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emembering Mahatma Gandhi on October 2 every year has become more
and more of a ritual as memories of the man and his message fade from
the collective conscience of a nation and a world that appear to have time
only for the here and now, the material and the individualistic. It need not be that
way, as shown by our cover story on Tata Engage, a remarkable volunteering
endeavour that is cut from pure Gandhian cloth.
Tata Engage brings together tens of thousands of Tata employees who
devote time and effort to help realise the objective of an extensive range
of social-uplift projects. Be the change you wish to see in the world, said
Gandhi and thats the philosophy at the core of many Tata initiatives. With
which the community is central to business.
Tata Engage has translated into Tata people working with the elderly and
the underprivileged, the sick and the needy, in schools and orphanages, in old-
age homes and shelters for the poor. They have cleaned streets and beaches,
provided succour to animals in distress, and planted trees and hope. Noteworthy
here is the use that Tata Engage has made of technology as an enabler, most
prominently in connecting Good Samaritans to worthwhile causes.
Skills development is another substantial Tata programme aimed at
on Tata Strive, a collaborative and replicable global skills development initiative
need for such interventions is immediate in an environment, especially in India,
available for hire.
The change for the better theme also shines through in our featured story
on Vistara, the Tata-Singapore Airlines venture that is ready to take off, and in
the article on how Tata companies are making their interaction with consumers
more meaningful by employing digital media. Additionally, this issue provides
you, dear reader, with a technological perspective on the big data business of
savour within these covers, including a look at what the Tata Trusts are achieving
in the community space.
With Diwali all set to light up our lives, we do hope this edition of
Tata Review complements the festive cheer.

Warm regards,

Christabelle Noronha
Contents VOL 52 | ISSUE 3 OCTOBER 2014

Cover story

Tata Engage, a pan-Tata global

initiative, draws together employees
from across the world onto a
common platform to volunteer for
social causes

Cynthia Rodrigues

Business 40 TATA PROJECTS: Special report


Sunil Tandon speaks to WE MUST INNOVATE FOR


Vinod Kumar speaks to

16 TATA CONSULTANCY Shubha Madhukar


ON DIGITAL By invitation
Shilpa Sachdev
Sangeeta Menon Dr Liu Youfa
A severe shortage of talent is
24 JAGUAR XE: A COMPELLING threatening businesses worldwide,
SPORTS SALOON Photofeature causing concern to companies and
governments looking for sustainable
26 TATA BUSINESS SUPPORT 50 TATA STEEL EUROPE: models of growth. To meet this
SERVICES: TRANSFORMING IN VIEW challenge, the Tata group has
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE launched a slew of skilling initiatives,
Nithin Rao some of which we feature in this
special report.
Nithin Rao

Cynthia Rodrigues
67 GROOMING YOUNG TALENT Marketing Christabelle Noronha
Anjali Mathur
70 ITS RAINING SKILLS Gayatri Kamath Cynthia Rodrigues
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Engage to empower
Taking time out from the daily grind to volunteer for social causes
is not just worthy behaviour, it has a positive all-round impact
and that is what Tata Engage is driving through its incredible
volunteering engine

6 Tata Review 
October 2014


hen over 40,000 employees sign
up for a volunteer programme,
it sheds light on a basic aspect of
human nature theres an energy
that flows from simple acts of goodness. Thats
the energy that is being tapped by the Tata
Engage programme, a pan-Tata global initiative
that draws together employees from across the
world onto a common platform volunteering
for social causes.
Tata Engage is a volunteering programme,
organised by the Tata Sustainability Group
(TSG), that aims to encourage Tata employees to
get involved in the community at large, mainly
by contributing their time and skills for social
causes. It was launched earlier this year on
March 3, 2014, on the occasion of the 175th birth
anniversary of the Founder Jamsetji Tata a
fitting tribute to the man whose values were
based on principles of corporate citizenship,
social welfare and patriotic pioneering.
What makes Tata Engage a unique
platform is the way it acts as a multiplier force to
create win-win solutions that positively impact
all the participants the volunteers who
get to meet new people and learn about new
community projects, the companies which are
able to focus resources and share best practices,
and the partner nonprofits that are able to
achieve greater impact. Be the change is what
Tata Engage encourages, even as it helps connect
Tata employees and companies with worthy
causes that need support.

Tata Engage has a multi-pronged approach to
community engagement. One of its biggest
programmes is the biannual Tata Volunteering
Week. The first week of volunteering was held
in March 2014 and employees partly inspired
by the true life story of the Founder signed
up in large numbers. In a truly remarkable show
of spirit, over 20,000 volunteers from across the
world registered on the newly launched Tata
Engage website. The second volunteering week
was held in September 2014, and the number of
keen and willing participants has now crossed
40,000 Tata employees worldwide. And if one

October 2014 
 Tata Review

The strength of Tata Volunteering Week lies
The objective of Tata in the ease with which it has inspired an
Volunteering Week is to build army of first-time volunteers, employees who
enthusiasm around volunteering. have willingly set aside their busy schedules
Shankar Venkateswaran, chief, Tata Sustainability Group and routines and taken time off from family
commitments and work deadlines to do
something worthy for others. The returns they
considers the total to be only those people get is a value-add for their own lives, as they
with Tata email IDs and ready access to the gain insights into the world of nonprofits and
internet, this percentage is actually much higher. community development, and realise how each
Although the Tata group is happy that so many individual can make a difference. Your addition
people are expressing the desire to reach out to can change the equation is the message that Tata
others, the numbers are only a starting point. Engage uses to drive home the point.
Shankar Venkateswaran, chief, Tata Tata group Chairman Cyrus P Mistry,
Sustainability Group, says, The objective of speaking at the launch of Tata Engage in March
Tata Volunteering Week is to build enthusiasm 2014, had said, I believe that the volunteering
around volunteering, and to get people who have programme that has been launched will be
never volunteered before to try their hand at critical to the experience of every Tata employee.
volunteering, and to understand first-hand how I think the potential for us to add value to
good it feels. We believe that it is important that society by bringing managerial experience
we do as much as we can. to problems and finding solutions would be
In order to help more people to do more, immense. I believe the fulfillment that each
Tata Volunteering Week has been structured employee will achieve will be even better.
such that it provides opportunities for Tata
companies to collaborate on various initiatives. PRACTICAL SUPPORT
Employees can not only choose the activity in The support of the Chairman gave the
which they wish to be involved, they can also movement an added fillip, encouraging many
upload their experiences for others to learn to sign up to be of service to others. But the
from. Tata companies do their bit by helping weight of the message lies in the intent to bring
create awareness and interest among employees. managerial expertise to alleviate community
The end goal is a steadily growing pool of problems. And that is the role crafted for Tata
volunteers which can make a great difference to Engage. On a higher level, the goal of Tata
CSR initiatives group level or company driven Engage is to unite employees across businesses,
that depend on people power. time zones and geographies, and based entirely

Employees in China assist at various medical camps

8 Tata Review 
October 2014


on their commitment to devote time and skills to

social causes. TSG will bolster the Volunteering
Week by organising centralised campaigns Many hands make light work
and offering cross-company support. It will
also support group companies in their efforts $LOKNXDDREQNL(MMHSH1DS@HKRODMSSHLD@S
to develop their own volunteering policy and -@UIDDU@M@ @MNQOG@M@FDENQCDRSHSTSDFHQK
NS Rajan, group chief human resources ENQFHQKR@MCANXRHM,TLA@H@O@QSEQNLNSGDQ
officer and member, Group Executive RTBGHMRSHSTSHNMR
Council, believes that Tata Engage creates 3@S@2SDDKDLOKNXDDR@S&NL@QCHG#NKNLHSD
a fantastic opportunity for an employee to 0T@QQXHM.CHRG@RTOONQSDCRBGNNKBGHKCQDMHM@
find opportunities both in terms of time and QN@CR@EDSXB@LO@HFM
accommodation to go and do something for the 3GD5NKS@RSD@LHM.L@MNQF@MHRDC@AD@BG
sheer joy of doing it. BKD@M TO@MCSQDDOK@MS@SHNMCQHUD
Other senior leaders of the group are 3GD3@S@#NBNLNSD@LBNMCTBSDCRDRRHNMRNM
equally enthused. Dr Mukund Rajan, member, ODQRNM@KHSXCDUDKNOLDMS@MCBNLLTMHB@SHNM
Group Executive Council and brand custodian RJHKKR@SSGD-((3%NTMC@SHNMHM'@QX@M@
and chief ethics officer, Tata Sons, explains 5NKTMSDDQREQNLSGD3@I%@K@JMTL@/@K@BD
the potential of Tata Engage to drive change: @RRHRSDC/ 6,$-" / @MNQF@MHR@SHNMSG@S
When you think of the power of half-a-million VNQJRVHSGLDMS@KKXBG@KKDMFDCBGHKCQDM
employees trying to do their best to give back 3GD1@KKHR(MCH@SD@LSNNJTOR@OKHMFOK@MSHMF
to society and serve the community, you realise HMRDUDQ@KRBGNNKRHM MCGQ@/Q@CDRG@MC
that this group has an enormous power to do 3DK@MF@M@
good. So what we want from this programme is 3@S@"GDLHB@KRUNKTMSDDQR@RRHRSDC3@S@
to ensure that every person in this group sees fit "GDLHB@KR2NBHDSXENQ1TQ@K#DUDKNOLDMSHM@M
to contribute in whatever way they can and with HMSDQ RBGNNKBNLODSHSHNMHM'@KCH@
whatever organisation they wish to associate. #QHUD(MCH@$MSDQOQHRD2NKTSHNMR#($2+
This will help us to realise that we have a larger DLOKNXDDRCNM@SDCBKNSGDRSNV@QCRSGD
purpose than just looking for individual fame )@LLT@MC*@RGLHQQDKHDEOQNFQ@LLD
In a group in which 66 percent of the UHKK@FDQR
shareholding of the parent company, Tata Sons, 3@S@/NVDQ#DKGH#HRSQHATSHNMNQF@MHRDC
is held by the philanthropic Tata Trusts, it is @V@QDMDRRB@LO@HFMR@ANTS"21@BSHUHSHDRRTBG
hardly surprising that the Tata ecosystem takes @RUNB@SHNM@KSQ@HMHMF CQTFCD @CCHBSHNMB@LOR
responsibility towards the community and the LNAHKDCHRODMR@QXRDQUHBDR DSB

October 2014 
 Tata Review

environment seriously. In many ways, Tata been a natural progression in the scheme
Engage is an expression of the group philosophy, of things. And for first timers, it has been
which has always sought to give back to society a fantastic opportunity to connect with the
and the community. community on deeper levels. Across the world,
volunteers contributed in myriad different
HEART AND CORE ways they reached out to orphanages and
This philosophy is an intrinsic part of the old age homes, gave generously to charities and
group ethos and is effectively distilled in the relief funds, spent time in class rooms and sick
actions and decisions of every Tata company. rooms, worked to clean up public areas and
Long before sustainability became a buzzword civic spaces, planted trees and shrubs for green
in boardrooms around the world, it was an cover, conducted events and competitions,
integral value of the Tata culture. For example, supported artisans and craftspeople, spent time
the idea of employee volunteering is not only with the aged, underprivileged and differently
encouraged, it is written down in Clause abled and, in short, opened out their hearts to
10 of the Tata Code of Conduct, the ethical those that needed help (see box: Many hands
framework that lies at the heart of the groups make light work).
way of functioning. As a result, Tata people The most interesting aspect of the Tata
take serious pride in the depth and scale of the Engage programme is that it is not a programme
groups extensive CSR engagement. that has been thrust upon people. The
For many employees, Tata Engage has programme has been co-created by everyone.
We have only facilitated the programme, and
provided the catalyst that was required to take
it forward. We will continue to create such
opportunities, but it is up to members of the
Tata family everywhere to make use of that
opportunity, says Mr Venkateswaran.
TSG is going all out in its attempts to
make it easy for employees to volunteer. Based
on feedback from volunteers and the first
volunteering week experience, the second recent
volunteering week was thrown open to families of
employees, as well as retired Tata employees. This
step has helped expand the volunteer family.

TSG is also prepared to take the volunteering
journey several steps ahead. The Tata Engage
website recently began displaying on-demand
volunteering opportunities across group
companies. In such cases, the website merely
hosts the opportunity and it is up to those
interested in volunteering to get in touch with
the contact person.
Mr Venkateswaran explains, There will
be limitations to the kind of opportunities
that a single company can provide its people.
Knowing about the activities that other Tata
In the US, sharing the joy of the written word companies are involved in could expand the

10 Tata Review 
October 2014


opportunities available for volunteering.

TSG also intends to provide employees
opportunities to get more intensively involved Volunteer speak
with worthy causes and nonprofits, primarily
It was a wonderful experience
through two longer duration programmes
called the Competency Enhancement working with schoolchildren far from
Programme (CEP) and the Leadership the mainstream. The glint in their eyes
Exchange Action Programme (LEAP). reflected ambition, aspiration and love.
The CEP is about allowing individuals
May the spirit of volunteering continue to
to use their skills and talents on a part-time
basis for 1 to 6 months to support nonprofit
be a part of our everyday fabric.
organisations that need professional expertise Dhiraj Chadha, Voltas
to execute projects. TSG intends to create a
centralised platform which maps volunteer skills
The initiative is a great platform
with projects that have high societal impact and
have a close connect with Tata companies. to interact with brave children and
A number of factors play a critical role in learn how to survive the battle called life
making CEP a success. These include proper even with limited physical and mental
skill-set mapping of employees (and even abilities. When we interact with such
family members), and managing timelines and
children, we realise how blessed we are.
objectives. At the end of the activity, volunteer
employees will be certified and recognised for Mayuri Kolte, Tata International

their efforts.
LEAP is a unique programme in which I had heard a lot about the first
Tata companies will support employees who
wave and was determined to
wish to take a sabbatical with full pay and work
for a nonprofit for six months to a year. This participate in the next wave. What I
opportunity is open to those who have been with experienced was beyond words. The
the group for over five years. TSG will identify enthusiasm of the kids was contagious.
projects based on their criticality and potential
I am eagerly waiting for wave three!
impact. One of the key factors in making LEAP
successful will be making sure that companies Denver Rodrigues, Tata Advanced Systems
see true value in the programme, not just as a

Teaching children a new skill at a craft making workshop in India

October 2014 
 Tata Review

volunteers learn
self defence,
clean beaches
and spend time
with mentally
children in India

In Africa,
potential to create a lasting and positive
employee power
impact on society and have a clear action
raises funds for
plan with objectives and timelines.
worthy causes
As the Tata Engage volunteering
and builds a
movement continues to accelerate and build
shelter for
itself up, person by person, it has the potential
the needy
to create an enormous impact on the
community, the nation and, indeed, the world.
Mr Venkateswaran says, Volunteering helps
people to feel proud to belong to a group that
actively encourages its people to contribute to
society. This is a very important culture to build
within an organisation. The Tata group already
has this culture in ample measure. It is now our
goal to deepen it.
The cumulative impact of Tata Engage
and its army of volunteers will become evident
only over time. Right now, it is in the initial
social exercise but also an investment in phase where the platform has to grow stronger,
people development. Another aspect will be with more people learning to appreciate the
ensuring that participating employees receive joy of giving selflessly and doing more for the
reassurance of their career progression, safe community. Tata Engage is a movement that
return and re-fitment. gives ordinary people an opportunity to become
The CEP and LEAP programmes will extraordinary, and to make a difference in the
require a mapping of the skill sets of employees world around them.
to match them with the right projects. Only
those projects will be selected that have the Cynthia Rodrigues

12 Tata Review 
October 2014


Wi-fi is a storm
waiting to happen
Shalini Menon on the growth of

TTSL launched the wi-fi business last

year. How has it taken off?
We have been positively surprised by the success
of the wi-fi business. In the last 12 months, we
have been able to make wi-fi available in about
1,200 hotspots and we are adding new hotspots
every day in airports, hotels, malls, retail chains,
fast food chains and cafes, and so on. With the
positive response, we have more aggressive plans
going forward.

Events seem to be big business.

What is TTSLs presence here?
TTSLs records in the events business have been
With customers expecting
acknowledged. We received two mentions in the
NPSFFGDJFOUBOETFBNMFTT Limca Book of Records 2014: one for creating
DPNNVOJDBUJPODIBOOFMT UIF the largest indoor wi-fi hotspot in India, which
was at the Auto Expo in Delhi, and the other for
XJCVTJOFTTJTTFUUPUBLFPGG  creating the largest outdoor wi-fi hotspot, which
 was at a stadium used for Indian Premier League
cricket matches.
JTTJUUJOHJOUIFESJWFSmTTFBU Such events provide us with significant
Sunil Tandon,IFBE OPOWPJDF opportunities as there is a large footfall in a

October 2014 
 Tata Review

small geography and we have a large number of more easily and affordably. And in line with
customers adopting our wi-fi. We do everything that, we are finding tremendous data growth at
possible to create awareness about the services our wi-fi hotspots. In the last 12 months, our
available to customers before and during the traffic has grown threefold, and over the next
event. We also endeavour to provide consistent, year, we expect to see bigger multiples. It is a
good quality data throughput to our customers. clear growth story.
These events are largely short-term and
one-off instances. Having said that, many events How does the company promote the
happen at venues which get booked through the wi-fi business?
year for trade, furniture, household appliances Our wi-fi and mobile network businesses go
shows, etc. The same is true of large banquet hand-in-hand. TTSL today has 3G networks
halls. That is why events result in new avenues in nine circles out of 22. We see wi-fi as a
of business. Our intent is to provide services for nice complement to our high-speed data
these short-term events and, over a period of service offering, and we intend to leverage it
time, make the business more structured and significantly. Research has shown that a lot of
calendarised. data consumption happens when people are
not necessarily on the move, but sitting in one
How has the consumption pattern of place, such as in an airport, mall, cafe or hotel
the wi-fi user changed over time? what we refer to as nomadic users. And thats
There are many drivers for wi-fi data where wi-fi fits in as an apt complement to our
consumption. Smart phones are becoming more cellular strategy. Wi-fi is a nice way of offering
affordable in India you can buy a good smart fast and consistent data at hotspots. Given
phone for about `5,000. People are discovering where we are in our lifecycle, we are focusing
relevant and easy-to-use applications online. A on the top eight cities in India currently
large percentage of Indias population is young Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad,
and tech-savvy. And lastly, many Indians are Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and Ahmedabad,
discovering the use of the internet for the first which account for almost 70 percent of data
time through mobile phones. You also have consumption. We want to focus our efforts and
faster data networks available, which improve get our strategy right in these eight cities first,
the overall experience for customers. Add instead of spreading ourselves thin over many
these factors and you have a recipe for a data cities. Once we get this right, then we gain
explosion. significant competitive advantage. Currently,
At TTSL, we make the internet accessible we have about 1,200 hotspots.

Events: TTSL
The world of netizens BQD@SDCSGDK@QFDRS
Retail: Major SGDRS@CHTLRENQ(/+
complexes: 332+lRVH Government: 332+O@QSMDQDCSGD-DV#DKGH,TMHBHO@K

14 Tata Review 
October 2014


How do you plan to build up public hotspots or educational institutions ask

revenues? for content filtering, so that a certain kind of
I would say the revenue model is still being content cannot be accessed from these spots.
discovered. Currently, we have a combination Therefore, providing appropriate technology to
of fixed rentals from some of the properties. serve requirements is one of the nuances of this
We see monetisation opportunities such as business. Then there is the last mile issue. For
advertising and value-added services through any project, you need clearances from a number
use of customer locations. Increasingly, we will of government agencies, which takes time.
see more of what we call mobile offload. If you Therefore, to make sure that the whole project
are on a 2G or 3G network, the moment you moves at the expected pace, a fair amount of
get into a hotspot, you will seamlessly move on work is required from our side.
to the high-speed data network of the hotspot.
And when you leave the hotspot, you will How do you deal with the
seamlessly come back to your cellular network. competition in the market?
Over a period of time, mobile offload is going to It is early days to talk of competition. The whole
become quite significant. wi-fi business in this country is in its nascency.
Currently, the competition is more from what
Could you tell us about some of your we refer to as system integrators localised,
innovative products, especially wi-fi smaller companies which operate in particular
on the move? geographies. We are also seeing the emergence
Wi-fi on the move came from the consumer of a few telcos. We welcome competition
insight that in large metros and cities, people because it will help grow the awareness of the
spend a fair amount of time commuting from customer faster, grow the market faster, and it
place A to place B. They needed a fast wi-fi will result in a good value proposition for the
data network when on the move. The idea is end customer.
to provide our customers with such a seamless
connected environment. For instance, for our With India increasingly getting
broadband users who use wireline broadband, hooked on the internet, what is
we are putting into place plans which will allow the future potential of the wi-fi
seamless movement from broadband onto wi-fi business?
whenever a consumer enters a hotspot, for the The wi-fi business offers an exciting
same data plan. Our intent is to provide seamless opportunity to grow multifold. Wi-fi traffic
migration from one service to another, even accounts for almost 50 percent of the total
one technology to another, and most important, traffic in many parts of the world. We are
ensure good, consistent data throughput. Given far from that figure. China Mobile alone is
the geographical spread of our network and the planning more than 1 million hotspots, while
way it is expanding, we expect this segment to India has only 3,000-3,500 hotspots, of which
grow exponentially. TTSL accounts for 1,200. If China can do it,
why not India?
What are the challenges in the wi-fi A large number of Indians are just
business? beginning to use the internet and data
There are two kinds of challenges. One is that consumption is going to increase. Wi-fi renders
different segments of customers have different itself well to offer that fat pipe into the internet
requirements. For example, in the hospitality world. We have all the ingredients in the
segment, customers want the capability to ecosystem falling into place at the right time.
integrate the wi-fi hotspot with their hotel I think it is time for a perfect storm in the
billing. They also want the facility to be available telecommunication sector and perhaps wi-fi is
only to residents of their hotels. In comparison, that storm waiting to happen.

October 2014 
 Tata Review

Betting big on digital

Tata Consultancy Services is helping clients unlock REENGINEERING
disruptive business opportunities by leveraging the Big data and analytics, in
power of big data and other digital technologies combination with the other four
digital forces, are helping companies

here is a tremendous for better business outcomes, across industries to reimagine
explosion of data happening and create disruptive business critical business processes and boost
around the world and innovations. Tata Consultancy efficiency. Says Mr Ramaswamy, One
this data presents big Services (TCS) is helping clients common impact of business process
opportunities. Companies can gain unlock disruptive business reimagination is the migration from
important and timely insights about opportunities using the Digital physical artefact-driven business
customers, competitors, products Five Forces, says Satya Ramaswamy, processes to digital processes.
and new product opportunities vice president and global head, TCS Mobile applications on the cloud
from the huge volumes of external, digital enterprises. These include can leverage big data analytics and
unstructured data that is streaming mobility and pervasive computing, enable companies to reimagine
in from different sources, especially big data and analytics, cloud paper and pencil-based business
social media. computing, social media, and AI processes into highly accurate, speedy
Big data technologies have and robotics. and responsive ones. For example,
become essential to handling the He further explains, Digital aeroplane cockpit instrumentation is
volume, velocity and variety of data reimagination takes place when one being converted to tablet applications
that enterprises now have at their uses a combination of these digital on the cloud; insurance claim
disposal. five forces to create something verification processes are being
Businesses that embrace transformationally new for the converted from paper-pencil-camera
big data concepts and adopt new company in the areas of business business processes to tablet-based
adaptive intelligence approaches models, products and services, applications.
will break data limitations, improve customer segments, channels, The real-time availability of
the use of data and analytics business processes and workplaces. data and the constant connectivity

16 Tata Review 
October 2014


from digital devices can even lead to There is a desire to seek, understand
elimination of certain workflows that
and dig deeper into big data that is
require multiple levels of approvals.
For example, when an employee driven mainly by the next generation
needs to purchase an item for a of consumers.
manufacturing operation, it will Satya Ramaswamy, VP and global head, TCS digital enterprises
significantly speed up the process
if the validation is performed using
artificial intelligence systems as soon regression and machine learning use cases, unifying their data
as the employee raises the request approaches for new insights, which sources into a new platform (data
instead of having two or three layers are more reliable, self-healing and lake) and investing in new analytics
of checks by human supervisors that self-learning, and can be re-run as development. Many organisations are
could take days or weeks, adds needed. Other benefits include lower still working out the right ROI before
Mr Ramaswamy. financial, operational and business they make these investments.
This integration of data across risk profiles; better product and Companies that are flooded
different channels also allows greater service offerings; new innovations; with massive amounts of data are
insights into customer relationships. better investment decisions and advised to adopt big data sooner
Nearly two billion people around better customer relationships. rather than later. Big data adoption is
the world today use social media to critical to advanced analytics, which
share their thoughts. Social media QUANTUM LEAP creates a competitive differentiator
is not only a very effective business- The challenge in leveraging big for any company. A slow adopter
to-consumer marketing medium, data is finding the right return on might be left behind by its more
it has also become an invaluable investment (ROI). One of the key nimble competitors who are able
medium which companies can tap drivers for the adoption of big data to generate better insights and act
into for consumer-to-consumer is advanced analytics. It holds the and react faster in any given market
communications without invoking promise of finding optimisation condition. A good example of a
the observer effect that can taint insights for operations, finding new company that reimagined its business
consumer research. Since big data business models and more. This model, products and services, and
analytics can handle comments of requires businesses to take a quantum customer segments is Netflix, who
hundreds of millions of consumers leap in terms of rationalising their went from a distributor of content
over long periods of time with ease,
companies can now exhaustively
analyse consumer sentiment rather The big five
than superficially assessing it on Companies are investing heavily in the digital five forces, with big data and
the basis of limited samples. The analytics taking the lions share
accuracy of the models increase
Spend allocation across digital five forces:
exponentially when run against the
entire breadth and depth of data Big data and analytics
instead of just a sample.
13% Social media and online
With technological advances communities
in computer hardware and new 28%

technologies such as Hadoop, 19% Mobile computing and miniature

digital devices
MapReduce, and in-memory
databases and text analytics for 20% Cloud computing services
processing big data, it is now
Artifical intelligence machine
feasible to collect, analyse and mine learning and robotics
massive amounts of structured
Source: TCS Global Trend Study 2014
and unstructured data using both

October 2014 
 Tata Review

to additionally becoming a producer five innovative, low-cost products of industry-certified associates in

of content with the very popular for big data and analytics. TCS has the field of big data technologies.
House of Cards series, using also created big data products such To build the talent pool, TCS has
consumer data analytics. Big data as TCS Active Archive (archival instituted a strong learning and
analytics is at the heart of the digital on Hadoop), PeriVista (customer competency programme. It recruits
five forces, and those who invest in 360 view) and big data migration associates who are experts in
innovation using a combination of tools. Products like Active Archive programming, databases or analytics,
these technologies to reimagine key have been certified by leading and puts them through a rigorous
areas of their businesses will emerge big data platform vendors. The competency programme based on
as the winners. company has over 40 partnerships their skill levels and proficiency.
that span across products and There is a clear competency map
PARTNER OF CHOICE platforms, and it actively collaborates defined for proficiency progression
TCS has executed over 200 big data with TCS research labs and from developer to designer to
customer engagements addressing academic institutions for research. technical architect to solution
specific business problems of more Infrastructure created in the space architect. For the big data business
than 130 customers. Its focus and includes 10 big data clusters (Hadoop consulting space, competencies
investments in intellectual property and NoSql) that are available to run include business solutioning and data
development has resulted in nine client proof-of-concepts and do science competency. In addition, TCS
patents filed with 14 more in performance benchmarking, and utilises technology partner alliances
progress, over 50 contributions to eight delivery centres. for technology certifications such as
open source Apache Hadoop, and TCS also has the largest number MapR, Cloudera and others.
The company has witnessed an
increased adoption of big data across
The race is on for companies to its client base. There is a desire to
seek, understand and dig deeper into
reimagine their businesses big data that is driven mainly by the
next generation of consumers
N Chandrasekaran, CEO and MD, Tata Consultancy Services
Gen-Y, the Millennials, the Digital
talks on the growth in digital investments across the globe
Natives and Generation Edge. It is
imperative that companies see the
We are in the middle of a tectonic shift,
value of big data not as a standalone
technology or siloed solution, but
rather one that can be powerfully
leveraged in combination with
mobility, cloud, social media, and AI
and robotics, notes Mr Ramaswamy.
TCSs goal is to be a trusted
advisor to its clients on their digital
reimagination journey, making it
easy and seamless for them to adapt
to the digital consumer economy,
by providing them with skilled
professionals who can ideate,
conceptualise, innovate, analyse,
plan and execute end-to-end
engagements in big data. 
AX n

Shilpa Sachdev

18 Tata Review 
October 2014


A star is born
*UmTOFX JUmT5BUBBOEJUmTZJOHIJHIc8JUIUIF air travellers deserve a lot more
than they are getting in the current
standards, Indias newest airline Vistara promises is largely dominated by low-cost
carriers (LCCs) offering aggressive
fares and where the idea of a full-
service carrier (FSC) itself has been

new star is rising in the Prasad Menon, chairman, significantly eroded over the years.
Indian skies, one that TSAL, describes the Vistara dream: The concept of fine service has taken
promises to put the sparkle Vistara will redefine the way we a backseat and the magic has slowly
back into the domestic travel in India. I can confidently gone out of air travel. Our market
air travel experience. Aptly named say that Tatas and SIAs legendary research shows that air travel has
Vistara derived from the Sanskrit hospitality standards and service become stressful and impersonal,
word vistaar, or limitless expanse excellence will make Vistara a natural reducing passengers to mere seat
the countrys newest airline may choice for passengers. numbers and leaving them with a
open up fresh possibilities for Indian sense of helplessness, he says.
travellers. A TIME FOR CHANGE If domestic passengers havent
Born out of a 51:49 joint venture Experience is how Vistara aims to had the best of air travel experiences
between Tata Sons and Singapore define and differentiate itself, in in recent times, the airlines havent
Airlines (SIA), Vistara announced skies that are already populated with exactly had the happiest of times
its arrival on the countrys aviation brands but where travellers have either. The odds have been heavily
scene in early August 2014, with a limited choices. Vistara CEO Phee stacked against domestic airlines
much-anticipated brand launch in Teik Yeoh is convinced that Indian struggling to cope with challenges of
New Delhi, the airlines hub. Along
with the new brand, aircraft livery Tatas and SIAs legendary hospitality
and crew uniform, the Tata SIA
standards and service excellence
Airlines (TSAL) management team
also revealed Vistaras ambition: to will make Vistara a natural choice for
offer a seamless flying experience by passengers.
creating a truly full service carrier Prasad Menon, chairman, TSAL

October 2014 
 Tata Review

financially with no respite in sight.

But its not all gloom up there in
Theres clearly a place for a
the Indian skies, reminds Giamming
differentiated offering such as what Toh, chief commercial officer at
Vistara aims to provide. Vistara. The Indian air travel market
'IAMMING4OH CHIEFCOMMERCIALOFCER 6ISTARA is still in its infancy and the potential
for growth is immense. The overall
economy is also looking up and I
various kinds tough regulations, FSC and LCC fares, to name a think theres clearly a place for a
high costs, high fuel prices, low few. Save a couple of LCCs, most differentiated offering such as what
yields, the narrowing gap between airlines in the country are bleeding Vistara aims to provide, says
Mr Toh, formerly SIAs general
manager for India.
Creating a star SERVICE WITH THE
The name Vistara is derived from the Sanskrit word vistaar, VISTARA TOUCH
which means limitless expanse. The logo is derived from The team at Vistara is confident
a yantra @ODQEDBSL@SGDL@SHB@KENQLSG@SQDDBSRSGD that the airline can create a
seamless experience the airline wants to offer its customers. intuitively thoughtful service
high standards Vistara is committed to. designed for its passengers. With
Vistaras brand name and logo are the result of an differentiation, we dont mean just
exhaustive design and creative process undertaken by Indias operational parameters like on-time
premier brand consulting and design company Brand Union performance or clean aircraft we
Ray+Keshavan. The brand personality exudes an elegant and see these as purely hygiene factors;
be tech savvy, meticulous and authentic. personalised service which Indian
The uniforms of Vistara crew and staff have been designed air travellers have forgotten, says
by the renowned fashion house Abraham & Thakore. The Mr Yeoh.
colours, cuts and motifs of the uniforms capture the spirit of The emphasis will be on
Vistara elegant, practical and rooted in Indian tradition. providing this personalised service
Contemporary and stylish, the uniforms reference Indian to every passenger, whether they
tradition in a completely modern way. sit at the front of the aircraft or the
rear. On board Vistara, passengers
can look forward to unique service
features designed to delight.
Careful planning, attention
to detail and training will go into
To download the app ensuring that customers have a
scan the QR code
with your phone seamless experience at all touch
points, on the ground and in the air.
Its primarily about forging the right
customer-first mind set and service
culture, not just amongst frontline
Scan the image
Atithi devo bhava: Phee Teik Yeoh, CEO, Vistara on the staff but also across the whole
using the app to brand promise of the new airline company, says Mr Toh.
watch the video
Fully aware of the fact that

20 Tata Review 
October 2014


the delivery of the Vistara brand

All of us... are extremely pleased to have
promise finally rests in the hands
of the people who will interact with
witnessed the coming together of all the
customers, the airline sent its first elements that have led to the realisation
few batches of cabin crew recruits of Vistara.
to train at SIAs training facilities $R-UKUND2AJAN MEMBER '%# 4ATA3ONSANDDIRECTOR 43!,BOARD
in Singapore to imbibe SIAs famed
hospitality. These employees will
then train the new recruits in India. operations on the one hand and that to the low cost carrier; if a
We have maintained a huge the inability to charge a premium low-cost carrier is able to do it, we
focus on training our people so that on price in a highly price-sensitive should be able to come close. So
they are fully aligned with our goal market. our philosophy is to be no-frills on
of delivering impeccable service This is why he has closely the cost front, but premium on the
to customers, says S Varadarajan, watched all costs at the airline, right service and experience front, he says.
the airlines chief human resources from the time the start-up team
officer (CHRO) and head of set out to create the Vistara plan A LONG JOURNEY
corporate affairs. Much of the at a hotel room at Vivanta by Taj, For senior Tata and SIA officials,
CHROs focus has also been on Gurgaon. We knew that if we had the Vistara launch has been
hiring the right kind of talent, to survive, cost leadership would be the realisation of a dream long
characterised not just by the right important we have to benchmark cherished, the fulfilment of a
skills but also by the right attitude.
Little wonder, then, that he tapped
into the hospitality industry to find
some of his customer-facing staff.

With the Vistara team pulling out
all stops to create a flying experience
beyond compare, naturally there are
concerns about the costs involved
and plenty of comparisons with
airlines that have made similar
attempts with not-so-happy endings.
Mr Yeoh is not overly worried
with such talk. According to him,
the differentiated product and
service is what will give Vistara an
edge over competitors in terms of
commanding a slight price premium.
Without a doubt we want to Former Chairman JRD Tata, known for his passion
clearly differentiate ourselves from IRU\LQJFUHDWHGKLVWRU\ZKHQKHHZD3XVV
the pack. At the same time, we are
keenly aware of the reasons why 0RWKIURP.DUDFKLWR0XPEDLLQuWKDWUVW
themselves afloat, says the CEO,
pointing out that there are two main
causes why airlines have been unable UHQDPHG$LU,QGLD
to achieve much success: high-cost

October 2014 
 Tata Review

promise made years ago. The two 2013 that the joint venture finally the Tatas was much anticipated.
partners go back more than 20 years received approval from the Foreign Generations of people have come
when they made the first attempt at Investment Promotion Board. and gone, but the quest remained.
launching an airline in India; that Swee Wah Mak, director at Today, it just goes to show that what
and subsequent efforts remained TSAL and executive vice-president is destined to happen, will happen.
unsuccessful due to prevailing commercial, SIA, recalls how, for If there is one organisation in
policies related to foreign investment most of the 30 years he has worked India that we wanted to partner for
in the sector; it wasnt until October with the airline, the venture with this venture, it is the Tata group, for

Preparing for take-off, in record time

For the Tata Singapore
Airlines (TSAL) team,
the journey up to
the brand reveal in
August 2014 was
hectic, to say the
least. The company
was incorporated in
November 2013, and
the start-up team had
all of ten months from
October 2013, when
the company received
the nod from the
Foreign Investment
Promotion Board, to
the brand reveal in Members of the management along with the crew at the unveiling of Vistara
August this year. Phee
a hotel room at the Vivanta by Taj, Gurgaon.
The days and weeks that followed were full of frenzied activity for the team. Former SIA
of the new airline, followed by S Varadarajan, former HR honcho at Tata Teleservices, as chief
in the business of setting up a full service carrier: NOCs were applied for and earned; various
were held with the civil aviation ministry; safety manuals were created and several rounds of
done by a small team which was encouraged to multitask from the beginning.
Right from the start, I knew that I did not want a culture where each senior employee would
have a team of people to do their work; I am very hands-on and I expect my colleagues to be
hands-on, multitasking as much as possible, says Mr Yeoh, who promises to keep a strict eye on
the airlines costs.

22 Tata Review 
October 2014


reasons of shared values, a shared

vision and a common commitment
to service and quality. Smiles in the skies
With the launch of Vistara,
life has come a full circle for the
Vistara has a team of dynamic, professional,
Tata group, which is credited with outgoing and thoughtful people who are proud
pioneering Indian civil aviation. to be associated with the brand. As the airline
for his passion for flying, created experiences on putting it all together and their
history when he flew a Puss Moth from expectations on the journey ahead
Karachi to Mumbai in 1932 that first
flight in the history of Indian aviation
paved the way for the creation of Tata q,WLVDSULYLOHJHWRKDYHKDGWKH
Airlines, which was later renamed
Air India. JRD continued to steer
team that are pioneers of the
Air India for several years after it was
nationalised in 1953. And aviation has QHZDLUOLQH,ZDQW9LVWDUDWREH
been a dream close to the groups DZHOOUHQRZQHGUHVSHFWHGDQG
heart all along. SURWDEOHDLUOLQHr
Group Executive Council, Tata Sons,
and director on the TSAL board, said
at the unveiling of the Vistara brand,
All of us at Tata are extremely
pleased to have witnessed the
coming together of all the elements
that have led to the realisation of DQGZHOIDUHRIWKHSDVVHQJHUV
Vistara, a long cherished dream WUDYHOOLQJZLWKXV,WpVDPDWWHURI
for the group that pioneered civil LPPHQVHSULGHWREHDSDUWRIWKH
aviation in the country. 9LVWDUDIDPLO\9LVWDUDRIIHUVXVDQ
Vistaras fleet, including six RSSRUWXQLW\WRJURZOLPLWOHVVO\r
leased aircraft that will arrive by
Neha Sharma, in-charge, cabin crew
March 2015, will comprise 20
aircraft, including 13 A320s and
seven A320 neos, by the fifth year of
When the first Vistara flight
takes to the skies, it will, without DG\QDPLFWHDPZRUNLQJLQWDQGHP
a doubt, be an emotional moment WRDFKLHYHVRPHWKLQJVSHFLDO
for many at the Tata group. It will 5LJKWIURPWKHVWDUWZHKDYHKDGD
also mark an important step for the JUHDWEOHQGRISHRSOHDQGFXOWXUHV
group in establishing a marker in a ZKLFKPDNHVWKHZRUNDOOWKHPRUH
business that is bound to get bigger
in India. That would be deserving for
the Tatas and for the memory of the
trailblazing JRD. 

Sangeeta Menon

October 2014 
 Tata Review

A compelling
sports saloon
The new Jaguar XE is packed with cutting edge technology aerodynamic
and more that makes for a riveting driving experience

Our mission was to create an

exciting and dynamic design clearly
reflecting the XEs positioning as a serious
drivers car. The cab-rearward proportions
Ian Callum, and tight packaging achieve that and give
director of design, the XE the appearance of movement even
when its standing still. It bears a strong
family resemblance to the F-Type and will
stand apart in the crowd.

Jaguars position as the leading

premium manufacturer of aluminium
vehicles allowed us to develop a light,
stiff body structure that is ground-
breaking in its class. It enables the XEs
Kevin Stride,
vehicle line director, advanced chassis technologies to deliver
Jaguar XE
an unprecedented balance of agility and
levels of refinement previously found only
in vehicles from the segments above.

24 Tata Review 
October 2014



as it could possibly be thanks to
Engine capacity (cc) 2,995
exhaustive analysis and by Cylinders 6
Valves per cylinder 4
bringing the latest engineering Bore/ stroke (mm) 84.5 / 89.0
techniques to bear on its design. It Cylinder block Aluminium alloy
Cylinder heads Aluminium alloy
Dr Mark White, has been challenging to Fuel injection equipment 150 bar spray-guided direct injection
Jaguars chief Boosting system Twin-Vortex supercharger
technical specialist, accomplish but the XEs structure Transmission ZF 8HP45 8-speed automatic
body complete is absolutely at the cutting edge of PERFORMANCE
0-60mph (sec) 4.9
what is achievable today. 0-100km/h (sec) 5.1
Top speed mph (km/h) 155 (250)
Power PS (kW) 340 (250) @ 6,500rpm
Torque Nm (lb ft) 450 (332) @ 4,500rpm
Fuel consumption mpg (litres/100km) 33.9 (8.3)
EU combined cycle
CO2 emissions (g/km) 194
EU combined cycle
Length (mm) 4,672
Width excl. mirrors (mm) 1,850
Height (mm) 1,416
Wheelbase (mm) 2,835
Kerbweight (kg) From 1,474

October 2014 
 Tata Review

Transforming customer
Tata Business Support Services, one of the most or, in a best-case scenario, in about
48 hours. Today, this is just not
Ltd (TBSS), a wholly-owned
of corporates in this era of impatience subsidiary of Tata Sons, is grappling
with such challenges on behalf of its

ne of the biggest challenges all she has to do is to dash off a tweet clients, many of whom are clueless
confronting corporates or post a comment on her Facebook about how to tackle the new-age
today is how to deal with page through her smartphone. consumer. Social media is likely to
the digital native, an Within minutes, her universe disrupt the way business is done,
individual born in the digital age, of friends is made aware of the explains Srinivas Koppolu, CEO
comfortable with and well-versed perceived defects of the product or and managing director, TBSS. The
in handling smart phones and deficiency in service. Re-tweets, likes tradition of the customer calling
tablets, and active on social media. and forwards ensure that negative you on the phone with a complaint
These digital natives, also known as comments go viral on social media is changing rapidly. The speed and
Millennials, or Generation Y-ers, live in minutes. agility of the response needed in
in an era of impatience, where they How does a company respond the digital era is extremely high
want everyone, including corporates, to such complaints? Traditionally, as compared to the traditional
to respond to their problems in the grievance would be channelled response time.
minutes, not hours or days. through a call centre, and the According to Mr Koppolu, just
If the digital native consumer is company would promise to resolve a few negative comments on social
unhappy with a product or service, the problem in seven working days media by the end-customer about a
companys products or services can
have a cascading effect. The way a
company is perceived by a consumer
The era of lift and shift BPO strategy is
can change very rapidly. Today,
truly over there is increasing demand for when a consumer responds on
experiential services. Facebook, the rest of the world gets
Sarajit Jha, COO, TBSS to know of it immediately.
The dramatic changes in the

26 Tata Review 
October 2014


business environment, especially

in the area of customer experience
management, are forcing firms to
look for partners who can help them
protect their brand reputation. TBSS,
which has traditionally been seen
as a business process outsourcing
(BPO) firm, is transforming itself,
focusing increasingly on customer
care service, which has been growing
at double digits over the past five
years, and currently accounts for
more than a third of revenues in the
BPO business.
Mr Koppolu remarks, The
biggest slice of the pie is in customer
care. Some of the fastest growing
areas in this include analytics
and social media-based digital
marketing services. The company
is getting into the social media
space in a big way and is investing
in acquiring specific tools that will
help its clients in the digital world.
It offers digital audit services to its TBSS, which has traditionally been seen as a BPO firm, is transforming
clients, evaluating their social media itself, focusing increasingly on customer care service
presence. On behalf of its clients,
TBSS will also offer customer service According to him, the plain centre, a BPO or a KPO (knowledge
to the end-users on social media. vanilla BPO services will stagnate, process outsourcing), but as a
We have a new team comprising and companies will be forced to customer experience management
young people in their 20s, who will offer value-added and outcome- company. We do customer lifecycle
drive the social media strategy, says based services. The era of lift and management and interaction
Mr Koppolu. shift BPO strategy is truly over, he management, focusing on how a
says. The entire business process customer goes through the product
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE management construct, which or service experience, he points
One of the major challenges started with voice services, is under out. A negative comment on social
confronting companies today is challenge and data services are media can cause huge damage to a
that there is virtually no product coming up. As hygiene services go brand.
differentiation among various down, there is increasing demand TBSS now offers organisational
brands. The only way a brand can for experiential services. reputation management (ORM) to
stand out is in terms of customer Customers will want better and its clients. It has deployed tools that
experience. Sarajit Jha, COO, more value-added services at lower enable it to trawl social media and
notes that customer-centricity and prices. The only way to ensure this capture comments by consumers
customer experience management is to re-imagine the delivery, rather about a specific brand. We are
have emerged as strategic choices than re-engineer the past, he adds. able to capture, target and close the
for companies and will be the Raguram Gopalan, senior issue in short span of time, he adds.
only differentiators in this highly vice-president, observes that TBSS The consumer with a grievance,
competitive world. is positioning itself, not as a call articulated on social media, is

October 2014 
 Tata Review

Hyderabad and Chennai. Besides

English, we also offer customers
support in French, German and
Spanish, he says.
To download the app
While the focus has been on
scan the QR code
with your phone
the retail and telecommunications
sector in the US, the company plans
to cater to the needs of the small and
medium enterprises segment there.
We also plan to focus on analytics
in the international market, adds
Srinivas Koppolu, CEO and managing director, TBSS on
Scan the image
global ruralisation as the next growth wave
Mr Hegde.
using the app to
watch the video There is also a lot of scope for
analytics in the domestic market.
Amlan Biswas, head, business
approached immediately and the emerge as a $1 billion company intelligence and analytics, points
matter is resolved at the earliest. in about five to seven years. We out that usually customer analytics
How quick is the response will grow both organically and covers the four As acquisition,
time? Anirban Chatterjee, chief inorganically. affinity, assessment and attrition.
customer experience officer, While international operations But we have added another
says TBSS is able to respond to a account for just 10 percent of affordability, he notes. Customer
comment about a product of its revenues, Mr Koppolu expects response has been good as they
clients on Facebook in just 7.5 this to rise to 30 percent in less find value in business intelligence
minutes from the time the comment than two years. We are looking at and analytics. We will also provide
is posted. In comparison, the next overseas acquisitions over the next operational analytics, marketing and
fastest response from a corporate in 12 months, he says. The company, sales analytics, says Mr Biswas.
India is 30 minutes. which once had a presence in the
Our value proposition to our US, is again planning to establish a RURAL MODEL
customers is that we protect their base there. TBSS developed a sustainable
brand, says Mr Chatterjee. The best We will set up a proximity business strategy by adopting a rural
practice in such matters is to take centre in the US close to our clients delivery model with an affirmative
the conversation off-line as soon as offices, but these will be in smaller action programme as drivers for
possible. The idea is to resolve the cities, notes Mr Koppolu. There expansion, and also to reduce costs.
issue over the phone, not have a long is growing pressure in the US for It made forays into semi-urban
conversation on social media. foreign companies to set up local and rural areas in India, setting
TBSS began operations in operations and do onshoring, up BPOs in Munnar (Kerala),
2004 as a typical BPO, but has in 10 instead of sending work abroad. I Ethakota (Andhra Pradesh),
years, transformed the industry in met some state governors in the US Mithapur (Gujarat) and Khopoli
India. With revenues of about `5 recently and they were more than (Maharashtra).
billion, it ranks among the top-three happy to help by providing subsidies We have created a third of the
BPOs in the country, catering to and other incentives if we were to employment in rural BPOs in India,
the domestic market. The company create new jobs, he adds. says Mr Koppolu. In terms of our
has 46 clients, half of them are Tata Rajesh Hegde, vice-president, contribution to affirmative action,
group companies. Mr Koppolu says international business, says the we have about 20 percent of our
that the groups top management company has three international employees under this programme.
has set an ambitious target for TBSS. clients two in the US and one Our aim is to ensure that this figure
Our aspiration is to be the fastest- in the UK. They are currently touches 50 percent over the next two
growing company in the group and being serviced from two centres in to three years.

28 Tata Review 
October 2014


Manish Kohli, vice-president, We do customer lifecycle management

operations looks after the telecom
and interaction management, focusing on
and media verticals and says that the
performance of employees under how a customer goes through the product
the affirmative action programme is or service experience.
top-notch. An internal performance Raguram Gopalan, senior vice-president, TBSS
rating of employees showed that
those from the affirmative action
category scored above the three for a third of the total workforce. Mr Koppolu. We won the deal,
mark (the ratings were on a scale Mr Koppolu says the company is which envisages setting up a 1,000-
of one to five, where five was good, focusing on education, employability seat centre.
three average, and one poor). and employment and its business TBSS, says its CEO and
Their retention levels are also and CSR initiatives cover all three managing director, will continue to
very high, he says. One of the aspects. The company plans to adopt pursue a unique model for growth,
biggest challenges in our sector is government schools, encouraging one which he describes as global
to ensure high retention. While families to allow their children ruralisation. Globalisation and
average attrition level in the Indian to study till at least class X. We ruralisation will be its thrust areas
BPO sector is as high as 15 to 20 motivate them by telling them that and even in its forays overseas, it
percent a month, at TBSS it is eight once they finish school, we will train will look at establishing a presence
percent. For the affirmative action them and make them eligible for a in rural areas in countries such as
category it is less than four percent, BPO job, he says. the US.
says Mr Kohli. The next wave of growth, Having worked for 20 years
Anamika Sarma, associate vice- predicts Mr Koppolu, will be in both in India and abroad,
president, sustainability initiatives, rural India. He recalls meeting the Mr Koppolu, a veteran of the BPO
points out that the company has top executive of a non-Tata group industry asserts that TBSS is one
trained 8,000 people under its telecom firm, who disclosed that of the best managed and profitable
affirmative action programme. his strategy was to set up only rural outfits. He says, We have a good
This is one company that is able centres. The main concern was domestic footprint and we are now
to show that it is a new-age Tata costs and the high attrition rates adding international operations.
company, featuring an innovation in urban areas. We were the most We have the momentum for growth
engine and an HR engine as well, successful bidder, offering 80 percent and the appetite to invest. We will
she observes. Women also account solutions from rural BPOs, notes take a few risks and make some
Mr Gopalan points out that
six of the top 10 BPOs in India have
publicly said they want to monetise
their business by selling off their
operations as it is not a profitable
segment to be in. But we have been
profitable consistently for seven
years, he notes. The perception in
the market is that we have a stable
management, customers see the Tata
brand assurance (which means there
is full compliance to regulations) and
we have scale. 

A Tata Business Support Services data centre in Pune Nithin Rao

October 2014 
 Tata Review

Batting for defence

With Indias defence market thrown open to the facility to India. TASL set up a
private players, Tata Sons subsidiary Tata greenfield project in Hyderabad,
which was ready for production in
Advanced Systems, the leading aerostructures 2012, about a year from the start
and defence systems contractor, seeks to date. Says Sukaran Singh, vice-
president, Chairmans office who
leverage its experience of working with top
is responsible for TASL and for
international OEMs developing opportunities in the newly
liberalising Indian defence sector:

he S-92 is a state-of-the- Advanced Systems (TASL), as its joint We built world-class capabilities.
art helicopter, deployed venture partner for the manufacture Today, we are the global single source
around the globe for VIP of fuselage for its S-92 helicopters for assembly of helicopter fuselage
transportation (including about five years ago, it was a major for the Sikorsky S-92 helicopters and
for heads of states and governments endorsement of the manufacturing have delivered more than 75 cabins.
such as the US President). So when capabilities and technical skills of this Another facility, the Hyderabad-
Sikorsky Aircraft, a subsidiary of 100 percent subsidiary of Tata Sons. based TASL-Sikorsky JV, which is a
American major United Technologies A Japanese firm had been subsidiary of TASL, is an integrated
Corporation and the producer of supplying the fuselage since 1992, fabrication facility where 4,000
the versatile chopper selected Tata but Sikorsky decided to relocate unique parts for the S-92 fuselage

30 Tata Review 
October 2014


Aeronautics and a few other leading

aircraft, missile, radar and other
The Sikorsky S-92 facility at TASLs Hyderabad unit defence manufacturers. It has state-
of-the-art factories in Hyderabad
and Delhi and plans to set up more
to cater to the growing needs from
OEMs. A profitable company, its
current order book is worth about
`40 billion.
In August, TASL signed an
agreement with Pilatus Aircraft of
Switzerland for the manufacture and
supply of its PC-12 green aircraft
aerostructures for export from
its Hyderabad facility. It includes
assembly of complete airframe for
the aircraft including integrated
fuselage, wing, cockpit, ailerons,
fins and rudders. The Pilatus PC-
12 NG has gained a reputation for
outstanding versatility, performance,
reliability, and operational flexibility
and is one of the most popular
turbine-powered business aircrafts
with over 1,300 units already
sold worldwide. TASL also won
contracts from RUAG Aviation for
the manufacture and assembly of
the fuselage and wing of its Dornier
are produced, and is the only one 4.8 Sigma and the errors are in mere 228-212 NG and from UK-based
of its kind in the Indian private decimals. This has been achieved in Cobham mission equipment for
sector. Masood Hussainy, head, just three years, a feat unheard of in air-to-air refuelling pods. TASL is
aerostructures division of TASL, says the aerospace industry. We have been the global single source designated
that the feedback from the client has recognised not just by the customer, for assembly of empennage (tail
been excellent. The quality of the but even by the American Helicopter assembly) for Lockheeds C130 J
product we make in Hyderabad is in Society, the premier society for Aircraft and assembly of centre wing
many ways better than the products vertical aircraft. We were given box structures.
they were getting from Japan, he the international fellowship award Within a short span of five
explains. This is a testament to the in recognition of our quality and years, TASL has become a significant
kind of talent we have in India. performance, he adds. player in the global aerospace market,
The Hyderabad unit of TASL will making Hyderabad a premier
supply approximately 47 cabins this GLOBAL SINGLE SOURCE manufacturing destination for global
year, much higher than that supplied Today TASL is one of the largest OEMs. It has developed capabilities
from Japan. The tolerances are very private sector aerospace and defence through the entire aerospace value
small, just the breadth of a human systems companies in India, with chain from design to full aircraft
hair, notes Mr Hussainy. We have partnerships and joint ventures assembly. Aerospace is only one of
implemented the Six Sigma quality with besides Sikorsky Aircraft the three major verticals within the
strategy in our factory. We are now at Corporation, Lockheed Martin company, the others being defence

October 2014 
 Tata Review

a group of engineers, and is working

on indigenising different parts, both
for cost and strategic reasons.
In another highly-confidential
weapons-integration project, which
To download the app
scan the QR code cannot be identified, TASL has been
with your phone
able to negotiate the source code
from the international partner. With
this source code, we have already
begun to develop products for Indian
Scan the image
the liberalisation of the defence sector for private players trained our engineers at our partners
using the app to
watch the video
overseas facility and are now jump-
starting innovation.
systems and homeland security. which focus on missiles, optronics, TASL is positioning itself as a
Mr Singh says, We have on hand unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), prime player as against a sub-
more than a dozen projects in radars, command and control prime or a component-maker a
different areas. Our objective is systems and homeland security. company that takes the entire project
to use our capabilities, both in Notes SK Mehta, head, defence risk. In the aerostructures vertical,
aerostructures and defence systems, systems division of TASL: After we have literally transplanted (or
sub-systems and integration, to tendering, we won a major order transitioned) plants from Japan, the
be able to supply full platforms. In for the design and manufacture of US and UK to India, says Mr Singh.
the long run we hope to be able to combat management systems for the While cost reduction is a key factor
combine our expertise and put up the medium-range surface-to-air missile for the international OEMs who shift
final assembly line for full platforms programme (MRSAM) from the their production to TASLs factories,
such as an aircraft. Defence Research and Development they are very demanding when it
Organisation (DRDO), beating our comes to quality and processes.
EXPORT FOCUS rival, a public sector undertaking. The capital-to-labour ratio
Mr Singh points out that the TASL is also involved in the in all aerostructure projects in
companys strategy from the design and manufacture of mission the developed world is skewed
beginning has been to supply to control centres for the missile defence towards capital, whereas in India the
aerospace and defence companies in programme, and is also working on relatively lower labour costs gives
Europe and the US, through long- missile systems for the long-range it a competitive edge on this front.
term contracts with foreign defence surface-to-air missile programme. Aerospace majors around the world
OEMs. Consequently, 90 percent of According to Mr Mehta, for usually focus only on design and
its production is exported; TASL is the MRSAM contract, it won the the final assembly of the aircraft,
not involved in sales to governments crucial command and control system, depending on the global supply-
abroad, restricting itself for the which is the decision-making system. chain for parts and components.
time being to manufacturing, The command and control system They source these from the US,
while selectively addressing requests senses the threat, the radar tracks the Europe, Japan, and now increasingly
for proposal (RFPs) for the Indian aircraft or the missile, measures the from TASL. Our aim is to become
market. The aerostructures vertical distance, decides whether it is friend a supplier of choice for these global
includes two joint ventures and or foe, and then sends a command OEMs, remarks Mr Hussainy. The
has three plants in operation; and to the launcher, he explains. When company lays great emphasis on
two more are being constructed. In TASL realised that there were many systems and procedures. We have
the defence systems vertical, there components that could be produced consciously chosen to recruit a
are about half a dozen projects, all internally instead of importing them, young workforce and train them to
directly under TASLs operations, it set up an R&D centre in Delhi with international standards. There is not

32 Tata Review 
October 2014


much talent in the aerospace sector cannot invest large sums into R&D export-based and domestic work in
in India and we have to develop independent of the needs of the all the targeted sectors.
our own pool of talent. TASL set user. R&D is closely linked to the TASL has a facility in Noida
up a training centre in Hyderabad specific requirements of the end- for the assembly of third generation
and hired expatriates who had rich user the armed forces. No one image intensifier based night vision
experience in working with global can spend billions of dollars in R&D devices (NVD) in partnership
OEMs. The average age of our in an industry where you are not with ITT Exelis, the largest NVD
employees is 24, says Mr Hussainy. sure whether the end-user will buy manufacturer in the US. TASL
They are fresh out of college and the the product. Even in the US and assembles NVDs for the US
foreign aerospace experts train them Europe, the governments support Army but its facility is open to the
in Hyderabad. the R&D initiatives of the private domestic market as well. Similarly,
According to Mr Singh, TASLs sector to a large extent. Another it assembles electro-optic pods for
DNA is grounded in partnerships side of the business that TASL UAVs, for supply both domestically
with international OEMs. We has participated minimally, is in and for export. Transmit-receive
are finely attuned to working in tendering for projects, either in India modules, which are critical parts of
partnerships with foreign companies, or abroad. While its products are modern radars, are also assembled
which is very essential in the defence destined for the defence forces in the by one of TASLs subsidiaries for the
sector, he notes. India is many US and Europe, the bidding is done export market. It is keen to supply
generations behind in defence by the OEMs, who win the contracts. them to the Indian forces, including
technology and the OEMs are Of course, we are looking at the the Navy.
providing us esoteric technologies. domestic market in India, which is Mr Singh says the company
Unless you create processes and huge, but it will take a long time for has already started answering
win their trust, they are not going large tenders to materialise, Mr RFP tenders and if it wins some
to share their expertise with us. Singh adds. of these, it would be in position to
The company also operates with a produce a full platform (an aircraft
start-up mentality. Effectively, TASL OPPORTUNITIES GALORE or a radar system) for the Indian
and all our subsidiaries are start-ups With the expected opening up of defence ministry. The main problem
in the area of aerospace and defence the defence sector in India the confronting the private sector in India
within the Tata group, he observes. government wants to encourage the is the uncertainty relating to these
The ability to think like a start-up Indian private sector to take up more orders and length of the procurement
pervades the organisation. projects TASL is keen to take up cycle. We have to take a call whether
While TASL does engage in work for the armed forces. There are to put our resources into a specific
innovation and some development opportunities in all the verticals that project that has no certain end date.
work, Mr Singh admits that doing we operate in, says Mr Singh. We The longer the procurement cycle, the
pure R&D in defence is very difficult have been able to show our capabilities more delays occur, he notes.
for a private company, which and have received a combination of Other Tata group companies
are also expanding their presence
in the defence sector. TASL works
in cooperation with many of them,
across both aerostructure and
defence systems verticals. With the
company gearing itself to produce a
full platform possibly an aircraft
ready to take-off from its plant
this cooperation will surely increase
in the coming days. 
TASL recently signed an agreement with Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland

for the manufacture and supply of its PC-12 green aircraft
Nithin Rao

October 2014 
 Tata Review

aircraft and helicopters and

assembly of the empennage
(for Lockheed Martins C130J
aircraft) to TASL.
Sikorsky, for instance,
had a partner in Japan,
where the assembling of the
fuselage of the helicopter
was being done from 1992.
Following the establishment
of the Tata Sikorsky JV, there
was a successful transition
of the plant and facility from
Japan to India. In the case of
Aerostructures: Smooth take-off Lockheed Martins C-130J,
there was a successful
When Tata Advanced Systems 600 highly trained personnel, transition from a plant in
(TASL) made a foray into whose average age is 24 the US to India. Both the
the aerostructures business years. These today constitute transitions have been smooth.
in 2009, it decided to hire a the young workforce of TASLs 3 2+G@RHCDMSHDC
few international industry aerostructures business, aerostructures as an area of
veterans, each having 25- located in Hyderabad. strategic importance for the
35 years of experience Within a short span of Tata group. And the company
under their belt. These top time, TASL has developed has been established as the
expatriate executives had into a leading player with lead entity for aerostructures.
worked for virtually all the established capabilities. It is today the global single
global aerospace majors With three programmes in source for assembly of
including Boeing, Airbus, operation, and more than helicopters and fuselage for the
Lockheed Martin, Bombardier, a thousand highly trained Sikorsky S-92 helicopters and
Dassault and Sikorsky. Their resources, TASL is on its wire harness installations, for
areas of expertise included way towards becoming the the assembly of empennage
manufacturing, engineering, global supplier of choice of for the C-130J and for the
operations management, aerospace OEMs. manufacture and assembly of
quality systems (including Six The vertical includes Dornier 228NG aircraft body.
Sigma), lean manufacturing two joint ventures Tata TASL today has
and tooling management. Lockheed JV and Tata capabilities across the value-
Their job was to mentor Sikorsky JV and a fully-owned chain design, engineering,
and train young Indian operating unit for helicopter detailed part manufacture and
engineers and technicians, fuselage assembly. Both major structural assembly.
who had zero exposure to the these US-based aerospace And considering the excellent
aerospace sector. The foreign giants entrusted the work that it has been doing
experts took up the ambitious critical task of assembling for international OEMs, the
project and within a span of helicopter fuselage (for the aerostructures division is
a few months trained about Sikorsky S-92 helicopters), all set to take-off on a new
450 employees. Today, the integrating the detailed part trajectory, ultimately producing
aerostructures division has manufacturing facility for a complete aircraft.

34 Tata Review 
October 2014


Defence: Hi-tech infrastructure The radars unit is also

an important vertical for
The defence systems division Range Surface to Air Missile TASL, which was created
of Tata Advanced Systems (MRSAM) programme; the with a mandate to create the
focuses on half-a-dozen design and manufacture of necessary infrastructure and
areas of operation. They mission control centres for technology base for radar
include aerospace, missiles, the Ballistic Missile Defence systems with technology.
optronics, umanned aerial programme; and precision TASL has bid to build full
vehicles (UAVs), radars parts manufacturing such as radar systems with foreign
and command and control rocket motor casing, control technology collaborations.
systems. MR@MCSGQTRSUDBSNQBNMSQNK The company also has a
TASL and its subsidiaries systems for another Indian 14,000 sq ft manufacturing
are currently participating missile project. facility in Hyderabad, and
in three major Indian missile The optronics unit has some of the modules and sub-
programmes for the defence state-of-the-art infrastructure systems produced there are
forces and have created a for assembly and testing supplied to the Indian defence
Development Centre in Delhi of complex electro-optic forces. TASL has entered
to support missile systems payloads for UAVs. It also has into strategic partnerships
among others. These missile a facility for assembly and with world renowned radar
projects include the design testing for third generation manufacturers.
and manufacture of Combat night vision devices in TASL has also built a
Management Systems partnership with American state-of-the-art Command
(CMS) for the Medium major ITT Exelis. and Control centre in
collaboration with partners
that will bid to undertake
systems integration of
weapon systems onto naval
warships for the Indian Navy.
Nations around the world
are realising the importance
of homeland security to
protect critical assets,
infrastructure and people. For
TASL, homeland security is a
strategic focus area.
In 2010, it set up a joint
venture, TAS-AGT, which
offers innovative technology
solutions in areas of critical
infrastructure and border
protection, urban security and
surveillance, transportation,
law enforcement and
for ensuring adequate
preparedness for natural

October 2014 
 Tata Review

Engineering a
sustainable future
'PSPWFSWFEFDBEFT 5$&IBTCFFODSBGUJOH ensure that our solutions are state-
of-the-art in terms of engineering
extended the tenets of the LEED
[Leadership in Energy and

ata Consulting Engineers and people, that has prompted TCE Environmental Design] rating, meant
(TCE) has built a to focus on devising engineering for buildings, to its other projects,
reputation for providing solutions that help its customers to particularly manufacturing facilities.
best-in-class integrated reduce their carbon footprint and Among its high-impact projects is
engineering consultancy solutions. meet their sustainability goals. the urban renewal project for the
With over five decades of experience Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure
covering almost all key industry BUILDING FOR GENERATIONS Development, which involves
segments and capabilities to handle The impact of this futuristic working within socio-political
multi-dimensional, large scale thinking is most clearly seen in the and infrastructural constraints to
assignments in any part of the companys infrastructure business, introduce sustainability elements into
globe, the company has developed because of the size and scope of the the water distribution and sanitation
the ability to provide holistic, projects it handles. Vikram Bapat, systems of existing towns. TCE was
sustainable solutions to its clients. head of infrastructure, explains, successful in doubling the water
As JP Haran, managing director We operate in sectors like water, supply in some cities while reducing
of TCE, explains, Today more and urban development, manufacturing the specific energy consumption to
more businesses are realising the facilities, IT parks, special economic half the existing level.
need to adopt sustainable practices; zones, townships and hospitals, Often problems are specific
and those that dont are being forced which touch a substantial part of to sectors and locales. The water
to by governments and laws that are the spectrum of infrastructure management and distribution
becoming more and more stringent. development within the Indian vertical, for instance, had to tackle
There is a pressing need to think context. Since these are all structures the problem of water going waste
sustainability. It is this critical that have an impact on the economic because of leakages, pipe bursts and
need to safeguard the future of our development of the country and water pilferage. TCE came up with
businesses, and, indeed, of our planet affect society at large, we strive to several innovative solutions, one

36 Tata Review 
October 2014


TCE took up the execution of the World Bank-funded project to clean the river Ganga at Allahabad and Kanpur

of which was tanker technology, damage. Apart from sewage, the PROVING THEIR METTLE
which was effectively deployed industrial pollution of the river was The steel, metals and mining
in Hyderabad, Chennai and a major concern, particularly lead business of TCE, in keeping with
Kathmandu. It involved isolating and cadmium discharges from these the companys commitment to
the affected area from the supply locations. Given the responsibility finding sustainable solutions,
network to inhibit the flow of the of creating a purification system and factors in the conservation of
water, and then pumping a tanker of diverting the pollution load, TCE energy and resources, and the
water into the distribution network built in arrests at various points to protection of the environment in
to create pressure in the system and prevent the sewage from entering all its projects. Confirming this, Dr
thus detect the leakage. the river. It also provided sewage Tapan Choudhury, head of the steel,
TCEs project on the air treatment plants in both cities, which metals and mining business, says,
pollution management system for ensured cost-effectiveness while We make sure that the projects we
Tata Steel in Jamshedpur helped addressing the pollution management undertake are sustainable from a
monitor pollution levels and guidelines. This solution now serves long-term perspective.
minimise the extent of gaseous as a blueprint for the entire clean-up This requires all operations
emissions. Over a century old, the programme. to meet environmental needs for
plant, built as per the norms existing TCEs infrastructure business managing ecological disruption,
then, did not meet the revised has been accredited by the National emissions, and waste, and ensuring
compliance requirements and needed Accreditation Board for Education the optimal use of water. Due
upgradation. The challenge lay in and Training (a part of the Quality consideration is given to natural
doing this without disrupting the Council of India), for conducting elements at the planning stage,
running plant. Thinking innovatively, environmental impact assessment and high-end IT applications are
TCE suggested implementation studies for environmental clearance, employed to optimise the use of
methodologies which not only solved due diligence and statutory natural resources, especially in mine
the problem but also reduced the compliance in more than 18 sectors planning.
total suspended particulate matter by within India. Mr Bapat says, We Project teams carry out
close to 40 percent. have a diversified business, which has impact assessment studies and
The World Bank-funded yielded us domain knowledge in a recommend risk mitigation
project to clean the river Ganga at range of sectors. Our knowledge base measures, at the beginning of every
Allahabad and Kanpur afforded TCE enables us to customise technologies project. At Tata Steels ferrochrome
yet another opportunity to find a to suit the engineering needs of clients project in Gopalpur, Odisha, for
solution that reduced environmental and the specific needs of each sector. instance, the environmental impact

October 2014 
 Tata Review

assessment study ensured that the ensure this, TCEs solutions address preservation of the natural
local community was protected. the optimum utilisation of land for ecosystem. TCE has proposed
Such preventive measures, prior to the management of waste and the innovative solutions in mine-
commissioning of new projects, help reclamation of external dumping void filling to optimise resource
companies to mitigate risks and sites, maximisation of the mine life, utilisation.
implement sustainable and effective ore and waste rock haulage, and
solutions. water management. Conservation POWER-PACKED
Among its many businesses, of the raw material and recycling to PERFORMANCE
TCEs mining business shoulders ensure zero waste optimises material While uninterrupted supply of
the highest degree of environmental usage. With a view to promoting the power is the assurance that fuels
responsibility. The safety of mine longevity of the mine and ensuring industrial development, it demands
workers and the community, besides sustainability, the company also responsibility on the part of industry
the need to achieve commercial ensures that once the mine is closed, to ward off environmental concerns.
success to ensure sustainability, the remaining reserve is sterilised, Clean technologies, cost-efficient
makes it necessary to optimise the enabling future use if conditions processes in ultra super critical
process of the extraction of mineral become favourable again. thermal plants and a move towards
resources. The lifecycle of the mining Dr Choudhury says, renewable and alternative sources
business, spanning the spectrum Traditionally, mines were of power generation will ensure
from prospecting, to exploration, abandoned, after excavations were that development is sustained and
mine closure and reclamation of the no longer possible. Planning the environment-friendly.
land, demands that utmost care be closure of the mines and recharging TCEs power business unit has
taken to ensure that environment and the aquifers are two new phenomena come up with an innovative process
community interests are sustained. To that are helping to ensure the in flue gas desulphurisation (FGD)
systems, which reduces emissions
of sulphur dioxide from the exhaust
flue gas of coal-fired thermal power
plants by almost 90 to 95 percent.
Mohan Murthy, head of the power
business, says, TCE successfully
retrofitted an FGD system to a
completed coastal thermal power
plant within 24 month, without
disturbing the topography of the
plant site, and by curtailing project
cost escalations. This innovative
process has applications in greenfield
and brownfield coal-fired power
plants. TCE has filed an application
for a patent for this process, and
was also honoured at Tata Innovista
2014 with the award for Promising
Innovation Core Process.

The chemical business of the
company works with the chemical,
Ecofirst, a TCE subsidiary, helped Bombay House, the Tata group petrochemical, oil and gas,
headquarters in Mumbai, to get a gold rating in LEED certification fertiliser, paper and pulp, and

38 Tata Review 
October 2014


related industries, and follows At TCE we believe that every engineer

innovative solutions in its pursuit
loves to innovate. This...helps us to
of sustainability. TCE is working
on a project to find a use for red measure and track the sustainable value
mud, the waste from the bauxite we create.
industry, which is usually dumped JP Haran, managing director, Tata Consulting Engineers
in landfills. World over, about 130
million tonnes of red mud are
generated annually, leading to the self-sufficient communities and advancements in their area and
accumulation of about 2.7 billion spread awareness on sustainability. integrating them with the solutions
tonnes of this waste product. TCE Ecofirst seeks to help clients reduce they devise. Amit Sharma, ED and
is working on a technology that their operational and maintenance COO, says, Technology helps us
aims to re-use red mud to recover costs by adopting energy and water to enhance our techniques while
valuable metals like aluminium, management strategies and getting keeping abreast with trends. The
titanium and iron. The possibilities buildings certified as green buildings. technology team will contribute to
of this project are immense. The company also works with TCEs R&D within TCE. The knowledge
Another interesting project other business units to bolster their will then be disseminated across the
that TCE is working on for Tata Steel sustainability offerings. organisation.
involves studying the feasibility of One of Ecofirsts most recent Explaining the importance of
a plant with two processes. As BM achievements was helping Bombay sharing the knowledge acquired by
Nichat, vice president of the chemical House, the Tata groups historic the technology group, Mr Marve says,
business, says, India has the fifth headquarters in Mumbai, become the Communication is the key factor.
highest coal reserves in the world, first heritage building in India to get The standard design documents and
with coal containing 35 percent of a Gold rating in LEED certification. guides are continually updated with
ash, rendering it less efficient. This the latest advancements in design
project includes a coal washery, TECHNOLOGY AS A TOOL practices, to ensure uniformity
meant to make the coal more Technology has put a higher across the organisation. Knowledge
efficient. If this pilot process proves standard of living within our reach sharing and training sessions have
effective, it will reduce the incidence while requiring companies and been planned to ensure that changes
of ash to 4-12 percent. TCE is trying individuals to adopt sustainable in design tools and technologies are
its best to make this happen. methods of living and working to shared with everyone.
ensure that man does not take the With several innovations over
ENVIRONMENT FIRST generosity of the earth for granted. the last five decades, TCE is not
Ecofirst, a 100 percent subsidiary At TCE, everyone understands about to slow down. At TCE we
of TCE, is a sustainable design the value of technology in making believe that every engineer loves
consulting firm for the built sustainable development a reality. to innovate, says Mr Haran, This
environment. Through an array The technology vertical, with enabler, coupled with the customers
of integrated services for master chief technology officer Mahesh demand for greater value in terms
planning, water, energy, solid waste, Marve at the helm, works with of quality of systems as well as cost
infrastructure through a water all other verticals and units in savings, helps us to measure and
and energy centric approach to the organisation. It evaluates track the sustainable value we create.
projects, Ecofirst designs innovative new technologies and helps in This encourages us to improve.
and affordable solutions. Chitranjan incorporating them in TCEs various With the backing of its
Kaushik, chief operating officer, projects. For the purpose of aligning engineering expertise and spirit of
affirms this: Our goal is to balance this process very closely to the innovation, TCE is firmly on the
sustainability with affordability, work, each business unit has a head road to a sustainable future. 
integrate traditional solutions of technology who is responsible 
with modern techniques, create for keeping abreast of technology Cynthia Rodrigues

October 2014 
 Tata Review

Powering ahead
After executing the prestigious Krishnapatnam Executing the Krishnapatnam
super-critical thermal power plant
super-critical thermal power project in Andhra is an important milestone for Tata
Pradesh, Tata Projects is geared to take up other Projects, says Vinayak Deshpande,
managing director, TPL. This
challenging EPC and BoP assignments in the project delivery has propelled us into
power generation sector the league of select players in India
with super-critical engineering,

rishnapatnam, a port town was awarded Indias largest balance- procurement and construction
in Nellore district of Andhra of-plant (BoP) contract in the power (EPC) capability.
Pradesh, is emerging as a sector by the Andhra Pradesh It was a challenging project
major electricity hub, with Power Development Company because of the difficult sandy terrain
a few power plants under various (APPDCL) for the 2x800MW, super- and its proximity to the coast, but
stages of development. But the pride critical, coal-fired Sri Damodaram the team handled it effectively. The
of Andhra, as it has been dubbed, Sanjeevaiah thermal power plant at project shall help bridge the power
is the Krishnapatnam super-critical Krishnapatnam. shortage faced by the people of
thermal power project comprising The first 800MW unit was Andhra Pradesh.
two units of 800MW each. Tata synchronised on March 31and Super-critical technology
Projects (TPL), one of the fastest- it generated 810MW of power on ensures that a power plant is efficient,
growing infrastructure companies in August 28. The second unit is in the cost of production lower and
India, had a key role in executing the the process of synchronisation and emissions reduced. But such plants
mega power plant project. both units will generate power at full need superior quality of coal of at
In February 2009, the company capacity before the end of the year. least 4,800 kcal. Much of the coal

40 Tata Review 
October 2014

The Krishnapatnam power plant located in
Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh

for the Krishnapatnam project is five units of 800MW each. also one of the most challenging.
brought from eastern India. It has to For TPL, the Krishnapatnam Being a coastal power plant, the soil
be washed, which reduces its calorific power project has been a prestigious did not have load bearing capacity,
value to 4,200kcal. APPDCL blends affair, and executing it smoothly explains Mr Krishna. We had to
this coal with imported coal, which is a major achievement for the do piling, which went down to a
has a higher value of 6,000kcal. Hyderabad-based company. depth of 50m. Handling large pieces
The companys expertise in of equipment on the site posed
OVERCOMING CHALLENGES coal and gas-based super and sub- problems that the TPL team had to
The EPC contract involved detailed critical technologies and extensive overcome.
design, engineering, manufacture, experience in total EPC and BoP The use of seawater was another
procurement, supply, construction, coal-based power plants and gas- major challenge. The natural draft
erection, testing and commissioning based combined cycle power plants cooling tower (NDCT), constructed
of complete BoP systems and were invaluable assets in the smooth by TPL, which soars to a height of
equipment. execution of the project. 176m, is one of the tallest in India.
BV Ramesh Krishna, vice- The Krishnapatnam project was It uses treated seawater and has a
president and head, power
generation, TPL, points out that this
is the first super-critical, 800MW
The Krishnapatnam project has propelled
power project in the public sector
in India the first super-critical,
us into the league of select players with
800 MW private sector project in super-critical EPC capability.
India was commissioned in Mundra, Vinayak Deshpande, managing director, Tata Projects
Gujarat, by Tata Power, comprising

October 2014 
 Tata Review

capacity of 100,000 cubic metres running of the power plant. Says all manpower and laying down
an hour per unit. Referring to the CH Vivekananda, officer on special stringent processes, to conducting
numerous challenges that were duty, APPDCL (who was also the regular safety audits, the company
encountered over the last five years, project manager for five years and ensured adherence to stringent
As Bhattacharyya, assistant vice was closely involved with the project safety norms. We tried to inculcate
president, power generation, TPL from inception): TPL has done a a rigorous culture of safety at the
who has been closely involved wonderful job. It was a challenging project site, says Mr Bhattacharyya.
in executing the project says the assignment, but they have done You will never see anyone without a
NDCT construction was the most a great job in executing this `120 hard hat at the site.
critical aspect. billion project. One of the major factors
Pointing out that the original One of the reasons for the contributing to accidents and
contractor faced financial problems smooth execution of the project fatalities in such projects is objects
and could not construct the NDCT, was the coordination between the falling from a great height. The
Mr Bhattacharyya explains, We had various suppliers and contractors, Krishnapatnam power plant has a
to take up the work even though we explains J Raghavendra Rao, project double flue chimney that soars to
had never built an NDCT in the past. manager, APPDCL. Since the BTG 275m.
We imported the scaffolding material was split into two components Even if a nut falls from such a
for the towers and used vertical piles one for the boiler and the other for height, it can go through a persons
as against conventional ones. the generator it was essential to skull, points out Mr Bhattacharyya.
integrate the two. And TPL did the Wearing helmets is essential for the
INTEGRATING SYSTEMS coordination well, he adds, ensuring safety of all people at the site.
The power project had two key smooth roll-out of the project. Many workers had to operate
parts installing the BTG (Boiler, APPDCL plans to add a third on platforms at heights of 90m. We
Turbine and Generator) and the BoP. 800 MW unit at Krishnapatnam, conducted psychological training
TPL, as the EPC contractor and in which will then emerge as a for the workers before sending them
charge of the BoP, had to integrate all 2,400MW mega power project. Bids up. We monitored their heartbeat
the systems including the NDCT, will be called for the third unit and and ensured they were comfortable,
the coal-handling units, the bunker the tenders awarded in due course. he adds. All workers going up on
and the fire protection system. Safety was also a major to platforms were also hooked to
It also had to ensure the smooth consideration. From training of lifelines and safety harnesses.

The unit 2 generator transformer at the Krishnapatnam plant

42 Tata Review 
October 2014


Each successfully executed project
added to the TPL teams expertise
One of the most complex projects
and confidence. Way back in
2007, TPL had been contracted by
executed by us
Mahagenco, the state-owned power
generation company in Maharashtra,
to put up two 500MW units in
Bhusawal, which added to the
teams experience. Execution of the
challenging Krishnapatnam super-
critical thermal power project has
given confidence to the TPL team
that it can take up any project in the
power sector. India is now heading
towards ultra-super-critical thermal
projects with 1,000MW units, says Tata Projects (TPL) has executed (on a balance-of-plant basis)
Mr Krishna. And we are confident the super-critical thermal power project, at Krishnapatnam (two
of handling such projects. units of 800 MW each), for APGENCO in Andhra Pradesh, India.
As part of a strategic initiative, The project is one of the largest power projects in the state and
TPL has also entered the packages is vital to the government in addressing electricity shortage
market by offering individual faced by the people of Andhra Pradesh.
packages like Coal Handling. Elaborating on the project, Vinayak Deshpande, managing
BoP, for instance, comprises 20 director, Tata Projects says, This has been one of the most
building the coal-handling plant, been completed, tested and is in production. At present the unit
the ash-handling plant, the water is providing a power yield of close to 800 MW. The overall power
system, NDCT, etc. Some customers plant would be operational by end of 2014.
award jobs that relate to individual
packages, whereas others give it Some of the unique features of the project include:
TPL emerged as the lowest bidder One of the largest BoP projects in the state executed by
in a tender for a `3.3 billion coal- Tata Projects.
2,400 tonnes an hour) for a National and has sandy soil, with land features similar to beaches.
Thermal Power Corporation project. Has one of the highest natural draft cooling towers in
Mr Krishna sees huge potential India, which uses treated sea water (the NDCT has been
for power projects all over India. constructed by TPL).
We are also looking at renewable TPL has supported schools for local communities / workers
energy and see good opportunities in children in the vicinity.
coal would continue to dominate vicinity, improving quality of life for all.
the Indian power sector at least for
the next 10 years. The company is
also exploring entry into projects in Indias electricity generation capacity significant share of the new business
the Middle East and Southeast Asia expected to surge over the coming that will emerge. 
(for a combined-cycle and open- years, TPLs power vertical is poised 
cycle, gas-fired power plant). With to leverage its strengths and capture a Nithin Rao

October 2014 
 Tata Review

We must innovate for

survival and growth
Tata Communications is in the
middle of a transformational
journey that is taking it from
being a service provider to a
solutions provider. The past
investments are sweating
harder, the company has been
positioned in the leaders
quadrant of the Gartner Magic
Quadrant for Global Network
Service Providers, which is
opening new vistas of business
and the market is responding
to the change. Spearheading
the journey is MD and CEO
Vinod Kumar who speaks
to Shubha Madhukar about
the shift in investments, the
challenges ahead and ways
in which the company is
preparing to handle new ways
of communication.

44 Tata Review 
October 2014


In April 2014, Tata Communications able to sustain business as it grows without

earned a position in the leaders linear investments in capital expenditure
quadrant of the Gartner Magic or operational expenditure. The market is
Quadrant for Global Network Service responding well to this and the board and the
providers. What does the recognition shareholders are happy with the growth path.
mean for the company? We are trying to concentrate on investments
It is a great milestone for a 12-year-old company. that have worked well for us. What we free
The recognition puts Tata Communications in a up will go to bolster the bottom line and also
position to serve global multinationals for their fuel and fund new business. The nature of our
global networking needs and moves us away business mandates that we keep setting up new
from a niche positioning to a global positioning. avenues for growth.
We can now stand shoulder-to-shoulder with
companies who have been in the industry for Tell us about your plans to invest
three, four and five decades. $200 million to double your data
It is not just an accolade on the shelf, centre capabilities in India over
it is being translated into business. A lot the next three years? What other
of multinationals use the Gartner Magic investments are in the pipeline?
Quadrant to choose companies to bid for Over the next couple of years we will be
various opportunities. By virtue of being in the investing in building data centres and managed
quadrant, we are being invited to the table now services within those data centres. As the IT
where earlier it was a struggle to find ourselves industry (both hardware and software) grows
in the consideration set. It is good to be in the and moves to cloud-based solutions, there is a
Gartner leadership quadrant, and we want to huge demand for data centres from all around
continue to strive to keep evolving and move to the world. We have chosen to focus our activities
the north east within the quadrant. in India, and in South East Asia.
In India, we are the only company with a
You have talked about the companys nationwide footprint of data centres. We would
investments now slowly beginning to like to take the experience weve had in India
pay off. Can you elaborate? to other geographies, especially a few South
If you look at the financial performance over the East Asian markets. Some of our large existing
last eight to 12 quarters, the numbers speak for customers will move into those new places
themselves. We are growing the top line and we with us, both for operating comfort and for the
have an improved and stronger EBITDA, our solutions we build for them if they operate from
cash flow has increased in a sustained manner multiple data centres across two countries.
and we believe this will continue. We are exploring other industry verticals
For several years we focused on building in the Indian market where we can leverage our
a solid foundation. We invested in capital as relationship with large Indian businesses, the
well as operating expenses to develop tangible Tata brand name and our network backbone in
(infrastructure) and intangible (teams, brand, providing industry solutions. We are beginning
communication) capabilities. This was essential with the healthcare industry, making services
to pivot ourselves from a voice-focused, India- such as telemedicine and radiology much
based, wholesale business to a data-oriented more available than they currently are. They
global business that sells to multinationals might not be capex intensive, but they are new
directly. To make these transitions, we needed domains that will unfold in lots of interesting
capabilities that answer competition and service ways in the coming years.
level platforms that meet the expectations of
customers. The investment is finally paying Innovation and generating new big
off. The foundation we have built will be business ideas seems to be a focus

October 2014 
 Tata Review

area. What are the new business them. In the first round we had about 100 odd
opportunities that have been ideas of which six were selected by an internal
identified by the company? team. The implementation teams underwent
We have to constantly invent and innovate a grooming-coaching programme which
for survival and growth. As an industry, we culminated with a week in Silicon Valley where
have a lot of demand. We are constantly being they met many entrepreneurs and immersed in
threatened by new ways of communication from the whole start-up environment.
start-ups and next generation companies. We These six teams made a final pitch to a
believe the process of innovation begins with panel of internal and external judges from which
curiosity and a desire to learn. Therefore, we we chose to fund two ideas. These two teams
are trying to make people curious, make people will incubate the ideas, run them like a small
want to learn. We have more than tripled our company with complete autonomy and get
number of learning days in the organisation, funding based on pre-decided milestones. Its
people are being trained in a variety of different their business but with the safety net that if all
things not just the basic managerial skills and goes awry, we will take them back.
self improvement. My goal is to have 10 different incubations
We run a programme called Moonwalks going on within two years. We have $10 million
(see box: The call of the unknown), which is all of capex and $7.5 million opex earmarked for
about exploring completely new industries and the programme.
new subjects. We have five Moonwalks currently
underway. The whole idea is to get people to be What are the initiatives you are
comfortable with something they know nothing planning to boost productivity?
about. Shape the Future is another programme Last year we launched Saumill (stands for 100
to identify business opportunities that will add million; sau means 100 in Hindi), a programme
to the top line in the future. We invite our people to cut $100 million from our costs. We
to submit ideas that have the potential to become positioned it as a productivity initiative to fund
a $200-million business within 10 years and growth and improve the bottom line.
touch billions of people; we select the best ones, We let the idea surface very democratically
and then coach the teams set up to implement from various functions in the organisation

Tata Communications: Powering the internet economy

46 Tata Review 
October 2014


and clarified the principles we would use

upfront. We crowd sourced cost optimisation
and then created a platform where we could
The call of the unknown
apply the same lens to assess the ideas and
In early 2014, Tata Communications launched
opportunities that were presented. I have to say
a unique initiative for fostering innovation and
that the Saumill meetings were like melas (fairs);
futuristic thinking called Moonwalk. Five teams were
never had anyone seen so much festivity and
celebration around a cost-cutting programme.
company) and asked to explore each of them. The
We enabled the implementation and
idea, according to Vinod Kumar, MD and CEO, is
celebrated the success of this cost-cutting
to make people curious, make people want to learn
venture by recognising the teamwork and
the people who were involved. We are now
working on how to make productivity an
ongoing exercise, something that everybody
owns and not something driven just by the top
management. It will take us probably another
machine learning, 3D printing and its impact on
year or so, but based on the success we had last
manufacturing, intelligent networks, alternative
year with the first wave of Saumill, I really am
energy sources and healthcare.
confident that we are well on our way to make
this a part of our DNA.
extensive research, meet industry experts, talk to
Tata Communications is in an
industry where the external
can share with the rest of the 8,000 employees in
business environment is changing
at supersonic speed. How does the
the competition, the future, the threats and the key
company maintain its agility and
players in the space. It will help us in conversations
respond to challenges?
we have with our customers, it will help us with
We continue to find ourselves at various points
conceiving new services for the future; it may
in the learning curve across our business, but
even help us in deciding what careers we want our
our ingenuity comes from three things, of which
children to have, explains Mr Kumar.
the structure of the organisation is one. By
Moonwalk is on a roll and the mood in
nature, we are a distributed organisation with
no centre of power anywhere. The structure is
global and this definitely helps.
Two, the leadership team spends a lot of
are exciting in the second round we intend to
time with our customers and vendors. We invest
explore areas like the future of water, the future of
in scanning the environment for opportunities
cities and the future of food, informs Mr Kumar.
and watching out for threats. Three, we try and
set up self-directed teams as much as possible.
We let the mission and vision of the organisation
drive behaviour rather than what the boss says
or what the key result area dictates. We are
revenue streams and new product and services from
not there yet, but as compared to an average
the shared learning. But for now, Mr Kumar is happy
organisation we are quite evolved.
that with each Moonwalk, small groups of people
These are the three things we will continue
to sharpen to make us more agile. In our
industry, you can never rest in your quest for
staying ahead of the competition.

October 2014 
 Tata Review

Collaborating for growth

The Tata group can play a key role in providing a new historical period with the
recent state visit by President Xi
an impetus to the bilateral relations between Jingping to India. Also, it is likely
India and China, says Mumbai-based Consul that Prime Minister Narendra Modi
will tour China in November at the
General of China Dr Liu Youfa
invitation of President Xi Jinping,
in conjunction with the upcoming

ilateral relations between From the geographical perspective, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
China and India are moving China and India share more than Summit scheduled to take place
in a new direction. From the the same border both are at a in Beijing. In conclusion, both
historical perspective, the critical stage of economic structural countries have elected new leaders
relations between the two countries readjustment faced with the and have new governments driving
trace back more than two millennia. daunting task of maintaining the the leadership.
Both countries have momentum of economic growth
contributed greatly to modern and both are bending backwards in OLD TIES, NEW MISSION
civilisation. The forefathers of India realising their national rejuvenation. Leaders and governments of both
invented the Indo-Arabic number There is a saying that countries are countries have demonstrated the
system, without which all modern free to choose their friends, but willingness to further promote
sciences would be groundless and not their neighbours. China and bilateral relations while addressing
also the IT industry. Meanwhile, India are such large neighbours that the standing issues constructively.
the forefathers of China gave the neither can afford to ignore the other The road map is drawn and political
world four inventions (gunpowder, side indefinitely. decisions have been made. Now, it
paper, printing and the compass), Against the backdrop of is up to the various industries and
which are still the basis of many globalisation and low-carbon social sectors from both countries to
modern sciences and technologies. economy, China and India have work closely, in order to transform
History says that China and India to join hands, take stock of their the political decisions into concrete
jointly invented the technology for industrial advantages and the huge results. Based on the above analysis,
producing sugar, without which the market potentials, and promote the Tata group, which has long been
modern day would be utterly dull common development, which will, the vanguard of the Indian business
and monotonous. in turn, contribute to world peace community in China, can explore a
Currently, both countries and development. As the saying new mission to give impetus to
have been contributing to the goes: United, we stand; divided, we bilateral relations, both in terms of
global economic growth either in fall. From the political perspective, trade and investment. The corporate
manufacturing or in IT industry. bilateral relations have entered relationship between the Tata group

48 Tata Review 
October 2014


and China dates back to about 150

years ago, when the Founder JN
Tata ventured into Hong Kong and
Shanghai respectively. Since then,
the Tata group has remained the To download the app
flagship of the Indian economic and scan the QR code
with your phone
commercial presence in China.
The Tata group opened an office
in Shanghai in 1996, taking advantage
of Chinas opening up of the economy
in an effort to develop trade in steel
Dr Liu Youfa, the Consul General of the Peoples Republic of
and relevant commodities. To help its Scan the image
China in Mumbai, speaks on Indo-China trade relations
using the app to
group companies to better navigate watch the video

their business ventures in China, the

Tata group opened an office in Beijing
in August 2006, with the mission From my own perspective, the A joint effort by the Tata group
to further explore the potential of following would be tangible areas and relevant Chinese companies
the China market as a procurement for the Tata group to take a closer in the construction of the economic
source and as a place to manufacture look: corridor for Bangladesh, China,
for export. High-end manufacturing, India and Myanmar (BCIM). The
Currently, the Tata business in where the Tata group has a clear above sub-regional economic
China is impressive both in terms comparative advantage in the field cooperation would allow the Tata
of trade and investment with more of auto, IT, steel, chemistry, etc. The group and Chinese entrepreneurs
than 20 subsidiaries in operation, joint production in India, China or to carry out major projects, such
employing about 4,000 people third-world countries would help to as themed industrial parks, smart
across the country. In 2013, Tata immediately reduce the trade deficit cities, township construction, etc.
subsidiaries in China realised sales between India and China. This would help both governments
totaling $11 billion, and purchased Infrastructure, where the to expedite the process of
goods and services from China Tata group could team up with poverty reduction and economic
worth over $1 billion. The Tata Chinese companies to seek large- development, in line with the
conglomerate is poised for more scale project engineering contracts Millennium Development Goals set
businesses opportunities in China, in China, India or third-world by the United Nations.
taking advantage of the second countries. This joint effort would Tourism, an area which would
round of opening up by the Chinese help both governments in their allow the Tata group to play an
government. The Jaguar and Land efforts to provide a decent hardware exemplary role in attracting tourists
Rover production lines are about infrastructure for sustainable from one side to the other. This
to be fully operational in Jiangsu economic development. would provide ready media to
province. Service sector, where the Tata further promote the friendship
The economic structure group could select competent between people of both countries.
readjustment and opening up of the Chinese enterprises in expanding Education, as both countries
two economies will provide new their market shares in both are poised for closer cooperation.
steam for business communities to countries. The combined strength There is a huge demand for
further expand trade and investment would help to provide more jobs managerial and engineering talent
into other countries. The new to people in both countries, and and skilled labour for companies
momentum of the bilateral relations to further expand economic from both sides. To meet this need,
will soothe market access for foreign boundaries, which would not only English and basic skills training
direct investment flow from one side benefit the people, but also those in could be the focus areas for joint
to the other, and vice versa. the region at large. efforts. 

October 2014 
 Tata Review

A stove in Port Talbots new blast furnace number 4 supplies air at

temperatures of above 900C

A family business: Jack Bamforth (an engineering apprentice) and

his father, Mark Bamforth (sales manager, strategic accounts), work
together at Tata Steel Speciality Steels in Stocksbridge

Photography Samuel Ashfield, John de Koning

If we told you that just one of Tata Steel Europes

duties is to provide 95 percent of the steel used by
how massive the total operation is. In the high-tech
environment that the company has fostered, that kind
of output needs the attention of an army of highly
dedicated workers currently totalling 80,000 people
across four continents.

Stocksbridge plant in South Yorkshire, for several
generations. Offering mentoring and apprenticeship A view of the gas storage facility at Tata Steel
schemes for younger workers, Tata Steel welds the Europes plant in Port Talbot, Wales. Gases created
during the steel-making process are captured
best of company traditions onto modern perspectives and used as a source of energy for the plant,
WKDWZLOOGULYHWKHUPLQWRWKHIXWXUH substantially reducing its environmental footprint
This feature was originally published in Tata Europes
Perspective magazine, Issue 1 2014.

50 Tata Review 
October 2014


October 2014 
 Tata Review

The basic oxygen steel plant

converts iron into sheets of
steel. The Ijmuiden Works has
been instrumental in
Tata Steel Europes efforts
to reduce its environmental
impact. For example,
the site is helping to
trial an innovative iron-making
process called Hisarna, which
has the potential to cut carbon
emissions by 20 percent

52 Tata Review 
October 2014


October 2014 
 Tata Review

Martin Gibbs is among the

employees at Stocksbridge,
crafting high-tech steels for use
in jet engines, landing gears, and
other safety-critical equipment

In the hot seat: Chris

Stockdale, a mill
operator, sits in
the Stocksbridge
plants new super
pulpit, which
replaced 13 separate
pulpits in 2013. The
new arrangement
allows control
of the mill to
be centralised,
increasing safety
and productivity

Steel runs in the

family for Emma
Goddard (technical
who works at
Stocksbridge with
her father, Tony
Goddard (east
coast lead
training adviser)

Middle: A lab technician works outside on

test panels of steel with coloured coatings,
used to clad industrial buildings. He is taking
wind-speed measurements, monitoring the
effects of weather on the cladding. This shot
was taken at the laboratory in
Shotton, Flintshire, UK

Left: The Workington engineering workshop produces

essential equipment for industry

54 Tata Review 
October 2014



apprentice training centre at Stocksbridge. Michael is one of hundreds of apprentices working with Tata Steel Europe
across the UK

October 2014 
 Tata Review

Skills for a
sustainable future
Across the world, a severe shortage of talent is threatening businesses
causing concern to companies and governments looking for sustainable
models of growth. The ManpowerGroups Annual Talent Shortage Survey
for 2014 found that one-third or 36 percent of the 37,000 employers
slew of skilling initiatives, some of which we feature in this special report.

By Cynthia Rodrigues, Debjani Ray, Jai Madan and Shilpa Sachdev

56 Tata Review 
October 2014


How to catch a fish

A global skilling initiative from the Tata group aims to help
youngsters around the world become employable through training

mployability is a growing challenge around The Tata skills building initiative spans
the world. The great skilling divide is nations. The group is leveraging the wealth of its
particularly wide in India. Two-thirds of intellectual capital and resource base to make an
Indias population is under 35 years of age, impactful contribution in skill development in
with a large percentage either unskilled or under- North America, Europe, China, Africa and the
skilled. In the coming decade, about 140 million Asean (Association of South East Asian Nations)
young people, completely bereft of any vocational region. In each region, Tata is responding with
skills, are expected to join the industry. On the initiatives that are targeted to meet local needs. In
other side, Indian industry is grappling with the India, Tata companies train over 60,000 students
problem of lack of talent and inadequately skilled every year in trades related to their core business,
manpower, which impacts negatively on growth. either through internal training facilities, or
The Government of India, aware of the through tie-ups with nonprofits and government-
impending crisis, intends to empower 500 run industrial training institutes (ITI). In United
million people with the required skills by 2022. States of America, Tata companies are active in
Skills development is one of the highest national the STEM (science, technology, engineering and
priorities..., says S Ramadorai, former vice math) initiative that aims to encourage interest
chairman of Tata Consultancy Services, who is in science and technology fields. The TCS China
also chairman of the National Skills Development University is partnering 25 universities to make
Corporation, and an advisor to the prime students workplace-ready.
minister on skills development. It is clear that a In Europe, Tata companies have funded
structured and comprehensive skills development 125,000 training courses, more than 100 degrees
programme has the potential to empower this vast and over 400 university scholarships. Companies
demographic of people and make a substantial also offered 150 apprenticeships and over 750
difference to the lives of thousands over the next internships to young people across the UK.
few decades. The Tata group is doing its bit to Dr Mukund Rajan, brand custodian and
bridge the divide by enabling a global skilling chief ethics officer, Tata Sons and member of the
initiative to empower the youth. Group Executive Council, explains the groups
Tata Strive is a group-wide, centrally- collaborative approach: We must try and create a
coordinated programme that aims to develop sustainable impact. The scale that the companies
employability, entrepreneurship and enterprise can create if they work together is larger than
capabilities in youth through training. The Tata what any single industrial house can achieve.
Trusts are also in a unique position to contribute The following pages indicate the range of
to this endeavour, given their presence across work being done in the area of skills development
India, their decades of experience in partnering by Tata companies around the world. The
with non-government organisations to build companies showcased here are but a few of
livelihoods and the ecosystem that they have built the many that are working to build skills in
and sustained. communities and make youngsters employable.

October 2014 
 Tata Review

in activities related to skill development in

Striving communities around which they operate.
Tata companies train over 60,000 students

to empower in India every year in trades relating to their core

businesses. Now, under a formal programme,
aptly called Tata Strive, the group has set itself a
larger goal: to spread its skill building activities
Tata Strive, the group-wide, across the globe. As its mission spells out, Tata
group-led skilling initiative, Strive seeks to develop the required capacity to
train youth for employment, entrepreneurship
aims to set up a replicable
and community enterprise.
model for training and skill Anita Rajan, chief operating officer at Tata
development Strive, says there is a strong business case for
the skill building initiative: Companies need
skilled labour and spend considerable money on

housands of candles can be lit from skilling them. A group-wide skilling initiative
a single candle, and the life of the will allow companies to share these costs.
candle will not be shortened is a Tata Strive is backed by both the group
saying attributed to the Buddha, and and the individual Tata companies. Companies
one that suits the Tata philosophy just as well can either work on their own, while following
for decades, Tata companies have invested the guidelines set by Tata Strive, or work with
the group. Tata companies can also set aside a
portion of their mandatory 2 percent corporate
social responsibility (CSR) spend for group CSR
programmes such as Strive.
Explaining the basic idea of Tata Strive,
Sudhakar Gudipati, general manager, Tata
Sustainability Group, says, The aim was to
leverage the strengths of Tata companies and to
create courses that would help build and supply
trained manpower to companies.
Tata Strive is built around certain guiding
principles. For example, the programme aims to
reach out to the underprivileged and those who
have traditionally been denied access to such
training, on account of gender, disabilities or
ethnicity. The model is scalable, and designed to
need decreasing financial support from the Tata
The quality standard for the programme has
been set high to ensure that Tata Strive will
be recognised as a byword for quality skilling
education in the future. Sustainability is key to
the exercise trades or skills to be taught at
a particular centre are based on the demand
and the need in that region, thus ensuring that
Tata Steel imparts skills training in the area of housekeeping beneficiaries can benefit from a choice of job
to potential candidates opportunities.

58 Tata Review 
October 2014


ENGAGING WITH STRIVE that the Tata group is engaged in a skill

Tata companies can participate in Strive in building effort of this magnitude could attract
many ways. They can fund the programme, other corporates and organisations to partner
become a Strive partner, encourage employee with the group.
volunteering, or send people out on Indias industrial technical institutes (ITI)
secondment. Volunteering is a critical part of are a big component of the partnership model.
Tata Strive. Mr Gudipati explains: Tata Engage The state of Punjab has been the first one to sign
(the group level volunteering programme) and
Tata Strive are a great combination. Under
Tata Engage initiatives such as the Competency Combining resources
Enhancement Programme or the Leadership
The genesis of Tata Strive lay in a Tata group decision
Exchange Action Programme, employees can,
to consider the work achieved through group corporate
based on their skills, teach or help to build the
social responsibility (CSR) programmes as a combined
effort. For this the Tata Sustainability Group (TSG)
The availability of the army of helpful
was formed on January 1, 2014. Sudhakar Gudipati,
hands all volunteers under Tata Engage
general manager, TSG, says, Up till now, most of the
could be put to good use. In fact, the concept
CSR activities were undertaken by Tata companies.
of the group CSR programmes is based on
The formation of TSG will help drive Group CSR
scaling up social intervention by involving the
programmes and expand the scope of their delivery to
thousands of volunteers who have signed up for
relevant causes.
Tata Engage.
In the beginning, a working group was
The standards for Strive will draw from
constituted for Tata Strive, comprising most of the
the best of what Tata companies have to offer,
CSR heads of Tata companies, and representatives
besides those coming from national and
from Tata Strategic Management Group (TSMG)
international partnerships, so as to make the
and the Tata Council for Community Initiatives.
programme globally competitive. Strive will
The chairman was HN Shrinivas, former HR chief
address both the organised and unorganised
of Indian Hotels Company. TSMG pitched in by
sectors, and have hygiene and quality standards
studying similar models elsewhere and helping TSG
in place. It will be continually monitored by
to map them to the needs of nations like India.
master trainers, who will uphold the quality
When TSG studied the impact of the
structure of Strive. The partners will be equally
community-driven programmes undertaken by
responsible for ensuring consistency in quality.
individual Tata companies across 16 areas in
Tata Strive will train the trainers to teach
2013, it realised the scale of the work undertaken,
and to carry out assessments. It will bring in
and the social impact of that intervention. That
expertise, set standards and identify and share
realisation fuelled the belief that if the group were
best practices. It will also develop curricula,
to consolidate and coordinate its activities on the
assess the trainers, provide certification and
strength of a well thought-out strategy, the effect
facilitate placements. The partners will be
would be tremendous. The thinking was further
responsible for providing the infrastructure,
honed by critical inputs from S Ramadorai, vice
handling the operating expenses and day-to-
chairman of Tata Consultancy Services, who served
day functioning.
as part of the prime ministers advisory group on
skilling. As several Tata companies were already
working in the area of skill development, this gave
Under the partnership model, Tata Strive will
the skilling initiative the potential to make a massive
get into partnerships with Tata companies
difference in the lives of tens of thousands of people
and nonprofits, and non-Tata companies,
across India. This set the context for Tata Strive.
government agencies, foundations, trusts and
banks. Mr Gudipati says that the realisation

October 2014 
 Tata Review

ITIs and nonprofits to not only expand their

offerings but also make them market relevant
as these programmes would be developed by
companies based on their needs for instance,
an auto mechanic course designed by Tata
Motors or a refrigeration mechanic course
designed by Voltas. In the partnership model,
banks will play an important role. A partnership
with a bank will enable students who wish to
set up as entrepreneurs to receive loans. The
bank will undertake the due diligence required
to ensure that the best candidates have access to
necessary funds.

The captive centre model will be completely
driven by the Tata group. To start with, four
centres will be set up in four regions of India.
The centres will be set up in buildings owned
or leased by Tata companies, thus leveraging
existing infrastructure. This model will give
Strive the on-ground experience of running
the centres.
Mr Gudipati says, This experience will
help us to understand how the whole system
works. Having our own centres will also give us
the freedom to experiment and evolve faster.
The first three years are intended to be
a pilot, allowing the model to be accepted,
to evolve and to begin making a difference.
Within Tata companies, the mood towards this
programme is extremely positive. There is a
perception that, given the scale of the group
and the resources and the wealth of knowledge
and intellectual capital it holds within itself,
Tata Motors has partnered with ITIs and nonprofits to help with a programme such as this could change the
need-based training programmes face of India and many other countries. Mr
Gudipati says, Companies are happy that this
a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with programme will open up a large number of
Tata Sons. The Strive team is working to build trades and partnerships, enabling the group to
the Amritsar ITI into a model institute and take advantage of all its resources.
identify the issues, ranging from infrastructure, There are many expectations riding
equipment, capacity of the teachers, needs of upon the programme and the Tata group is
community and industry, and governance and determined to make Tata Strive a success. The
systems, that hold it back. vision for the programme can be expressed in
Tata Strive is discussing opportunities another saying attributed to the Buddha: If
to partner with nonprofits across India and you light a lamp for someone else, it will also
overseas. Partnering with Strive will enable brighten your path. 

60 Tata Review 
October 2014


Life skills Tata Advanced Systems (TASL) requires fairly
specialised skill sets, for which the company has

for India set up its own internal training centre, which

is benchmarked against the global best. The
training is meant for graduates of industrial
training institutes. By the end of the nine-
Tata companies are training month course, they are skilled mechanics,
thousands of youth across India capable of handling aerostructures assembly and
aerospace programming. The centre has trained
in skill sets that make them 600 people so far.
employable and productive
Tata Chemicals has set up a number of skill

n India, the Tata skilling initiative is powered building initiatives in all its locations. At
by the efforts of individual companies Babrala in Uttar Pradesh, it has a full-fledged
working to support thousands of youngsters training centre offering courses that range from
and the community at large. While the scale mobile repairing and accounting to sewing and
and size of the skill-building projects differ, hospitality services. More than 5,400 youth have
each company is making quality training and been trained at this centre. In addition, nearly
industry-relevant vocational skills available to 185 youth have been trained for rural BPOs
those who need it most. operated by the Uday Foundation in Mithapur
and Babrala.
HOSPITALITY SERVICES At Babrala, the Tata Chemicals Society
In 2009, Indian Hotels Company (IHCL) set for Rural Development (TCSRD) has tied up
up its first hospitality skills training centre in with Larsen & Toubro to train youth from
Khulthabad, Maharashtra, in association with neighbouring villages to work towards the
the nonprofit Pratham. The centre offers basic plant expansion. Training is offered in trades
training in hotel industry processes, including such as masonry, fitting, welding, carpentry,
food production, housekeeping, and food and mobile repairing, accounting, basic computers,
beverage services. desktop publishing and garment making. For
IHCL currently runs 36 such centres in less this, TCSRD partners Rishi Weld Tech and
developed regions of India, such as Kalimpong Mini ITI, Rajkot. For hotel management and
in the northeast and Chhattisgarh in central catering services, it has tied up with IHCL
India. About 9,000 youth have passed through and the Navjeevan Trust. It has also tied up
these programmes, and about 97 percent of with the Dalit Shakti Kendra to train girls in
them have found jobs in the hospitality industry.
The company has also joined hands with Tata
Steel to set up similar centres at Kolabera near
Jamshedpur and at Behrampur, Odisha, and
with Tata Chemicals for a centre at Mithapur
in Gujarat. It has also roped in Jiva Spa to
offer a three-month course in spa services in
partnership with the Don Bosco Centres in
Nagaland and Assam. Apart from skill training,
the company engages in the revival of indigenous
art and culture forms and supports over 1,000
artisans and cultural troupes in India. IHCL trains youth in hospitality skills

October 2014 
 Tata Review

makeup and hair styling, videography and corporate etiquette and IT competency, reaches
photography and stitching. The centre at out to deserving candidates across India. Since
Haldia in West Bengal has courses in mobile 2010, the company has trained over 37,000
repairing, electrical repair and fitting, computer youth, about 15,000 of whom are from scheduled
hardware, and repairs of ACs, refrigerators and castes and tribes (SC / ST). More than 2,700
two-wheelers, in association with Jan Shiksha of the trainees are employed with TCS-BPS
Sansthan and Webcon Consulting more today. The success of the BPS Employability
than 7,600 people have been trained here. An programme led TCS to start a new initiative in
additional 6,000 people have benefited from FY14. Students studying in the 5th semester of
farm-based training programmes such as pond four engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh,
management, agricultural development services, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra
seed production, dairy farming, food processing, received training through a specially designed
etc. Through its Okhai initiative, TCL supports 200-hour module to promote IT skills.
about 450 traditional artisans at Okhamandal, TCS was the first company to sign an MoU
Gujarat, in design, marketing and enterprise with National Skills Development Corporation
management support. (NSDC) under project Udaan in 2011. Udaan
offers Kashmiri youth a 14-week training
BUSINESS PROCESSES programme to improve employability. So far,
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) trains nearly 400 youngsters have benefited from
unemployed graduates to work in Business this. TCS has also set up a faculty development
Process Services (BPS). This programme, programme to enhance the capability of the
offering training in English communication, faculty in ITIs and ensure that quality and course
delivery is in line with industry practices. About
100 teachers from ITIs in eight states have been
trained and certified by TCS. Another TCS
programme, InsighT, promotes team building,
leadership, communication and presentation
skills in Class 12 students. It has impacted about
3,000 students in three years.

Tata Motors (TML) has partnered with 137
ITIs across the country. Of these, 33 ITIs are
part of the Institute Management Committee
Sharpening aerospace skills at TASLs Advanced model, under which a TML representative is the
Craftsmanship Centre in Hyderabad chairman of the ITI. These ITIs have the potential
to train 10,000 students annually in required
automobile trades. The company trains another
3,000 students every year through its in-house
industrial training facility. It has also partnered
with Confederation of Indian Industry to provide
soft skill training to 1,000 ITI graduates. The
company recently launched the Learn and Earn
programme for youth, which provides on-the-job
training in motor mechanics. TML has started
14 driving schools in order to meet the projected
need for nearly 5 million commercial vehicle
Young students receiving skills training in motor mechanics drivers by 2022. The company trains about 1,000

62 Tata Review 
October 2014


novice drivers annually and provides refresher

training to over 4,000 drivers. TML has also
developed non-automotive training programmes
in areas such as retail, construction, ITES trades,
dairy, pisciculture and poultry.

Tata Powers tie-ups with ITIs in Maharashtra,
Gujarat, Odisha and Jharkhand promote skill-
building in nursing and call centre management.
Women self-help groups are trained in making
jute bags, traditional handicrafts and incense Tata Powers career development centre in Maithon, Jharkhand
sticks. The training, which includes soft skills in
communication and teamwork, has benefited over
4,000 people over the last five years. Tata Power
and Tata Business Support Services set up a rural
BPO in Khopoli, Maharashtra, where more than
2,300 youth have trained as call centre executives
in the last five years. Another skill-building
initiative with Tata Steel in Tiruldih, Jharkhand,
focuses on vocational training for project-
affected youth. The Tata Power Skill Development
Institute is a new initiative expected to benefit Students at a training programme organised by Titan in Hosur
over 600 power sector workers in FY15 through
programmes designed to train, test, certify and Ustadi programme, a collaborative initiative with
accredit workers. The institute will initially focus training partners and contractors at Jamshedpur,
on Tata Powers associate workforce and will Nagpur and Hyderabad.
later include other power companies.
TECHNICAL SKILLS Titan Companys first skilling initiative dates back
Tata Projects has initiated tie-ups with ITIs, to 2005, when it organised a three-year course at
nonprofits, training partners and other Tata its watch division in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. Here,
companies to offer short term residential / non- local students, a quarter of whom belonged to SC
residential courses in trades such as welding, / ST groups, are taught fitting. About 200 students
bar bending, form carpentry, tower erection and have completed the course so far. Titan also offers
reverse osmosis plant training. At least 25 percent underprivileged school dropouts a one-year
of the candidates hail from SC / ST groups. The course in jewellery making and precious metal
programme offers on-the-job training with work, conducted at the Hosur unit. Over 170
a stipend, and minimum employment of six candidates have been trained so far. The company
months after the training. So far, the programme sponsors a Chennai-based vocational training
has placed more than 1,000 people. The company centre to train underprivileged youth in skills
also offers vocational training in mobile repairing, such as retailing, data entry and watch repair.
Tally software, computer hardware, plumbing Recently, the company entered into a similar
and basic computer skills. It partners with ITIs engagement with another organisation for skilling
in Andhra Pradesh to enhance skills in welding youth affected by the Uttarakhand floods in 2013.
and fitter trades. The company plans to train Across India, Tata companies are going the
about 6,000 people every year in skills required extra mile to set up training that is relevant and
for tower erection and stringing, through the much needed. 

October 2014 
 Tata Review

to fill those jobs. With figures like these, its

STEM talent clear why STEM has become a cause of concern
for both the government and industry. The

for America increasingly knowledge-driven economy of

America stands particularly at risk of losing its
technology edge in the global market.
Building up the talent pool in the area is a
Tata companies are addressing
critical need and that is where Tata companies
UIFEFDJUJOTDJFODF  such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Tata
technology, engineering and Technologies, Jaguar Land Rover and Tata
Interactive Systems in North America are doing
math skills in America to build their bit for skill development in STEM. TCS
a much-needed talent pool has opened up multiple fronts and is working
in collaboration with industry bodies, not-for-

t seems counterintuitive, but America, profit organisations, communities, universities
the land of technology advances, is facing and local schools. For TCS, the STEM initiative
an acute shortage in talent from science, meets a critical business imperative by ultimately
technology, engineering and mathematics increasing the size of the skilled talent pool in
(STEM) fields of study. There is a huge demand computer science and IT.
from the industry for such personnel, but the TCSs STEM initiative actually brings
number of Americans entering the workforce together the companys capabilities in
with STEM skills is not keeping pace. technology, volunteering and philanthropy to
The data shows a clear picture there will create for students a pathway from education to
be 8 million STEM jobs in the US by 2018. Of a career. In FY14, over 440 TCS employees in
these, there will be more than 1.4 million jobs the US volunteered for the STEM initiative to
(by 2020) that require computer science and teach computer science lessons, train teachers
programming skills, but only 400,000 graduates and mentor students. Last year alone, TCSs pro
bono, skilled-based volunteering through
their partner Npower resulted in $620,000 of
social good for education non profits.
Says Balaji Ganapathy, head of workforce
effectiveness, TCS North America. We are
engaging at different levels on this issue. At a
national level this means bringing attention
to the problem and providing forums for
solutions on education policy, state funding
and local industry engagement. Second is using
technology, which is the greatest enabler for
providing a national infrastructure. Third is
leading cross-sector partnerships to collaborate
and scale successful programmes. Finally, skilled
technology professionals from our company are
mentoring and inspiring young students to be
future STEM leaders.

TCS is ramping up its engagement with
Children at an IT skills workshop organised by TCS in Atlanta STEM on several fronts. It has partnered

64 Tata Review 
October 2014


with STEMconnector to bring out several Skilled technology professionals

publications such as the 100 CEO leaders in
from our company are mentoring
STEM report. STEMconnector is a consortium
of companies, nonprofit associations and and inspiring young students to
professional societies, STEM-related research be future STEM leaders.
and policy organisations, government entities, Balaji Ganapathy, head, workforce effectiveness, TCS NA
universities and academic institutions
concerned with STEM education and the future
of human capital in the United States. underserved groups. Already, through US2020s
TCS also convenes the Computer Science City Competition, nine of the ten largest cities
Executive Round Table which brings together in the country and 29 different US states have
executives, government officials and thought begun to craft their five-year STEM plans.
leaders to identify strategies for fueling The number of women pursuing STEM
interest and participation of students in STEM education and careers is dismal. Million Women
careers. Mr Ganapathy says: These events Mentors have built a network of 42 nonprofit
give us different insights. There is the skills partners, representing over 18 million girls to
gap viewpoint that employers see. There is the change this equation. TCS has pledged 15,000
education gap, which is what administrators mentors by the year 2018, resulting in 300,000
and nonprofits see. In the six months between hours of mentorship for women and girls. More
the two roundtables, six states moved to than 170,725 mentors have already signed up on
recognise computer science as a math or the MWM mentoring portal created by TCS and
science credit; signalling that the winds of
change are blowing.

Another feature of the STEM initiative is
the emphasis on building a network of two
million mentors across the country to work
with traditionally disadvantaged communities
including women, minorities, low income
groups and war veterans. For this, the company
has been a founding partner of two national
mentoring initiatives, US2020 and Million
Women Mentors (MWM).
US2020 is a national initiative that
encourages corporate volunteerism and
includes industry leaders such as CISCO,
Chevron, SanDisk, Raytheon and Cognizant.
The partnership aims to engage one million
STEM professionals in high impact mentorship
opportunities by the year 2020. Within TCS, the
goal is to have 20 percent of TCSs American
workforce volunteer for at least 20 hours a year
as mentors, providing them with expertise and
real-world perspective.
TCS is also building the US2020
technology platform to help cities scale
their STEM mentoring for minorities and Children dabble in technology at a workshop in Chicago

October 2014 
 Tata Review

launched in January 2014.

Alma matters TCS is a partner for the National Center
for Women & Information Technology
For the last six years, Tata Consultancy Services (NCWIT)s Clinton Global Initiative
has worked with local schools in three cities Commitment to Action to scale the AspireIT
in the United States to build more interest in programme and engage 10,000 middle school
schoolchildren for careers in science, technology, girls in learning computing concepts, along
engineering and mathematics (STEM) streams. with Intel Foundation, Google, Northrop
TCSs goIT programme is a stellar example of a Grumman, Microsoft Sphero, and UC Irvine.
skilling initiative at the local school level. Launched The focus is on promoting the interest
in 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and led by TCS of girls who are choosing STEM careers, says
volunteers, the goIT programme is TCSs signature Caitlin Olson, STEM programme manager,
capacity building educational platform. The TCS North America. Right now it is at 12-17
programme teaches students how to collaborate in percent [of total enrolment]; we want to push it
team activities, participate in technical workshops to at least 20 percent, if not further.
with IT professionals, discover career opportunities
and compete in robot challenges. Each TCS INDUSTRY ENGAGEMENT
volunteer completes extensive training, covering In order to improve employability, TCS has also
youth psychology, US education systems and goIT instituted several industry-liaison programmes
corporate sustainability programming, to aid their that directly connect employers with promising
preparation as a mentor to students. students. For example, the company has
2014 has been a banner year for TCS goIT. established campus relationships with over 90
The programme expanded from three to 11 cities universities and higher education institutions
across North America and 200 new employees in the United States.
volunteered. This resulted in more than 6,500 hours In the next leg of advancement, TCS is
of high-impact skill building and computer science leading STEM 2.0, a public-private partnership
programming. Whats remarkable is the impact initiative of STEMconnector and its STEM
over 7,500 students have been engaged, of which Innovation Task Force. STEM 2.0 will focus
70 percent reported an increased interest in STEM on identifying, defining and inculcating new
disciplines, and there has been a marked increase capability platforms, or skill sets, in future
NEODQBDMSHMRSTCDMSRBGNNRHMF23$,DKCRHM STEM professionals, such as employability
college. skills, innovation excellence, digital fluency and
hard skills. While STEM 1.0 is the education
systems current output, STEM 2.0 provides
a pathway for industry to actively engage
in creating career readiness for the next
generation workforce.
Though TCS is leading the way, other
Tata companies such as Tata Technologies,
Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Interactive Systems
are also part of the effort to boost STEM
education in North America. By opening
up new opportunities and awareness in the
field of STEM education, Tata companies are
surely driving a vital change, which is bound
to improve the performance barometer of the
In America, over 7,500 students have been engaged through IT industry in America and give the country a
the goIT initiative led by Tata Consultancy Services competitive advantage. 

66 Tata Review 
October 2014


that young adults in China receive training

Grooming and are groomed to become world citizens and
corporate ready, before they officially enter

young talent the TCS China workplace. The course teaches

skills such as how to work closely with a team of
colleagues that they have never met before; how

in China to meet a pressing deadline; how to navigate a job

interview; how to put newly-honed technical skills
to practice; how to create a great first impression;
The TCS China University how to interact with and influence a colleague
who is half way across the world, through virtual
steps up to offer soft skills
media; amongst other things.
training in partnership with 25
universities across the country GROOMING FOR SUCCESS
The grooming or training is done through
extremely close collaboration with 25 identified

hile in-depth knowledge and partner universities in China and is present in
industry expertise is essential, several cities including Shanghai, Hangzhou,
proficiency in English, inter- Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu and Haerbin.
personal skills as well as problem The technical curriculum of these
solving and other managerial skills that enable universities is carefully scrutinised by the TCS
people to work with colleagues across the globe China team, which works closely with partner
and manage all kinds of diverse situations are universities to ensure that course materials
important too. Graduates and young adults all are continuously updated to reflect changing
over the world face such challenges when they technological and client requirements. These
leave the campus. collaborations take the form of campus
Over the years, Tata Consultancy Services presentations, lectures and training courses for
(TCS) has found that helping young adults professors and university students alike. Training
to shape the future direction of their careers sessions are held at the partner universities.
is a crucial and critical aspect of their talent Technical and soft skills training, internships
development. In China, TCS has addressed this and on-the-job mentoring are also provided to
issue by conceptualising and starting the TCS university students, to develop skillsets required
China University (TCSCU) in 2011. for success at the workplace. Some of these skills
The core function of the TCSCU is to ensure are taught even prior to graduation. This has been

The core function of TCSCU is to ensure that young adults in China receive training and are
groomed to be corporate ready. Till date TCSCU has successfully worked with 1,135 students

October 2014 
 Tata Review

a very successful intervention, with university learn from them, says Li Feifei, a fresh graduate
students and fresh graduates alike rating the from Shuren University. Weng Kaibo, a graduate
soft skills and technical training, and mentoring from the University of the Ceramic Institute of
extremely well, with a close to 100 percent Jingdezhen, says, I learnt how to apply theoretical
satisfaction rating. knowledge in practice, and the interpersonal
The faculty (at TCSCU) is excellent and all effectiveness course is really interesting. I learnt
of them are outstanding people and we should a lot! Till date TCSCU has successfully worked
with 1,135 students and has conducted training
sessions for 150 professors and teachers.
Skills that students picked up YOUNGER MINDS
during the Go for IT initiative Aside from TCSCU, which looks at developing
university students in preparation for the
Motivation for personal goals: Initiative, workforce, TCS China has also initiated a
engagement, willingness to try new things, programme for younger talent that is aimed
persistence, work ethics, commitment and a drive to at teenagers from local schools. This is done
pursue interests and personal development. through their Go for IT initiative which they
have started in collaboration with the Jianping
Executive functioning skills: Planning ahead, High School in Shanghai.
organisation, execution and completion of projects, As part of the inititative, the TCS
informed decision making, judgment, concentration Shanghai office along with Jianping High
and self-monitoring. School conducted an intensive nine day onsite
programme for 15 bright and promising
Glimpses into life at work: Job experience, teenagers. For nine days, all 15 students
interviewing, working hard, accepting criticism embarked upon a rigorous, intensive learning
and following directions. Students were given journey. Among other things, they picked up
opportunities to interview candidates applying to basic office software applications and learnt
TCS, and were matched with mentors they had to how to apply these skills at work, interacted
learn how to accept feedback and follow directions. with top business leaders within TCS China,
shadowed different corporate functions, applied
Academic skills: Intellectual curiosity, study habits newly learnt skills in work assignments, and
and value of learning. worked closely with team mates and TCS
China leaders who were assigned as mentors.
%MOTIONALAWARENESS REECTION REGULATION A Students worked on a designated theme and
big emphasis of the programme was on were expected to research, plan and develop a
introspection. Students were expected to introspect presentation deck by the end of the programme.
on their performance and relationships with their They also practiced public speaking and
team(s) and mentors at the start and end of every presentation skills.
day. They were also asked to set goals every day. All participating students who participated
appreciated the programme and were extremely
Social skills: Through team projects and their satisfied with the training. I learnt to be
interactions with different corporate functions within the confident and passionate, more meticulous
company, students had to hone their ability to size up and so on. I can see my progress thanks to
interpersonal situations. They also learnt the following TCS China, says Gong Jiaying, a participant.
lessons: cooperation with others, communication Another student, Wang Junkun, says, I really
RJHKKR BNMHBSQDRNKTSHNMRJHKKR F@HMHMFODQRODBSHUD@MC enjoyed the knowledge shared by the mentors.
accurate self-appraisal in groups. Their international perspective, inputs and
advice on our appearance, etiquette and the

68 Tata Review 
October 2014


way we carry ourselves was very useful. initiative, adds, I find that the students get a lot
The mentors who trained the students were from the mentoring experience and it is exciting
equally happy with the progress shown by for the mentor to watch the changes that occur
the candidates. One of them explains, I was in the students during the process. For some
pleasantly surprised by the maturity and level students the mentoring process can be a life
of thinking during the presentations. They gave changing one. Above all, everyone has a great
me a lot of food for thought and I found myself deal of fun.
learning from their perspectives. TCS China strongly believes in investing
for the long-run and is deeply committed to
FUTURE TALENT developing Chinas young talent (teenagers and
The Go for IT programme was so well- graduates alike) and growing along with them.
received that Jianping High School suggested Reiterating this belief, Sujit Chatterjee, president,
establishing a long term alliance with TCS TCS China, concludes, We are deeply invested
China; a contract between the high school in Chinas future and we believe that we need
and TCS China has been signed. Due to the to start developing tomorrows leaders today.
overwhelmingly positive feedback, there are While we prepare these extremely talented
plans to extend this programme to other cities young people for an ever-changing, dynamic
where TCS China has a presence. future, they bring fresh insights, thoughts and
Lumin W, the TCS point of contact for this perspectives and we too, learn from them.

Skilling up
in Singapore
NatSteels upskilling initiatives
are tied to the Singapore
governments aim of building a
more competitive workforce
NatSteel has set up an academy to train its workforce
with the latest learning required in a competitive market

n a challenging economy, one way to stay
ahead of the curve is to invest in developing
the capabilities of people. And thats what and saves costs, since workers can be trained to
Singapore-based steel maker NatSteel do the work of foreigners who used to be hired
Holdings (NSH) is doing. for steel making.
NatSteel, a subsidiary of Tata Steel and part The companys talent development
of the $100 billion Tata group, understands that initiatives are helmed by a Centre of Expertise
giving its employees the knowledge and skills (COE) and the NatSteel Academy (NSA), both
needed to work in a high-tech environment is set up by the human resources department. The
critical it makes employees feel valued, pushes academy has already been recognised for its good
them to aim higher and boosts the companys work earning a certification as an on-the-
profitability. Upskilling and training is also a key job training (OJT) provider from Singapores
differentiator in attracting and retaining the best premier skilling institute, ITE. As part of our
staff. In NatSteels case, upskilling enhances safety OJT, we have senior, experienced workers taking

October 2014 
 Tata Review

juniors under their wings, consulting them the ITE. The NatSteel Academy also achieved a
regularly and guiding them in their work, says major milestone accreditation as an approved
Lucy Tan, chief HR officer, NatSteel. training organisation (ATO) to conduct in-house
NatSteels upskilling initiative is also training under the Workforce Development
part of a bigger picture, aligned as it is to the Agencys precision engineering Workforce Skill
Singapore governments thrust on skill building Qualification (WSQ) framework. The framework
across industries. A report in 2010 by the will provide a comprehensive skills upgrading
Economic Strategies Committee (which advises platform for most of NatSteels employees
the government on building capabilities for from the rank and file to supervisors.
growth), had recommended a national effort to Palani Baskar, a machine operator who
raise the skills and productivity of workers as has benefited from the in-house training says:
the only viable way to enhance competitiveness. The OJT modules I completed have taught me
In line with this objective, the Singapore a lot about the machines I am operating. Now, I
government identified certain industries such can do my work more effectively. NatSteel has
as manufacturing, construction, health care been recognised for the quality of its upskilling
and finance as key to supporting the growth of programmes, but it is not resting on its laurels.
important economic sectors. To make sure that academy trainers are abreast of
NatSteel arranges to deliver training in the latest developments in the industry, NatSteel
a number of ways. Apart from the in-house is having them attend the WDAs Workplace
NSA, workers get an opportunity to earn the Trainer Programmes. According to Joseph Yong,
best of national qualifications through the NSAs project sponsor and chief operating officer,
companys tie-ups with the Singapore Workforce sending trainers for training makes a lot of sense:
Development Agency (WDA), the Employment This helps us establish our talent base and
& Employability Institute (e2i), the Institute of knowledge management core, and places us in a
Adult Learning (IAL), NTUC Learning Hub, and stronger position to meet future challenges.

ITs raining
Varun Kapur, vice president and head of
Middle East and Africa at TCS explains: We
have introduced several skills development

skills in Africa programmes for the benefit of youth in

South Africa. These skills will enhance their
competencies and enable them to strive for a
In South Africa, TCS is better career. The training covers a wide range
of relevant modules such as Java EE, Mainframe,
empowering local talent by C++ Imot, .Net, BIPM, Bizskill, V&B, Testing,
training students in a wide EIS and Oracle DB.


TCS has invested significant resources in

ince skilling is a sustainable path to setting up two IT learning centres to support
empowerment, this is the route that Tata the education needs of adults and children.
Consultancy Services (TCS) has chosen The IT training centre, set up at Diepsloot in
to meet the aspirations of youth in South collaboration with nonprofit Change the World,
Africa. The companys skills development training seeks to train underprivileged youth and the
programme, dating back to 2011, focuses on unemployed. The company has also partnered
building strong employable skills. with the Department of Public Enterprise to

70 Tata Review 
October 2014


Along with training in IT skills, TCS is also offering on-the job training to youth in South Africa

establish an IT learning centre at Eastern Cape. knowledge transition for more than 2,000 South
This centre is named after the late Oliver Tambo, African customer employees, who have been
a South African anti-apartheid politician and a trained in a wide range of IT skills, including
central figure in the African National Congress. applications and tools from Oracle, Microsoft,
Another TCS initiative, aimed at schoolchildren Solaris, PeopleSoft and Siebel. The subjects
in rural areas, seeks to create IT awareness. covered include mobile applications, business
The target is to touch about 100 children a year analysis, system architecture, system design and
through training. project management, among others. The training
Also on the agenda are plans to organise the has already covered more than 8,000 hours.
TCS IT Wiz, a quiz which has gained immense
popularity in India where it was first initiated. The TRUE COMMITMENT
quiz is now conducted in several international Going local is another of the companys
venues. This animation-based quiz initiative sustainability pillars, and one of its goals is to
will engage young children in South Africa to localise 80 percent of global deliveries. TCS has
encourage strategic and lateral thinking and take established service delivery and resource centres
learning beyond school walls. in Johannesburg to serve local customers; these
will be managed and staffed by South African
REACHING OUT TO YOUNGSTERS citizens. Going forward, the operations at the
The emphasis on skills development is core to delivery centre will be expanded to service
the TCS philosophy on giving back to society. international customers.
Mr Kapur says, TCS has made a commitment The local focus is one of the ways that
to South Africa, and we are passionate about TCS demonstrates its commitment to inclusive
empowering the local talent. We have, therefore, development. TCS is proud of being recognised
made training a core focus of our plan to as a level 2 contributor to the Broad Based Black
develop internal capability. Economic Empowerment (BBBEE), a South
The company has taken great pains to build African initiative to uplift underprivileged
its graduate development programme. This is members of society. The goal of BBBEE is to
a 50-day intensive course that covers software distribute wealth across a broad spectrum of
engineering concepts, quality management previously disadvantaged South African society.
systems, software tools and communication skills. TCS, one of the worlds biggest
TCS also offers specialised training to its brand names in the IT sector, is taking its
customers on niche skills. This initiative involves competencies and domain knowledge to a
on-the-job practical training with assigned new level by using IT to enable and empower
mentors who are subject matter experts. In local youth in South Africa and bring about a
the past few years, TCS has worked to ensure transformation in their lives.

October 2014 
 Tata Review

The brave new

world of marketing
Big data, mobility, social media, e-commerce, many ways, the true custodian of
the brand is the consumer. Deepa
reputation management the language of Harris, senior vice president, global
marketing has changed, and companies are now sales and marketing at Taj Hotels
Resorts and Palaces, concurs,
connecting with customers in unique ways Marketing has moved from being a
broadcast medium to an interactive

hat does tea have to do socio-economic-psychographic space one. Consumers are engaging and
with politics? Nothing. where companies interface with their co-creating brands and products.
And yet, one of Tata consumers, the relationship between In sync with the changing
Teas biggest marketing the two has changed, and therefore, customer connection, Tata
efforts this year was to encourage so has the marketing function. companies including service
Indias 49 percent voter base of There is, in fact, a dramatic companies such as IT giant Tata
women to step up and cast their difference in the way companies Consultancy Services (TCS)
vote. The Power of 49 campaigns interact with their customers today and hospitality major Taj Hotels
ambitious goal was to touch 100 they are not just talking to their Resorts and Palaces (Taj Group),
million women voters. The impact of customers, they are listening to FMCG behemoths such as Tata
the campaign was such that just one them, and even enlisting their active Global Beverages (TGB), and even
of the initiatives racked up as many participation in the creation of new consumer durables companies
as 50,000 calls per day from women, products. This shift in the marketing such as Titan and Tanishq have
with the campaign registering about paradigm has been powered by changed their marketing gameplan.
one and a half million women, who the digital medium that allows
spoke about womens issues. consumers and customers to do CONTENT IS KING
The Power of 49 campaign research on companies and products, Over at TCS, the name of the game
does not stand alone it is one source relevant information to make is content marketing. Global head
of a series of social and civil purchase decisions, and voice their of marketing John Lenzen says
governance campaigns that Tata opinions and choices across social that they work on the premise that
Tea has been promoting through its media channels. Sushant Dash, decision makers and potential
social platform Jaago Re (meaning global brand director at Tata Global customers will use the power of the
awaken). And it is a powerful Beverages (TGB), says that marketers web to research and understand the
example of how, somewhere in that like him now acknowledge that in company. The digital medium has

72 Tata Review 
October 2014


changed the dynamics of marketing. who are interested in these topics to

The burden is on us to make sure that our site, says Mr Lenzen.
not only do we convey information Content marketing is an
on our product and services, but important initiative at the Taj Group
also our corporate identity and our as well, as it creates the connect
differentiators. We need to make between the brand and its relevance
sure our customers know that we are to the consumer. Says Ms Harris,
thinking about the problems they Content reigns supreme with
have or they might have, and that visuals becoming the new language
we are coming up with ways to solve of marketing. The Taj is investing in
those problems, says Mr Lenzen. creating immersive experiences to
The TCS marketing team perfect the art of storytelling.
works hand in hand with teams Some of the storytelling is via
from various business units, HR, rich media content for example,
communications and CSR, to videos of real-time customers on
create content that talks to targeted their varied journeys with the Taj.
stakeholders. Social media is a Such video content can be used
big driver of this content and across various touch points to bring
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, alive the brand experience in the
Google+ and SlideShare form the virtual world, says Ms Harris. Taj has
primary channels. TCS also drives also used the blog space efficiently.
its branding through blogs. We For the Taj Falaknuma launch, there parts of the world. The bloggers
create blogs on several topics that were several bloggers among the played their role in creating and
help enhance our thought leadership media personnel who were flown sharing live content first-hand, across
platform. These also attract people down to Hyderabad from different their respective markets.
The impact of digital has
grown so strong that companies are
How Tata Global Beverages connects investing larger sums in creating
digital and mobile campaigns that
the tea drinker with the tea grower either stand alone or are part of
360-degree campaigns across the
As part of its sustainability messaging,
brand space. At watch and accessory
Tata Global Beverages launched Tetley
company Titan, Rajan Amba,
Farmer First Hand, a channel that connects
marketing and product head for
tea drinkers with the people who grow
India and international markets, says
tea in Malawi, Kenya and Munnar in India.
that in the very near future, Titans
Says global brand director Sushant Dash,
digital and social investments will
Weve given mobile phones with cameras
grow to more than 20 percent of
to farmers in Malawi and Kenya. The farmers upload whats
the overall brand communication
happening in their lives pruning, harvesting, seasons, etc.
budget. Currently we are in the
Weve also commissioned a blogger who writes articles.
process of reworking our digital
Visitors can experience the lives of the farmers, and can
strategy to engage with the consumer
chat with them. They can wish them and send them e-cards.
in a more proactive manner. Digital
We also run photo contests around tea on Pinterest and
allows us to have a continuous
Instagram. The farmer initiative is being taken to Munnar this
evolving engagement with the
year, and, whats interesting is that the Facebook site in India
consumer, says Mr Amba.
is Hindi enabled.
Across the road at Tanishq, head
of marketing Deepika Tewari agrees

October 2014 
 Tata Review

its customers insights into the very

same digital world that it straddles.
One of the biggest sources of content
is the TCS Global Trends Study that
surveys 600-800 companies across
geographies and provides findings
on how companies and consumers
operate and behave in the digital
world. The study comes out twice
a year and covers topics such as
social media, big data, mobility,
Divas of Rock: A cultural platform created by the Taj Group convergence, etc.
The study is a comprehensive
that digital and mobile marketing new jewellery collection. Recently, 80-page report that throws up a lot of
have risen to become an integral part for our fine fashion jewellery line interesting and relevant insights on
of marketing strategies in the last five Iva, we introduced the Ivalicious business and technology issues faced
years. Digital marketing has a wide contest where customers could win by our clients. We slice it, dice it, and
reach and provides an opportunity prizes by uploading a creative picture package it with infographics and
of two-way communication, which of themselves in a piece of jewellery interactive media. We use the info in
benefits the consumer as well as the from the collection, says Ms Tewari. all our marketing channels across
marketer, she says. One example is Digital marketing is a key tool media, across geographies, across
how Tanishq makes it a point to run for TCS and an interesting route that businesses. Our sales teams use the
a social media campaign for every the company has taken is to offer info to talk to potential customers.
Our businesses use the data to
market to their clients. They even
Why the Taj is going mobile friendly hold webinars and other customised
events around it, says Mr Lenzen.
in digital re-platforming of its business, and
this includes the mobility strategy. The idea,
TCS is one of those companies that
says Deepa Harris, senior vice president,
has worked hard to create a comfort
global sales and marketing, is to ensure
zone in the digital space. From a
the business is future proofed. Mobility is
time about five years ago, when
already here. The next billion consumers
the company was unsure of how to
market itself in social media, TCS
50 percent of direct online bookings will be made via mobile
has arrived at a place where there is
devices by 2017.
a coordinated stream of messages
The Taj Group is strengthening its mobile footprint with
that populate popular platforms and
relevant sites and apps. Its luxury and Vivanta by Taj sites
drive the brand marketing (see box:
are already responsive and the launch of the Gateway mobile
Why TCS talks differently on social
responsive site is due soon. Even more interesting is the way
media, Pg 75).
mobiles can be leveraged to convert real-time customers
Digital marketing makes a lot of
for example, taking a decision on where to dine is an on-
sense for TCS because, as Mr Lenzen
the-go decision. To leverage this we are currently piloting
explains, Were not an FMCG
online F&B reservations (desktop and mobile) across a select
company that has to address millions
number of restaurants, shares Ms Harris.
of customers; our audience of current
Other mobile tech initiatives are also under consideration.
and potential customer contacts can
be measured in the tens of thousands.

74 Tata Review 
October 2014


Our marketing is geared towards our

customers as well as our potential
recruits. Youth and potential
TCS talks differently on social media
employees are a big audience for TCS tailors its content marketing to suit
TCS and Twitter, FB and LinkedIn the channel and the audience. In social
are the prime channels for branding. LDCH@ VDG@UDLNUHMFS@QFDSR@MCRODBHB
TCS has over 715,700 followers on strategies for each channel. We try to not
its LinkedIn page, making it one of use the same content in the same way for
LinkedIns top content marketers in all channels, global head of marketing John
India. Its FB page has 345,000 likes. Lenzen explains. TCS says that Facebook is a
So successful is the social media channel where potential and current employees and customers
engine that at a recent TCS IT Wiz are present, yet it is not an appropriate channel for driving
(a quiz event organised by TCS for business messages. Thats not why people go to FB. That is
school students across India), the why FB is where we would talk about our CSR activities, etc.
company recorded nearly 11,000 live The content is more about building the employer brand through
tweets in an hour at the auditorium, messages around sustainability and excitement.
with #TCSITWiz trending over Twitter for TCS is a very dynamic platform. Our business
other popular news that day. customers are not yet using Twitter so much. So our messaging
social media is connecting with the Mr Lenzen. LinkedIn is where the business community resides.
audience in the most appropriate way. Business messages are acceptable and appropriate on
At Tetley in UK, the company has LinkedIn. The content is very business and thought leadership
revived an old and highly popular oriented. It is also a great recruiting environment so HR has a
campaign called Tetley Tea Folk and strong role to play in creating the content.
these iconic cartoon characters are
now the Tetley brand ambassadors.
Tetley does not even have an official biggest budgets are still in mass Then there are active communities
FB page, instead it is the Tetley Tea media, but social media spends have which are fostered by the brand,
Folk who engage with visitors. increased 5-10 percentage points for example Taj Safari supports
There is an implicit rider over the years, says Mr Dash. TGBs communities for wildlife enthusiasts
to leveraging social media for experience over the last 5-6 years in which are curated by the companys
marketing: the content has to be digital media is that though mass naturalists on an ongoing basis.
interesting and engaging. TGBs marketing gives the highest return If digital media has been a game
American coffee brand Eight O on investment, digital is king when it changer for marketers, it has been
Clock Coffee, for instance, ran an comes to engagement and advocacy. followed very quickly by mobility.
interesting contest on Pinterest This engagement is why social Mobile marketing has become as
recently. Visitors had to put up posts platforms like Tata Teas Jaago Re are much of a mantra as social media,
of what they would like as a gift and using digital media to connect with especially in India where internet
the most creative posts would get a customers in spaces distant from penetration is not very high but
$1,000 prize. the marketplace. The Taj Group has mobile telephony is. Mr Dash of
The contest was integrated created platforms like Divas of Rock TGB says, We are doing a lot of
with Eight O Clocks other social and Urban Folk for the Vivanta by work in e-commerce and mobile
media campaigns, and gathered Taj brand to create new connections phone apps, mainly in India. This is
about 10,000 entries and likes. Good with consumers. Divas of Rock is a not limited to smartphones because
Earth is another TGB brand that uses platform to promote Indian female even a SMS campaign gives you a
social media extensively to promote rock artists and events are held lot of reach. For the Jaago Re anti-
itself. All of our brands have a across four-five key Indian cities corruption campaign, we had tied
space on social media. Overall the that are hubs of art and culture. up with Airtel, which sent out more

October 2014 
 Tata Review

mediaand we want to make sure decisions, explains Ms Tewari.

that our brand is seen as current and TGB has been collecting data
relevant. Our mobile apps reflect across 20 geographies on a daily
our capabilities and drive the brand basis. In India alone, they collect
impression that TCS has cool data across 25-30 markets. The
capabilities and does cool things. data is collated every four weeks
These apps also help drive our social and analysed for market activities,
media engagement, says Mr Lenzen. customer satisfaction, advertising
efficacy, where the brands stand vis a
DATA MINING vis the competition, etc.
Another big trend that is driving Theres a lot of data mining that
companies is big data and analytics. happens and this helps us create new
Titan is sitting on one of Indias marketing programmes and even
largest customer databases (see box: new brands. For example, customer
Why big data excites Titan Company, feedback told us that there was a
Pg 76). Tanishq too uses big data market need for a tea with extra
than a million SMSes. People could analytics as a part of its research. aroma and long leaves. This helped
pledge to not give a bribe this Tanishq as a brand has a very us create the Tata Tea Gold brand,
was a two-way process with a call wide reach. Our presence in more says Mr Dash.
to action that excited people. There than 160 cities definitely requires
are intelligent ways of using mobiles us to take the big data analytics VIRTUAL WORLD
beyond smartphones. route. It helps us with consumer A related market trend that also has
Titan too uses mobile marketing information and to understand the a huge impact on marketing is the
as a strategic tool. There are a market patterns. It also helps identify boom in e-commerce. As Mr Amba
variety of platforms and tie-ups that the data that is most important to of Titan puts it, Retail players like
allow us to target mobile consumers the business and future business us are going to have to try even
based on specific target profiles or
even within the geographic areas
around our stores, that automatically
send notifications and updates of
Why big data excites Titan Company
what is happening on the Titan Titan recently merged its customer
brand, says Mr Amba. databases from across its businesses
The Taj Group has been watches, eyewear, jewellery, bags, etc
investing significantly over the last creating a single database of 11 million
few months in the development of customers from Titan, Tanishq, Eye+ and
its mobile platform (see box: Why Fastrack. We are proud to have one of the
the Taj is going mobile friendly, Pg largest customer databases in the country.
74). Over at TCS, mobile apps are a With the merger of the consumer database across the Titan
part of the marketing mix but in an Company, its size and potency has increased even further,
indirect manner. TCS has developed says Rajan Amba, marketing and product head for India and
mobile apps for the Indian elections, international markets. Titans database of customers is used
the World Cup, the Rajasthan Royals for focused marketing efforts, insighting, trends review, result
cricket team and various major evaluation, surveys, feedback, and so on. And the company
marathons including the TCS New says that there is tremendous scope for using this database
York City Marathon, and so on. as a very powerful tool for furthering business. At the very
We have a high interest in digital least, Mr Amba says, it could even become a revenue stream
and mobile applications, big data by itself!
analytics, apps that leverage social

76 Tata Review 
October 2014


harder to match the conveniences

and benefits that e-commerce has
to offer. Over the next five years
we are going to see a much more
experimentative Indian, which
means that traditional brick and
mortar retailers like us will have to
be on our toes.
But perhaps the most significant
change is that companies are
investing in not just talking to
and persuading consumers, but
also in active listening. For many
companies, listening leads to
engagement. Tanishq for example
uses social media as a tool for crowd
sourcing and co-creation (see box:
How Tanishq co-creates excitement
along with new products, Pg 77).
Connect, collaborate and co-create
is becoming the new normal to
engage with customers, says Ms
Harris of the Taj Group, where the
marketing team uses listening not
just as a means of online reputation
management but also for co-creation.
The Taj has invested in listening
tools to monitor online chatter,
which derives insights that impact
both the marketing communication
and product and service offering.
And its a given that active listening
How Tanishq co-creates excitement
on sites like TripAdvisor are critical When Tanishq launched the Mia line of
for the businesss reputation. There jewellery for working women, one of the
is a lot of focus on ensuring that the unique campaigns that connected well with
customer reviews are responded customers was Mia My Expression, the
to across various review sites and QRS DUDQBN BQD@SHNM@BSHUHSXGNRSDCAX
other social platforms. This also Tanishq. It was an open contest that aimed
becomes an opportunity to cross sell to identify and reward the best creative
/ upsell the destination, hotel and its minds across the country. Participants had to submit an idea
services, says Ms Harris. for Mia jewellery. Tanishq received more than 10,000 entries
With so much happening in for the contest and the top 10 winning designs became a part
the digital universe, the marketing of the next Mia collection. The campaign is a win-win-win
paradigm has shifted into a new solution, says head of marketing Deepika Tewari: customers
space, one that Aldous Huxley would are engaged with the brand, Tanishq gets ideas for new
perhaps call a brand new world. products, and the exercise gives the company deep insights
into what customers would like to see on the shelves.
Gayatri Kamath

October 2014 
 Tata Review

Retail is much more than mere shopping. Many elements come together
in a retail store to tell the story of the brand, and to transform shopping into
an experience that is measured by customer delight. Sprawling floor plans,
well-designed interiors, the right kind of music and lighting, unique sets of
products, all make a huge difference.
The role of visual merchandising thus becomes very critical to the whole
journey, which helps to create the desired environment for the brand
through which it engages with the end consumer. At Westside stores, visual
merchandising has gained an international flavour in the last few years with
more trendy and energetic brands hitting the shelves.

Text: Shilpa Sachdev

Photographs: Westside

78 Tata Review 
October 2014


Westside follows a quarterly calendar
for its visual merchandising exercise
with display changes scheduled
for every month. Within the chosen
theme for the quarter, the collections
displayed in the windows, tables
and mannequins change once every

Window displays require a lot of

thought because they grab the

October 2014 
 Tata Review

to be effective enough to entice the person walking

outside to step into the store. Brands in the window
display are rotated according to the trading calendar.
Mannequins are scattered throughout the store and
showcase the designer collection for the season.

In a year, Westside showcases two spring-summer

and two autumn-winter collections, for which photo-
display in the store changes every season as and
when the new collection gets launched.

80 Tata Review 
October 2014


Westside has several sub-brands in its fold. In
tune with the DNA of the brand and what the
brand stands for, the collection is put together
for each sub-brand at the end of every quarter.
be highlighted are displayed in the focus areas
like window displays, mannequins and front
tables. For eg, Nuon is a very edgy and trendy
brand so the section is treated with a brickwall
background with dangling lights to give it an urban
loft-like feel. Other womens brands like Gia,
LOV, Wardrobe and Sassy Soda have a different
background according to the persona they convey.

Under the mens section too, the environment

changes from one sub-brand to another. From
relaxed clothing, to Nuon and Westsport, both
energetic brands, each environment is designed
footwear and accessories section are not treated
in isolation they blend with the visual design
of the clothing brands. For the home section,
the focus is on maintaining a wave of colour,
and putting together a holistic view of the space,

interspersed with either a cushion wall or an

7KHLPSRUWDQW ethnic display to add a visual spurt.
merchandising is to dressing up the store is executed either early
create an environment in the morning before the store opens, or late
at night, before the store closes. No activity
that connects with the
takes place on weekends to avoid disturbing
customer psyche. Every the shoppers.
sub-brand will have a
A great retail experience is one that touches all
different environment. the senses of the customer sight, hearing,
merchandising at Westside enhances this experience through effective
visual merchandising so that the customer feels
privileged to shop with the brand.

October 2014 
 Tata Review

Hope and a helping hand

To address the problems faced by Indias mental working tirelessly in this space.
One initiative that caters
healthcare sector, Tata Trusts are working with to people like Malati is Incense
meeting needs of vulnerable persons
community-based care models and tertiary care with severe mental disorders). The
institutions to extend timely medical care Incense initiative is based on the
idea of collaborating with mental
hospitals to implement services

ishevelled and unkempt, like Malati, who are often on that are need based, contemporary
28-year-old Malati (name the streets because they have no and locally relevant. Incense is
changed) was found caregivers. Unlike others, Malati thus implemented as a partnership
wandering the streets of was slightly more fortunate she between Sangath, Parivartan, the
Pune with no recollection of how received timely help, both medical Regional Mental Hospital (RMH) at
she came there from her home and social, that helped her recover. Yerwada, Pune and the Lokopriya
hundreds of kilometres away in the Mental healthcare in India is Gopinath Bordoloi Regional Institute
state of Chhattisgarh. When Maher, riddled largely by inadequate medical of Mental Health in Tezpur, Assam.
a Pune-based nonprofit that works and professional services, most of The Tata Trusts have provided a grant
with destitute women, children and which is provided through an out of `30.38 million to Parivartan and
men found her, she was extremely of pocket payment based system `31.9 million to Sangath, to build
unwell with overt symptoms of in the private sector. Lack of access such effective intervention models
schizophrenia. With the support to treatments is a huge problem, for the mentally ill.
of Parivartan, a nonprofit that has compounded by ignorance, negative Parivartan, also hosts and is
worked in the area of mental health attitudes and social stigma, that often the hub for community based Jan
for several years, Maher arranged leads to discrimination, ill treatment Man Swasth Programme (JMSP)
for Malatis treatment and helped and violation of human rights. to address the mental health needs
rehabilitate her back into the There is also a need to examine of people with priority disorders
community. Today, Malati is much alternative methods of making like psychosis, depression, epilepsy,
better, works at a local mall, has mental hospitals more responsive problems due to alcohol abuse
been reunited with her family and to the needs of those suffering from and suicide prevention. There are
supports them financially through severe mental disorders. To reach currently six such sites where the
her earnings. out to people in need, Tata Trusts JMSP is being implemented by the
Indias urban and rural spaces have partnered with nonprofits like following partners Ashadeep
are filled with thousands of patients Parivartan and Sangath, who are and ANT in Assam, the Foundation

82 Tata Review 
October 2014


for Research in Community

Health (FRCH) and Parivartan in
Maharashtra, the Jan Chetna Manch
in Jharkhand and the Ramakrishna
Mission Hospital at Varanasi.
The Tata Trusts have funded this
programme by enabling grants to all
these agencies.
Dr Sudipto Chatterjee, a
psychiatrist by profession, is the
programme director. He has a vast
body of knowledge and experience in
the field of mental health. Ashagram,
the first community-based mental
health programme in the country,
was started by him. Dr Chatterjee
and co-programme director Dr
Hamid Dabholkar, a psychiatrist
and founder member of Parivartan,
oversee the management of the
Incense and the JMS programmes.

The JMS programmes aim is to
establish and evaluate a community-
based care system for those affected
by mental disorders. Tasneem Raja,
senior programme officer, health, at
the Tata Trust, explains the objective:
While we have funded several
mental health initiatives in the past, From top: At the primary health centre in Limb village, Satara, two women
we realised that much more work discuss their cases. Roopali Bhosale (standing) programme coordinator and
was needed. We wanted to create master trainer, Parivartan team, with three community health workers
something that would impact a
large number of people. The aim of system. At one of the sites in Satara have some form of mental disorder.
this intervention is not merely to district, Parivartan works with several The team has developed an
treat the disorder but to restore the Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in intervention package of community
person back to as much functionality integrating mental health services based psycho social rehabilitation
as possible, which means you must within the existing public health and they train doctors and
have livelihood and adult literacy system. On an average, one PHC in community health workers to help
linkages, along with other support. the district serves approximately 22 identify people with severe and
The intervention is hence based on villages with a total population of common mental disorders (like
a development context rather than around 46,000 people. Each PHC depression and anxiety) so that they
only a medical context. has only two medical officers who can get timely help and medical
The programme aims to alternatively visit the PHC every three intervention. The community
advocate and facilitate the systemic weeks. They work with nearly 40-60 health workers also organise health
integration of mental healthcare patients every day. On an average awareness talks in villages and make
services within the public healthcare they come across 3-4 people who home visits, as necessary. They

October 2014 
 Tata Review

also reach out to those suffering with three of the most vulnerable them on the importance of taking
from epilepsy and alcohol-related categories of people with severe regular medication, symptom
problems. mental disorders: long stay residents management, relapse management,
Sultana Mulani, a community of mental hospitals (those who have along with life skills such as handling
health worker who has been been in a mental hospital for more money, using a mobile phone, etc.
trained by Parivartan, explains than one year); homeless mentally We try to develop their livelihood
the challenges of the task: Earlier, ill persons and patients living in the skills through activities like making
people would not be forthcoming community who do not have access paper gift bags, handmade paper
if somebody in their family had to medical treatment and care. diaries and clay beads. These
a mental disorder. Many of them After an initial review of 669 creative activities may not bring in a
would chain or lock up the patient long stay patients, the Incense team significant income, but have a great
if there was no one at home to look at Pune identified 200 patients therapeutic benefit.
after him or her. But slowly this is who would receive comprehensive The team in Pune has also set up
changing. Because of our healthcare intervention. The teams effort has a separate long stay and transit ward
awareness programmes in the been to improve the quality of life of within the Yerwada mental hospital
villages and after seeing the benefits these people, many of whom have campus, with help from the hospital
of medical treatment, people are lost basic life skills because of their authorities. While the civil work for
seeking our help and intervention. isolation from the outside world. these wards was undertaken by the
The JMSP faces huge challenges Dr Dabholkar explains: We hospital, refurbishment was done
and obstacles, not the least of which have developed packages of care through the grant received from the
is social resistance. Making systemic which includes leisure and livelihood Tata Trusts.
changes is not an easy task. activities, psycho education, The long stay ward can
Yet, what keeps the teams farming, etc and started re-skilling accommodate around 60 patients
going are the success stories like those suffering from moderate who have been identified and will
that of Malati and the others, whose mental illnesses. We have been able soon be shifted there. Here they will
lives have changed for the better. to reach out to nearly 100 people be further skilled and trained for a
Eventually, JMSP will scale up these from both sites and have managed to livelihood based activity. Some of the
intervention programmes across rehabilitate them, either in their old patients will move to the transit ward
the country, every 100,000 people job or in a new job. a bright and cheerfully painted
per site. Shamika Bapat, a psychiatric room which is a preparatory
social worker from Parivartan who stage before they move out into the
PACKAGE OF CARE works on this project, adds, Once community. Even that will be done in
The Incense programme works the patients feel better, we educate stages, with the patients first moving
into a community home where
they will learn to lead independent
lives and later making the attempt
to reunite with their families and
integrate back into the community.


The Incense programme also works
with homeless mentally ill persons
across both Pune and Tezpur. The
project offers direct counselling and
medical treatment by taking the help
of local authorities such as the police
and the community. The afflicted are
Long stay ward at the Yerwada mental hospital in Pune taken to the nearest mental hospital

84 Tata Review 
October 2014


for treatment. Once they show signs

of improvement, the programme
staff works with organisations like Community housing for women
Maher and others to help stabilise
and rehabilitate them further. In
many scenarios, contacting families
is possible. The programme engages
with the individual and family to
facilitate the person moving back
home with adequate support to
address some of the challenges
that led to homelessness in the first
place, most commonly unbearable
financial strain.
The challenges are many
patients are non-cooperative because From left: Shamika Bapat, social worker at Parivartan with two
they fear being confined in a mental homeless women who found refuge and hope at Unnati Niwas
hospital; communication is difficult
since some of the patients come from The Parivartan team at Pune managed to move out a few women
different states and do not speak patients from the mental hospital to Unnati Niwas, a community
the local language; family members home funded by the Trust. The home provides these women with
cannot be traced or are unwilling to a safe place to stay, one with a warm atmosphere and where they
take in the patient; and so on. have a little more freedom. There is a supervisor who ensures
The homeless are the worst that the patients take their medications regularly to keep their
off especially women, many of illness in check. Currently four women live here, two of whom
whom have been physically and have got jobs, while the other two manage the house chores.
sexually abused. Many suffer from Fifty-year old Sarita Lajput (name changed), one of the
have been neglected and uncared for. proud of and for which she gets paid. I am very happy here. It
The Parivartan and Sangath teams is much better than staying in the hospital where I had to do a
are currently working with about lot of menial chores, she says. Thanks to the Parivartan team,
40 such people in Pune and 24 in these women lead near-normal lives. The team has also helped
Tezpur respectively. these women get Aadhar (unique identity) cards, open bank
the Incense programme is a
collaborative, multi sectoral method
of extending need-based services to financial and social inclusion. For the millions of patients
people with such disorders living in Dr Dabholkar appreciates suffering from mental disorders
the community. This is provided in the support and role that the Tata in India, the Incense and JMSP
collaboration with the hospitals at Trusts have played. The Trust has initiatives offer a ray of hope. These
Tezpur and Pune through trained been with us from the start right programmes dont just work to bring
and supervised non-specialist health from selection of the sites, the NGO about a systemic and sustainable
workers who provide home-based partners, developing the framework change in the mental healthcare
care, information to manage the to giving us the required funds sector but also ensure that help is
illness better to the individual and and being flexible in the use of available and accessible to those in
the family, encouraging compliance these funds. The support has been need.
with medical treatments, access phenomenal they have invested
to employment, social support, into the dream and the idea. Jai Madan

October 2014 
 Tata Review

Grandma learns
the letters
family and community. They were
Womens literacy centres of Tata Power Delhi rendered immobile due to illiteracy
Distribution have empowered more than 12,000 and needed escorts to step out of
their homes since bus numbers,
far, with more joining the ranks each day signs on buses, etc were just a jumble
of shapes for them. Keying in the

eena Rani sits amongst her of the companys corporate social numbers on a mobile phone was
grandchildren, not in her responsibility (CSR) activities, are a task which terrified them. Wily
role as a grandmother but as conducted by TPDDL employees grocery shopkeepers short-changed
a student. The trim 60-year- with commitment that goes beyond
old has learnt the letters and numbers mere volunteering or CSR.
thanks to the classes at Tata We dont see it just as a CSR
Power Delhi Distributions (TPDDL) programme or a literacy initiative, but
womens literacy centres (WLCs) a women empowerment project. We
and never loses a chance to practice drive this with as much passion, or
them. She completed her course at more, than we do our operations or
the WLC in Patrasar Colony jhuggi technology processes, avers Praveer
jhopdi (JJ) cluster or slum colony. Sinha, CEO and executive director,
The people living in the JJ TPDDL.
clusters are some of the poorest
of the poor in Delhi. The clusters A JUMBLE OF SHAPES
lack basic amenities such as sewage In 2006, when TPDDL conducted
lines, regular water supply, proper a need assessment study in JJ
paths, etc; however, they have clusters, womens literacy came
electricity provided by TPDDL. The up as the biggest need of the hour.
company supplies power to North Illiteracy added to the sufferings of
and North West Delhi. The 218 JJ women who were already subject
clusters in its area of operations are to chronic poverty and gender-
the focus of TPDDLs community based disadvantages. Women
activities. The literacy classes, a part lacked a voice and respect in their

86 Tata Review 
October 2014


them of their hard-earned money. such as utilisation of the residence, distinction of enabling functional
Unable to sign, they put thumb electricity consumption, etc. literacy in 40-45 hours. An adult
impressions on documents. The education book developed by DVET,
companys WLCs have transformed BACK TO THE BLACKBOARD based on content by Jamia Millia
the lives of these women in more Each centre teaches women in University, is also a handy accessory
ways than one. TPDDL started with two groups of 15-20 each. The to enabling literacy. A small library
two centres in 2007; the number classes are for 1-1.5 hours daily, six with about 40-50 books is set up at
stands at 290 now, and is set to days a week, and the course is of each centre with a subscription to
increase to 500 in 2015-16. The six months duration. The centres a Hindi newspaper, which serve as
centres are run with support from operate from noon to 5pm. The follow-up support. The beneficiaries
three NGO partners Dhanpatmal beneficiaries, mostly domestic helps, come back at leisure to borrow
Virmani Education Trust (DVET, decide the time as per their personal books or read the newspaper after
251), Sahyog Care for You (28) and convenience after husbands go to completing their course.
Prayas (11) which are funded work, children go to school and they Instructors undergo a one-day
by the company and with whom it complete their chores. training programme, which is jointly
shares an integrated relationship. Learning the letters and numbers conducted by TPDDL and TCS at
TPDDL decides the JJ cluster becomes easy and interesting for the TPDDLs training centre, followed
where a WLC has to be set up and women with the Computer Based by monthly training sessions. TCS
then the NGO conducts a survey Functional Literacy (CBFL)program also supports the programme by
in the area and selects a lady with developed by Tata Consultancy providing recycled computers
education up to class 10 or 12 from Services (TCS). CBFL is an animated to each centre. Apart from basic
the community as the instructor. audiovisual software that provides training in operating computers
The class is held at the instructors basic knowledge of numerals, and CBFL, the teacher is trained on
residence, which is little more than alphabets and language in a lucid how to organise classes; identify,
an 8 x 8 feet room, accommodating and simple manner, and requires approach and convince women;
15-20 beneficiaries. The NGOs decide minimal intervention from the and persuade family members a
the remuneration based on factors teacher. CBFL has to its credit the difficult task in the male-dominated

Oblivious of their surroundings, mothers become attentive students as instructors go over their notebooks
and explain the letters on the audiovisual software

October 2014 
 Tata Review

add-ons to the programme. After the

WLC programme was in full swing,
WLCs are social engineering
the TPDDL team came up with a
programmes. They do not come with a value addition and declared centre
sunset clause of five or 10 years. instructors as brand ambassadors.
Praveer Sinha, CEO and executive director, TPDDL The ambassadors are the first
TPDDL touch points in JJ clusters,
providing information about various
JJ clusters where family members WLCs are witnesses to heart- CSR programmes such as the mobile
discourage aspirants with comments warming tales of empowerment dispensary, vocational training
such as tumhe kaun sa collector unique to each beneficiary. Anju centres, de-addiction camps, tutorial
banna hai 50 saal me [Its not like Wadhwa, programme manager, centres, WLCs and the unique
you will become a district collector DVET, recounts, At one of the `0.1 million accident insurance
at 50 (after becoming literate)]. centres, an old lady just wouldnt scheme for a consumer who pays
Resistance is overcome through stop smiling after she saw her name bills regularly the company pays
personal visits to beneficiary homes etched out for the first time in the insurance premium. The brand
by instructors, rallies, putting up of letters she had written. A 60-year- ambassador is paid a designated
banners and posters, etc. A proactive old beneficiary now feels confident amount for her services.
role is played by the corporate enough to take up dancing and
communications department in singing classes. Another 60-year- A NEVER-ENDING JOURNEY
enabling, enhancing and expanding old confessed to Mr Sinha at the Another interesting add-on is the
the reach of the WLCs across the annual day, I depended on my Earn While You Learn scheme.
JJ clusters. AtTPDDL, we have a mother-in-law to recite the mantras During the training session at
robust CSR communication strategy for the karva chauth pooja. She was the beginning of each month, the
focused oncreating beneficial reluctant to teach me the prayers. instructors or brand ambassadors
engagements within the communities After attending classes, I can read are given a list of 100 defaulters
in which we operate, says Ajey my own prayers. in the vicinity of their centre.
Maharaj, head of department, As Mr Sinha points out, The brand ambassadors counsel
corporate communications. WLCs are social engineering defaulters on the pitfalls of not
programmes. They do not come with paying bills. Their efforts often
WHEN THE SHAPES BEGIN a sunset clause of five or 10 years. convert a significant number of
TO MAKE SENSE And hence, TPDDL is constantly defaulters into paying customers.
Once women realise the benefits innovating to come up with better Against each fully paid bill, the
of becoming literate, they become
ardent students and supporters,
Womens literacy centres: the growth story
and family members votaries, of
womens literacy. Mukesh Rana says, 18,000 17,400
with more than a touch of pride, 16,000 290 300
She (wife Milan Devi) has gained 14,000
No of beneficiaries

No of literacy centres

confidence to sit at our shop. Her

10,000 9,000 200
speech has become refined and she
knows how to speak to customers. 8,000 150
Mukesh and Milan Devi Rana are the 6,000
3,249 100
4,000 75
parents of Pinky Rana, an instructor 1,959
2,000 819 1,359 50
at the WLC in Patrasar Colony. Mrs 12 18 20
0 0
Rana, a reluctant student, had started FY 09-10 FY 10-11 FY 11-12 FY 12-13 FY 13-14 FY 14-15*
attending classes at her daughters
house after she saw the huge turnout.

88 Tata Review 
October 2014


ambassador is paid `100, and `50

against a partially paid bill. Recently, I am very happy now
a brand ambassador earned `7,000,
the highest amount paid by TPDDL.
Heartfelt feelings of beneficiaries find expression
As Mr Sinha explains, Although
the programme is not driven by in letters to the CEO of Tata Power Delhi
business imperatives, it has resulted Distribution on completion of the literacy course.
in significant improvement in A loose translation of a letter.
collections, from `50 million to
`1 billion annually. Sir,
Bill collection and bill
I am a student at the adult literacy centre. I am happy
distribution by brand ambassadors
have also been started on a trial at being able to study at this centre. Now I am able to
basis in a few locations, with plans correctly calculate the change the shopkeeper owes me.
to increase the coverage in the Earlier I used to accept whatever he said he owed me. I
future. The WLC beneficiaries am very happy now.
are encouraged to form self-help
groups (SHGs), which are linked to Thank you,
banks, enabling members to set up
Gyanthi Devi
bank accounts and avail of financial
assistance later. There are 190 SHGs
in operation, which have opened
accounts in various nationalised
banks. Children of WLC beneficiaries
have access to many other CSR In the beneciaries words
programmes of TPDDL such as
We were ashamed to take our mother to school during
tutorial classes from standard 1 to
standard 10 and vocational training parent-teacher meetings and took someone who knew how
(VT) in various trades at the eight to sign and presented her as our mother. Now I am proud
existing VT centres. to take my mother to school as she knows to sign.
WLCs are major milestones in
Kanchan Singh
the companys CSR journey and have
created a ripple in the community,
the effect of which will be felt by
I used to put thumb impressions on documents. Now, I
generations to come as the well- have learnt to sign in English and Hindi. We were buffaloes
known adage says If you educate a earlier. The literacy programme has made us humans.
woman, you educate a family.
Anju S
TPDDLs CSR initiatives are
never static; they are constantly
evolving. We work hard to come up
I am able to add and subtract and give customers the
with new and improved programmes correct change.
to enrich the lives of communities Milan Devi Rana
around our area of operations, says
Dileep Kumar, general manager and
I have learnt how to use the mobile phone and can call
head of department, corporate social
up and talk to my mother at will.
Poonam Singh
Shalini Menon

October 2014 
 Tata Review

Playing it safe
For Tata companies across the globe, improving safety
standards at the workplace is assuming top priority

round ten years ago, Corus standards and then provided training
(rebranded as Tata Steel in 2010) programmes to cascade those standards down
adopted a policy of zero harm, through the company and build a culture of
aiming to prevent workplace safety. Tata Steel fundamentally changed
accidents altogether. Andrew Page, director of attitudes to safety, says Chris Rowles, director
health and safety for Tata Steel group, explains of learning solutions at Ashorne Hill. Safety
that, while legal and moral issues are highly is no longer something you have to do; it is
important, the company also thinks about now the first thing you consider. That culture
safety in a proactive, value-creating way. It changed right through the organisation.
is incredibly important to us that we operate
reliably, he says, and operating reliably SPREADING THE STANDARDS
means we are operating safely as well. The rest of the Tata group is determined
The company has now set the European to learn from Tata Steel and continually
benchmark where safety is concerned. Not improve safety standards right across the
just other steel companies but companies group. Mr Rowles and his team are working
from other sectors with hazardous working with Tata Quality Management Services
conditions are looking to learn from Tata (TQMS) in Pune to help disseminate the
Steel. zero-harm approach. They have already run
A key role in that success was played by programmes for the construction industry
Ashorne Hill, the Tata Steel trust established vertical, a cluster of five firms including
to provide education for employees of Tata Tata Housing, Tata Projects, Tata Realty and
Steel and, increasingly, of other businesses. Infrastructure, Voltas (the air-conditioner
Ashorne Hill helped to embed new safety and refrigerator maker) and Tata Consulting
Engineers. The construction industry in India
Morgen Witzel is an internationally known writer, lecturer is notorious for its high accident rates, and
and thinker on the problems of management. He is Tata is determined to continue to improve
the author of more than twenty books, including the
standards. Companies often adopt higher
bestsellers Tata: The Evolution of a Corporate Brand
and Doing Business in China. He is also a fellow of the safety standards to bid for work in Europe or
Centre for Leadership Studies at the University of Exeter the US, where excellent safety performance is
Business School, United Kingdom. essential to a successful bid.

90 Tata Review 
October 2014


As a first step, TQMS developed six

standards relating to workplace safety:
an electrical-safety standard, a fire-safety
standard, a working-at-height standard
(for work conducted on ladders, scaffolds
and cherry pickers), a lockout-tagout
standard (which regulates safety when
working with sources of energy), a job-safety
analysis standard (setting standards for risk
assessment and control across the board)
and finally a contractor safety-management
standard that ensures contractors and sub-
contractors will abide by the same standards.
This final standard is particularly important
in India, where contracting out of work is the
norm and contractors and sub-contractors
use a lot of transient workers. Getting these
workers to accept the need for higher safety If members of the top team buy into the
standards requires a holistic approach.
Mr Rowles and his team ran workshops new safety culture, they are in a position to
for the five companies in the vertical, helping disseminate it through the organisation.
their CEOs to come to terms with the issues
of culture change and helping them to
develop strategy maps for their organisations. when the change programme crosses national
These programmes were run for executives at and cultural boundaries. Often this involves
the very highest level, since their leadership addressing some very fundamental ways of
and support is crucial; if members of the top thinking and working. Ashorne Hills methods
team buy into the new safety culture, they are for achieving culture change are based on
in a position to disseminate it through the two principles: (1) that, if the CEO supports
rest of the organisation. TQMS subsequently change, it will happen, but (2), even so, change
organised a forum to allow the companies will take a long time. It might take another ten
in the vertical to liaise with each other, years for these standards to bed down and a
benchmark best practices and develop new zero-harm culture to take root, and CEOs and
ways of working safely. senior managers will have to work very hard
The key issue in any organisation, says to support change in their own cultures. This
Mr Rowles, is to work out how to inspire is a fascinating case study of the importance
culture change. The onus should be on of culture change one that will interest
individuals to think proactively about safety at companies in many sectors and with many
all times: abiding by the legal minimum is not different cultural issues to confront.
good enough. That culture is relatively new in And, of course, there is the hope that,
Europe; the task is often to help establish it on if Tata companies set new safety standards,
a global basis. other construction companies will follow suit.
The impact, in terms of injuries prevented and
IN FOR THE LONG HAUL lives saved could be enormous.
There is a huge amount of work involved
in bedding down safety standards in any
organisation. Culture change is one of the This feature was originally published in Tata
hardest things to achieve, and it is even harder Europes Perspective magazine, Issue 1 2014.

October 2014 
 Tata Review

The greatest company in the world?

The story of Tata
Excerpts from a book by Peter Casey on how the family-owned Tata
group evolved into a leading global company

teve Jobs was passionate about before. His passion fuelled a new type
creativity and innovation, a of travel as well as the expansion of the
combination he parlayed into Tata empire.
Apple, which has designed Ratan Tata is passionate about what
revolutionary products. Mary Kay Ash, he believes in, Tata Sons executive
founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, was director R Gopalakrishnan says. Where
passionate about cosmetics as a means previous leaders had outside interests,
of making women feel good about Ratan was more focused on doing
themselves. George Eastman, consumed what is best for the company. He was
with photography from a very young passionate about his work, reliant on his
age, founded Eastman Kodak Company. capable staff, few of his decisions ever
Jamsetji Tata was also passionate, but required more than forty-eight hours to
his passion stemmed from a deep desire make.
to change his part of the world. It was his Cyrus Mistry is also passionate and
lifes mission. has begun making hard decisions about
Unlike most entrepreneurs, Jamsetji how to improve performance of some of
started a business as a way to make the Tata units.
other things possible, not because Entrepreneurs who are passionate
he was particularly inspired by cotton about what they invest their time in
or textiles. He was passionate about stand out. Their enthusiasm for their
excellence, however, which he applied to work is evident in how they walk,
every aspect of his life. how they talk, the expressions they
It was passion that drove him to use, and how engaged they are with
build the best business others. Their enthusiasm
possible, providing the best is contagious, even when
care and opportunities for they are discussing subjects
employees and generating unrelated to their business.
the most revenue possible They have about them an air
surrounding community. energy.
The same level of It is clear that the leaders
passion was also evident of Tata were passionate about
in JRD Tata, who found their work not how they
a way to merge his love made money, but how they
NEXHMFVHSGGHRE@LHKXlR used the money they made to
Author: Peter Casey
growing enterprise. serve those around them.
Founding an airline that Publisher: Penguin Stories continue to
Group, 2014
provided a mail service and circulate about how Jamsetji
Pages: 230
then a passenger service Tata approached experts to
connected India in a way Price: `599 ask for their help in bringing
that had not been possible about major changes in India.

92 Tata Review 
October 2014


One such anecdote involves Charles and I will foot the bill. Will you come to
Page Perin, an American metallurgical India with me?
engineer tapped by Jamsetji to help k(V@RCTLAENTMCDCM@STQ@KKX l
build a steel plant in India. In describing /DQHM@CLHSR k!TSXNTCNMlSJMNVVG@S
SGDHQQRSLDDSHMF /DQHMQDB@KKDC k(V@R character and force radiated from Tatas
ONQHMFNUDQRNLD@BBNTMSRHMSGDNEBD face. And kindliness, too. Well, I said,
when the door opened and a stranger yes, Id go. And I did.
in a strange garb entered. He walked in, Jamsetji had that effect on people.
leaned over my desk and looked at me His passion for his lifes work radiated
fully a minute in silence. from him, drawing others in support of his
Finally, he said in a deep voice, Are work.
you Charles Page Perin? I said, Yes. Much the same can be said of the
He stared at me again silently for a long Tata leaders who succeeded him. Thier
time, and then slowly he said, I believe I personal commitment to their work
have found the man I have been looking attracted others who supported their
for. I want you to come to India with me, altruism and philosophy. Who, after all,
SNMCRTHS@AKDHQNMNQD@MCBNJHMFBN@K could argue with a man who wanted
@MCMDBDRR@QXTWDR ,Q*DMMDCXVHKK only what was best for his nation and its
build the steel plant wherever you advise people?

CK Prahalad: The Mind of the Futurist

Excerpts from a book that provides rare insights into the life and
teachings of management guru CK Prahalad

he Tata-CK romance started when consumer products, automobiles, living
CK caught the Tatas attention accommodation, etc. And that only
when he estimated Indias market competition would drive industry. There
size at 600 million, larger than was a great deal of opposition for letting
that of China; which made him wonder that happen because people wanted to
why Indian business houses were making continue protectionism.
such a big fuss about threat from foreign Its interesting that the timing of the
competition. There was enough for CEO Forums in Mumbai from 2000 to
everyone if right products at right prices 2009 and the Tata groups aggressive
were offered in the domestic market itself. global acquisitions were around the same
Ratan Tata said he was highly inspired period. In a way, the forum inspired many
by his view. He remembers another of Tata senior executives to stay on the
CKs statements that got him thinking path of massive global expansion. The
The world is your market, why limit your ENQTL@BSDCKHJD@kRBGNNKENQSGHMJHMF@MC
imagination only to India? acting big on the back of which Chairman
Mr Tata insists he was one of the Ratan Tata launched what seemed like
few who welcomed foreign competition outrageously ambitious global acquisition
at all times and was not a party to the plans Tetley in 2000, Daewoo Motors
!NLA@X"KTAlRCDL@MCRENQ@KDUDK commercial vehicle business in 2004,
OK@XHMFDKC 'DR@HCm(@KV@XREDKSSG@S Corus Steel in 2006 and Jaguar Land
the Indian customer needed to choose Rover in 2008.

October 2014 
 Tata Review

These were among the 35 or so global innovation, it has to be the environment

acquisitions the Tatas made since 2000. that you create and the openness of the
Its quite likely that Tata senior executives environment. I think Prahalad succeeded
network with CK made it easier for them to in opening peoples eyes to that.
translate Ratan Tatas vision into action on
the ground. Hitting at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Its interesting that between 1991 and In his celebrated book The Fortune at the
2013, the Tata group metamorphosed Bottom of the Pyramid (Prahalad, 2005),
from an Indian conglomerate to a highly "*@QFTDCSG@SSGD!N/RDFLDMSVNTKC
respectable global entity. Its 100 or so indeed be unviable so long as companies
companies generated revenue in excess do not change their business models; but
of $100 billion in 2013 and had a market if they are willing to relook at how they
capitalisation of close to 100 billion in need to address this segment (sometimes
September 2013. Ratan Tata regularly gets through adaptation; sometims through a
ranked as the most respected business completely new business model), then a
leader in India by almost all surveys run fortune awaits them. The fortune arises
by newspaper and magazines for nearly a from the sheer numbers in this segment.
Ratan Tata said he was very Co-creation
impressed by the perspective and the The next big contribution by CK has been
statesmanship CK brought into the his idea of co-creation developed jointly by
meetings and how he pushed the thinking Venkat Ramaswamy and presented in their
one way or the other without imposing his book The Future of Competition published
viewpoint and setting milestones and gate in 2004. They argued for a changed line
posts along the way. of thinking about the customers to be
management consultants or gurus on The new idea was to move away from
the Tatas, Mr Tata said management just catering to their needs to involving
consultants by and large focus on them in the different stages in the value
structures. Prahalad was different; he BG@HMRNESGDOQNCTBSRS@QSHMFEQNLSGD
focused on widening your design of the product, to its
imagination, in fact, in distribution and delivery and
achieving certain things that after sales service.
were not in the box. And They called it a movement
he encouraged thinking out from customer satisfaction
of the box. Anybody could to creating a new customer
argue with me that most experience. This involved a
management consultants different way of thinking by
want you to go into the box, organisations; willingness
their box. I think Prahalad to engage in a dialogue with
opened your eyes by saying the customer, providing them
that its not the box that access to your information
Author: Benedict
counts, but your ingenuity, Parmanand and induce a much higher
your innovativeness. Publisher: Westland
degreee of transparency.
I would say that he Ltd, 2014 Customers decide what kinds
fostered innovativeness and Pages: 150 of products they want, and
you cant put that into a box, Price: `399
what kinds of risks they would
you cant create a code for like to take in the process.

94 Tata Review 
October 2014