCEPTION and

AGILITY. INITIATIVE is a value that determines how quickly
your character responds to stimulus, or how fast he springs into
action. This concept is explained more fully in the System section
beginning on page 40.

SHRUG is the average of the characters STRENGTH and

WILLPOWER. It indicates the characters ability to ablate
incoming damage. SHRUG is detailed further in the System section
beginning on page 40.

SAVE is the sum of the characters STRENGTH and

WILLPOWER. It dictates how tough and resilient the character
is when faced with bodily harm. SAVE is detailed in the System
section beginning on page 40.

~ Lifeline ~
oll on the following tables for your characters social status, the environment in which the character was raised, the
general location of that environment, and the career to which the character was apprenticed. This does not restrict
profession, but it does give your character a few background skills. Skills are stackable, so if the character receives
Natural Sciences twice, hed have Natural Sciences 2.

Pick only one Social Status table and one Apprenticeship table. The Environment, Location, and Inheritance tables are for
all characters.

D36% means selecting one die as a D3, which is treated as the tens column (either 10, 20, or 30), and the other die as the ones
column (1-6).

Roll or GMs choice

2D6 Social Status Skills Money
2-3 Noble Social 1, Education 1, Cultural Sciences 1, Riding 1 3x starting
4-7 Professional Craft 1, Bargain 1, Education 1 2x starting
8-10 Freeman Repair 1, Domestic Arts 1 1x starting
11-12 Indentured/Slave Domestic Arts 2 starting

- OR -

Roll or GMs choice

2D6 Social Status (Tribal) Skills Money
2-3 Chief/Clan Leader Social 1, Lore 1, Cultural Sciences 1, Command 1 3x starting
4-6 Noble/Favored Social 1, Bargain 1, Lore 1 2x starting
7-9 Free Craft 1, Domestic Arts 1 1x starting
10-12 Indentured/Slave Domestic Arts 2 starting

Choose or roll
1D3 Environment Skills
1 Urban Bargain 1, Cultural Sciences 1, Language 1, Social 1
2 Rural Lore 1, Natural Sciences 2, Domestic Arts 1
3 Wilderness Survival 1, Stealth 1, Climbing 1, Endurance 1

Choose or roll
2D6 Location Skills
2 Subterranean Climbing 1, Stealth 1, Endurance 1, Lore 1
3 Jungle Survival 1, Climbing 1, Stealth 1, Natural Sciences 1
4 Wetlands Swimming 1, Natural Sciences 1, Lore 1, Survival 1
5 Plains Riding 1, Athletics 1, Pilot 1, Endurance 1
6 Highlands Natural Sciences 1, Climbing 1, Endurance 1, Lore 1
7 Forest Survival 1, Lore 1, Natural Sciences 1, Awareness 1
8 Lowlands Riding 1, Lore 1, Survival 1, Athletics 1
9 Coastal Swimming 1, Pilot: Sail 1, Language 1, Lore 1
10 Mountains Climbing 1, Athletics 1, Survival 1, Awareness 1
11 Desert Riding 1, Athletics 1, Endurance 1, Survival 1
12 Taiga Domestic Arts 1, Endurance 1, Survival 1, Pilot: Wheeled or Riding 1

Choose or roll
D36% Apprenticeship Skills
11 Crime (4 years) Thievery 1, Streetwise 1, Con 1, Intimidation 1
12 Trade (4 years) Bargain 1, Diagnostics 1, Education 1, Language 1
13 Domestic (4 years) Domestic Arts 2, Craft 1, Repair 1
14 Agriculture (4 years) Lore 1, Natural Sciences 1, Pilot: Wheeled 1, Domestic Arts 1
15 Arts (4 years) Dance 1, Play Instrument 1, Con 1, Performing Arts 1
16 Craft (4 years) Craft 2, Repair 1, Diagnostics 1
21 Athletic (4 years) Athletics 1, Endurance 1, Climbing 1, Swimming 1
22 Scholastic (6 years) Education 1, Literary Skills 1, Natural Sciences 1, Cultural Sciences 1
23 Seminary (6 years) Natural Sciences 1, Theoretical Sciences 1, Devotion 1, Language 1
24 Magic (6 years) Natural Sciences 1, Theoretical Sciences 1, Arcane Theory of choice 1, Language 1
25 Military (6 years Professional/ Professional & Noble Command 1, Riding 1, Cultural Sciences 1, Military Sciences 1
Noble, Freeman & Indentured Combat Skill: Soldier 1, Survival 1, Cultural Sciences 1, Missile
4 years Freeman/ Weapon or Black Powder 1
26 Forestry (4 years) Survival 2, Endurance 1, Stealth 1
31 Naval (Professional 6 years/Noble, Professional & Noble Command 1, Pilot: Sail 1, Cultural Sciences 1, Military Sciences 1
4 years Freeman/ Indentured) Freeman & Indentured Combat Skill: Swashbuckler 1, Pilot: Sail 1, Cultural Sciences 1, Black
Powder 1
32 Sailor (4 years) Repair 1, Pilot: Sail 1, Climbing 1, Language: Handspeak 1
33 Mercenary (4 years) Combat Skill: Soldier or Gladiator 1, Riding 1, Endurance 1, Bargain 1
34 Bureaucracy (4 years) Cultural Sciences 1, Law 1, Command 1, Social 1
35 Medical (4 years) Natural Sciences 1, Medicine 1, Domestic Arts 1, Survival or Diagnostics 1
36 Finance (4 years) Education 1, Law 1, Bargain 1, Social 1 or Streetwise 1

- OR -
Choose or roll
2D6 Apprenticeship (Tribal) Skills
2 Domestic Domestic Arts 2, Bargain 1, Social 1
3 Arts Dance 1, Play Instrument 1, Con 1, Performing Arts 1
4 Craft Craft 2, Repair 1, Diagnostics 1
5-6 Hunting Survival 1, Missile Weapons 1, Endurance 1, Stealth 1
7-8 Warfare Combat Skill: Rogue 1, Stealth 1, Missile Weapon 1, Athletics 1
9 Scout Survival 2, Endurance 1, Stealth 1
10 Athletic Athletics 1, Endurance 1, Climbing 1, Swimming 1
11 Shamanistic Natural Sciences 1, Lore 2, Arcane Theory or Devotion 1
12 Agriculture Lore 1, Natural Sciences 1, Pilot: Wheeled 1, Domestic Arts 1

Roll or GMs choice (Only roll if instructed by the Inheritance table)

1D6 Inheritance 1D6 Property
1 Make an additional roll on this table at +1 1 An old keep
2 Horse or other mount (type depends on social status and region) 2 A mill
3 1D6 x 20 geld 3 An inn or alehouse
4 1D6 x 50 geld 4 A family home
5 A fine or heirloom weapon (GM discretion) 5 1D6 acres of farmland
6 Property (Roll on PROPERTY table) 6 A boat (12 + 1D6 ft)

~ Skills ~ Additionally, no stat may be raised higher than the racial
Attribute Maximum, nor can it be raised more than 2 above its

ow that youve placed points in your characters Primary starting value.
and Derived Stats, its time to decide what your character
can do. All Arrowflight characters have special skills based
on their chosen occupation, and start with 30 additional skill points
Skill Specialization

to put wherever the player wishes, using the following guideline: any skills in Arrowflight are general in scope (such as
Awareness and Stealth), but some can be specialized
Place no more than 5 points into any individual skill; however, you further into a particular subset of a skill. Specialization is
can place up to 5 points into a skill that already has points in it good for boosting a few key skills beyond their starting limits, but
(from Lifeline skills), if you wish. comes at a cost as other interests fall by the wayside. Specialization is
completely optional, and works like this:
Improving Skills 1. Choose a Specialization for a particular skill and write it in

ach game session in which a character parentheses next to the skill listing. For instance,
participates will earn him some kind of Missile Weapon (Javelin).
experience. A good rule of thumb for 2. Every skill check falling under the
a single session (depending on elapsed game Chara cte r
specialization receives a +1 bonus to the base
time) is 10 character points. After the GM I mpro ve me nt Target Number.
has awarded the base points, he may decide 3. Every skill check falling under the skill
to award additional points to characters he New skill w/o teacher: 10
but outside the specialization suffers a 1 penalty
feels overcame an obstacle, solved a problem or New skill w/ teacher: 5 to the base Target Number.
achieved part of the characters personal quest. Raising skill w/o teacher:
An additional 1, 2, or 3 points are normal, Next level times itself
depending on the scale of obstacle or problem. Raising skill w/ teacher: Specialization Example:
Current level times itself Sophie wants her Soldier, Lara, to be adept at
New skills may be learned at a cost of 10 points the sling. She chooses the specialization Sling,
Raising specialtization:
for a rating of 1. The cost is halved if the character writing it in next to Missile Weapon, which
normal cost (rounding
has a teacher. down) is currently at 4. With AGL 4 and Missile
Raising stat: Weapon 4, her base Target Number would be
Existing skills may be improved using the 8. If she were to possess the Missile Weapon
Current level times 20
following rules: If the character has a teacher, skill skill alone, Lara would be able to use the sling,
(cannot exceed racial cap)
improvement costs the current skill level times combat net, bolas, sling spear, thrown spears
itself (i.e. raising a skill from 2 to 3 costs 4 points). Removing liabilities and
behavior tags: and knives equally well at a Target Number
Without a teacher the skill costs the next level of 8. However, since Sophie has chosen to
times itself (i.e. raising a skill from 2 to 3 costs 9 3x the value plus GM
approval specialize in Sling, Lara has forgotten a lot of
points). There are no caps on skill levels, but they her other training. Every time she fires her sling
obviously get more difficult to raise as they go Gaining an asset:
3x the value plus GM at an enemy, her Target Number is 9, but while
up. Remember that most combat skills also have trying to use any other missile weapon, the base
an additional cost. New spells and prayers may be approval.
Target Number decreases one point to 7.
learned at a cost of the difficulty x2. This cost is
halved if the character has a teacher.
Skill Listings
Liabilities or Behavior Tags may be removed at
3 times the value of the liability. This can only be
done with the approval of the GM, and generally
only occurs after an event occurs in the plot that
L ife in the Arrowflight world is broken up into
the following skill sets, and the character is
given a skill rating. The skill rating key is as
prompts such a loss. Similarly, though even more
rarely, a GM may allow a character to gain an 1 Beginner
advantage that they previously lacked. This costs 3 2 Hobbyist
times the value of the advantage. 3 Apprentice
4 Professional
Improving stats is cost-prohibitive, and should 5 Journeyman
only be used in the rarest circumstances, at the 6 Master
GMs discretion. Stats may be raised at a cost of 7 Hero
the current level x20 character points (example: 8+ Legend
raising a stat from 4 to 5 would cost 80 points, or
about eight sessions of play).
Agility (AGL) skills Unarmed Combat Skills

Athletics: The ability to engage in vigorous physical exercise in Brawling (0)

the form of solo and team sports. Optional specializations include A basic hand-to-hand fighting skill.
Tumbling, Acrobatics, Running, Wrestling, Batara (field hockey popular Dalahar (2)
in the northern kingdoms), etc. The Way of the Earth, a defensive style favored by monks and
Dance: Knowledge of and skill in various ethnic, popular, regional, mages.
folk, and social dances. Optional Specializations include Courtly Deyeushar (2)
Dance, Exhibition/Performance Dance, Folk Dance, Ritual Dance, etc. An undersea style focusing on utilizing a three-dimensional combat
Combat Skill: The world of Arrowflight is home to a wide variety field. See Island Nations for details.
of martial disciplines, from the standard military training of the Haushahar (2)
professional soldier to the mounted Cavalier style, to the complex The Way of the Wind, a flowing style focusing on sweeps.
eastern art of Shalekkhar, to the brutal Orc brawling style of
Senvata. A character will generally take one or two Combat Skills at Ratahar, Dwarf style (2)
most, although there is no prohibition on how many Combat Skills The Way of Battle, a blocky style suitable for armored soldiers.
a player may take. Just remember that a lopsided, combat-heavy Ratahar, Elf style (2)
character will not be of much use in the Dukes court or trying to The elven variant, a more active style focusing on spinning kicks
sail a ship to the Kainal Islands. and aerial strikes.

Armed Combat Skills Senvata (2)

The tribal Orc word for gut stomp, a
Assassin (3) brutal, violent brawling style.
The art of stealthy death-dealing.
Shalekkhar (3)
Barbarian (3) The Way of the Dragon, a devastating style
The style of intimidation and using strikes, kicks, and bites.
Tothahar (3)
Bharata (2) The Way of Death, a mystical style favored
An elite form of archery training. by assassins and spies.
Cavalier (3) Descriptions of the various Armed and
(Requires Riding 2+) Unarmed Combat Skills can be found
The art of mounted combat. in the Art of Combat section (page 34),
along with special bonus moves based
Gallant (2)
on the characters skill rating.
The flourish and stance of the
duelist. Missile Weapon: The skill required for
the use of short, long, and composite
Gladiator (2)
bow weapons, crossbows, slings,
Showmanship in combat.
thrown weapons, and other hand-held
Melee Weapon (0) ballistae for ranged combat. Optional
Skill in the use of everyday specializations include Longbow,
objects at hand for fighting Crossbow, Sling, Javelin (thrown), Dart,
purposes. Possible specializations Blade (thrown), Bolas, etc.
can include Broom, Tankard,
Riding: Proficiency in riding living
Pitchfork, Cooking Pot, etc.
mounts of all kinds. Optional
Rogue (1) specializations include Horse, Warhawk,
Common peasant style that incorporates staves and trick moves. Windlord, Montuhar, etc.
Sharpshooter (2) Pilot: Knowledge and skill in the function, operation, and
(under DEX) maintenance of any vehicle. You must choose a vehicle type:
Elite firearm training. Airship, Sail, Wheeled (Team), Wheeled (Engine), Fixed-Wing.
Note that aircraft piloting skills are relatively rare and should be
Soldier (1)
approved for use by the GM. If it is central to the character concept,
The requisite sword and shield style of all fighting characters (must
then the Lifeline should include the appropriate background
be learned in order to use heavier armor types).
environment. Optional specializations include Balloon, Caravel, Sloop,
Swashbuckler (1) Wagon, Galleon, Longship, Ornithopter, Chariot, Gyro, Steam-Cart,
A flamboyant style of generally single-handed weapon combat. Omnibus, etc.

Perception (PER) skills
Siege Weapon: The ability to construct and effectively fire large Awareness: General knowledge of the subjects own condition and
stationary and/or vehicle-mounted weapons. Optional specializations whereabouts, and the level of readiness to react to stimulus within
include Catapult, Trebuchet, Ballista, etc. The Black Powder skill is the general vicinity. It also is valuable when searching for lost or
required for use of Siege Cannon. hidden items.

Stealth: The ability to sneak, prowl, hide, and move without being Bargain: The ability to haggle or wrangle for favorable terms in
noticed. trade or politics.
Command: Use of the characters natural leadership qualities to
Dexterity (DEX) skills inspire allegiance and compliance in others. Note: if the character
has a military rank, then Military Rank may be taken as an optional
Black Powder: A relatively new and valued skill in the operation, specialization, increasing the Command skill within a military
firing, and maintenance of black powder weaponry. Includes the use structure (but decreasing it in relation to everyone else).
of Pistols, Muskets, Blunderbusses, and Grenades, as well as Siege
Con: The ability to lie or deceive through distraction, charisma, or
Cannons, any of which can be taken as an optional specialization.
affecting an amusing voice. Its also the skill to use when trying to
Craft: The ability to create and maintain works of both determine if your character is being conned.
functionality and aesthetic merit. Optional specializations include
Diagnostics: The skill of diagnosing a mechanical or technical
Tattoo, Clockwork, Woodwork, Metalwork (blacksmithing), Painting,
problem, and of gauging general quality of repair or workmanship.
Wheelwright, Shipwright, Sculpture, etc.
Gambling: Skill at games of chance, betting systems, cheating, and
Play Instrument: The ability to play one particular type of musical
general tricks of the trade. Gambling often goes hand in hand with
device. Play Instrument should be selected for each different
Con. Optional specializations include Cards, Dice, Ratbag, and even
instrument type: Horn, Wind, Stringed, Drum, etc. Optional
strategy boardgames like Kings (a chess-like game of Western nobility)
specializations include Lute, Clan Pipes, Wood Flute, Tribal Drum, etc.
and Shakuleh (the Kilmoorian game of coins). If you can put odds
Repair: A general ability to fix common items such as clothing, on it, it fits here.
tools, and basic structures. This skill is an excellent jury rig ability,
Performance: The ability to emote theatrically in front of an
but more professional results will be possible by taking specific Craft
audience. This skill covers acting, mime, puppetry, singing, and
speech/oratory skills. Optional specializations include any of the above.
Sleight of Hand: The ability to palm objects and deceive the eye
Seduction: The ability to use ones own sex appeal for romantic
with subtle motions. Often used as an aid to performance, this skill
conquest or other personal gain.
can also be useful to the criminal element.
Social: Knowledge of the social order and interaction with others
Thievery: Proficiency in the skills of pickpocketing, lockpicking,
within it, including proper protocol, and the ability to move within
forgery, forced entry, and other sneaky methods of crime. Optional
various social circles. Optional specializations include any nation or
specializations include Pickpocket, Lockpick, Forgery, Sabotage,
geographical region.
Burglary, etc.
Streetwise: Knowledge of urban areas and the denizens thereof,
Strength (STR) skills including any potential criminal element. Optional specializations
include any city or urban area.
Climbing: Skill in scaling walls, rocks, ropes, ladders, and other Survival: Skill in staying alive in wilderness areas, from tracking to
obstacles. snaring, locating food and water, and making shelter from available
Endurance: The level of resistance to physical hardship, such as materials. Optional specializations include Arctic, Desert, Aquatic,
food and water deprivation, weather exposure, or forced marches. Forest, Urban, etc.
Strength Feat: The ability to perform amazing tricks, like
bending steel bars or breaking a pewter mug over ones own head Intelligence (INT) skills
without flinching. The GM may assign a modifier based on how
Area Knowledge: Provides familiarity with a specific geographic
superhuman the feat being attempted actually is.
area, from small villages to entire provinces. The skill level directly
Swimming: Movement through water, usually without artificial corresponds with the size and scale of the territory, from home
assistance. Swimming is an activity that can be both useful villages to nearest large cities to provincial trade roads and even rural
and recreational. Its primary uses are bathing, cooling, fishing, landmarks and back roads. Characters must select the region covered by
recreation, exercise, and sport. Basic aquatic survival also is included this skill: the more general the region, the more general the knowledge.
in this skill. Swimming is only common in coastal, river, and lake
Cultural Sciences: Study of the mechanics of culture, its mores,
taboos, history, and customs. Optional specializations include History,
Heraldry, Diplomacy, Etiquette, Bureaucracy, etc.

Domestic Arts: Competence in a variety of day-to-day skills
such as sewing, cooking, housekeeping, and gardening. Optional
specializations include any of the above.
Education: A learned degree of scholarly knowledge, Education
indicates a higher level of schooling than is available to the general
populace. Some skills require a minimum Education. An Education
of 1 or greater indicates basic literacy in the characters native
language, as well as knowledge of rudimentary mathematics.
Language: It is assumed that a character is fluent in his native
language. This skill determines fluency in other languages. If
the character is literate (see Education), they are also literate in
the foreign language, provided the two languages use the same
alphabet. If they do not use the same alphabet, a Language rating
of 2 will provide literacy in that tongue. The specific language
must be selected; multiple languages may be taken as separate skills. Lore: Access to the common folk knowledge on a given subject or
Optional specializations can include regional dialects. creature. Optional specializations include Arcana, Undead, Dragons,
Akrindor (steppes of Nordia) Natural Remedies, Heroes and Legends, etc.

Ancient (everywhere) Medicine: At rating 1, the character can bind and/or cauterize
wounds, rendering basic battlefield aid. At 2, he can create poultices
Arcanian (Arcania, Zeah) and herbal remedies. At 3, he can set bones and stitch wounds. At
Djunn (Djunn Empire) 4, the character is fully qualified as a doctor. At 5+, the character is
skilled in difficult diagnosis and surgery. Requires Natural Sciences
Draconic (greater dragons, some giants, Niarite priests) 3+. With the addition of Education 3, the character can be licensed to
Dwarven (ethnic dwarves Nordia, Arcania, Kainal Islands, practice in most urban areas.
Seris, Dark Lands) Military Sciences: This skill covers the gamut of military theory,
Eastern (Bachra, Tolak, Harkilon, Kharhoun, Djunn Empire) tactics, deployments, drills, siege techniques, and battlefield strategy.
It gives a character the ability to plan an attack, as well as second-
Elven (ethnic/feral elves Nordia, Arcania, Kainal Islands, guess an opponent. The successful use of this skill should give the
Southern Wilds, Dark Lands) PC a bonus equal to his margin of success to the first actions of his
Empire (ethnic dwarves Raihar Empire, Dark Lands) maneuver/attack (see System, page 40). This skill is a must-have for
military officers and party leaders with battlefield experience.
Faerie (ethnic faeries, earthfolk and sub-species thereof )
Natural Sciences: Study of the natural order and the workings of
Giant (giants, some greater dragons) the physical world. Natural Sciences is a prerequisite for both
Giant-kin (ethnic/feral trolls, ogres, orcs, gorgons, centaurs) Arcane Theory and Medicine. Optional specializations include
Astronomy, Zoology, Botany, Alchemy, Physics, Animal Husbandry,
Goblin (ethnic/feral goblins) Brewing/Distilling, etc.
Handspeak (everywhere, common among sailors and merchants) Theoretical Sciences: The invisible counterpart to Natural
Islander (Kainal Islands, Arcania, Southern Wilds) Sciences. Includes Astrology, Philosophy, Theology, Geomancy, and
Arcana. Theoretical Sciences is a prerequisite for both Arcane
Kilmoorian (Kilmoor, Kharhoun) Theory and Devotion.
Orrindan (Zeah)
Solander (Southern Wilds, Dark Lands, Luria, Raihar Empire) Willpower (WIL) skills
Western (Corvel, Seris, Bachra, Akrindor, Tolak, Kainal Islands) Cool: The ability to control ones base impulses and project an
air of confidence. Denotes self-control, self-assurance, and mental
Law: Knowledge of existing law, the legal system and proper
procedures. Requires Education 3+ for Law to be pursued in a Intimidation: Inspiring fear or compliance in another through
professional environment. Optional specializations include Trade, aggressive speech or demeanor.
Criminal, Arts, Arcane, Civil, etc.
Resist: Mental defense against the psychological effects of drugs,
Literary Arts: The ability to write correspondence, compose sleep deprivation, magic, fear or torture. See Fear (page 42) for
text or verse in an accomplished style. Also includes an aesthetic more.
appreciation of literature and various authors throughout history.
Requires Literacy. Optional specializations include Poetry, Fiction,
Biography, History, Essay, etc.
MANA Skills Common Prayer: A skill for the devoted layman, Common Prayer
Arcane Theory: The art and science of using the Web of Life to is much like the Folk Magic skill, allowing access to low-powered,
bend the natural order to the casters will. Requires Natural and simple prayers. No Common Prayer has a DIFF greater than 1,
Theoretical Sciences 1 or greater. A magic-using character will have although new prayers may not be created by the user, it does not
at least one Arcane Theory skill, selecting from the various magic require the Devotion skill.
disciplines. Choose from the following: Devotion: The trained discipline of using ones own SPIRIT to ask
Alchemy the divine realm for material intervention. The higher the Devotion
The distillation of magic into a physical form. skill, the more likely the priests invocations are answered without
Requires other magical theory for effects. mishap. Priests choose a specific deity from a given pantheon,
restricting designed prayers to the virtues associated with the deity
Combat (Healing, Protection, Communion and Wrath). More on Priestly
The theory of offensive and defensive effects. Virtues on page 84. Also see Designing and Purchasing Spells (and
Divination prayers) on page 56.
The acquisition and use of extra-sensory knowledge.
Elemental Final Note on Skill Selection

The ability to manipulate elemental forces. f, for some reason, you dont find a skill or specialization listed
here that you really want your character to have, by all means
consult with the GM and write it in.

~ Personality ~
hile the player makes up most of a characters psychology
on the spot, there are a few quantifiable aspects to the
characters personality that can serve as reminders and
clues to the player. While the purpose these details serve is mostly in
Enchantment the realm of depth and dimension, they also serve to balance out the
Instilling objects or people with magical properties. Requires other character in a numerical manner. There are three categories in the
arcane theory for effects. Personality section of the character sheet. These are Assets, Liabilities,
Glamours and Behavior Tags.
Faeries and earthfolk only; does not require Natural or
Theoretical Sciences. Assets are benefits the character possesses. They can be purely
psychological or material (which still act as a psychological benefit).
Healing Each Asset has a point cost associated with it, based on how
The theory of tissue reconstruction and purification. beneficial it is to the character. Assets must be purchased with points
Illusion gained from taking Liabilities or Behavior Tags.
The theory of artificial manifestation.
Liabilities are aspects of the character that tend to hamper his
Necromancy progress in life. They can be internal or environmental in nature.
Reanimation of dead tissue and communing with the dead. Each Liability has a point benefit associated with it, based on how
Primal detrimental it is to the character. Taking Liabilities allows the player
The theory of manipulating and communing with the natural to buy Assets, or add points to skills. Just remember that no skill can
world. start higher than 5. Also remember that the characters personality
must be roleplayed. Dont create a character so flawed that he
Runecraft becomes fundamentally unplayable. If your fellow players cant
Magical Permanence. stand your character, he may find an arrow mysteriously through his
Requires Craft 3 or greater. windpipe. Totally on accident, of course.
The theory of summoning and binding the natural and Behavior Tags are little quirks the character displays, from cracking
supernatural to service. knuckles to going all twitchy when things get tough. Each Behavior
Tag is worth 1 point toward Assets or rounding out skills. Again,
Folk Magic: This is a non-academic school of common, low- players should use caution to make sure the character is playable.
powered magic passed on from generation to generation. No Folk
Magic spell has a DIFF greater than 1, and although new spells may NOTE: Any points from Liabilities or Behavior Tags left over after purchasing
not be created by the user, it does not have the prerequisites of other any Assets may be spent on skills at a 1-to-1 ratio, as though the character
had the extra skill points. At GMs discretion, assets may be taken from the
arcane theories. characters starting skill pool without purchasing liabilities or behavior tags.
Large (1-3): The character is large for his species; not just taller, but
Acute Sense (1-3): The character has an extremely heightened broader and thicker as well. He gains +1 per point cost of the Asset
sense. Choose one of the five senses: Hearing (2), Smell (2), Sight to SHRUG, making him more durable than others of his species.
(3), Touch (2), or Taste (1). The character receives a +2 bonus to the
Target Number of any Awareness checks when applied to the chosen Linguist (2): The character is naturally fluent in picking up new
sense. You may purchase more than one Acute Sense separately. languages. He suffers half the normal penalty for picking out a
dialect from the base language, rounding down. Learning new
Ambidexterity (3): The character can use either hand with equal languages costs half the normal cost, rounding up.
proficiency. This effectively negates any off-hand skill penalty.
Luck (1-2): During the course of an adventure, the character may
Animal Kinship (1): This character has a way with animals; they roll 1D6 and add it to the characters skill or attribute for a single
tend to like him. This is not a supernatural ability, and trained roll. This can be used either once a session (1) or twice (2).
attack animals will still attack, but the character gains +2 PER on all
rolls dealing with animals. Marksmanship (1-3): The character has a knack for hitting a target
at range. Gains +1 per point cost of the Asset to AGL or DEX when
Blessing (1-4): The character has been blessed by a deity or using any sort of thrown or ranged weapon.
possesses some unusual magical ability. The more powerful the
blessing, the greater the cost. The GM has final authority on Material Wealth (1-3): The character has property, money, or fine
whether a blessing is appropriate or not. Examples include the goods stored away for a rainy day. There is no hard and fast scale of
ability to sense the direction of water (1), the ability to require no riches; everything should be proportionate within the group and the
food save Rais light (2), the ability to breathe underwater (3), or the adventure. Consult with the GM for the wealth appropriate to the
gift of wings and flight (4). games scope.

Charisma (2): The character oozes self-confidence and sexual Mount (1-4): Your character has either raised and trained a mount,
magnetism. Add +2 to all Bargain, Con, Performance, Seduction, or inherited or purchased one. The mount may be one of many
and Social Target Numbers when performing a skill check. species, such as a donkey, ox or mule (1), a horse (2), a montuhar
or oodong (3), or a pegasus, warhawk, windlord, or gryphon (4).
Courage (3): The character knows no fear. He passes any normal All these beasts are quite valuable, however, and may be targeted by
Resist check for fear, terror, or encountering horrific creatures, thieves or enemy combatants. Social status may also affect what sort
unless double sixes are rolled, in which case hell immediately gain of animal is available as a mount. The GM has final authority on
an insanity (see Insanity Table, page 42) and run away from the whether a mount is appropriate.
source of the fear.
Network (2): The character has access to cash, matriel and/or
Direction (1): The character always has a bearing on his current personnel via an interconnected web of associates. The network can
direction. Also adds +1 to Area Knowledge skill checks. be family, guild, or simply connections made through bribery or
Double-Jointed (1-3): The character can pop joints out of place intimidation. When the GM determines the availability of certain
and contort for the purposes of escape or amusement. Choose the items, this Asset should weigh heavily into the equation.
level of ability: Fingers and Hands (1), Arms and Legs (2), or Spine Perfect Memory (2): The character has an exceptionally good
(3). The rating of this Asset may be added memory, able to recall details with absolute
to any checks involving escaping bonds or clarity. He gains +2 to all INT rolls involving
tight spaces, where applicable. recall of knowledge, and you may ask the GM
Immunity (3): The character is immune for details of past events which you as a player
to a specific disease, or to the effects may have forgotten.
of a specific toxin or drug. No Resist Property (1-4): The character owns land that
checks need be made when encountering is his own, and not held by his family or his
toxins of the specific type. It may be Red noble. The sort of land varies based on the
Plague, giving the player an edge characters social status. It may be a personal
during epidemics; it may be alcohol, dwelling (1), a place of business (2), a large
meaning the character can hold his estate or farm (3), or even a keep (4). The GM
ale well; or it may be a hazardous has final authority on whether the property is
chemical, such as nightshade or appropriate.
bloodmold. It can even be spoiled
food, allowing the character to survive Quick (1-3): The character is exceptionally fast,
on sustenance that would make others with lightning reflexes. Each point spent on
of his race ill. Quick (up to 3) provides +1 to the characters
Target Number for Initiative checks. This will
Insight (1): The character has a mind for help him act faster and perhaps even more
solving problems of all sorts. The character often during combat situations.
should be privy to inside information
regarding intricate problem-solving at the
GMs discretion.
Unusual Talent (1-3): Perhaps the character is an accomplished
Rank (1-3): The character holds some level of command rank in
impressionist, or can guzzle a quart of Kilmoorian rum and remain
the accepted authority structure. 1 point would indicate a minor
upright. The more valuable the talent, the more it costs. For
officer or clan leader, 2 points would indicate a mid-level officer or
instance, the ability of the character to hang upside down and hit a
clan chief, while 3 points might denote a high-level officer or high
bullseye with a throwing blade is a fairly useful talent and therefore
chieftain. Rank should be appropriate to the scope of the game, and
would cost 3 points. The ability to play apple-spear without losing
is at the GMs discretion.
a single chunk, while impressive, is nonetheless almost completely
Rational (2): A character possessed with Rational thought has useless in the scope of an adventure, and therefore would be in the
a better than average chance of stopping himself from making area of 1 point. Use common sense and consult with your GM.
a dangerous, humiliating, or stupid mistake. Each time the
Vehicle (1-4): Your character has a vehicle of some sort at his
character is about to be placed in danger due to the players own
disposal. It may be personal, such as a goat cart, a two-man sailboat,
thoughtlessness, the GM should warn the player of the potential
or a one-man airship, or it may be much larger and spacious. The
characters social status and location in the world may affect what
Reputation (1-3): The character is known for his deeds within sort of vehicle is available. If it is a cart, there is an animal to pull it
an area appropriate to the level taken. 1 indicates a single city available (though it is not well trained as a mount). The larger and
or otherwise local area, while 2 indicates an entire region, and 3 more useful the vehicle, the higher the point cost. A goat cart would
indicates world renown. Usually the level of the Asset is added to be 1, while a war galleon or a cargo airship would be 4. The GM has
the Target Number of appropriate skill checks, such as Intimidation, final authority on whether a vehicle is appropriate or not.
Con, or Perform. Other bonuses are at the GMs discretion.
Savings (2-3): The character has stashed away a large amount of Liabilities
money. He will start with either twice his normal starting money (2)
or triple his normal starting money (3). Addiction (+1 to +3): The character can have a dependency ranging
from the mild (caffeine, chocolate) to the severe (Kilmoorian spice,
Special Weapon (1-5): One of your characters weapons (purchased alcohol). The degree of addiction purchased becomes the penalty to
with normal funds) is special in some manner. It may just be well the Target Number of any Skill Checks attempted while without the
made, providing a +1 to DB (1); it may be exceptionally well- chosen substance. Withdrawal occurs at different times for different
made, providing a +2 to DB or a +1 WA (2); it may be dragonbone addictions, so common sense and GM discretion is essential here.
(3), it may possess some magical effect (4); or it may be runic
(5). Remember that dragonbone and magic weapons are very Allergy (+1 to +3): The character is poorly affected by a certain
uncommon, and rune weapons are extremely rare. The GM has substance. He may be a lightweight drinker, or he may be unable to
final authority on whether a weapon is appropriate or not, and may tolerate certain flowers in bloom. If it is a substance that normally
completely refuse any dragonbone, magic, or runic weapons. has an effect (such as alcohol), the character suffers a penalty of -2 to
all Endurance or Resist checks associated with the allergen. If it is a
Stoicism (1-3): The character possesses a toughness and resilience to substance that does not normally cause others issues (such as pollen
physical trauma. Each point spent on Stoicism (up to 3, maximum) or animal fur), the character will suffer a -1 penalty to all skills while
increases the characters SAVE by 1. This will help keep him exposed to the substance. The commonality of the substance affects
conscious and upright when wounded. the point benefit; it may be rare, such as a Kilmoorian spice (+1);
Tinker (2): The character has an affinity for jury rigging, taking moderately common, such as alcohol (+2); or extremely common,
things apart, and putting them back together again. This Asset does such as animal fur (+3).
not necessarily mean the character has any true technical ability, Age (special): The character is past his prime, and the young bucks
but whenever he fixes something, the object tends to eke out a can smell it. For every 10 years of actual chronological age beyond
few more miles or minutes of operation. If a character with this 30, the character must reduce any one Stat by 1 point. For every
Asset fixes a broken piece of equipment or mechanical apparatus, it point taken from a Stat, the character gains 3 points to assign to
will work at 50% efficiency for 2D6 minutes before breaking down skills or toward purchasing Assets.
again. For a weapon, that means it only does half its WR at half its
range, a vehicle goes half as fast with half its maneuverability, and Bad Luck (+2): If it werent for his bad luck, the character wouldnt
so on. This Asset adds +1 to the target number (TN) of applicable have any luck at all. Characters with this unfortunate Liability can
Repair checks. have something go wrong during the course of the game, subject
to the whim of the GM. Of course, it is considered bad form for
Unshakable Code (3): Not only does your character have a code of the GM to abuse this in a way that would result in PC death or
honor that he lives by; he is uplifted and encouraged when keeping permanent injury.
to his code. The character gains a +1 to all Target Numbers that
directly deal with keeping up his code, at the GMs discretion. These Bad Sense (+1 to +3): The character is hampered by a deficient
benefits are only appropriate in specific occasions; for example, one sense. It can range from a ravaged palette (+1), to a missing eye or
who has a code involving the defense of innocents may gain the deafness (+2), to total blindness (+3). Choose one of the five senses:
bonus to rolls involving parrying strikes directed at another target, Hearing (+2), Smell (+2), Sight (+3), Touch (+2), or Taste (+1). Use
but not for counterattack rolls. common sensea character with keen eyesight isnt going to have a
sight deficiency as well.

Bloodlust (+1): A character with this liability is a merciless, Impulsiveness (+2): The character prefers action over talk and will
coldblooded killer who wants nothing more than to see his frequently act first and think later. This can be especially dangerous
opponent dead. The character will never try to subdue his opponent during combat or when trying to avoid detection.
nor spare his life if he can otherwise get away with murder. Intolerance (+1 to +3): The character will not put up with
Cowardice (+2): The character jumps at his own shadow, faints something or some type of person, from sediment in his wine (+1)
at the sight of blood, or flees in abject terror at the sight of a to Kilmoorian culture (+2), to elves, humans, orcs, or another race
horse (no Fear Check needed). The character will avoid combative (+3).
or dangerous situations at all costs (both to himself and his Madness (+1 to +3): The character is not entirely right in the head.
compatriots). The GM should be realistic here; you cant have an The severity of the madness affects the point benefit. This may range
entire group full of cowards and run an interesting adventurenot from a compulsion to talk to oneself (+1), occasional hallucinations
with everyone hiding behind the bar until the danger passes. (+2), or even multiple personalities (+3).
Cursed (+1 to +4): Your character has some sort of magical curse Missing Limb (+1 to +4): The character is missing a chunk of his
that has been placed on him. Perhaps he is unable to consume any body that makes certain things difficult to do. It can be as small
meat (+1), he is magically twice as heavy as he should be (+2), he as a finger (+1), a hand (+2), mid-sized as an arm (+3) or as large
is haunted by ghosts (+3), or he is unable to ever go indoors (+4). as a leg (+4). Loss of a finger or hand reduces all DEX based Skill
Whatever the curse, the point benefit is based on how invasive this Checks by 1 or 2, respectively (for skills requiring the use of two
curse is to his life. hands). Characters missing arms or legs take
Delusion (+1 to +3): The character a 2 penalty to all AGL based skill checks.
carries a mistaken impression of his Please note that prosthetic or clockwork
own talents and abilities, or those of his replacements are not necessarily common
friends. Point benefit is based on the and are often inferior to their biological
severity of the delusion. It can range counterparts.
from the character believing he channels Moral Restriction (+1 to +3): The
St. Thorne (+1), to considering himself character has a prohibition on certain
the reincarnation of Rellian (+2), behavior. It can be as mild as not drinking
to believing he is indestructible and (+1), to a more moderate not causing
godlike, putting himself (and his party) harm to others (+2), to the extreme will
in plenty of danger (+3). not under any circumstances go into
Enemy (+1 to +3): At some point in battle without my lucky tunic (+3). If
the characters past, he has acquired the character ever engages in the restricted
the enmity of a rival, be it a noble, a behavior, he becomes flooded with self-
criminal, a slighted lover, etc. A minor doubt and uses the level of the restriction
enemy with minimal resources to as a Target Number penalty for any skill
hamper a character is worth 1 point. An checks until the situation is resolved and the
enemy with moderate resources and the restriction is back in place.
ability to harm the character is worth 2 Obesity (+1 to +3): The character is
points. An enemy or organization with overweight. Size ranges from slightly pudgy
considerable resources and the ability to (+1) to obese (+3). The points benefit also
kill the character is worth 3 points. is subtracted from the characters movement
Fanaticism (+1 to +3): The character in meters, as well as any Endurance checks.
harbors rabid feelings and opinions about some specific topic, Obsession/Compulsion (+1 to +3): The character must engage
and is not afraid to share them with everyone whenever possible. in a certain behavior to function normally. The points benefit is
It can range from a harmless belief in equal rights for orcs (+1), directly proportionate to how invasive the behavior is. It can be a
to support of a celebrity, guild leader, or athlete (+2), to a fervent mild compulsion to brush after every meal (+1), an obsession with
and unwavering devotion to the Cult of Tothas (+3). The more Djunn culture (+2), or compulsive lying (+3).
obnoxious and intrusive the issue, the greater the points benefit.
Phobia (+1 to +3): Almost everyone has a mild phobia, from fear
Frail (+1 to +3): The character is very frail, and he does not take of heights (acrophobia), to fear of others (xenophobia), to fear of
damage well. Each point of this Liability (up to 3) reduces the enclosed spaces (claustrophobia), to fear of spiders (arachnophobia).
characters SHRUG by 1 (Note: SHRUG may not be lower than 1). Choose one for each selection of this Liability and assign it a point
Gullibility (+2): The characters default behavior is to believe what benefit based on how invasive and severe the fear is.
hes told by the other characters, no matter how foolish it sounds. Rude (+2): This character has failed to learn many, if any, social
In addition, hes easily tricked into believing any initial impression niceties. He may make inappropriate comments, blather on about
or visual image. The character must make a successful Con check nothing in particular, and generally make a nuisance of himself. He
to determine if hes being duped, and is at 2 to any opposed Con suffers a -2 penalty to all Social checks.
checks when trying to avoid being fooled.

Low Self-Esteem: This character has a low opinion of himself.
Small (+1 to +3): The character is either shorter or more slender He constantly berates his abilities and tends to focus on his bad
than average for his species. Select the point benefit based on the qualities.
severity of the characters underweight status. The points benefit also
is used as a penalty to the Target Number of any SAVE checks. Nervous Tic: This trait manifests itself whenever the character
comes under stress (and sometimes for no apparent reason
Speech Impediment (+1 or +2): The character has problems whatsoever). It is an unconscious, automatic muscle spasm in a
communicating on one of two levels: Hes either possessed of a visible part of the head or neck, like a twitchy eye, wiggly forehead
small but noticeable slur, lisp, or strange inflection (+1), or is almost vein, etc.
completely unintelligible (+2), due to injury, curse or the like.
Remember, things like Speech Impediments must be roleplayed. Optimism: No matter how dire the circumstances, a character
possessed of this trait will always become a cheerleader for the
Ugly (+1 to +2): The character is hideous by the standards of their party (Onward, men! We can win this one, men! Were only
race. Perhaps it is due to a large bloodshot eye, a birth deformity, a outnumbered 10-to-one, men!).
terrible scar, a bad case of warts, or a pungent odor. Whatever the
case, your character suffers a -1 or -2 Pedagogue: This character wants to
penalty (depending on the level of the teach others constantly. It may be a
liability) to PER on Seduction and case of showing others new ways of
Social rolls, as well as to other rolls accomplishing tasks, or it might be a
involving the characters appearance. matter of being sure that his way is better
than any other. The character may be
inflexible and certain of his ways, or
Behavior Tags willing to accept alternatives, but he is
All Behavior Tags have a point bonus of driven by helping others gain insight.
+1 and should be roleplayed as much as
Pet Peeve: Something small and stupid
is appropriate at the gaming table.
really gets the characters hackles up.
Argumentative: A character with It can be any one thing, from another
this behavior tag constantly gets into characters Fidgeting, to someone elses
arguments with other people. The Optimism. More than one Pet Peeve
argument has become a game to the may be taken. Just remember not to
character, a strategic test of wills, and take so many that the character ends up
the character always seeks to win such taking his own life the first time his party
contests. members start singing Serisian folk tunes.
Center of Attention: The character Petty: The character is preoccupied
always has to be the center of attention with social trends, gossip, flaws in
and will quickly grow despondent and craftsmanship or other minutia. Players
feel rejected if this is not the case. may choose one specific focus of the
pettiness, or may play the character as
Competitive: The character always
generally petty.
feels in competition with friends,
family, and strangers. Its almost impossible for the character to back Procrastination: A character with this behavior tag finds it hard to
down from a challenge, and he makes for a very poor loser. complete tasks or even to start them in the first place.
Cynicism: No matter how good the circumstances, the cynical Ritual: The character has something that has become a daily habit,
character will always be able to find the black cloud to the silver and must be done in proper order, with proper timing. Whether
lining (Thatll never work. Were doomed. Were as dead as Dwarf the Ritual consists of always has a swig of rum before bed, or
pudding.). always has a wipe-down before putting on armor, the character
will begin to get surly if it is ever postponed or interrupted.
Driven: The character has a task that they have set for themselves,
and nothing will stop them from pursuing it for very long. This Self-Conversation: The character talks to himself. Whether this is
goal could be reachable (I will free myself from my servitude) or it out of habit or he actually believes its the only way to be assured
might be impossible to achieve (I will rid the world of evil). of intelligent conversation, the character can often be found
muttering to himself as he goes about everyday tasks.
Fallback: Someone with this behavior tag is a planner. He must
always devise a backup plan for every situation he finds himself in. Superstition: Whether its an old one (crossing fingers, salt over
This applies to everything from combat to romance. the shoulder, not walking under a ladder) or one based on a
personal object (lucky ring, lucky coin), the character will always
Fidgeting: The character is constantly moving some part of his body
go out of his way to adhere to the superstition. If he is unable
in a harmless, yet potentially distracting manner. From cracking
to, the character begins to doubt his abilities and the GM can
knuckles to hand wringing, to leg vibrating, nose-picking, bouncing
randomly make the player re-roll a successful skill check.
on tiptoes, chin-rubbing, or tapping a fingernail on a pewter mug.

~ Quick Start Templates ~
o aid new players in the creation of their characters,
included are a few basic occupational templates. The
backgrounds and skills are only suggestions, but may help
guide players and GMs as they visualize a given character concept.

~ Comb at Mage ~

student of the mystical arts since childhood, you
saw a practical use for your talent on the battlefield
rather than in the halls of academia. Armed with the
grimoire for your school and your own determination, you
are a force to be reckoned with, on the field and off. Your
spells tend to be simple, easy to cast, yet often devastating to
the enemy. Although your search for knowledge is constant,
you see little use in locking yourself away in a laboratory
for months on end when there are battles to fight, riches to
be won, and glory to be
claimed. You tend toward
passion and impatience,
yet respect the natural
and feudal order. You are
possibly a fatalist as well,
knowing those in your line
of work do not last forever
~ A rche r ~
and are most often the first

rom the moment you picked up your first ash short bow
to be targeted by enemy and shot an apple from a branch at 50 paces, youve
troops. known the bow, in all its forms, was your calling. Well
AGL Skills trained with an assortment of bows, you are also competent
Combat Skill: Soldier fletching your own arrows or bolts. You may be an archer or
Athletics crossbowman in the army, or perhaps a freelance shooter. You
Stealth may make your living in professional competition, or you
DEX Skills may have a wilderness background and hunt elusive game.
Craft Whatever your specific occupation, you find the comforting
INT Skills grip of a notched arrow and the tense creaking of the
Education bowstring to be a bliss like no otherexcept for perhaps the
Language: Ancient moment your arrow split Wilhelms former bullseye.
Lore AGL Skills
Natural Sciences Athletics
Theoretical Sciences Melee Weapon
PER Skills Missile Weapon (or Bharata)
Awareness DEX Skills
WIL Skills Craft (Fletching)
Resist Repair
MANA Skills INT Skills
Arcane Theory: Combat Cultural Sciences
PER Skills
STR Skills

~ Ch ap l a in ~ ~ C u t pu rs e ~

ou may have come from a wealthy family with servants,

thers guide their flock from within temple walls, or horses, and a thriving textile business. And goblins are
chant prayers from wooded glens. Each servant of friendly. Truth be told (and it isnt often), you grew
ones deity has his calling, and yours was to lead and up on the streets, working the crowds, slicing purses from
guide soldiers on the field of righteous battle. Within your belts, and clasping the shiny coins even as you slept. You may
armored shell burns a devoted spirit and passionate heart, and have had an obligation to a syndicate, or you may work your
as you confront each, you are consoled in the knowledge that, territory alone. In either case, you are beginning to make a
although you may be taken from the world at any instant, you name for yourself as a competent thief and con artist, and
will have fought for your god, and will finally look upon its have accumulated a modest nest egg. One of these days, an
face. Chanting prayers of courage and blessing your warriors opportunity will present itselfan opportunity to go after the
before the battle, you fight with a will of steel, your fearlessness most challenging treasure of all time. And when it does, youll
an inspiration for the devoted soldiers in your care. What be ready for the challenge. Theyre setting up the market; looks
soldier who has faced death can like a good-sized crowd. There are even some well-dressed
truly say he has no faith? nobles with very heavy purses mulling about. Its time to go to
AGL Skills
Combat Skill: Soldier AGL Skills
INT Skills Combat Skill:
Cultural Sciences Rogue
Education Stealth
Language: Ancient DEX Skills
Military Sciences Thievery
Theoretical Sciences INT Skills
PER Skills Cultural Sciences
Awareness Diagnostics
Command PER Skills
SPIRIT Skills Awareness
Common Prayer Con
Devotion Streetwise

~ S ol d ier ~ AGL Skills

Combat Skill: Soldier

rom the day you survived your first battle, Athletics
you knew youd make soldiering your Brawling
occupation. From the rush in your guts to Missile Weapon
the coppery smell of bloodied steel, everything DEX Skills
about the life appeals to you. Perhaps you march Repair
in your nations army, where the pay is not great, INT Skills
but the conditions are good. Or perhaps you fell Cultural Sciences
in with a mercenary clan, where you sleep in the Diagnostics
dirt and eat questionable food, but the shares of PER Skills
pay and plunder are far better. Either way, your life Awareness
is stagnant unless it is in conflict, be it a pub brawl Command
or repelling a foreign invasion. And when the STR Skills
trumpets call ranks, you are always the first there, Climbing
armor waxed, sword oiled, and ready to taste the Endurance
enemys blood.

AGL Skills
~ S co u t ~ Athletics
Combat Skill of choice

ou find no solace in the cities, no comfort Missile Weapon
among crowds. Your domain is the open Stealth
countryside, your comrades the wild beasts DEX Skills
of the forests. You know your homelands like the Repair
back of your hand, know the best routes to avoid INT Skills
brigands and tolls, and you are willing to sell your Natural Sciences
services as a guide, huntsman, or military scout. Lore
Some of your kind earn a tidy living as gamekeepers PER Skills
for the knights and barons of the province, but Awareness
the constant pull of the trail and the thrill of travel Survival
keeps you from getting tied down to any one place STR Skills
for long. Climbing

~ P i rate ~

rom an early age, you plowed the seas and river
shipping lanes of your land, making your fortune from
that of others. You may have captured a ship of your
own, or you may be content to kill on the orders of another.
One day youre wealthy beyond imagining, the next finds you
destitute, your head bruised, your money stolen or gambled
away. But there is one constantthe roll of the sea beneath
~ Mu sketeer ~ wooden planks. Another sail has been sighted, perhaps from
that of a fat merchant ship. This could be the one. Maybe

ince the Kings Musketeers were issued new flintlocks and this time youll hang on to your share long enough to sign
you got to trade in the old Misfiring Mary matchlocks, the Barons offer of amnesty, buy a scrap of land, and retire.
youve been a lot more certain of your career choice. No But youd miss the kiss of salt air on your face and the
longer viewed with disdain by noble knights and cavaliers, a coppery smell of a deck
Kings Musketeer now cuts a dashing figure as a well-trained, awash in blood.
disciplined soldier. Oftentimes, a small squad of muskets can
AGL Skills
easily turn the tide of battle, with most sharpshooters able
Combat Skill:
to snap off three shots every minute! Although youve been
trained thoroughly in all aspects of black powder weapons, the
musket is the choice of your vocation.
Pilot: Sail
AGL Skills DEX Skills
Combat Skill: Soldier Black Powder
DEX Skills Repair
Black Powder INT Skills
Combat Skill: Sharpshooter Natural Sciences
Repair Lore
INT Skills Survival
Diagnostics PER Skills
Education Awareness
Law Con
PER Skills Gambling
Awareness STR Skills
Social Climbing
STR Skills WIL Skills
Endurance Intimidation

~ Fin an cier ~
~ Tri ba l W arri o r ~
ou have money, its true. But its not enough to live
off of for the rest of your life. You are planning for

the long-term, and you know that to make money, onor. Duty. The Way of your people. These are
you must spend money. But now you have heard of a the most important things to you. You are a proud
band of people seeking to hunt a dragon. Its foolish. They warrior of your kind, and when you are in these
wont make itat least, not without your help. You will strange lands, you will represent your tribe accordingly. You
pay for their expedition, travel with them, and take a share will behave as a warrior always shouldwith dignity, with
of the dragons horde. Certainly, its dangerous, but what honor, and with fury when necessary. These lands and these
investment isnt? people are strange, and they think themselves civilized, but
with time, they will see truly enlightened culture in your
AGL Skills behavior. And those who are your enemies will learn what it
Riding means to cross a warrior of your tribe.
INT Skills
Cultural Sciences AGL Skills
Law Combat Skill of
Language choice
Lore Stealth
PER Skills INT Skills
Bargain Natural Sciences
Command PER Skills
Gambling Awareness
Social Survival
Streetwise STR Skills
DEX Skills Climbing
Thievery Endurance
Swimming (if
WIL Skills

AGL Skills
~ Mo n k ~ Combat Skill: Dalahar
INT Skills

our path is that of the traveling holy man. Domestic Arts
To do your sacred duty, you travel the realm, Education
acting as a teacher and a guide toward Language
spiritual matters. You advise any who come to you Lore
seeking knowledge, from the poorest peasant to the Medicine
richest noble, and offer training to those patient Natural Sciences
enough to accept it. You spread the word of your Theoretical Sciences
faith from region to region, always on the move, PER Skills
and always on a limited budget, relying on the Diagnostics
kindness of strangers to keep your belly full and Survival
your body warm. STR Skills
Common Prayer

~ Ca va lier ~
AGL Skills

ome call your mount just an animal, but to Combat Skill: Soldier
you, he is much more. He is a partner, with Combat Skill: Cavalier
a connection almost as deep as that of any Riding
mages familiar. You rely on each other; you care for INT Skills
him while he brings you where you must go, and Military Sciences
once on the field of battle, you act as one being, PER Skills
fighting as a single entity. He is your colleague, and Awareness
your best friend, and though you make your money Command
through combat, you will never allow him to come STR Skills
to harm. With a loyalty forged in blood, it is not Endurance
surprising that you bristle when others mistakenly WIL Skills
call your partner a simple beast, but you know Intimidation

~ P i s t oli e r ~
In the age of politics,
warfare and intrigue,
someone well trained in the
most modern weaponry can
find himself indispensable AGL Skills
to a community or crown, Combat Skill: Soldier
and handsomely paid for Combat Skill: Cavalier
his service. Pistoliers can Riding
often be found among the DEX Skills
elite guard of a monarch, Black Powder
or as constables policing Combat Skill: Sharpshooter
the Kings highways. They INT Skills
are usually pulled from the Military Sciences
ranks of the military and PER Skills
may sometimes take to the Awareness
battlefield on horseback, Command
making up small but WIL Skills
effective skirmisher units. Intimidation
Fearless and skilled fighters,
pistoliers cut an elegant
and commanding figure no
matter where their travels
take them.

code of honor that every knight must swear obedience to before
~ The Art of Combat ~ being knighted within those nations, and it governs just about every
citizens conduct.
The Code consists of the following moral laws:

peakers of the Ancient tongue refer to any martial discipline
as dmakrata, literally the making of battle. This section is
1. Swear fealty to your lord, the Throne, and the Crown of
dedicated to those players who wish to study the fighting arts.
thy nation.
The world of Arrowflight is a martial one, with many schools and
2. Conduct thyself with honor, truth, and grace, making thy
styles, very much like magic. In fact, some would argue that fighting
life an example to which ordinary citizens may aspire.
is itself an arcane study. Here, youll find quite a bit of detail about
3. Demonstrate charity to the Church and to the poor.
the variations and styles of warfare. This detailed system should be
4. Seek out and destroy evil and strife wherever you may find
simple to grasp by both new and veteran players alike.
5. Treat all people, even thine enemies, with honor and
Fighter Folk respect.

irst, let us talk about soldiers, knights, paladins, and guards: 6. Respect, honor, and protect women and children.
the armored fighting men and women of Arrowflight. If we 7. Treat any who wear the metal shell as thine equals.
look to our own medieval history, we know that the knight of 8. Attack not an enemy when his back is turned, or he is
old was expected to do everything a modern day marine is expected unarmed, or he is down. But if he should attack from such
to do... fully dressed in 80 to 100 pounds of armor. The armored a position, treat him as a worthy, armed opponent.
warrior in Arrowflight suffers no encumbrance penalty to his AGL 9. Mete justice with an even head and an even hand.
for wearing full plate mail. The only difficulties one might run into
are a movement penalty from the characters normal full movement Women and the Code
in feet while wearing heavy armor, and a penalty to the characters

lthough many societies throughout Nia are built on a
Stealth skill. No matter how well trained a character is in wearing
patriarchal order which protects women as a weaker sex,
and functioning in armor, it is still heavy, hot, and noisy.
any female who takes up arms for country or cause is due
There are other basic rules governing the wearing of
the respect and honor of a warrior. Frequent wars brought
heavy armors:
women onto the battlefield millennia ago. They have
It is not easy to be comfortable wearing armor, let
distinguished themselves as knights and warriors, as clan
alone sleeping in it. Those wishing to sleep in their armor
chiefs, and as heads of state.
(which is practical in some situations, but generally
A female fighting character is a common sight
not advised) receive half the normal rest and are
in many nations. A female knight is typically called
at -1 on all skill checks the following day due
Dame, the female equivalent of Sir, and is
to cramping and fatigue.
subject to the same Code. Thus Bronwyn the
Armor is a series of metal rings or
Just gets knighted on the battlefield: she is now
plates, combined with buckles and straps
called Dame Bronwyn the Just. The Dame
to hold it on the body, thus it takes time
is simply a formality to denote her status as a
to put it on. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes
Knight of the Code. In casual social
to dress with the aid of a squire, and at
situations, she will usually be
least twice that long without one. Anyone
addressed mlady.
surprised without their armor had better
All knights bear a token of
fight really well in their underwear (or
their particular order, usually a ring,
run really fast, which is actually a lot
which they wear in or out of armor.
easier to do without the armor).
Even though a female knight may be
In an initiative tie, an
clothed in a fine court gown, she
unarmored person may have
is still recognized as a knight by
the initiative with an armored
her token, and is due the respect
person, and will undoubtedly be
of a knight by her peers and
faster on foot.
As for male knights or paladins
The Code interacting with their female

s mentioned before, the world counterparts, the basic rule is
of Arrowflight is a martial thus: a woman who chooses
one. Many nations rely upon the the way of battle as her living is a
practice and ideals of a chivalric code, which warrior first and a woman next, in
may have subtle variants from kingdom the eyes of the law and the Code.
to kingdom but at its core remains the
cornerstone of the social order. It is a

Combat Skills

ll armed and unarmed combat skills have a number attached
to them, signifying the level of focused training necessary
to improve. It is also a bonus added to damage. That simply
means that someone with the Soldier armed combat skill adds 1
to any damage done while using that skill, and improving the skill
will cost an extra point per level. Combat skills cannot be combined
within a single attack. You must choose which skill you are using for
any given action and roll accordingly.
Each style has several different Style Bonuses. When a character
reaches a specific skill level, he learns the associated bonus move.
Characters do not forget previous moves. Thus, if Bronwyn has Haushahar (2): The Way of the Wind is an obscure fighting art
Haushahar at level 4, she knows the Dodge Attack, the Throw, and that focuses on knocking the opponent down with forceful sweeps.
the Sweep. Some Style Bonuses are stackable, but only if reasonable It is an elegant, dancelike form used predominantly by mages,
and the GM approves. acrobats, and bards.
Armor: Light only.
Unarmed Combat Skills Skill Style Bonus

ach listing notes whether the skill is effective in a particular 1 None
kind of armor. Characters wearing armor that is too heavy
suffer a 1 to all checks against that skill. 2 Dodge Attack (simultaneous attack does WR1+STR
Brawling (0): A basic hand-to-hand fighting skill, also known as 3 Throw (use as dodge, takes 1 action; opponent is prone,
fisticuffs. Nothing fancy, and no special bonuses or multipliers throw does WR2 damage)
apply. 4 Sweep (opponent must make an opposed AGL check
Armor: Any. vs. Combat Skill or Athletics, or fall prone and take
No style bonuses. WR2+STR damage)
5 Lightning Dodge (add 1D6 to Target Number for all
Dalahar (2): The Way of Dalah. Commonly used by the dodge checks during the combat in question)
Dalahist monks of Corvel, this style concentrates on using an
opponents force against him. Blocks, dodges, and sweeps are the 6 Damage (damage from this style is applied as either
primary focuses. wound or stun damage players choice)
Armor: Light only.
Ratahar (Dwarf style) (2): The dwarven variant of the elf
Skill Style Bonus style, it is more solid and sturdy. The focuses are on hard strikes and
1 None sweeps to the legs of the opponent. Where elves experiment and
develop new fighting styles, dwarves stick with what has worked for
2 Dodge (treated as a parry doesnt cost an action) eons.
3 Disarm (at -1 to Target Number, but does not require Armor: Any.
prior entanglement)
4 Sweep (opponent must make an opposed AGL check Skill Style Bonus
vs. Combat Skill or Athletics, or fall prone and take 1 None
WR2+his own STR damage) 2 Tackle (opponent is knocked prone and entangled; does
WR1+STR damage)
5 Weapon Parry (may parry melee weapons barehanded)
3 Sweep (opponent must make an opposed AGL check vs.
6 Missile Parry (may parry missile weapons barehanded Combat Skill or Athletics, or fall prone and WR2+STR
except black powder weapons) in stun damage )
4 Force Strike (user cannot take defensive action for the
round; successful strike is +1 success margin and doubles
normal STR bonus damage)
5 Battle Cry (may be done before attacking, does not
count as an action; opponent must make a Resist check
or be at 1 to all combat actions for the round)
6 Damage (damage from this style is applied as either
wound or stun damage players choice)

Ratahar (Elf style) (2): Meaning literally The Way of Battle,
this ancient style uses spinning, aerial kicks, and body strikes, and is
popular with unarmored fighters.
Armor: Ringmail or less.

Skill Style Bonus

1 None
2 Flip Strike (counts as a dodge and takes 2 consecutive
actions; 2nd action is a strike is 1 to opponents parry or
dodge; must be declared before the dodge and must be
the next action taken)
3 Spin Strike (counts as a dodge and takes 2 consecutive Shalekkhar (3): One of the most unusual fighting styles in
actions; 2nd action is a strike at +1; must be declared existence, The Way of the Dragon was based on centuries of
before the dodge and must be the next action taken) observation of dragons in battle. The style is favored by larger races
4 Force Strike (user cannot take defensive action for the who arent as concerned with dodges as they are with delivering
round; successful strike is +1 success margin and doubles devastating strikes (biting is included as a potential strike). One-
normal STR bonus damage) handed claw-weapon training is included, and supersedes the other
Armed Combat styles when used.
5 Battle Cry (must be done before attacking, does not
Armor: Any.
count as an action; opponent must make a Resist check
or be at 1 to all combat actions for the round) Skill Style Bonus
6 Damage (damage from this style is applied as either 1 None
wound or stun damage players choice)
2 Claw (ability to use the special claw weapon;WR2)

Senvata (2): A primal and violent form of orc brawling, this style 3 Dragon Throw (used as dodge; equal-sized or smaller
has a balanced focus on knocking the opponent to the ground and opponent is thrown your STR in feet, lands prone; does
stomping on vital target areas (note: the Senvata kick is a downward WR1+STR in damage)
crush, usually used on the throat or solar plexus). The crushing kicks 4 Prone Attack (allows attack from prone position with no
will seldom be used by knights and chivalrous fighters. penalty)
Armor: Any. 5 Damage (damage from this style is applied as either
wound or stun damage players choice)
Skill Style Bonus
6 Dragon Maul (2x STR bonus on damage)
1 None
2 Orc Hug (opponent is entangled and takes normal stun Tothahar (3): Known as The Way of Death, this style is used
damage each action until successfully dodging; does not by elite warriors and assassins. It is not chivalrous in any way; its
require removal of weapon) focuses are on trick moves and sweeps, and thus it is not taught to
3 Throw (use as dodge, takes 1 action; opponent is prone, any potential knight.
throw does WR2 damage) Armor: Light only.
4 Power Punch (WR2 stun damage)
Skill Style Bonus
5 Gut Stomp (strikes prone opponent, free called shot)
1 Target (arm/leg: free; head/hands/feet: 1)
6 Damage (damage from this style is applied as either
2 Sweep (takes 1 action, opponent must make an opposed
wound or stun damage players choice)
AGL check vs. Combat Skill or Athletics, or fall prone
and WR1+STR in stun damage )
3 Prone Attack (allows attack from prone position with no
4 Damage (damage from this style is applied as either
wound or stun damage players choice)
5 Nerve Strike (takes 2 actions; doubles normal STR
bonus in stun damage)
6 Kill Strike (2x STR bonus on damage)

Armed Combat Skills Bharata (2): A rather more exotic style of archery than is

character is trained in a variety of weapons to be used in a commonly used throughout the world. Bharata, meaning Hunters
single fighting style. Professionally trained soldiers can wield Battle, is common amongst the feral elf tribes of Nordia, as well as
swords, maces, and hammers with equal skill. certain followers of the Goddess of the Hunt, Bhara. Practitioners
Along with each Armed Combat Skill, you will see a listing for of Bharata are sometimes found traveling to various nations,
the types of weapons covered. If you have a weapon the skill doesnt showing off their talents in exhibitions and archery contests. More
cover, you cant use that skill. And if you have this character concept so than typical archers, Bharatists prefer the thrill of fighting in
that he is a bullwhip expert, youd better find a combat skill that close proximity to their foes, supporting nearby allies in melee by
includes the use of whips (and that would be Rogue). unleashing hails of arrows against targets who venture in front of
their bow-sights. This covers long and short bows only.
Styles marked with * cannot be taken by those who follow a chivalric
code. Skill Style Bonus
1 Target (arm/leg free; head/hands/feet -1)
Assassin* (3): A quick, deadly school of combat focusing on 2 Quick Draw (may draw or reload weapon and attack in
trick moves, stealth ,and light, concealable weapons. Covers any one action)
concealable 1-handed (silent) weapons, as well as throwing blades,
darts, blowguns, garrotes, and knives. 3 Power Draw (may add STR to damage with bow)
4 Quick String (may draw and string bow in 1 action
Skill Style Bonus
5 Double Arrow (fire at 2 different targets in line-of-sight;
1 Target (arm/leg: free; head/hands/feet: 1) roll 1 strike, defenders each react as normal; counts as 2
2 Power Throw (add full STR to thrown weapon attacks) actions without the -3 penalty)
3 Disengage (+1 to dodge for purpose of disengaging 6 Trick Shot (target any hit location: free)
4 Quick Draw (may draw weapon and attack in 1 action) Cavalier (3): Requires Riding 2. The chivalric style of warfare,
focusing on proficiency in a multitude of hand-to-hand weapons,
5 Double Strike (counts as 2 actions; 3rd action would be
armor, and shields, with the distinction of beast-mounted combat
-6; make 1 attack, x2 damage)
skills (including avian beasts like warhawks and dragons). Covers
6 Shadow Slip (use as a parry to slip into nearby shadows 1-handed weapons, small shields, polearms, knives, and no penalties
and out of combat) for mounted melee combat (i.e. no penalty for fighting from a
moving platform). Note: If a mount has been trained for combat,
Barbarian* (3): A style based as much around intimidation it can be used to deliver attacks of its own during the round. See the
as actual combat, the Barbarian school of fighting teaches little Bestiary for specific mount values.
in the way of defense. An adherent of this school hopes that the
opponent will be too busy defending a preemptive strike to make Skill Style Bonus
a solid attack. This style covers large two-handed weapons, such as 1 Weapons (can use two-handed weapons from horseback,
broadswords, greatswords, short polearms, great axes, and gragos. including bows if Missile Weapon skill is taken)
Skill Style Bonus 2 Charge Attack (takes 2 actions; doubles damage from a
single attack)
1 Weapon Training
3 Height Advantage (head shots vs. ground troops no
2 Battle Cry (takes 1 action; opponent must make a Resist called shot penalty)
check or be at -1 to all combat rolls for that round)
4 Trick Mount (must have mount within AGL in yds; if
3 Rush (Successful attack does normal damage and knocks successful, rider is securely on mount)
opponent prone)
5 Unhorse (roll vs. opponents Riding or Cavalier skill;
4 Follow Through (on successful attack, may continue normal damage for the attack, plus an additional +1 WR
on to a second target within range without spending for falling)
additional action at -3 to skill check)
6 Thunder Crush (add mounts STR to damage)
5 Sword Break (on successful strike, attacker may discard
damage in exchange for forcing opponent to make a WR
save; weapon must be equal or lesser WR than attacking
weapon, and cannot be magical or master crafted)
6 Evicerate (2x STR bonus on damage)

Gallant (2): The elegant school of armed combat focusing on the
art of the duel. Covers one-handed swords, paired weapons, knives,
and small shields. Also allows use of capes and other entangling

Skill Style Bonus

1 Target (arm/leg: free; head/hands/feet: 1)
2 Disarm (disarm opponent without prior entanglement)

3 Quick Draw (may draw weapon and attack in 1 action)

4 Paired Strike (takes 2 actions; allows 2 separate

unpenalized attacks to be made at one time, but Rogue* (1): A violent, no-nonsense form of armed combat
subsequent actions in the round start at -6) focusing on the quick dispatch of an enemy. Favored by street
toughs and brigands. Covers knives, any light swords, and small
5 Feint (once per round, allows reroll of failed attack) one-handed weapons, staves and short spears, small shields,
6 Sword Break (forces opponent to make a WR save; throwing blades, and entangling weapons, such as chains, bolas, and
opponents weapon must be entangled) bullwhips.

Skill Style Bonus

Gladiator* (2): An armed combat style that developed in the
arenas, Gladiator is highly visual and provides a show for viewers 1 Weapon Training
while still remaining an efficient and deadly skill. This style covers 2 Blind Attack (takes 1 action; use sun position, dirt, etc.
all one-handed weapons, shields, polearms, and entangling weapons to make opponent 1 on all Combat Skills that round;
(whips, nets, chains, bolas, etc.). can be dodged but not parried)
Skill Style Bonus 3 Knockdown (costs 1 action, opponent must make an
opposed skill check (Combat Skill or Athletics) , or fall
1 Weapon Training
prone and take WR2+STR damage)
2 Blind Attack (takes 1 action; use sun position, dirt, etc.
4 Hidden Strike (once per round, may add +1 to the
to make opponent 1 on all Combat Skills that round;
Target Number for an attack)
can be dodged but not parried)
5 Power Throw (add full STR to thrown weapon attacks)
3 Shield Disarm (after a successful defense roll with a
shield, may attempt a disarm without a previous entangle;
takes an action) 6 Target (arm/leg: free; head/hands/feet: 1)

4 Entangle Parry (on a successful parry with an entangling

weapon, the opponent is entangled)
Sharpshooter (2): This extremely new style is based around the
use of a black powder weapon for precise attacks. It is very rare even
5 Missile Parry (may parry non-firearm missile weapons within those lands with relatively common black powder. Still, its
with a hand weapon) popularity is growing. Unlike all other combat skills, Sharpshooter
6 Execution (2x STR bonus on damage) is a DEX skill. Covers the use of black powder firearm weapons
Melee Weapon (0): Use of standard-issue swords, spears, Skill Style Bonus
and knives, in addition to the use of common items as weapons
(brooms, tankards, pans, etc.). Nothing fancy, and no special 1 Weapon Training
bonuses or multipliers apply. 2 Target (arm/leg: free; head/hands/feet: 1)
No style bonuses.
3 Quick Reload (may reload in 3 rounds, instead of the
typical 4)
4 Mounted Shot (no penalty for shooting from a mount or
from a moving platform)
5 Lightning Reload (may reload in 2 rounds, instead of
the typical 4)
6 Ricochet (may target off of another object; suffers a -2
skill penalty for the 2nd target, but both targets take
normal damage from a single bullet)

Soldier (1): Standard field combat training in the use of a Swashbuckler (1): A practical theory of combat utilizing an
multitude of weapons, as well as military drill and basic tactics. array of mostly one-handed weapons on land and at sea. Covers
Covers one- and two-handed weapons, knives, shields, pole one-handed weapons, knives, small shields, thrown weapons, and
weapons, and thrown weapons. polearms (such as boarding pikes and gaffs). No penalty for fighting
from a moving platform.
Skill Style Bonus
Skill Style Bonus
1 Weapon Training
1 Weapon Training
2 Formation/Drill
2 Target (arm/leg: free; head/hands/feet: 1)
3 Plant (takes 1 action; while planted, +1 to the Target
Number of all parry rolls) 3 Power Throw (add full STR to thrown weapon attacks)
4 Knockback (allows the shield to be used as a striking 4 Disarm (disarm opponent without prior entanglement)
weapon; on a successful strike, opponent loses next 5 Quick Draw (may draw weapon and attack in 1 action)
6 Paired Strike (takes 2 actions; allows 2 separate
5 Quick Draw (may draw weapon and attack in 1 action) unpenalized attacks to be made at one time, but
6 Follow-through (on successful attack, may continue subsequent actions in the round start at -6)
on to a second target within range without spending
additional action at -3 to skill check)

competency in a given skillthe fewer dice rolled, the faster play
~ System ~ moves along. However, when the character is doing things out of
the ordinary, testing his abilities, a skill check is definitely called for.

he XPG system provides both ease of play and depth of
character. The principles are identical to those mechanics Example:
found in games like Bloode Island XPG, RADZ, Santas
Soldiers and Red Dwarf . While experienced XPG players may see Lara has Riding 3. If she is simply out for an afternoon ride in the
some minor setting-specific tweaks here and there, nothing should meadow, a Riding skill check is probably unnecessary. It is when the
be unintuitive or difficult to grasp. It should be noted that players horse is spooked by a swarm of pixies that Laras player must make a
who prefer the First Edition rules can still use the basic mechanics Riding check, as Lara tries to turn her mount and speed away.
without much in the way of conversion. Basic instructions for

playing with First Edition rules can be found in the Options section o make a skill check, add the rating of the appropriate skill
on page 177. to the rating of the governing attribute (i.e. AGL + Riding)
and roll 2D6, trying for a result equal to or less than the
Spirit of Play Target Number. In most cases, a simple success is satisfactory. In
others, a greater success margin may be required (see Difficulty and

t should be stated that the spirit of the Arrowflight setting and
Opposed Checks).
system is couched in cinematic grittiness. What that means
is that, while adventures may be full of sweeping heroism
and larger-than-life deeds, the effects of actions are presented in
a relatively realistic manner. A single sword blow to an enemys Lara steers her horse in a tight turn and spurs it back toward
skull will end his life. The same hero who is one day slaying town. She has AGL 4 and Riding 3, giving her a Target
monsters may bleed to death while brigands loot his belongings. Number of 7. Laras player rolls 2D6 and gets the following
Most importantly, Arrowflight seeks to let the players take more result: (4 + 2) = 6. The result is equal to or less than Laras Target
responsibility for their characters, leaving them free to strategize and Number, so shes successful. Her mount turns and speeds away.
use their abilities to the fullest, while the GM is left to concentrate
more on the adventure.

ccasionally, the GM may want to add
Character Abilities an element of difficulty with which

character is an amalgam of to challenge the characters. The GM
numeric values, consisting assigns a difficulty to the skill check in question,
primarily of stats and skills. and the player adds or subtracts dice from his
On the character sheet, stats are the Difficulty Guidelines stat pool before rolling the skill check.
prime entries in all caps: AGILITY Extremely Easy/
(AGL), DEXTERITY (DEX), Example:
Point Blank Range: +2
STRENGTH (STR), PERCEPTION Laras horse is galloping toward town, and
(PER), INTELLIGENCE (INT), Easy/Very Close Range: +1 encounters a waist-high wooden fence. The
WILLPOWER (WIL), SPIRIT and MANA. GM determines the fence is a Difficult
Descriptions of the individual stats are listed Average/Close Range: 0
obstacle to jump. Laras player makes another
on page 17. The stat rating represents the Riding check, subtracting 2 from her Target
characters raw talent in that attribute. Difficult/Medium Range: -1
Number before rolling, making her target 5.
Skills fall under the stat most Very Difficult/Long Range: -2 She rolls a result of (2 + 3) = 5. Lara is safely
appropriate to their use. A skills rating over the fence, despite the Difficult task.
represents the characters competence Extremely Difficult/
in that discipline. The higher the skill Extreme Range: -3
rating (and thus the Target Number), Preparation

the greater chance one has for success. he player may aid his character in
succeeding at a given skill check by
preparingspending extra time to
Skill Checks study, aim, balance, or otherwise maximize the

nevitably, the time will come when the player or GM chances for success. For each round spent in preparation, the player
will want to test the abilities of the character. In such instances, gains +1 to the characters Target Number, up to a maximum of +3.
a skill check is required. Under most mundane circumstances, This does not count in cases of magic or prayers where additional
it is not necessary for a player to make skill checksindeed a good casting time is a requirement of a given incantation, but does apply
GM knows when a skill check is appropriate. Things like walking, to instant spells and prayers that the mage or priest wishes to spend
eating, dressing, and basic interactions are usually gimmes. Note the extra time preparing.
the absence of the Breathing skill, for example. In most instances,
the GM need only be satisfied that the character has a basic


n some cases, players may wish to combine their characters
efforts to achieve something beyond the abilities of a single
person. Players should nominate a single character as the
anchor (usually the character with the greatest ability in whatever
is being attempted). Each additional character assisting the anchor
character adds +1 to his Target Number for the skill check in
question. Note that only characters with at least a rating of 1 in the
skill being attempted may assist the anchor character.
Cooperation may be used for any skill check where it makes
sense for multiple characters to collaborate. Feats of strength,
performance, socializing, research, magic, and prayers are all good
examples. Passive or reactive skill checks like Resist, Endurance, and
Awareness (unless being used to actively search) are generally not
applicable to cooperation.

Opposed Checks

ccasionally, someone may not want the character to
succeed in a skill check, for whatever reason. In such cases,
the challenger makes a skill check in opposition to the
character attempting a skill. The character with the highest success
margin wins the check and succeeds in his chosen action. This is
especially common in combat and magic duels.

Gerald the Brigand sees the lovely Lara riding hell bent for leather
toward the town, and takes the opportunity to grab some geld.
Leaping from the bushes, he growls monstrously, attempting to
spook her mount. Geralds player makes an Intimidation check,
and Laras player makes another Riding check to maintain control
of her horse. Gerald gets a success margin of 2, Lara beats her
Target Number by 3. The surprise fails, and Lara speeds on her Snake Eyes & Boxcars

way. natural result of 2 (snake eyes) is always a critical success,
whether the character has a skill rating or not. A natural
Unskilled Checks result of 12 (boxcars) is always a critical failure or botch,
no matter how high the skill rating.

ometimes a player may want his character to attempt an
action for which he has no applicable skill. In such cases, the
player treats the character as having a skill rating of 0, adding Critical Success

it to the stat rating as normal to determine the Target Number. In n a critical success, double the normal success margin. For
game terms, the character is relying on his raw talent to overcome instance, if the Target Number was 5, a roll of 2 would
the lack of training. usually have a success margin of 3. In the case of a critical
success, the margin of 3 is doubled, for a success margin of 6. This
Example: makes it possible for low-skilled characters to achieve some relatively
Lara slows to a canter just outside town. She wracks her brain, spectacular success (in spell effects, damage, or scholastic results),
trying to figure out what device that brigand had painted on and makes highly-skilled characters capable of devastating results..
his shield. Lara has no Cultural Sciences (the skill that includes
heraldry), but her player wants to try the skill anyway. Lara has Critical Failure, or Botch

INT 3 and Cultural Sciences 0, so her target is 3. Her player n a critical failure or botch, the character fails the skill
rolls 2D6. The results are (2 + 4) = 6. No success. Lara comes up test in some appropriately spectacular way. Specific results
empty. are up to the GM, and may include possible injury to the
character. It should not, generally speaking, directly result in the
characters death.


ranted, most characters are of the seasoned, hardy variety, 1 The character loses Initiative and freezes in place for 1
used to stressful situations like combat, encounters with round, unable to move or take offensive actions. The
unearthly horrors and the occult. However, there are some character can defend at -1 and may be moved by others,
things even the most seasoned and hardy adventurer never gets used but cannot make any active skill checks.
to. For these situations, the GM may require a fear check. 2 The character drops whatever he is holding (weapons
A fear check works like any other skill check. When the included) and attempts to flee. The character cannot
character initially encounters the source of terror, be it a monster, perform any other actions until safely away from the
the din of bloody battle or some other menace, the character makes scene.
a Resist skill check to maintain his composure and avoid freezing
3 The character runs off in a random direction, potential-
up (or some other undesirable effect; see Fear Factor table for
ly into an object, structure or the source of the terror it-
more). If the character succeeds, no ill effects occur from the fear.
self. The character can only run, and may not perform
If unsuccessful, the player can either roll randomly on the Fear
any other actions until safely away from the scene.
Factor table or use the margin of failure to determine the level of
detrimental effect. In addition, the GM may assign a modifier to 4 The character loses Initiative and control of his bodily
the source of the fear based on the relative horror it conveys. functions, and is -3 to any social skill checks (Cool, Se-
On a critical success, the character should gain a sort of duction, Command, Bargain, Social, etc) until a change
immunity against that particular type of horror (i.e. if a critical of clothes is acquired.
success is made against the fear brought by a ferocious dragon, the 5 The character falls unconscious for 1D3 rounds. The
character is unlikely to suffer fear related to dragons in the future, at character can be moved, but cannot take any actions.
the GMs discretion, of course).
Conversely, on a botched fear check, the character may suffer a 6 The character suffers a complete breakdown and should
temporary or permanent insanity as a result of the fear. At the GMs roll on the Insanity table to determine the results.
discretion, a character who botches a fear check may be directed to
the Insanity Table on the next page to acquire a random effect. * Or use margin of failure to determine result.

Lara is exploring an ancient oublitte when she is surprised by the
local vampyre lord. The GM gives the vampyre a fear modifier
of -1, and Lara rolls her fear check. Her WIL is 3 and her Resist
is 4, giving her a modified Target Number of 6. The modifier
tips the odds against her, and Lara fails by 1. Consulting the
Fear Factor table, she notes that a failure margin of 1 indicates
freezing in place for a round, unable to flee or make any offensive
actions. The vampyre draws closer, baring his teeth... ~ Insanity Table ~
11 Melancholy The character feels morose and unhappy. 1D6 days
12 Craving The character craves a food or activity of the players choice. 1D6 days
13 Shellshock The character is catatonic, nervous and cannot take aggressive action, opting to cower in the safest
location possible. 1D6 days
14 Whining The character cannot help but whine whenever he speaks more than a few words. 1D6 days
15 Folk Tunes GM writes the player a note consisting of a word or phrase. Whenever spoken by the other players,
the character breaks into a jaunty folk tune. 1D6 days
16 Rash The character breaks out in an irritating rash, causing severe itching and -1 to all AGL and DEX
skill checks. 1D6 days
21 Creative Burst The character is inspired to create, painting, sculpting, writing prose, etc. 1D6 days
22 Giggles GM writes the player a note consisting of a word or phrase. Whenever spoken by the other players,
the character breaks into giggles. 1D6 days
23 Hiccups The character has persisiten hiccups, making it impossible to concentrate or engage in any sort of
stealthy activity. -1 to Stealth, Social, Intimidation & Seduction checks. 1D6 days


24 Bad Stomach The character has terrible indigestion/heartburn. -1 to all AGL and DEX skill checks. 1D6 days
25 Bewilderment The character is slow to react and seems to be in a semi-euphoric daze. -1 to PER, INT, WIL skill
checks and Initiative. 2D6 x 2 hours
26 Loss of Bearings Complete loss of directional sense. -1 to all PER, INT, AGL skill checks and Initiative. 2D6 x 2
31 Signature Clothing The character must wear a specific item or display a specific object on his person, or suffer -1 to all
skill checks. 1D3 days
32 Fancy Dress The character develops an affinity for dressing in costume. Will become violent if not allowed to do
so. 1D3 days
33 Full Dress The character must wear the finest clothing available to signify his station. Will become violent if
not allowed to do so. 1D3 days
34 Anger The character becomes irritable and downright hostile. May physically attack anyone who invades
his personal space. 1D3 days
35 Hoarding The character believes others are stealing rations or treasure, and must therefore hoard his own. 1D6
36 Behavior Tag: Fidget The character gets the Fidget Behavior Tag. 2D6 days
41 Behavior Tag: Nervous The character gets the Nervous Tic Behavior Tag. 2D6 days
42 Mania The character is full of energy, excitable, thrilled to be alive and keen to share it. 2D6 days
43 Gain Phobia The character gains a Phobia of the CMs choice. Permanent
44 Bladder Control The character soils himself at the most inappropriate times. GM discretion. 1D6 days
45 Obsession: Cleanliness The character must clean constantly. 1D6 days
46 Compulsion: Lying The character cannot tell the truth. Adds +1 to Con skill checks. 2D6 days
51 Fashion Police The character takes it upon himself to regulate and criticize dress amongst the party. 2D6 days
52 Submission The character becomes introverted and submissive. Will not take direct action and will agvoid
hostile circumstances. 2D6 days
53 Personality Shift The character becomes the polar opposite of his normal personality. 2D6 days
54 Voices The character hears voices in his head, and will often talk back to them. 2D6 days
55 Phantom Pain The character feels debilitating pain in some location (GM choice). -1 to all skill checks. 2D6 x 2
56 Hallucinations The character sees a persistent illusion (GMs discretion). 1D3 days
61 Random Violence GM writes the player a note consisting of a word or phrase. Whenever spoken by the other players,
the character breaks into a violent act against the nearest character. 1D3 days
62 Addiction: Spice The character develops an addiction to smoking or eating a euphoric exotic spice. Receives addi-
tional character points for Liability: Addiction. Permanent (unless purchased away)
63 Addiction: Alcohol The character develops an addiction to fermented beverages. Receives additional character points
for Liability: Addiction. Permanent (unless purchased away)
64 Obsession: GM choice The character picks up an Obsession of GMs choice. Receives additional character points for Ob-
session/Compulsion. Permanent (unless purchased away)
65 Impulse Writing In an effort to write down important messages from magical or divine entities, the character scrawls
symbols and random words on the nearest handy surface (including his own body). 1D6 days
66 Severe Depression The character slumps into a dolorous depression, avoiding activity or contact with others. 1D6 days

~ Combat ~ Rushing Actions

player can rush his characters action out of turn sequence in
the following manner:
Combat Basics

artial conflict in Arrowflight is broken down into x Player declares the character is rushing the action.
segments called melee rounds. Each melee round is the x The rushing character subtracts 1 from the appropriate
equivalent of about five seconds within the adventure, target number for every point of difference between
although it takes longer than that to determine what happens himself and the opponent going first in order to go
around the game table. Each player gets one action per melee round. simultaneously with the opponent; -1 additional to go
Multiple actions are possible by including the following restrictions: ahead of the opponent in the turn sequence.
1. The player must declare the total number of intended actions x Interrupted characters may also rush their actions to
on his own turn during the first pass through the play order. counter the interrupter.
2. For each subsequent action beyond the first, the character x If a bidding war ensues, the character who is reduced to a
applies a 3 penalty to each Target Number. This penalty is target number of 1 first is the loser.
cumulative, so a second action would be 3, a third would be 6, x If both opponents are reduced to the same target number,
etc. This penalty is in addition to any Target Number modifiers due both actions are considered simultaneous.
to environment or Wound Status (see page 46).

Play is conducted thusly: Surprise

x GM calls for melee rounds. f a character succeeds in surprising another (opposed rolls:
x All players make initiative check by rolling against their Stealth vs. Awareness), the sneaking party gets one free combat
INITIATIVE rating action before melee rounds officially begin. The surprised party
x Player with highest success margin may act first. Actions gets no dodge, and may only parry if they can see their attackers and
are resolved immediately. have parry-capable implements ready, but may perform actions as
x Play continues in descending order of initiative success. normal once combat rounds begin.
x When all primary actions for the round have been
resolved, play returns to the first player, who may choose Attacking
to act again at 3 from all target numbers. The process

hen attacking an opponent, the player rolls against the
repeats in this manner until all actions have been resolved.
characters Target Number in whichever combat skill is
x GM calls for a new melee round.
being tested. The opponent then has three choices:
x A critical success on initiative means the character gets +1
to all target numbers for the round (and most likely goes 1. Stand there and get hit.
first in play order). 2. Dodge out of the way.
x A botch on initiative means the character goes dead last 3. Parry the blow.
in the play order and suffers a 1 on all stat pools for the
What Counts as
Holding Actions an Action?

player may choose to hold his action until later in the play
order so as to react to events as they happen. In such a
case, the player must state the act is being taken during the ~ Attacking or attempting an active skill check,
current turn. Normally, a character whose action has been held including magic and prayer
performs his action after the other actions in the turn; however, the
~ Dodging
character also can rush his action to get the drop on the opponents.
~ Dropping to a kneeling or prone position
~ Rising to a kneeling or standing position
~ Drawing or reading a weapon

What Doesnt Count as an Action?

~ Passive or Reactive skill checks, like Resist,
Endurance, or GM-mandated Awareness checks
~ Parrying

ption 1 obviously doesnt
cost anything on the Example:
opponents part, but can Lara strikes at Gerald with her
get nasty when it comes time to longsword. She rolls a success margin
determine damage. Option 2 costs Damage Overview of 5. Gerald tries to deflect her
an action (meaning all subsequent If the attacker is successful, subtract blade with a parry. His margin is 2.
actions are at a cumulative 2 to the defenders margin from the Lara has netted 3 successes, making
any target number), but clears the attackers and multiply the result contact with Geralds body. A margin
opponent from danger. Option by the weapon rating (WR) of the of 3 x her longswords WR3 yields a
3 doesnt cost anythingthe check weapon being used. There is no need base of 9 damage.
is made against the characters appropriate to roll randomly; the damage is a
Combat Skill, but requires a shield or direct result of the precision of the
weapon with which to parry the blow. hit and the weapon being used. If the
weapon has a damage bonus (DB) Damage Bonus (DB)
listed, add that to the damage result.

Dodging If the weapon is a melee (non-ranged) lways add the Damage Bonus

character dodges by using any weapon, add the attackers STR to any (DB) of the weapon, if any.
Combat Skill, or physical skills like damage. If the defender is wearing any
Athletics or even Dance. clothing with an armor value (AV),
subtract the AV from the damage.
Make an opposed check against the
Finally, apply the remaining damage to Laras longsword has DB0, so she
attacker. If the dodging character
the characters SHRUG. doesnt add anything.
gets more successes, the attack
is avoided. As another option, a
character may make a full dodge STR Bonus
ducking, weaving, and generally

hen factoring damage with
providing a difficult target to hit. To
hand weapons like swords,
do this, a dodge check is made on the
axes, and such, always
characters first action. No other actions
include the attackers STR rating as an addition to the base damage.
may be taken for the rest of the round. The up side is
that the success margin from the characters dodge are subtracted
from every incoming attack that round. Dodging happens reactively; Example:
the player doesnt have to wait for his own turn to declare the Lara adds her STR 3 to the base 9 damage, making it 12.
character is dodging. It is perhaps the only instance where a player
can take an action out of turn (without rushing).
Combat Skill Bonus
ll combat skills except Brawling and Melee Weapon are rated

arrying works just like any other skill, only in context one according to their complexity. Add this to the damage as
is using a shield or weapon to deflect the blow. Make an well.
opposed check against the attacker and subtract any margin
of success from the attackers margin of success. If the parrying Example:
character gets a greater success margin than the attacker, the blow is Lara adds the Soldier complexity 1 to her 12 damage, making it
completely deflected. 13.

Hit Location

o determine damage, compare the success margins of the

attacker and defender. If the attacker has a greater margin nless the shot was called to a specific location, melee
of success, the defender is hit. Subtract any success margin attacks default to the torso and ranged attacks hit a random
the defender has in his attempt to parry or dodge from the attackers location. Consult the hit location area on the character
margin. Any success margin the attacker has left over is multiplied sheet to determine the location hit.
by the WR of the weapon being used. The result is the damage
applied to the defender. Targeting Modifiers to Called Shots
Treat unarmed combat attacks as WR0 (for punches) and WR1 Torso: 0
(for kicks). Treat the attackers STR as the damage bonus (DB). Arms, Legs: -1
Head, Hands, Feet: -2

~ Wound Status ~
character who takes a Wound
Armor must make a SAVE to
keep from passing out due

f the target is wearing armor in the location 1. SCATHED: The character feels
hit, subtract its value from the damage. to pain, shock and/or blood loss.
euphoric and slightly fatigued;
Roll vs SAVE to keep the character
however, there are no Wound
functional, bearing in mind any
Penalties at this level.
Example: penalties from current wound status
Laras hit defaults to Geralds torso, which is 2. LIGHT: The character has some on subsequent actions.
covered by a simple padded cloth gambezon mild cuts, abrasions, and bruises.
(AV2). She subtracts 2 from the damage on At this level, the character has a 1
behalf of the AV, making the total 11. Wound Penalty. Example:
Geralds SAVE is 7 (-1 Wound
3. MODERATE: The character has Penalty for a Target Number of 6).
broken bones, bleeding wounds, His player rolls a 5, which is enough
Armor Reduction and may be in shock. At this level, to keep him alive and conscious.

f the damage exceeds the armor value in a the character has a 2 Wound
given location, the armor in that location is Penalty.
reduced in value by 1. This symbolizes the Knockdown, Death,
4. SERIOUS: Things are not going
gradual weakening of armor as it continues to
quite well at this point. The and Dismemberment
take hits.
character has internal bleeding,

character who takes net
shattered bones, and has gone into
damage (i.e. damage that
Example: shock. At this point, the character
penetrates any armor and is
Geralds garment now has a huge slash in it, will possibly fall unconscious and
applied to SHRUG) in excess of his
reducing its value from AV2 to AV1. has a 3 Wound Penalty.
SAVE is knocked down and suffers
5. GRIEVOUS: The character is an additional 1 from all actions
so badly wounded that taking until the next round. Damage
Wounds an action at this point is nearly in excess of 2x SAVE means the

f the net damage result is less than impossible. He is in a dazed stupor location hit is severed or crushed
SHRUG, the character takes no wounds. and is fighting hard to remain beyond the capacity of mortal
If the damage result is equal to or greater conscious and cognizant of his medicine. Moreover, if the SAVE
than SHRUG, the character suffers 1 wound, surroundings. At this level, the fails, the character dies outright from
and should mark the appropriate box in the character has a 4 Wound Penalty. severe trauma and wound shock. If
Wound Status area of the character sheet. If the the location hit was the head, the
6. MORTAL: The character is not
damage result is equal to or greater than twice character is killed immediately with
only unconscious, but is in danger
his SHRUG, the character suffers 2 wounds, no SAVE.
of dying. At this level, the character
and so forth. See Wound Status for more
has a 5 Wound Penalty.
information. Wound Levels are cumulative,
so if the character is Moderately Wounded 7. DEAD: The character is effectively Example:
(Moderate Wound) and takes an additional dead. If the character gets to this Gerald took 11 points of damage,
Wound, the character is then Seriously point, there are no Target Number which is more than his SAVE of 8,
Wounded (Serious Wound). penalties, because there is no so he is knocked down and suffers
character left to perform any action. an additional -1 penalty (-2 total)
The dead may be reanimated with to all active skill checks for the rest
Example: magic, or resurrected with prayer. of the round. Had the damage been
Laras hit causes 11 points of damage to If reanimated, the character is no more than twice his SAVE (i.e. 17
Gerald. His SHRUG is 4, so Gerald takes 2 or more), Geralds player would
longer the players to control.
wounds, making him Lightly Wounded. He have had to make an immediate
suffers a Wound Penalty of -1. death SAVE.

Stabilization Entanglement

haracters with a Moderate Wound (or greater) will worsen

ntangling an opponents weapon or body is done in the same
through bleeding, infection, and trauma if not stabilized.
manner as other opposed checks. The attacker must have an
A successful SAVE must be made at the beginning of each
implement suitable for entanglement, and must target the
day (including Wound Penalties), or the character worsens by one
opponents weapon or body part (factoring any targeting modifiers
wound level. A wounded character may be stabilized with successful
into his skill check). The opponent must parry or dodge aside,
Medicine skill use, or by prayers or healing magic. All attempts to
making the appropriate opposed check. If the attacker has a greater
heal or stabilize the wounded character are subject to the difficulty
margin, the body part or weapon is entangled. On the entangled
modifier associated with his current wound status.
partys turn, the character may attempt to break the entanglement
by a Strength Feat, Athletics, or Combat Skill check (which the
Example: attacker must oppose with his own Combat Skill in order to hold
A traveling physician takes pity on poor Gerald, and attempts to on).
bind his wounds. The doctor is at 2 to his Medicine skill check
because Gerald is at the Moderately Wounded level. He reduces his Grappling
Target Number by 2 and still makes a successful check, despite the

rappling an opponent is similar to the rules on
penalty. Nonetheless, it is enough to stabilize Gerald and get him
entanglement, except in this case the attacker is entangling
on the mend.
the opponents body with his own (and not with a
weapon). The attacker makes an opposed check; the defender
Healing may parry or dodge. If the attacker wins, the defender is grappled,
effectively pinned or restrained. A grappled character can do

atural healing occurs at the rate of one Wound Level per nothing until he breaks the hold by making an opposed check on
week. This rate can be accelerated magically or by divine his own turn. Strength Feat, Athletics, or most any Combat Skill is
intervention, or by supplementation with herbal remedies appropriate.
and natural concoctions. It assumes the character is resting and not The attacker may declare the intent to wound in the grapple
trying to travel or engage in combat or strenuous activity (in which attempt, whether by strangling, squeezing the torso, torquing limbs,
case the healing rate is cut in half: i.e. one Wound Level every two or the like. In this case the attacker adds his Combat Skill bonus
weeks). and STR together, applying the sum as damage to the defender.
Damage is only applied if the grapple is successful, and because it is
Example: assumed the grappler has close contact with the body of his target,
As long as Gerald takes it easy, hell heal 1 Wound Level per week. the defenders armor is bypassed. The defender makes appropriate
The local herbalist also gives him a tincture to drink, which will SAVEs as normal.
accelerate his natural healing x2. If all goes well and he doesnt
attempt revenge on Lara in the meantime, Gerald should be healed Ranged Attacks

up fully in three and a half days. ranged attack is made in the same way as in close combat.
The ranged attacker makes a skill check (Missile Weapons
or Black Powder are the skills most commonly used). If the
Non-Lethal Damage defender knows an attack is coming, he may dodge, or in some very

character may choose to knock an opponent out rather than special circumstances, parry the incoming missile (although this is
killing him. To do so, the player simply states the intent to usually an advanced move in various martial arts). Some missiles can
stun, and must have a blunt instrument suitable for the task. be parried or blocked with shields. Black powder weapons cannot
It need not be the business end of a weapona sword pommel, fist, be parried. Refer to the Difficulty section on page 40 for range/
boot, or tankard will do just fine. Roll the attack as normal, and targeting modifiers.
have the target character make an opposed SAVE. If the SAVE wins,
the target character suffers a non-damaging bonk on the head and is
still awake (and likely not very happy). If the attack is successful, the Reloading Black Powder Weapons
target character slumps unconscious to the ground for the attackers A black powder weapon takes 4 rounds to reload and fire:
success margin in minutes. Remember that a knock-out must be x 1 to load the charge
done by targeting the head, a 2 difficulty. This targeting modifier x 1 to tamp the charge
can be negated by a successful surprise (if the target is not moving at x 1 to prime and cock the weapon
the time of attack), or by two rounds of preparation. x 1 to aim and fire

n this manner, a musketeer or pistolier should be able to fire 3
shots every minute. As an alternative to loading during combat,
many black powder users carry multi-barreled weapons and/or
multiple weapons, which can be reloaded during downtime. It is not
uncommon to see a pistolier with a brace of pistols on his person.

Black Powder and Weather

hen using black powder in extremely cold weather, a -1
penalty is in order. In wet weather, a -2 penalty is called
for. In blizzard conditions or heavy snow, combine
both penalties into a single -3. Black powder, as a result, is not
particularly common in frozen regionsparticularly when one
considers the threat of avalanches.


hields are useful for parrying or blocking damage that was
meant for the character. Every shield is rated for a number
of hits based on its size and material, and provides the
user with a +1 to his Target Number for the parry. If used to block
an attack without attempt to parry (as in the case of most ranged
weapons), its hit rating is used as a temporary boost to the normal
AV of the location hitand the shield is then reduced by one
hit. When used in a successful parry, the shield directs the entire Scale

incoming blow away from the character, and takes no hits to its hen a character attempts to strike a target much smaller
structure. If the parry matches the attackers margin, the damage than himself, a penalty to hit is assessed. This may be a
doesnt get through to the defender, however the shield takes a hit. 1 in the case of humanoid-to-earthfolk, earthfolk-to-
If the parry is unsuccessful, the shield is said to have deflected part faerie, or a 2 in the case of humanoid-to-faerie. When attacking
of the damage away from the user (subtract shields value from a larger target (say, humanoid-to-dragon), a positive modifier is
incoming damage before reducing the shield by 1 hit). If the user assessed. On the surface, this would seem to indicate that one
botches a parry attempt with a shield, it is assumed to have been would do less damage to a small target and more damage to a
split or otherwise made useless. large target as a result; however the Wound values, SAVE values,
Shields can be repaired as long as they still have at least 1 and STRENGTH caps offset the apparent increase or decrease in
hit left, at a cost to be determined by location and availability of damage.
materials and craftspeople.

Weapon Saves Lara tries to whack the obnoxious pixie with her elf ratamun.

f the attacker gets a critical success on a strike where his The pixie is small, and 2 to hit. Laras Target Number is 7, and
opponent is parrying with a weapon with equal or lesser WR achieves a success margin of 3. The Pixie has a Dodge Target
value, he may force the defender to make a weapon save. The Number of 7, and is at no penalties; unfortunately, he gets a success
defender must roll 1D6 equal to or less than the WR of the weapon, margin of 2. Lara nets a margin of 1. Thats 1 x WR3+ STR bonus
or it is broken, split, shattered, crushed, or otherwise destroyed. 3, plus Soldier bonus 1, which equals 7 points to the pixie. Lets be
Some magical weapons are immune to weapon saves, and some generous and give the pixie some light armor of AV1, leaving Lara
combat skills include entangling moves meant to force the opponent with 6 points of damage to apply to the pixies SHRUG 3thats
into having to make a weapon save. TWO whole Wound Levels for a faerie, and quite possibly time for
a dismemberment SAVE, or even a death SAVE.

Lara is facing off with a dragon, a large target that is +3 to hit.
She rolls vs a Target Number of 11 (AGL 4, plus Combat Skill 3,
plus ratamun WA+1, and +3 for the size difference). She rolls a
margin of 5. The dragon has a Target Number of 10 (AGL 6, plus
Animal Combat 4), and gets a margin of 4 dodging. Lara nets a
margin of 2, multiplied by the ratamuns WR3, plus her STR 3,
plus Soldier bonus 1 for a total of 10 damage. However dragon
skin has an AV10 and doesnt stage down unless penetrated by a
magical weapon. So Lara gets a good hit, but doesnt cause enough
damage to cause a wound to the giant beast.

Mass Combat & o SAVE? No SAVE. SAVE
is for player characters and
Arrow-Fodder important opponents, not

o address the occasions when the random thugs. Heres how this works:
GM simply needs a handful of 1. Determine INITIATIVE as per usual.
ravenous beasties or bloodthirsty 2. Allow the PCs to square off with
goblins to make things difficult for the opponents and take their actions.
party, the normal stats for most anything 3. Any damage that gets through to an
in the Arrowflight world can be rendered opponent exceeding his SHRUG value
down into a few important values: is knocked down. Be sure to factor any
Initiative (INIT) is derived as armor worn by the opponent.
normal. If you dont already have full 4. Any damage 2x SHRUG value or
character stats and are just generating greater is an automatic incapacitation
grunts for slaughter, simply put in the and 3x is an effective kill. The individual
values you wish, keeping in mind the opponent may not be technically dead,
abilities of the player characters and the but he is out of the fight and defenseless.
threat level you wish to deliver. In most

cases, a 6 value is sufficient for low-level oull want any important NPCs
opponents. To give PCs a challenge, to retain their full stats. For
begin by boosting the value by one (7). simplicitys sake, you can keep
If the grunts are especially quick or track of the basic attack and defense
well-trained, values of 8 or even 9 are values alongside your ravening hordes,
appropriate. but when the arrow fodder has been
Attack value (ATT) is derived from dealt with, youll want the big baddie
the primary offensive stat, either AGL to be a fully fleshed individual. You
or STR, combined with the primary can either have important NPCs act
offensive skill. Again, follow the example according to their own INIT values, or
of INIT to determine the offensive capabilities of the grunt. Most you can lump them in with everyone else the advantage to this
humanoids of a professional level will be in the 6 to 8 range. method is obviously the simplicity of having only one INIT roll per
Especially quick or nimble opponents will have a value of 9. Some round. The level of detail or simplicity is ultimately up to you.
large or supernatural creatures (dragons, giants, etc) will have values Variants of these same rules can be used for simplifying large-
of 10 or greater. scale battles in which the PCs participate. For example, if a PC is
Even though giants and dragons may have awesome potential attached to a military unit, the unit can be given INIT/ATT/DEF/
values, their skill levels are generally not as high as mortals who SHRUG values just like arrow-fodder (which is effectively what
spend every waking hour studying war. A dragon with Animal they are). The PC can either act on his own, or fully engage with the
Combat and/or Firebreath 4 or 5 is about as hard as they come soldiers, adding his Command skill to the INIT, ATT, and DEF of
these beasts spend much of their lives in hibernation, only coming the unit. If a PC acts on his own, he may be targeted individually
out to mate once every ten years, or to grab a quick snack. It is not by any combatant. If part of a unit, a PC is generally not allowed
their practiced skill, but their raw, natural abilities that make them to be targeted separately, having many bodies moving in military
formidable. precision around him.
Defense value (DEF) is derived from the same factors as ATT, In the case of mass combat, a military unit functions as a
however there is room to err on the side of a higher Athletics skill single combatant. As it fights, it may take wounds that indicate
or a defensive bonus due to a given martial art. Do not factor armor damage to individuals within (that reflects upon the overall health
into the DEF score. That is handled separately. The same guidelines of the unit). Use the standard Wound Status scale to determine
for determining ATT apply here. If the opponent has a different damage to the group, including Wound penalties. This is an abstract
defense against magic, write the second set of numbers next to concept that mandates in the midst of battle, one is not counting
the primary set so they are handy. Otherwise, just use the same individuals, but rather focusing on the overall integrity of the group.
numbers. If the unit is killed, it may mean functionally rather than literally,
SHRUG is determined as normal. A faerie likely has SHRUG and the PC is always treated as a distinct entity in terms of damage
1 or 2, while a troll may have SHRUG 5 or 6. Any important and Wounds in such a case. GMs use discretion.
weapons, spells or other gear can be listed as appropriate, but in
general this method is meant to be as clean and streamlined as
possible for the GMs ease of use. Be sure to add in any STR bonus
to the weapon damage listing.
Add in the armor/hit location table as per the Arrowflight
character sheet, and youre ready to go. Keep in mind that the INT/
ATT/DEF values represent the entire group of thugs as one entity.

Number of 7 applies, modified by the characters placement and
Non-Combat Damage general state of defense and/or awareness. A surprise avalanche can

xposure to hostile environments, drowning, falling, and reduce a fully armored warrior to a crimson stain in moments.
similar mishaps can all result in damage and Wounds to the
character. Drowning/Suffocation

Extreme Cold/Heat A character can hold his breath for SAVE x 10 seconds. After that
an Endurance check every round (at a cumulative -1 penalty

I n exceptionally cold environments, players should make an

Endurance check for their characters as required by the GM, with
the hotter or colder environments requiring more frequent rolls. The
after the first) must be made, or the character will take 1 Wound
Level in damage (and make appropriate SAVE checks to avoid
passing out). Although technically stun damage, if the character is
coldest parts of the world may require checks as often as the targets rendered unconscious without access to a breathable atmosphere
SAVE in minutes, while more mild temperatures may only require and attains the DEAD wound status, thats pretty much the end.
a check every few hours. A failed check results in 1 Wound. Make Normal death/resurrection/reanimation rules apply.
SAVE checks as per normal combat rules.

Clothing will affect the Endurance check for cold/heat ~ Vehicle Combat ~
in the form of the following skill modifiers: ehicles in Arrowflight might be airships, chariots, sailboats,
No clothing: -2/-2 massive automatons, or one of a myriad other vehicles. Each
Light/loose clothing: -1/+2 vehicle is rated for Speed (SPD), Maneuverability (MAN),
Warm knit or wool clothing: 0/-1 Hull (HUL), Armor Value (AV), and weapon data (WA/WR/
Warm/winter cloak: +1/-1 DB) by type. When piloting a vehicle, add the ships MAN to the
Arctic skins/thick snow clothes: +2/-2 characters applicable skill. The HUL rating acts somewhat like the
vehicles SHRUG.
An unconscious character exposed to unforgiving desert heat For vehicle combat, players roll Initiative as normal. A character
or arctic cold still must make Endurance checks, and the GM is may perform one of the following actions for each combat action
advised to take exposure to the elements seriously when mandating he has declared: Close with or pull away from an enemy vehicle;
them in a timely manner. If an exposed, unconscious character take evasive action; use a vehicles weapon. However, due to vehicle
makes Endurance checks every (SAVE in minutes), hes not going to speed in some areas, each round may take longer than in traditional
last long. Remember wound penalties apply to Endurance checks as combat. For example, combat between sailing vessels can take a
well. great deal of time, and each round may last a full minute or longer.
The GM can set the pace for the combat round.
Close or Pull Away
B listers, discoloration of the skin, and rigid movement are all

symptoms of moderate to severe frostbite. Once gangrene sets he pilot must make a SPD roll to determine whether the
in, amputation is often required to save the life of a victim. Frostbite vehicle closes with or pulls away from the opponents
may affect extremities (fingers, ears, nose, toes, etc.) as quickly craft. Add the SPD rating to the characters Pilot skill and
as a few minutesespecially if the individual is not adequately make a Pilot skill check. The vehicle closes or draws away up to
protectedand will deal damage at the GMs discretion. This may the margin of success in grids. Depending on the scale of vehicle
be hidden damage, as the character may not even know hes been combat, a grid can be as small as 10 feet or as large as 150 feet.
affected until he begins to thaw. The only mundane counteragents Decide the appropriate scale ahead of time using the following
to frostbite and exposure are shelter, mild heat and Medicine checks general guidelines: small vehicles such as mounts or chariots 10
as per Arrowflight rules for skill use. Of course, arcane and divine feet; medium craft (sailboats) 40 feet; large craft (battleships, war
remedies are fully effective in most circumstances (GMs discretion). galleys) 100 feet. GMs may use their discretion if the scales are
significantly different.
Evasive Action
A n uninterrupted fall does WR1 per 5 feet of distance vs. the

characters Athletics or Combat Skill check to tuck and roll, vehicle may take evasive action to avoid being hit, in much
ablate, or otherwise minimize impact. Add the characters SHRUG the same way a full dodge works in melee combat. The pilot
to falling damage (proof of the old adage, the bigger they are, the adds the MAN rating of the craft to his Pilot skill, and the
harder they fall.). margin of success becomes a penalty to the opposed roll for any
Objects falling on characters should be rated by their size and incoming attack that combat round. If the pilot takes evasive action,
mass and are at the GMs discretion. A general rule of thumb is he may not fire any mechanically controlled weaponry that round,
WR1 for small rocks and branches, WR2 for mid-sized rocks and relying instead on any pintle or turret gunners, or other crew for
small tree limbs, WR3 to WR4 for large rocks and medium tree defense.
limbs, and WR5+ for boulders and whole trees. A standard Target

~ Vehicle Damage ~
Weapons 1. SHAKEN: The vehicle is jostled

ost vehicle weapons are cannons, catapults, or other weapons by impact. No Damage Penalty.
generally operated by gunners. Still, some vehicles have pilot-
operated weapons. The target vehicle must be in range of the 2. LIGHTLY DAMAGED:
weapon. Add the WA to the characters skill for the appropriate weapon roll. Cosmetic hull damage, rigging/
If multiple cannons are being fired, a single roll may be made at the GMs struts weakened. 1 Damage
discretion (using the Command rating of the lead gunner), with the total Penalty.
damage multiplied by the number of weapons fired. 3. MODERATELY DAMAGED:
Hull breach, possible leaks and/or
Collision and Ramming small fires. 2 Damage Penalty.

f two vehicles collide with each other, both vehicles take damage. Use 4. SEVERELY DAMAGED: Serious
the vehicles HUL as the WR. For the multiplier, use each vessels hull breach, rigging/struts broken,
current speed in grids for the amount of damage done to the other main mast/axle/airbag cracked. -3
vessel. Damage Penalty.
5. DISABLED: All locomotive
Vehicle Damage systems are seriously damaged
and there are several fires and

ust as in personal combat, figure vehicle damage by subtracting the
hull breaches throughout. The
defending crafts margin of success (for evasive action, if any) from the
vehicle is effectively hamstrung. 4
attacking crafts margin of success (for any successful weapon shots),
Damage Penalty.
and multiply by the weapon rating (WR) of the weapon used. Apply the
result to the defending vehicles HUL rating. 6. DRIFTING HULK: Any and all
If the damage result is less than the vehicles HUL, no damage is taken. locomotive systems destroyed, hull
If the damage result is more than HUL, 1 damage level is taken. If the breached beyond normal repair.
damage result is more than twice HUL then 2 damage levels are taken, etc. SPD and MAN drop to zero. 5
Damage Penalties are applied to the crafts SPD and MAN ratings, as well as Damage Penalty (to any remaining
to the WA rating of any computer controlled weapons. functional systems).
7. DESTROYED: The vehicle breaks
Repairing Damaged Vehicles apart and either sinks, falls or
scatters in pieces (depending on

epairing a damaged vehicle is much like healing a wounded
vehicle type). Anyone on board
character. The person doing the repairing makes a Mechanics skill
is flung away from the craft 1D6
check at the Damage Penalty required by the crafts current Damage
x 10 feet (taking an automatic
Level. Each additional character assisting the first reduces the penalty by 1.
wound level) and must make a
If the Mechanics check is successful, the vehicle is repaired one Damage
successful Dodge skill check to
Level. If the Mechanics check is unsuccessful, the craft will remain just as
avoid taking an additional wound
damaged as before. If the Mechanics check is a critical success, the vehicle
level for every 10 yards traveled
improves an extra Damage Level (in addition to the normal one). If the
in the vehicle destruction and/or
Mechanics check is a critical failure, the vehicle automatically downgrades
one level (if a Drifting Hulk already, the vehicle is effectively Destroyed). fallen.
Successful Mechanics checks will upgrade the vehicles condition by one
level each (but only at a maximum rate of one level per day).

~ Vehicles ~
Sea Vessels
Brigantine SPD 6 by sail, +4 with oars
MAN 3 HUL 20
HUL 20 AV 18 with copper plating (12 without)
AV 8 Weapons: Up to two squads of archers or musketeers on main
Weapons: Up to 10 cannon, mounted five each side on the main decks. Up to 16 cannons, mounted eight per side on the main deck.
deck. Up to 16 additional cannon, mounted eight each side below Up to two ballista fore and aft. Up to two additional small cannons,
deck. mounted one per crows nest.

Caravel Galleon
HUL 13 HUL 20
AV 8 AV 8
Weapons: Up to eight cannon, mounted four on each side on the Weapons: Up to 10 cannon, mounted on each side of the main
main deck deck. Up to 12 additional cannons mounted six each side below
SPD 6 Light Galley
MAN 1 SPD 4 by sail, +4 with oars
HUL 12 MAN 2
AV 8 HUL 16
Weapons: Up to five squads of musketeers on raised decks. Up to AV 10 with copper plating (eight without)
10 cannon, mounted five each side on the main deck. Up to eight Weapons: Up to two squads of archers or musketeers on main
additional cannon, mounted four each side below decks. decks. Up to eight cannon, mounted four per side on the main
deck. Up to two ballistas, mounted fore and aft. Ramming gear
Cog halves damage taken when ramming.
MAN 2 Heavy Galley
HUL 12 SPD 4 by sail, +6 with oars
AV 8 MAN 1
Weapons: Up to four cannon, mounted two each side on the main HUL 22
deck. Up to two squads of archers or musketeers, one each on the AV 10 with copper plating (eight
forecastle and sterncastle respectively. without)
Weapons: Up to two squads of archers or musketeers on main
Dhow decks. Up to eight cannon, four ballista, or two catapults mounted
half per side (four cannon, two ballista, or one catapult) on the
SPD 7 main deck. Ramming gear halves damage taken when ramming.
HUL 12
AV 8 Junk
Weapons: Up to six cannon, mounted three each side on the main SPD 6
deck MAN 3
HUL 14
AV 8
Weapons: Up to two squads of archers or musketeers on aft decks.
Up to eight cannon, mounted 4 each side on the main deck.

HUL 20
AV 8
Weapons: Up to 10 cannon, mounted fivw per side on the main
deck. Up to 12 additional cannon, mounted six to each side below

HUL 12
AV 8
Weapons: Up to 12 cannons, six each side on the main deck

Air Vessels
Air Sloop
Balloon This small but speedy and highly
This small one-man craft is often used for maneuverable craft is ideal for longer voyages
reconnaissance or for short trips across carrying a few passengers and small payloads.
Bachra. They are not built for great distance. SPD 9
MAN 1 HUL 14
HUL 6 AV 8
AV 5 Weapons: Personal armament only.
Weapons: Only what the passengers carry Maximum Load: 10 tons
Maximum Load: 800 lbs
Sky Merchant Usually powered by gnome-built drive
This vessel is built for long expeditions, systems, the autogyro is best suited for
being used to ship goods all over Bachra short range scouting and courier service.
and allied nations. SPD 10
HUL 20 AV 5
AV 8 Weapons: Personal armament only.
Weapons: Generally carry up to a squad of archers or musketeers, Maximum Load: one adult human-sized passengers plus 100lbs
and four swivel-guns, mounted two to a side. personal gear.
Maximum Load: 100 tons
Sky Galleon This air conveyance is silent and ideal for
This airship is meant for aerial assault short-range scouting and reconnaissance,
or support of ground troops. but requires wind and/or altitude
SPD 8 to launch. If the user has a ready or
MAN 3 controlled wind source (such as may be
HUL 20 delivered by magic or prayer), takeoff from a stationary ground
AV 8 position may be possible.
Weapons: Generally carry up to three SPD 9
squads of soldiers or marines, four MAN 2
cannon, eight swivel-guns, mounted HUL 6
four to a side. AV 5
Maximum Load: 100 tons Weapons: Personal armament only.
Maximum Load: One adult human-sized passenger plus 100lbs
personal gear.
Land Vehicles

Wagon Coach
Pulled by a team, this is the staple This enclosed wagon can be used for
mode of transport throughout the personal conveyance (usually by nobles
world. and the well-to-do) or as a mode of
SPD 6 public transport within the largest urban
MAN 0 centers.
HUL 14 SPD 6
AV 4 MAN 0
Weapons: Personal armament only. HUL 16
Maximum Load: Two adult human-sized passengers plus 1 ton AV 6
cargo. Weapons: Personal armament only.
Maximum Load: six to eight adult human-sized passengers plus
1,000lbs personal gear.
Chariot (Light)
Pulled by a single animal, the light chariot
is ideal for messengers, couriers and anyone
Steam Cart
wishing to travel relatively short distances This type of vehicle may actually use
very quickly. steam or gnome-built clockwork drive
SPD 8 systems, and can be an efficient way to
MAN 1 get around, as long as it sticks to the
HUL 6 main roads and isnt taken overland (as
AV 4 excessive jarring can cause mechanical
Weapons: Personal armament only. failure).
Maximum Load: One adult human-sized passenger plus 100lbs SPD 6
personal gear. MAN 1
HUL 10
AV 5
Chariot (War)
Weapons: Personal armament only.
Pulled by a team and often armored, the Maximum Load: three adult human-sized passengers plus 200lbs
war chariot is well suited for both speed personal gear.
and durability on the battlefield.
Steam Tank
HUL 8 Usually of dwarven manufacture,
AV 9 the armored steam tank is
Weapons: Wheel blades WR4, plus personal armament. beginning to appear in the service
Maximum Load: Two adult human-sized passenger plus 100lbs of nations with the resources to
personal gear. purchase and maintain them.
HUL 22
Usually drawn by large oxen or AV 10
montuhar (or powered by steam Weapons: One mounted siege weapon, plus personal armament.
engines), these giant passenger wagons Maximum Load: One driver, one gunner, one commander, one
can be found in municipal service mechanic, plus room for four soldiers.
throughout the world.
MAN -1
HUL 16
AV 8
Weapons: Personal armament only.
Maximum Load: 20 adult human-sized passengers, plus 2 tons

~ Magic & Divinity ~

agic in Arrowflight is a natural and pervasive force. Most
educated people know about the Web of Life and what it
does, though only those schooled in its workings are able
to use it to their own ends.
Anyone with the right training can learn to manipulate the
strands of the Web, creating amazing effects. However, only those
thoroughly studied in the finer points of arcane theory have access
to more complexand dangerousincantations. A professional
mage may be an expert in one specific theory, or well versed in
multiple disciplines.


he process of casting a spell is identical to any other skill
check in terms of game mechanics. The mage declares the
intent to cast the spell, makes a skill check based on the
characters MANA plus the Arcane Theory skill relevant to the spell
being cast. Each spell has a difficulty (or DIFF) associated with it,
which factors as a penalty to the Target Number.
Most spells have effects dependent on the margin of success
achieved (for example: a fireball spell that does WR3 damage
would do 6 damage if a margin of 2 was achieved). Mages add their x The defending mage must have a rating of at least 1 in the
MANA rating to any damage caused or healed, much like the STR same arcane theory as the caster.
bonus granted to physical combatants.
x The defending mage may make a dispel check by rolling
against his MANA plus the arcane theory skill in question,
Spell Failure minus the DIFF of the spell castin essence, attempting

f a mage fails the skill check while casting a spell, he must make the same spell as the caster, only with the intent of shutting
a MANA check. Roll 1D6 equal to or less than the characters it down. Unlike a Resist check, a dispel is all-or-nothing. If
MANA stat. If successful, there are no adverse effects; the spell the defender fails to achieve a greater success margin than
simply did not go off. If the MANA check is unsuccessful, the mage the caster, the spell has full effect.
takes 2x the DIFF of the spell in damage as the Web of Life zaps the

mage with psychic feedback. As this is direct magical damage, armor here is an alternate, not-purely-defensive method of
has no protective effect. Make Wound Saves as appropriate. avoiding spells, which entails the casting of a reversal spell
at the moment the attacking casters spell takes effect. This
redirection/reversal effect is a component of all arcane theories, but
Thwarting Spells must be designed into a spell and purchased with character points

epending upon the type of spell cast, there are three ways like any other spell. The redirect/reversal must be capable of being
to avoid its effects. cast instantly, as there will be zero prep timeit is considered a
reactive skill check, although subject to the rules of multiple actions
If the spell is corporeal (C), the spells effects may be per round, like dodging. It is cast just as any other opposed skill
dodged (unless specific spell provisions forbid it). check, and the defending mage must achieve more successes than
If the spell is non-corporeal (N), it may be resisted by the casterlike the dispel, the redirect/reversal is all-or-nothing.
making an opposed Resist check against the casters spell
check. Any margin achieved by the Resist check acts like Question: Can two mages fluent in the same arcane theory
a parry or dodge in combat, subtracting from the casters continue to redirect a spell back and forth all day long?
margin. If the Resist check has a greater success margin, Answer: In theory, both mages can take turns redirecting
the spell still goes off, but is ineffective. the spell in question; however, because the redirect occurs
instantly, any subsequent attempts are at a cumulative 3
The third and final way for one to avoid a spells effect is by a penalty to the casters Target Number. Eventually, one of the
negation or dispel check. This can get tricky, and only works within mages will lose the battle of success margins, and be forced
certain parameters: to dodge or Resist.

Mana Dampening Fields Spell Signature

ome areas, structures, or objects can be enchanted or inscribed he casting of any spell will send the casters psychic
with runes or wards, which cause a MANA dampening field signature out along the Web of Life with a specific
within the specified zone. This means any arcane magic is vibration, alerting certain practicioners to the use of magic.
subject to the MANA penalties inscribed. A mild dampening field Spell use is generally only sensed by other mages, magical entities or
might be 1, while stronger fields might range from 2 to 4. The the undead, who are naturally attracted to MANA. The casting of
most powerful dampening fields lock most all MANA within those the spell, the general type of spell, and the signature of the mage can
in their zones of influence, and can sometimes rate as high as 8. all be sensed within the spell DIFF x2 yards. The exact location of
This not only neutralizes the ability to effectively cast spells, but also the mage is not revealed, but casting multiple or high-DIFF spells in
any MANA bonus to damage. one location could put the mage at eventual risk.
Non-permanent dampening markers and wards can be moved
or re-drawn, while more permanent glyphs on structures are much
more troublesome for the mage. Designing and Purchasing Spells

It should be noted that a dampening field does not protect f your mage is in a hurry, feel free to select from the pre-
those in its zone of influence from incoming magic effects, only generated spells included with each theory. Each spell was
from effects cast within the zone. It also should be noted that, as all created using the effect lists, and shows how easy it is to actually
trained mages can automatically sense the ambient MANA levels design ones own custom spells. If a spell notes a focus item, the
in their immediate vicinity, they also can sense the presence and mage must note the specific focus item when the spell is selected.
location of a dampening field, and know to avoid it. However, if To design a custom spell, simply peruse the list of effects for
a dormant marker is brought in close and activated, the mage will the arcane theory in question.
have to maneuver out of the zone of influence Typically the base cost
in order to cast spells at full power. will begin with the first
Dampening markers, wards, or glyphs effect listed (Line of sight,
can be destroyed by physical means, so they single target, 20yds range,
are generally only used in specific locations for basic visual/audio, instant
specific purposes. duration), and the mage
can build upon that.
Once all effects have been
Mages and Death selected, the mage can

ecause magic is a matter of then buy down the DIFF
manipulating the strands of the Web by adding requirements
of Life, even so-called permanent (see page 72). One can
effects are not truly permanent. Upon a mages also personalize a pre-
death, all spells he has cast that are still active generated spell with this
begin to unravel, as the magic is undone. table.
There are two exceptions to this: instant A finished spell
effects and rune magic. Instant effects, cannot have a DIFF less
such as lightning bolts, healing effects, than 1. Moreover, only
or alchemical transformation, are not effects listed in a given
considered permanent effects, as they theory may be used to
create brief changes to the environment construct a spell in that
that cause the effects desired; they do theory. You may not cross
not magically hold the effects in place. effects from two or more
As such, the death of a healer will not different theories in a
cause a sudden rash of wounds across single spell.
the province. Rune magic, on the other hand, Purchasing a spell
does maintain a magical effect, but the rune costs its DIFF x 2 in
itself holds the magical effect in place. If casting a spell character points, whether it is
is like tying knots in the Web of Life, a rune is akin to a nail holding an original design or simply plucked from the pre-generated sample
that knot in place. Until the rune is destroyed, the magical effect spells. Mages are not limited in the number or difficulty of spells
will remain. The most common changes observed upon a mages they select.
death are dissolving illusions and the reversal of curses.

Combat Dispel
~ Arcane Theories ~ DIFF: 2
This margin of success in casting this spell is added to the difficulty
What follows is a listing of all known arcane theories, their doctrines of all Combat spells currently in use within 20 yards of the caster,
and spell creation effects lists. even spells which have already been successfully cast and have
durations lasting longer than instant. If the added difficulty
would have prevented the spell from going off, the spells duration
Combat is ended and any non-instant effects are negated. Multiple castings
The theory of magic specifically geared toward combat was born of of this spell have cumulative effect. It may also be used to counter
eons of conflict among nations. It has grown into a popular theory a Combat spell that was cast within the same round, provided it
among adventuring mages and mercenaries, and focuses primarily occurs on the same initiative as the countered spell (the caster may
on causing damage or protecting oneself and others from it. Various hold his action until the initiative of the individual he wishes to
forms of energy projection, shields, and protective circles are all counter). This requires a focus and a short incantation.
common to the style.
Death Touch
1 Line of sight, single target, 20yds, basic visual, basic This spell uses a mystically charged touch to cause physical damage.
audio, instant It requires a short invocation, and does WR3 damage. The caster
must physically touch the target for the effect to go off.
1 Per additional target
1 Per 10 yds range Distracting Visions
1 Per 3-foot radius DIFF: 2
1 Per WR stun damage This spell causes a brief vision to appear in the corner of a targets
eye, distracting him at a critical moment, reducing his initiative
2 Per WR wound damage
target by 1 for a round. This spell requires a single word, a hand
1 Per AV gesture, and a focus. The range is 10 yards.
2 Per 100 lbs moved
Energy Wave
1 Per 10-foot altitude
1 Per 5 mph This spell creates a mystically-charged wave of disruptive energy,
3 Effect seeks target (no dodge) sweeping in a straight line from the caster for 20 yards, striking all
2 Effect immobilizes target in the range (all targets in range may attempt to dodge, and each
must beat the casters margin of success). The spell is WR2, and
1 Negates light armor requires a single word, a single-hand motion, and a spell focus.
2 Negates light and medium armor
3 Negates light, medium and heavy armor Freeze
3 Alters targets initiative by 1 DIFF: 2
This spell causes a target within 20 yards to freeze in place for a
3 Per round of duration moment. A single action is prevented with a successful rollthe
5 Redirects or reverses opponents spell effects (must be of target may be prevented from defending himself from an attack, or
same theory) he may be prevented from making an attack that round.

Sample spells: Levitate

Armor This spell causes a target of up to 300 pounds to rise up to 20
feet into the air. This spell requires a two-handed gesture, a short
DIFF: 3 incantation, and a spell focus. It lasts for 1 minute, and the target
This spell creates an energy bubble with a 10-foot radius around the (which may be the caster) is in control of how high they float.
caster, protecting himself and those in his immediate vicinity. This
bubble has AV3, and it lasts for a minute. This spell requires a short
Mystic Blast
incantation and a two-handed motion.
This spell creates a sphere of mystic energy that is then thrown at a
target, dealing WR3 damage. It has a maximum range of 20 yards.
This spell requires a short incantation and a two-handed motion.

Refuge Divination
Most often assumed to be a passive, mystical art dealing with the
discovery of hidden information, this theory has a major strength
This creates an immobile sphere of protection that works like
associated with it: the power to not only perceive and penetrate fate,
armor. This requires a simple circle drawn, complete with a short
but to alter it. Diviners not only read the past, present, and future,
incantation, a two-handed motion, and a ritual that takes 5 rounds
they can often slow an enemy, quicken an ally, even speed up or
to cast. The spell lasts for 5 minutes, and has AV6.
reverse temporal flow in a very small area. Distance is of no general
concernwhat is important is the connection with the mage and
the willingness of fate to answer the questions asked (or alter its
DIFF: 2 mandate). Note that seeing into the future is not perfectthe
This spell teleports 10 pounds of matter a maximum of 10 yards, choices of the living or the gods can alter the ways events progress.
provided both locations are visible to the caster. This spell requires a Visions of the future are merely hints as to what is most likely, not
single word, a single-hand motion, and a focus item. what is certain.

Spectral Sword DIFF EFFECT

1 Line of sight, single target, 20 yds, basic visual, basic
This spell hardens mystic energy into the shape of a one-handed
audio, instant
sword, crackling with eldritch energies. This weapon does WR2
damage, and unlike most spells, this weapon gains a bonus from the 1 Per additional target
users Strength, but not the casters Mana. The sword lasts for one 1 Per 10 yds range
minute, and requires a short incantation, a two-handed motion, and
a focus. 1 Per 3-foot radius
1 Per day difference in time, up to 7
Wall of Protection 1 Per week difference in time, up to 12
DIFF: 2 1 Per season difference in time
This spell creates a 10 x 10-foot barrier at the casters location.
Living and undead matter cannot penetrate this barrier, but 1 Response is audio
inanimate can if it can penetrate AV1. This spell lasts 1 minute, 1 Response is brief visual flashes
and requires a short incantation, a two-handed motion, and a focus 2 Response is detailed visual
1 Target is out of line of sight
2 Target is outside the local area
3 Target is outside the province or kingdom
4 Target is a deity or supernatural being (must specify)
-1 Link is with close friend or family member
1 Link is with stranger
2 Link is with a hostile target
1 Caster can ask yes/no questions of target
2 Caster can converse in detail with target
3 Caster can actively control target (so long as it is not
instructed to directly harm itself )
6 Target physically travels the time stream
4 Per minute/hour/day duration*
-1 Caster/target is in trance or unconscious;
Target is inanimate
5 Redirects or reverses opponents spell effects (must be of
same theory)

Sample spells: Scrying
This spell enables the caster to see an area that is up to 20 miles
Fog Divination
from his current location, and whatever is occurring in that location
DIFF: 2 at that moment. This requires a generic focus item and a single
This margin of success in casting this spell is added to the difficulty spoken word. It lasts as long as the caster maintains concentration,
of all Divination spells currently in use within 20 yards of the caster, but he is unaware of his own surroundings as long as he casts the
even spells that have already been successfully cast. If the added spell. This spell requires a focus item and a single spoken word.
difficulty would have prevented the spell from going off, the spell is
negated. Multiple castings of this spell have a cumulative effect. It Veil
may also be used to counter a Divination spell that was cast within DIFF: 2
the same round, provided it occurs on the same initiative as the This spell makes it difficult to see the target, which must be touched
countered spell (the caster may hold their action until the initiative by the caster at the time of casting. An Awareness roll must be made
of the individual they wish the counter). This requires a focus and a to see the target of this spell, vs the margin of success of the casting
short incantation. of the spell. The target may be an object or a living being, and the
effect lasts for a minute. The spell requires a two-handed motion, a
Locate short incantation, and a focus item.
This spell enables the caster to sense where a target is located. They
must be within 10 miles, and the mage must know specifically what
the target is that they are looking forif they are looking for an One of the most ancient magical disciplines, this theory is
individual, they must know his name. Alternatively, it can be used concerned with mastery of the primary elemental forces of nature:
to locate where one left their moneybag. This spell requires a short earth, air, fire, and water. Some mages choose a single signature
incantation and a two-handed motion. element to work with, while others prefer a broad range of
incantations incorporating all four elements. As arcane theories go,
Post-Cognition it is one of the most versatile and powerful, favored by mages with
strong imaginations and free spirits.
This spell allows the caster to see up to one month into the past,
gaining information from an item, place, or person. This may be DIFF EFFECT
cast on a person, an item, or a location, allowing the caster to see a 1 Line of sight, single target, 20yds, basic visual, basic
single event of importance from within the past month. This spell audio, instant
requires a focus item and takes two rounds to cast. The vision is
1 Per additional target
delivered to the caster in a single round.
1 Per 10 yds range
Precognition 1 Per 3-foot radius
DIFF: 2 2 Alters elemental composition within area of effect (earth
This spell allows the caster to see up to one week into the future. to fire, water to air, etc.)
This spell requires a generic focus item, a two-handed motion, a
1 Per WR stun damage
short incantation, and two rounds to cast. The vision is of a single
event up to a week in the future, not of all events within that time, 2 Per WR wound damage
but the vision is delivered to the caster in a single round. 1 Per AV
1 Per 10-foot altitude
Read Soul
DIFF: 1 1 Per 5 mph
This spell enables the caster to learn about the target. For each 3 Effect seeks target (no dodge)
margin of success, the caster may learn the answer to one general 1 Per +1 skill increase bestowed on effect
yes/no question about the target, his personality, his goals, and/or
his beliefs. The answers will be vague and general, but multiple 2 Per +1 stat increase bestowed on effect
castings can allow more specific information to be gleaned. The 4 Per minute/hour/day duration*
target must be within 20 yards, and the spell requires a single-hand -1 Environment is conducive to invoke element in question
motion and a single word. (abundant earth, water, breeze, combustible material,
5 Redirects or reverses opponents spell effects (must be of
same theory)

Sample spells:

Chill Wind
This spell creates a powerful gust of chilling wind filled with shards
of icicles that does WR2 damage and hits a target within 20 yards.
This spell requires a short incantation and a single-hand motion.

Counter Elements
The margin of success in casting this spell is added to the difficulty
of all Elemental spells currently in use within 20 yards of the caster,
even spells which have already been successfully cast. If the added
difficulty would have prevented the spell from going off, the spell Fire Wall
is negated. Multiple castings of this spell have cumulative effect. It
may also be used to counter an Elemental spell that was cast within DIFF: 4
the same round, provided it occurs on the same initiative as the This spell creates a wall of flame 10 feet x 10 feet. Living and
countered spell (the caster may hold their action until the initiative undead matter cannot penetrate this wall, and it has AV3 for the
of the individual they wish the counter). This requires a focus and a purposes of attacks trying to break through. Touching the wall
short incantation. deals WR2. This spell lasts for one minute. It may be summoned
anywhere within 20 yards, and it requires a focus, a short
incantation, and a two-handed action.
DIFF: 2 Stone Wall
The target of this spelleither the caster or an individual touched DIFF: 4
by the casteris capable of flying. They can fly up to 15 mph, up This spell creates a wall of stone 10 feet x 10 feet. This wall has AV8
to 50 feet into the air, and lasts for one hour. This requires a minute for the purposes of trying to break through, and the spell lasts for
ritual, and requires a spell focus, a two-handed gesture, and a short one minute. It may be summoned anywhere within 20 yards, and it
incantation. requires a short incantation, a two-handed gesture, and a rare spell
DIFF 2 Water Breathe
This spell enables the user to freeze all water within a 10-foot radius DIFF: 2
to become solid ice. The ice will melt as normal. This spell requires a The target of this spelleither the caster or an individual touched
two-handed motion and a short incantation. by the elementalistis capable of breathing water for one hour.
This requires a one-minute ritual, a single-hand motion, and a single
Ice Wall word.
This spell creates a wall of ice 10 feet x 10 feet. This wall has AV5
for the purposes of trying to break through, and the spell lasts for
one minute. It may be summoned anywhere within 20 yards, and it
requires a single word, a hand gesture, and a spell focus.

This spell creates a WR4 fireball that is thrown at the target. It has
a range of 20 yards. The spell requires a short incantation, a two-
handed action, and a focus item.

Glamours are atypical of most magical theories. While most species 1 Line of sight, single target, 20yds, basic visual, basic
must study the Web of Life and learn the science of manipulating audio, instant
it, the different faeriekind have an instinctive understanding of 1 Per additional effect
the theory of Glamour. Non-faeriekind are incapable of learning
1 Per 10 yds range
this magical skill. Because it is instinctive, the usual prerequisites
of Natural and Theoretical Sciences are not required; the only 1 Per 3-foot radius
requirement is that the character is faeriekind. Glamours combine 2 Per 100 lbs moved
the effects of the Illusory theory, as well as some aspects of Primal,
1 Per 10-foot altitude
and even some Divination and Necromancy. It is believed by some
scholars that all modern magic theories were derived from the basic 1 Per 5 mph
foundation of Glamour. Glamours are best known for illusory 1 Complex audio (human/animal sound)
effects and emotional manipulation, both of which can lend a subtle
but devastating benefit on the battlefield, but the theory is far more 2 Complex visual (real form)
diverse than even that. 1 Effect has independent movement within casting range
1 Effect has independent interaction (can converse without
casters control)
2 Effect has autonomy (can move outside casting range,
without casters control)
3 Effect is tangible (can affect material items & living
1 Telepathic link to animal/vegetable target
1 Summons/controls 1 type of animal (specify: Birds,
Mammals, Reptiles/ Amphibians, Invertebrates, Fish)
1 Animates inanimate target
1 Disenchants animated target
1 Per +1 skill increase bestowed on effect
2 Per +1 stat increase bestowed on effect
4 Per minute/hour/day duration*
5 Redirects or reverses opponents spell effects (must be of
same theory)
2 Target loses consciousness
2 Targets emotions are altered
4 Target gains a point of Destiny for the duration
1 Target follows simple instructions or answers yes/no
2 Target follows detailed instructions or converses freely
1 Caster can ask yes/no questions of target
2 Caster can converse in detail with target
3 Caster can actively control target (so long as it is not
instructed to directly harm itself )
3 Target gains a specific ability from animal/vegetable
1 Per -1 skill decrease bestowed on effect
2 Per -1 stat decrease bestowed on effect
2 Reshapes dead or inanimate material.
3 Burrows through dead or inanimate material

Sample spells: DIFF: 4
This spell reduces one of a targets attributes by 1 for one hour. This
requires touch, along with a one-minute ritual.
Animal Speak
DIFF: 1 Darken Heart
The faerie can speak to and understand an animal for one
minute. This spell requires a single-hand motion and the word, DIFF: 2
Speak! This spell instills hate, sorrow, jealously, or any other negative
emotion on a target for a specific object or person. This lasts for one
minute. It has a 20 yard range, and requires a two-handed gesture.
Animate the Nonliving
DIFF: 2 Enchanted Sleep
This spell enables a faerie to animate an inanimate object. A toy
can jump to its feet and dance, a chair can scamper across the DIFF: 2
room, or a tree branch can sway. The larger the object, the slower This spell will cause a target within 20 yards to fall into a deep sleep
it moves, and it cannot gain enough speed and mass to do actual for one hour. The target will not awaken during this time unless
injury. The item must be within 20 yards, and it will animate as they are attacked. The spell requires a spell focus, a two-handed
the faerie demands for one minute. motion, and a short lullaby.

Babble Enchanting Dance

The target speaks only gibberish for a minute, and is unable to The target of this spell is forced to start dancing and may only attack
speak understandable languages. This lasts for two minutes, and or defend himself if it can be worked into the dance. This spell lasts
can target anyone within 20 yards. This requires a single-hand for one minute, and affects any target within 20 yards. This requires
motion and the word, Babble! a single-hand motion.

Beckon Faerie Madness

This spell causes a target to be compelled to travel to a nearby This spell creates an 20-yard-radius area where strange forms
location. The target and the location must each be within 60 appear and vanish at random, plants grow out of unusual locations,
yards of the faerie. The target will feel this compulsion for five senses blend strangely, and generally makes those within the area
minutes or until they arrive at the location. This spell requires a feel as if their senses have gone mad. Faeries often use this to fuel
short incantation and a single-hand motion. their celebrations and social gatherings. This spell lasts for one
hour, requires a minute ritual, a two-handed motion, and a short
DIFF: 2 Fish Swim
The target will be confused and unable to comprehend what
is occurring around them. They can still defend themselves if DIFF: 2
attacked, but may not be able to discern friend from foe if they The target of this spelleither the caster or an individual touched
wish to make an attack. This spell lasts for one minute, and has a by the faerieis capable of breathing water for one hour. This
range of 20 yards. It requires a single-hand motion. requires a one-minute ritual, a single-hand motion, and the word,
This spell will instill love, lust, joy, or any strongly positive DIFF: 2
emotion on a target for a specific object or person. This lasts for The target of this spelleither the caster or an individual touched
one minute. It has a 20 yard range, and requires a two-handed by the faerieis capable of flight for one hour, flying as fast as
gesture. they can normally walk or run. This requires a one-minute ritual, a
single-hand motion, and the word, Fly!
Control Animal
This spell allows the mage to control an animal within 20 yards DIFF: 2
for a single action. This requires a single word. If the command The faerie can appear human- or elf-sized for two hours. Their
is suicidal, the animal may re-roll a failed Resist roll. attributes do not change, but they now possess the leverage needed
to wield human-size weapons. This requires a two-handed motion
and the word, Grow!

Hidden Eyes
This spell makes it difficult to see the target, which must be touched
by the caster at the time of casting. An Awareness roll must be The counterpart to Combat theory is of course Healing, the
made to see the target of this spell, vs the margin of success of the discipline of magically reversing damage to the body. Over many
casting of the spell. The target may be an object or a living being, centuries of refinement, practitioners of this theory have become
and the effect lasts for four minutes. The spell requires a two-handed so well versed in the workings of the body that some are able to
motion, a short incantation, and a focus item. use their power to harm as well. Though dedicated to the art of
mending wounds and easing pain, most healing mages will still keep
a wounding spell in their grimoiresstrictly for self-defense, of
Illusory Beast
course. Healing and Alchemy seem to go together well, and many
DIFF: 2 Healers are skilled in making healing tinctures, as well as deadly
This spell will create a horribly frightening creature that abruptly toxins.
appears within 20 yards of the faerie, roars horribly, lasts for a
round, and then vanishes. This spell requires a two-handed motion
and the word, Surprise! DIFF EFFECT
1 Line of sight, single target, 20yds, basic visual, basic
Protection audio, instant
DIFF: 4 1 Per additional target
This spell grants a target a single point of Destiny. This lasts for 1 Per 10 yds range
three hours, and requires a three-minute ritual. The target must be
within touch range when the ritual is cast. 1 Per 3-foot radius
1 Per 2 WR stun damage caused/healed
Shape Clanhold 2 Per WR wound damage caused/healed
1 Neutralizes/purges toxins in area of effect
This spell enables the faerie to shape wood, dirt, stone, dead flesh,
coral, stone, or other inanimate material. For one minute, the 2 Reattaches severed tissue
faerie can shape this material as if it was clay, or burrow through it 4 Regenerates lost tissue
without difficulty. If the material is living, such as coral or wood, it
2 Effect immobilizes target
will live in the new form without difficulty, and it is often used to
create clanholds. The spell affects the faerie, not the material. If the 2 Target loses consciousness
spell is cancelled, it will not return the reshaped material to its old 1 Spell effect can be in potion or salve form
3 Effect seeks target (no dodge)
Unweave Glamour 2 Per +1 skill rating increase/decrease
DIFF: 2 3 Per +1 stat rating increase/decrease
This margin of success in casting this spell is added to the difficulty 1 Target feels no pain
of all Glamour spells currently in use within 20 yards of the caster,
even spells which have already been successfully cast. If the added 4 Per minute/hour/day duration*
difficulty would have -1 Target is unconscious
prevented the spell 5 Redirects or reverses opponents spell effects (must be of
from going off, the spell same theory)
is negated. Multiple
castings of this spell have
cumulative effect. It may
Sample spells:
also be used to counter
a Glamour spell that Amplify Strength
was cast within the same DIFF: 2
round, provided it occurs This spell temporarily raises the targets STR by +1 for one minute.
on the same initiative as The range is touch, and dont forget to apply the altered STR to
the countered spell (the SAVE and SHRUG, as appropriate. This spell requires a short
caster may hold their incantation, a single-hand motion, and a spell focus.
action until the initiative
of the individual they Cooling Touch
wish the counter). This
requires a focus and a
This dissipates stun damage from a single target, healing WR2 stun
short incantation.
damage. This requires touch and a single word.

Counter Healing A combination of trickery and conjuration, this theory is the art of
DIFF: 2 making that which is not real to be perceived as real. In some cases,
This margin of success in casting this spell is added to the difficulty a simple visual or aural manifestation is all that is necessary, while
of all healing spells currently in use within 20 yards of the caster, in other cases, a fully tangible illusion is the right course of action.
even spells which have already been successfully cast. If the added This theory does both in equal measure. While the conjuration
difficulty would have prevented the spell from going off, the spell of matter would appear to be a distinct art in and of itself, it was
is negated. Multiple castings of this spell have cumulative effect. actually a secondary discoveryas it is only transitory matter, it is a
It may also be used to counter a Healing spell that was cast within byproduct of the Illusory theory.
the same round, provided it occurs on the same initiative as the
countered spell (the caster may hold their action until the initiative
of the individual they wish the counter). This requires a focus and a
short incantation. 1 Line of sight, single target, 20yds, basic visual, basic
audio, instant
Healing 1 Per additional effect
DIFF: 1 1 Per 10 yds range
This dissipates wound damage from a single target, healing WR1
1 Per 3-foot radius
damage. This requires a single word and a touch to the target.
1 Complex audio (human/animal sound)
Mend 2 Complex visual (real form)
DIFF: 2 1 Effect has independent movement within casting range
This spell reattaches severed tissue. The spell must be cast within one
hour of the limb being severed. It requires a single word, a single- 1 Effect has independent interaction (can converse
hand motion, and a spell focus, as well as the severed limb. The without casters control)
range is limited to touch. 2 Effect has autonomy (can move outside casting range,
without casters control)
Purify Toxins 3 Effect is tangible (can affect material items & living
DIFF: 2 matter)
This spell purifies poisons and impurities from a beverage or food, 1 Per WR stun damage
or even from a weapon blade. It affects all within a 10-foot radius
circle, which the caster must draw. This requires the circle, as well as 2 Per WR wound damage
a one-hour ritual, a simple incantation, a two-handed motion, and 1 Per AV
a spell focus. 2 Per 100lbs moved

Regeneration 1 Per 10-foot altitude

DIFF: 3 1 Per 5 mph
This spell allows a target to regenerate lost limbs over the course of 3 Effect seeks target (no dodge)
three days. This ritual must begin within three hours of the limb
1 Per +1 skill increase bestowed on effect
being lost. This ritual takes 15 minutes to cast, and requires a drawn
circle, an incantation, a two-handed focus, and a rare spell focus. 2 Per +1 stat increase bestowed on effect
4 Per minute/hour/day duration*
Rend 5 Redirects or reverses opponents spell effects (must be of
DIFF: 2 same theory)
This spell causes a body to tear itself open, dealing WR3 damage. It
requires a two-handed gesture and a short invocation, and is limited
Sample spells:
to touch range.

Rest Banshee Scream

This spell causes a single target to fall into a normal sleep. If the This spell creates an auditory illusion of a horrible wailing; the
target is already in need of sleep, the target may remain sleeping if source of the sound can move at the casters command. The wailing
they are not disturbed after the one-minute duration is up. They can even be directed toward a specific target, who will take WR2
also will awaken if something occurs that would normally awaken stun damage, vs their Resist roll. This lasts for one minute. It
them. The target must be within 20 yards. This requires a single requires a short incantation, a two-handed motion, a focus item,
word and a single-hand motion. and a round of ritual.

Disguise Phantasmal Face
This spell enables the caster to alter his appearance or the appearance This spell creates an illusionary face on a wall, mirror, or other flat
of someone they are touching. This is entirely a visual change, and surface, which can speak any words the caster desires during the
if a dwarf is made to look like an orc, someone grasping the orcs duration, provided it has the casters full attention. It can appear
shoulder will quickly discover the truth. This spell lasts for one hour, within 20 yards, and it will last for one minute. This requires a short
and requires a three-minute ritual. incantation, a two-handed motion, and a spell focus.

Dispel Illusions Poisonous Taste

This margin of success in casting this spell is added to the difficulty This spell allows the caster to alter the sense of taste that a target has.
of all Illusory spells currently in use within 20 yards of the caster, They may taste something sweet as bitter, or vice versa. This lasts for
even spells which have already been successfully cast. If the added one minute, and requires a single-hand motion.
difficulty would have prevented the spell from going off, the spell
is negated. Multiple castings of this spell have cumulative effect. Spectral Guard Dog
It may also be used to counter a Illusory spell that was cast within DIFF: 4
the same round, provided it occurs on the same initiative as the This spell creates a guard dog that will follow the casters basic
countered spell (the caster may hold their action until the initiative directions, generally to watch over a particular area and bark loudly
of the individual they wish the counter). This requires a focus and a should an intruder appear. This dog lasts for eight hours, and
short incantation. requires a 30-minute-long ritual to summon. It also requires a two-
handed motion, a focus item, and a short incantation.
False Fire
DIFF: 3 Whispers on the Wind
This spell creates a crackling ball of fire in the casters hands. It can DIFF: 1
either provide light, or it can be hurled at a target within 20 yards, This spell allows the caster to create the sound of their voice
dealing WR2 stun damage. The fire lasts for one minute. It requires whispering quietly up to 20 yards away. It can be used to whisper
a short incantation, a two-handed motion, a focus item, and a to someone across the room, without others hearing what they are
round of ritual. saying. This can last up to one minute, and the site of the whisper
cannot moveif the person they are speaking to moves, they will
Invisibility no longer hear the whisper. This requires a short incantation and a
DIFF: 4 two-handed motion.
This spell allows the caster (or another target being touched) to turn
invisible for a minute. It requires a short incantation, a two-handed
motion, and a spell focus. Attempting to strike the invisible
individual is at a -4 penalty.

Control Ghoul
Necromancy DIFF: 3
This spell allows a caster to control the mind of a ghoul. Any
A secretive and oft misunderstood art, Necromancy is not limited to potentially suicidal command or one which would cause him to
raising corpses and creating undead servants. Simply put, it is the art hurt someone close to him will give him an additional Resist roll.
of animating that which is not alive. From a golem made of stone This spell lasts for a minute, and must target a ghoul within 20
to a wooden stool, to a suit of armor or an ancient skeleton, the yards. The spell requires a single word, a single-hand motion, and
necromancer breathes life into lifelessness, often by the transference a spell focus. (NOTE: each different species of Undead requires a
of living mana. There is, of course, a small but pivotal aspect to the separate spell)
art that is concerned with communion with the dead. In its way,
Necromancy is a limited form of Divination or Summoning.
Create Zombie
While not illegal in most nations, necromancers are nonetheless DIFF: 2
carefully monitored by arcane authorities. This spell transforms a recently deceased corpse into a zombie. The
zombie will follow the creators commands as long as he continues
DIFF EFFECT to feed it what it requires. A botched roll can create an uncontrolled
ghoul. This spell requires a one-minute ritual, a short incantation,
1 Line of sight, single target, 20yds, basic visual, basic a focus item, and an investment of one MANA into the zombie,
audio, instant which is returned at its normal rate. Creating other variety of
1 Per additional target undead require separate spells, and not all undead can be created
1 Per 10 yds range in this fashion. Creating Blood Children adds +4 to the difficulty;
creating Wights or Mummies adds +8 to the difficulty.
1 Per 3-foot radius
1 Per WR stun damage
2 Per WR wound damage
1 Per AV
1 Animates inanimate target
1 Disenchants animated target
1 Per MANA transferred
1 Caster can ask yes/no questions of otherwise inanimate
2 Caster can converse in detail with otherwise inanimate
3 Effect seeks target (no dodge)
1 Per +1 skill increase bestowed on effect
2 Per +1 stat increase bestowed on effect
4 Per minute/hour/day duration*
-1 Organic target has been dead less than its previous
MANA in days
5 Redirects or reverses opponents spell effects (must be of
same theory)

Sample spells:

Communion with the Dead

This spell allows the caster to commune with a dead spirit and ask
questions of them. A face must be carved within a gourd, and a
body part of the target dead individual must be placed within it.
The deads voice will come from the gourd, and the caster will be
able to speak with them for an hour before the spell expires. In
addition to the creation of the container, a short incantation and
two rounds of ritual must be completed.

Dispel Dead
This margin of success in casting this spell is added to the difficulty
of all Necromancy spells currently in use within 20 yards of the
caster, even spells which have already been successfully cast. If the
added difficulty would have prevented the spell from going off,
the spell is negated. Multiple castings of this spell have cumulative
effect. It also may be used to counter a Necromancy spell that was
cast within the same round, provided it occurs on the same initiative
as the countered spell (the caster may hold their action until the
initiative of the individual they wish the counter). This requires a
focus and a short incantation.

Drain Mana
This spell transfers one point of Mana from the target to the caster,
and allows the caster to use it for himself. This spell lasts for one
hour, and requires a short incantation, a single-hand motion, and
a focus item. Its range is touch. If the targets MANA is reduced to
0 by this spell, and they die while in this state, the drained MANA
will stay with the caster for a day before dissipating, and the dead
victim will likely rise as a ghoul or other undead.

Ghost Shield
This spell creates an aura around a target that strikes out at those
who attack him. This spell uses the casters successes from his
original casting to determine damage. It is a WR1 attack, and it
requires a focus item, a two-handed motion, a short incantation,
and an extra round of casting time. It lasts for one minute. The
target must be within 10 feet when the spell is cast.

This spell permanently puts a corpse or spirit to rest, discontinuing Spy
any necromantic spell currently in effect on the target, and DIFF: 4
preventing future animation. The duration is instant. This spell This allows the caster to create, animate, and control a small golem
requires a short incantation and the heart of a dove. This cannot from mud and wood. This small winged creature can fly and will
work on an undead creature unless it is currently in a state of death. obey the mental commands of its creator. The caster can see through
the golems eyes, though while he is doing so, he is unaware of his
Reanimation own surroundings. It has AGL 2, and effectively STR 0 and DEX
DIFF: 3 0. The golem lasts for one day, and its creation requires a Craft roll,
This spell will cause a corpse or skeleton to rise and obey the orders a three-hour ritual, a drawn circle into which the golem is placed, a
of the caster. They have WILL 1 and INT 1, while their physical few drops of the casters blood, and a short incantation.
stats are based on the state of the body. The body will stay active for
two hours, after which point it will collapse. This requires a focus, a Transfer Mana
seven-minute ritual, a two-handed motion, a short incantation, and DIFF: 2
a circle drawn around the creature that is being raised. This spell transfers one point of MANA from the caster to the
target, and allows the target to use it for himself. This spell lasts for
one hour, and requires a short incantation, a single-hand motion,
and a focus item. Its range is touch. If the casters MANA is reduced
to 0 and he dies while in this state, that MANA remains with the
target for a day before dissipating, and the caster will likely rise as a
ghoul or other undead.

The Primal theory plays on the most basic foundation of the Web of
Life. Most Academ-Arcanae do not teach much Primal, relegating it
to a side discipline. However, due to its unique approach to the Web
of Life, it is seen as a usefulif somewhat obscureobject lesson.
Primal is concerned with the manipulation of nature and natural
energies, often taking on transformational properties. It is useful for
summoning and/or communing with animals and the like. Primal
spells categorize animals into five groups: birds, mammals, reptiles/
amphibians, fish, and invertebrates. A spell to control birds will not
control mammals, but an otherwise identical spell can be selected.
Note that these spells do not affect sentient beings, no matter how

1 Line of sight, single target, 20yds, basic visual, basic
audio, instant
1 Per additional target
1 Per 10 yds range
1 Per 3-foot radius
1 Summons/controls one type of animal (specify: Birds,
Mammals, Reptiles/ Amphibians, Invertebrates, Fish)
3 Per additional type of animal summoned/controlled
1 Animates/controls inanimate living object
1 Telepathic link to animal/vegetable target
1 Response is audio
1 Response is brief visual flashes
2 Response is detailed visual
1 Target is out of line of sight Sample spells:
2 Target is outside the local area
3 Target is outside the province or kingdom Animate Plants
3 Target becomes form of animal/vegetable (specify type) DIFF: 1
The caster can cause a plant to animate, taking a single action. The
2 Target retains mental faculties
planet cannot uproot itself, but it can lash its branches or exposed
1 Possessions transform with target roots, tangle itself around a target, etc. The plant must be within 20
-1 Link is with close friend or family member yards. It cannot deal damage.
1 Link is with stranger
Commune with Nia
2 Link is with a hostile target DIFF: 1
1 Caster can ask yes/no questions of target The caster is able to speak with a a plant, animal, or natural
2 Caster can converse in detail with target formation. The target may not have much to say, nor is it forced to
be truthful or polite; this spell merely allows conversation. This spell
-3 Caster falls unconscious for spell duration lasts for one minute, and requires a two-handed motion.
4 Per minute/hour/day duration*
5 Redirects or reverses opponents spell effects (must be of Control Bird
same theory) DIFF: 1
This spell allows the mage to control a bird within 20 yards for
a single action. This requires a single word. If the command is
suicidal, they gain +2 to their Resist target.

Counter Primal
This margin of success in casting this spell is added to the difficulty
of all Primal spells currently in use within 20 yards of the caster,
even spells which have already been successfully cast. If the added
difficulty would have prevented the spell from going off, the spell is Strength of the Montuhar
negated. Multiple castings of this spell have cumulative effect. It also
may be used to counter a Primal spell that was cast within the same DIFF: 2
round, provided it occurs on the same initiative as the countered This spell increases the targets STR by +2 for a round. It requires a
spell (the caster may hold their action until the initiative of the two-handed gesture.
individual they wish the counter). This requires a focus and a short
incantation. Summon Mammal
Lizard Possession The mage can summon any one type of mammal to his side. The
DIFF: 2 animal will come quickly to the site of the summoner, at which
The caster can possess a lizard or amphibian, taking command of point, it will go to the site of the summons as quickly as it is able,
its mind and placing his own consciousness within the animal. His at which point it is released from the control of the spell and will
own body is left behind, catatonic for the duration. If the animal is behave normally. The animal must be somewhere within 60 yards.
killed, the caster takes the animals SHRUG in damage. The spell
lasts for up to one hour, and it requires the animal be within 20 Wall of Thorns
yards and within line of sight of the mage. The spell requires a one- DIFF: 2
minute ritual. This spell creates a 10 feet x 10 feet wall of thorny vegetation that
obscures line of sight and prevents passage. The wall has AV4, and
Plant Growth WR1. This spell lasts for one minute, and requires a two-handed
DIFF: 2 gesture, a spell focus, a short incantation, and a one-round ritual.
The target plant ages and grows, gaining +10 to its DP, up to a
maximum of its full adult size. Each DP takes one action to grow.
The effect is considered instant. The plant must be within 20 yards
and within line of sight. The spell requires a short incantation, a
two-handed motion, and a focus item.

Plant Shape
This spell enables the mage to shape any living plant material.
For one minute, the mage can shape the plant as if it were clay, or
burrow through it without difficulty. The plant will live in the new
form without difficulty, and it is often used to create shelters. The
spell affects the mage, not the plant; canceling the spell will not
undo the reshaped plant.

Shapeshift to Bear
This spell allows the mage or someone he is touching to shapeshift
into a bear, and their physical attributes alter to match those of
the creature. This lasts for three hours, and requires a three-minute
ritual, a short incantation, and a two-handed gesture.

Shapeshift to Mouse
The mage or someone they are touching shapeshift into a mouse,
though they retain all their same attributes. This lasts for 5 minutes,
and requires a one round ritual, a short incantation, and a two-
handed gesture.

Summoning 1 Line of sight, single target, 20yds, basic visual, basic
The arcane theory known as Summoning is viewed with a great deal audio, instant
of suspicion in many nations, and not without reason. This theory
1 Per additional target
specifically concerns the summoning and control of supernatural
creatures, including spirits, the undead, angels, and demons. Mages 1 Per 10 yds range
who engage in the practice are often given a wide berth, and subject 1 Per 3-foot radius
to excessive scrutiny. It is a difficult and risky theory to undertake,
1 Summons/controls 1 type of entity (specify: Undead,
and those who cannot control the forces they summon are seen
Spiritual, Demonic, Angelic)
to get exactly what they deserve. Summoning spells must specify
the specific type of being determined when the spell is purchased. 3 Per additional type of entity summoned/controlled
For instance, a summon cherub spell is wholly different from a 1 Audio manifestation
summon goblin spell. Some varieties of demonics and angelics
cannot be summoned, nor can any god, ancestor spirit, totem, 2 Ethereal manifestation
or saint. Summoning spells require that the caster know the 3 Full corporeal manifestation
summoned creature by sightif they have been given a description 1 Target is out of line of sight
of a montaka but have never seen one, they cannot learn the spell.
2 Target is outside the local area
Summoning spells and controlling spells are always two separate 3 Target is outside the province or kingdom
spells, and they cannot be combined into a single spell. Once a 1 Target follows simple instructions or answers yes/no
target has been summoned, the mage must quickly cast a controlling questions
spell to use what it has just summoned. The listed summon and
control spells can be altered to summon a specific species of 2 Target follows detailed instructions or converses freely
demonic, angelic, animal, undead, or mortal species. -1 Target is close friend or family member
1 Target is stranger
2 Target is hostile
1 Caster can ask yes/no questions of target
2 Caster can converse in detail with target
3 Caster can actively control target (so long as it is not
instructed to directly harm itself )
-3 Caster falls unconscious for spell duration
4 Per minute/hour/day duration*
5 Redirects or reverses opponents spell effects (must be of
same theory)

Sample spells:

Banish Demon
This spell returns a demonic entity to the Caverns of Chaos. This
requires a single-hand motion, a single word, and a spell focus. Note
that banishing Angelics to the City of Truth is a separate spell.

Control Human
This spell allows a caster to control the mind of a human. Any
potentially suicidal command or one that would cause him to hurt
someone close to him will give him an additional Resist roll. This
spell lasts for one minute, and must target a human within 20 yards.
The spell requires a single word, a single-hand motion, and a spell

Folk Magic
Counter Summoning Folk magic is a low-powered system of enchantments and other
DIFF: 2 effects, usually with a practical or entertainment purpose. They are
This margin of success in casting this spell is added to the difficulty passed down through oral tradition, usually, and are typically not
of all Summoning spells currently in use within 20 yards of the written down. Creation of new Folk Magic spells are long processes
caster, even spells which have already been successfully cast. If the involving a slow trickling down from an established theory over
added difficulty would have prevented the spell from going off, many generations, so there are no rules for the creation of new folk
the spell is negated. Multiple castings of this spell have cumulative magic spells. Folk Magic doesnt have the normal prerequisites that
effect. It may also be used to counter a Summoning spell that was other magic theories have, making them easier for the uninitiated to
cast within the same round, provided it occurs on the same initiative learn. Folk Magic spells can be learned by any other magic theory as
as the countered spell (the caster may hold their action until the well, but these spells are the only spells available to the untutored.
initiative of the individual they wish the counter). This requires a All Folk Magic spells are DIFF 1.
focus and a short incantation.
Animal Speak
Matter Shift DIFF: 1
DIFF: 2 This spell allows simple telepathic communication with any animal
This spell transports 10 pounds of matter from one location to in line of sight. The responses are simple words, and it lasts for five
another. Both locations must be within 10 yards of the caster, and minutes. a single-hand motion and the word speak, followed by a
must be within eyesight. This spell requires a single word, a single- simple incantation, including a piece of fur as a focus, are required.
hand motion, and a spell focus.
Summon Human DIFF: 1
DIFF: 2 This spell will make the caster sensitive to any potable water. For
The caster can summon a human to his location. If the caster knows 10 minutes after casting, the caster may make Awareness checks
the specific name of a target (their whole true name), then he can to feel any potable water within range, using a common branch
target that individual. If he does not, then the closest human can for sensing. This spell requires the use of the word water and a
be summoned instead. The spell target is teleported to the mage, divining rod.
within a circle the caster must draw. The spell requires a circle, a
short incantation, and a two-handed motion. Float
Teleport This spell can lift a single object up to 10 lbs. up to 10 vertically,
DIFF: 2 lasts for 10 minutes. This spell requires a single-hand motion and
The caster can teleport himself any any objects worn on his person the word feather-light, followed by a simple incantation.
to any spot in the world he is very familiar with. This spell requires a
two-handed gesture and a short incantation. Light
Ward Against Humans This spell creates a candle-sized globe of light for five minutes. It
DIFF: 1 requires a hand-motion and the word light.
The caster can hold a human at bay and prevent him from making
any aggressive actions against him. If the being is attacked, it may Spark
make another Resist check. This lasts for a minute, and it requires a
short incantation, a two-handed motion, and a spell focus.
This spell creates a candle-size flame, which is created over the
course of one round. This can be used to ignite flammable material.
The word ignite is needed, along with the wave of a hand over the
targeted area.

This spell perfectly tunes a single instrument. It has an instant
duration, and it will go out of tune again over time of its own
accord. Requires a single-hand motion and a short play of the


he following requirements can be factored into any spell to
bring down the DIFF. Those in gray indicate requirements
that can be used with spells to be cast in a single melee
round. They can be used together, but each one cannot be taken
more than once. Those in white boxes are requirements that take
longer and therefore add casting time. They can be taken multiple
times within the same spell.

-1 Single hand motion
-1 Single word
-1 Range is self or touch
-1 Generic focus item or substance (rock, feather, ash)
-2 Enchanted or specific focus item or substance (holy
water, feral elf warpaint, specific ring or weapon)
-2 Kata or intricate movement
-2 Short incantation
-2 Two handed motion
-2 Small circle (requires +1 round to draw)
-3 Large circle (requires +2 rounds to draw)
-1 Per additional [*] of ritual (may be stacked) Familiarship

[*] is a wildcard to denote the ratio of casting time to spell duration. If amiliarship is the practice of creating a mystical bond between
the desired duration is minutes, the additional ritual is in rounds. If the mage and animal. A familiar can be any living animal with
desired duration is in hours, the additional ritual is in minutes. If the the Cunning attribute. Since the animal must be living,
desired duration is in days, the additional ritual is in hours. undead creatures are excluded. Through the ritual of bonding with
a familiar, the mage exchanges a portion of his ethereal link to the
material plane (specifically, 1 point of MANA) with the animal
Sacrice in question. Once this has occurred, the mage and the animal are

ocial and legal views on the taking of life (both sentient and linked until one of them dies or the caster breaks the bond. For this
animal) will vary from nation to nation, however the effects of reason, only creatures with a MANA greater than 1 may be used
sacrifice on magic and divinity are concrete. as a familiar. Creatures with more than animal-level sentience are
A mage who is present at the moment of death may capture also exempt from service as a familiar. Greater dragons, faerie kind,
the victims MANA as it dissipates into the Web of Life, so long as earthfolk, undead, and humanoids in general cannot be familiars.
the mage has a method for doing so. MANA may be stored in any The familiar will view his owner as a strong equal and a friend,
object that has been prepared by an enchanter to receive it. The and be most eager to defend its alphaagainst harm. The mage will
full amount of the victims MANA is stored in the object and can feel likewise about the animal and will have difficulty abandoning
be invoked at any time by any mage in possession of the so-called a familiar in danger (Resist check, -2 penalty). The death of his
mana stone. Each point of stored MANA released in spellcasting familiar will affect the mage both physically and emotionally. If the
adds +1 to the Target Number of whichever spell the mage is familiar should happen to die, the mage will lose the 1 transferred
casting. All or part of the stored MANA may be used. There is no point of MANA, which will be regained at the end of a week. The
limit to the amount of MANA that can be used in this way. reverse is also true if the familiar outlives his master.
If there is no handy storage device, a mage may use the A mage may only possess one familiar at a time. He may
escaping MANA for spellcasting, as long as he is in the immediate dissolve the familiar bond by bonding with another animal.
vicinity of the victim. All or part of the escaping MANA may be All arcane theories except Folk Magic and Glamours have the
used. MANA dissipates from a freshly dead body at a rate of 1 point ability to familiar link. In game terms, a familiar link costs a base of
every round if it is not used immediately. 2 character points, and fulfills the role of living focus for the mage,
In some cultures, blood sacrifice is seen as a way to bolster or adding its MANA to the mages MANA while in physical contact
repair the Web of Life, especially if it has been depleted through or within the mages MANA in feet. For the mage, it is like having a
the use of Chaos magic. The elf nation of Zeah has so fostered this constant aid or mana battery.
practice that the Web of Life has become literally choked with A complete listing of domestic and wild animals can be found
power in their domain. in the Appendix.
The size of the animal adds an additional character point cost:
Tiny (up to squirrel or ferret size) +0
Small (Up to a wildcat size) +1
Medium-sized (Up to a dog or badger size) +2
Large (Up to a wolf or panther size) +3
Huge (Up to a bear or horse size) +4
Massive (Up to warhawk, elephant, or montuhar size) +5
Monstrous (up to cavernmouth size) +6

GMs have final authority in determining whether an animal familiar

is appropriate to the campaign.

y spending additional character points, the familiar may have
additional benefits.
The character can give the familiar simple commands. (+1)
The character can understand any of the animals species, and the
familiar can understand (though not speak) the casters native tongue.
The character can put all his senses into the animal. He does not
gain any power over the familiar; he merely rides along as a passenger.
During this time, the mage is completely oblivious to what is going
on around his own body, is incapable of any movement, and is for all
purposes defenseless. This may be done at any time for any duration.
The character can sense the emotional and mental state of the
familiar and vice versa. (+1) The mage gains a skill of the familiar, up to the familiars level (+3
per point)
The caster will always know the exact location of the familiar (within
the range of the mages MANA in miles), and vice versa. (+1) The familiar gains a rudimentary INT 1 (though it cannot be
raised); Cunning becomes the Perception attribute. (+2)
The caster can communicate with the animal in non-verbal yet
complex terms. (+2)
Non-Corporeal (N) skills or prayers that affect the caster (either
positive or negative) will affect the familiar to the same degree, and vice
versa. Corporeal (C) spells and prayers are not affected by this ability
The mage can put all his senses into the animal and control it
completely. During this time, he is completely oblivious to what is going
on around his own body, is incapable of any movement, and is for all
purposes defenseless. This may be done at any time for any duration.
The caster may take wounds for the familiar and vice versa. Damage
must be from a single source, but may be distributed as the mage desires.
He should be aware of the consequences of the death of the familiar.
The following penalties may be taken to reduce the cost of the
familiar, but the cost of the familiar can never be reduced less than 2.
The death of the familiar will cause the mage to go into shock and
take 15 stun damage. The death of the mage will do the same to the
familiar. (-1)
All damage the familiar takes will also be taken by the mage, and
vice versa. (-2)

~ Lab Magicks ~ DIFF EFFECT
1 Line of sight, single target, 20yds, basic visual, basic
audio, instant
1 Per additional target

lchemy is the process of condensing magical energy from
the Web of Life into a physical form, such as a tincture or a 1 Per 10 yds range
powder. Sometimes it is a matter of finding areas in which 1 Per 3-foot radius
the Web naturally focuses its energy into a specific location; other
times, it is artificially redirecting strands of the Web into physical 2 Prepares target for enchantment charge
items. The Web of Life has many possible different effects, and as 5 Encoded spell is constant, lasting until the item is
such, different strands being tied into different substances can have destroyed.
very different results. -1 Target is common
Like Enchantment, Alchemy first requires a basic
understanding of a different arcane theory. Though at first glance, -2 Target is uncommon
it seems similar to Enchantment in that a substance is primed to -3 Target is rare
receive a magical effect, Alchemy is a different concept. Instead of -4 Target is specific, one-of-a-kind
tying magical energies to an object, alchemy encourages the Web of
Life to coalesce energies within a substance for a single-use magical
effect, in which the substance is consumed. The item is magically Sample Alchemical Items:
transformed through these mystical energies into something else. In
some cases, the alchemist seeks to create a new substance that is not Glowstone
intended for activation. Instead, the new substance innately gives Requires Elemental or Illusion
off the effect that the alchemist hopes for, such as a glowing stone, DIFF: 6 alchemy, 1 elemental or illusion
providing light without flame. This imbues the glow of a flame into a stone, which remains cool
All alchemical substances take the form of tinctures, powders, to the touch, but provides as much light as a lantern. If using
potions, or other material that must be consumed, ignited, cracked elemental magic, the stone will actually glow; if using illusion
open, absorbed, or otherwise activated (depending on the type of magic, the stone will appear to be on fire.
substance) to release the magical effect.
The alchemist makes two rolls: first, the Alchemy roll to tie Healing Potion
the Web of Life to the substance that is to be transformed. Once
Requires Healing
this has occurred, the alchemist then plucks the strands of the Web
DIFF: 1 alchemy, 1 healing
to cause the effect he wants, using his other magical theory for
This alters a fluid so that it will heal 1 Wound level of damage of
this effect. If both rolls are successful, the item is created. If either
any who drinks it.
roll fails, the item is not created. If the Alchemy roll is botched,
the substance may violently explode, doing 5 damage with a 5
radius per difficulty of the magical effect. If the other magical roll Deadspeak Potion
is botched, the substance may have a completely different and Requires Necromancy
unpredictable effect than what was intended. DIFF: 1 alchemy, 2 necromancy
Unlike Enchantment, because the results are not effects held to This alters a fluid so that, when poured down the throat of a corpse,
the substance but actually transformed substances, these substances will allow that corpse to become a conduit to its departed soul. Its
created by Alchemy last past the mages death; he facilitated the spirit may choose to communicate through its corpse, though it is
transformation, but the Web of Life itself caused the change. Unlike under no obligation to do so.
Enchantments and Runes, Alchemical artifacts need not be triggered
by someone with MANA or SPIRIT. Faerie Food
Enchantments can be used with any magic theory the user Requires Glamour
knows, even Glamours. However, since true faeries cannot learn DIFF: 1 alchemy, 2 glamour
other magic theoriesincluding enchantmentglamour-based This alters food so that any who eat it will become incredibly
enchantment is only possible at the hands of earthfolk, making confused and unable to discern what is going on around them.
them rare. They can defend themselves if attacked, but if they attack back, they
cannot discern friend from foe.


his sub-theory is actually a supporting discipline that 0 Single use
many mages seek out as an aid to employment when they 1 Per 5 additional uses
reach adepthood. Enchantment is specifically the art of
-2 Artifact is destroyed after use
priming objects and materials to accept magical energy patterns for
later useliterally encoding a target with a spell charge. Mages 0 Instant duration of effect
skilled in enchanting artifacts can make a very comfortable living 4 Per minute/hour/day duration of effect*
selling their wares discreetly to patrons with the money to buy
0 Enchantment remains indefinitely until used
To enchant an object, the mage must first prime said object 5 Enchantment is constant, requiring only an initial
to receive and hold the spell charge. Thus the first spell cast will activation, after which it continues indefinitely.
be from the Enchantment theory. Once the object is primed, the -4 Enchantment only lasts 10 minutes
mage then casts whichever spell is to be encoded; the previous
priming spell contains the active spell effects for later invocation. -3 Enchantment only lasts 1 hour
An enchanted object may hold as few as one spell or as many as the -2 Enchantment only lasts 1 day
mage wishes to encode. Once encoded, the object may be used by
anyone with MANA to trigger the spell(s), and may be subject to DIFF TRIGGER
whatever stimulus the enchanting mage encoded: a word, a motion,
or simple mental command. Once used up, the host object may be 0 Basic trigger word/action
re-primed to hold more spells. -1 Trigger word AND action
If the enchanter fails the priming spell, the object will not
2 Automatic trigger when required
hold the spell charge, and any previously encoded spell will lose its
charge, effectively starting the process over again. If the enchanter 2 Permanently active
botches the either the priming spell or any supplemental spell, the -2 Complex trigger phrase or actions
object becomes cursedunable to ever hold a supplemental spell
-3 Trigger requires WIL check vs target number of 3
The cost to create an item is equal to the effect DIFF x 100 -1 User has no control over trigger
geld; the time to create an item is equal to the effect DIFF x 1 day.
Enchanted items may be permanently enchanted, or may have a
limited battery life. In either case, when the enchanting mage dies,
all of his spells unravel, and any artifact the mage enchanted will
cease to function. Enchantments are also subject to spell negations,
wards and magic dampening fields.
Some possible enchanted artifacts include: staves, wands,
scrolls, stones/gems, jewelry, armor, body paint, fabrics, dyes,
weapons, statues, and articles of clothing. It is not uncommon for a
mage of any kind to have a spell focus charged with a backup spell
or two, for those occasions when spontaneous spellcasting is not
It should be noted that in most nations where enchantment is
practiced, the enchanter is legally responsible for the use or abuse
of the encoded spell, thus enchanters tend to be rather choosy
regarding to whom they sell artifacts. Enchanters may actually
require the purchaser of an artifact to sign a document, forcing the
patron to assume liability for use of the item.

0 Touch
1 Per 10 yds range, line of sight necessary
1 Per 3-foot radius
2 Line of sight, any distance
1 Target is out of line of sight
2 Target is outside the local area
3 Target is outside the province or kingdom

2 Response is detailed visual
1 Caster can ask yes/no questions of target
5 Redirects or reverses opponents spell effects (from one
2 Caster can converse in detail with target
theory only)
6 Target physically travels the time stream
Combat Effects
Primal Effects
1 Per WR stun damage
1 Animates/controls inanimate living object
2 Per WR wound damage
1 Telepathic link to animal/vegetable target
2 Effect immobilizes target
3 Target becomes form of animal/vegetable (specify type)
1 Negates light armor
2 Target retains mental faculties
2 Negates light and medium armor
1 Possessions transform with target
3 Negates light, medium and heavy armor
2 Per +1 skill rating increase/decrease
1 Per AV granted
3 Per +1 stat rating increase/decrease
Healing Effects
Summoning Effects
1 Per 2 WR stun damage healed
1 Summons/controls 1 type of entity (specify: Animal,
2 Per WR wound damage healed
Undead, Spiritual, Demonic, Angelic)
1 Neutralizes/purges toxins in area of effect
3 Per additional type of entity summoned/controlled
2 Reattaches severed tissue
1 Audio manifestation
4 Regenerates lost tissue
2 Ethereal manifestation
2 Per +1 skill rating increase/decrease
3 Full corporeal manifestation
3 Per +1 stat rating increase/decrease
3 Caster can actively control target (so long as it is not
Illusory Effects instructed to directly harm itself )
1 Basic audio/visual illusion

he following conditions may be used to reduce the DIFF
1 Complex audio (human/animal sound)
of the artifact for the purposes of making the skill check to
2 Complex visual (real form) create the item. The base DIFF of the item remains the
Elemental Effects same for the purposes of calculating time and cost.
1 Per WR stun damage DIFF MATERIALS
2 Per WR wound damage 0 Basic item used
2 Alters elemental composition within area of effect (earth 0 100 geld worth of materials used per DIFF
to fire, water to air, etc.)
-1 Item must be created as part of the process
Necromancy Effects
-1 Per additional 100 geld cost per DIFF
1 Animates inanimate target
-4 Rare materials must be used in the creation process
1 Disenchants animated target (dragons blood, the heart of an angel, etc)
1 Per MANA transferred between user and target (one way -8 A unique and nearly impossible material or item must
only) be used in the creation process (the skull of a powerful
1 Caster can ask yes/no questions of otherwise inanimate demon lord, the breath of a dying king, etc)
2 Caster can converse in detail with otherwise inanimate DIFF CREATION
target 0 Artifact creation takes one day per DIFF
2 Per +1 skill rating increase/decrease -1 Per additional day taken per DIFF
3 Per +1 stat rating increase/decrease 1 1 less day taken
Divination Effects -1 Must be created at a specific time that occurs at least
1 Per day difference in time, up to 7 once a month (full moon, high tide etc)
1 Per week difference in time, up to 12 -2 Must be created at a specific time that occurs at least
once a year (summer solstice etc)
1 Response is audio
-4 Must be created at a specific time that occurs less than
1 Response is brief visual flashes
once a year (solar eclipse)
Healing Salve Runecraft

This salve heals 2 Wound Levels of damage to the person it is n conventional magic, the mage plucks and manipulates the
applied to. User only (0), touch (0), single use (0), destroyed after Web of Life to achieve her desired effects. The philosophy of
use (-2), instant duration (0), enchantment remains indefinitely (0), Runecraft is no different. The ends are the same, but the means
basic trigger action (0), restores 2 Wound Levels of damage (4). are unique. Runecraft is the science of imbuing an artifact with
a spell, somewhat like an enchantment, only permanent; it is the
Total DIFF = 2 art of carving or etching a harmonic shape that acts as a magical
Time to create = 2 days amplifier, which vibrates the Web of Life much like a mage going
Cost to make = 200 geld through his movements and chanting his incantations.
Unlike a conventional spell, the MANA used to trigger a runic
Cloak of Invisibility spell is stored within the artifact. The user has simply to mentally
The wearer of this cloak turns invisible at will for up to one-hour trigger the spell, and the artifact casts it. However, since the user
duration. User only (0), touch (0), 10 uses (2), one-hour duration is not utilizing his own MANA to cast the spell, the user has no
(4), enchantment remains indefinitely (0), basic trigger action (0), MANA drain to resist. The added benefit of Runecraft is that an
complex visual effect (2). artifact can be tailored to work only while in the possession of a
specific person or bloodline, making valuable heirlooms.
Total DIFF = 8 The user of a rune artifact invokes the encoded spell by a simple
Time to create = 8 days thought. Once triggered, the spell encoded into the rune goes off
Cost to make = 800 geld like a successfully cast spell. There is no MANA save, no feedback.
The rune has already been carved, the magic made permanent. The
Intelligence balancing factors within Runecraft are that runes are difficult to
learn and artifacts come at a high price to the mage.
This enchantment is often applied to mechanical creations to give
The magical effects of a rune can be saved against as normal,
them self-awareness. They are not particularly bright, however, and
but damage is damage and is done as per the dictates of the spell.
have no self-direction, so they will obey simple commands of their
Furthermore, runes cannot be dispelled. However, a Rune may be
creator (or current owner). Single target (1), touch (0), permanently
desecrated by a journeyman runesmith (Runecraft 4 or higher). The
active (2), +1 Int (3), instant duration (0), enchantment remains
runesmith makes a skill check MANA plus Runecraft minus rune
indefinitely (0)
DIFF. If the check is unsuccessful, the runesmith takes the rune
Total DIFF = 6 DIFF in Wound damage with no SHRUG! If successful, the Rune
Time to create = 6 days is destroyed and must be re-carved from scratch. If a rune is ever
Cost to make = 600 geld deprived of its MANA charge, it lies dormant until reactivated with
Amulet of Regeneration In addition to their many uses in arcane magic, runes may be
used to speak the Ancient tongue and call upon the gods, making
This amulet will allow a person who wears it to regenerate lost
Runecraft indispensable to any religion. Runemaster priests create a
limbs. The wounded person does not heal any faster than normal,
wide variety of holy artifacts, from simple wards and healing charms
but when a wound is healed, any lost limbs will be restored. The
to avenging, soul-splitting weapons. The process for creating the
affected body must have some life force, therefore the amulet is
artifact is essentially the same as with arcane Runecraft, but instead
worthless on a corpse. Being decapitated will still kill most beings
of MANA being imbued within the object, it is given SPIRIT, or a
wearing such an amulet. Single target (1), touch (0), permanently
active (2), regenerates lost tissue (4), instant duration (0),
Rune weapons are understandably rare, and prized beyond
enchantment remains indefinitely (0)
Total DIFF = 7 Whereas arcane runes can last indefinitely, holy runes have a
Time to create = 7 days lifespanif a holy rune ever loses all of its SPIRIT, it dies. The
Cost to make = 700 geld object, although still beautiful or functional in a mundane sense,
can never be reactivated with fresh SPIRIT. It can be used as a
Dragon Staff template or guide for the creation of a new artifact, but will never
regain its power.
This item shoots a concentrated ball of heat/flame at a target up to The art and science of rune magic is one that has been handed
20 yards away. Single target (1), 20 yd range (2), 10 uses (2), WIL down in secrecy for millennia. In fact, until two thousand years ago,
check required to use (-3), WR3 (6) only those of dwarven blood were taught the secrets of Roliel, the
Total DIFF = 8 goddess of Rune Magic. With the coming of Barlo the First and
Time to create = 8 days the unification of the species against Chaos, the secret of Runecraft
Cost to make = 800 geld filtered out amongst the other races, each one taking the art to a
different level.

Ethnic Differences

he dwarven concept behind Rune spells is that they be
permanent, able to outlast their creators. Other so-called
permanent spells wither away when their caster dies,
causing ripples and shifts felt throughout the Web. Thusly, dwarven
Runecraft is always performed on the most permanent of materials
(usually stones and metals), and occasionally tattooed on the skin.
The elven opinion is that Runecraft is beneficial for those
who normally shy away from manipulating the Web of Life. Their
practice is known as transient Runecraft, and usually entails less
permanent materials. They carve in wood, dragonbone, and paint
or embroider on textiles and skin. Dwarves find their use of Roliels
secret distasteful and an exercise in futility, while elves see their
improvisational attitude as an homage to Dalah, the Earth Mother.
As expected, the gnome faction of the earthfolk took Runecraft
to a new height of decadence and beauty. The gnomes feel that if
magic has no aesthetic quality, it isnt worthwhile. While dwarves
engrave weapons and armor, gnomes have cornered the market on to trigger the spell(s), and may be subject to whatever stimulus the
Runic jewelry and functional art. Gems, precious metals, clockwork runesmith encoded: a word, a motion, or simple mental command.
artifacts, and the occasional decorative weapon are the domain of Rune artifacts may require a small amount of the intended users
the earthfolk. While dwarves tolerate their ethic of quality, elves blood and thusly be tied to the users bloodline. A Rune artifact
embrace their small cousins sense of art and beauty. never runs out, but can be broken by misuse or desecrated by
Since the days of Barlo the Just, man also has possessed a runesmith. Specific runes may affect specific targets: greater
the secret of Runecraft. Human artifacts tend to reflect many dragons, trolls, undead, giants, etc. Any rune weapon will penetrate
other ethnic influences, and will vary according to the individual dragonskin, and specific dragon-oriented runes may cause additional
runemaster. House Stengal in Corvel has produced several renowned damage or create various other magic effects.
weaponsmiths, and were innovators in the creation of black powder Unlike most magic theories, where the table provided is
Rune weapons. Other runemasters follow the more decorative available for any spells that are desired to be created, in Runecraft,
techniques favored by the elves and earthfolk. each rune (except open and close, which are considered to be part
As far as runemasters go, there are none so sinister and of the basics of learning the skill) must be purchased as though
malicious toward mankind as those of troll blood. Troll-forged it were a spell and then any combination of runes developed
weapons and armor are some of the most insidious items known, must also be purchased. For example, to learn the rune for Flame
and the capture of any artifacts usually means an involved Blade (as below), one must first learn the fire rune (Difficulty 2,
destruction ceremony to be completely rid of the evil. Troll costing 4 experience to learn), and then the runeset for Flame Blade
Runemasters are nearly impossible to find, ensconced within their (Difficulty 4, thus 8 additional experience to learn, for a total of 12
secret mountain lairs in the Cursed Wood and beyond. They do experience). Each runeset is a different spell, meaning that a flaming
not discriminate between those with the means to purchase their sword with only one fire rune is separate from a flaming sword with
brutal items, and have long supplied the dark orcs, goblin tribes and two. Rune magic is extremely difficult to learn, and it can be quite
human Margist cults with soul-drinker weapons and unholy armor. timely to master. There are few true masters of rune magic in the
world, who have mastered every rune and have a Runecraft skill
above 8. Dwarves remain the undisputed masters, though trolls and
Making a Rune Artifact cyclops are extremely skilled as well. Note that Ice, Fire, Lightning,

ike any normal spell, the conditions must be right, or there is Quake, Air, Earth, and Water must be learned separately, as must
the possibility of failure. It is possible for a Runic artifact to Kill, Death, and Wound.
short-out during creation, due to magical feedback along
the Web. Runecraft is an exact and unforgiving scienceonly the
best runesmiths achieve the notoriety and permanence of name that
The Runeset
they crave. Runesmiths are not required to actually make the artifact The following runes include the runic magic set. The runes shown
they wish to enchant. are the dwarven alphabet; though the elven and trollish alphabets
To enchant an object, the runesmith must first prime said have a different appearance, they are in all other ways identical.
object to receive and hold the spell charge. Thus the first rune The dwarves of Raihar use runes as a pictographic alphabet, and as
carved (or tattooed, or painted) will be the Rune of Opening. Once such, there are numerous runes with limited magical effects (such as
the object is primed, the mage then carves each desired rune in an a rune for home). The runes listed here are those which are used
exact mystical code. When all desired runes have been carved, the for direct runic effects; others exist which are not used for general
runesmith must complete the item by carving the Rune of Closing, magical use, except as a focus for an enchantment rune.
which seals the encoded spells. Once carved, the object may be
used by anyone with MANA (or SPIRIT, in the case of holy runes)


O Open no specific effects 0

& Close no specific effects 0

. From/ Per 10 yard range 1

R To Or Per 3-foot radius
Or per additional round duration effect

0 Deity Requirement for all Holy runes 3

2 Heal Heals 1 Wound Level damage 1

6+ Ice/Fire/ WR1 damage (C) 2

= Lightning/ Or WR2 stun damage (C)
H Quake/

7 Increase Doubles in size; gains double Wound Levels 3

8 Join Merges attributes of two targets (the second target must be noted as a separate rune) 3

: Kill/Death/ WR1 damage (N) 2

[ Wound

< Life Animates inanimate object 2

? Magic +1 or -1 MANA 2

F Protect AV1 1

G Pull Summons target 1

I Release Disenchants target 1

J Search +1 or -1 PER 2

K Sleep Target loses consciousness 1

N Speed +1 or -1 AGL, DEX, or WA 2

P Strength +1 or -1 STR 2

D Prayer +1 or -1 SPIRIT (holy only) 2

Q Thunder WR1 stun (N) 1

 Banish Undead, ghost or demon is sent to the Underworld or target unable to enter area. 2

 Battle +1 or -1 combat skill 2

 Carry +3 or -3 Strength Feat 1

 Contain Target is immobile 2

 Decrease Target shrinks by 50%; loses half STR and Shrug (round up) 3

Domesticate Controls 1 type of entity (specify: Undead, Spiritual, Mortal, Demonic, Angelic) 3

, Fly Target gains ability to fly 2

S Teleport Target teleports 10 yards 2

Z Weapon +1 or -1 WR 2

+ Mind +1 or -1 WIL or INT (+1 or -1 CUN is DIF 1) 2


echanical artifacts are entirely non-magical objects,
Sample Rune Combinations: constructed by mundane processes to replicate magical
effects. Mechanical artifacts are typically clockwork
items, but may be mechanically powered in some other way or
Soul-Drinker even enchanted or alchemical in nature. It is for this reason many
DIFF 5 laypeople consider these arcane creations to be a subset of the lab
O0 D & (Open, Deity, Prayer, Close) magicks.
This runeset is the most common among troll-forged rune Creating a clockwork or steam power device requires an
weapons. The weapon, upon a successful strike, will drain the appropriate Craft roll, either Clockwork or Steam Power typically.
target of 1 SPIRIT. This requires a single roll, though many devices are then enchanted
or even runed to gain rudimentary intelligence. If the roll fails, the
Soul-Stealer time taken on the device and the money spent on creating it are
DIFF 5 wasted, and a new roll must be made.
O0 D & (Open, Deity, Prayer, Death, Close)
Most mechanical artifacts are permanent creations. Still others
are only temporary, destroyed after use or sustaining wear and
This runeset is another troll-forged rune. A weapon inscribed tear and requiring regular repairs. Particularly complex machines,
with this rune, after killing someone, will drink the victims soul. such as the juggernauts of the Raihar Empire, often involve
They cannot be resurrected, and their ghost cannot exist, as long multiple people working on different parts, and the different pieces
as the rune exists. The weapon will gain +1 WR (max of +1) for eventually put together into a single device: one individual creating
a month after the victims death. the engine, another creating the armored body, and another creating
various weapons. This reduces the overall difficulty, but requires an
Flame Blade additional roll with a difficulty of 1 for each part being combined. If
DIFF 4 any roll is failed, all fragments involved in the roll are ruined.
O+ + & (Open, Fire, Fire, Close) The cost to create an item is equal to the effect DIFF x 100
This rune causes a weapon to blaze with fire, dealing an geld; the time to create an item is equal to the effect DIFF x 1 day.
additional +1 WR damage. Difficulty can be increased by rushing through the job, or decreased
by taking extra time, but do not consider these changes to the DIFF
Lightning Rod to be part of the effect DIFF for the purposes of calculating cost
or time to create. A basic artifact will have 10 DP: 10 points of
O==& (Open, Lightning, Lightning, Close) damage, cumulative, will destroy it. Alternately, if a vehicle, it has
HUL 1 instead of 10 DP.
This rune, favored among the Cyclops, allows a weapon or wand
to spit bolts of lightning once a round, doing WR4 stun damage Each artifact must have at least one effect from each of the following
to any it strikes. tables:

Disenchant DIFF TARGET

DIFF 1 0 No target
OI& (Open, Release, Close) 0 User only
This runeset is very common in doorways of places of 1 Single target of users choice
government. It disenchants any spells or enchantments that pass
through the portal. It has no effect on runes or alchemy, which 1 Per additional target of users choice
are permanent. 2 Effects all targets within range/radius
-1 User cannot choose targets

0 Touch
1 Per 10 yds range, line of sight necessary
1 Per 3-foot radius
2 Line of sight, any distance
2 Target is out of line of sight, any distance

DIFF DURATION 0 Basic trigger action Trigger, lever etc
0 Single use -1 Several basic trigger Trigger AND lever pulled in
1 Per five additional uses actions sequence
-2 Artifact is destroyed after use -2 Complex trigger Dial, sequence of buttons etc
0 Instant duration of effect
-3 Trigger requires Extremely fiddly operation/
4 Per minute/hour/day duration of effect*
DEX check vs target procedure
-1 Device requires repairing every 2D6 uses number of 7
-2 Device requires repairing every 1D6 uses 2 Permanently active Mechanical armor
-3 Device requires repairing after every use 1 Trigger can be set Bomb with timer attached
+1 per Device is permanent as a timer to go off
effect within 1D6 rounds/


Offensive Effects
1 Per WR stun damage Lightning rod that channels electricity to stun the target
2 Per WR wound damage Clockwork rifle
2 Effect immobilizes target Net gun
1 Negates light armor
2 Negates light and medium armor
3 Negates light, medium and heavy armor High torsion harpoon gun
Defensive Effects
1 Per AV granted Reinforced shield
1 Per additional 10 DP or HUL 1 Reinforced body
Physical Effects
1 Basic audio/visual effect Smoke generator
1 Complex audio effect (human/animal sound) Wind-up device designed to mimic bird song
2 Complex appearance (real form) Mechanical humanoid construct
4 Effect is indistinguishable from living creature Mechanical squirrel that looks like a real squirrel
1 Per +1 skill increase bestowed on artifact
2 Per +1 stat increase bestowed on artifact
2 Per 100lbs carrying capacity of artifact
1 Per 10-foot altitude
1 Per 5 mph

he following conditions may be used to reduce the DIFF
of the artifact for the purposes of making the skill check
to create the item. The base DIFF of the item remains the
same, for the purposes of calculating time and cost.

0 Basic item used and modified into artifact
0 100 geld worth of materials used per DIFF
-1 Item must be created specially as part of creation of
-1 Per additional 100 geld per DIFF
-4 Rare materials must be used in the creation process (ice
from the far north, gems found only in Kilmoor etc)
-8 A unique and nearly impossible material or item must be
used in the creation process (the diamond found only in
the crown of the King of Corvel)

0 Artifact creation takes 1 day per DIFF
-1 Per additional day taken per DIFF
1 1 less day taken per DIFF

Messenger Bird
A mechanical bird designed to carry a message to a distant target,
and return to the creator with a response. Single target (1), target
out of sight (1), two uses (-1), device requires repair every 2 uses (-
2), complex trigger action (-2), complex appearance (2), 20 altitude
(2), 20 mph (4)

Total DIFF = 7 (6 to create)

Time to create = 7 days
Cost to make = 700 geld
Additional requirements: Enchantment to grant autonomy.
War Machine Juggernaut Body
Clockwork Engine
The body of a juggernautoften powered by a steam-powered
A clockwork engine that powers a fan, creating wind for a boat
engine for movement (similar to the clockwork engine above). No
(or airship)s sails. No target (0), touch (0), two uses (-1), device
target (0), touch (0), permanently active (2), complex trigger action
requires repair every 2 uses (-2), 1 day duration (4), complex trigger
(-2), AV10 (10), HUL 25 (24), additional 13 days per difficulty (-
action (-2), 30 mph (6)
13), additional 1300 geld per difficulty (-13)
Total DIFF = 5
Total DIFF = 8
Time to create = 5 days
Time to create = 476 days
Cost to make = 500 geld
Cost to make = 47,600 geld

~ Chaos ~
s explained previously, all magic is powered by manipulation
of the astral energy matrix known as the Web of Life. The
crisscrossing threads are generated by living organisms,
sentient or not, every piece of organic matter contributing its own
line to the network. Whereas only living things generate threads in
the Web, every object on the material plane is intersected or affected
by them, like particles of sand awash in a tide. Calling on Chaos
Invisible to the naked eye, but seen by mages and mystics, the
Any mage can call on the primal force of Chaos, though it leaves
Web of Life is the force that anchors a persons soul to the mortal
strong evidence on the Web of Life. To call on chaos is a precise
realm. When a body dies, its life force, or MANA, dissipates out
process of cutting the strands of the Web of Life while casting a spell
across the Web, nourishing life elsewhere. In addition, MANA
to more easily achieve the effect of the magic. The more strands that
releases the SPIRIT from its earthy bonds. If one is drained of
are cut, the easier the spell is to cast, but the more damage is done
MANA before the moment of death, the SPIRIT will not be
to the Web in the process.
released, and thus ghosts and spirits are doomed to walk the world.
It was discovered long ago that one who was trained to see
A mage calling on chaos agrees to take a set amount of damage. This
this Web of Life could, with the right movements and words,
damage cannot be reduced, redirected, or negated, though it can
manipulate the threads to achieve specific effects in the material
be healed once it has been taken. For each Wound Level that the
realm. Some cultures found ways to tie knots in the strands, like
mage takes, he gains his SHRUG in additional points to his MANA
dwarven rune magic, thus making effects permanent. Still others,
for the casting of that spell. However, the consequences of this
like the feral elves, preferred the simple transient magicks, feeling
cutting do not end at the damage he takes. The area surrounding
permanence to be a transgression against the natural order. And it
the mage will have a much weaker Web of Life, thus making further
was at the very birth of arcane theory that early mages discovered
spellcasting more difficult. The penalty for subsequent spellcasting
a way to increase the magnitude of their effects, a sort of power
will be -1 to the casters MANA in a 5-yard radius times the initial
shortcut, by cutting the Web of Life rather than plucking strings or
bonus taken. Insects, mice, sparrows, flowers, grasses, and other
tying knots. This cutting, like sealing off avenues in a maze, trapped
small life forms will likely die within this radius. The Web heals
the cycling energy in a loop, feeding upon itself and drawing the
itself at one MANA point per week, narrowing down to the center
life force from the surrounding area. While it would magnify the
of the original casting area by 5 yards per week. The life within the
effect of the spell in question, cutting strands from the Web of Life
area can only heal naturally, thus the area will not replenish itself
would literally siphon life away. This meant that grasses, shrubs,
unless other natural healing processes take place. Any mage can
small animals and insects would shrivel and die within moments,
sense when the Web of Life has been damaged in an area, and he
and the mage would become wounded. Of secondary note, the area
will be able to tell which mage cut the strands if he is close enough
in which the life drain had occurred would be sapped of energy,
to sense the magic signature, which will remain in place until the
the Web torn open in that location. Future spellcasting would be
Web has healed.
dampened, if not completely impossible.
So it was that various schools of arcane study came to regard
Scale becomes increasingly important when invoking Chaos, and
the severing of threads in different ways. Some embraced this
the aftermath can be horribly destructive, both to the environment
chaotic form as completely natural, while others abhorred it. Some
and to the caster. Local rule of law and other natural consequences
came to favor a balance between cultivation and regulated pruning
also are set in motion when a character uses Chaos, a fact both
of the Web, while others realized the corrupting influence of the
players and GM should keep in mind.
power it wrought. Thus cultures evolved, citing their methodology
as the One True Way. Wars have been fought between Order and
Chaos. Millions have perished in the eons of conflagration since the Example:
competing doctrines were first given names. Just as it is the function Nazim Kharris is going to cast a spell while calling on Chaos.
of Order to contain Chaos, so it is the function of Chaos to break He agrees to take 1 Wound Level of damage, which gives him his
free of Order. And so a delicate balance is attempted, though not SHRUG 4 as a casting bonus (+4 to his MANA for the casting of
always maintained. this spell). Within this 20-yard radius, all subsequent spells will
The philosophy behind Chaos magicks is not one of devout suffer a -4 MANA drain. Within a week, the drain is 3; within
study and adherence to a specific grimoire. Chaos as applied to two weeks it is 2; within three weeks, it is -1; within four weeks,
arcane theory is simple and elegant: it is there to help you. It is there the area should be healed and back to normal.
to empower you. It exists to make casting and ritual easier, more
If Nazim had chosen, he could have taken 2 Wound Levels
powerful and effective, but it comes at a price. And if the history of
(Light Wound) and has twice his SHRUG (+8 to his MANA for
the world has taught us anything, far too many have been willing to
casting the spell) and the area within 40 yards would be at -8
pay it.
MANA and take eight weeks to fully heal.

~ Priestly Virtues ~

he world of Nia is a world of both science and faith, coexisting side by side. A flat
plane suspended in space, Nia is watched over by a pantheon of gods and spirits as
real as any mortal.
Though the gods have a very tangible presence on Nia, they are, to most mortals,
unfathomable. Through religion, led by the priests, shamans, and other holy men and
In the Dawn of Time, women, the mortal world can understand and honor the gods. As a mage manipulates
there was the Creator and the natural forces and alters the Web of Life, a priest channels divine power through the conduit of
World, and Rai in the Heavens, his soul. Although the prayer chanting and creation rules are basically the same as arcane magic,
upon his fiery chair. On the the basic premises differ.
World there were only the The priest performs
great waters. They stretched on devoted rituals and chants
forever, as deep as thought and prayers as opposed to casting
spells. Many priests keep their
as wide as magic. In the Sky
prayers written in their personal
above the Sea, Creator blew a prayer book, and each priest
word, and Hausha was born. can alter the prayer to fit his
In the Sea below the Sky it spat, own character concept. Because
and Deyus was created. priests are leaders in their
Thus Deyus and Hausha, the community, they are required
to select at least three prayers
wind and the sea, were created
from the Common Prayers list.
together to rule over the world. These Common Prayers cannot
- excerpt from the Tarnia, be altered, and they must be
Book I: The Wind and Sea purchased with the initial skill
Priests use the Devotion
skill (based on the SPIRIT
attribute). This serves several
functions: the more devoted
the priest is to his deity or
pantheon, the more likely a
prayer will be answered with
the desired effect; in addition,
if a priest fails the chanting
of a prayer, all of that divine
power he called upon will short-circuit in his body, causing him damage. Also, as the whims of
the gods change with the wind, a priest who is in high favor today may find himself deserted
tomorrow. Priests can be found on the battlefield, not only in a ministerial capacity, but often
as chaplains wearing blessed armor and wielding holy weapons as they call lightning down
from the sky.

Chanting Prayers

hen chanting a prayer, simply make a skill check versus the Target Number of
SPIRIT plus Devotion. Be sure to factor the DIFF of the prayer as a penalty to the
Target Number. If the result is equal to or less than the Target Number, the prayer
was effective, and any margin of success will multiply any variable prayer effects.

Blasphemy Daily Devotional

f the prayer was unsuccessful, the player must make a simple priest runs the risk of bodily harm if he displeases his deity.
SPIRIT check by rolling 1D6 equal to or less than the The gods of Nia are petty, jealous, fickle, and extremely
characters SPIRIT stat. If the save was successful, the priest egocentric. They love being praised, and they hate being
takes no damage: the prayer was simply not heard. If unsuccessful, asked for favors. However, if a well-taught priest knows the right
a priest takes the 3x the DIFF of the prayer in direct damage as the way to praise his god or pantheon, they will be more likely to grant
angry deity smites his unworthy acolyte. As this is direct spiritual favors when asked.
damage, armor has no protective effect. Make appropriate physical Once a day, at a time appropriate to the deity, priests must
saves as normal. This is the penalty for angering the gods. make a Devotional to their god or pantheon. Simply roll a Devotion
For example, if the priest fails a DIFF 3 Wrath prayer, then check. The margin of success becomes a faith pool from which the
fails to make a Spirit check, he will take 9 damage that bypasses any priest may draw upon in prayer use up until the next Devotional.
armor. When an additional point is used, it may not be used again later in
the dayit is gone for good.
Priests Prerogative

n a world where a persons faith can literally swing the balance Example:
of life and death, the Priest (in his correct element) can really Brother Reynald of the Order of Oriaal chants his morning
shine as a character. This element is usually the evangelism of Devotional and gets a success margin of 3. Thats an additional three
his doctrine in the presence of his fellow believers. A Priest may add points he can use to increase the Target Number of any prayer that
+1 to the Target Number of his prayer check for every follower of day. Either +1 for three Prayers, +1 for one and +2 for another, or
his faith (up to 5, and then +1 for every multiple of 5 thereafter) +3 for one prayer. Point use is at the priests discretion, but once used
who joins him in active prayer and is in the same general area. they are gone for good (and if unused, do not carry over to the next
This makes some pretty astounding miracles possible; even visible day; every new Devotional yields divine favor for that day and only
manifestations of ones god are not unheard of. However, the that day).
priest might take the 3x the DIFF of what could possibly be a very

difficult prayer in damage. f the Devotional check was unsuccessful, all prayers will be
A priest can learn prayers from any of the four categories: subject to a penalty of 1. On a botch, the priest has profaned
Wrath, Healing, Protection, and Communion, but each prayer his deity, and his god or pantheon will not hear any prayers at
selected must be assigned to a specific god from that characters all from him until he can perform a successful Devotional the next
pantheon. All gods provide Communion prayers, but they will only day.
provide two of the additional three types of prayer beyond that.
Rellian, for example, will never provide a Wrath prayer. Priests of
Rellian wishing to pray for a Wrath effect must utilize a different
Sample Prayers

deity, such as St. Thorne. The player should describe which deity is he sample prayers listed in the following pages note specific
aiding for any given effect, and the GM has ultimate discretion on deities, but a priest may take prayers and make any cosmetic
what is appropriate and what is not. changes they wish to make it fit their god. For example,
Shalekks Fire can just as easily be changed to be Rais Fire (likely
blasted from the hands) or even Deyeuss Wrath, a forceful blast of
water, or Azoths Anger, a necrotic wave of energy cast from the eyes.
The system of chanting the prayer remains the same, even if the
prayer is altered to fit the priests specific god.

Bharas Wolf
Communion Upon successfully completing this spell, the priest gains a wolf
companion as a gift from Bhara. (This spell will not work if
This is the virtue of communication with the priests deity. All gods
the supplicant also is a mage and possesses a familiar; it will
are capable of answering Communion prayers.
automatically fail. If they gain a familiar later, this prayer will be
DIFF EFFECT cancelled.) The wolf is counted both as a follower of the faith, as
well as a rare focus item for the purposes of prayers. The guide will
1 Line of sight, single target, 20 yds, basic visual, basic
follow and obey the priest, but should it be killed, the priest will
audio, instant
suffer a -2 penalty to Devotion rolls for a week due to his deitys
4 Per minute/hour/day duration* anger. This spell requires a one-hour ritual. (NOTE: other gods
1 See and hear deity may use different types of animals. Tiny animals, such as ferrets or
squirrels, may have a difficulty of only 2; small animals, such as a
1 Have up to 10 people see deity wildcat, will have a difficulty of 3; a dog or badger-sized animal will
1 Have a question answered with a yes or no have a difficulty of 4; a bear or horse may have a difficulty of 6; an
1 Receive an omen elephant or warhawk may have a difficulty of 7; and monstrously-
large animals, such as cavernmouths, may have a difficulty of 8.)
2 Receive a guided dream revealing the deitys wishes.
2 Have a crowded room see deity Dalahs Command
1 Causes a direct follower to follow a command DIFF: 2
2 Project a minor effect of the deitys power This prayer forces an animal to obey a short command. This
command must not threaten the life of the target or those close
2 Causes a believer to follow a command to them, and it must take no more time than a single action. This
1 Per +1 skill increase bestowed on effect prayer requires a holy symbol, a short supplication, and a two-
handed motion.
2 Per +1 stat increase bestowed on effect
Lasts for one minute, and affects any target within 20 yards. This
1 Grand effect happens when deity appears. requires a single-hand motion.
3 Have a question answered with a short reply with some
detail Deyeus Breath
3 Causes a non-believer to follow a command DIFF: 2
The target of this invocationeither the caster or an individual
4 Project a moderate effect of a deitys power
touched by the priestis capable of breathing water for one hour.
5 Project a major effect of a deitys power. This requires a one-minute ritual, a single-hand motion, and a short
5 Have an entire army or battlefield see deity prayer.

Sample prayers: Divine Communion

This prayer allows a priest a short audience with their deity, if it
Aghalis Control
chooses to answer. For up to one minute, the priest may speak
DIFF: 2 directly with his deity, though he is not guaranteed any particular
This prayer forces a sentient target to obey a short command. This response. This prayer requires a short supplication, a holy symbol, a
command must not threaten the life of the target or those close two-handed motion, and an extra round spent in prayer.
to them, and it must take no more time than a single action. This
prayer requires a holy symbol, a short supplication, and a two- Margs Horror
handed motion. Lasts for one minute, and affects any target within
20 yards. This requires a single-hand motion. DIFF: 1
The supplicant takes on the very image of Marg, horrifying
those who see him. This prayer requires a holy symbol, a short
supplication, and a single-hand motion.

Akaars Wings
The supplicant is able to rise into the air to commune with Akaars
element. He can fly up to 40 yards, or up to one minute. This
prayer requires a holy symbol, a short incantation, a two-handed
motion, and a two-round ritual.

This is the invocation of divine healing and restoration. Even Stowaddys Refreshment
resurrection is not beyond the power of the gods, though such DIFF: 1
miracles are rare. This prayer dissipates stun damage from a target. This heals WR3
stun damage, range of touch, and requires a short supplication and
DIFF EFFECT a holy symbol.
1 Line of sight, single target, 20 yds, basic visual, basic
audio, instant Rellians Rebirth
4 Per minute/hour/day duration* DIFF: 2
This prayer allows a target to regenerate lost limbs over the course
1 Per additional target
of three days. This ritual must begin within three hours of the limb
1 Per 10 yds range being lost. This ritual takes 15 minutes to cast, and requires a drawn
1 Per 3 radius circle, an incantation, a two-handed focus, and a rare prayer focus.
The range is touch.
1 Per WR stun damage healed
2 Per WR wound damage healed Bharas Sleep
2 Reattaches severed tissue DIFF: 1
4 Regenerates lost tissue This causes a target to fall into a dreamless sleep. WR1 healing will
occur at the end of the deep sleep period, which lasts for one hour.
2 Effect immobilizes target This requires a short supplication, a holy symbol, a two-handed
2 Target loses consciousness motion, and an additional two rounds of ritual. The range is touch.
4 WR1 vampiric heals another target while dealing
WR1 damage
1 Target feels no pain
1 Removes minor curse
1 Purifies substance (per gallon)
2 Cures physical disease or ailment
1 Purifies a common toxin
3 Reverses healing effect
2 Cures a potent or uncommon toxin
5 Cures a major curse (lycanthropy)
6 Resurrection cannot be reduced lower than DIFF 6.

Sample prayers:

Touch of Dalah
This prayer dissipates wound or stun damage from a target. A short
supplication is needed, and the range is touch. WR2 damage is

Rais Forging
This prayer reattaches severed tissues within an hour of detachment.
A single word, a single-hand motion, and a holy symbol is required,
as is the missing limb for reattachment. The range is touch.

Purification of Aeledon
This purges poisons and impurities from a single target. The target
must be within 20 yards, and the prayer requires supplication, a
single-hand motion, and a holy symbol. The target will take no
further damage from poisons, unless he is poisoned again.
This is the invocation of divine anger. The most feared of priestly
abilities, this allows the priest to call down lightning, or even create
Protection plagues.
This is the invocation of protection for the gods followers.
DIFF EFFECT 1 Line of sight, single target, 20yds, basic visual, basic
1 Line of sight, single target, 20 yds, basic visual, basic audio, instant
audio, instant 4 Per minute/hour/day duration*
4 Per minute/hour/day duration* 1 Per additional target
1 Per additional target 1 Per 10 yds range
1 Per 10 yds range 1 Per 3-foot radius
1 Per 3-foot radius 1 Per WR stun damage
1 Per AV 2 Per WR wound damage
1 Per area of the body (head, upper chest, lower leg, etc.) 1 +1 or -1 to target skill
2 Causes damage to the attacker when hit (WR 1); +2 2 +1 or -1 to target stat
DIFF per additional 1 WR
1 Summons/controls 1 type of entity (specify: Undead,
2 Effect immobilizes target Spiritual, Mortal, Demonic, Angelic)
3 Turn invisible to one sense 3 Effect is (N), not (C)
4 Turn completely invisible to all senses 2 Effect immobilizes target
2 Immune to toxins 1 Negates light armor
2 Levitation 2 Negates light and medium armor
3 Negates light, medium, and heavy armor
Sample prayers:
5 Redirects or reverses opponents prayer
Skin of Shalekk
Sample prayers:
This prayer provides the supplicant or someone being touched
by the supplicant with a thick draconic skin. This skin lasts for Blight of Hausha
a minute, and has AV6. It requires a short supplication, a holy DIFF: 2
symbol, and a two-handed gesture. The priest summons a swarm of locusts that fill a 10-foot radius
within 20 yards. They remain there for one round, at which point
Jinaldas Circle they behave as normal animals and will likely flee the area. This
DIFF: 3 prayer requires a holy symbol.
This prayer, which requires a 10-foot radius circle to be drawn,
creates an armored sphere of protection around that circle with Deains Smiting
AV3. The prayer lasts for one minute, and requires a holy symbol DIFF: 2
and a short supplication. The strength of Deain guides the supplicants blow with devastating
effect (or it can be granted to another being touched by the
supplicant). The target of the prayer gains +2 to their Strength for
the purposes of combat, and requires a short supplication and a holy

Rain of Fire
Fire and ash rain down on an area up to 20 yards away, with a 10-
foot diameter. This deals WR2 to all individuals within that area.
This requires a holy symbol, a short supplication, and a two-handed

Common Prayers
Like Folk Magic, Common Prayers are typically an oral tradition
available to the uninitiated. One can take the following prayers
with Devotion, or with the Common Prayer skill, which lacks
~ Religions of the World ~
the prerequisites of Devotion. Like Folk Magic, these prayers take here are numerous gods on Nia, and this has led to several
generations to move from the more traditional format of Devotion, different faiths and religions, many of which have distinct
so there are no rules for creation of new prayers. orders within the church that are sometimes at odds with
each other. From the ancient Elementalist Church and shamanism,
Blessing to the relatively recent faiths of Shalekkniar and Rellianism, the
DIFF 1 faiths of the world are diverse and varied.
A blessing has a couple basic effects. The specific purpose should be
declared before invocation of the Blessing. Effects are:

Heal Wound Blessing can heal 1 Wound Level for every 3 points rguably the most ancient of the faiths of Nia, shamanism
of the prayers margin of success (round up). The process requires is typically found in small tribal groups scattered across the
a short invocation and touch. Effects take one hour per targets world. Not a cohesive faith, but rather a broad category
SHRUG for every level of Stun healed. The more minor the of countless small faiths, shamanism is practiced among the tribal
damage, the faster it is to heal. groups living in the Dark Lands, feral elves living on the northern
Consecration Blessing can consecrate the bed or comparable continent, and among the peoples of countless islands and atolls
immediate space surrounding the blessed. The blessed becomes scattered across the oceans. Some claim that shamanism is the
spiritually invisible to malevolent spirits, demons, and undead. predecessor to the Elementalist faith, while others claim that it
Duration lasts one hour per margin of success, and requires a short came into being as a degenerated version of Elementalism. Most
invocation and touch. shamanistic cultures dont care.
Shamanism can worship any of the elder gods, from Marg to
Direction Dalah or any other in between. It also typically pays homage to
DIFF: 1 important ancestor spirits or even Totems, a rare type of nature
The invoker is pulled or pointed in the direction sought (find me spirit. Some even have a pantheon led by Creator himself.
the way out of this forest). This requires a single-hand motion, a Shamanism is a worship that does not differentiate between
dance, and a feather. the physical plane, the mystic Web of Life, and the spiritual. The
ultimate mortal leaders of shamanistic faiths are the shamans
themselves (sometimes called druids in some parts of the world).
These extremely rare persons are those who are skilled in both
DIFF: 1 magic and prayer. Under them are the mystics, who manipulate
This prayer allows a simple agricultural or weather question to be the Web of Life without calling on divine favor, and the seers, who
answered with a one-word answer within half a day of the asking cannot utilize the Web of Life but are skilled at requesting aid from
(which usually comes in the form of a dream). This requires hand the gods. Both seers and mystics are equally respected, and both
motions and a complex dance with prayer, followed by sleep or are considered important to the faith. In a larger tribe, they will
meditation. assist the shaman with his duties; in smaller groups, they act as the
primary guide in the faith.
Luck There is no organization among the different types of
DIFF: 1 shamanism; indeed many tribes with different variations of
The devotee may add +1 to the target of any single roll at some shamanism may war with one another regularly. From the ogres
point during the day. This requires a number of hand motions with and their worship of Tayn and Dalig (more chaotic versions of
a prayer and a piece of leather. It may only be cast once per day. Deain and Dalah), to the goblins and their dark totems, to montaka
and their ancestor spirits, to tribal elves and humans worshipping
Purify Water various gods across the lands, Shamanism is not a faith that can be
painted in broad strokes.
This prayer purifies a gallon of water. This requires a prayer recited
with several hand motions after drawing a circle in the dirt around
the water container.

Take Care
This prayer gives the devotee AV1 for the day. This requires a
number of hand motions with prayer and a piece of leather.

Cult of Deyeus
Elementalist Church
O rganized and trustworthy, the priests and priestesses of

hile the Elementalist Church has similar viewpoints to the Cult of Deyeus are the models of respectability within
shamanistic faiths, it is far better organized than the the Elementalist Church. Deyeus encourages his followers to be
tribal religions. While shamanism may be the most organized, perhaps even ritualistic, and stoic in the face of danger.
ancient of creeds, the Elementalist Church is certainly the oldest As Deyus moves predictably with the tides, his followers observe
organized religion. predictable regimens, though they do not frown on creativity or
The Elementalist Church has been around as long as recorded imagination either. Innovation is important to Deyeus, as Deyeus
history, and it claims to have been founded by the gods themselves. believes in change and evolution over time.
While the followers of the faith respect and honor all the deities Deyeus is also the bringer of life, bestowing fish and other
in the pantheon, the vast majority choose one god in specific to seafood, as well as water itself; as a result, generosity is important
worship above the others. Each gods worshipers are the basis for to the cult. Caring for the less fortunate is a significant part of their
the different orders within the Elementalist Church. The pantheon worship. But Deyeus does not suffer fools longthose who anger
includes Dalah, the earth mother; Rai, the sun; Mun, the night; the cult will suffer a wrath that few expect from such an otherwise
Deyus, the sea; Hausha, the wind; and Zoen, the storm. staid and solid group. Obviously, sailors and others who make their
living from the sea are commonly found in this faith.
Cult of Hausha
D alahists are those who worship Dalah, the earth mother, above
the others. Dalahists tend to be passive and nonviolent; it
was a priest of Dalah who invented Dalahar, a passive unarmed T he Cult of Hausha is a very segmented religion, with strong
gender lines. The cult worships both Hausha and her husband
combat style designed exclusively around defense. Most Dalahists Zoen, though females must pray primarily to Hausha while males
are vegetarian, as Dalah created the animals of the world as her must primarily pray to Zoen. The male members are known as
children, and to consume her children would akin to eating a Brother Storms while the female members are the Sister Winds.
sibling. (Fish, generally believed to be created by Deyeus, and The Cult of Hausha believes strongly in freedom. They struggle
some species of birds, from Haushas domain, are allowed as a meat against the institution of slavery and other abuses, though they are
source, however.) not as renowned for this as the Cult of RaiMun. In addition to their
Dalahist priests generally shave their heads. More than a love of travel, cultists of Hausha believe in experiencing life to the
method of announcing their faith, they shave their head as a sign of fullest. They are quick to try new experiences, and they try to fit
penance and grief. Dalahs dwarf children were stolen from her side, as much living as they can into their lifetime. Passion is extremely
and they grieve for her loss; in addition, Dalahs revenge against important, and sex is sacred. Faithfulness, however, is sometimes
Deain for her rape caused further ills on the world, for which the secondary, and followers of the Cult of Hausha may not always be
Dalahists help her show penance. faithful to their lovers.
Dalahists tend to be soft spoken and kind-hearted, and they Brother Storms
believe that to pass up a being truly in need without rendering aid is Brother Storms, the male members of the cult, are responsible for
one of the worst sins a mortal can commit. They are generous with keeping the home fires burning. Passion is more important than
their aid and are often renowned for their healing abilities. travel to a Brother Storm, and their temples are typically more
organized and regimented than those of their sisters. Followers of
Cult of RaiMun Zoen, combat is also important, and most Brother Storms have

T his order within the Elementalist Church worships two gods at least basic training in combat. Brother Storms are typically the
simultaneously. Rai, the sun, and his wife Mun, the moon, are members that run the churches, provide food to the poor, and
the focus. The followers of Rai and Mun are fierce in war yet tender provide other local services.
in times of peace. Through Rai, they learn the ways of fire; burning Stormriders
vengeance and wrath upon those who would terrorize the weak. Stormriders are a group within the Brother Storms, acting as
Through Mun, they learn the way of the night, moving in silence the guardians and warriors of the order. They are sentries and
to aid those in need. Mun represents compassion and forgiveness, soldiers, protecting the temples of Hausha and Zoen. Those
while Rai is righteous fury. Brother Storms found worthy are given a sword from Zoen
The Cult of RaiMun believes in equality of the races, and they himself; these weapons are powerful magical artifacts, meant to
battle against slavers whenever they find them. Through Mun they help these warriors in their defense of the faith. Those granted
see those in need, and they move to help them; through Rai, they Zoens swords are called Stormriders, and they are among the
gain the strength to fight against those who would make slaves fiercest warriors in the world.
of others. They also encourage devotion and love, and they often
mediate the arrangement of marriages between feuding households.

Cult of Bhara
Sister Winds
Sister Winds are generally the Haushans who bring the faith to
new regions. Less likely to stand still than their brothers, they are T he Cult of Bhara worships the Mistress of the Hunt, she who
was given dominion over Dalahs wild places. Temples to
Bhara are rarely found in heavily urbanized areas; they are much
driven to act as missionaries, bringing their faith to new lands
and territories. They also help keep the cult organized, even over more common in the wilderness, where they can better commune
expansive regions, bringing news from one temple to the others. with their goddess. Followers of Bhara are keepers of the wild
Finding a Sister Wind traveling with a caravan is a common sight, areas, conservationists and protectors of the natural order. They are
and they will often take positions as guardians and defenders. hunters, but they are careful not to overhunt or significantly damage
the ecosystem. They disdain hunting for sport, only killing for food
Windriders or for survival. They will often adopt a region of wilderness and
Those Sister Winds found most worthy by Hausha herself are act as its guardians. Animal companions are common to Bharaists,
granted feathered wings by the goddess. Those so blessed are particularly among its priests and priestesses.
known among the Sister Winds as Windriders, and they are
charged with a divine task of guardianship, more so than the Aeledonites
rest of their sisters. The Windriders are expected to guard the
faithful, particularly on long journeys. While the Stormriders
protect the home and hearth, the Windriders guard the roads
T he followers of Aeledon are the keepers of justice and wisdom.
Their churches are often repositories of knowledge, with
books and ancient scrolls stored for the worthy to peruse. Priests of
and rivers. Their feathered wings aid them in their duty, as they
Aeledon often work as judges when necessary, meting out justice
are magically enhanced and enable the Windrider to fly.
with a fair and honest hand. Public service is important for followers
of Aeledon, and all priests are
Dalah Nyeh required to serve the civil good

A n old religion whose

followers are primarily
elves, the church of Dalah
in some fashion. Public buildings
are often inscribed with symbols
of this cult in areas where
Nyeh worships the first they hold sway, particularly
elves. An offshoot of the courthouses and libraries.
Elementalist Church, they Priests are commonly found as
have several gods in common, advisors to people in positions
particularly Dalah. However, of leadership, though they are
the Dalah Nyeh worship the rarely in leadership positions
first elves, the children of themselves; wisdom is offered,
Dalah, seeing them as Dalahs not forced. The exception to this
gift to the world. Like the rule is in the judicial system,
Elementalist Church, they where priests may also serve as
respect and worship all the judges.
gods in their pantheon, but One church of the
the vast majority focuses Aeledonites of note is located
on the worship of one over within the kingdom of Corvel.
the others. Their pantheon This branch guards the Cathedral
includes Bhara, Aeledon, Wood, where it is said that
Ellipol, Jinalda, Rhana, and Rellian died. Though clearly
Tothas, as well as Mun and members of the Aeledonites
Dalah herself, but those who through their worship of
worship the latter two above Aeledon and the other children
the others generally find more of Dalah, they also recognize
like-minded souls among Rellian as an important prophet
the Elementalist Church of Creator. In addition to
(especially within the Cult of guarding Cathedral Wood and
Dalah and Cult of RaiMun). the keep located there, they are recognized as the only worthy priests
The Dalah Nyeh and the Elementalist Church are close-knit, and to coronate the King. Though the Exortiad is not happy with the
they are generally friendly toward one another, though they have a power this Aeledonite church holds, the tradition is so ingrained
separate organization and are considered separate faiths. within Corvellian history, they have been unable to draw political
power away from this cult. Rumors persist that the Aeledonites have
refused to crown certain kings, who assumed the throne without
their aid; these reigns signaled times of great corruption and dark
times in Corvels history.

so that all may be trained in defending the Web of Life. Scholars are
Heralds of Ellipol sometimes found among those who worship Jinalda, though they
are more often found as followers of Aeledon.
T he Heralds of Ellipol are an unusual and highly mysterious
camp within the Dalah Nyeh who worship the Ice Goddess,
Bringer of Winter. They are found almost exclusively on the Cult of Rhana
continent of Nordia. For the majority of the year, they reside in
frozen fortresses in the north, where winter reigns year long. When
the cold season moves through more temperate lands, many will go
R hana is the only goddess within this pantheon that was not a
direct child of Dalah, but was instead an elven woman who
lived many thousands of years ago. Rhana is the Mother of Man,
on a pilgrimage to spread their message of generosity and kindness, who birthed the human race by being seduced by Aghali in the
giving food to those who are having a hard winter. They will gather form of her husband. This cult tends to have little patience for the
goods from those who have enough and redistribute Cult of Aghali, but it is otherwise tolerant and forgiving of
them to the needy. many foibles and oversights. They preach love, tolerance, and
Heralds on a pilgrimage will typically grant their faithfulness, believing in the sanctity of marriage and that the
skills to those in need, for no charge save room, board, preservation of society starts in the home. The Cult of
and possibly a small donation of goods for Rhana has the largest human following within
redistribution. They also are expert farmers, the Dalah Nyeh, particularly since their
growing turnips and other hardy winter followers tend to adopt kinless humans into
plants in their fortresses to share with those who their care.
have a hard winter. When their crops fail or run They are a female-dominated cult; male
low, they also possess solid hunting talents to find priests are rare. Male followers are expected to
fresh meat for themselves and others. be the guardians of the home, keeping constant
The Heralds have a good reputation in vigil lest a hidden trouble strike unexpectedly.
the lands they visit, but are considered very Followers of Rhana are often found as midwives,
mysterious. They speak little about their beliefs doctors, or foster parents. Following a mostly
other than the messages of generosity and pacifist doctrine, they believe that children
kindness, unless someone seems genuinely are sacred and must be defended, and
interested in joining their order. In fact, threatening a child is one of the few things
they rarely speak at all, unless needed, that can drive a Rhanan to violence.
though this is due to their native harsh Within a village or town, they focus
climates than any religious prohibition. their work on healing, distributing food
Although their exact numbers are to the needy, and keeping the home fires
unknown, they usually gather in unisex burning. They also help protect widows,
monasteries in numbers of 10 to 50. seeing them as symbols of Rhanas later years.
To become a member, Ellipol herself must accept one as
worthy. At the end of an acolytes apprenticeship, they are sent Cult of Tothas
into a blizzard at night with no clothes or any gear save a single
bearskin blanket. It is said that Ellipol will protect the worthy, who
are accepted into the faith the following morning as full priests and
T his uncommon cult focuses its worship on the Carrier of the
Dead, Tothas. Unlike other cults within the Dalah Nyeh,
exclusively those with a majority of elf blood follow the cult of
priestesses. The unworthy are found dead, but this is surprisingly
Tothas; no other race can be found worshiping Tothas. Most of the
rare. Few followers of this faith are not in the priesthood, though
followers of this cult are fatalistic warriors, preparing to die in battle.
many outsiders praise their appearance during their pilgrimages.
Many have already cheated death and are ready for passage to the
Underworld, but have a driving quest that keeps them alive for the
Jinaldans time being.

T hough few in number, Jinaldans are a powerful and respected

sect within the Dalah Nyeh. Jinalda, it is said, discovered the
methods for weaving the Web of Life into magical effects, and as
Priests of Tothas, on the other hand, are rarely looking to die,
but instead assist those who are preparing for passage. Necromancers
and undertakers also commonly worship this grim and foreboding
such, many mages worship her wisdom. Priests and priestesses are god. Temples of Tothas are generally the simple homes of the priests;
even more rare, and, like true shamans, they must be capable in most often, these priests build their homes on or near sacred places,
both the mystic as well as the spiritual arts. Jinaldans believe in the such as graveyards or the sites of major battles. Priests of Tothas
natural order, and they are often investigators into powerful Chaos rarely possess a flock who come to worship regularly; instead, they
magicks and major disruptions into the Web of Life. Witchsmellers council grieving loved ones or those preparing for death. Some are
are common among their ranks. known to travel, seeking out those who are in need of death, acting
Jinaldans welcome any mage into their ranks, provided they as witchsmellers or otherwise scouring the land for Chaos. They are
do not utilize Chaos magicks and respect the natural order. It was often feared and avoided due to their dark reputation.
they who began the practice of teaching Folk Magic to the masses.
They believe that magic must be in the hands of the common folk,

Nyeh oDeain

his is the ancient religion of ethnic dwarves, and they are
still the most common followers of this faith. Though a
small number of humans, elves, and other races can be
found following the tenets of Deainism, it is rare outside the Raihar
Empire. Within Raihar, however, Nyeh oDeain is the official state
religion, and as such, the followers are as diverse as the population.
Earthfolk and Cyclops make up the second- and third-largest racial
groups within this faith, though they are still far behind dwarven
The pantheon of this faith includes Deain, the father of
dwarves, as well as his childrenDaro, Erdyo, Ordannis, Roliel,
Stowaddy, and Torahn. Steady like the mountain, this faith has
changed little over the millennia, much as the dwarves themselves.
They recognize the divinity of the other gods, particularly Dalah,
the mother of dwarves, though they regard them as distant and
secondary to their own pantheon. Nyeh oDeain is divided into
several sects, each worshiping one god over the others. Within
Raihar, the church is well-organized, with the Iron Council at the
center. The Iron Council is made up of one follower of each god
in this pantheon, with the Deain priest presiding. Outside Raihar,
however, the Councils influence is limited due to geographical

Cult of Deain

T hose who worship the father of dwarves, the Cult of Deain

holds parenthood and family as sacred. As Deain ceded a
portion of his kingdom for his children, so too are followers of
Deain expected to make sacrifices for their loved ones. Strength
also is important, providing a necessary tool for keeping ones
family safe. Warriors are common among their numbers, as are
familial patriarchs and government leaders. The priests of Deain are
considered important patriarchs within their community, officiating Cult of Erdyo
marriages, settling disputes, and instructing children. Female
priests of Deain often serve as midwives, helping usher in the new
generation. While the religion tends to view gender in a traditional
J udges, lawyers, and constabularies are often found among
the Cult of Erdyo, as are diplomats, scholars, warriors, and
executioners. Believing in fairness and the ultimate power of dwarf
patriarchal manner, some female Deain worshipers buck the law, the Cult of Erdyo is respected wherever it holds sway. Followers
gender roles assigned them and take on positions more commonly believe in standing up for those too weak to do so themselves, and
associated with men, such as doctors or warriors. they disdain slavery. Priests of Erdyo are generally the keepers of
the official scales and weights within a dwarf community, as well
Cult of Daro as the custodians of the archives and public records. They are well

T hose who worship Daro are patient, methodical, and

thoughtful. His followers believe in charity to the poor and
patronage of the arts. Criminals and law enforcers seek his blessing,
known as mediators and judges, and many also are skilled in combat
so as to defend the weak from those who would prey on them, or
avenging those who have already fallen. They are expected to bless
for he is the finder of secrets. The cult of Daro works hard, and trials, and many will work to help defend the accused if they feel
their temples are typically sturdy and ornately beautiful, often gem- justice requires a divine hand.
studded and plated with precious metals. Industrious almost to a
fault, they also make certain to take the time to appreciate their
work and the hard work of others. Artisans, scouts, blacksmiths, and
craftspeople are among their numbers, as well as miners and gem
cutters. Priests of Daro bless businesses and mines, as well as often
running small local banks. This cult is the wealthiest within the
Nyeh oDeain, and as such, they often run shelters for the poor and
hungry. Many priests also practice some form of craft on the side, be
it painting, gem cutting, or artistic metalwork.

communities, despite the protests of the more conservative branches
of the Rellianite Church). Many followers pray to their dead
Cult of Ordannis ancestors during Harvest Night, as they say that Torahn allows the

T he Cult of Ordannis is found almost exclusively along coastal

towns, though they also can be located along large rivers and
lakes. Followers include farmers, fishermen, carpenters, and sailors,
dead to visit their families at this time. Followers of Torahn include
farmers, undertakers, travelers, and town criers. Priests of Torahn
often help spread the communitys news, for it is said that Torahn
as well as cooks, hunters, well diggers, and others who bring life to brings word from the Underworld. They also bless the harvests and
a community. Priests are Ordannis are mellow and easygoing, and perform funeral rites. Some priests of Torahn are known to act as
stereotypically well-fed. Despite their casual attitude, they breach Witchsmellers, finding those who break the natural order through
no disrespect, and when angered they become dark and destructive, the utilization of Chaos, and sending them to their master for
like the sea. Once their anger has been sated, however, their calm judgment.
returns. Followers of Ordannis keep large gardens, and they often
bless new sea vessels or seafaring journeys. Their temples maintain
large public therapeutic baths, and they often work closely with Church of Marg

priests of Stowaddy in planning and implementing events. They he Church of Marg is a Chaos-oriented religion that is
rarely communicate with the Ordanyo due to the depth at which outlawed in most nations. It deifies Marg, the fourth child
their cousins dwell, but are friendly to them on those occasions of Shalekk, who tore itself free of the Dragon Mothers
when they meet. womb after her death. Its origins a secret, it is generally attributed
to being created by humans, but several races now make up the
Cult of Roliel Churchs members, mostly along lines of Chaos affinity. The Church
of Marg believes that the only sin is in conforming to Order and the
M ages, scholars, blacksmiths, and warriors make up a large
portion of the followers of Roliel, and rune magic is sacred
to them. Priests are few in number, as they are required to know
edicts of the other gods. They believe that indulging their primal
impulses and gaining personal power are the only worthwhile goals.
the secrets of the Runes before they will be accepted as a novice of They attempt to commit crimes against society to help break down
the order. As such, all priests of Roliel are at least basic Runesmiths, the works of the other gods. Rape, murder, kidnapping, slavery,
and many are also blacksmiths. Tattooing is also important to the theft, vandalism, and sacrifice are all performed, as well as the
Cult of Roliel, and most priests can be instantly recognized by their summoning and controlling of demons. The eventual goal of the
ornate tattoos, some of which may even be runic. Though rare and Church of Marg is to bring about the end of society, so that Marg
mysterious, they are held in great awe and respect by the others in can rise again and reshape Creation in a manner more attractive to
the community. the Margists.

Cult of Stowaddy

S towaddy teaches that life must be celebrated and appreciated

lest it be wasted. His followers believe in taking time off for
recreation and enjoyment, though they also believe in hard work
so that the leisure can be best appreciated. Priests of Stowaddy
have a reputation for perpetual intoxication, though this is a
stereotype with little basis in fact. Indeed, priests of Stowaddy are
often too busy making certain that others eat, drink, and make
merry, and they rarely are able to take the time to do so themselves.
Some priests, however, will often feign drunkenness, to encourage
others to relax their guard and enjoy themselves. Priests often plan
community celebrations, and they will help families plan parties
to celebrate new births, weddings, or children coming-of-age. In
addition to brewing, Stowaddy also holds the arts sacred, as well as
sports and other activities done for recreation. As the teachings and practices of this church are abhorrent
to the general populace, Margs followers tend to hide their faith
Cult of Torahn by practicing in rural areas, far from the rule of civilized law. The

T orahn is the guardian of the dead, and he teaches that death

is a part of the cycle of life. His followers believe in the cycles
of nature, particularly the seasons, and the harvest is the most
Church of Marg does not have a unified organizational body,
instead functioning under the disguise of a locally accepted
faith, performing their rituals in private homes or remote forest
important holy time of the year. The followers of Torahn celebrate hideaways. Though they have no central administration and flocks
the harvest one night a year by disguising themselves as the dead, function under the control of individual priests, many Margist cells
in dirty clothing and skull masks. The hearth fires of the home are will communicate with each other on an as-needed basis. Smaller
put out, save for a single ember, which is used to light the fires for cells have a single priest, while larger and more organized cells may
a new year at midnight. Though the followers of Torahn organize have several priests assisting a high priest. The rank and file are
these rituals, most ethnic dwarf enclaves will take part in the known as adherents, with acolytes assisting the priests and high
annual event (and its popularity has spilled over into some human priest (if any).

Winds of Chaos Cult of Aghali
his sect within the Church of Marg is mostly made up of ghali is a trickster god, and while society as a whole distrusts
mages and scholars who seek the ancient knowledge and dark such a creature, individuals across the world find faith
prophecies which will destroy the Web of Life and bring down in him. Primarily made up of humans worshiping their
Creation, making the way for Margs new order. Specializing in perceived origins, they believe in the lessons of the trickster god.
necromancy and summoning, the Winds of Chaos have demons and Humor is important to these followers, as well as wisdom. They find
undead at their fingertips, ready to be made into teachings in Aghalis tricks and foolish behavior, and believe in
an army. In the meantime, they send these redemption through playing the fool. While they accept social
creatures out to terrorize the countryside, ranking, they feel that it is important that everyone have some
committing horrible crimes level of humility. These cultists scorn
through them. pompous or arrogant
The Winds of Chaos have individuals, and they
been known to work alongside may even be subject
the Reapers occasionally. They to lessons.
have few actual priests within The Cult of Aghali
their order they are instead a is not a centrally organized
gathering of mages and scholars faith, though temples to
with similar religious beliefs. communicate with each other and
The few priests that do exist lend support as needed. Individual
within the order also typically temples, however, are well-organized
study magic on the side. operations, each run by a High Priest.
Most temples and priests have a strong
Reapers snake motif in their visual style, both
Reapers are the most feared carved and real. They are tolerated
sect within the Margist faith. by many nations, though they do
Their primary goal is to not gain much respect. Most Aghali
destroy society from within worshipers do not care if their faith is
through the torture and marginalizedrespect is secondary, and
sacrifice of innocent victims. too much can lead to arrogance, one
They have been known to of the greatest sins. The only nations
wipe out entire communities where they have not gained any sort
with their rituals and blood of foothold is within Zeah and Raihar,
quests. where worship of human ancestry is
The most respected scorned.
Reapers are the Reaper Unfortunately for the honest Aghali
Knights. These warriors worshipers, the Church of Marg often
wear ceremonial armor utilizes this cult. As an accepted religion
constructed of dragon bone, that borders on Chaos worship, the Cult
ornately carved with troll of Aghali is a common smokescreen
runes, and skirts made of used by Margists as a front for their
human flesh. They carry troll- illegal activities. Many Aghali churches
forged weapons engraved are merely facades, covering the black
with powerful runes, said heart of Margist activity. Even otherwise
to be capable of draining a honest Aghali temples may have a
persons very soul. The Reaper priest or two practicing Margism in secret, and recruiting for their
Knights act as the guardians for the activities on the sly. Tithes taken at these temples often find their
sect, as well as for the Church of Marg as a whole, and they follow way into Margist coffers. Many honest priests are aware of this
a basic doctrine which states that no life is sacred, not even their problem, but few will admit the issue is as bad as it truly is. Still,
own. All must be destroyed in Margs fire before New Birth can they treat corruption very seriously when they find evidence of it.
occur. Marg will often resurrect Reaper Knights who serve him There has been growing talk at some temples of taking concerted
well as undead Wraiths (see page 150). action towards cleaning this corruption out, but the unorganized
nature of the cult has prevented any real results.

The Church of Rellian
A n obscure sect that mixes ancient religions with the teachings

his church, based in Corvel, is one of the youngest and of Rellian, the Elderseekers are an unusual order within the
fastest growing religions in the world. Following the Rellianite faith. Placing more importance on the elder gods such
teachings and martyrdom of the Holy Vagabond, the as Dalah and Deain than most Rellianites would find comfortable,
Church of Rellian is particularly powerful in the Nordian kingdoms, this sect helps bridge the gap between the Rellianite Church and
where it is the state religion of Corvel, Bachra, and Seris. Rellianite other faiths in the region. The Exhortiad views the order as outright
theology states that Creator is responsible for the existence of heresy, but the more tolerant League of Cardinals accepts their
the universe, and that Rellian is its holy Prophet. The other gods presence, and members of the Elderseekers are often used when
are acknowledged as lesser deities, but their exclusive worship is the League wishes to deal with other religions. Elderseekers are also
forbidden by this faith thus, this religion is able to somewhat extremely successful missionaries, as they will bring the local faith
peacefully coexist alongside other doctrines. The Rellianite religion into the Rellianite doctrine without altering long-held community
uses the Tarnia as their holy book, as translated by Ogrin of the traditions.
North, and it espouses a four-tiered order of divinity: The Creator, They are frequently found as chaplains in the army, as they are
Rellian the Prophet, the Saints and lesser deities, and the mortal able to successfully council the wide range of religions found within
plane. Those who utilize Chaos gain their status from Marg, the the military. While they recognize the divinity of the saints, they
Dark One, and they have no place in the Rellianite tiers of divinity. generally place the Elder gods above them, while keeping Rellian
The Church encourages charity, tolerance, and forgiveness, himself as the primary focus of worship.
and preaches strength through love, not force. Rellian encouraged
the celebration of diversity, and as such, it has a strong following Saintors
among minority races. They believe that all life is sacred unless it is
tainted by Chaos, though killing in the defense of oneself or others,
or during times of war, is acceptable. Women are embraced by the
T his sect focuses on the worship of Rellianite saints. Similar to
ancestor spirits, saints are specific mortals who, after death,
become accepted on the divine plane and are able to answer prayers
faith, and can hold any office up to and including that of Cardinal,
and provide divine intervention. The commanding priests of
the highest office in the church. Their holy symbol is a wooden X,
this order also attempt to canonize new saints into the Rellianite
representing the crossed stakes to which Rellian was bound when
pantheon. Most Saintors choose one particular saint as their patron,
executed by immolation. Various combinations of the X and fire
though they hold all as sacred. The Saintors regularly petition the
motifs can be found throughout Rellianite art and iconography.
League of Cardinals with potential candidates for canonization,
including three who have been debated upon for some time
The Exhortiad Thekla, Siffe, and Touchek. Though the League may not yet accept

A n order that was born of the centuries-old holy war with

Kilmoor, the Exhortiad believes in limits on tolerance and
charity. Specifically, they work to keep the faith pure from Chaos
contested saints, the Saintors do authorize their worship, which
has led to some strained relations in the past. The Exhortiad in
particular views the Saintors as borderline heretics, particularly in
worshipers and violent nonbelievers such as the Kilmoorians. Over their worship of non-canonized saints.
the years, this order has grown more conservative, and the leadership All those who lived after Rellian are required to be Rellianite
is beginning to become violently intolerant. Their relationships to be considered for sainthood, and the Saintors understand and
with other faiths tends to be strained and uneasy at best, as they see respect that ruling. They are concerned, however, with the lack of
the lesser deities as unworthy of worshipRellian, being a prophet nonhuman, non-elf saints in the faith, and the limited number of
of Creator Itself, is above them all. Some particularly extreme female saints. They hope that if Thekla, Siffe, and Touchek can be
members of the Exhortiad have begun the torture and persecution canonized, this problem can be addressed.
of perceived enemies, even if these nonbelievers practice a religion
that is legal within the nation in question. The churchs power, for Order of Rai
the time being, is shielding these few extremists.

Order of the Holy Vagabond

A n offshoot of the Cult of RaiMun that long ago joined the
Rellianite faith, the Order of Rai follows a hard-line doctrine
of equality for the races and swift justice for those who would

T his sect within the Rellianite church is a simple order,

preaching poverty and forgiveness. They are typically found
in rural monasteries, in small, organized groups. The order draws
oppress the weak. A warrior cult, many of the members of this
order are Chaplains within the military. Few members of this
order are unskilled with a blade, and they are well known for their
from the example of Rellian, and many members of this sect travel passionate tempers. The Order of Rai prays to Rai as their patron,
the land, giving aid where they find it needed. Although a senior though they otherwise follow Rellianite doctrines. Despite their
order, they have traditionally been a target of the Exhortiads ire, associations with the Elementalist sun god, the Exhortiad, primarily
as Vagabonds eschew the wealth and trappings of the religion for a for their practice of destroying evildoers, tolerates the Order of
simpler, more pure existence (preaching against the accumulation of Rai and their collective might. The Order of Rai would become a
wealth). Members of the order are typically soft-spoken and gentle, formidable political and military adversary if its membership was
and many take vows of silence. Any wealth they possess is used only ever excommunicated from the Church of Rellian.
for the most basic needs of survival; everything else is used to feed,
clothe, and shelter the needy.

also organized small temples in that territory, though they do not
Order of Azoth communicate with the Council of Hashin due to geographical

T he Order of Azoth is a small but dedicated and conservative

order that follows the strict moral teachings of Azoth, the
Judge of the Dead. Though Azoth is outside of most pantheons, this
distance. There are four variant sects within Shalekkniar, but many
Niarites do not belong to any of them, preferring instead to keep
their worship pure.
order found his teachings to fit within the philosophy of Rellian,
and they accept him as an important minor deity. The League of Nimelekk (nih-MEL-eck)
Cardinals has not yet made a ruling on this order, either in favor of
or against them, but the Exhortiad seems particularly threatened.
Rumors persist within the order that when the Exhortiad called
T his sect within Shalekkniar worships Melekk, the dragon
of the earth. In Kilmoorian and Kharhounai tradition, soil is
considered dirty, but Melekks domain is that of the mountain and
their founder for questioning, Azoth himself appeared to the stone. Melekk was charged with guardianship, and the members
Exhortiads leadership and listed their sins before leaving. The of Nimelekk keep their patrons charge close to heart. Melekk is a
founder, Archbishop Achro Sarr, has not spoken on this matter. The patron to many soldiers, and priests of Melekk are often chaplains
order has been growing in popularity, and the League of Cardinals or war priests. The order of Nimelekk is a strong supporter of the
will likely make a decision on acceptance soon. gladiatorial industry, and they are the most wealthy of the orders
Priests in the Order of Azoth are expected to be fair and just in within Shalekkniar. They are among the most aggressive and
all that they do. They often act as civil judges, mediating disputes conservative of the sects.
and disagreements with an honest and firm ruling. The order also
is known for acting as witchsmellers, finding those who break the
Nifurak (nih-FUR-ack)
natural order and sending them on for final judgment. Unlike
other death cults, the Order of Azoth maintains a more affable
relationship with the public. T his order worships Furak, the dragon of the sea. Furak was
charged to learn, and the members of Nifurak obey this
edict. Though not all followers of Furak are scholars,
they keep their minds open to learn new things in every
Shalekkniar task they undertake. Priests of Furak are often teachers
and advisors, aiding others in ways of learning. The

strict doctrine of dragon order of Nifurak is visible in day-to-day life among the
worship, Shalekkniar Kilmoorians and Kharhounai, however their rituals are
is the most powerful a secret to all but the initiated. A mysterious sect, they
religion in Kilmoor and possess much ancient knowledge, which they keep for
Kharhoun, and has begun their own enigmatic purposes.
to take hold outside those
nations. Believing Shalekk Niakaar (nih-ACK-ah-arr)
to be the divine mother of all
things beautiful in nature, they
worship her children and scorn
T his order worships Akaar,
the dragon of the air.
An order based around
her detractors. Shalekkniar
pleasure and beauty,
encourages charity, tolerance,
the Niakaar make their
and forgiveness, but only to other
temples into ornate works
members of the faith. Non-believers,
of breathtaking splendor.
or infidels, are secondary, and they can
Many of these temples keep
be treated however one wishes. Humans
a large harem of courtesans. These
are beloved by Shalekk and Creator,
courtesans are considered holy, and many of them
and their place is above all other races save the dragons
are even priestesses or acolytes of the faith; those who purchase
themselves. Greater Dragons are divine, and must be worshiped as
pleasure with these women (or, occasionally, men) are said to be
such. Major temples have a patron dragon, and regular sacrifices are
communing with Akaar herself.
required. While these sacrifices are usually prisoners or slaves, they
are sometimes believers who feed themselves to the dragon for the
honor, particularly in the weeks before Dragon Night.
Nishalekk (nih-SHAL-eck)
Shalekkniar is an extremely organized and regimented religion,
with the Rashal at the head, presiding over the Council of Hashin.
This council rules over adherents to the faith from their Great
T he order of Nishalekk worships the many Dragon Gods that
came after the original three children of Shalekk. Seeing all
dragons as worthy of worship, they pray to any deceased dragons
Temple in central Kilmoor. that respond to their call. As Shalekk is the Mother of Dragons,
There exists a more moderate, less fundamentalist they seek out any of her missing children to worship so as to keep
denomination in the Kainal Islands, but the Council of Hashin has them holy. Similarly, they often adopt orphaned humans into the
ruled them infidels. This more moderate version of Shalekkniar faith, caring for them until their adulthood.
does not practice racism, and they sacrifice animals to their patron
sea dragon. Niarite missionaries sent to the Arcanian interior have

Akaar Serpent of the Air (AH-kah-ar)
Appearance: A gray dragon with large graceful wings, always flying.
Embodiment: The wind and air, passion, and beauty.

~ Deities, Saints ~ Persona: Akaar is a sensualist of the greatest degree, enjoying her
duties with a passion few can match. She is extremely aware of her
beauty, and she does not suffer fools or insults well.
~ & Holy Places ~ Patron of: Travelers, sailors, prostitutes, and adventurers.
Symbol: Outstretched wings.

he following is a listing of religious personalities in Nia, Invocations: Healing, Wrath.
their pronunciations, appearances or avatars, the values Lessons: Enjoy life, pleasure, and beauty while they are there. The
the embody, the personality they typically possess, who entire world is filled with pleasures if one knows where to look.
their followers are, their personal symbols, and the types of prayers Creator made the world to be enjoyed as well as lived upon.
that their priests can invoke. It should be noted that all gods will
reply to a Communion prayer in addition to the two listed here. It Ancestor Spirits
also includes a brief explanation of the sorts of lessons and morals Appearance: Varies widely.
that the god teaches; in the cases of saints or similar beings, it will Embodiment: Important characteristics within a culture.
instead include a brief summary of their story, explaining why they Persona: Ancestor spirits vary widely in appearance, temperament,
are a saint. and even in the types of prayers they answer. Ancestor spirits are
always the spirit of an elder member of the tribe who in some
Aeledon Father of Justice (AY-leh-don) manner achieved divine strength, and can thus answer prayers.
Appearance: A tall, elderly elf with long, white hair and flowing Patron of: Tribal groups.
robes, typically dressed in blue. Symbol: Varies, if any.
Embodiment: Justice, fair play, truth, and arcane law. Invocations: Varies; any two (plus Communion).
Persona: Aeledon is dignified; his humor, when he shows it at all, is Lessons: Varies depending on the spirit.
extremely dry. He offers wisdom not through giving answers, but
through offering clues. Azoth Judge of the Dead (AS-oth)
Patron of: Mages, scholars, constables, and scouts. Appearance: A thin, reedy, ancient human whose empty eye sockets
Symbol: Pine branch. are hidden by the hood of his robe. It is said that those who look
Invocations: Healing, Protection. in his eye sockets have their life judged; the dead will go on to their
Lessons: Wisdom is best when it is uncovered for oneself. Blessed final reward, while the living who dare to look are either driven
are those who make the peace. Strength comes through knowledge, insane or become ghosts on the spot.
truth, and fairness. Embodiment: Justice, balance, punishment and reward.
Persona: Azoth rarely speaks; when he does, he speaks quietly with
Aghali The Trickster Serpent (ah-GALL-ee) an intensity that can crush the unwary. Extremely honorable and
Appearance: An enormous black python with golden eyes. fair, he often appears to those who are preparing to sacrifice much of
Embodiment: Mischief, deception, and rebellion. themselves for the greater good.
Persona: Aghali is always smiling. He always has some sort of trick Patron of: Judges.
up his sleeve, though the trick may even be against himself or the Symbol: A scale with two skulls in the pans and an all-seeing eye at
priests giving him worship. The unrepentant trickster, he is often the top of the balance arm.
too smart for his own good. Invocations: Protection, Wrath.
Patron of: Chaos mages, thieves, assassins, gamblers, and some Lessons: All will be judged, and the good one does in life is
soldiers. rewarded in death; likewise, the evil one does is punished in death.
Symbol: Coiled serpent. All actions, for good or evil, will revisit you time and again. Death is
Invocations: Protection, Wrath. the great equalizer. Fairness, truth, and justice are sacred.
Lessons: Everything is a lesson. Smile. Knowledge comes at a price,
often involving painit is best to make certain the pain goes to
those who most deserve it. Teach the arrogant that their fortune is

Bhara The Mistress of the Hunt (BAR-uh) Protect those in need, and forgive those who ask.
Appearance: A dark-skinned elf woman clothed in black furs and Variations: Some trolls are known to worship Dalig, a dark,
flowing cloaks, carrying a bow and knives, and accompanied by a corrupted vision of Dalah who teaches that no slight can go
black wolf. unpunished.
Embodiment: Nature, the natural cycle, hunting, and fairness.
Persona: Intense and honorable with an animal-like grace, Bhara The Dark Moon
is gentle to her followers and fierce toward her prey. Cool and A black sphere circling Nia said to be Margs third eye, torn from
calculating, Bhara is constantly alert, aware for prey, potential its socket by Rai millenia ago. It is generally unseen and difficult
hunters, and her children. to spot, as it is a black body that rarely appears by day. It is known,
Patron of: Scouts, hunters, archers, and some clan warriors. however, to pass before either Rai or Mun, causing eclipses, which
Symbol: A wolf s paw print. are often regarded as bad omens. Chaos races, however, generally
Invocations: Healing, Protection. regard eclipses as good fortune.
Lessons: The natural order is sacreddefend it with your life. All
things have their place in Creators domain. Territory and children Daro The Diamond-Eyed (DARR-oh)
are to be defended at all costs. Respect your prey, for without it, you Appearance: A wide, bare-chested dwarf with black hair, gray-
are nothing. colored skin, and eyes that pierce the dark, carrying a pickaxe.
Embodiment: Commerce, handiwork, smithing, and all things
Persona: Hard-working, shy, and quiet, Daro often has a self-
conscious smile about him. A surprisingly gentle soul, he acts
deliberately, and he chooses his words and actions carefully.
Patron of: Miners, gem cutters, and other craftspeople, as well as
dwarves in general.
Symbol: A white diamond.
Invocations: Healing, Protection.
Lessons: Patience brings out true beauty. Hard work is rewarded.
Let nothing escape your noticefind the hidden secrets buried deep
below perception.

Caverns of Chaos Dawn

A never-ending series of caves leading from the World to the A beautiful, gentle young woman glowing in soft shades of yellow
Underworld, the most remote of which are where those of an evil and orange, Dawn is the daughter of Rai and Mun and the twin
nature go to dwell in the afterlife. sister of Dusk. She is a healer, and she brings messages to the
faithful. A few adherents to Rai and Mun pray to her in addition to
City of Truth their worship of her parents; she provides Healing prayers.
An enormous walled city in the center of the Underworld where
the just and true go to dine and await their return to the world Deain The Mountain Maker, The Earth Father (dayn)
as newborn children. It is also where many of the gods are said to Appearance: A large, rotund black giant with a bald head and a
reside. white beard. He is rarely seen unarmed.
Embodiment: Strength and challenge.
Creator Persona: A patriarchal figure, Deain is gruff and stoic yet deeply
The powerful intelligence that created the entire universe; most caring of his childrens actions. He is solid and demanding, and he
every religion recognizes Creator at the head. Few, however, pray thrives on challenge and displays of strength.
directly to Creator, as the deity tends to be impersonal and distant. Patron of: Explorers, travelers, scouts, earth priests, and dwarves in
Dalah The Earth Mother (DAHL-uh) Symbol: A black obsidian eight-pointed star.
Appearance: A kind, old elf woman carrying a stone staff. Invocations: Wrath, Protection
Embodiment: Earth, fertility, bounty, harvest, happiness, renewal, Lessons: Be as steady as the mountain. Let no one mistake your
comradeship, and ancient magic. intent in love or battle. Your family needs your strength and
Persona: A friendly, sweet, elderly elf woman, she treats everyone as guidance. The greatest joy is children. Give and receive fair
her beloved child. She wants the best for her children, and she treats challenges and honest hospitality.
them with gentleness and respect. Variations: Some ogres are known to worship Tayn, a dark vision of
Patron of: Farmers, nature priests, druids, scouts, mages, tribal Deain who teaches that the strong take what they desire regardless
peoples and elves in general. of the consequences.
Symbol: A sheaf of wheat.
Invocations: Healing, Protection.
Lessons: All are children of the earth. Vengeance is not the way.

Erdyo Defender of the Accused (AIR-dee-oh)
Appearance: A large dwarf in gleaming silver armor carrying a black
Deyeus The Sea Father, The Old Man (DAY-oos) shield.
Appearance: A huge, ancient man with a flowing white beard Embodiment: Justice, truth, retribution, and judgment.
which is the sea foam, sometimes appearing riding a pod of white Persona: A straightforward and honest dwarf, Erdyo holds truth
dolphins. more important than tact. He has little patience for liars or frivolous
Embodiment: The sea, fish, storms at sea, high water, life. requests, and he is always direct and to the point.
Persona: Patient and polite, Deyeus is filled with a seemingly infinite Patron of: Advocates, merchants, dwarves in general, and people
amount of wisdom. His anger comes abruptly, and it is fierce to wrongfully accused.
behold, but it passes just as quickly. Symbol: A black shield.
Patron of: Sailors and fishermen. Invocations: Protection, Wrath.
Symbol: A white dolphin. Lessons: Through Truth comes Freedom. Listen to all sides of a
Invocations: Healing, Wrath. story Truth likely lies somewhere between. Law is not always the
Lessons: Treat the world around you with respect. The sea is your Truth, but it should guide one to it.
father and the source of all life. Ride your emotions like a wave, but
steer them in the proper direction. Furak Serpent of the Sea (FUR-ack)
Appearance: A deep blue dragon with seaweed and barnacles across
Dragon Gods its scales.
Appearance: All the Dragon Gods are greater dragons, but their Embodiment: The ocean, rivers, lakes, water, and knowledge.
appearance can otherwise vary greatly. Persona: An enigmatic and deeply mysterious dragon, Furak often
Embodiment: Varies. wears an all-knowing smile. Knowledge is deeply important to him,
Persona: Varies. These are the Greater Dragons who have been and he rewards those who show him that they possess it and can use
worshiped after their death, and several were patron dragons of it.
various Kilmoorian or Kharhounai territories in life. Patron of: Sailors, fishermen, and scholars.
Patron of: Niarites. Symbol: A cord of seaweed.
Symbol: Varies, if any. Invocations: Protection, Wrath.
Invocations: Varies, but generally Protection and Wrath. Lessons: The sea is the source of life. Knowledge is powerhoard
Lessons: Varies. it. Only the Great Dragon and Creator are all-knowingrecognize
your limits. The strong keep secrets; the weak lose them.
A brashly handsome young man glowing in fierce shades of red and The Gatekeeper
orange, Dusk is the son of Rai and Mun and the twin brother of The guardian of the Underworld, the Gatekeeper resembles a
Dawn. He is a warrior, and he brings messages to the faithful. A few well-preserved corpse that comes to life to demand payment
adherents to Rai and Mun pray to him in addition to their worship before allowing anyone to enter. The dead are generally asked for a
of his parents; he provides Wrath prayers. pittance, but the living who try to make it past him must generally
pay a hefty toll indeed.
Ellipol The Bringer of Winter (EL-lih-pole)
Appearance: A striking elf woman, completely silver and white, clad Hausha Bringer of Wind (HOW-sha)
in arctic bear skins, with long, slender fingers like icicles. Appearance: A human female, either black or white, depending on
Embodiment: Winter, sleep, ice, snow, and cold. her mood.
Persona: A gentle and calming woman, she can soothe injured Embodiment: Wind, sailing, travel, and weather.
emotions and minds as easily as she can heal a bodys wounds. Her Persona: Passionate and wild, Hausha dislikes being pinned down
touch relaxes and helps one find inner peace. in any one place. She keeps her options open and is always on the
Patron of: Surgeons, arctic scouts, and elemental mages. move. She wears her emotions on her sleeve, and she is quick to feel
Symbol: An elongated quartz crystal resembling an icicle. anger or joy.
Invocations: Healing, Wrath. Patron of: Adventurers, sailors, people in general.
Lessons: All things must rest to renew themselves. Only during dark Symbol: A black or white cloud.
times will your loves ones show their true selves. Death may be a Invocations: Protection, Wrath.
well-deserved rest for some, but it should not spread to others who Lessons: Freedom is sacred. To keep another penned in is a great
are unready. Comfort is the greatest blessing. cruelty. Possessions are chains; keep them limited. Have faith in
your own abilities. Experience is the best teacher.

Jinalda The Sorceress (jih-NALL-duh) Melekk Serpent of the Earth (MELL-eck)
Appearance: A beautiful red-haired elf woman in golden robes, Appearance: A powerful muscular brown dragon with eyes of
carrying a yew staff and accompanied by a white owl. diamond.
Embodiment: Magic, wisdom, and learning. Embodiment: The earth, caverns, farming, mining, strength.
Persona: Jinaldas presence exudes power and wisdom. She is strict Persona: Steady and dedicated, Melekk is watchful and patient.
but fair, and she brooks no argument. Her strict demeanor fades, He constantly keeps an eye out for danger, and he strikes his foes
however, in the presence of children or those who ask intelligent quickly and without mercy.
questions. Patron of: Farmers, miners, jewelers, soldiers, those who make their
Patron of: Mages and scholars. living off the land.
Symbol: A white owl. Symbol: A gem carved to look like a dragons eye.
Invocations: Protection, Wrath. Invocations: Protection, Wrath.
Lessons: The Web of Life bears us all on its backto tear it is a Lessons: Guard your territory. Keep watch for potential dangers,
great sacrilege. Magic must be accessible to all who will treat the which can come from the most unexpected of quarters. Appreciate
Web with respect. Wisdom means knowing what questions to ask. a stronger opponent, but everyone has a weakness that can be

Mun Bringer of Night, Mother Night (moon)

Appearance: A tall, blind, pale elf woman with an extremely long,
flowing black cloak in which exist many tiny holes (the stars).
Embodiment: Darkness, the night, the moon, the stars, and eclipses.
Persona: Gentle, playful and loving, Mun is an incurable romantic.
She is very much in love with her husband, willing to sacrifice her
sight to stay with him without a second thought.
Patron of: Mages, thieves, assassins, healers, and clandestine lovers.
Symbol: A white crescent.
Invocations: Healing, Protection.
Lessons: Love is worth anything. Offer succor to those in need.
Emotional wounds hurt more than physical ones, and heal much
more slowly. Secrets are worth keeping. One must balance ones
Variations: Although originally elf in the earliest traditions, Mun
sometimes appears human, particularly to followers of Shalekkniar.
She also mayappear to Chaos races in a darker guise, teaching
secrecy and assassination.

Ordannis Little Father (or-DANN-iss)

Appearance: A huge green dwarf with a blue beard. Wherever he
walks on land, water flows and plants sprout.
Embodiment: Water, lakes, streams, the ocean, life.
Marg The Dark One (marg) Persona: A good humored if mellow dwarf, Ordannis is an
Appearance: Alternately, a vaporous black cloud; a hideous winged easygoing god. He enjoys food and company, and he is generous
purple demon with obsidian scales; or a cloud of ink with various with his gifts, though his anger is fearsome to behold.
carnivorous fish hiding within. He is known to disguise himself as Patron of: Farmers, explorers, and dwarves in general.
an attractive member of any species. Symbol: Blue fish.
Embodiment: Evil, chaos, hysteria, and discord. Invocations: Healing, Wrath.
Persona: Marg is a slick-tongued orator, and a master of his own Lessons: The sea is the wellspring of life treat it with respect.
logic. When he wants something, he can appear genuine and Hospitality is important, both in giving and receiving. Anger is a
friendly, even charitable. The moment he has what he wants, tool to be used only as neededuse it quickly and fiercely, and be
however, he will use it however he sees fit. done with it.
Patron of: Any person of a Chaos orientation.
Symbol: A pair of black bat wings.
Invocations: Protection, Wrath.
Lessons: Take what you desireeverything is there for you if you
are strong enough to take it. There is no sin, only the folly of lesser
beings. Creator made an imperfect and unfair worldMarg will
rebuild it after its destruction.

Rellian The Martyr, The Anointed, The Holy Vagabond
Oriaal The Dragonslayer (or-EYE-all) Appearance: A slender male elf alternately dressed in rags, or in a
Appearance: A human male with bright gold armor. pitch-tunic (a canvas tunic smeared in pitch to facilitate burning)
Embodiment: Daring, exploration, fortune, and glory. and aglow with execution fire.
Persona: An bold human raised in the wild, Oriaal sometimes Embodiment: Tolerance, forgiveness, and charity; he also is revered
lacks in manners, but he is brave and trustworthy, and he craves by many thieves as the Master of All Thieves.
adventure. Though not a saint in the Rellianite faith, he is Persona: Calm, patient, and honest, Rellian is a prophet of Creator.
nonetheless a popular folk hero, particularly throughout Corvel. He also was a suspected thief, and Rellian never denied those
Because his origins tie him closely to greater dragons, he will likely accusations. Loving and accepting now, it is suspected by some that
never be sainted, but many Rellianites and Elementalists call on his his time before being a prophet involved less-honest dealings.
patronage. Patron of: All who seek enlightenment through his teachings.
Patron of: Soldiers, mercenaries, adventurers, and explorers. Symbol: Crossed fire stakes in an X.
Symbol: A dragons head displayed on a sword. Invocations: Healing, Protection.
Invocations: Protection, Wrath. Lessons: Celebrate diversity, and never forget the sins of the past.
Story: Oriaal was, according to the Tarnia, born in a dragons egg; Strength comes through love, not force. Support the family of spirit,
he was Barlo the Liberators best friend and a great warrior who as well as the family of blood. Children are sacred. All life is sacred
bested many threats to the fledgling nation of Corvel, including a unless it is tainted by Chaos.
great dragon.
Roliel Rune Mother (ro-LEE-el)
Rahna Mother of Man (RAH-nuh) Appearance: An enormous nude Wagnerian dwarf woman, tattooed
Appearance: A slender elf woman in an ancient style of homespun with runic symbols and ancient incantations.
clothing. Often carrying a human baby. Embodiment: Magic, especially rune magic.
Embodiment: Love, trust, forgiveness, hearth, home, and children. Persona: Roliel is serious, perceptive, and strong-willed. She is very
Persona: Loving, caring, and wistful, Rahna is a devoted mother. cryptic, often speaking in riddles, rarely giving a person the whole
She loves humans, though she is sometimes saddened by their truth. She wants her followers to puzzle an answer together out of
actions. She also adores children of all species. clues and hints, instead of revealing the solution for them.
Patron of: Farmers, midwives, and women of all kinds. Patron of: Runesmiths, blacksmiths, mages.
Symbol: Stylized elf woman cradling a human baby. Symbol: A rune shaped like a stylized dwarf woman with a hammer.
Invocations: Healing, Protection. Invocations: Protection, Wrath.
Lessons: Children are blessed. Devotion is important, lest a lover is Lessons: The magic of runes are sacredteach them only to those
beguiled. Innocence should be protected. The earth is a home to all, who will obey the Natural Law. There is no weaker gender. Your
and there must be harmony under Creators roof. mind is your most powerful muscleexercise it frequently.

Rai Bringer of Light and Fire, Keeper of the Sun (rye) St. Barlo The Just, The Liberator, First King (BAR-low)
Appearance: A male figure engulfed by fire. Appearance: A tall, bearded human male in silver ring mail and
Embodiment: Fire, heat, the sun, purification, and renewal. leather.
Persona: Rai is a serious god, devoted to his duty, his followers, Embodiment: Courage, truth, and righteous causes.
and his family. He is very much in love with his wife Mun, and Persona: Barlo is a regal man, and he is very serious on issues of the
his legendary ferocity is increased exponentially when Mun or his kingdom, but also he has a very bawdy sense of humor when he
children are threatened. can let it show. Corvel was both his dream and his passion, and it is
Patron of: Mages, hunters, sailors, and those who seek vengeance. everything to him, even in the afterlife.
Symbol: Alternately, a red eight-pointed sun or star, or a border of Patron of: All Rellianites.
red flame. Invocations: Wrath, Protection
Invocations: Healing, Wrath. Story: Barlo learned Rune magic from Roliel, being the first human
Lessons: Devotion is the highest expression of love. Smite insults to to learn those secrets. He then traveled north to unify the lands of
Rais sight. Protect the weak. Taking a slave is a sign of weakness; if Corvel, and drove out the chaos nations.
you require a slave, you are not strong enough to do the work on
your own.
Variations: Niarites have a version of Rai that does not speak out
against slavery. Some chaos races are known to view Rai as a source
of power and strength.

St. Kayla The Winsome (KAY-luh)
Appearance: A tall, voluptuous human woman, typically nude or
St. Joselyna The Hosteler (jah-suh-LEE-nuh) wearing gauzy robes.
Appearance: A fair-skinned human female in a long court gown. Embodiment: Luck, wisdom, and fertility.
Embodiment: Hospitality, courtesy, and travelers. Persona: Kayla is a fun-loving and intelligent woman, with a lengthy
Persona: A generous and kind woman, Joselyna will always hear mischievous streak. She does what she likes, but she cares for people
out both sides of a story before rendering a decision. She is gentle very deeply.
and thoughtful, and she is extremely forgiving, having absolved her Patron of: All Rellianites.
husband for his betrayal of herself and Rellian. Invocations: Healing, Protection.
Patron of: All Rellianites. Story: Kayla was a Bachran woman known for her roguish nature.
Invocations: Healing, Protection A close friend of hers, a minor noble, was arranged to be married
Story: Joselyna hid Rellian from the scourge for three days and for political reasons to a Kilmoorian noble during a time when
nights, until her husband gave them both up. Joselyna also was Bachra was considering an alliance with Kilmoor. Finding evidence
killed, though Rellian blessed her for her generosity. of Kilmoors duplicitous intent, she seduced the Kilmoorian noble
and revealed the seduction on a public stage, then used the attention
St. Juliana Maiden of the Wood (joo-lee-AHN-uh) to reveal her proof of Kilmoors plans. This saved Bachra from
a planned sneak attack, and saved her friend from an unhappy
Appearance: A slender human female in forest leathers with a
Embodiment: Honor, virtue, and marksmanship.
Persona: A serious and dedicated woman, Juliana watches over her
St. Lissa The Protector (LIH-suh)
charges with intensity and devotion. She uses violence only as a last Appearance: A dark-haired female human with ring mail and a
resort, but she is not afraid to use it in the protection of others. crossbow.
Patron of: All Rellianites Embodiment: Protection and just causes.
Invocations: Healing, Protection Persona: Conservative and stoic, Lissa is very serious and dedicated
Story: Juliana guarded the Cathedral Wood, where Rellian was to her duties.
killed, until her death. She kept the land safe from all who would Patron of: All Rellianites.
desecrate it, and she protected believers on their pilgrimage to the Invocations: Protection, Wrath.
site. Story: Lissa was the guardian of young Stephen the
Wise during the Cathedral War, when he was racing
St. Kainal The Explorer (KAY-nall) his corrupt uncle to the throne. Lissa gave her life
for Stephens protection, allowing him to lead
Appearance: A tall, fair-haired male elf.
Corvel into a golden age.
Embodiment: Science, exploration, and
Persona: Kainal is a curious sort, eager for St. Michael The Vindicator (MY-khal)
challenge and finding wrongs to right. He Appearance: A tall, dark-featured, handsome human
is adventurous and constantly seeking male in regal armor.
new experiences. Embodiment: Diplomacy, art, and retribution
Patron of: All Rellianites Persona: An extremely dour and serious man, Michael is
Invocations: Healing, Protection. dedicated to the ideas of balance and retribution. His serious
Story: Kainal was a king of Corvel demeanor rarely fades.
who abdicated the throne to explore Patron of: All Rellianites.
the world. He founded Seris and Invocations: Protection, Wrath.
the Kainal Islands, and then traveled Story: Michael was a king of Corvel who began healing
further. The exact records of his wounds left by his brother, the previous ruler. His brother
travels beyond are lost, though had begun a violent purge of nonhumans, and Michael
there are tales he sailed over helped bring the citizens of Corvel back together again,
the edge of Nia to traverse the giving the nation a chance to redeem itself. Michael died
Underworld. He returned to for his beliefs, as his brothers supporters assassinated
Corvel in time to struggle against him only eight years into his reign.
a dark mage trying to topple
the throne in the name of Mortisse and was
martyred in the battle.

St. Ogrin The Wise One (AH-grin) St. Siffe (disputed) The Dutybound (sif )
Appearance: A short, bald elf male in monks robes. Appearance: A beautiful older elf woman dressed in royal robes,
Embodiment: Magic, learning, and wisdom. often with a sad look about her eyes.
Persona: A meek and mild-mannered elf, Ogrin is more comfortable Embodiment: Strength in adversity, honor, duty.
with texts and records than with people. Around his friends or Persona: Siffe is a sad but regal woman, born from peasant class but
dedicated followers, however, he can be friendly and talkative, married into nobility. A very kind figure, she is soft-spoken and
helping others puzzle information together. extremely charismatic.
Patron of: All Rellianites. Patron of: Some Rellianites.
Invocations: Healing, Protection. Invocations: Healing, Protection.
Story: Ogrin was a close friend to Thorne, the Witchkiller. A Story: Siffe was a queen of Corvel, ruling honorably in times of
wise man, he was the first Rellianite king of Corvel, as he reigned great struggle. Her first two children died mysteriously, and her
after Siffe died. He compiled the Tarnia, drawing primarily from third child, who was hidden away at birth, grew to become King
translated ancient texts describing the beginning of the world, and Kainal. Her husband died, and she took Ogrin as her consort. Some
from stories of Rellians travels. reports suggest that she helped Ogrin in his works on the Tarnia.
Despite her many adversities, she was a great queen of Corvel,
St. Oklyn Of the Quest (AH-klin) helping strengthen the nation as they rebuilt after Mortisse the Dark
Appearance: A tall, red-haired human male in regal armor. Queens reign.
Embodiment: Magic, art, and the Quest.
Persona: Oklyn is an extremely magnanimous saint; he very St. Thekla (disputed) The Watcher (THEH-kluh)
generous with his power and abilities. He encourages peoples talents Appearance: A quiet orc female, with observant eyes and a powerful
and hopes they use them for the greater good. grago.
Patron of: All Rellianites. Embodiment: Observation, friendship, the good fight.
Invocations: Healing, Wrath. Persona: Thekla is an orc who is fearsome to behold and pitiless in
Story: Oklyn brought the Blaris family to power in Corvel, at which battle, yet the first to put down her grago and extend the hand of
point he organized the central military and set up central magic friendship. In all her actions, she exhibits unwavering faithfulness to
academies. the tenets of Rellianism.
Patron of: Some Rellianites.
Invocations: Protection, Wrath.
Story: Thekla was an orc whose life was saved by Rellian. She
followed Rellian distantly and quietly, as it was in a time before
orcs were accepted in human society. It is said that she had a grago
in hand, ready to do battle with Rellians killers, but Rellians gaze
into the woods where she waited staid her hand. She brought word
of Rellian to several tribes of orcs, which surprised the elves who
offered to integrate and civilize these tribes generations later.

St. Thorne The Witchkiller (thorn)

Appearance: A tall, fair-haired male elf, in regal robes and armor,
carrying a magnificent rune sword.
Embodiment: Purity, charity, and vigilance.
Persona: A fearless soldier and king, Thorne did everything for his
country and people. Selfless, he is a dedicated warrior, but he is also
very much in love with his wife.
Patron of: All Rellianites.
Invocations: Protection, Wrath.
Story: The dragons of Mortisse, the Dark Queen, exterminated
Thornes clan. He organized a grassroots armed revolt with the aid
of his wife Siffe, driving Mortisse from her castle and eventually
slaying her and then ascended the throne of Corvel. It was during
his reign that Rellian was executed, and it is said that Thorne had
spoken with the traveling prophet on several occasions, beginning a
friendship with the holy man.

St. Touchek (disputed) The Senechal (TOO-check) generously, and she is extremely loving and protective towards her
Appearance: A small gnome in scholars robes. children.
Embodiment: Assisting worthy causes, unsung heroes. Patron of: All Niarites.
Persona: A practical and loyal gnome, Touchek would likely be Symbol: The Drakit, a crooked line with stylized wings, representing
embarrassed by the idea of being canonized. He does, however, the shape of a dragon.
answer prayers, doing what he can for those in need. Invocations: Protection, Wrath.
Patron of: Some Rellianites. Lessons: Balance and moderation are the paths towards
Invocations: Healing, Protection. understanding the worldbalance between man and nature,
Story: Barlos close friend and confidant. Touchek took the throne balance between Order and Chaos, balance between master and
upon Barlos death despite great reluctance, as he understood the slave. Beauty should be appreciated; jealousy is a sign of a weaker
need to keep Barlos dream alive. Without Toucheks wisdom, being. Strength is respected only if it is used.
Corvel would likely have fragmented soon after Barlos death.
Though he only ruled long enough to find a new king, the kingdom Stowaddy The Reveler (sto-WAH-dee)
of Corvel owes its existence to his actions and quick thinking Appearance: A small dwarf with a frizzy white beard and a
managerial skill. perpetually full tankard of ale.
Embodiment: Revelry, drunkenness, recreation, and alcohol.
St. Trestamin The Valiant (TRESS-tuh-min) Persona: Stowaddy is often drunk, and he is always having a good
Appearance: A male human of medium stature, with dark hair and time. He encourages others to enjoy themselves as well, however he
blue eyes, in silver plate mail. can help.
Embodiment: Chivalry and lost causes. Patron of: Brewers, revelers, dwarves, and some faeries and
Persona: An extremely brave and loyal figure, Trestamin dedicated earthfolk.
his life to the struggle against the forces of darkness and chaos. Symbol: A frothy tankard of ale.
Patron of: All Rellianites. Invocations: Healing, Protection.
Invocations: Protection, Wrath. Lessons: Life must be enjoyed lest it is wasted. Work enjoyment into
Story: Trestamin was the right hand of Thorne in his struggles your daily life. Recreation is best when it is shared, not hoarded. A
against Mortisse. He was prophesied to die in that struggle, but he smile can heal much.
did not alter his course. As predicted, he died in the struggle against
Mortisse. Tokra The Maker (TOH-cruh)
Appearance: A hooded, mysterious wizard in flowing black robes
St. Ulrich The Courageous (ULL-rik) which are embroidered with ornate arcane symbols.
Appearance: An enormous bear of a man (human), with broad Embodiment: Mystery, chaos.
arms and vest, wearing furs, leather, and some mail, carrying a giant Persona: Tokra is enigmatic and dark, filling his environment with
battle-axe. the murky vapors of sinister intent. If and when he speaks to an
Embodiment: Courage, battle, and honor. acolyte, it is in hoarse whispers and cryptic riddles.
Persona: Ulrich is a brave warrior that holds courage and honor as Patron of: Feral orcs, and some goblin tribes.
important. A tribal leader, he is bawdy and good-humored when he Symbol: A chaos star.
is not leading his followers into battle. Invocations: Healing, Wrath.
Patron of: All Rellianites. Lessons: Embrace chaos, embrace strength. Order is for the weak.
Invocations: Protection, Wrath.
Story: A close ally of Barlo, Ulrich was instrumental in Torahn Leader of the Dead (toh-RAHN)
organizing Corvels nations under a single imperial banner, Appearance: A rotund dwarf wearing dirty white robes and a
as well as nurturing the kingdoms of Tolak and skull mask.
Bachra. Ulrich was the first warlord to ally with Embodiment: Death and the harvest.
Barlo, and he brought with him many allied Persona: Torahn is cold, distant, and aloof.
tribes and kingdoms. He does not show sympathy, compassion,
hatred, or anger, instead keeping any
Shalekk The Dragon Mother emotions well guarded. As he is dead,
(shall-ECK) it is entirely possible that he lack
Appearance: A greater dragon with wings emotions altogether.
stitched out of the skins of other serpents, Patron of: Warriors, farmers, and
and various colored scales. Often depicted guides.
with a clutch of three eggs. Symbol: A skull bisected vertically, black on
Embodiment: Balance between chaos and order, the left side and white on the right.
beauty, grace, and power. Invocations: Healing, Wrath.
Persona: Shalekk exudes power and self-confidence. She is aware of Lessons: Death is merely a season, and is nothing to be feared.
her beauty and her strength, and those who do not honor her will Without death, there can be no life. Everything, in the end, will
face her wrath. Those who show proper respect, however, are treated have its season of death.

Appearance: Vary widely.
Embodiment: Varies widely, but always some aspect of nature.
Persona: Varies depending on the totem; a mountain totem might
be stoic and aloof, while a bird totem might be cheerful and
talkative. Totems may be the embodiment of an animal or plant
spirit, such as a raven, oak, or bear, or they may be the embodiment
of a particular geographical feature, such a specific mountain
or forest, or it can be virtually any other aspect of nature made
Patron of: Nature worshipers.
Symbol: Varies, if any.
Invocations: Varies; any two (plus Communion).
Lessons: Varies depending on the type of totem. Tothas The Horseman (TOH-thawss)
Appearance: An old elf with a black cloak and hood, driving
a large, creaky wagon pulled by two great black horses. He
is regularly seen after a battle, as he gathers up the bodies
of any elves who died in battle and carries them to the
Underworld. Woe to those who attempt to interfere with
his duty.
Embodiment: Restitution, balance, passage of time, the
inevitable, herald of (and speaker for) the dead. Only
collects those of elf blood.
Persona: Tothas does not seem to have much of a
personality. He focuses entirely on his job, gathering slain
elf warriors for the Underworld. He rarely speaks, and is
extremely mysterious.
Patron of: Any fatalistic warrior of elf blood.
Symbol: A skull emblazoned on an hourglass.
Invocations: Protection, Wrath.
Lessons: Death must not be fearedit simply exists. Death
must occur for life to continue. The wagon will come for all
elves in time.

Zoen The Sword Master (ZOH-enn)

Appearance: A large, dark-skinned male wearing a flowing
cloak and silver armor, carrying two long swords that
symbolize thunder and lightning.
Embodiment: Courage, strength, chivalry, honor, storms,
and passion.
Persona: Zoen is a good humored, though easily angered
warrior. He adores his wife, though he is known to stray as
often as she does. Those who anger Zoen find a god with a
furious rage and deadly skill with his weapons.
Patron of: Knights, paladins, soldiers, and honorable men-
Symbol: A lightning bolt emblazoned on two crossed
Invocations: Healing, Wrath
Lessons: Peace can only come to those strong enough to
keep it. A warrior who knows when not to draw his blade
is a worthy warrior indeed. Passion and freedom are sacred
giftsuse them.

~ World Overview ~ It was only a short time later that a human named Barlo sailed
to the dwarf Empire to gain the secrets to defeat the Chaos Races.

t is written that in the beginning, there was only Creator in the When he returned to his home, he possessed the secrets of Rune
heavens, and Rai in his fiery chair. And into the void Creator magic, and he unified his people into the kingdom of Corvel.
spat, and the endless sea was formed with Deyeus as its master. Even now, over a thousand years later, Corvel stands as a center of
And into the sky above the water Creator blew a single word, and human/elf civilization, and one of the most powerful nations in the
the wind was made real. Hausha was its mistress, and her husband, northern lands.
Zoen, was lord of the storm. First came the creatures of the sea and It was in Corvel that a prophet named Rellian was executed,
of the air, and then the great dragons, who sought dominion over accused of thievery, but truly guilty of simply being a politically
the creatures in both realms. It is said Creator made the land to rise outspoken elf. His words of compassion and tolerance have spread,
from the oceans depths, and put upon it two guardians: Deain, however, and now the worship of Rellian has reached every corner
god of mountains, and Dalah, the earth mother. And a long history of the plane. Many nations base their calendar by the year of his
of bargains, of wars, of promises and trickery did ensue. The elder execution. To those nations, the plane of Nia is now in the year 950
gods of the world called this place Nia, and mortals still speak the Post.
name with reverence. For it is here they dwell among the works of Much has changed in the world since the death of Rellian.
gods and men, of champions and of villains, among the wondrous Orcs, civilized in Corvel, now live among many ordered races
creatures and mystic places, caught in an eternal struggle between throughout the world. The discovery of black powder is quickly
Order and Chaos. It is this place they call home. changing the shape of warfare. The worship of dragons, led by the
nation of Kilmoor, is spreading, and it seems to be in direct conflict
Ancient History with the teachings of Rellian. Man wars with man now, with allies

t was millennia ago that Creator first spat out the sea, blew out among all the races of the world. And in this world of conflict and
the wind, and caused the land to rise out of the ocean. There are reason, there is much yet to be explored and discovered, and many
several holy books that tell the stories of the early days, from the threats yet left to face.
Tarnia of the Rellianites to the Shaltar of the Niarites. These tales
tell of the origins of many species, from the beasts of the world, to
the first Chaos races and dragons, to the elves, dwarves, and faerie-
Dalah and Shalekk never were friendly, and their children
carried the feud on to this day. In the early millennia of the world,
there were many wars between elf and dragon. It was during one
of these wars that Aghali the demon-serpent took the form of an
elf-warrior returning home from war. When that warriors wife gave
birth nine months later, it was to a human child. Some believe that
this tale is merely an illustration of what happened several times
during the warthat multiple first human children were born.
Others believe that there is but a single human from which all
others have descended.
Regardless of how many first humans there were, it was in an
early generation of humanity that some within the species began to
explore the art of Chaos magic, forbidden by their elf parent-race.
Such experiments brought about new Chaos races and all manner
of monsters. An army of these new beings razed the dwarf city of
Shash, where the dwarves had been collecting their treasures for
thousands of years. The treasure was hidden away, guarded by a
great dragon named Lukish, according to legend. To this day, many
have gone is search of the Wealth of Ages, as the treasure is now
called, but none have managed to locate it.
Marg entered the world in these times and told the dwarf king
that the Wealth of Ages had been stolen by the elves. So it was that
the dwarves, manipulated by Chaos and allied with orc, goblin, and
troll, went to war with the elves. The war lasted 2,000 years. In the
end of the war, the Chaos races turned on the dwarves, demanding
to know the secrets of rune magic. When they refused and were
slaughtered by the thousands, the dwarves realized how they had
been manipulated. They fled to the south, ashamed of what they
had done and sought peace for themselves and the elves. There, they
formed the Raihar Empire.

~ Geography ~


T he empire of elder kingdoms (now Noble Houses), is ruled by

the elf King Marcus Greystone and Queen Sarabeth. Corvel
is currently at war with Kilmoor, who was responsible for the
assassination of its previous king, Marcuss half-brother Cedric. The
empire is extremely cosmopolitan, with an eclectic mix of elves,
humans, orcs, dwarves, earthfolk and faeries. More Corvel-specific
information can be found in Arrowflight (1st Edition) and in the
forthcoming Northern Empires.
Capital: Blariston (although King Marcus winters in his palace at
Motif: Charlemagnes Holy Roman Empire with late-Renaissance tech.

Raalthuuk Nation

A lthough it exists more as a nomadic arctic goblin culture relying

more upon its fluctuating numbers than upon solid borders, the
Raalthuuk Nation claims the Region of Ice from the Northern Edge
of Nia to well inside the Northern borders of Corvel, Akrindor and
Tolak. Its population is almost entirely made up of feral orcs, trolls,
the occasional barbarian human, ogre or giant, and the majority
ice goblins (or hobgoblins) and their arctic bear mounts. Winter in
the north brings bands of marauding Raalthuuk goblins and their
minions into civilized kingdoms for food, weapons, livestock and/
or slaves.
Capital: N/A
Motif: Ancient Inuit culture meets pre-Christian Finnish design and architecture.

Akrindor Harkilon

A region characterized by flat plains and arid steppes, and

inhabited by tribal elves, orcs, goblins, and trolls. Various tribal
claims are now starting to solidify into borders. The northernmost
A far eastern kingdom populated by humans and a bizarre
species of partial lycanthropes living socially. Ruled by the
hawk-headed Emperor/priest Faahai, the lush, temperate country
central quarter is magically dampened, resulting from a major is almost completely surrounded by a giant stone wall, and engages
severing of the Web of Life over 1,000 years ago. Most society is only in limited trade with Kharhoun, Tolak, and Bachra. They are
based on lower tech, although the occasional flintlock musket can politically neutral in all matters outside of their own self-defense.
be found on a warlords person. The existence of the human/animal hybrids is not well known
Capital: N/A outside the walls of Harkilon. The region is based upon a religious
Motif: American plains meets Russo-Asian steppes; Amerindians meet Mongol horse society, centered around Rai and various nature and ancestor spirits.
culture. Capital: Grome
Motif: Bronze-age Egyptian meets classical Mayan.

B achra is an eastern ally of Corvel, as well as a wealthy and

staunch defender of the Rellianite faith. It is a conglomerate of
powerful city-states under a single ruling dynasty (a la Renaissance
Italy), currently ruled by Queen Lyndria of the ancient Sokat
A southeastern kingdom allied with Kilmoor that features a
temperate climate, fertile land and a robust sea-trade. Originally
an ancient foothold of elf culture, invaders from Kilmoor led an
dynasty. Features a recently recovered coastline after Kilmoor uprising, laid waste to the old kingdom and erected a new tribute to
invaded their territory and an extremely beautiful, opulent human- their religion and governmental structure. Human dominant (with
centric (but cosmopolitan) culture. Black powder (especially small some shaltaka and a selection of nonhuman slaves). Kharhoun is
cannon) weapons are now common due to trade with Corvel. ruled by Raja Neron Drahil with an iron fist. Four noble houses,
Balloons, small gliders, and primitive airships are their major each protected by a single dragon lord, govern the country.
technological contributions. Capital: Darei
Capital: Bartola Motif: North African/Mediterranean, with some Southeast Asian and Indian influence.
Motif: Byzantine, Eastern Orthodox fashion and architecture meets classical China and Emphasis on sea power. Architecture is Persian influenced and art/decoration much more
Tibet in the far north. along the lines of India & Thailand.


The Djunn Empire

A martial empire
consisting of three
kingdoms: Djunn, Lor,
and Dankor. The empire
is elf dominant and very
strict, keeping to a mostly
neutral, isolationist posture
(although recently there
have been many more
excursions from the Eastern
island nation). Ruled by
Tolak the aging elf Emperor

A northeastern kingdom ruled by the elf Queen Dierdre

Stormchild. It is an ancient and proud martial empire, nestled
between the Nordeain and Norrai mountain ranges. The region is
Djunn Lu, the country
is lush and fertile, from
lowland farms to thickly timbered jungles and forests. A human
elf-ruled, but features a non-segregated population of elves, humans, lower class is ruled and protected by an elf warrior elite. The empire
dwarves, and earthfolk. Tolak is an ally of Corvel and Bachra and boasts impressive sea power, matchlock weapons, and a cavalry of
new to Rellianite faith. Great snow cats and bears are bred and used horse and mastodon. Only one variety of dragon can be found in
as beasts of burden or war mounts. Bladed ice ships are used for the regionthe Djunn dragon, a highly intelligent and mostly
transport on the frozen plains in the far north, and a fur-covered benign creature.
breed of windlord has recently been introduced. Capital: Ard
Capital: Ataar Motif: The massive temples of Angkor Wat meet medieval Japan.
Motif: Norse/Teutonic timber & iron architecture, Viking style of dress and weaponry.



A n island kingdom originally constructed by dwarves as a

stronghold. Ruled by Queen Lara Anryn, Seris is closely tied
to Corvel, through diplomacy, economy, and blood. Protected Mooria
by sheer cliffs, the kingdom boasts fertile, terraced farms and
vineyards, lucrative mines, and strong trade with Corvel and Bachra.
Unbeknown to most everyone, King Cedric of Corvel and Queen
Selynn are retired in comfortable exile here. The kingdom is
cosmopolitan with a fair racial mix and faeries and dwarves making
a return. Seris boasts a strong navy and aerial patrols of windlords
and gryphons. See the Island Nations sourcebook for specifics.
Capital: Kings Town
Motif: Renaissance France & Burgundy with a bit of Swiss League feel.


K ilmoor is the human-dominant empire of a zealous, proud

people. Formed from human exiles of Zeah, Kilmoor is
governed by twelve houses, each protected by a dragon lord, and
ruled by the head of the dominant household. Currently ruled by
Raja Emn Duzan. Hallmarks of the society are Shalekkniar, the
dragon-worshiping state religion, a strictly defined caste system,
strong navy, institutionalized slavery of nonhumans, gladiatorial
entertainment, cavalry of horse, camel, and fire drake. Galley-
built ships are almost all copper-sheathed on the hull to protect
against mer attack, as the aquatic elves suffered at the hands of the
Kilmoorians and are mortal enemies. Kilmoorian rum is highly
prized, and Kilmoorian spice is a powerful narcotic, illegal in many
countries. Architecture includes ornate towers, stucco homes, and
sturdy oared galleys. See the Island Nations sourcebook for specifics.
Capital: Araksha
Motif: Middle-Eastern/Arabic/Persian/Tunisian with a fantasy draconic flair.

Broken Lands

Dalah Magis, The Enchanted Land

The Kainal Islands T he Enchanted Land is an untamed wilderness that runs

south from the borders of Zeah. Various despot kings war
among each other, but there is no coherent law or control outside
T he only republic to be found in the whole of Nia, the Kainal
Islands are an eclectic mix of race and culture. The region
is comprised mainly of humans, elves, earthfolk and faerie, with
individual domains. The land itself is overgrown with flora and
some of just about every kind of magical creature can be found here,
dragons included. Organized goblin kingdoms and larger tribes of
enclaves of mer, goblins, orcs, and trolls. The islands are politically
orcs and trolls are here as well.
neutral and fiercely independent and boast a strong privateer navy
Capital: N/A
and world-renowned mercenary units. The islands also exhibit a
very strong dueling culture. Horses, wine, and sugar cane are main Motif: Bakshis Fire & Ice meets Pellucidar meets Middle Earth. Traditional medieval
fantasy warlords battle fierce creatures and one another for their own scrap of territory.
exports. Many travel to study fencing under Islander masters. See
the Island Nations sourcebook for specifics.
Capital: Anara
Motif: Renaissance Italian/Spanish architecture, rolling hills and meadows, shallow
waterways between islands, whitewashed villas, sculptured gardens, open plantations.



R eputed to be the hub of the elf species and the birthplace of

mankind, Zeah is a xenophobic, isolationist empire made up
exclusively of elves, faeries, and earthfolk. Not much is known to
the outside world about their inner workings since they purged all
humans from their lands and as a result spawned the Kilmoorian
state. Zeah has an ordered, clean society, ruled by the ancient elf
Emperor Aedan. There are no humans to be found within their
borders; visitors are rarely invited and interlopers are often killed
outright. Likewise, there are no signs of any Chaos-oriented race,
including greater dragons. Lesser dragons (including Wyverns)
have been domesticated and are used for transport and war
mounts, however. Megalithic wooden war machines, often powered
magically, strike fear into the hearts of would-be invaders.
Capital: Teyfa
Motif: Greco-Roman architecture over a lush, hilly landscape. A Maxfield Parrish
painting of classical Sparta. No black powder weapons, but lots of archers and magic.
Soldiers/armor resemble the Greek Hoplite.


Dara Tova, Land of the Dead

I t is said that Dara Tova was created from part of the Underworld,
and for that reason the place is a conduit to the land of the dead.
Various beliefs are held regarding the burial and/or disposal of the
dead, and their return or communion with the living. In actuality,
it was the montakas challenge of Creators power that caused them
to raise this massive skull-shaped island from the Underworld
off Verdias eastern coast, an act that cursed their previously epic
civilization to ruin. Nevertheless, Dara Tova remains a powerful and
sacred place, and the seat of montaka religious practice.
Capital: Tova Kor
Motif: Bleak, dark jungles, arid savanna, murky swamps. Florida Everglades meets
Haitian Voodoo.

The Southern Wilds Luria
L ush jungles cover this volcanic continent. There is very little in
the way of level real estate as 80% of the landmass is dominated
by mountains and active volcanoes. Giant proto-dragons and wyrms
S cholars theorize that this continent is either a nexus point for
corporeal, arcane, and divine forces, or that it is a gateway
to other worlds. It is said that great and powerful sorcerers once
prowl the jungles, and windlords fill the air, while aghali-nyeh hunt pooled their vast powers to create the fluctuating realities that
tribes of feral elf and small bands of humans. There are a handful merge upon Lurias shores. Whatever the lands true origins, strange
of tiny colonies flying the flags of Seris, Kilmoor, and the Kainal and powerful forces are at work. Luria is ruled either by the Black
Islands. Empress, or the Red King, depending upon the time of year, as rifts
Capital: N/A in the mortal world reveal parallel realities. The Web of Life also
Motif: Krakatoa meets primeval Africa with a Polynesian/Micronesian feel. is affected, causing wild fluctuations in magical energies. Modern
artifacts such as clocks and firearms do not work here; indeed, time
Verdia itself seems to run strangely.
Capital: Ellgard/Jentir
Motif: Deciduous wonderland. Primeval New England meets Ridley Scotts Legend. A
The Dark Lands merging of Celtic and Australian Aborigine dream culture.

L ush rainforest covers the majority of this large

continent in the south where a mix of jungle and
giant conifers hides hundreds of tribal kingdoms,
some housed in ancient ruins, some in wooden cities
in the canopy. Many exotic races and creatures exist
here, and the northern powers are beginning to set up
imperial outposts along the northern coasts. The major
powers invested are Kilmoor, Corvel, and Seris, with
Bachra and Kharhoun recent additions to the party.
The Raihar Empire has several small trading outposts
on the southern coast. Kilmoor raids the forests of the
Dark Lands for feral elf and montaka, aghali-ny, and
marrish. Several powerful greater dragons make the
Dark Lands their home as well.
Capital: N/A
Motif: Primeval American southeast meets colonial Africa, from firs to
kudzu, tribal natives to man-eating beasts.


The Raihar Empire

T he southernmost continent
is entirely claimed by the
predominantly dwarf Raihar Empire
(or Empire of Fire). It is a cultural
touchstone, an ethnic Mecca to
dwarves everywhere. Vast mines and
subterranean networks cut through
the arid landscape. Canyons,
mesas, active volcanoes and jagged
mountains crisscross the enormous
continent. Much of the civilization
is carved underground, including an
incredibly complex water exchange
system. The population is more
than 80% dwarf, with earthfolk
and humans making up most of
the minority. It is an ancient land,
the seat of cultural identity for
dwarfkind, the home of rune magic,
and the resting place of dwarf heroes
from throughout history.
Capital: Raihar Citadel
Motif: Arid American southwest dotted with
occasional patches of subtropical scrub and
jungle. The fantasy volcano kingdom in Fire &
Ice meets ancient Palestine.

the World

Island Chains & Undersea


T here are countless islands and

atolls scattered across Nias
oceans, and many of them are
populated. The races found on any
given island will vary depending
on the races common to the nearby
continents; humans and elves may
be found anywhere, but montaka
tribes will mostly be found in the southern climes. The residents of with a multiracial culture that is beginning to develop metalworking
these islands may be either racially pure or diverse, depending on and other technology; their empire reaches not only across the main
the tribe, and they may be friendly or aggressive to strangers. Many island itself but across the smaller islands in the chain. While ruled
island tribes have a more primitive culture, while others, especially by humans and elves, the empire includes several species of faerie
on the larger islands or along chains, may have small tribal empires. (including earthfolk and waterfolk), montaka, mer, and marrish.
Under the sea, there are hundreds of mer and ordanyo nations, Capital: N/A
some large and established, and others small and tribal. The mer Motif: Dalah Mun resembles a cross between the Hawaiian empire of the 18th century,
the Indonesian islands, and Madagascar. Forests, jungles, clear lakes, coastal reefs, and a
(sea elves) and the ordanyo (sea dwarves) rarely deal with surface-
few small volcanoes are found on the main island, with similar territories on the other
dwellers, though this is slowly beginning to change. As the mer have islands in the chain. Other island cultures may include aspects of Hawaiian, Polynesian,
grown to hate the Kilmoorians, some nations seek alliances with coastal Australian, Micronesian, Indonesian, Caribbean, or coastal African culture, or
these aquatic enemies of the Kilmoorian state. See Island Nations for any combination thereof. Races can include the common (human, elf, ogre, troll) to the
uncommon or rare. Undersea races have a rich, alien culture.
more details on undersea races or tribal island dwellers.
The island of Dalah Mun, a crescent-shaped island along the
Zero Axis, has one of the most advanced of the island tribal cultures,
soon developed a special al
~ Bestiary ~ type of mystic they
called the Blood
The world of Arrowflight is filled with more beasts and creatures than Father or Blood
just elves, human, orcs, montaka, dwarves, and faerie-kind. There are Mother. These
all kinds of creatures and monsters, intelligent and otherwise, outside of goblin mages were
civilized society; some are friendly or indifferent to other races; others are necromancers
downright hostile. that enjoyed
transforming the
children of their
Non-Player Races enemies into grotesque,,

ome races are not commonly found as a part of the social undead horrors. The style yle was
order in most nations. This might be because they are eventually refined into the art
creatures of a Chaos philosophy or orientation, or perhaps of the Blood Children, which
they just shun civilized society. For whatever reason, they are not nly to
is still a secret known only
meant as PC races, but they exist in the wilds and fringes of the the goblins. They guard d this
world just the same. secret fiercely, unwillingg even to
However, most of these races are balanced for character play. share it with their closee allies
If it is appropriate for the campaign, the GM can authorize one the ice goblins. Blood Parents
of these races for character generation. Note that Giants are not are feared and respected,d, but
balanced with other races, and we strongly recommend against most tribes tend to limit it their
allowing a giant PC in your game. contact with the disturbing
While goblins, ogres, trolls, and other Chaos races may appear necromancers.
to be unpredictable and violent, they are not indiscriminate killers. Goblins are among the most social of the Chaos races. While
Most of these races have been cast out of their traditional homes, Blood Parents are typically solitary, the goblin tribes are fiercely loyal
and they often feel as though they have had their lands usurped to their respective chieftains. Some tribes have accepted goblin-
from them. wolves as secondary members of the tribe, but others tend to avoid
Chaos, by its very nature, cannot sustain the organization the unpredictable creatures. The goblins in the Kainal Islands have
necessary for civilization on any great scale, thus most Chaos races acclimated themselves to society, and even live in the cities or serve
live in small tribal units. Most tribes exist in the deep, thick forests within the government.
or mountain ranges throughout the world. They Goblins range in height from 3 feet
must tread carefully, lest they attract the attention ~ Goblin W arrior ~ to 5-1/2 feet, and have a very sinewy and
of the established populace. While a tribe can easily lithe build. At birth, a goblins skin is a very
kill a single citizen, and perhaps wipe out an entire AGL 7 pale gray, which darkens with age. A jet-
village, it certainly cannot stand against the wrath of Combat Skill (Soldier) 5 black goblin is very old, and likely not to be
an entire nation. Still, clan-based societies maintain Athletics 3 trifled with. Unlike ogres and trolls, goblins
their own tribal territory, and trespassers had best Brawling 5 are patriarchal, and the strongest or most
beware. Tribes of Chaos races tend to be nomadic Stealth 5 cunning males are typically the individuals
within their established region, as the mystics and DEX 6 in power. Goblins have a lifespan of roughly
shamans of the tribe often demolish the Web of Craft 2 200 years. They have sharp teeth (WR1) and
Life within a given area. In order for the mage to Sleight of Hand 2 many warriors carry a traditional scythe-like
continue casting spells, the tribe must move to a Thievery 2 weapon called a headcatcher, which is feared
new location where the Web is at full strength. Over STR 4 throughout the world.
time, the ravaged area will grow back, and the tribe Climbing 2
can return to the same lands. Endurance 4 Racial Stat Caps:
Intimidation 1 DEX 8
Goblin Resist 2 STR 5

D uring the humans early research into Chaos

magicks, a group of elves was subjected to
an unusual arcane experiment. The invoked Chaos
Awareness 4
Wilderness Skills 5
forces warped the elves, sapping their skin of color INT 2 SPIRIT 6
and making them somewhat smaller and wirier. Lore 3 MANA 7
These new creatures, called goblins, killed their Natural Sciences 1 Special Abilities: Stealth 1
creators and attempted to return to a life in the SPIRIT 1
wilderness. MANA 1 Goblin Headcatcher
Goblins soon began to utilize Chaos magic INITIATIVE 12 WA WR DB Len. Hand
openly, and became powerful wielders of the Dark SHRUG 4
Arts. Specializing primarily in necromancy, goblins SAVE 8 0 4 0 4 ft 2

had cursed them, Deain
Giant does not protect the dragons

I t is widely believed when Deain the Father of

Mountains first roamed the world, he began to crack
open the great rocks and boulders, and the first giants
as he protects his own first
sons. When a giant dies,
another takes his place and
emerged. Enormous, long-lived and solitary, giants are the his territory (perhaps even
enigmatic prophets of the earthly plane, and their dialect his name, giving rise to the
is one of only three direct branches of the ancient language legends of extreme longevity),
of the gods. Growing to heights of 20 feet or more, giants fulfilling his role in keeping
appear fully formed in the caves, cliff faces, and craggy the Web of Life anchored and
mountains on every continent but the island nation of balanced. And perhaps even
Kilmoor. As the ancient sagas tell it, Dalah the Earth acting as the conduit from
Mother, angered by her rape at the hands of Deain, sent the world to the realm of the
mountain sheep in the guise of female giants to seduce gods.
Deains great children of stone. The fruit of this trickery
were the troll and ogre races. This so angered Deain Racial Stat Caps:
that he decreed his giants were never again to know the AGL 4
company of women; thus to this day all giants are male in DEX 4
appearance, and sterile. STR 12 (Minimum 7)
With a life expectancy of 2,000 or more years WIL 9
(recording a giants exact age is problematic for many PER 7
reasons), giants are possessed of a unique chronological INT 6
perspective and many carve their prophecies and lessons SPIRIT 6
into the very rock of their mountainous domains. This MANA 9
activity has generated a reputation for being in constant Special Abilities: Prophecy 2
communion with the gods and perhaps even having the ability to *Giants are created using 35 character points.
see through time. Pilgrims and

~ G i an t P r o phet ~
of all religious doctrines
it a divine occurrence
Athletics 1
such prophecies
yet, be granted an A species of giantkin said to be created by Deain as the guardians
of his dwarf children, the cyclops are found almost exclusively
in the Raihar Empire. A physically powerful race, they often serve
Brawling 2 audience
a with one of the
a creatures. A few of the as soldiers, laborers, blacksmiths, and other roles that require great
Melee Weapon 2 strength and fortitude.
Stealth 3 better-known
b prophets such as
Th orim of the North have their Cyclops stand between 9 and 12 feet tall, towering over most
DEX 1 other species in the Raihar Empire. Their skin ranges from olive
STR 11 own
o acolytes and devotees.
Giants are the missing link to a slate gray, and their bodies are typically lean and muscular.
Climbing 3 They possess lower canines that typically jut a few inches from
Endurance 4 between
b the mortal and the
immortal, the material and the their mouth. Most notable about their appearance, however, is
Swimming 3 their single eye, ranging in color from brown to blue or purple,
WIL 4 d
divine. Th ere has never been
an accurate or concerted effort with multiple facets like the eye of an insect or the shape of a
Resist 4 carved diamond. It is said that Deain gave them their one eye as a
PER 6 t
to count them, but estimates
as to their numbers run only sign of how closely they would keep watch over his children. They
Awareness 5 never blink, and it is difficult to tell when a cyclops is asleep or
Wilderness Skills 3 in the hundreds. Whether
d to jealousy over Deains
due merely pretending. Due to the width of the eye, they have amazing
INT 4 peripheral vision, and some claim that a cyclops can even see in
Domestic Arts 1 le
lenient treatment of dragons
or some other ancient race a complete arc. While their vision does not completely reach a
Education 2 complete circle around their head, it is remarkably difficult to sneak
Language 4 m
memory, giants do not tolerate
the great beasts and will attack up on a cyclops. Cyclops possess close ties to dwarf-kind, with most
Lore 5 of the population residing as citizens of Raihar. The species has
Medicine 4 t
them on sight. Pitched battles
have been described by alleged taken a particular shine to rune magic and weaponsmithing, and
Natural Sciences 2 some claim their work is even of a higher quality than the dwarf
eyewitnesses as clashes of
primal strength and will, two masters.
Prophecy 6 Cyclops prefer the southern lands, and few have traveled as
MANA 2 a
ancient and opposed titans
sharing only the patronage of far north as Kilmoor or Corvel, though they exist in very small
INITIATIVE 8 numbers among the Kainal Islands. They exist in tribal groups
SHRUG 8 a selfish god. And while the
legends say that Deain was throughout the Dark Lands and the other southern continents
SAVE 15 unfortunately, many tribes in these regions have melded with ogre
generous in his harboring of
dragon-kind when Creator tribes in these territories. Thankfully, most of the cyclops in the

bbattle. Females are polygamous, taking as many husbands as
~ Cy clops S mithy ~ they can keep. Ogres tend to avoid the other Chaos races, with
world are civilized and living near
the exception of the ogron, whom they often accept as near-
dwarves. The cyclops are one AGL 2 eequal members of the tribe, though no ogron may ever take the
of the few species that dwarves DEX 6 pposition of Matriarch. They tolerate trolls a little more than other
tolerate in their cultural isolation, Craft Blacksmith 4 rraces, and though they do not permit troll incursions into their
and the cyclops have fully adopted Repair 3 territory they are more willing to meet with and trade with their
that culture as their own. They STR 6 ccousins.
are a rare species, but they stand Endurance 2 Ogres shun civilized society, preferring to stick to dense
out when they do appear. Cyclops WIL 4 fforests, deep canyons, and remote riverbeds. They cling tightly
give birth to twins, with the Resist 1 to their clan territory and will not usually stray from it unless
occasional triplet or quadruplet, PER 5 pprovoked or during the mating wars. Ogres are cannibalistic,
though the infant mortality rate Awareness 3 aand do not distinguish between mutton shank and leg of dwarf.
is highalmost 75% die from Bargain 2 TThey also are just as likely to eat their troll or ogron cousins as
disease before reaching maturity. Diagnostics 3 aally with them in times of strife (but the carapace of the gorgon
This is primarily due to genetic INT 3 is tough on even ogre teeth). They are fair craftsmen, though
difficulties caused by a small Domestic Arts 2 nnot half the metalworkers their troll relations are. A moderately
breeding stock, but even in their Education 1 long-lived race, an ogre can theoretically live up to 200 years.
homeland of Raihar, they are rare. SPIRIT 1 MMost males, however, have a lifespan of 80 years, due to their
They reach maturity at age 19; MANA 2 vviolent culture and lifestyle. An adult ogre averages 8 to 10 feet
average lifespan is 250 years. INITIATIVE 7 in height.
SHRUG 4 As part of the function of their matriarchal society, if a
Racial Stat Caps: SAVE 8 ffemale is no longer happy with her mate, she can choose to cast
hhim out of the clan, thus creating the occasional rogue male
oogre who typically sets up camp in an old ruin or under a remote
footbridge. Some rogue male ogres have actually ventured into
the countryside and kidnapped human women as mates (and
none have returned, signifying ogre males are either particularly
virile, or very picky about their dinner). Rogue female ogres
are extremely rare, and would indicate some heinous breach of
etiquette occurred within the tribe.
tradition or etiquet
Special Abilities: Awareness 1
Ogres speak their local dialect of Giant-kin, which
removed from Ancient. Communication is
is two steps rem
Ogre temporary alliances forged, but adventurers
possible and tem
are advised that a ppartnership with an ogre is only good as
F rom Dalahs revenge against
Deain came two lesser species
of giant-kind, and Ogres have the
wills it. As the ranger saying goes, A deal
long as the ogre will
lasts til supper.
with an ogre only las
distinction of being the stronger can be used for ramming (WR3 stun). The
Ogre horns ca
and more aggressive of them. Ogres horns are aalso AV5(head).
appear in direct contrast to their
cousins the trolls; where trolls are RRacial Stat Caps:
lean and lanky, ogres possess the AAGL 6
rotund body type and facial features DEX 4
of their giant sires. Ogres of both STR 9
genders grow the hallmark rams WIL 6
horns and can reach heights of ten PER 6
to twelve feet. Many grow their IINT 5
lower teeth long, tusk-like, and SPIRIT 6
females will sharpen them into MANA 6
deadly points. They gather in clans Special Abilities: Endurance 1
of a dozen or so, usually a single
extended family. Mating occurs once
every six years, during chaotic and
often bloody inter-clan raids.
Ogre clans are highly
matriarchal. The females own
the possessions and rule the
village, while the males hunt and do

~ O gr e W arri or ~
Combat Skill (Soldier) 5
Athletics 4
Brawling 5
Stealth 5
STR 9 ~ Troll W arri o r ~
Climbing 5 AGL 5
Endurance 4 Combat Skill (Soldier) 4
Swimming 1 Brawling 4
WIL 3 Stealth 3
Awareness 5 Black Powder 2
Wilderness Skills 5 Craft (Weaponsmithing) 1
Lore 4 Climbing 1
Medicine 2 Endurance 3
SPIRIT 2 Swimming 1
INITIATIVE 9 Intimidation 1
SAVE 12 Awareness 4
Wilderness Skills 4
Medicine 1
Troll Military Sciences 2

T rolls are, according to legend, one of two races of giant

offspring created by Dalahs clever trickery. They live in small
matriarchal tribes in thick wilderness, and resemble giant elves who
tribes. Like ogres, trolls are
have suffered a terrible mutation. Long, matted hair and carved SHRUG 6
highly matriarchal, and the
fangs, a primitive, skeletal visage and burning eyes are a few of their SAVE 11
males are almost universally
more common traits. Trolls are fiercely territorial and cannibalistic,
in a position of hunters and
treating all outsiders as a potential meal. Growing to 8 feet in height
warriors. All trolls are trained from an early age in the art of
and living to ages of 200 years or more, tendency toward insanity
weaponsmithing, and the race has a natural talent for making
during their later years is common. Some elderly rogue males and
even females have been known to terrorize rural villages, stealing
Trolls, it is said, stole the secrets of rune magic from the
children and livestock, although g such events are thankfullyy
dwarves during the Age of Chaos. The dwarves claim to have never
rare. They have a flair for
given the secret to any of the Dark Ones, but it is known that
Chaos magicks and have
trolls are nearly as good as the children of Deain at the runic arts.
a long history of forging
They particularly prefer soul-drinking weapons, blades that drain
cursed, soul-drinking
mana and spirit from their victims. Goblin necromancers often
rune weapons.
purchase such weapons, and the resulting combination is deadly and
Trolls are more
willing to work with the
goblins than ogres are.
While they recognize
their racial ties to the Racial Stat Caps:
larger giant-kin, trolls AGL 7
tend to find ogres DEX 6
unsettling. They find a STR 8
greater kinship with the WIL 5
goblins, given both races PER 6
proficiency with magic. INT 4
Trolls still prefer their SPIRIT 6
own kind to any other MANA 6
race, but outcasts often Special Abilities: Craft Weaponsmith 1
find homes within goblin
~ Hob gobli n ~
~ Bear R i de r ~
T he goblins closest relatives are the ice goblins,
also known interchangeably as hobgoblins

and Raalthuuks Horror. Raalthuuk goblinss are

ns Combat Skill (Cavalier) 5
Combat Skill (Soldier) 4
a genetic amalgam of orcs and goblins, and they ey Athletics 3
take their name from the rogue mage who Brawling 3
created their progenitors 500 years ago. Drive 1
They have been secluded in the Region of Ride 5
Ice on Nordia in the far north since their Stealth 1
inception, breeding and training for their DEX 5
eventual rise to dominance. Two centuries ago, o, STR 5
they made their first deadly assault against Corvel,
rvel, Climbing 1
successfully raiding several northern provinces. s. Endurance 3
Though they were eventually pushed back, they ey WIL 4
have continually skirmished with the people in n the PER 5
northern Empires, waiting for the best opportunity
tunity Awareness 3
to launch another full-scale invasion. Slave armies
mies of Command 2
human barbarian sledsmen follow the marauding ding Wilderness Skills 2
hobgoblins and loot the wreckage, returning with INT 3
anything of lasting value. Domestic Arts 1
Racial Stat Caps: Lore 2
Most residents of Nordia have heard the name of AGL 7
Raalthuuk, though they believe him to be long dead. In truth, the Military Sciences 2
DEX 6 Natural Sciences 2
ancient mage is an elf in his sixth century of life, a devout disciple STR 6
of Marg and commander of what has been deemed the Raalthuuk SPIRIT 1
Goblin Nation. This is a bit of a misnomer, as the hobgoblins are PER 6
organized in small tribal units that have only a passing relationship INITIATIVE 11
with each other. Tribes often war against each other for prime SPIRIT 5
hunting ground or to take slaves or mates. Any national identity or SAVE 9
organization is tenuous at best, mostly relating to the worship of Special Abilities: Endurance 1
Raalthuuks plan is the eventual genocide of all humankind.
He sees man as a mistake and proposes his merging of the product
of mans magic (orcs and goblins) as a worthwhile alternative. Gorgon
However, Raalthuuk is old and growing senile, and he now rules
more through fear and worship than through actual power.
While hobgoblins prefer their own kind, they accept rogue
G orgons are steely-skinned, fierce-clawed, subterranean
creatures. When Mortisse dNorkrindor ruled, many trolls
came to support the foul-hearted witch. Those who served her the
members of other races into their number. Trolls, orcs, goblins, most faithfully were gifted with fierce claws and skin as tough as
and others are all occasionally seen among ice goblin troops. plate mail. She also taught them an offshoot of the healing arts
Like goblins, hobgoblins are patriarchal and women are often and limited rune magic, which are both still widely used by the
regulated to subservient positions. Strong female leadership among gorgons today. She then set them to guard her temples and holy
hobgoblins is rare. places. After Mortisse was vanquished by King Thorne Witchkiller,
Occasionally, a strong warlord can organize many tribes the gorgons retreated into the wilderness. Their new homes were
together into a single efficient unit. In recent times, one especially made in caverns, often those caverns that eventually lead into the
charismatic ice goblin named Karrak Icesoul managed to organize Underworld, to guard where their queen now resides.
an unheard of 85 tribes under a single banner. Calling themselves Gorgons run in packs of three to ten, though solitary
Karraks Blood, they have performed some minor raids and border individuals are not unheard of. Though sentient and very intelligent,
skirmishes against communities in Corvel and Akrindor. gorgons prefer a more isolationist lifestyle, and even within their
Goblins of the ice region share the stout orc frame and pack are typically distant and spend a great deal of time alone.
aggressive disposition with the quick, wiry reflexes of their goblin Gorgons hunt singly, but if the shallow caverns in which they live
kin. Add to that piercing red eyes, razor-sharp fangs, a thick coat of are threatened, they will attack the invader(s) as a pack. They are
white fur and a predilection for riding giant polar bears into battle, cannibalistic, but their tastes are driven by motives more mystical
and you have that which strikes fear into the northern nations. They than practical. Brains are a specific delicacy and are believed to
generally stand about 5 to 6 feet tall. Their lifespan is unknown. impart a glimpse into the ethereal realm. They mark their territories
with the fallen bodies of their enemies, especially those petrified by
Teeth are WR1. their pack leader, and tend to stay within it when hunting. Though
a close offshoot of the troll, gorgons are much more rare and tend

to avoid their cave-dwelling kin. With their long claws and plated
skin, they no longer have the innate talent or the need for making ~ Gorgon H u nte r ~
weaponry, though some gorgons occasionally specialize in creating
armaments. More often, the hunters arm themselves with the
Combat Skill (Soldier) 5
weapons of their fallen foes. They originated in Nordia, but some
Athletics 4
tribes have ventured far abroad, even as far as the Enchanted Land,
Brawling 5
by traveling through the extensive cave networks that honeycomb
Stealth 4
the land of Nia, even under the ocean itself.
The leader of the gorgon pack, often female, will, upon taking
the mantle of leadership,p, rituallyy hunt a basilisk,, even
Awareness 5
if she has to step outsidee their marked territory to
Wilderness Skills 4
find one. If she managess to kill one, she will put out
her own eye, and, usingg the ritual magicks taught
Domestic Arts 1
by Mortisse so long ago,, replace it with that of
Lore 5
the basilisk. If multiple gorgons are vying for
Medicine 2
leadership, the first one back is the new
Natural Sciences 1
leader; the others, returning
ning late, are
slain. Gorgons who do not manage to
Climbing 4
complete the ritual kill themselves
Endurance 4
or are killed by the clan..
Gorgons have maintained
Interrogation 1
some of the primitive rune
Intimidation 1
magicks of their forebears,
Resist 1
though the only rune thathat is
commonly taught anymore more
is the rune that counterss
petrification. All gorgons
are inscribed with
this X rune, carved
AV 9
into their steely
flesh at birth, that
protects them from
petrifaction. Some
leaders will punish
wayward members of the he tribe
by tearing the rune from m their body, ensuring that the defiant
gorgon will never meet their leaders gaze again.
Though descended from trolls, they are ambivalent toward
their cousins. They will kill a troll invader as quickly as any
other kind. However, some trolls and gorgons have come to an Minotaur
understanding of territory, and have been known to border each
others lands. Trolls, however, are much more common than their
magically mutated brethren. Adult gorgons can reach 7 to 9 feet in
M inotaurs are a somewhat rare breed of giant-kin. Like orcs,
minotaurs were an attempt to create a slave-race and were the
result of a magical crossing of trolls with wild bulls. They never bred
height. as prolifically as the orcs, and as they did not ally with elves during
the purges and were subsequently hit very hard, minotaurs are very
Gorgon skin is AV9. Their claws are WR2. The pack leader is able few in number these days.
to petrify living flesh to stone with the implanted basilisk eye (see In the early days of their species, minotaurs were exceptionally
Basilisk description, page 135, for details). violent creatures of pure Chaos, with no direction or focus. They
killed each other as often as they attacked others, and they were
Racial Stat Caps: well on their way toward extinction. According to legend, Mun
AGL 7 saw them and took pity on them, giving them that direction and
DEX 5 focus they were lacking. Though still creatures of Chaotic habit,
STR 7 they follow Mun and her light, and they now live by her example.
WIL 6 Most of those who rejected Mun died off ages ago, though there are
PER 6 precious few who worship Marg or Aghali to this day.
INT 4 The minotaurs who serve Mun (the rule, not the exception)
SPIRIT 6 live their lives in stages, like the phases of the moon. All of them
MANA 6 are born as new, and slowly wax towards greatness. They grow
Special Abilities: AV9 skin more aggressive and violent, becoming the most bloodthirsty when
they have reached their full moon stage.
tage. After a
brief period of that, they start to lose their
bloodlust and slowly wane into a more re
introspective mentality. Their leaders are ~ Minota u r Be rs e rke r ~
often those who have waned to a half-moon
f-moon AGL 6
phase, where they have experience and d wisdom Combat Skill (Soldier) 5
to temper their anger. Finally, they often
ten Athletics 5
become hermits, leaving their tribes and nd Brawling 5
finding dark catacombs to wander, alone one in Melee Weapon 3
their thoughts. Stealth 1
Minotaurs are not particularly fond nd of DEX 2
humans, or other races for that matter. r. STR 8
While they will eat another humanoid d Climbing 5
if they kill him, it is not any more Endurance 5
or less favored food. In fact, unless a Swimming 2
humanoid is invading its territory, thee WIL 5
minotaur will often merely ignore it. Intimidation 5
Minotaurs prefer little to no contact Resist 2
with other races. In some nations, PER 2
minotaurs are accepted as citizens, butt Awareness 1
even there, they usually prefer to stickk to Wilderness Skills 5
their own kind. INT 2
Despite their Chaos origins, thesee beasts Domestic Arts 1
are sacred to Mun. To harm a minotaur, ur, Lore 2
except in self-defense, annoys Mun and nd SPIRIT 4
will draw her wrath if the perpetrator is MANA 1
a follower of the goddess. Luckily, thee INITIATIVE 8
minotaurs will almost never attack one SHRUG 7
who is visibly a follower of Mun, except in self-defense. There are SAVE 13
even some tales of Mun priests, living in isolated villages, making
offerings to local Minotaur tribes.
In general, minotaurs are not supporters of Chaos magic, and
though their mystics and shamans are allowed to trim the Web
of Life in cases of emergency, in general the tribes frown on such
Minotaurs can live to 150 years of age, and females are fertile
for a period of roughly 10 years, from age 20 to 30. They stand C entaurs are one of the more prevalent species of a group of
creatures sometimes called Aghalis Children. According to
legend, when humans were first spreading out over the world,
approximately 7 to 8 feet in height.
Aghali looked on and wondered why he had no children to call
Racial Stat Caps: his own. After all, most humans rejected him and his ways. He
AGL 6 traveled the world, finding fresh battlefields, and he created his own
DEX 6 creatures from the pieces of the dead, sewing the corpses together
STR 8 and breathing souls into them.
WIL 5 Centaurs have an equine body, with the torso of a human rising
PER 7 up where the horses neck ought to be. They are fast and surefooted,
INT 5 and have unmatched courage in battle.
SPIRIT 6 Culturally and theologically, they serve Aghali and his Chaos
MANA 5 doctrine; centaurs are wild, ferocious beasts with little to no
Special Abilities: A minotaur can voluntarily enter a berserker restraint. Centaurs are known primarily for their skill with the bow;
rage, and suffer no wound penalties while berserking. They do, it is said a centaur archer rarely misses. They are said to be extremely
however, suffer a -3 to all skills involving cognitive functions brutal, wild, and feral creatures, even among their own kind. Rape
while berserking. Calming from such a rage requires a successful and murder within ones own herd is commonplace. A high infant
Awareness roll at -3. Upon leaving the rage, they must make a SAVE survival rate and a three-season gestation period helps counter their
check at their current wound penalty. If they fail, they will enter high mortality rate. They generally stand about 7 to 8 feet in height,
shock and may die if not treated immediatelyeven if they had and roughly 7 feet long.
not been injured while berserking. (A successful Medicine check or There are tales of some centaurs, outcast from their own
healing invocation is all that is required to stabilize the character). people, who reject Chaos and Aghalist dogma. They are unable to
join most civilized societies, due to their species reputation and

~ Ogron Tra cker ~ Ogron
Athletics 3
gron (both singular and
plural) are a cousin race
o the ogres, often seen as
Brawling 5
le brethren of the fearsome
Stealth 5
g Allegedly created by
A the Demon Serpent,
it is far more likely that they
Awareness 5
a a mutated form of the first
Wilderness Skills 6
o They appear as ogres
f the waist up, but have
Domestic Arts 1
t body and four legs of a
Lore 2
n mountain goat.
Natural Sciences 2
Ogron often live within
o society, accepted as full
Climbing 6
members of their tribe (with
Endurance 5
their abhorrence of urban enclosure, so they often retreat into the t exception that an ogron
wilderness to become monastic trainers of the fighting arts. c never become chieftess).
Intimidation 4
A they are rare, only about a
Resist 4
Racial Stat Caps: q
quarter of all ogre tribes have
AGL 8 o
ogron, and all of those live in
DEX 5 m
mountainous regions.
STR 8 Ogron are more agile than
WIL 5 o
ogres; they are able to climb
~ Centaur Archer ~ SAVE 11
PER 6 m
mountains with the skill and
INT 5 AGL 7 s
speed of a goat. Ogron are
SPIRIT 5 Combat Skill (Soldier) 4 often used as the trackers of the tribe. They are fast indeed; no land
MANA 6 Athletics 2 creature can outrun one in a steep mountainous range, save perhaps
Special Abilities: Brawling 2 another goat. They generally stand about 9 tall, with an enlarged
Missile Weapon 1 Missile Weapon 6 goat body that is generally about 7 feet long.
Stealth 3 Ogron can use their horns for ramming; this is considered
DEX 2 WR3 stun damage. It also gives them AV4 on the head.
Climbing 4 Racial Stat Caps:
Endurance 6 AGL 7
Interrogation 2 STR 8
Intimidation 3 WIL 7
Resist 2 PER 7
Awareness 3 SPIRIT 6
Wilderness Skills 5 MANA 6
INT 3 Special Abilities: Climbing 1
Domestic Arts 1
Lore 4
Medicine 1

~ Kelpie Trapper ~
Waterfolk AGL 3 Firefolk
W aterfolk are those faerie-kind tied
to water. While they all can survive
above the waves and even travel across land,
Brawling 2
Stealth 6
F irefolk are those faerie-kind tied to fire. They
are exceedingly uncommon, and are typically
oonly found near areas of natural heat, such as
spending more than a day without completely Craft (Traps) 6 ggeysers, hotsprings, or volcanoes, and occasionally
submerging for one hour will sicken and Repair (Traps) 3 ddesert areas. They are short-tempered and, while
eventually kill them. They take a wound STR 2 they have no particular hatred of others, they are
for every day they are above water without Climbing 1 kknown to attack with little provocation. Unlike
submerging. This cannot be healed until they Endurance 2 oother elemental groups of faerie-kind, there are
are once again fully submerged. They are WIL 3 nnot different breeds of firefolk. They also are
roughly earthfolk sized, generally standing Interrogation 1 vvery passionate, and their friendship and love,
about 2 to 3 feet in height. Intimidation 1 wwhile tumultuous, can be very rewarding. Cold
PER 3 ttemperatures will kill them, howevertemperate
Nyads are a very shy race. They are beautiful, Awareness 1 cclimates will kill a firefolk within one week, and
and in some regions they are considered Wilderness Skills 3 ccold climates will kill one within a day or two.
exquisite concubine slaves. Due to their rarity INT 3 FFirefolk are generally between 2 and 3 feet tall.
and high value at slave markets, they tend to Domestic Arts 1
shun contact with most other races. If they Lore 3 RRacial Stat Caps:
can be convinced to trust an outsider, they Natural Sciences 1 AAGL 6
can be very friendly, often gathering gifts and SPIRIT 2 DDEX 7
food for their friends. Some are known to live MANA 7 SSTR 5
with or near mer tribes, but they avoid the Theory (Glamour) 6 WWIL 5
larger mer cities. 10 points of Glamour spells PPER 6
Sirens are a breed with a hypnotically SHRUG 3 SSPIRIT 6
beautiful appearance. They are armed with SAVE 5 MMANA 7
sharp teeth and tend to travel in packs. They SSpecial Abilities: Immune to all forms of fire and
enjoy the taste of raw flesh and have been hheat. Can spit fire, range of 30 feet, WR2.
known to trick a lone individual to follow them into the water,
where the rest of the pack ambushes the hapless victim.
~ Firefolk Hu nter ~
Kelpies are another aggressive breed. They are not attractive,
often dripping with whatever local aquatic plants exist in their
Combat Skill (Rogue) 2
territory. They typically set traps for their victims, utilizing poisons,
Athletics 1
carnivorous plants, or simple snares and deadfalls. They prefer to
Brawling 2
eat their victims alive, so their traps are usually not fatal, but very
Breath Weapon: 5
Stealth 4
Nereads are a very gregarious group of waterfolk. They enjoy
visiting with people from the abovewater, and will often approach
Climbing 1
boats with gifts of fish and shells in exchange for stories and
Endurance 3
company. Sailor legend claims that its bad luck to harm a Neread.
Having a Neread swim alongside and in the wake of a ship is
considered a sign of good fortune. They often live near or with mer
Awareness 5
tribes or nations.
Wilderness Skills 5
Racial Stat Caps:
Domestic Arts 1
Lore 2
Theory (Glamours) 5
9 points of Glamour spells
Special Abilities: Swimming 3

T here are numerous species of faerie-kind that specialize in Chaos magicks.
Cutting the Web of Life in their Glamours, they are very dangerous creatures.
Though they do not destroy the Web on the same scale as some of the larger Chaos
races, the Chaos fae are always willing to use Chaos magicks while away from their ~ Will-o -the-Wisp ~
clanholds. They tend to avoid cutting the Web of Life near their homes, however, ~ Hu nter ~
since they are not particularly nomadic. Sirens, Kelpies, and some tribes of sprigs AGL 8
and firefolk are known to call on Chaos, but the most well-known of all the Chaos- Combat Skill (Rogue) 3
fae are the Will-o-the-wisps. Athletics 5
Will-o-the-wisps are an exclusive, Chaos-oriented faerie kind. Their wings are Stealth 5
insectoid and their skin is covered with a chitinous carapace that gives them a bug- DEX 5
like appearance. They prefer living in swampy areas, where they are known to lure Thievery 1
travelers to their death. While they usually eat their victims, they sometimes treat STR 1
the corpses with glamours to preserve them. They sew the bodies of these victims Endurance 3
together and burrow through the corpses, turning the macabre creations into their Swimming 1
clanholds. Will-o-the-wisps and other Chaos faeries are hated and hunted by their WIL 3
more Order-aligned brethren. PER 4
Awareness 3
Wilderness Skills 5
Domestic Arts 1
Lore 3
Natural Sciences 1
Theory (Glamour) 5
10 pts glamours

Animals Animals are not sentient beings, and do not have the same
sort of intelligence as a human, orc, elf, or faerie. As such, they

hile it is possible to modify any animal as needed
have Cunning (CUN), which shows the animals level of instinct
(perhaps the animal is particularly strong, and has an
and problem-solving abilities. Cunning replaces the stats of both
extra point of STR; or perhaps it has learned a trick of
Intelligence and Perception, and Cunning skills include not only
some type), most will have the same basic stats; natural selection
applicable Perception skills, but also any tricks that the animal
will lead to a strong uniformity among the following creatures.
might have learned (for example, a trained dog might have a play
Some animals, particularly predators that must compete for
dead Cunning skill). Some highly intelligent animals, such as
resources, are of a greater size than their real-world counterparts.
parrots, dolphins, unicorns, and higher primates, may develop the
Wolves, for example, grow up to 4 feet tall at the shoulder. Wild rats
ability to understand true language, though they will never be fluent
can regularly grow as large as 3 feet long, not including its tail.
in any tongue. Borderline sentient animals may have Cunning and a
Arctic bears can grow up to 15 feet long.
very low Intelligence, but it is still considered to be an animal.
Animals often possess some sort of natural weapons, either for
If a creature has Intelligence and Perception instead of
attacking their prey or for defending themselves against predators.
Cunning, it is considered to be sentient, however borderline that
Most animals do not generally attack people, unless driven to by
sentience might be. Any creature with sentience is not considered
desperation, fear, or disease (such a rabies or lycanthropy). They can
an animal for the purposes of magic or other supernatural effects;
also be controlled by magic into attacking a target, or transformed
however, they are listed here due to the uniformity found among
into undead, and in such cases, they can be extremely dangerous.
their species.

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all animals have the Animal Combat
skill, a basic, instinctive form of Brawling. This is simply a more
immersive label for what is essentially Brawling in terms of game
C himera are a somewhat strange breed of Aghalis Children. The
first chimera was created out of three different beasts: a goat,
a lion, and a fire drake. These three beasts may seem a somewhat
mechanics. Only animals may have Animal Combat. Similarly, they
odd combination, but Aghali knew what he was doing. This three-
have Liveliness, an alternative for Athletics that covers running,
headed beast has the temperament of a goat, the fierceness of a lion,
evasion, etcetera. They also do not always have a SHRUG, SAVE, and
and the cunning of a fire drake.
INITIATIVE that might be indicated by their basic stats, due to factors
Once he had created the first few chimera, the beasts spread
such as their size, physical structure, metabolism, instincts, etc.
and mated. They are usually found in forested areas, though they
are no strangers to mountains or plains. While they usually feed
on creatures such as deer or boar, they are known to occasionally
Goblin-Wolf develop a taste for humanoid flesh. Such chimera are known to live
just outside small towns or stalk roads, preying on lone individuals.
G oblin-wolves are another breed of Aghalis Children, created
somewhat recently, only a few hundred years ago. He created
the goblin-wolves from their obvious namesakes, and they have
They are usually solitary, but there have been a few cases of chimera
working together as a pack to be able to attack larger groups. They
lived up to both the ferocity of their wolf half and the cunning of generally are about 7 feet long.
their goblin half. While many goblin tribes do not accept them,
fearing them, some accept them and even worship them. The ice The goat head can ram (WR2). The lion head can bite (WR2). The
goblins also are known to recruit them for use in their campaigns. fire drake head can spit flame (WR3) once every 3 rounds.
While cunning beasts, they are completely insane, and they
have little more than an animal intellect. They cannot communicate, ~ Sa mple C hime ra ~
preferring to use growls, howls, and other animal-sounds to express
themselves. They can be trained to use basic tools, and the ice AGL 6
goblins have had limited success in teaching them to wield head- Animal Combat 5
catchers, but they prefer their sharp teeth and claws. Even those Liveliness 4
trained in the use of weapons will often throw them aside and attack DEX 2
by hand when caught up in the fervor of battle. STR 8
Not all goblin-wolves are found among the goblin or ice goblin Endurance 7
tribes. Many instead hunt in small packs, or even are solo hunters. Swimming 1
They generally stand about 6 in height, with a body about 5 feet WIL 7
long. Their maximum lifespan is unknown; they generally live only Intimidation 6
about 30 years due to their culture. Resist 5
Awareness 4
Wilderness Skills 3
~ S a mple Goblin-Wolf ~ SPIRIT 2
Animal Combat 5 INITIATIVE 10
Liveliness 3 SHRUG 8
STR 6 Natural AV 5
Endurance 5
Swimming 2
Intimidation 5
Resist 5
Awareness 4
Wilderness Skills 3

Unicorn Manticore
U nicorns are
considered one of
the most sacred animals
ne of the more vicious results of magical tampering,
manticores were an attempt to create an entertaining
aren attraction in the Kilmoorian gladiatorial venues. Crossing
in Corvel. They were the northern
n troll with the aggressive plains lion, and given a
one of the last creatures poisonous, barbed tail for good measure, manticores have
Dalah created in the been bred successfully in captivity. Unfortunately, some
First Days. She has specimens have escaped into the wild over the centuries,
claimed them as her establishing
es themselves in remote areas throughout the
most favored creatures. known
k world. Possessing both the intelligence of their troll
In addition, one tale predecessors
pred (albeit without speech capability) and the predatory
credits them with saving instincts
instin of the lion, manticores are cunning, unpredictable,
Rellians life during his and extremely
ext dangerous. Thankfully, they are uncommon and
time as a prophet; the restrict themselves socially to small family groups at most. Bite and
Rellianites also see the claws are
ar WR2 each, the whip-like tail barbs are WR3. If the tail
unicorns as sacred. barb causes
ca a wound, the potent toxin enters the victims system
They are a very immediately with a DR4.
rare creature; they ~ Sa mple Manticore ~ The bladed tail tip can
hate creatures of chaos ffetch 250g on the open
and typically attack mmarket as a large dagger
Animal Combat 5
them on sight. They ((a favorite of assassins, as
Liveliness 3
have a high animal-level intelligence, and they seem to understand tthe blade retains coatings
that orcs are, for the most part, not creatures of Chaos any longer. oof drugs and poisons twice
They are fiercely aggressive towards creatures of Chaos; they are aas long as conventional
Endurance 3
shy towards others. However, they often act as protectors of elves, ssteel blades). Each of the
Swimming 1
humans, faerie kind, and other races in need. Unicorns stand ccreatures four tail barbs
approximately 5 feet at the shoulder. ccan bring 10g as darts
Intimidation 6
oor arrowheads (treat as
Resist 3
The horn of the unicorn is WR3. It can kick with its hooves with a bbodkin, holds a single
WR2. ddose of poison or drug).
Awareness 4
The hide can fetch 80g,
Wilderness Skills 3
bbut the defensive toxins
~ S ample U nic or n ~ in the beast break down
wwithin minutes of death,
rrendering the poison
Animal Combat 6 INITIATIVE 10
ggland without commercial
Liveliness 4 SHRUG 6
vvalue. They are generally
aabout 5 feet tall at the
STR 7 sshoulder.
Endurance 8
Swimming 2
Resist 5
Awareness 3
Charm: 3
Wilderness Skills 4

Winding Sheet
T he winding sheet is a creation of Chaos
magic, an old experiment in terror by
priests of Marg, set loose on the world to sow fear and
suffering. Its natural appearance is a semi-translucent
flowing sheet approximately 7 feet x 8 feet at full
maturity. Its flesh is elastic, yet has a toughness that only
edged weapons can cut. The Sheet possesses a moderate
level of camouflaging ability, able to alter its color and
texture to blend in with bark, moss, leaves, or even
woven fabrics. After a kill, the creature becomes sluggish
and more visible, flushed with a reddish hue from its
preys fluids. It can glide through the air, propelled
by magical means. This locomotion makes very little
Pegasus sound, except for a faint hissing the sound of cloth fluttering
in the wind. The creature is usually nocturnal by nature, leaving
T he pegasi were created by Hausha ages ago; they are her
freedom given form. Horses gifted with tremendous wings and
the ability of flight, pegasi are beautiful creatures that typically roost
its cocoon/nest (found in dark, moist, places) to feed at dusk. The
creature uses its silent mode of travel, translucency, and moderate
in mountainous regions.
ability to catch ~ Sa mple Winding She e t ~
Occasionally, a hardy adventurer has been able to capture,
its prey unawares,
tame, and train a pegasus. They are fiercely loyal however, and once AGL 7 (-4 when recently fed)
striking fast and
trained by a rider another cannot ride them. Untamed pegasi have Animal Combat 3
silent, wrapping
been known to appear in black markets as mounts for the rich and Liveliness 4
itself about its
patient. Costs vary widely. Stealth 7 (-4 when recently fed)
prey to form an
Although they are only animals, they will remember any DEX 1
envelope within
mistreatment and will turn on the perpetrator when they least STR 5
which it secretes
expect it. Endurance 3
caustic digestive
In the wild, they travel in flocks of 10 to 50, and they stand WIL 5
enzymes and
at roughly 4 feet 6 inches at the shoulder. They are social beasts, Resist 5
narcotic substances
and care for their young jointly. Foals are born every year in spring, CUN 6
that render its
and learn to fly within eight weeks. The rest of the flock guards Awareness 5
prey sluggish and
the young jealously, and they do not let the foals out of their sight. Wilderness Skills 6
easily neutralized.
Those who try to hunt their young must make their way through SPIRIT 3
After digestion, it
the entire herd. They do not often lose foals to predators, but some, MANA 5
will leave behind
such as Mountain INITIATIVE 13 (9 when recently fed)
items not easily
Dragons, are easily a SHRUG 5
match for the flock. ~ S ample Pegasus ~ bones, armor, SAVE 10
AGL 7 (5 on the ground) weapons, jewelry,
Kick attack (WR2). Animal Combat 5 etc. It will never
Liveliness 7 attack prey that it cannot completely envelop safely, and it will never
DEX 1 attempt a full frontal assault. The creature possesses a rudimentary
STR 7 intelligence, an animal cunning that aids in the trapping of prey.
Endurance 7 It has been known to slip into houses after dusk, disguise itself as a
WIL 4 bed sheet or cradle linen, and slowly consume the occupants in their
Resist 5 sleep. In open areas, it may wait for unwary travelers to fall asleep
CUN 4 in their bedroll, wait for the campfire to die down, and slither in to
Awareness 4 feed.
Wilderness Skills 6 The winding sheet has an acute vulnerability to fire and heat,
SPIRIT 4 which destroys its flesh very rapidly. It will avoid areas with torches
MANA 2 and/or campfires unless driven by extreme hunger. The creature
INITIATIVE 11 (9 on the ground) also has a severe reaction to salt (like the slug); it will burn into
SHRUG 6 the creatures tissues, and cause it to flee (or attack, if hungry). A
SAVE 11 common practice in rural areas is to throw a pinch of salt on sheets,
curtains, or in an infants cradle before sleep to insure one will wake
up in the morning undigested.

require more activity, and,
~ Sa mple Arb oria l ~ like spiders, shamblers need
~ Sha mbler ~ tto conserve every ounce of
AGL 5 eenergy.
Animal Combat 5 They have shown a
Little is known about how the winding sheet propagates, predilection
p for deer, bears,
although it is theorized that it divides, like a sea anemone when Liveliness 2
Stealth 7 and
a humanoids, and are
reaching a certain level of mass. In any case, there have been large considered
c one of the more
infestations found by adventurers and hunting parties, so there is DEX 2
STR 5 deadly
d threats to wilderness
some form of reproduction occurring. Evil sorcerers and priests of ttravelers. Fortunately, they
dark gods will sometimes bind these creatures to act as watchdogs Endurance 5
WIL 2 aare solitary, and range in
around their lairs and temples to attack the foolish and unwary who large territories. Shamblers
stray where the shouldnt. They generally are approximately 5 wide Resist 1
CUN 7 ssport a definitive red,
and 5 long, but flat. bblack, and yellow color
Winding sheets have a natural AV4 (fire and salt will ignore Awareness 5
Wilderness Skills 4 sscheme from above to warn
this). p
potential predators. Their
Digestion paralyzes the victim and causes 1 Wound Level SPIRIT 2
MANA 1 aabdomen is patterned with
of damage every other round. Fire does double damage; acids do ggrays, blacks, and browns
no damage. Salt does WR1 every round, daylight does 1 point of INITIATIVE 12
SHRUG 4 aas a form of camouflage. A
damage every 10 minutes. Blunt weapons do damage rrelated species, dwelling in
ccaves, is gray and black with
Arboreal Shambler a shell that appears covered
in small stalagtites. Their reproductive habits are unknown, but the
N ative to large forests and jungles of Nia, arboreal shamblers
are dangerous, deadly creatures. Clinging to the under-canopy
of trees, shamblers will track prey for miles until it is in a perfect
reason behind their small numbers is assumed to be a cannibalistic
tendency, as well as low offspring survival. A grown shambler is
approximately 5 feet long.
position to attack. A long, telescoping barbed stinger strikes the
Shamblers have no need of a climbing skill, as it is as normal as
target, injecting a potent neurotoxin that can potentially stun a
walking for them.
bear. Once paralyzed, two columns of razor-sharp teeth gouge a
hole in the victims skull. A steady flow of corrosive enzyme flows
Natural AV 5
into the cranial cavity, reducing the brain to mush, which is sucked
Stinger WR3 stun
up through a hollow tongue. As the digestive fluids continue
Bite WR3
pumping into the cranial cavity, they flow down the shaft of the
spinal column, which becomes liquefied and is sucked up as well.
Shamblers will occasionally go after larger prey, but larger animals
Dragon-Bat King-Owl
D espite their name, dragon-bats are not kin to dragons. These
bats grow to a wingspan of 10 to 12 feet with a body about
K ing-owls are a particularly large variety of owl; they grow to
get a wingspan of up to 12 to 15 feet (with a body about 5 feet
long). They are shy beasts for the most part, but they can be deadly
3 to 4 feet long. Unlike most bats, dragon-bats feed on meat, and
when protecting their young or when cornered. Though difficult to
their mouths are filled with very nasty teeth. Dragon-bats shun most
tame, many nobles enjoy
large species (though theyre certainly not above carrying off an
keeping them caged in
earthfolk or two), but rabid dragon-bats are not uncommon. Such
their home. They typically ~ Sa mple King - O w l ~
beasts will attack a human without provocation.
feed on rabbits, boar, or
AGL 6 (1 on the ground)
young deer.
Bite WR3. Animal Combat 6
Liveliness 4
Beak, claws WR2.
Stealth 3
~ S a m p l e D ragon-Bat ~ DEX 2
AGL 6 (2 on the ground) STR 6
Animal Combat 3 Endurance 7
Liveliness 5 WIL 5
Stealth 4 Resist 3
STR 6 Awareness 4
Endurance 4 Wilderness Skills 5
Resist 1 MANA 4
CUN 7 INITIATIVE12 (7 on the
Awareness 8 ground)
Wilderness Skills 4 SHRUG 6
INITIATIVE13 (9 on the ground)

~ Sa mple Ca ve Sp i de r ~
Animal Combat 5
Giant Cave Spider Liveliness 7

G iant cave spiders are a particularly large breed of

spider that can get up to 7 feet long. These aggressive
hunting spiders will attack any prey up to twice their
Stealth 3
Craft (webbing) 2
size; they have been known to attack horses rses or even STR 7
ogres. They are not web-builders, but they hey do use Endurance 6
webbing for aid in crawling, or to line their
heir nest. WIL 2
Intimidation 8
Bite WR1, plus poison. Resist 2
Poison WR3. CUN 1
Awareness 8
Wilderness Skills 7

T he giant hawks native to the northern mountain ranges are
among the most sacred and prized creatures to the wild elf
tribes of Corvel, Bachra, and Tolak. Similar giant birds can be found
across the world. Subsisting on a diet rich in large mountain goats,
deer, elk, wild gryphons, local livestock and sometimes people,
these birds can grow to a wingspan of 30 feet, and create enough
thrust with their powerful wings to lift a fully-armored man off the
ground. A common rite of passage for elven youths is to ascend on
of the isolated peaks where the great birds make their aeries, and
steal an egg from the nest. It is, of course, quite a potentially deadly
prospect, and many braves lose their lives in the quest. However, if
successful, the brave will have a well-trained, loyal mount for the
next 60 years or so. Stolen eggs are incubated in sacred, enchanted
hatcheries. Hatchlings are hand fed and trained over their first year,
until they are strong enough to carry a rider.

Claws, beak WR2.

S imilar in size and nature to the warhawk, the northern gryphon
has the hindquarters of a lion and tends to be more aggressive.
Far choosier in its diet, an adult gryphon will typically go after
small game and livestock, but will never eat humanoid flesh. For
that reason, gryphons have earned a reputation for nobility and
intelligence (although their distaste of human flesh could just be
due to the smell or texture). Domesticated gryphons are prized
throughout the world, and worth a lot of money. As battle mounts
they are far more versatile than warhawks, as they are capable of
ground as well as aerial assault. A hand fed gryphon hatchling can
easily fetch 50,000g on the open market, and once bonded to its
master will be a fiercely loyal companion for a good 40 to 50 years.

Claws, beak WR2.

~ S am ple War haw k ~ ~ Sa mple Gryphon ~

AGL 7 (2 on the ground) AGL 7
Animal Combat 7 Animal Combat 6
Liveliness 6 Liveliness 8
Stealth 2 Stealth 3
Endurance 5 Endurance 7
Resist 2 Resist 3
Awareness 5 Awareness 8
Wilderness Skills 4 Wilderness Skills 5
ground) SHRUG 6

T aken from the Akrindor
dialect of Ancient,
montuhar (MON-too-har)
~ S ample M on tu har ~
Animal Combat 2
means literally, It is like Liveliness 3
a mountain. And at first DEX 1
glance it is easy to see why. STR 9
These great beasts, standing Endurance 7
between 10 to 12 feet at the Strength Feat 5
shoulder, have been used as WIL 4
pack animals by the nomadic Resist 3
elf tribes for millennia CUN 3
and have a reputation for Awareness 2
endurance and a gentle Wilderness Skills 5
nature. Montuhar are SPIRIT 2
integral to the nomad tribes MANA 2
of the Akrindor steppes; INITIATIVE 5
valued not only for their SHRUG 8
load-bearing abilities but for SAVE 13
their rich meat, tough hides,
and dense bones. Even their
dung can be used as a clean-burning fuel.
A trained adult montuhar can bear loads of 1000 pounds up to ~ Sa mple Traw l e r ~
30 miles per day, over even terrain and with grazing breaks every 10 Trawler AGL 5
miles. A fully grown montuhar can easily eat 100 pounds of grass
and sundry vegetation per day, and its fat stores make long treks
through hostile climates possible. Some animals have been recorded
T hese massive bony-
scaled fish, which can
reach up to 10 feet long,
Animal Combat 4
as going for up to fifteen days without food or water. typically live deep in the Endurance 6
Although famed for their easy-going temperament, montuhar sea depths, where it is said WIL 4
can be quite stubborn when faced with hazardous circumstances. they use their glowing Resist 2
For this reason, they are not used as war mounts. Although antennae as a lure for their CUN 4
domestic beasts are not easily spooked, wild varieties have been prey. From time to time, Awareness 4
known to stampede (a fearsome event, to be sure). These huge beasts however, they have been Wilderness Skills 5
sell for 9000g for a pack-trained animal, plus an owner can expect known to approach the SPIRIT 2
to spend up to 2,000g per year in upkeep. surface and attack boats or MANA 2
swimmers. They most often INITIATIVE 9
Bite WR2, kick WR3. surface during dark or foggy SHRUG 8
nights, or perhaps that is SAVE 13
merely when they are most
noticeable. Sailors have sailed
towards the trawlers phantom light, hoping to get their bearing,
only to find a huge fish waiting for dinner.

Natural AV8.
Bite WR5.

T hese giant relations
to the jellyfish are
dangerous creatures that have
been known to attack boats up to
frigate-size. Unlike jellyfish, which
lie in the water and allow their prey to
drift into their tentacles, sting-netters
will swim up to their prey and wrap
their tendrils around it. Once the target
stops struggling, the sting-netter drags
the body into its fleshy, transparent
body. The body of a sting-netter has
a diameter of 24 feet, large enough
to swallow some smaller ships, and
the tentacles can grow to 100 feet
long. It will attack larger boats, as
well, pulling any sailors unlucky
enough to be touched by the stinging Cavernmouth
tentacles into the water and into its
body. Despite its size, the tentacles
are only strong enough to drag a
C avernmouth are enormous beasts of the sea, said to reach a
length of 500 feet or more. They are powerful creatures that
feed by merely opening their giant maws and swimming. They are
stunned target into the water. Each large enough to swallow even the largest boats. While they do not
tentacle gets a single action every seek out ships to devour, they are particularly unintelligent and will
round; however, they do not act in a often swallow boats
unified or intelligent manner. Unless that get in their way.
traveling across the besieged deck of There have been ~ Sa mple Ca ver nmo u t h ~
the ship, a person will some rare tales of
only be attacked by AGL 2
~ S a m p l e S ti ng-Netter ~ people swallowed by Animal Combat 4
one to three tentacles a cavernmouth who
AGL 2 per round. Once the DEX 0
manage to survive STR 16
Animal Combat 4 beast senses there are inside the belly of
Liveliness 1 no more struggling Endurance 7
the creature for days WIL 1
DEX 2 figures, and once it or even weeks before
STR 9 (each tentacle has an effective realizes it cannot fit Resist 1
managing an escape. CUN 1
strength of 1) the boat in its mouth, Of course, engineering
Endurance 9 it will leave. Awareness 1
an escape is difficult Wilderness Skills 4
WIL 2 when the beast spends
Resist 1 Each tentacle does SPIRIT 1
much of its time deep MANA 1
CUN 1 DR6 stun poison on below the waves.
Awareness 2 contact. INITIATIVE 3
Wilderness Skills 4 SHRUG 12
SHRUG 6 per tentacle;
main body 10.

Carnivorous Plants Darter
C ommon to tropical climes, this small plant has small bladders

nfortunately, animals are not the only creatures that
attached up and down its vine-like body. An unwary person
can seek the death of humanoid adventurers. There are
or animal who steps on a bladder will find a small, barbed dart
numerous species of large carnivorous plants that also seek
injected into the foot (or whichever body part triggered the defense
the vital protein of a human or elf found across the world. The
response). The dart is a potent neurotoxin, causing the victim to fall
following species are some of the more common varieties, found in
paralyzed, as though dead, on the spot. The victim remains awake
several spots across Nia.
and aware, but cannot move or speak. The drug does not naturally
wear off, but there are herbs that can counter the toxin. While the
Because plants lack a central nervous system, they do not have Wound
victim is helpless, the vines then grow around and root into him,
Levels; instead, they possess Damage Points (DP). The DP can vary
breaking down the body in a slow and painful process.
depending on the plants species and age. The plant is dead if all DP
The dart only deals a single Wound Level of damage, but it can
have been depleted.
cut through any armor up to AV1 as though it wasnt there. Victims
must roll Endurance to resist the toxin at a -4. The vines grow over
Mundane Plants the victim over the course of four hours; from there, the victim
will take 1 Wound Level damage every 10 minutes. This process is
G rasses generally only possess 1-5 DP per strand, with only
the most tough and durable of grasses having as many as 5.
Flowering plants such as daffodils, lavender, or other such species
very painful. A simple Medicine roll with the appropriate herbs, or
any spell that heals either stun or wound damage, can counter the
have between 3-10 DP. Tubers have 3-10 DP, vines have 5-30 DP, toxins.
shrubs can have 10 to 50, and full-grown trees can have anywhere Each vine has 15 DP.
from 50 to 500, depending on the species. Cacti have as many DP
as a plant of the same approximate size, and thorns can have a WR
of anywhere between 1-3, depending on the type. Some plants ts
possess toxins, which normally are either DR1 or 2 (stun) and d
generally are accompanied by a burning rash or a stinging sensation,
though some include disorientation or light headedness. Somee plant
toxins are more potent, and can range as high as DR6 (wound) d)
damage, though this is extremely rare.

Drop-Trap Tree
T his large tree has several traps camouflaged within its
leaves. The roots, branching out across the ground,
have several small trigger hairs on them. Directly above
these hairs are the traps. When triggered by the root hairs,
the corresponding trap drops, shuts, and draws the victim
back up under the leafy cover with tremendous speed.
Once trapped inside, the victim is slowly digested.
Drop-trap trees can grow fairly large if they are well fed,
sometimes getting as large as 50 feet in height. Some brigands, s,
brownies, and wood nymphs are known to use these trees as
hideouts or warrens if they know where all the traps are and how to
avoid them.
Dodging a falling trap is very difficult; it takes a successful
dodge roll at -4 (if one is expecting the trap, there is no penalty).
If the character would have had success if not for the penalty, the Snapjaw
character is caught partially within the trap. The character takes
WR2 crushing damage (DB +8) to a random location. It takes less
than a second for the trap to spring. Victims caught within (or
S napjaws are usually found in swampy areas, dense rainforest,
or any environment that is warm and humid. Although rooted
firmly to the ground, their limbs are mobile and very animate.
partially within) take 1 level of damage every half-hour times the When motion is sensed through their roots, they grasp their prey
targets SHRUG (for example, if the person has a SHRUG of 3, with their jaw traps. These jaws are edged with serrated teeth,
they will take one damage level every hour and a half; if they have a can be up to 6 feet wide, and are strong enough to break human
SHRUG of 4, it will be every two hours). bones. A mature plant usually has six traps, though larger varieties
Each trap is considered to have a STR 8 and Strength Feat 4 for have been know to sprout eight or more.
the purposes of staying shut. Each jaw gets one attack; it is considered have no initiative (it
Each trap has AV7 and a 30 DP. The tree itself can have up to will always go last; it must react to movement). Each has a variable
250 DP, depending on its size. STR (from 1 to 4), depending on the size of the individual jaw. If
the jaw is successful in trapping nourishment, it will take two days
to completely digest its food and reopen. If the jaw shuts without
trapping food, it will spring open on the following round. The
digestive juices of the snapjaw is considered a corrosive acid of Sweet Tree
T his tree can grow up to 16 feet in height. Its flowers have a
beautiful, pungent, sweet smell. Unfortunately, that odor is
a powerful narcotic. Any living creature passing within 15 feet of
Animal Combat 4
the tree must make a successful Resist check to keep from falling
asleep. If the target remains awake but still within the effective area
Bite WR2
of the narcotic, an additional Resist must be rolled each round it
Each trap typically has 25 DP.
stays exposed (at a cumulative -1 penalty each round). If the target
fails the Resist check, it falls unconscious and must be physically
Shroud Leaf removed from the area. If the target is not removed from the
influence of the toxin, it has no chance of awakening. While it
T hese plants are found in remote areas of the northern half of
the world, as well as some jungle areas south of the Zero Axis.
The shroud leaf has large, wide leaves that secrete a sticky, sap-like
lies unconscious, slow-moving vines will begin to take root in the
victim and digest him while still alive. It takes about one week for a
resin. Those who brush against the leaves trigger the trap. These human-sized victim to die, and about one month to be completely
leaves begin to curl over, sticking to the target again and again. digested. This is a painless procedure, as the longer one is exposed
Smaller leaves have been known to digest a persons limbs while they to the narcotic, he less likely they will wake up or feel any pain. It
struggle; larger ones can even wrap around a human-sized target and should be noted that the narcotic of the sweet tree is just as potent
digest it completely. when absorbed through the pores, therefore only magical protection
The leaves are extremely tough and resistant to damage. If is considered completely effective against it.
a persons limb is trapped in one of the traps, the limb is usually The fruit of the tree contains the same narcotic, though in
digested to the point where the rest of the person can escape within smaller amounts. Some people have developed methods for picking
eight hours (of excruciating pain). The largest leaves can entirely the delicious fruit of a sweet tree safely and sell it for as much as 10g
digest a whole person in about 35 hours. The leaves are not naturally apiece. Sweet Tree wine is particularly potent, extremely rare and
animate; they merely curl when triggered. proportionately expensive. Doctors and healers also use a distillation
Each leaf is considered to have STR 7 and Strength Feat 8 for of the flowers as anesthesia for major surgeries.
the purposes of holding onto its target. Each leaf has about 30 DP, A typical full-size tree has 75 DP and yields between 100 and
while the entire plant has about 100 DP. It also has a natural AV6. 200 pieces of fruit.
Victims caught in the leaf must make a successful SAVE every Victims will take 1 Wound Level per day from the trees
hour or take 1 Wound Level of damage. Organic armor is digested digestive process.
at a rate of 1 AV every half-hour. Metal armor or other non-
digestibles will be released after approximately one hour. Trap-Root
Swamp-Trap T hese subtle plants have a deep-growing root system, and only
a small shrub on the surface. Noticing the leafy portion of the
plant is difficult, but doing so can save ones life. The deep roots are
T hese aquatic plants are found in brackish, shallow areas. They
are fairly large and grow close to the surface. When a target
steps on a trigger hair, a bladder below it swells and sucks whatever
bladders filled with digestive juices, and the sides are slippery and
very difficult to climb up. There is a trapdoor, usually right next to
triggered the plants defense under water. To aid in the capture the shrub portion, which remains covered until weight is placed
process, there are typically four to eight vines (average length of 9), on it. When triggered, the door opens and the victim falls into the
which wrap around the target and hold it below the surface. Once a bladder, where he drowns in the fluid before being digested over
victim stops struggling, the bladder empties of water and fills with the course of two days. Trap-Root plants often grow around fruit-
digestive juices. A human-sized victim will be digested in about bearing trees and shrubs, using them to attract prey. The trap resets
three days, after which time the trap resets. itself immediately, so victims inside calling for help may have a hard
The animated vines have AGL 4 and Animal Combat 3. They time being heard.
each have STR 3 and Strength Feat 2. The vines deal no damage; A successful Awareness check is required to notice the plant
they merely attempt to hold a victim underwater and drown him. itself, and a successful Natural Science or Wilderness Skills roll is
Each vine has 15 DP, while the whole trap portion of the plant needed to recognize it for what it is. A victim who falls in must
typically possesses about 40 DP. If for some reason a victim is alive SAVE successfully after his SHRUG in minutes, or drown in the
when they stop struggling, they will take 1 Wound Level damage digestive fluids. In addition, he takes 1 Wound Level of damage
every two hours due to the digestion process. every two hours. Climbing out without some aid from above (a
rope, etc) requires three successful Climbing checks with a -2
penalty on each roll. A failure at any point means that the character
has slid all the way back down. Re-opening the trap from either
above or below requires a simple Strength Feat roll. The shrub
portion of the plant has only 5 DP, while the trap portion has 35


ragons are perhaps the deadliest creatures in the known Greater dragons spend a great deal of time in hibernation. The
world. The offspring of the legendary dragon mother expenditure of energy means having to satisfy an incredible appetite,
Shalekk, greater dragons have virtually impenetrable and dragons are not picky eaters. Their mating cycle includes a
skin, leathery wings, and a fierce, fiery breath. They also are quite 12-hour period every 10 years that has come to be called Dragon
intelligent, capable of language and learning. Lesser dragons Night by most northern cultures.
cu Triggered by some
ck, and usually
are typically smaller, vulnerable to normal attack, ancient internal mechanism,
mecha all adult dragons take
unintelligent. Dragons are not known for theirr congeniality; they to the skies in an effort
o to seek out and secure a
are creatures of Chaos that crush their foes withth tremendous mate. This is a chaotic
cha and dangerous time for
ences long
might. If they could ever put aside their differences bystanders, as well
we as the dragon participants,
enough to do anything more than mate, they could easily and some of the great creatures are killed
overthrow all other races in the world. during the ordeal.
ord When mating is achieved,
Thankfully, chances of this happening are the dragons split
s off toward their home
unlikely at best. According to the legends, afterr territories, eating
ea anything of nutritional
Shalekk had killed her enemies, sewn their hidesdes value along the way. Eggs are laid within
into wings, and stolen Rais fire, Creator cursedd a month, anda incubation takes another
her kind. To keep them in check, Creator year. Dragon
D young are hatched in
made dragons exceptionally territorial. They broods of three to six, which
will tolerate the presence of another dragon are fed and cared for by the
once every 10 years to mate, then must mother
m until the yearlings set
immediately part ways. The mother of the out on
o their own to challenge
brood watches the eggs until they hatch, another
anoth dragons territory.
and she will stay with and train the offspring Dragons have a fairly set
for no more than one year. At that point, genetic
gen pattern; there is little
the young dragon must move on or fight his variation
v in the species except
mother for her territory. so far as age goes. The older
Legends also claim that, when Dalah first a dragon gets, the larger,
birthed the dwarves, Deain desired to raise his stronger, and smarter it
children, but Dalah refused to let him see them.m. becomes.
b No one is quite
So, he went to Shalekk and begged her to steal al his certain
cer how old a dragon can
children from Dalah. In return for her service, he gave get; some
so have been known to live
Shalekk half of his domain. To this day, most dragons for a thousand years, possibly more. Truly
build extensive warrens deep underground, often ten within ancient dragons
dra are known to wither
cave networks. with age and even grow senile. Lesser
The legendary toughness of a greater dragonsons dragons have a much more limited
hide has its roots in ancient arcane history. lifespan.
lif p
Regardless of the actual reasons behind the phenomenon,
the skin of a greater dragon cannot be pierced by any weapon that Lesser Dragons
is not the product of rune magic or constructed from dragon bone.
Lesser dragons are the non-magical, animalistic cousins of greater
Crushing weapons can still cause internal damage to the beasts, but
dragons. They do not have the impenetrable skin of the greater dragons,
a natural AV exceeding that of plate mail makes even that a tough
nor do many have the intelligence, flight-capable wings or fiery breath of
the greater dragons. Nonetheless, lesser dragons are not to be trifled with
The powerful flame breath of the greater dragon is no
by any means. Some of the animal-intelligence lesser dragons are social
exaggeration. Greater dragons (and some species of lesser dragon)
creatures, but this phenomenon is fairly rare. Even lesser dragons seem to
possess a gland that produces a caustic and highly flammable
be primarily solitary creatures.
salivary liquid. When they exhale this venom, it ignites on contact
with the air. A well-placed hit has been known to skeletonize a man
in mere moments.
Greater dragons possess legendary intelligence, capacity for
language, learning, and the working of magic. This is perhaps their
most intimidating attribute, for when one goes to dispatch one of
these awesome creatures, one is not dealing with a simple enormous,
lumbering brute; one is facing an ancient intelligence and strength
which once challenged the gods themselves.

T he smallest of the lesser dragons (measuring about 3 feet from
head to tail), the basilisk is potentially the most dangerous. It
also defies many of the laws applicable to other dragon-kind, yet it
is surely a relative. It is not winged, but it moves very quickly on
reptilian claws, easily jumps 6-foot heights and 10-foot lengths,
and secretes a flammable acid that it spits up to 12 feet, causing
small fires. In addition, the basilisk is the only known creature in
the known world to possess a biological rune. Whether a product of
creation, or just random chance,
the adult basilisks optic nerves
develop into the exact shape ~ B asili sk ~
of a rune of metamorphosis. AGL 5
The rune is only visible from Animal Combat 5
a direct angle, much like the Liveliness 5
reflection of a cat or owls eye. DEX 3
Meeting a basilisks direct gaze STR 4
triggers an enchantment capable Endurance 4
of transforming living flesh into WIL 3
stone. Because the enchantment Resist 4
vibrates the Web of Life like a CUN 6
rune, the effects are permanent Awareness 3
Fire Drake
unless disenchanted. The upside
is that the subject does not
actually die, but remains in a
Wilderness Skills 5
ire drakes can be found
throughout most of the
world. They grow to
~ Fire Drake ~
lengths of 40 feet from nose Liveliness 3
permanent stasis. Victims of a MANA 6
t tail, and range in color
to Brawling 5
basilisks gaze have been revived Petrification: 4
from mottled brown to ebony DEX 1
hundreds of years later with no Initiative 8
black. Although possessed STR 10
ill effects except culture shock. Shrug 3
o animal intelligence and
of Endurance 3
If a solitary animal is cause Save 7
having none of the magical WIL 2
for worry, then panic certainly Natural AV 3
benefi ts of the greater dragon, Resist 2
sets in when they swarm. One
fire drakes are feared and CUN 6
flock of basilisks reportedly
respected worldwide. Fire Awareness 7
attacked the walled
drakes, normally solitary, have Wilderness Skills 5
city of Marigor
been known to congregate INT 1
just a few years
in large herds upon occasion SPIRIT 3
ago, numbering
and rampage through the MANA 4
an estimated 200
countryside, laying waste to Initiative 11
beasts. Such large
farms and towns, decimating Shrug 7
numbers and
herds of cattle and destroying Save 14
organized attacks
crops with their acidic flame Natural AV of 8
are rare, however.
The tiny dragons (the only trait shared with their
usually congregate greater cousins, and the one
in small groups of a for which they are named). Although external control of an arcane
dozen or less. nature has been blamed for such events, it is frightening to know
such a thing is possible.
Bite, claws WR1; Though illegal in many lands, a trained Fire Drake mount can
Flame attack WR1. sell for more than 150,000 geld in those nations where they can be
Direct gaze: Basilisk purchased openly. Firedrakes can live for 100 years well maintained
rolls Petrification; in captivity, but rarely see half that in the wild. Fire drakes generally
target may roll reach lengths of 10 to 12 feet.
Bite, claw WR3.
Flame attack once every 3 rounds; WR4, 100-foot range, armor .

T he oodong are not yet
common in the civilized
kingdoms of the north, but
~ Ood ong ~
they are often found roaming Animal Combat 3
the Akrindor plains. A few Liveliness 5
have been imported, but they DEX 1
are generally expensive and STR 8
difficult to obtain from a Endurance 6
licensed trafficker. Oodong are WIL 4
bipedal, flightless dragon-kind Resist 3
often used as personal mounts CUN 5
by the nomadic tribespeople Awareness 4
of Akrindor. In the wild, they Survival 3
are semi-communal, living in SPIRIT 2
familial herds. They feed on
small game such as lizards or
rabbits, and have few natural
predators. They are wary of
Drake ~ R azor Drake ~
humans and other humanoids,
and will run before they attack. T he razor drakes are
a highly dangerous
protodragon native to the
Animal Combat 4
Once trained, they make quick Liveliness 5
and loyalif somewhat temperamentalmounts. Southern Wilds. Highly DEX 0
Oodong can be purchased occasionally in the northern cunning pack animals with STR 5
kingdoms in provinces bordering Akrindor, as well as sparsely razor-sharp claws, razor Endurance 4
throughout the world, particularly in Kilmoor, southern Arcania, drakes use advanced pack WIL 3
The Kainal Islands and in the Southern Wilds. They can carry loads tactics to take down prey Resist 1
of 600 lbs up to 25 miles per day so long as they are fed and watered much larger than theythey CUN 8
regularly. Prices range from 1000g for a hatchling to 10,000g for a have even been known to Awareness 2
saddle-trained yearling. They stand approximately 8 tall, and well- take down a thunder lizard, Survival 2
maintained beasts can live to 70 years. though they usually focus SPIRIT 3
on easier prey. Even the MANA 3
Claws WR2; bite WR1 most powerful montaka INITIATIVE 13
kno better than to harass SHRUG 4
pa of razor drakes on the
a pack SAVE 8
hun They possess massive
bon claws on their heels,
whi are kept razor-sharp.
e are known to cut their preys hamstrings to prevent them
from escaping and then consuming the prey while it still lives.
e packs range from four to 12 members. They generally stand
approximately three feet at the hip, and reach approximately 7 feet
long Like the thunder lizard, razor drakes are rarely found outside
th Southern Wilds, though they have been transported to
of the
Kilmoor as gladiatorial beasts.

Forelimb claws; bite WR2; bonespur WR4.

T he shipwrecker is an aquatic species of dragon that lives entirely
below the waves; it does not have the correct physiology to
even breach far above the ocean surface. The shipwrecker possesses
a strong, serrated ridge atop its head, which it uses to attack its
Thunder Lizard prey. This brow is sufficient to significantly damage large craft, and

T his massive protodragon

is found almost
exclusively in the Southern
~ Thund er Lizard ~
smaller boats may be torn in two. As the boat sinks and the sailors
f into the water, the shipwrecker consumes the drowning victims
w a large, tooth-filled mouth. It may cruise the area for days,
Wilds. Transporting it out AGL 5 s
slowly eating any survivors. Adult shipwreckers reach lengths of
is incredibly dangerous, but Animal Combat 4 a
approximately 35 feet.
it has been known to make Liveliness 5
its way into Kilmoorian DEX 1 R WR8; bite WR4.
gladiatorial arenas. Measuring STR 9
up to 45 feet in length and Endurance 8
up to 15 feet at the hip, WIL 3
the thunder lizard walks on Resist 5
two legs, with short, useless CUN 6
forelimbs. Its massive saber- Awareness 4
like teeth are deadly and Survival 5
dangerous, capable of cleaving SPIRIT 2
a troll in half in a single MANA 2
bite. This deadly predator is INITIATIVE 11
incredibly strong and nearly SHRUG 8
at the peak of the food chain, SAVE 12
save for greater dragons. Natural AV 6

Forelimb claws WR1; leg claws WR3; bite WR6.

~ Shipwrecker ~
Animal Combat 3
Liveliness 2
STR 12
Endurance 10
Swimming 5
Resist 1
Awareness 3
Survival 4

W yrms are very strong, powerful beasts with a cunning animal
intellect. Their bodies are long and serpentine. They have
forelimbs, but otherwise crawl on their belly like a snake. Aggressive
and territorial, these fearsome predators attack any creature larger
than a rabbit that travels through
th dominion. They are most
~ Wyrm ~ c
common in forested areas, but
th have been spotted in plains,
AGL 4 d
deserts, and mountainous regions
Animal Combat 3 a well. Wyrms appear to be closely
Liveliness 5 r
related to greater dragons in that
Windlord DEX 2 th
though they no longer possess a

A domesticated draconic breed, the quasi-pterosaur windlord

is a popular riding mount among the gentry and wealthy
adventurers. Being a species of lesser dragon, it does not possess its
STR 10
Endurance 7
fiery breath, their skin has retained
it magical resistance to normal
damage. Only rune weapons or
greater cousins magical advantages or disadvantages. Windlords do Resist 6 d
dragon-bone weapons can penetrate
not breathe fire, but secrete and spit a highly corrosive acid. Most CUN 8 th flesh of a wyrm, and its bones
domestic mounts have the acid glands removed; however, some Awareness 5 a the equivalent of greater dragon
well-trained war mounts keep theirs for assault purposes. Survival 5 b
bone. The life cycles of the wyrm
A windlord hatchling easily fetches 10,000g on the open SPIRIT 3 a mostly unknown at this time.
market, while a trained yearling can command prices of 120,000g MANA 3 W
Wyrms generally reach lengths up to
or more. Windlords are omnivorous and require 15,000 to 20,000g INITIATIVE 10 4 feet long.
worth of varied diet and other maintenance per year. Well cared SHRUG 8
for mounts have been known to live 150 years or more, and some SAVE 12 B WR4.
breeders have been known to pay upwards of 50,000g for a mating Natural AV 7
fee if the sire is particularly famous. Windlords have a wingspan
of 40 feet, and a body
length of about 10 feet,
plus another 10 feet of ~ Wi nd lord ~
tail (which they use for
flight stabilization as well AGL 8 (5 on the ground)
as attack). Several species Animal Combat 5
of wind lords are found in Liveliness 6
the wild throughout Nia, DEX 3
but what follows is the STR 7
domestic breed. Endurance 7
Bite WR2. Tail WR2. Resist 2
Acid spit 60-foot range, CUN 6
once every 3 rounds. Roll Awareness 5
one attack. WR3 damage Survival 5
first round, WR2 second SPIRIT 2
round, and WR1 third MANA 2
round. (Armor ). INITIATIVE 12; 8 on the ground
Natural AV 5

Greater Dragons

hese are perhaps the most majestic and terrifying beasts
in the world. All varieties of greater dragons have virtually
the same stats, varying only in age. There are subspecies,
however, that have different behaviors, appearances, and territories.
They can reach up to 60 feet long, with an 80-foot wingspan.

Forest Dragon
T he most commonly encountered of the greater dragons, these
immense creatures dwell deep in subterranean caverns in the
deep woodlands. They range in color from bright green to dusky
brown with dappled markings on the neck and spine. Because of the
plentiful food in the deep forest, these dragons rarely attack urban

Mountain Dragon
T he second most commonly encountered of the greater dragons,
dragons of this variety make their lairs in the most inaccessible
peaks of the highest mountains. Just as solitary as any other greater
Wyvern dragon, mountain dragons are the closest genetically to Shalekk,
~ Wy v ern ~ the dragon progenitor. They range in color from blue-gray to
W yverns are easily the most
cunning of all the known
lesser dragons. No one knows
Animal Combat 5
black, with white mottling, and serrated black fangs. They have
been known to attack urban areas if hungry or threatened. Their
how these beasts came into being, Liveliness 4 Climbing skill is three more than any other type of greater dragon.
though one story claims that they Stealth 4
were greater dragons cursed by DEX 4 Arctic Dragon
Shalekk for collaboration with the Firebreath 2
elves. Regardless, wyverns have the
same basic appearance as a greater
Endurance 4
N ative to the highest peaks and frozen plains of the far north,
these terrifying pale creatures are rarely sighted. Someone
living to tell the tale is even more rare. Growing to a length of 100
dragon, though they only get as WIL 7
feet (including tail), the arctic dragon receives excellent traction
large as a yearling (30 feet from nose Intimidation 3
from ice-gripping talons on four wide feet. An arctic dragons breath
to tail), and they have a far more Resist 5
can flash-freeze most things (including flesh), and its teeth are six-
slender, serpentine appearance than PER 6
inch long razor-sharp daggers. Gifted with special heat-sensitive
the greater dragons. Wyverns also Awareness 5
vision, its eyes burn red when hunting. According to a very rare
possess only one pair of legs, making Bargain 4
eyewitness report, the dragons eyes will shift from red to ice blue
their physiology very birdlike. Command 2
just before it breathes its deadly ice storm. The witness postulates
Though they still possess wings, Survival 5
that the dragon is unable to see with its heat-sensitive vision for that
they have lost their magical skin, INT 3
one brief moment, which allows for a possible escape (if the subject
and their flame breath is very weak Education 2
is not paralyzed with fear, which is far more common). The arctic
and rarely used. They are, however, Language 3
dragon can perform winged flights of great distances.
very intelligent and capable of Lore 5
language and magic. They behave Natural Sciences 5
in a similar manner to the greater SPIRIT 5 Plains Dragon
dragons, though fortunately not MANA 4
possessed of the same arrogance. INITIATIVE 13
T hese uncommon dragons create burrows in open plains. Their
burrows are often deep, complex, and labyrinthine. Plains
dragons are typically pale yellow, brown, or green with white or
Bite, claws WR3. SAVE 15 brown mottling. They have been known to level farmlands, burning
Fire attack once every 5 rounds; Natural AV8 crops, and eating the animals and farmers.
range: 20 feet, WR2 (Armor ).

Desert Dragon
T hese dun-skinned dragons prefer the heat of deserts. They
do not have burrows, much like other dragons do, but they
burrow into the sand, where they lie in wait for their prey. They
usually leave only their eyes above the surface while ensconced
under the dunes.

~ Hatchling ~
( 0- 1 yea r)
Swamp Dragon AGL 4
Liveliness 2
B lack scaled dragons that live in bogs
and brackish areas, swamp dragons are
often covered in algae slime and rotting
Animal Combat 2
vegetation. These are perhaps the rarest of STR 4
the greater dragons, and little is known of Endurance 3
their hunting style or behavior. Firebreath 2
WIL 3 ~ Adolescent ~
Resist 4 ( 10 yea rs)
Sea Dragon PER 4
T hese dragons live in the ocean, typically Awareness 2
Survival 2 Liveliness 5
in the deepest parts of the sea. They
INT 1 Brawling 6
cannot use their flame breath deep below
SPIRIT 5 Stealth 4
the waves, but they occasionally surface
for raids on ships or coastal towns; they
INITIATIVE 8 Firebreath 5
can and often do use their breath for
such assaults. Their scales are often blue-
SAVE 7 Climbing 3
green with silver or white water caustic
Natural AV 7 Endurance 5
markings, and they usually have barnacles
Bite, claws WR2. Swimming 3
or kelp growing on their massive bulks. It
Fire attack once every 10 rounds; WIL 6
is believed that some sea dragons can get
6-foot range, WR2. Intimidation 4
even larger and stronger than normal land-
3 to 4 feet in length Resist 7
dwelling dragons, but if this is so, no one
has seen one and lived to tell the tale. They
Awareness 5
are amphibious, and can breathe above and
~ Yearling ~ Bargain 2
below the water with equal comfort. They
( 1 yea r) Command 3
have Swimming +3 over normal greater
Survival 6
dragons. AGL 5 INT 3
Liveliness 3 Education 2
Lake Dragon Animal Combat 5 Language:: Ancient (or local
Stealth 3 language) 2
T hese pale blue dragons live below the
surface of lakes and bays. They do
not dwell as deeply as sea dragons, though
Lore 2
Natural Sciences 2
Endurance 4 SPIRIT 6
they also are amphibious. They prefer to
Firebreath 4 MANA 7
do their hunting on the surface, feeding
WIL 6 Arcane Theory 5
on boats or wildlife that travels through.
Intimidation 2 WOUNDS: 10
Though they are called lake dragons, they
Resist 5 Initiative 12
live in lakes, bays, rivers, or other smaller
PER 6 Shrug 8
bodies of water. They have Swimming +1
Awareness 4 Save 15
over normal greater dragons.
Command 2 Natural AV 9
Survival 4 Bite, claws WR5.
INT 2 Fire attack once every 3 rounds;
SPIRIT 6 100-foot range, WR6 (armor ).
MANA 6 25 to 30 feet in length
Arcane Theory 2
Natural AV 9
Bite, claws WR3.
Fire attack once every 3 rounds;
100-foot range, WR4 (armor ).
5 to 6 feet in length

~ Old ~
( 400+ yea rs)
~ Ad u l t ~
( 5 0 + ye a r s)
Liveliness 5
AGL 6 Animal Combat 6
Liveliness 5 Stealth 3
Animal Combat 6 DEX 5 ~ Anc i e nt ~
Stealth 5 STR 14 ( 600+ yea r s )
DEX 4 Climbing 5 AGL 4
STR 14 Endurance 8 Liveliness 5
Climbing 5 Firebreath 6 Animal Combat 6
Endurance 7 Swimming 5 Stealth 3
Firebreath 5 WIL 6 DEX 4
Swimming 5 Intimidation 9
~ M id d le-Aged ~ STR 10
WIL 6 Resist 8
(100+ ye a rs) Climbing 3
Intimidation 5 PER 7 Endurance 3
Resist 7 AGL 6 Awareness 5 Firebreath 4
PER 7 Liveliness 5 Bargain 3 Swimming 4
Awareness 5 Animal Combat 6 Command 6 WIL 5
Bargain 3 Stealth 5 Survival 6 Intimidation 5
Command 5 DEX 4 INT 4 Resist 7
Survival 6 STR 14 Education 4 PER 7
INT 3 Climbing 5 Language:: Ancient (or Awareness 6
Education 3 Endurance 7 local language) 5 Bargain 3
Language:: Ancient (or local Firebreath 6 Lore 5 Command 6
language) 4 Swimming 5 Natural Sciences 5 Survival 6
Lore 4 WIL 6 SPIRIT 6 INT 2
Natural Sciences 3 Intimidation 7 MANA 8 Education 2
SPIRIT 6 Resist 7 Arcane Theory 10 Language:: Ancient (or
MANA 8 PER 7 INITIATIVE 13 local language) 5
Arcane Theory 6 Awareness 5 SHRUG 11 Lore 3
INITIATIVE 13 Bargain 3 SAVE 20 Natural Sciences 3
SHRUG 10 Command 6 Natural AV 10 SPIRIT 6
SAVE 20 Survival 6 Bite, claws WR5. MANA 9
Natural AV 10 INT 4 Fire attack once every 3 Arcane Theory 15
Bite, claws WR5. Education 4 rounds; 100-foot range, INITIATIVE 10
Fire attack once every 3 Language:: Ancient (or local WR6 (armor ). SHRUG 8
rounds; 100-foot range, language) 5 50 to 75 feet in length (full SAVE 15
WR6 (armor ). Lore 5 size) Natural AV 10
50 to 75 feet in length (full Natural Sciences 5
Bite, claws WR5.
size) SPIRIT 6
Fire attack once every 4
rounds; 100-foot range,
Arcane Theory 7
WR6 (armor ).
50 to 75 feet in length (full
Natural AV 10
Bite, claws WR5.
Fire attack once every 3
rounds; 100-foot range,
WR6 (armor ).
50 to 75 feet in length (full

Supernatural Beings ~ S am p le Ghost ~ tthe target has lost a point of either MANA or SPIRIT.
The GM must choose either MANA or SPIRIT as the
L ad y L orinda Grey ffocus of the power. Choosing both would constitute two
Ghosts sseparate abilities.

A nimals and most sentient races

can become ghosts. Only faerie-
A powerful spirit of the House
of Grey in Corvel, she is
said to have been assassinated
Temperature Alteration: The ghost can alter
kind, dragons, and demons can never tthe temperature of an area. He can make it seem
for her political views. She uunseasonably hot or freezing cold. While this does no
become ghosts due, in theory, to some appears to love the people of
different spiritual makeup. ddirect damage, it can be very distracting and disturbing.
Corvel, especially those of her This also can be used to start fires by focusing this power
Because they have no physical home province, and she has been
form, ghosts are unharmed by most oon readily flammable materials.
known to assist those loyal to the
attacks; not even dragonbone or fire people of Greyhelm through hints
can hurt them. Only non-corporeal Possession: Ghosts with this power have their own
and clues. SPIRIT-based
S skill of Possession; many have the skill
spells and prayers have any effect at all.
Many animals can sense a ghostly AGL N/A at
a least to a rating of 2 or 3. By rolling this against the
presence, as can those with a high DEX N/A targets
t Resist, the ghost can take over the body of the
MANA or SPIRIT. Players can use STR N/A target
t for as many rounds as the number of successes (or
their Awareness skill to sense a ghost, WIL 4 m
margin) by which the target was beaten. If the ghost gets
but instead of using PER as its base Intimidation 5 more
m than four successes, he may take over until the next
stat, the player would use MANA or Resist 7 s
SPIRIT instead. PER 5
Ghosts have shown talents at Awareness 5 Stats
making strange things happen, such as
causing items to weep blood, thunder
clouds to abruptly form overhead, or
Education 6
Lore 3
G hosts are many and varied. They will always possess
the same stats they had in life; they just cannot
aaffect the physical world without special abilities, so their
spiders and other vermin to boil out of Natural Sciences 2 SSTR, AGL, and DEX are basically useless. However,
the ground. The GM is encouraged to SPIRIT 6 bbecause they are no longer tied to the Web of Life, their
be creative. Below is a list of suggested MANA 0 Mana is always 0.
abilities ghosts have been seen INITIATIVE 8
exhibiting. No ghost seems to have SHRUG N/A
access to all these abilities, and assume SAVE N/A
before choosing these skills that the Special Abilities: Instill Fear,
ghost cannot be seen or heard by any Materialize, and Temperature
living beast. Alteration.

Interact: The ghost can touch

things as though he were solid. This allows the ghost to pick
up an item or even damage a living soul. It is possible to throw
knives or punches, but it is rare that a ghost will pick up a
weapon and use it for an extended period.

Instill Fear: By making a successful Intimidation check, all

those within sight of the ghost will be filled with an unnatural
fear and wish to immediately flee the area. Players can avoid the
overwhelming urge to run by making a successful Resist check.
Even those who succeed will feel uneasy and may consider
leaving (players discretion).

Materialize: The ghost can create an image of what it looked

like in life. This may be modified by how it died; one whose
throat was cut may have an open, bleeding wound along its
throat. This is sometimes a translucent, shimmery image; other
times, it appears solid and very real. Some seem to be able to
alter their appearance in monstrous ways.

Soul Drain: The ghost must make a successful Intimidation

check vs. the targets Resist. Every success the ghost gets means

Werebeasts Endurance 1 (5 in wolf

S ome time ago, when the very first ogres and trolls were born,
their birthing blood seeped into the earth and was absorbed
into a watering hole. Those animals that drank there became very
~ Sa mple
Werewolf ~
Strength Feat 1
Da vid La ssina r Swimming 3 (wolf form
ill, and became the first carriers of an affliction called lycanthropy. only)
Lycanthropy is half disease, half curse. While it travels like
a blood-borne virus, it can only be cured by powerful anti-curse
D avid has always felt
that Chaos is a sign of
strength, and he worshipped
Interrogation 2
magic. Any animal can carry the curse, though some are more Intimidation 3 (4 in wolf
Marg as his patron. Though
common than others, simply due to the nature of how the disease
his MANA and SPIRIT were form)
travels. An animal with the curse behaves similar to a rabid beast, Resist 2
never strong enough to be a
seeing virtually all as both a threat and a potential meal. Any
benefit to the Margist church, PER 4 (5 in wolf form)
animals that are bitten but not killed become, likewise, carriers Awareness 2 (5 in wolf form)
when he learned of a wolf
of the disease. Typically, only fairly hardy creatures survive such Gambling 2
carrying lycanthropy in the
an attack, while smaller, weaker animals rarely become carriers. Streetwise 2
region, he sought it out and
However, when a humanoid is attacked and survives, he becomes Wilderness Skills 5 (wolf
willingly allowed himself to
more than a carrier; he becomes infected with the full-blown
be infected. Now he serves the form only)
Winds of Chaos as an enforcer INT 3
Two things can happen when one is infected by lycanthropy. Lore 2
for their will.
If one fights it, one can maintain ones own mentality most of the SPIRIT 3
time. However, during times of even minor mystical significance,
Athletics 2 (3 in wolf form) MANA 3
such as a full moon, an infected humanoid will lose complete
Brawling 4 (5 in wolf form) INITIATIVE 8 (9 in wolf
control, transform into the form of the animal that attacked him, form)
Combat Skill (Rogue) 3
and behave as the attacker didas a rabid animal. A bite when in SHRUG 5 (6 in wolf form)
Stealth 3 (wolf form only)
animal form will continue to spread the disease. SAVE 9 (11 in wolf form)
DEX 4 (1 in wolf form)
However, the victim can choose to surrender to the infection.
STR 5 (7 in wolf form)
If he does so, his sentient mind retains control, but it changes.
Climbing 1
Suddenly, life becomes a matter of predator and prey, and the
infected becomes a predator. The werebeast gains a taste for
humanoid flesh, and will often begin to ally with forces of Chaos.
It is not unheard of for a lycanthrope to begin actively serving
Marg or the other dark gods. The lycanthrope also maintains
control over his shift into animal form, and may change back and forth at any time; it takes only 1 action. Luckily, a bite from one of
these beasts loses its infectious nature.
Lycanthropes are rapid healers; they heal 1 Wound Level
of damage every day (unless damaged with their appropriate
alchemical form). Those who fight the disease only heal at such a
rapid rate when their animal side has taken control. After all, it is
the animal side that grants the immunity.
Fortunately, the beasts have a vulnerability that is easily
exploited. Theory states that animals are mystically tied to a
certain alchemical body. Each of those alchemical bodies has a
corresponding mineral. Weapons fashioned from such materials
will deal damage that the lycanthrope cannot heal easily. Magical
damage will also arrest the regeneration of a lycanthrope. The
most common lycanthropes in Corvel are listed below with their
elemental strengths and alchemical weaknesses:
Wolves, King-Owls: moon; silver
Hawks: sun; gold
Bears, Dragon-Bats: underworld; lead
Boars: earth; wood
Cats, Rats: dark moon; onyx
For example, suppose one was a cat lycanthrope. Cats are
considered creatures of the dark moon. As such, weapons made
of onyx would be more harmful to the lycanthrope.


ometimes the dead dont stay dead. The definition of an
undead creature is any animated corpse with some connection
to the Web of Life still within it mana without spirit. It
does not need to be the original connection to the Web, but it does
need to be a connection created from the strands of a living being.
Necromancers can animate a corpse, or can send a spirit of Chaos
to inhabit and animate a corpse, but without that tie to the Web of
Life, it is not truly undead.
Innately magical species, such as the faerie-kind and greater
dragons, can never become undead. Their souls are made of ancient,
primal energy, which is absorbed by the Web of Life at the moment
of their death. Other attempts to reconnect their bodies to the Web
of Life fail automatically. Unless otherwise specified in the entry, any
creature except those stated above can become undead.
There are several types of undead that have been recorded
across the world, with eleven species seen around the world. None
are particularly common. Other breeds of undead may exist in more
isolated regions. All undead feed on the living; what, specifically,
they feed on varies depending on the type of being. Undead need
only a certain amount of nourishment to keep starvation at bay. The
more life they consume, the more living they become, and an
overfed creature can sometimes appear to be a living being.
Without its chosen form of sustenance, an undead being
does not die, but merely rots further away until only the skeleton
remains. By this time, its hunger is so great that all reason is gone. A
hungry undead creature is even more dangerous than a well-fed one.
Most undead are annoyed by sunlight. While it wont harm

I t should be noted that some beasts can never be carriers of the

disease. Tiny animals (most insects, small birds, squirrel, mice,
etc.) and magical beasts can never carry lycanthropy; the former
most kinds permanently, it confuses and blinds them, and they
avoid its contact. In general, they are nocturnal beasts, and seeing an
undead in daylight means it is desperate to accomplish something.
because they are killed by any disease-bearing attack, the latter
because they have no alchemical alliance with any body and the
disease cannot take hold within them. In addition, any race that
can never become undead, such as faerie-kind or dragons, can never
become infected by the disease. The curse lacks anything solid to N ormal damage wont kill an undead. Destroying its body by
fire and spreading its ashes will kill some kinds, but not all.
Each type can only be permanently killed by something specific.
latch onto within their souls. However, they are just as vulnerable to
being killed by a lycanthrope. If one deals as much damage to an undead that would destroy a
It is possible to cure one who is still resisting the disease. It mortal target, it will become incapacitated. However, the moment
takes powerful healing spells or prayers to do so, and many priests something nearby manages, either accidentally or purposefully, to
or mages find it easier to simply kill the person, knowing that for feed such an undead, the creature will return from death again.
resisting the disease, they will go on to the City of Truth. Those who They will heal most damage at a rate of 1 point every hour unless
surrender to the curse can never be cured. disposed of properly. For the purposes of the text in the following
section, when killed appears, this means taking enough damage to
Werebeast Stats kill a mortal target, but it is not a permanent death for the undead
Lycanthropes have two sets of statistics: their normal humanoid unless specifically noted.
form, and their normal animal form. Their animal form is not
intrinsically more dangerous than an ordinary version of the animal, Using Undead Creatures
but they have a more vicious cunning, or even complete sentience,
depending on whether or not the victim is resisting the curse. Use
the same physical attributes and skills for their animal form as an
B ecause so many different beasts can become undead, rather than
provide you with information on human undead, below are
listed the changes a target goes through when their body rises. Thus,
ordinary member of the animal their mental attributes remain the to create a goblin ghoul on the fly, merely take a typical goblin, and
same, regardless of form. make the required changes. For a human, take any human template
and do the same. And dont be afraid to make unique and unusual
undead, even within the types weve given you. Weve also provided
a sample of most of the different undead types.
All undead have a SPIRIT of 0; if they possess any SPIRIT at
all, they are no longer undead.

B anshees are a type of undead
which are something of an
enigma. No one knows for sure
~ S ample B anshee

what creates these creatures or Brawling 2

what purpose they serve, but DEX 3
only elves who have committed STR 4
suicide ever become banshees, Endurance 3
or those whose loved ones Swimming 2
have been taken by Tothas WIL 4
wagon. Still, only a very small Resist 2
percentage of such people are PER 9
transformed into banshees. Awareness 5
Banshees tend to be female, but Bargain 2
they can be either gender, and Survival 3
they usually wear tattered white INT 5
clothes. They cannot speak or Education 3
smile; they can only moan, Lore 4
scream, and cry. A banshee will Natural Sciences 4
usually appear in places where SPIRIT 0
there is a great deal of sadness, MANA 2
although some will manufacture INITIATIVE 13
grief in their victims through SHRUG 4
murder or other acts. They have SAVE 8
no alliances or overall goals, but
they are often drawn to areas
of sorrow, sometimes even foretelling the approaching sadness. A
few have claimed to have seen banshees at Tothass feet, begging for
something, but the death-god always ignores their pleas.
To permanently destroy a banshee, it must be kissed, and then
burned to ashes. Blood Children
Banshee Stats
Banshees gain +4 PER
B lood children are a manufactured breed of undead, created a
few hundred years ago by an insane goblin necromancer. The
horrible experiment became a cultural tradition within the goblin
arcane elite, as it is seen as a particularly devastating moral blow
to the human/elf communities. Blood children are dange