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Social Dimensions of Education and The Teaching Profession


(keywords) Physical object; Body; Reality


(keywords) Evolving; Action; Experience


(keywords) Freedom; Individual standards


(keywords) Constant; Philosophy; Religion; Art


(keywords) Basics; Back to Basics


(keywords) Active experimentation; Learner- centered


(keywords) Conscientization; Analysis

First step Multiply
5 x 5 = 25
25 + 5 5 - 5
Second Division
25 + 5 5 - 5
25 + 1 - 5
Third Addition
25 + 1 - 5
25 + 1 = 26
26 - 5
Last Subtraction
26 - 5 = 21

Final Answer = 21

Which of the following teaching strategy is NOT meant to help develop reading fluency?
A. Choral reading
B. Word maps

C. Timed- repeated reading

D. Reader's theater

Ang mga salitang PROTESTA at APARTMENT ay may mga klaster. Tukuyin ang mga ito.
A. pr, st, rt
B. pr, rt, nt

C. st, rt, nt
D. st, tm, nt

Teacher Ana wanted to teach her Grade 2 students the difference between igneous, metamorphic
and sedimentary rocks. Which would be MOST appropriate to use in class?
A. Realia

B. Model
C. Diorama
D. Replica

What visual tool could be used to structure a brainstorming session by identifying possible causes
for an effect or problem?
A. Fishbone diagram

B. Spider map
C. Chain of events organizer
D. Problem and solution organizer

The students of Mr. Jose never cheated on Math exams, ____________.

A. do they?
B. didn't they?

C. did they?
D. haven't they?

In the following wh- question, what is the intonation pattern?

"What did she want?"
A. Falling
B. Rising

C. Falling- rising
D. Rising- falling

Because these rocks are formed from molten or partly molten magma, they will most likely be found
around Mt. Pinatubo and Mayon Volcano.
A. Metamorphic
B. Sedimentary
C. Organic
D. Igneous

Meteorology can predict which of the following natural phenomena?

A. Volcanic eruptions
B. Typhoons

C. Solar flares
D. Earthquakes

A fork in a glass of water appears bent when looking at it through the side of the glass. What
phenomenon of light does this demonstrate?
A. Diffraction
B. Reflection
C. Refraction

D. Interference

What prepositions appropriately complete the following sentences ?

1. I was born______December 1982.
a. on b. at c. in
2. My mother is angry____ my dishonesty.
a. with b. at c. to
IN is used with year and month.
-- in January, in 1982
ON is used with specific date or day.
--on Monday, on Dec. 3, 1982, on Dec. 3
AT is used with attitude, behavior , actuation, ideas.
-- She got angry at my behavior.
WITH is used with a person.
-- She got angry with me.

At what rate of interest should John's P50,000 be inversted so that it will earn P10,000 in two years?
A. 20%
B. 15%
C. 10%

D. 5%
1. Which kind of rock is abundant in the Bicol region?
A. Sedimentary
B. Igneous

C. Metamorphic
D. Shale
2. A certain volcano is made up of alernating layer of lava and fragmental materials. Due to this its
eruption style may vary from a relatively quiet eruption to a more explosive type. What is this kind of
A. Cinder
B. Composite
C. Shield

D. None of this
3. What scale is used to measure the intensity of an earthquake?
A. Richter scale
B. Mercalli scale

C. Colleague scale
D. Aftershock scale
4. NDRRMC stands for?
A. Natural Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council
B. Natural Destruction Risk Reduction and Management Council

C. National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Chapter

D. National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Chapter
5. What part of core is liquid?
A. Both are liquid
B. Outer core

C. Inner core
D. Both are solid
6. A student was holding a gypsum and a talc but he doesn't know which is talc. He rubbed these
materials against each other. Talc was scratched. What properties of the minerals ded the students
A. Hardness

B. Sharpness
C. Cleavage
D. Streak
7. Which of the following is the correct sequence from the oldest era to the present era?
A. Precambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic

B. Paleozoic, Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Precambrian

C. Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Paleozoic, Precambrian
D. Precambrian, Paleozoic, Cenozoic, Mesozoic
8. The rocks brought by the astronauts from the moon were found to be
approximately________billion years old.
A. 5.5
B. 2.5
C. 4.5

D. 1.5
9. Which of the following processes breaks down rocks into smallier pieces in place?
A. Erosion
B. Volcanism
C. Deposition
D. Weathering

10. The definition of the term MINERAL includes words such as:
A. Glass, amorphous
B. Naturally occuring, crystalline

C. Clastic, mafic
D. Organic, isomorphism
11. Which of the following shows mechanical weathering in rocks?
A. Formation of caverns
B. Acids dissolve rocks
C. Freezing water between rocks particles

D. Iron in rocks combine with oxygen

12. A sudden movement of rocks occured directly below the surface of the ground where George
Building stands. After that,a high magnitude earthquake was recorded. Which of the following is
A. The George Building is the focus of the earthquake.
B. The George Building is the epicenter of the earthquake.

C. The George Building itself is the cause of the earthquake.

D. The high magnitude earthquake is not due to the movements of the rocks below the surface of
the ground.
13. Which of the following refers to the molten rock underneath the volcano?
A. Igneous rock
B. Sedimentary rock
C. Magma

D Lava
14. What important metallic elements are found at the inner core of the earth?
A. Phosporous and silicon
B. Iron and silicon
C. Iron and nickel

D. Magnesium and potassium

15. Latitude is measured from _________.
A. The prime meridian
B. The north pole
C. The equator

D. Greenwich, England