MY SASSY GIRL Kim Ho-Sik CHAPTER 1 I was drinking and hanging out with my friends in Shinrim district until

10 pm. But that day was also the day I had to go visit my aunt in Bupyung. I thought I should stop screwing aroun d and left... I took the subway from Sanrim station and in Shindorim I was waiting for a train that heade d to Inchon. So while I'm waiting, I noticed that there was a girl next to me, completely was ted. She wasn't exactly 'celebrity-pretty' but still unique and attractive. She was one of those girls w ho looked good in yellow t shirt and jeans. Looked like she was about 24.. or 25... Maybe it's because she's drunk, but her eyes were almost closed, unfocused, and sometimes gagged. "[gagging noise]" If she wasn't so hammered, she would be really cool. Then the train came. It was late... so there weren't so many people inside the t rain. She and I took the same train... of course, since we didn't know each other, we were on the opposit e doors. As soon as she got on the train, she leaned on a pole. But while a normal person leans against their backs, she was leaning against her stomach, and was waving back and forth precar iously. Her drunken behavior was pretty cute, so I kept watching... In front of her (the chair right next to the pole) a bald man was sitting down... He was reading the newspaper with an utmost concentration. Right on top of his head, she was going back and forth! No one around her was paying attention to her... I was only watching her too... But suddenly, she acted strangely. She was shivering for a moment then, [sound of throwing up] Yes, it's true... Suddenly, she... on the bald guy's head.... While this was goi ng on, I was the only one watching. But when the sound of throwing up came around, everyone on the car turned around to look at her... then at the man... and everyone started to roll on the floor laughing. On top of his bald head were noodles coming down like hairs... a red noodle no l ess... must have been from the snail dish... then to the shoulder... to the stomach... the chunks and liquids and ...

That man... for 10 seconds he looked as if he didn't understand what had happene d, then he wiped his head with the newspaper he was reading. He was so awestruck he couldn't say anyt hing... poor guy!... But... the real fiasco started from there. After she threw up, she looked at me, eyes barely open, and before she fell down she said.. "Sweetie... [throws up] sweetie... [throws up]" When she called me sweetie... everyone on the car started looking at me. "Wha... wait... Miss, who are you? What do you mean 'sweetie'?" I tried to deny it... but it was too late... everyone was looking at me with a v icious look. ^v^ @.@ -.& O.O ^___^ T.T (a woman next to me who was still laughing) (a girl standing by the next door) (a man who just woke up) (a girl who just had her eyelids done... sunglasses at this hour?) (A student who looked like he was my age) (This is me...)

Some guy was trying to hit me with his newspaper... some woman tells me 'what th e hell are you doing?' Yes... Suddenly, I became the boyfriend of the drunk girl. The bald man stopped wiping himself off and called me... "What do you think you're doing? Come here!!!" 'He's going to kill me!' I was terrified... and slowly, approached him. "Hurry up and take care of this mess. How can you just sit by while your girlfri end is drunk like that? Are you out of your mind?" "Yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir.. T.T." I didn't have any tissues... I don't even have any hankerchiefs... So I had to t ake my t-shirt off... my sister bought me that... and started to wipe his clothes. When things were kinda back to the way it should be... my girlfriend (?) started to worry me. I looked and she was knocked out spread eagle. I picked her up (actually, I dragged her by her feet)... and sat her down on a c hair... everyone avoided me... damn it... Next stop was Bupyung... I have to get off... But what about this girl? I can't just leave her here... the

people in the cart kept staring at me. I tried to wake her up, but she just won' t budge. So, without a choice, I carried her and went off at Bupyung... she looked pretty light, but when I got out of the station, I was covered in sweat. What should I do?... I'm not a bad guy; I don't want to carry around a drunken g irl... especially when she's a complete stranger... My chance??? Yeah, I'm sure it's a chance... wait, you're telling me to just tak e her?? Having no other options, I looked for a local motel. "Ma'am, I need a room." "Oh dear... she's completely wasted." "Yes ma'am... can I have a room?... Oh, and do you have a medicine that wakes yo u up?" So I went into a motel room with her... She was very skilled... she threw up so much, but her clothes didn't have anythi ng on... so I didn't have to take anything off, I just dumped her off on the bed and... I thought "Why the hell am I here?"... Damn it... I looked at the mirror and I was covered in sweat... I looked like a crazy perso n.. "Well, since I'm at a motel... might as well take a shower." I took a very long shower... a shower after sweating so much... it feels good. I came out afterwards, but she was snoring already... she's impossible... But I'm not that kind of person... so I just wrote a memo: "Miss, contact me lat er." and left my cell phone number. Do you think she called? If you're curious... I have so many memories with her ( most of them hurting me...) Yep... she's one brave girl... She called me next day... CHAPTER 2 If you think about it, she's very brave. Completely wasted, and taken to a motel by a stranger (nothing happened... read below)... would you read the memo left by the stranger and call him the next day? If so, send me an email... I know a friend. So yes... as soon as she woke up, she read my memo and called me. They say ignor ance is strength... she probably don't remember what happened last night. Me: Hello? "The Girl": Who the hell is this? (Like I said... brave... -_-;;)

Me: What? Who is this? "The Girl": I called the number on the memo you left at the motel... Get over he re. Get over here now! So I went back to the motel... she was waiting outside. To be honest, I was a bi t afraid to talk to her. She won't remember anything from last night.... and then she would... 'You son o f a b!tch! @$$hole! What did you do to me? I'm calling the cops!' Me: Excuse me... "The Girl": It's you? ('You'? Informal you. I can't believe this girl! (Note: It 's considered VERY rude to use informal format to strangers)) Me: Yes, it's me... b- but... why are you using informal"The Girl": Hey, I'm hungry. Let's go get something to eat. Me: Yes ma'am... I had to say 'Yes ma'am'... You had to be there T.T We went to the nearest restaurant. Apparently, all that drinking did nothing to her stomach... I couldn't believe it... and when she was done, she looked at mine and said "Hey, are you eating that or not? If you're not, give it here." Then, she took it from me, and started munchi ng on it. Damn it, I'm hungry too.... Then she told me to take care of the bill... $.$... Then she took me to a coffee shop near the Bupyung station. She must live somewh ere around here... she knows the area well. She ordered two coffees without asking me, then told me "You're buying." A thought crossed my mind. Is she? She's really shameless. Maybe she's one of th ose con artists who takes money from guys who help her when she throws up on some bald men.... Then she started telling me about yesterday... sounded like a movie with chunks missing. She didn't remember my face, but she remembered me helping her and her calling me "sweetie. " What the hell... shouldn't she be saying sorry to me then? Then she asked me what happened. So I began to put the missing chunks in her mov ie one by one. Suddenly, her eyes were saddened, then told me that she was dumped yesterday... She said her goodbyes, drank until she were gone... then, she began to cry in front of me.. People in the coffee shops were looking at me... just like last night. ~.~ ~.~ (A couple next to us (get a room!)) @.@ (The waitress)


(Some guy next to us)

Whenever I'm with this girl, people start looking at me... But she was really at tractive when she was in her right mind (kind of...). Plus, she was crying, and I started feeling sorry f or her. We went outside the shop... then she told me... "Give me some money for taxi..." ... So I gave her 10,000 won ($10)... I'm a nice guy, right? Actually, I did it because I was really scared. She's a lot more tougher than she looks. She said she would call me at night. I lived in Seoul, so I came back. That evening... she was really calling me. And she told me to go back to the coffee shop in Bupyung. She wanted to buy me dinner to say thank you. I met her at the coffee shop again. She changed what she was wearing and she put on some makeup... she was a whole new person. She was breathtaking. Then we started to drink. I was a bit nervous... she might drink too much again. .. and just like last nightShe drank a half bottle of soju (roughly 4~5 shots) without stopping. Then, she was unconscious. Again. Only half a bottle? Then yesterday, she drank half a bottle? It was unbelievable . I wasn't going to pay this time, so I looked into her wallet and took out the money for the bill. On h er ID, it said 7604162****** (This means that her birth date is 04-16-1976). I'm 75 (meaning that he was born in 1975). My friend are all 74, but since my birthday is early, I'm treated like a 74. She's younger than me, and she's using informals? Maybe I look younger than I am. Once again, she's on my back. 'Please don't throw up...'. Then I went to the sam e motel last night. The owner welcomed us... recognizing us... Owner: She's wasted again? Me: Yeah.... -_-;; Owner: Go ahead, I'll get you the wake-up pills I guess loyal customers are indeed valuable, buying medicine and everything. I p ut her on the bed and looked at her carefully... also at the chest.. area... -_-;;. She really was pre tty. I could hear my own heartbeats. Something was wrong about her. She must have changed into... into this. I think the pain of breaking up had affected her greatly. She probably tried to deal with that pain with alco hol. She's not acting like a drinker. In any case, I felt sorry for her.

. there were plenty of. tough girl.. I'm a college studen t. CHAPTER 3 So... and I don't have classes on Thursdays..... Right now. I use informal format with her as well now.. And yes. when students were late for classes... But I gave it up... As soon as I found out it was her.. there are lots of stories to be told. I was at school.. and I'm older.) Me: I. and we spent the two nights in a motel.. but "Love" is too heavy.. the front door of the lecture ha ll burst open... Then she said out loud. She doesn't have classes on Wednesdays. they u se back doors. why is that important? (Her eyes are getting narrower ) Me: You're a 76! I'm older than you! I oughta beat the crap out of you and teach you some respect! (I wish I could have said that.. I told her I was in class and that I had lectures that afternoon... She goes to S university.. And that's how I got to use informal to her. but I decided that at least I wasn't beaten in the process. so I couldn't get out until 5. At 2:30.' You think we're in a relationship now? I wouldn't call her my girlfriend. But I don't want to be in love with this girl... 'dates'. Few days later. it's been three months. and everyone looked towards it. "What kind of school is this? I can't find the damn classrooms!" You guessed it. so she w anted to do something. I'm sure she feel s the same way about me too. really? How old are you? Ok. she called me. and of course. I think you're a 76. and thought 'I'll try to treat her pain.......Tomorrow was Monday. Usually.. Girl: Oh... then you use informal too. Ma'am? (And I'm stuttering even when I'm saying this) Girl: You? I don't know. She said she didn't have class that day. Our tough. Quietly.. Me: Hey! How old do you think I am?!. We have a strange connection. the lecture started at 2... I . so I thought. Whoever this was.. Here's a good news. But I have to help her deal with the pain she's going through.. maybe.. in lecture.. It' s been pretty horrible three months.. Something wasn't quite right. Then she told me she was coming here. don't we? It's been two nights and three days since we've met. but.. which meant I had to go to school. After confirming that she was younger than me... It's not like I could sto p her. she was one brave student... "Lik e" is too casual.. After lunch. then I told her. and sl ept in the corner. I'm not that impressive myself..

.. the class continued. She sat right next to me. Then the break came.. The professor probably thought she was som e brave student late for class. isn't she?' 'She's pretty hot!' 'Our school has girls like that?' 'Finally. she told me "Ok".. Let's work on her after class. but she was nowher e to be seen. I'd be known throughout the school as. and told me we should go somewhere else. I just wanted to r un away..' Some guy with same major as mine whispered to me from the back. idiot.. And then. "Gyunwoo.turned around and pretend to be asleep. Two hours left. Then the class continued... I blame the world. I blame my friends. I'll count you as present." "Huh? Professor. so go ahead.. I hoped she didn't notice me. why?" . And yes.. The 20 minutes till the break period fel t so long. In case she started talking to me. She was coming towards me. This professor is famous for giving out Ds for absence and F for an absence and tardiness... "Bro. a reason to go to this class. of course. In all honesty... I got up quickly.. the girl next to you is really cute." I thought to myself 'Moron. And sat back down.... Whenever I got some money. 'That guy'... I usually spend it on food and drinks with my friends . So I told her. I was wearing the same clothes as I had whenever I met her... Did she leave? Or is she just waiting for me? Then the professor came in and said. Just kill me instea d. She fo llowed...' If she just forced me to leave the lectu re. Surprisingly... so I basically have one pair of sweatshirts and pants. But people were talking left and right. but the professor didn't recognize all of us. I blame alcohol.. I could not ditch this class. so though students recognized e ach other. After 10 minute break. I'm not exactly a model student. How could she know it was me? She couldn't have seen me.. It hadn't been that long since semester started. I could hear her footste ps... What the hell. 'She's new.

Everyone was looking at me with envy......... but now she looks at me as if I'm a pervert.. Yungmi us ed to help me with the blueprints all the time.. She was waiting for me outside. I wouldn't have believed it. She came to my class in a Wednesday and.. He t old me it was gonna become a campus legend. Then I couldn't go to that class again. You've read al l the writings so far..... It had been only 2 months since I started college after military service.. The studen ts complained about letting me go.. "Hey. you had to work your ass off to get a B. what did she say to the professor? How did she convince that intole rant professor to let me go? So I took my stuff and came out. But. It felt kinda good.. So people start ed hating me even more.. The professor must have taken my 'situation' into consideration. During the CAD class.. people were talking and talking. This girl. I just decided to take the F. and that you were the father. so I don't go to lecture on .. One in 120 gets an A in that class."That girl was your girlfriend.." Yeah. and I'm already left out. For the people who know why. The girls in my major aren't even talking to me. she was definitely capable.. I didn't do anything to her... That class. Oh.." If someone else had to me this..... Thank you... Especially Wedn esday.. so the professor told them what she told him. you know why.. CHAPTER 4 She always wants to meet me during the weekends or Wednesdays.. I didn't go to class at all.. she told me "I told him I had to go get an abortion. Afterwards.. She doesn't have classes Wednesdays. what did you told him? He's not exactly understanding. any classes I took.. This is nothing compared to what I had to go through so far...... Haha.. A friend of mine told me that such things had never happened before or never will. right?" The lecture hall turned completely silent.. What kind of situation is this??? I was ruined! My campus life at this point had been terminated. right? Yes.. and only took the final.. Like I wrote from last chapter. That's not all. But.. I got a B in that class I couldn't go to any more.. made a mess.. but I don't have any classes either.. ^^ I live for people like you..

. but she rode the gyro drop three times in a row (This is the Gyro Drop: http://youtube. I have a bottle of soj u with me. If I didn't get there in time. I bought lunch... "You have half an hour. . and all that stuff. we went to Sukchon ) Afterwards. But just a can of beer?. Without an exception. By the time we finished... scary. so get here in half an hour. And... Maybe she had a good day... She didn't call beforehand.. Right? I thought. in the old days. sat there. girls turn really cute in amusement parks. she wanted t o drink beers.... "Hey! Why are you wearing red shirt? Who said you can wear red shirt?!" . she probably would have drank it all by herself. Out of nowhere.T I live in Shin Dang district. she called me that day as well. so we just. So I took the cab. ... part outdoor amusement park in Seoul) She paid the entrance fee. the place was filled with couples sitting on benches... Usually... I have to get there in 10 minutes. She really did have a bottle of s oju with her. .. 30 minutes. "I'm at Shin-do-rim station." This is where my war begins. she called out a passerby. she would be the same. j ust hamburgers. on Wednesday. It was getting dark... She told me to go to Jam-Shil station's fountain. (A part indoor.. I gave up going to school and was standing by in my ho use.. they pretend to be scared...." ...... she even bought the day-pass. Anyway. Whatever... and told me... I can take the subway as long as I run like hell.. We bought two cans and a saewookang (shrimp crackers). I do NOT want to drink anything with this girl.. it's just soft drink. There wasn't much to do.... T. I c an't get there by subway in half an hour.. And....T) Once again.. Even if they don't close down Dang San bridge... Apparently. we sat down too... actually....... When you ask them to ride something scary. She wants to go to Lotte World.. the place was crawling with gangs ters. and screams. This one time.. but now. and what with the stre etlights....Wednesdays.. I can't.. (My tuition. but if she comes by and call me and tell me "come out in 10 minutes or I'll kill you!". she was pretty generous with time limi t.. the mood was just right.T. Yes..... But today. she called me.

Though she was toug h on the outside. she didn't say anything.. So we went through the bushes and went closer... I felt so bad for her. "After Being Dumped By Girlfriend. People by the lake gathered around." CHAPTER 5 I was very weary of her "toughness" and her ability to make trouble just about a . We had to hea r two hours of lecture from an officer. with strangers. Someone must have called 112 (emergency number f or Korean police) We rode the police cruiser bravely.. No.. I guess she got tired of picking fights... but I can't s tand on the bottom of the lake. 'Why don't you just stab me with a knife to see how sharp it is?' Sukchon lake is deeper than you think. I ran away... I really felt for her. I could hear the siren by then. she started to cry. She's probably thinking of her ex again....... I was just sad. When can she recover from all that? Next day. And hid behind a b ench. I tried to get out. I asked later. lakes. I couldn't say anything. a daily newspaper had a small headline.. I thought she might jump into the lake..."What the hell.. there were streetlights.. She wanted to see how deep the lake was. Me: Hey.. She suddenly said to herself. The land is in front of me... so she pushed me into the lake.... she was so fragile inside... then. Then.. and went to a local station. so I eventually crawled out.... but... I couldn't be angry at her either. I can't swim. In her eyes.." The stranger looked at her as if she was crazy. No one knew what to do.... a Local Man Attempts Suicide. "That lake is so pretty.." I became a bit tense. She was nodding all along.. Even she m ust have been surprised. No one tried to help me. Who the hell are you? Crazy..T.. I stood by her side. T.. She looked at the l ake and she said it was so pretty.. I wish I could go ins ide..... you guessed right. She wanted to take a closer look.. I found myself drowning in the lake.. but no one tried to get me out. Already. what if I died then? Why did you push me? "The Girl": Men are all bastards...

I had a blinding headache. And what's a better medicine for sadness than alcohol? I drank quite excessively that night. My stomach was not feeling good at all. Cell Phone #: 0 16-225-***** It's just like that lost and found tag you get for your dog.. I wrote my phone number on a card and put it in her wallet. Just because I slept a little doesn't mean all t he alcohol drank already would be gone. I was a complete stranger. I drank two bottles that day." She lives in Bupyung.. the world really is a nice place to live in. I know. in 30 minutes... and that guy had the heart to take care of me) I looked around..." (Note: Jemoolpo station is in front of University of Inchon) I was still drunk at this time. I just sleep. young man. Soju is 20~25% alcohol) But I don't act up when I'm drunk.. When I woke up. This is Jemoolpo station.. *If I'm completely out of my mind...... at least.. If you think about it.. I took the lane heading to Inchon. It's me. quietly. It really was Jemoolpo stat ion... In case she drinks by hers elf and is helpless. -_-.. or in case she makes trouble after she's drunk... uh. Someone dragged me off the subway and had me lie down on a bench. I wa s always pressured by her time limit. I. You go tta come here.. 30 minutes is pretty generous. I can only handle a bottle and a half of soju (Note: This is quite a lot for U...nywhere.. (Still. Jemoolpo Station. *gags* *burps* I'm at. standard. and fell asleep Someone woke me up then. and had a p . and I guess I was unconsciously planning for a revenge. I was pretty much on alert for any 'sudden situations'. "Listen. I don't remember anything after that.. and get meeee. at least. I was in jail. -_-. and I had to head home only semi-consciously. was appealing).. When I arrived at the Subway station.... By then.S .. You have to get off here. trying to figure out where I was. I suddenly wanted to see her (whose outwar d looks..... "Hey!.. And then I called her. there was n't any other way..... please call the number below. You know how people can't always be happy? That there's a day when everything go es wrong? That day. Then I fell asleep. I was very depressed because of a friendship gone rather awry..

. then her uncle.. this is Gyunwoo 74. Sometimes. I'm completely out of my mind. saw me sleeping under the station bench. well.ainful thirst as well.. right? She has nothing to do with her... Apparently... I'm a mental patient.. but still.. I understand the situ ation and that her uncle was a DA... Then her uncle had taken me to the nearest police station. letting me sleep in a jail? And I was his niece's f riend. I tried to remember what happened. she told me that her uncle was the district attorney. she put one in mine. "Sir.. please call this number: 011-316-**** * And this is how we have each other's address and phone numbers (and asking peopl e to call this number in. but all I remember is calling her ." "No. I realized she hadn 't come last night. she beat the living hell out of me... and called her uncle in the middl e of the night... thank you. My life was over. and using a soda c an as a pillow. Everyone got a picture of Hahyung. Remember that the author is. -_-. But then. certain situations) in our wallets.. at the point of writing this. and of course... she agreed to put me in jail... I'm going to xerox it.. Half an hour later.' CHAPTER 6 NOTE: This chapter is not really part of the story. and told me that if I do somethi ng like this again.. and he lived in Jemo olpo.. so if yo u see me acting crazy. Hello. Hahyung is suffering because of me.. you gotta wait for the call from the DA (District Attorney)" District Attorney? I must have attacked a woman or something last night while I was drink.. So he took a chapter to clarif y some things.. *Hello.. She was worried because I did something very out of character. .. my beautiful and tough girl game in... Later when I get a job at an office. she'll kill me. Remember how I put a card in her wallet? Well. It's pretty cool... That day. barefeet... 'You're worse than me.. Why am I in here? Let me out.. posting it on a website for people to read.. there were some coins thrown in front of me. A cop got me a cup of water.

he's not acting that pissed off either. I got there in hour and half.. it doesn't look good.. And yes. but if I wrote the answers befor e the story. chapter six...... I'll reveal her friend's ID (Screenname.. and it's gonna cost abo ut 50.. Also. And I'm a really poor guy.. I apologize sincerely once od. She receives scholarship awards. I'm writing the way she wanted me to. Oh.. I told her we should just p ost a picture of us.) Her life is very similar to the ones played by Kim Hyun Joo in a Drama (Remember that cheesy soap opera playing on Sunday mornings?. (It's already too long. she's. Are you cheating on the girl with Hahyung? What is the girl's cell number? Is this a true story? Everyone told me to answer on the next chapter.. how can I beg her not to kill me? I don't want to die. She looks very similar to Shim Eun Ha (Photo reference: http://www...Also. Is it still on?) She's very smart too. Taxi? Yeah. There are nuances in the sentences that cannot be translated) I'll probably going to be summoned by her again. she calls me... Now....hs.. -_-.. ." She's very pissed off. I'm going to be killed along with my fingers.. \_/ From here...... but only express taxis..jayang.) I'll just leave the answers t o everyone's imagination... and she finally found out about this whole internet story deal. If the visited coun ter is lower than before. I thought all my fingers were going to break.. there' s no way subway can get there in one hour....... If something happens to me. What excuse would I use? No.. "Come to Bupyung ?? Cafe in one hour..jpg) (Once again.. very pretty? ========================================================================= She's pretty. I'm going to write this the way she want me to. I really hat e her friend. then she beat the crap out of me.000 won ($50).. a lot of emails and memos ask the same questions.. From Seoul Shindang district to Bupyung station..... I wanted to keep the middle ones .

might murder me. and she's an econom ic administration major.) Remember how she told me that she was dumped and that's why she drank so much in the beginning? She wants me to edit it so that she dumped him. I have to surv ive. but my friends are 74 Panthers.... CHAPTER 7 On her ID.. it's in June..... Think about it... her birthday is April 16th.. if you ask me.. I don't know why. (She thinks internet can do everything.. no wonder you're so. this is caused by the discrepancy between lunar calendar and Gregorian c alendar (which is widely used throughout the world)) Her birthday is very near.. wherever she gets a job at. please edit out the sentences in parentheses... I don't know what to say to this. right? Please. no... she.... you're gonna print this out and show it to her again. I don't want to do this either. as her birthday approaches day by day. . (Note: Meaning that since he was born in the early months of 75. male emplo yees are gonna suffer.. speaking of murder.. Oh.(I have nothing to say.) She's very busy because she's writing her graduation thesis.... If there's a good position open. you know why. Please? I'll buy dinner.... but on the calendar. A DRAGON and a rabbit? You know what's gonna happen? You're gonna be murdered." What a great bunch of friends. a Panther and a Dragon can't have a good relationship beca use they're both fierce.. either in Janua ry or February. she is a 76 Dragon (Note: Meaning that she was born in 1976 and her eastern zodiac is Dragon) I'm 75 Rabbit. she want s you to know that she's very qualified.. (Note: Most likely. ..... his friends didn't try to establish an elder-young relationship) My friends told me.) She's a senior in college right now. then they said "Idiot. (Too much TV... anyway. If I try to pass the day by without doi ng anything... but ... (I have no idea what this girl is thinking) Her friend who told her about this. So I reminded them that I was a rabbit. right? Fast 75. I apologize once again.... Birthday..... She wants to know if there's any thesis paper out there that she can copy ..

what should I get her. I don't have a car. as she opens the trunk of the car. but they refused. As I stretch my two arms to the sky.. There's another idea! Even better one! A feasible one! Before I went off for military service (Note: mandatory in South Korea for about 2 years).. .. So... saying that they'll get fired.... this was it. Me? As I said She rode the SR2 too.000 won ($50). I was in charge of operating some rides.I get more and more nervous.... My friends look at me like I'm crazy and stands up... they still couldn't find a better job.. Don't you think it's a great idea?? I thought about a movie. I thought about doing something for her instead.. Kim Hee Sun came to the park.wikipedia... and there'll be security in the place anyhow. Doves? How do you catch t hem?? And banners? Ridiculously expensive... Instead of something I can buy... but mostly I was operating a SR2 Space Voyage.. doves.. Anything she need? Doesn't exist. (Note: Similar to Back to the Future ride at Universal Studio park ) This one time I was working. Me: What if I got the security guys something to drink and smoke? Friends: I don't know. A pparently. the carousel turns on with fireworks! Now that's what I'd call a movie scene! I tried to convince them..... and even got an autograph (awesome!).. bribe them for me. she and I are the only ones at the amusement park. so that she can recover as fast as she can from him. I'm dirt poor... secured her safety belt. and ballo ons fly to the sky as a banner rises saying "Happy Birthday!" Great idea! That would be really cool! But.. would that work with just couple of bucks? Me: Here's 50... In the middle of the night... I took her ticket.. I used to work at an amusement park.. Money? She has too much. but I couldn't give up.... I immediately called my friends who were still working there. or a driver's license. (Picture reference: http://en. Make this birthday even more unforgettable than any birthdays or anniversaries she had spent with h er last.

so I figured th e front gate would be closed.. We took a taxi to the amusement park........... I would go with her into the amusement park. and tell her.. but there weren't any. They're heading for the door Me: Fine! Fine! Here's 200. Just the two of us. Then we move on to the pirate ship.. Of course.. I tried to find a side door.... We arrived at the wall of the park. probably an expert wall climber. take her near the carousel. I sure have a bunch of trustworthy friends..... I have to endure it.... I told my fr iends to buy one for me and put it on the carousel.. Passersby are staring at me.... It's her birthday. I didn't really answer.... and we ride the carous el. going for a drink would be the best solution.. the plan is foolproof! No one in r eal life could get a birthday present like this.... I called my friends I was heading over there. and I have to keep her with me till the late night. she would be quite unpredictable. and turn on whatever t he ride she wants. The day before her birthday.. if she drinks a half a bottle.. she asked me why we're going there. As we go on.. the day is almost over. This is all I got." I stretch my arms..Me: Fine.. then the carousel turns on with music.. 100. they're learning quickly how to avoid other pe ople staring at me while I'm with her. She's. She's yelling at me. I decided we would climb the wall... Then we ride the pirate ship. but. A bouquet? I don't have one.. I practiced in front of the carousel. with both arms stretched out.... one of the friends turn on the streetlight as w e pass by them. They tell me everything is ready..000 won ($200) We figured out our strategy. The day has come.000 won ($100).... Friend 1 would turn on the main power and go straight to the pirate ship Friend 2 would hide in the carousel control room Friend 3 would track us in case she does something crazy. we have to move in at late night. .... I'm so proud of my brain cells. "This is my magic for you.. I pretended that I didn't have any gifts.. It's 1 in the morning. And I quickly pretend I was yawning..

. and as practiced.. She climbs over in seconds.. She must have been taken by surprise. whispered... I turned around to face her and took her by her should ers. being completely out of your mind. sir. we're at the police station. So my friends spent the money I gave them on their cell phone bills.. (You remember the first time." I stretch my arms to the sky. why ask me why we did it then?) Do you have any idea how much fines you are going to take? So.. Th is is my second time in jail. My heart was beating loudly. she and I. please? Le t's be crazy and just do it."We have to climb over" Her: Are you crazy? Why are we here in the middle of the night? Climbing over th e wall no less.. Can anyone s ay they spent their birthdays behind the bars? My friends told me..... it was very dark... You're good at that right?.. I guess I did give her an unforgettable birthday gift. we were sent to the police.. out of nowhere. they can't risk getting fired.. In front of the carousel... Officer: What are you guys trying to do? Why would you go in there in the middle of the night? Huh? Me: I'm so sorry. spent the night in jail together. We headed over to the carousel... She's about to cry... "This is my magic for you. the best plan of my life is about to come to its full.. Me: I always wanted to come to the park in the middle of the night.. along with my friends. they tried to bribe the security.. Finally...... She might just come for a bear hug when she's so moved...... everything was going according to the plan. I took her hand and wa s about to ride the carousel. Carousel is turned o n.... and we couldn't see anything.. Then. Silence is broken by sound of music singing happy birthday. Sinc e that job was the only way they can support their families. and I took 10 minutes. After getting yelled by security for hours. . but they refused... what happened wasOfficer: (He's not even listening.. See... right?) In any case. I hear whistles..... "Hey!! What's going on!! Who are you??" And now...

.. Hapkido. Kendo. please email me. I became #1 on her uncle's blacklist... Her parents think of me as public enemy #1.. but there are sides of her that are cute like that.. (1st Degree + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 1) The reason I'm rambling about this is because I wanted to prove to everyone that it's not because I'm physically weak that she always beats the crap out of me. She called me and reminded me. murderers. And once again.... For two months. But I got the impression that it was her who was preparing something. She's really rough. She has almost moved on from him now..... ... really.. That's right....... the one that let me exp erience the fine institution of jail. she and I had covered basically all the places couples go to (bar. You won't believe me... when the weather turned really nasty.. video place. jail -_-). In Taekwondo. her uncle.. It was July...... movies. I have... robbers.. an d took the first place!!!.. they all got fired. You gotta appreciate the pow er of DAs. Judo. CHAPTER 8 Sometimes on TV.. (Ha!) So what about the fines? The next day. . You're right.. I j ust wanted her to be happy... but I'm a martial artist too. they thought "whatever" and let this whole thing happen.. But.. I beat them all. one degree. Of course. so it'll be the 100th day since we've met. rapists. Drug dealers... Pretty soon. this 100th day? If you have a good idea... I don't think she had time to think abou t him at all. ...... there's no way I'd remember something like that.... because of taking care of all the things both her and I did for past few months. motel (?). You don't believe me? .. -_-. I'm still marked by her uncle..... came by and took care of it. PC House.. what would I do for her. it'll be the 100th day since she threw up on the bald guy in the su bway.. yes.... And we were getting tired of going to the same places over and over again.Since they promised.. ..... a martial artist comes out and demonstrates these fancy moves.. What is she up to?. and Kung Fu... Next day. To tell you the truth.

. let's just go swimming or something! Her: -_-. how good can she be? I was drunk with victory and... Me: It's too hot to play Kendo. Her: Then. I can win against her in something. and the game begins! Bam! Bam! Bam! (No. .. but me.... I never played squash before...... Everyone in the gym stopped what they were doing and began to watch.. and I was back to my old self again. Me: I. long time no see.. the result? Of course I won.. not the sound of me getting beaten up) Game over.) We both have the bamboo swords.(Kinda like this.. Her: \_/ I was covered with equipments that I didn't even know the names of. but not the fight... ever... the loser has to fulfill the winner's one wish. So we go to the Kendo gym.. the protective pads gotta be sturdy enough... but I did have some experience with Tennis.. and there' s tension in the air.. . I begin to sweat.... Yes. there was no way she knew how to do Kendo.. It's a murder on your shoulder and back. .... and..So we both agreed to "play with some culture and sophistication... what? People in the gym started to say hello to her.. It can be anything! She's overconfident with her natural athletic talent. She must've been angry that she lost. finally!! You owe me a wish! But the problem started from here. But Kendo is a pretty tough sport. so I was pretty confident... Me: I don't want to drink with you." and decided to play squash (you know. When I was little.. I started to get nervous.. Me: Okay. Don't regret it... She has no idea what's c oming. She.. I think I have a stomach cramp. 3 meters apart...... Whatever......" From here.... she w anted to do Kendo. And even if she did. So.. Ever yone who's my age in my neighborhood has at least one scar on the head from me... I was confident once more.. Me: What bet? Her: Loser buys drink tonight. "Hey.. With a strange look on their faces -_____________ ... I always kicked ass in swordfighting with little sticks. wanted to make a bet..... that sport that apparently only the 'bourgeoisie' enjoys)..

.. and the street right next to it filled with shops..... is scary as hell. and came back to my seat.. I'd won the squash game...). And ardently I. waist..... Wait!. I tried to fight off sleep by dri nking coffee..She approaches... BAM! She went straight for my head. I went to school... smoking. Hey! When I watched it on TV. bare ly awake. Think your local university.. coffee shops. My plan for t he day is to go to the library and study the whole day. then I don't remember what happened.. got a place in the library. it probably would've killed me. Do you want to die. but my phone started to vibrate.. falling asleep in less than 5 minutes. wh o knows? She might complain that her food sucks and throws her chopstick like a knife to the cook o r something.. Zzzzz I don't know how long I slept.. I just pretended I was knocked out. CHAPTER 9 Today's Saturday! She doesn't have any classes and neither do I. I could see the stars.. then a cramp in my head... Any case.. I feel sudden pain at my side. and opened my book.. it went head. so meet me there... I answered.. A girl with Kendo degree.. . leg... it was her....... or do you want to get there?" "I'll get there. "Hello?" "Hey. T_T I pledged to be a great person by opening the front door and going to the librar y and.. I could see the ceilings... I was barely conscious. washed my face with cold water.. so she still owes me a wish. And now I'm getting sleepy. t hen. Did I get hit? No way! I parried her attack. and I stare right at her sword." "I have to study today. How about if I tie her up on a tree and beat her (for once)? After that day.... But if I had gotten hit. And of course. What should I te ll her?. It was awesome..." .. I get nervous every time she holds even a wooden chopstick.. head.. etc. That's right.. I study.. sometimes. It looked as if it was rising. I'm going to the University Street (literal translation.. slept.. isn't t hat what we're supposed to do? I wish I hadn't agreed to do this." "No. I called for timeout..

" She wants jajangmyun." "Wait. the silent library became noisy.. "Let's go.. she says "Hey. this is why I can't even study at the library. so we found a Chinese restaurant (Note: not really Chine se food. here's a picture for you guys thou gh ^^: http://sfood..." "Then.... can we have two of those?" So we're on our second bowl.. the book I was using as a pillow was drenched with my drool. The price range is about 3~5 bucks. kinda salty. I got to the University street and she was waiting for me there.... she said "I'm hungry. Somewhere in the middle of the second bowl.. spicy seafood noodle? ^^ here's a picture: .info/cuisine/nudle/p_11. and she tells me "Hey. She wanted me to get more so she ordered the double serving... our orders are switched. I answered the phone loudly in the middle of the library. your first bowl was a single. that was sweet of her. kinda sweet. I ask the waitress. Hurry up...Suddenly.." In the drowsiness of my sleep. Lunch was a few minutes ago. something feels w rong. It is a noodle with black bean sauce. -_-. just called one for no apparent reason) and she ordered "Can we get a double order of Jajangmyun and a single order?" Well..htm.." "Can I get Jjam Ppong (once again. You have to get another on e.. The double one is mine. the waitress gave me the double and gave her the single. disgusting." "Let's go eat Jajangmyun (cannot translate. Considered a junk food and can get messy a round your mouth if you're not careful)." We shouted at the same time and started eating. I'm suddenly craving for a Jajangmyun. I quickly got my bag packed. so it's not fair...." She doesn't let up "No. But then.. you get the double and I get the single?" "That's right. But I have my pride too. "What kind of an @$$hole answers phone in the library?" "See. What should we get?" "Just whatever. "I need another double here. and neither of us had anything to eat so.... Before finishing mine. why didn't we get two doubles?" So she eats the double and I eat the normal one.

. I'm finishing up mine.. Everyone was looking at us.jpg) inste ad? I'm getting sick of Jajangmyun. can we have another double?" She ate 2 doubles and I had a single and a double...... ma'am. even the chefs came ou t of the kitchen to watch us. you have to eat one more single. and you turn around and look at other kids behind you about to get hit...http://image.... But. I finished mine.. The world has turned in that black Jajang sauce color .. but are too busy staring at us..... . And some delivery boy got the living cr ap beaten out of him by the owners after asking them if he could deliver later. as if we were "How much?" "Let's see.. you know..." We ate.. 20 dollars worth of Jajangmyun (think 20 dollars worth of Big Macs) I can barely walk... we need one more single.. So do onion pieces (Note: both are usual side dishes w ith Jajangmyun). and now.. it was just li ke that... she finished. the noodles are near my throat. with that black sauce....... and so is she. I picked up my chopsticks... The owners aren't even working." She ordered another double. like I said." Daikon pickles fly at me. if someone hit my stomach right now... she's an econ major.... I ate three bowls.. You know how the teacher's giving out group punishment? And you're the first one to get hit. and said.. "No way! Ma'am... there's another do uble in front of me. I told her "Hey. and we left the place..." At this point. I managed to eat 2/3 of it. But. damn it..... I have my pride. but she still has one more to go. I'm an engineering ma jor.. other customers have forgotten their orders in front of them.. but like I said. Engineering! There's no way I can lose to her.. 2 singles and 5 doubles... 20 bucks.. "We have to finish this.. for us to have e aten the same amount..... and then we played the multiplication game (where you recite the multiplication table in a certain beat and song) for it...ohmynews..

and we stood up.. on Saturday. right? You know that Baskin Robins? Some guy and a girl were throwing up in front of it in the middle of the day holding telephone polls.. Well. So we sat... meaning that the place was packed with pe ople...... but some guys in my major was talking in grou ps.. Then some guy passed by. while holding the telephone poll. I went to the University street.... We got in front of a Baskin Robins. let's rest here for a second... the sun looks like a Daikon pickle.. Everyone looks like delivery boys.. I took her hand and ran.. then. I was reminded of a Jajangmyun pizza for some reason... And we looked around.. we're about to faint.. She was writhing with pain." I thought I was having a heart attack.... at least that guy didn't know it was me. but we looked at the .. I went back to school on Monday.. yellow mucous right next to us. went at it again. threw up in front of them.. "I can't walk anymore. we started to throw up..... and thought "I will never eat Jajangmyun...I cringe and looked at her..... I thought 'are they from the mental hospital?' I guess they were embarrassed and started to run.. thanks to the Jajangmyun residu e.. it was all black and. She tells me... black. After that.. We try to s top it.. coughin g and then spitting thick. ugh.. ALTERNATE TRANSLATION ..... So. About 200 people made a half-circle with 10 m radius around us... EVER!" And then I prayed that no one I knew was in the crowd... result. and was watchi ng us.. Everything is.. S ome of the stuff splattered and got on my face. we were holding hands (lovely) and. We saw that. collapsed near a telephone poll. and. But I still have no idea what they ate...... After a while. asking me to go eat Jajangmyun would mean termination of our friends hip.. and on her face. shaking.... That was around 3 pm. "So last Saturday.. and their face was covered with that b lack stuff..

too." "Huh? This?" "Yup. knock it off. It's time to eat!" "huh?" I was still feeling a little groggy. I know." So we spend the time like this.3. I reached here late last you reached here last night?" "Oh..." "It's mathematics! Which one!" OH NO! I sense something bad coming. Third Grade. you were sleeping like a dead person!" ".. Hence I did not greet her.php?showtopic=50 CHAPTER 2 (part1) "Hey brother. You would have slept by then.MY SASSY GIRL Kim Ho-Sik Translated from Chinese version: http://www. You came in the wee hours!" "Aunt."I began to drift off to sleep again.. When I finally woke up and drag myself to the table. "Gyun-woo brother. Teach me how to do that problem. "Gyun-woo brother! Mummy ask you to wake up and eat! Hurry up!" "Alright. Even though this kiddo was in High School." "My my. as I drop de ad sleeping as soon as I reached her house.. and I got to greet my Granny and Aunt.forumer. err. My cousin was asking me to wake up for breakfast.html Translated by froggyseo: http://community.. lunch.livejournal.. . he was very smart. very early this morning. Granny was already sitting there. this." "What?" "Take a look at this.. I reached my aunt's house late last night. " After eating my overdue breakfast. His voice. yet now he is taller than me already. with a little fats here and http://jjhboard. right Granny?" "The cheek of you to say that. my cousin came looking for me with a piece of draft paper and pen. or rather. no wait.. began to break down and sound more mature.. eating and talking. In th e past he used to be short and skinny.

"Alright.. that's why I wrote it down. that question would be easy if I had studied more and be more ha rdworking.damn it! SHE! She's one plu cky girl man.. *shakes head in disbelief. I never really paid much atten tion to mathematics.. So be it. who're "Erm. "Hello?" "YA. that's why I said that... hence that could be why I never really learn much. my handphone suddenly rang.. Yes!! What. I doubt he is a third grade.. And she bravely called up the person who left that. she doesn't recall anything from last night. well. quick Gyun-woo brother!" "Ahhhsshh. Boy carries her into the hotel.. damn it! Seriously. err. Get herself drunk. After a gulping one mouthful. You better get your b once!" AHHHSHHHIT I almost forgot! The girl last night! -_. Stop fooling with all these nonsense. Have you ever met a girl like her? Man! Obviously... . Dead drunk... it's erm. I can't possibly say that to my cousin right? Aunt served us some coffee.." This is the first time I met this kind of girl.. Girl saw boy's memo. heh heh." "Damn it. she asked the motel operator. Woke up to find herself in a motel room." "What is it? Tell me. damn it!" "Why?" "Isn't this supposed to be a university mathematics question? What's a third gra de student like you got to do with it? Damn it! Ahhssssh!" "My friend asked me to calculate. woohoo! But. Clearly. who's "I'm now at utt here at "HEY-" you? Scumbag!" this?" the motel! I saw your note called your number.. And she knows the other person is a guy . Damn! But then again." Man. and besi de her lay a piece of memo and God knows who left that memo. Get some serious mathematics que stions of your level and get on with it. that's the truth! I didn't know what to do.. Girl woke up and called up the number immediately. She's really one plucky girl."What is it?" "Oh.

"Excuse me. Even talking to her I'm scared.) "Ahh. Come.... no. it's a custom.... But it looks like she washed it before wearing it and sh e put on some make-up! From afar. let's go grab some dinner. I noticed that she was getting listless ^^... I mean. the way you speak to me-" "Gosh. excuse me. can you give us 2 sausage soups?" "HUH. But why? She is scary. she gives me the impression of a pretty lady with her long. As I saw her from a distance." "You're going to prison!!!" OH NO!! I'm dead for sure.. ain't it? Damn it! How can she treat me like that?! NO WAY! No no no! huh! So we went to a small shop to eat.." "HUH. And it looks l ike it's a tough problem. and leaving. ...... it was very crowded wi th many people coming in... the y oung must speak politely to their elders.... How am I going to survive? She even knows the telephone number... She obviously ha s forgotten what happened last night." "It's you?" *silence "HUH!!" This lass here actually talked back to me! How disrespectful! (In Koreans.. Silly.... that. hmm.. It'll be around 11 when I re ach there... well.! What?" She actually ordered the food herself. including an uncle who was drunk and yelling away.. She's still wearing that same blouse from last night.. Many people were drinking and eating. But what if she pushes the blame to me? "YA bastard!" ". I guess I'll have to rush back to that motel.. "Erm. And she's waiting there already. without even asking me! I'm so seeing red .... silky bla ck hair flapping gently with the wind blowing. eating..Well.?!! What is it now you want to eat?!" I guess this time I can't escape and run off now.. As it was dinner time. I'm bloody hungry! My stomach feels empty and funny.

..... however I had some appetite for the soup. piping sausage soup makes me wanna order a s et for myself... and let's go. give me that!" With that. What the hell is with her! I'm so so so angry that I could shout at her!!! "Enjoy your meal.last night I had drinks with my friends. but its food is de finitely delicious.. you can do that? It's too much!" "Okay." -___. so I settled the bill and left the eatery.. She finished my bowl of soup in no time....... what were you doing? Eat so slow! Come on. chewing them. and after paying for the motel fe es and taxi fees." ".! This lass! After a short wait. makes me wanna eat too! Watching her eat and drink the hot... Its interior is very messy... she had already finished hers.. As I had some thing to eat not long ago. "Should I sneak off?" "Will she beat the hell out of me?" "No. she grabbed my bowl of soup.. watched her pick the radish with her chopsticks and put them into her mouth... she can't possibly outrun me.. I barely have enough.. "Get the bill.... "Man.. "Eh hey hey.. The radish that came with the soup was fantastic! Although I was quite full.. a nd I muttered to myself along the way... I didn't really want to eat. the hot piping sausage soups was served to us.!!" -_I was left with some hot soup in my spoon... is she?" ..... Luckily...!" ^^ I watched her eat in a daze. I reluctantly follow her. "Hmmm mmm.. this is really delicious!" This old eatery is quite old too.." Who do you think you are! Just because you're pretty.. Right?" "Hmmm maybe I should wait for a little more while.. but watching her eat. When I finished about half of the bowl. But." ^^ she seems familiar with this area. "Over here! Follow me." "She's not walking to the police station. aunt gave me some cash.

. there are bespectacled female students working part time. there's a bookshelf stuffed with magazines. and although the place is a tad small. but she vaguely recall that I tried to he lp her. And. her emotions were suddenly stirred ." To her yesterday feels like a video clip being cut up into pieces. As I ta lked about how I carried her on my back from Bupyung station to the motel. she said to me "You settle the bill.. as if she recalled something. she also remembered that before she got wasted she called me HONEY. "Man.. listening to me talking.. and then wait for some guy to help her. right?" CALM DOWN.. ermm. Some qui te uncomfortable tables and chairs. this lady here is real scary and good. puked all over an uncle. smoking... If that's the case.. "Can we have 2 cups of coffee?" AHHHHHSHHHHHIT! She's making the decisions and calling the shots again! Worse st ill. In a corner. We sat beside the window. Here.. they played an unknown English song. As she sat silently. she would have gone there in t he first place. She doesn't remember me. She spoke first.. her eyes lit up.." "She's not gonna get me into any trouble. alon e. Because everything is packed just nice. how did it happened?" "What.. Her eyes were filled with sorrow and sadness.. .. it's time to return the favor eh? Damn it! Anyway I'm trying my best to make her recall everything. but I've listened to it before a couple of times." "You don't remember a thing?" "No.. HA! Now. I thought.. and in turn she tried to rip him off his money...?" "I meant yesterday. In i t.. I could feel the effort the shopkeeper put in to do up the cafe. and she can o nly remember very very little of it. and even a couple who are hugging tightly to each other. some males.. it doesn't look like it. a nd a working student passed us the menu and 2 glasses of water. I wond er if she faked to be drunk..!! Eventually she dragged me into a small cafe at the side of Bupyung station. It's only."No. alright?".

Suddenly she broke out crying.. She's just sitting in front of me. look so cute and small. covering her eyes... Even the couple stopped t heir sweet-nothings and looked at us. Her heaving shoulders from crying loo ks so fragile. The May afternoon sun was neither too hot nor too cool. "Well.." *silence. no. We reached the place. Please don't cry. The uncle sitting alone at the other corner looked at us as if something interesting is happening. In fact... time passes slowly. whenever I'm with her. and gave her some money.. I helped her flag a taxi. it's too scary! Damn it! Her character is does not resemble her appearance.. Whatever it is. I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. She only said one sentence to me: "Hey! Give me the taxi fare!" .."Actually. while she cried for sometime.. making us feeling comfor table. Not long ago. Controlling her crying. I was walking behind her.. *loud crying. ermm. AHHH NO! Everyone in the cafe turned and glared at us... And so. Her hands. With her long black flowing hair.. somehow. somehow I'm the centre of attraction. I sent her to the same train station again. .. Wit h everyone staring at us curiously. *sobs. me. somewhat my heart feels a little painful... she's exuding more charm with th e closer view. Looking at a girl cry. Am I too kind-hearted? Nah. Why would a girl do all these actions? I figured that I must study some of these stuffs. Tears gradually filled up her eyes. so I can observe her more clearly. If I didn't give her the taxi fare God knows what might happen. But deep down in my heart. no! In fact. her fair smooth skin complements with her silk y hair. I feel I can't bear to part with he r. yet now we're walking together again." *wails even louder. Now it's time to part with her. she began to settle down..

. . and wrapped my arms around it... -_So I walked listlessly to the other cabin." "But.. as she got onto the taxi she said: "Bye.. The pole she leaned on. 'cuz when I'm tired I can lean on it... Wi th that... so I turned around. 12 hours. I almost kissed the auntie." .. this is interesting!" ^^ last night a bald uncle sat here.. *sound of the train moving.. I felt more comfortable now. I realized everyone in the cabin was looking at me .. Now whenever I saw that I would chuckle to myself. yet at the same time I feel a little empty elsewher e. I moved closer to the pole... Suddenly I had an urge to do the same thing she did...... she's really going to call me?" "Hmm. but everything in the train seems the same to me.. CHAPTER 2 (part2) After sending her off. Hahahhaah!" As I snapped back to reality..... yet it seemed like I had a long long dream. and leaned against the pole on my stomach.." I watched the taxi pull off into the darkness of the night. I'll call you tonight... an a untie sat here! And so. I board the train heading for Seoul..." "No way. Yesterday.. that's why... *sound of the train moving.... I saw that pole... ^^ "Hey kid.... by the seat again... of course... I leaned on the pole. leaned against it.. In my mind....... hahah! *sniggers ^____^ everytime I board the train I would only think of that p ole. it won't be the same train I'm sitting in it now.. so she tilted her head up suddenly. I'll call you again at night. today..... The auntie felt strange. I stared at the space in front of me in a daze.So.. maybe 10. se emed like only a few hours. ... what are you doing?" "Nothing.. "Hey hey... Today..... auntie. .. listening to the train moving.. she must be feeling bad. The train I sat with her last night.. her voice sounded again: "Bye...

....... I guess it wasn't out of courtesy that she said she wanted to call me tonight... "AHHSHIIT what the hell! HEY it's me!! ME! meeee----!" *DO DOOO DO DOOOOOOO Somewhere in the distance. she hung up. speak to you..? ^^ "COME TO BUPYUNG STATION NOW!" "Now??" "YES now! Come to the cafe we visited this morning.. The handphone kept ringing..-_"Its five already..... With that..... I'm back.. even my army buddies and my schoolmates were there.. Yes it's her..." "But. In a flash......." "I bumped into some friends.. let me take a nap first.. I heard the ring of a handphone.. my neighbor. so I had my dinner with them.. why did you return home so late! They said you returned home without having dinner... the uncle with a round belly." OH it's her! Hmmm.. Anyway mom.. "Hi mom.. "Hello?" "Me.. ........... it's me......." "Hmm have you visit and greet your granny and aunt? Did they give you your pocke t money?" "This is my money" -_.... AHHHHH!! AHHHSHITT! What the hell! Who in the world called you up. but gradually it became louder and louder and LOUDER. and now its 6 in the evening! It'll be 8 when I reached Bupyung..... .. but t hey ignore me... OUCH it's really hurting my ears man... . but tomorrow! Tomorrow I have lessons man! The time..... and hung up after saying without even listening to the other speaker!!!!! Damn it! I have school tomorrow. I woke up from my dream. I returned to the train cabin. I'm tired .. it sounded far. was there too." ...... early in the morn ing!" *DOOOOOP............ At first.... .. The professor from my university was there..... But why would she like me.. as if asking me to quickly pick it up. But this bunch of guys pretended not to know me! I tried to speak to them..

and I have to go there??! It's Bupyung. I just reached. She stared at her cup of coffee. some make-up. So. She passed me the menu and let me order... it was nothing." "Really? Well then it's just nice that we alighted at Bupyung station. as we didn't know what to say.. Not too far away. It was so embarrassing in the back then. WHAT! This girl.. she totally looked different.. Oh haha. ... So I asked "Erm... WOAH." "Thanks for yesterday and this morning... I think I'd better go ^^ .... I didn't bring my money out yesterday. Even a fe w gulps might make you drunk... This lady... I've already seen her when she's dead drunk. If they were still here. Phew...." "Yesterday? Hmmmm." The waiter came and served us some drinks.. A drink? I was quite worried. Sorry to trouble you. I'll treat you to some drinks. while my gaze was directed to the window.. drinki ng and minding their own business. She wasn't the one in the morning! I'm pretty amazed and surprised at how a lady can change her appearance. As she sat in front of me.... AHHHHH! I almost cried out loud." "Let's go. "Been waiting long?" "Nah. but the female students working part time th ere were gone..... I wonder where should I hide my face." ".. They probably worked the morning and afternoon shift... So when I reached there.. With ju st a change of clothes. In it. do you live around here?" "Yeah...... "HEY! Over here! Why are you standing there for?" "Oh..AHHHHSHIT.." "... I went in....." I feel a bit awkward.. there were only 2 couples.. She brought me to a 2-storey small bar." "Oh. Hmm." So we went for a drink. What is she got drunk and wasted again?! It's easy to get drunk especially when you have relationship problems. ahhh! It's late now.

They looked 20-odd years o ld to me. . "Give us a bottle of wine.. Suddenly. Alright I'm not paying this time! Right? I'm right... we cheers to each other and drink up... Soon our food came. once again. huh.. What to do now! Seems like I have not much of a choice. Hahhaha." This is ridiculous man. So. She drank a lot and did not say anything. I began to worry....... Her head landed on the table with a loud BANG. and took some of her money and paid the cashier. and she's down?!" AHHHHHHSHIIIIT! MAN!! "Then she must have drank half a bottle yesterday..." The couple opposite us suddenly blurted out laughing.. *BANG.. she should at least speak to me politely! After all. Was it because I look young. She poured a glass to me. "Let's go-" "Huh.oh. I'm her elder man!! I was so so angry. then to herself. Why the hell did I come here in the first place!! Damn it! I began to blame myself.!!! 760416-2xxxxxxxx.. One set of kimchi too. But. right?!!! I can't be here just because I wanted to drink??!!! I took her purse...7... or was it her nature? But now it's not the time for this she's dead drunk in front of me.." Man. ME! MEE. that's because I wanted to know her name... and I hope she won 't puke like last night again. (Usually Koreans pour for their friends or elders wine to drink first before pouring for themselves) Immediately.76!!!!!!" O_O I really got a shock. I gulped down the remaining wine. So.. she totally changed when she got drunk.! WHAT! That's it? Just half a bottle.. PLEASE! NO! Not now! Hold on! . BUT.. she..... I carried her on my back for the second time. Well... and how could I just sit here like a stone? I'm left with no choice. th at's of course!!! I saw her ID too.. 7. ME! I'm a 75! I was born in 1975!! But. @_@ "What the... "WHAT! HUH....I thought that I could order myself.

. come on in then.. and she said "Hold on. That auntie last night would be warmly welcoming us..... "AHH. I'll get you some medicine for the alcohol.. are you going to leave today? Like that?" "Huh. Alright.. the girl behind the bar seems to be muttering something behind our backs.. ". yet today she ac tually ran to the pharmacy and buy for me. auntie. haha. We followed her to our room. "She must have something to do with me in her past life." PHEWWW. HEY. I thought. Hello auntie!" "Looks like your girlfriend is wasted again. Anyway after filling up the form. erm. what?" "No.. She must have taken something." That old auntie.. Auntie today seemed to have let us the room without asking us too much q uestions.!!!! WHAT! MEDICATION! Luckily the people around us seemed to have ignored us. Medicine. Hmm. WAHAHAHAH!" ".. I absolutely have no idea at all. with her money as pay ment." *doorbell rings. Auntie saw me turning ar ound to look at her.. What should I do? I only have came across this situation once." "Well... here's the medicine. I've reached! The same motel yesterday.. so be it. "Oh. Hmm.. Within 20mins." -_." "Thank you... and I laid her on the bed. of course ^^ I thought "use her money. they left with the girl on the guy's back.. you again!" "Ohh.. please come in!" "Hey kid.. I mean. AHHHHHSSSH.... I wonder what should I do next." "But kid. I'm not going to be another fool!" I observed her lying on the bed.." .. Last night she said no medicine or whatsoever.... hmm. I quickly leave the bar... and looked at her face..CHAPTER 2 (part3) Two people went into a bar. These kids.

as she is. my waist. "YAWNS.... She just laid there. but I doze off a little by the bed. The medicine got into her nose...... She probably wanted to drown her sorrows by dr inking.. ahh. I shall try to help her ease her pain. I didn't care much I just wanted to feed her the medicine and after that I clean ed her face. I had unknowingly developed a soft spot for her... Finally I got some of the medicine into her mouth..... I felt a little nervous.. and proceed to lift her up to feed her. and onto the chin....... AHHHHHSHHHHIT! Her mouth is shut so tightly. My waist hurts a li ...... and my fingers began to sweat. I shall sleep beside her. and her.. OH WELL I guess I'd just have to sleep with her. *coughs.. Tomorrow is Monday...". *snores It's very uncomfortable. My heart was thumping away........and in the mirror I could see her reflectio n.. where is this? OUCH.. and I thought aloud "I must be crazy!" -_... I realized it was already daytime.. given her wasted state. I could see that she drank quite a lot. and my heart hurts a little... so after dozing off I woke up again. her fair neck.. and my sweaty palms..... and I have lessons. and came down on her cheeks... I had to force open her mouth to feed her..... and my heart began to beat fast and I couldn't relax... Her fin gers and face are so smooth and gentle... "Hmm.. I felt she was quite poor......" I managed to stay awake.. I looked her at red lips.. her rosy cheeks. But now it seems impossible that I leave her in this motel room." .. As I looked a t her. I immediately got up and ran to the dressing mirror. and I sat beside her on the floor... HEY! I mean.. I could see my cheeks turni ng red too. I guess her breakup was really a big blow for her.. With my half-close d eyes I was able to make out some sunlight." I opened the bottle of medicine.. It wasn't supposed to be like t hat.

" OH YEAH. if. She was still sleeping. well. Don't you have any?" "I don't feel like going today..... I was stammering all along.. But we exchanged telephone . and I'm older than you by a year... name. Our fate is very very strange. we left the motel together.... AHHHSHH! -_. Right! Then I needn't speak so nice to her! Though I feel like I've been cheated. I was saying.."YOU? Hmm..... ^^ and then it dawned on me.. So I went to the toilet to wash my face. We knew each other for less than 3 days. Today. the way you speak to me.... rinse my mouth.. and when I came out she was already up and sitting by the bed... but then it's better than having beaten up by her! She went to wash her face and packed her stuffs... She glared at me. so...ttle when I woke up. and her age. HER ID!!! Looking at her face. I found out where she studied." "Really?" "Uh-huh. Well how old do you think I look like?" Damn it.. And when the sunny sun rays hit us. "I've got to go for school. She looked at me and smiled sheepishly..... So I said cautious ly: "Erm.. haha you know... I suddenly remembered peeping at her ID. and te lephone number. you needn't speak politely to me t oo." ". that's how we knew each other...." "Hahaha! Only today?" "Be careful and take care! I'll see you next time!" "Bye!" So. But why? Is it important?" "YA! You're born in 1976! That makes me your elder! Elder! Wanna get your butt w hipped? Damn it!" AHHH." "Oh really? How old are you? Never mind then.. where she lived. hmm... well you looked like you're born i n 1976........ But now I'm going back to my life. and she has her own stuffs to do too.. =D how wonderful if I could say that? But it became: "Well.. I was prompted to smile back at her in t he same manner hehehe.... yet we h ave checked into a motel twice.....

. my cellphone suddenly rang." "Alright.. it tastes like the on e I've eaten back in the army.BEEF SOUP... right? CHAPTER 3 "Okay class. a sign hung on the wall." "Oh. but then again.." "Thank you." -_Damn... Nevertheless. you?" "I have no lessons today. Today is. and the food here is cheaper.. . and I have no classes on Thursday.. As I walked towards the school canteen.. Have a good rest. show ing the menu for the day. after saying she's coming.. Sometimes there is pork chop rice. so we'll be able to see each other when we want too. she hung up again.. "Gyun-woo..." "No. WEDNESDAY. "Hello?" "Gyun-woo. WEDNESDAY?!!!! As there are no lessons tomorrow." "Really? Then now I'll head for your school.. so most of the time I came here to settle my lunch." "Really?" She studies at S University." "NOW?!! No. Beside the counter. I can't! I have classes later on! Till 5 in the evening...numbers." "YAA!. BEEF SOUP!!!??!!! Is it because that someone died.." The afternoon lesson has ended. I really don't know what to do when she wants to do something. it's me. that's why we have to drink beef soup? The scho ol's beef soup stinks. Teacher. It's her. After lunch there's still 3 more hours of lesson . but still. The canteen is forever packed. I don't mean tonight. so I'm at home. or she sets her mind on doing something. I'm a university student! She has no classes on Wednesday.. I mean now. Neither do I have the tim e.. what's the matter?" "Where are you now?" "Me? At school. let's meet up today. I have no other choice as there is not much place to eat. today felt like a weekend. see you tonight.. Although I might not have the university look. that's it for today..

unfortunately. With that. I choked a bit and regained my breathing. the girl who came in with a loud bang. It's been only 30mins. you should sneak in from the back door. Everyone stared at her o ddly.." After lunch. She stood there.. In front of the class.. You go queue up. while the lesson was going on. ohhhh. than our SAVIOUR!!! *coughs suddenly. But. so I guess I'll take a nap in the class. Hence I have little clothes to wear -_. and the lesson starts again. A female student stood there. it'll be shirt can last me a few days or even weeks until people start avoiding me for some reason. concentrating on the lesso n is nearly impossible. *thud thud thud (sound of footsteps) I only heard her footsteps. that's it! THAT'S THE WAY!!! That girl is. She entered the room. Awwww.. In that instance. I'm dead!! How can she see me? I didn't saw her looking in my direction. yet it seemed like 3 hours. none other than our. Suddenly the door opened with an audible thud. The lecturer in front of the class seemed to be chanting us to sleep . All by herself. If you're late. got it. I didn't hear the lecturer speak. AHH. I knew it.. and I hope she didn't see me.. I'll help you get the food coupons.. The class starts at 2. I thought that pretending to be asleep was not a bad idea." "Okay."Gyun-woo. I'm still wearing the shirt that I wor e when I met her for the second time. I felt my eyes closing and my self dozing away. but I spent it a ll on drinks with my friends. muttering: "Bloody hell. what school is this? It's so hard just to find a classroom!" Yes. But. time seemed to stop for a few seconds. Mom had given me a sum of money to get myself some new clothes. . The May weather is so hot and humid. I buried m y head into my book with lightning speed. After making sure it's her. and after lunch. he r footsteps are heading this way.

Hence all of us are not very close d to one another. the kid behind me grabbed me.. She saw it and silently n odded her head. I threw it at her direction. I quickly note to her.. I made a mental reminder to get myself some new clothes... OH NO! I secretly took a peek at her -_. the noise slowly grew louder..This damn world.. late student.. looks good!" "We have this kind of girl in our school?!!" "Hmm now this lesson seems interesting.!" AHHHHH damn.. I simply can't predict her next actions.! The minute the teacher said "Let's take a break. Nevertheless... Phew... "We'll talk after the lesson.! I woke up (pretending). let's take a break here then.. flashed past my mind..... the new term has just sta rted. while I was pretending to be sleeping. "This's the first time I saw her! Wonder what does she major in?" "Wooo. But who knows.... What if she hooked nd prevents me from leaving the class? I'm be the talk of the whole school man! l see me in a different light. her arm with mine.! With that.. and the classroom turns into a mini wet-marketplace. here we go." While no one was looking. hehe...." "Yeah. t he lesson continues... -_. alright!!!!!" Finally. she sat down. and she stared at the board quietly.she t she caused some sort of trouble too." I quickly got up and prepared to dash off.. "Alright class.. a Even the teacher wil seems to realize tha scribbled a piece of .. AHHHRGGGGHHHHHHH -_... those damn beers. she gave me a loud smack on m y back..... AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! DAMN IT. and the kid sitting behind me whispered: "Hey man the gi rl there looks pretty! After lessons let's hang out with her and play!" "Crazy piece of shit. Maybe the lecturer will think that she is a brave. break-time..... using MY MONEY.!" I thought.this damn world is so sad.. damn it!!!!! arrghhhhh..... There are many repeat students as well as many new students.. and the lecturer only knows a handful of us. Suddenly.. She plunked herself down on the seat next to me.! ^^ . Images of my friends laughing and drinking aw ay..

I have to be cruel.. I would have walked away.. or just slack around. Actually I only listen to professional classes." "Forget it then. I was afraid that if we talked outside the class. I do arrive late sometimes.. I left her upstairs and went back to the classroom.. it's a 3 hour lecture.! Really. that 's good.. But maybe I'm a model student.. Why wait on that cold. Sometimes he marked our attendance du ring class.. 3 hours of class. I felt I let her down." "Where're you going? Not coming to smoke?" "I'm looking for the lecturer. Come on." AHHH----!! She actually just let me off like that?! She came such a long way tho ugh.. I know it. I got out of the class.." "It's in my bag... hehehe.! Teacher? What for?" I was scared that everyone knew I'm anxious to get out..." "Arggggh. you'll get a D for that. BUT can't I possibly think for my own future? No choice. Hmm. I'll return just before the class ends. If in any case.. she didn't enter the room! haha.?" In fact. stony chair for me for 2 hours? When she can wait e ." "Well... let's get going.. if it's other subjects... isn't it?" Of course.! "Ya! I can't skip this class. and dashed up the stairs. I'm not really a model student.." "Huh... 2 to go....... Even during class I would sneak out to play billiard. but this fellow kept bug ging me." "What... The teacher didn't say a thing. But this teacher wouldn't allow us to skip class. (Alright stop dreaming!) "No way! I HAVE to listen to this lecture. Why not you just kill me." "WHAT? Where? The class hasn't ended yet!" "Your attendance is taken anyway... the class resumed. No means no."Hey man. where're you going? Gimme a cigarette.. Everyone's attendance has been taken in the mo rning. She also followed me up.." "OOOOh.. people from the next class might see us. heh heh. This is it. CRUEL!!!!! After the break of 10mins." "Why not? Let's go. huh... And an F if you're late for 2 times. Yeah...!" "No. 1 hour down. you missed one lesson. "Dang! How could you just barge into the class?" "Ah! hahhaahah! I didn't know you're in one!" "Sure I am! Why can't you wait outside? Or just sneak in from the back door! How could you.

. or even gone home. "Hey Gyun-woo where you been looking for the teacher?" "Huh? Ah." ". you can leave now. I'm lucky not to have skipped this lesson m an!! Woooo.. and this is the first time we saw her... No. the class slowly became a market-place with all the students chatter ing." "But.." Damn this fellow got me all startled. You can leave.. But I' m worried that she might have stayed....! He flipped through the pages.." "HUH???" "I said.. I didn't know what was going on. "Gyun-woo?" Everyone who knew me in the class turned around in a particular direction." "Teacher. Nothing....... The teacher came in the class...." "What?" "Nothing." "AHHH! Did he saw everything?" I thought. NOTHING. with his disappointed expression changed to surprised. wondering what I did. I've got it.. I meant the girl beside you." "What?" "I know what's with her..... Gyun-woo. The guy behind me.... .. it's me. Hmm. I know you're here. what?" Once again.." "Alright. Maybe. Why?" . "I thought long and hard. he nudged me again and said "Hey.." "It's been 2 months since school started...lsewhere... nudged me. "Erm... And his disappointed expression is w ritten all over his face. "It's okay.. See. I'm not lying! He does do that sometimes during class. and finally I concluded that she must have stepped int o the wrong classroom. she might have gone somewhere else. Where? What where!!?! Of course at me!! . and stopped at one particular one.. and started to flip through his attendance list. Before I could speak.." "But. Right?" "Really? Haahhaha.. he's calling you.." "You are Gyun-woo. Suddenly I didn't feel very good. Did I did something wrong? Hmm. huh?" He stared oddly at me..

.. what did you tell the teacher?" "Nothing. how could he have known? He's only a teacher... I packed my bag and thought about it. GREAT. look who's standing in front of me? Obviously. the class immediately turned silent. WHAT!!!!!!!! " *chokes Normally if anyone said this to me I'll laugh out real loud. My ears and head would burst. An F for my grade.." After that I left the class with everyone looking at me enviously. But. it's not that bad. An F. l ovely school life is destroyed because of her... but once I stepped into hom e. What did she tell him? This stupid old lecturer could actually let me leave the class... what on earth did you say!" "I said I was going to have an abortion. and you're the father. Teacher.. the teacher would believe her... My cute. "Thank you.. OH HEAVENS!!!! My eyes.. In fact I felt a bit proud."The girl just now. SCREWED. I supposed." before delivering a punch to their face... Hmm. and tell the students everything! AHHHHHH HHH. I'm the first guy to get permission to leave the class." "What nothing! He doesn't let anyone off so easily!" "Wanna know?" "Of course. Being with her.. "dad's nagging... -_. Hahahaha.! I feel so screwed. she's your girlfriend right?" The moment he said out the word GIRLFRIEND. I swear.. But is that all to it? It'll be all quiet at school.. It's not a big deal.. *mom's nagging. Isn't that obvious that I CANNOT attend the next lesson?! Alright. she said that. . as if the class had been washed over by a big wave of icy cold water. I'm really speechless no matter what happens.. She was waiting outside for me... and tell them "Knoc k it off.damn! I can't attend the next lesson!! OH WHY!! After I left. The guys stared at me enviously. "Hey. they're twitching like mad! AHHHHHHH. Damn! Those people!!! Of course. hehe. they would have kept bugging the teacher why he let me off." "Huh... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...

The freaking school fees!! Wasted. That teacher is really mean with his grading... Damn.I've long abandon the idea of going school. No. and now waiting at home... hahahaha! CHAPTER 4 She always wants to meet me on Wednesdays and Saturdays. But that goes the same for me too... I got a B for that sub ject!! I only took the exam.. My life in school has just got interesting. aroun d 2 got A's. if I can't finish my work at home. 1999 march 22th. Of course.. Practically on every Wednesday we met up. especially on Wednesday s.. she hasn't called yet...... Today is a Wednesday!!!! How could I attend school on a Wednesday?!! You say it's possible. it should be I can't even attend class. Ever since that Wednesday she created a mess for me and left.. Am I really unlucky? I'm such a piece of unlucky guy. but what if she was nearby... I supposed the teacher took pity on my situation. but I don't think they'll ever talk to m e again. and almost half of them got Fs. Aw. OFFICIALLY DISCHARGED FROM THE ARMY! Armed with the dream of entering the university of my dream! It's only been 2 months. I can't even conce ntrate during class.. I'm the model of the students who got F.. Ying Mei who made coffee for me and helped me finish my work at the same time would a void me too!!! I sound like a bastard.. about 20 plus got Bs.. So long as she called. however.. from that on. and she goes: "if you 're not here by a minute . I knew its time to meet her .? . Only talking? NO! To the extent of not coming near me!!! In designing class. yet I'm now in this situation. Why? Because she has no classes on Wednesdays. those school fees. Of 60 students in his class... I actually got a B..Although we have 3 girls in our course.

Just after I put my bag down. I want to go home early." "This?" She produced a bottle of rice wine from her bag. "Hey man..." So I went straight home after school.. since the lesson ended early today. I feel tired." "Alright.I'm sure she'll not only make me drink that.. it's me. how can I.. I've reached!" hehehe "Hmm. Come quickly. I'm at the park" "Why are you there?" "I'm near the lake.. which is quite a good start.. if you're any more later. 30mins. "Hey. it's me. .." "Woah.. what's the matter?" "I'm at the station. The same thing happened a few days ago.." "Oh. let's go to the bar and chill." "Ya." DAMN! I wanted to rest at home today.... please go a little faster!" "Oh. How scary... how can I go....! She's at the station closest to my hou se. aiya." Of're dead!" then I really have to be there in a minute... If only technology advanced till the era where time-machines are available.. there's still the same old line. come fetch me in 30mins.. what's the rush?" "Ermm.. Anyway.... 30 mins is not enough! What to do? TAXI. *cellphone rings "Gyun-woo. but perhaps something even wors e. but even if the bridge near it is repaired. I told the driver to speed up. I'll make you gulp this down. "Gyun-woo. a matter of life and death! Please." "Why?" "Oh. -_. that serious? Okay sit tight!" I managed to reach in around 30 plus mins. CAB. "Uncle. her call cam e." "Nah.

there you are. 30mins to sta tion. Let's take that!" "Huh! Really. IF YOU'RE STILL NOT HERE. She wore a pair of white sports shoes. it's not scary at all! Come on."IN 30MINTUES. "Hey.. She sure picks her own target.. and she don a tee wit h jeans. She sat beside the lake....... I've discount coupons for the entranc e tickets!" A journey to a mystery and dangerous world." "Really?" "Of course. another 30 to lake.. let's head for the amusement park!" "Ohh.. Other than this place. the couples and lovebirds all look really pretty and hand some! The girls held hands with the guys." Hence. Trust me!" "Really?" "Of course. with the other free hand holding a balloon o r candy floss.. I'LL. don't worry. they're everywhere! The guy. they wou ld say they're afraid.. you should have said earlier. with her legs gracefully crossed... scared. In the end.. Perhaps it's the norm. But I did bought lunch. and it has unlimited rides!! ^^ Hahahahaha! She didn't give me a chance to buy the tickets. where do you think these adults would hold a balloon and walk? This is the place where being old or young doesn't matter! The couples walked in front of us." She seemed happy today. that's too scary! I'm not going." "Oh. This is the place where holidays and normal days didn't really make any difference. Silly.. don't they tag along with their boyfriends? They went in.. In the amusement park.. there isn't really much people in here. a burger." "Silly girl.. said: "Honey.. holding his girl friend's hand. I'm here! hehehe. She looked absolutely beautiful..!" These ladies are soo cute! No matter what ride the guys wanted to take. too. most of them are either tourists or families." "But why did you thought of coming here?" "Come. Her hair was tied up. THIS IS THE AMUSEMENT PARK!!!!! She bought tickets. and couples. Our dreamworld... the war against time starts...... sc reaming happily on the .

.... I WAS the captain of the South K orean Army. Buckled up.not... pretending I didn't know her.. at the right of this place... IT'S THE SCARIEST RIDE HERE Hahahahahhaha. we began to move up... With all due respect.... and this makes them so cute.... The machine whirled a little. I'm. in 2 seconds. so the feeling of having both feet at ground is sooo comforting! "Hahha let's take it one more time!!!" ...scared." ...roller coaster....... The darn machine finally stopped.. "Gyun-woo.. Everyone knows that it's the ride that allows you to fall from a height of 70m. And I even flown at 3000m up in the air everyday during that period.. As the couples walked past. On weekends.. the queue is quite short!" I quickly distanced myself away from her.." Finally we reached the top. There's another small little island ..... she said to me: "Gyun-woo. I mean it! . Woooooooo... BUT today is Wednesday! Not much of a crowd here.After a short wait.. Hahahaha! No worries! ^^ After we were strapped on.. HEY. where the bungee ride is located. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH------!!" @_@ Alas. She rushed and yelled: "Hurry... an d started moving.. Any more doubts? This amusement park is located on an island. Ahhahhahahaha. over here!" .-... ^^ *coughs. let's take the bungee rid e.! BUT I'm not afraid.... as your body is attached to 2 thick bungee ropes... . it's our turn..! "Nnoo. the queue would be like.

It's quite. So the afternoon passed by while we took it 3 times. Our legs are tired. We didn't spoke a word. Seems like today." "Gyun-woo. In the past. walking and walking. As we walked. Dinner time almost sl ipped by us unknowingly. it belong s to young couples like us! ^^ and at the pavilion. we savour the beautiful view. and the water ref lected the starlight. now again... some small-time gangsters would assemble around here." The beautiful sunset was just in front of us. It seemed like a scene in fairy tales. then let's take it once more. a middle-a ged couple were strolling and talking. with the little one snoozing soft ly in the pram.O_O "Huh. and our voices were hoarse from screaming. and we could at the other side of the lake. As for the area where the light couldn't reach. What a sight. Its not it. We never talked while we eat." *chokes. my feet are hurting like mad. we spent by walking. For me. yet we walked together to t he lakeside. there's another family resting there.. Gyun-woo. you wait here while I go get some. Even if we're not eating. the lamp posts shone down on us. "I'm thirsty. you're scared to take it right?" "Scared? Afraid? There's nothing to be!" "Alright. People love to sit beside the lake and gaze at the shiny stars. In the end we took it thrice. She has already set her mind on going to the amusement park. licking our ice crea m." "Then what is it?" "Hmm we've already took it once. my legs are alr eady shaking from all that. That explains her s ports shoes.. Another sight behi nd us. 3 bloody times! She must be crazy. It's getting quite dark now. OH no. Let's go get some ice cream!" "Alright. . this seems to be our unspoken rule. no w it seems like they never.. the father pushing the pram and holding his wife's hands. what's the matter? Don't wanna take?" "No... The light shone brightly. As we walked around the lake. we'll try to disturb the one another. Because if one of us finishes first. he or she will grab the other person's food who is unfinished.

. right? Of course! Well.. hmm nothing. Go and buy some for me." "What were you thinking of?" "Huh. Another elderly couple sat a couple of distance beside us. Silence... "But why drink beer? Forget it. What! Gave me a fright.. "Hey!" "WOAH... She was in a dazing. I hate to drink with her.." "HURRY!" -_Well..." "Huh?" "Let's drink some beer." "Hmm. How sweet. A beautiful sight to soak in....... What took you so long?" ." "Hmmm.... staring at the lake.." If only they set up a mini-store selling drinks and snacks here.." Suddenly I craved for beer.... -_"Gyun-woo..."Hey..." "I wanna drink. beer. well. Her gaze changed too. I drag her and sat beside the lake. You wait here. There's nothing in this park!!!! After trekking for some time I finally stumbled upon a grocery store some distan ce away from the park. soaking in the starlight. Suddenly the mood changed.. Are you crazy?? She's going to get wasted after drinking." "You look like you're in a daze.. I bought the beers and some snacks and rushed back the lake. A six-pack won't hurt. "Then I'll go get some...... More silence... I wonder if it's the reflection from the lake." After making another round. MORE SILENCE.. and her eyes loo ked sad." "Beer?" "Yes. of course there must b e some beer. a six-pack then. let's sit over there. BUT with her. isn't this good? Let's continue walking..." "Huh? Nothing.." "Huh..

Are you talking to me?!" "Do you see anyone here? HUH!" "You. in a daze.. cheeeers!!!!!" While we drank." ". and then for me....(hmm they really match each other. and finally the snacks.. WHAT!! Are..." "Really?" I opened a can of beer for her..." "Hmm..... and sat down.. the lake is so beautiful.... I must be crazy to let her drink.. thinking she's crazy... Suddenly she stood up.......... I can't find any nearby shops here. I thoug ht too myself. I thought it'll be safe as I hid behind the bushes.."Oh.. She called out to a guy who just walked by: "YA! Hey you!!" *chokes on beer.. haha!" "But why toast? Hmm. then. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHAHAHAHAAHHAAHHA!" She laughed loudly. where did you go?" "Don't you know?" ." "Hey Gyun-woo." "...... "Hey.. we should toast each other!" "Toast? Alright.) The guy took another look at her. "HEY! why are you wearing a red tee? HUH! Who says you can wear that colour!" "*stumped WHA. Why are you wearing that red colour tee al so!!?" . The guy stopped...." "hmm..." ... you're not drinking aye? Wanna die?" "Arghh... and that's what you're thinking of? It's meaningless. after half a day."Gyun-woo.. ai n't it?" "Then. what are you doing over there?" I quickly came out and sat beside her. Haha! ^^ "Gyun-woo. you crazy girl! Then... "What is she up to again!" as I thought to myself." "Let's take a closer look.." "Then let's toast for tomorrow....T WHAT. "Let's drink up.. she still stared at the lake.. and walked away..

. I was quite stumped. I wasn't feeling very nice. and rather than suffer a beati ng by her I thought that it's better that she lean on me while she walks in front..She stood up and walked menacingly to the lake. Even the music from the nearby amusement par k stopped. Silence. She said nothing.." "Really?" "Hm.. "Gyun-woo." "Why not?" "It's pretty dangerous. She looks like she's going to jump in. I followed behind her. we sat at the side of the lake.. "Hey! You can't walk anymore. but from this moment I realized she's just the same as any other girl. Nothing!" Suddenly. everything became silent. If only I could jump inside. I could see the lamp lights reflected on her face... really... Although her actions may seem boyish sometimes.." She muttered to herself quietly.. I carefully h eld her while she walked in. giggling to myself. What if she su ddenly jumps in? Then I'll have to carry a wet girl to the motel? . and neither could I ease her pain. Pure silence. . Haha.I quickly shift my position besi de her to sit in front of her." Anyway anything I said won't stop her from going. and soon the tears slid down her che eks.. Hence I led the way.. Her eyes seem teary. "The lake is so beautiful today. I immediately panicked a little.. I can't help her dry her tears.. She has so many emotion s kept in her heart. Another tear slid down her rosy ch eeks." "But I want. nothing. I guess she was thinking of her ex-boyfriend." "Oh.. as she attempted to clear the grass in front of her . and even a little over-the-edge. With that.!!!!!!!" *chokes." "Huh?" "What's with you?" "Oh. and clear a little ground for her to come in... "AHHHH!! WHAT.. and even a little pain such as this made her so painful. Suddenly. Well give me a minute.. as well as some neon lights b y the side of the other end.

. we bravely took a ride in their car! They dropped us at the nearest police station.. she sat with another lady dressed in black. *pants." Everyone started talking. yet no one tried to rescue me or even give me a helping hand. So I had to use all my strength to pull myself up." . Policeman!" And so...!!" I tried very hard to pull myself up. There. Yup.. A crowd formed ar ound us. why did you jumped into the lake?" "Hahhaah!" ^^ "HEY! Are you crazy? What are you laughing about?" "Ssssssi.. "What's going on?" "Oh.. "AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *coughs AHH! WHY. Prob ably someone had called the cops. I'm now actually struggling in the water -_-. that was it.. as she cannot do anyth ing. yet it seemed impossible... I won't die so eas ily. officer!" ^^ "I asked you. so unfeeling! She must have panicked too. Two police officers walked towards us.. while they questioned me. "Why did you jumped into the lake?" "Haha. WHY. do you think he's trying to kill himself?" "No way.. I have a tough life. Who knows this darn lake is so deep?! My feet can't even touch the ground. NOT. She said she wanted to know how de ep the lake is." -_____*sound of siren Seems like a police car had arrived.*struggles.... "AHHH.. Eh well. Mr. USE THAT. I accidentally fell into it.. USE A KNIFE TO STAB ME!! !. These people. Hehe.. and simply pushed me down. YOU JUST USE. Me? COME ON..." "Then he must have slipped inside?" "Haha! Hehe. "Honey.. He won't come up if he's committing suicide..

.. as we reached there.. "Hey." "Gyun-woo! Stop it... she accompanied me back to the lake... m ade worse by the wet shirt. bef ore we're allowed to walk out. she said nothing and stared at the lake. tree bark is now organic food. "You know. he began his stories.. Now I realized her expression when she is really sad.. Her eyes seemed red. as if she had cried." 2 hours passed. Still. Hahhaha! Lucky right? So to dry my shirt. and her face is all red as she tried hard to stiffen he r laughter. Luckily it's night time and the wet stains ar e quite invisible... so 2 hours passed like that. don't you even apologize for pushing me in?!" She turned to look at me. my dad said he ate that too when he was young... I don't feel angry. "Sir."Are you sure?" "Officer.. you should spare a thought for your parents.. my shirt was wet.." "But sir.. When will her wound heal? ..... "All men are no good creatures.. society and what not... And my body suddenly felt cold. His stories.. his views on sports.. not even allowed to speak?..." *nods head. well... do I look like a guy about to kill himself?!" I stole a glance at her. Then again.. only tree bark! *sighs" "Yes sir. "You. the government. "I have nothing to eat when I was young.. politics.. Damnit!!!!!! Another guy came and he looked like he's the sheriff. hist ory... She? She was just sitting there at the corner." Suddenly I couldn't speak." AHHHH damnit. pouting. when I was young we had nothing to ea t. I didn't have any thoughts of committing suicide!" And so.

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