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—_—_—_—_—_—_—__—erre OOO Approved by the State Aviation Inspection of the Czechoslovak Federation Republic in Prague on FLIGHT MANUAL X L-39(CT SERIAL No. 533216 COMMANDERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BRINGING THIS PUBLICATION TO THE ATTENTION OF ALL AFFECTED PERSONNEL : 1991 SECTION r Reproductions for nonmilitary use of the informations o illu- strations contained in this publication is not permitteé with~ out specific approval by the issuing authority. Pe P: LIST OF EFFECTIVE PAGES NOTE: Whenever information of the text affected has been chan- ged, it will be indicated by a vertical line in the outher mar- gins of the page. Changes to illustrations may be indicated by a miniature pointing hand instead of the vertical line TOTAL NUMBER OF PAGES IN THIS PUBLICATION 1s _349 /+5/ Date of issue gor this Flight manual and for Pilot’s flight crew checklists is 1991 Page Change Page change No. No. No. No. i-91 1992 1 3-4 1991 Fy 3-4a 1992 a 3-5 1992 1 3-44 1992 1 5-6 1991, a 5-9 1991 at 6-1 1992 1 6-2 1991, 1 6-4-1991, i 6-4a 1991 1 6-4b 1991 1 6-4c 1991, 1 6-4a° 1991, 1 6-5-1991, a . 6-6 = 1991, 1 6-7 1991 1 j al-7 1992, 1 £ no page change is stated, then the page of the first copy issued in 1991 1s still in force. ae SECTION I This manual contains all the information necessary for the sate and efficient operation of the L 392A. These instruc- tions do not teach basic flight principles but are designed to ight provide you with a general knowledge of the aircraft, its ic normal emergency procedures. Your characteristics, and spec flying experience is recognized; therefore, elementary instruc- tions have been avoide Sound Judgement. The instructions in this manual are designed to provide for the needs of a crew unexperienced in the ozeration o. is aircraft. This book provides the best possible operating in- structions under most circumstances, but it is a poor substitute for souné judgement. Multiple emergencies, adverse weather, ter- Fain, etd. may require modification of the procedures described herein. Permissible Operations. This flight manual takes a “positive ap- proach" and normally tells you only what you can do. Any unusual operation or configuration (such as asymetrical load) is prohibi- ted unless specifically covereé in the flight manual. Clearance Rust be obtained from the flight manual manager before any cues- tionable operation is attempted which is not specifically covered in the flight manual. Standardization and Arrangement. Standardization ensures that the pe and arrangement of all flight manuals are indentical. The manual is divided into ten fairly independent sections to simpli- as a reference manual reading it straight through or using The first three sections must be read thoroughly and fully under- Stoood before attempting to fly the aircraft. The remaining sec- ons provide important information for safe and Sion accomplishment. Checklists. The flight manual contains amplified normal emer- S contain these procedures in a cy procedures. Checkl. sated ems in the flight manual and checklists are identical «i