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Foundation in Music
Bachelor of Classical Music (Hons)
Bachelor of Contemporary Music (Hons)
UCSI EDUCATION SDN BHD Master of Music (Performance Studies)
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UCSI Education Sdn Bhd (185479-U) @ucsimusic @ucsimusic
UCSI is based in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. It stands out as one of
Malaysias foremost private universities but did you also know MALAYSIAS



Pioneer OVER 100
academic programmes Founded in 1990, the Institute of Music has established

of Aquatic Science, make UCSI the most

Biotechnology, Food Among the itself as Malaysias foremost music force in both the classical
and contemporary elds. It has opened doors for some of
Science, Music and private university in

1 -ON- 1
Malaysia by far.

The 1st performing the most prominent gures in the Malaysian music industry
comprehensive private like performing artists Dr Joanne Yeoh and Dennis Lau,
universities for UP TO
university in Asia to acclaimed composer and music director Onn San, jazz
facilitate industry GRADUATE pianist Melvin Goh, as well as award-winning vocalist Nurul WEEKLY LESSONS EMPLOYMENT
placement for students * In Malaysias private higher EMPLOYABILITY FOR INSTRUMENT RATE
each year. education landscape
Aina Abdul Ghani.
STUDIES upon graduation
The Institute draws on an impressive faculty who are
acclaimed performers in their own right. This unique setting
sets the stage for a dynamic atmosphere where students
learn from and work alongside the best in the business.
in the Rating System for NATIONALITIES Apart from improving their technical capabilities and the
Malaysian Higher Education UCSI is one of the few on campus. The world TERENGGANU Study with an Regular
quality of their performances, students are required to hone
Institutions (SETARA). Malaysian private universities studies here. IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE
Tier 5 is classied Excellent SARAWAK their musicianship skills, theoretical prowess and knowledge
and it is the highest rating
to break into the 2015 and
of music history. This process of self-discovery leads to
2016 QS Asian University
accorded to Malaysian Rankings. many memorable moments with our students achieving on
universities so far.
the grandest stages.

This is the environment youll be stepping into. Award

winners will be your mentors, your peers, and ultimately,
your trusted friends. So if youre looking for inspiration to
OVER 30% Learn from
Over 30%
forge a career in music, come to the source. Write your next
visiting artists
chapter at UCSI Universitys Institute of Music.
of UCSIs academic staff and academics
are PhD holders and a
of UCSIs student population is UCSI students obtain a further 17% are pursuing
INTERNATIONAL. merit-based government their doctorate.
on campus scholarship or grant.
The 2015 average at
private higher
education institutions
in Malaysia is 16%

of state-of-the-art
learning space will
be added once OF OUR CO-OP
academic blocks WOULD LIKE TO
are completed
in 2017.


Foundation in Music (A 9724; 03/2019) Bachelor of Classical Music (Hons) (A 9724; 03/2019)

Programme Duration: 1 year Programme Duration: 3 years

Orchestrated for post-SPM students, the Foundation Classical music studies rst put the Institute on the map. It
programme has been instrumental in putting many has grown from strength to strength and it remains a strong
musicians on the right path. Students choose draw for aspiring musicians from around the world. Studies Core Courses
between classical and contemporary specialisations are broadly based to facilitate the process of self-discovery Choir 1-6 or Orchestra 1-6 Music and Modernism
from the start and many credit the Institute for and students often specialise in one or more areas as they Chamber Music Ensemble 1-4 Notation Software and MIDI
exposing them early to the industry. complement their performance components with musical Recital Attendance 1-6 Music Technology 1
aspects like history, analysis and stylistic composition. Masterclass Attendance 1-6 Conducting Skills
As a Foundation student, you will enjoy full access to Music Theory 1-4 Keyboard Skills
and be encouraged to participate in the Institutes As a classical music student at the Institute, you will enjoy a Aural Skills 1- 4 Major Instrument 1-4
dynamic and engaging student life. You will benet immensely Introduction to Music History Final Year Performance 1-2 or
many events on and off campus. Everything is done
Malaysian Music Final Year Research Project 1-2
with the future in mind and the core courses and from the tutelage of acclaimed academics and performers.
Music History 1-2 Internship
electives you select will prepare you for degree You will have access to renowned musicians who visit the Music Research Methodology University Reading and Writing
studies and beyond. Opportunities abound to showcase Institute. You will step into a huge reservoir of talent and your
your talent and many Foundation students make a Tang Suat Ting (Third from left) and Wong Hui Yun (Fourth peers will impact you profoundly. Your experience will be Electives
from left) were Champions of the Group category at the immense.
name for themselves when they are still in pre-university.
illustrious Taiwan International Harmonica Festival 2015. Students are required to complete 19 elective credit hours in total.
Follow their footsteps.
English Diction Piano Pedagogy 1-2
DID YOU KNOW? French Diction Vocal Pedagogy
German Diction Opera Workshop
Italian Diction Introduction to Kodaly Method
Introduction to Popular Kodaly Method 2
COURSES OFFERED Jeremy Yeo is the Music History Piano Literature 1-2
youngest Malaysian to World Music Vocal Literature 1-2
Core Courses
clinch rst place in the Music and Film Performance Practices
Choir 1-2 or Orchestra 1-2 Film Scoring Music Industry in Malaysia
prestigious American
Music Theory Rudiments 1-2 Analysis Minor Instrument 1-4
Protg International Counterpoint Introduction to Mass
Musicianship Skills 1-2
Competition of Romantic Baroque Techniques Communication
Aural Foundation 1-2
Music 2013. He also Classical Workshop Introduction to Public
Experiencing Music Ang Ting won the Most Popular award and was one
won the Best Perfor- Innovation Workshop Speaking
Introduction to Music Professions of the Top 10 nalists in the Sungha Jung Guitar
mance Award in the Instrumentation Introduction to Psychology 1 & 2
Major Instrument 1-3 Competition in 2016. The Southeast Asia's biggest Introduction to Sociology
Minor Instrument 1-3 Winners Concert held at
ngerstyle guitar event showcased the best of Asian
Writing for Academic Purposes guitar music, with nalists hailing from Singapore, Carnegie Hall, New York.
General Courses (MPU)
Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.
Electives Students are required to complete all levels of MPU courses
U1 For Malaysian students :
Students are required to complete 7 elective credit
1. Ethnic Relations
hours in total.
2. Islamic Civilisation and Asian Civilisation
Ofce Application
Introduction to Marketing For Foreign students:
Introduction to Language and Communication 1. Malaysian Studies
Human Communication 2. Communication in Bahasa Melayu 3
Positive Psychology U2 University life
Introduction to Malaysian Studies U3 Malaysian Experiential Tourism
Introduction to Moral Studies U4 Extracurricular Learning Experience 1-3
Fundamentals of Oral Communication
UCSIs 120-strong chorale is the rst university
student choir to perform with the acclaimed
UCSI's inaugural Contemporary Music Festival saw Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and under the
Foundation students sharing the stage with professional
batons of world-renowned conductors Benjamin
Zander in 2015 and Andreas Delfs in 2016.


Bachelor of Contemporary Music (Hons) (A 9726; 03/2019) Master of Music (Performance Studies) (FA1257; 08/2017)

Programme Duration: 3 years Programme Duration: 16 months of full-time

COURSES OFFERED study or up to 3 years of part-time study* COURSES OFFERED
Versatility is the hallmark of the Institutes contemporary
* Available for Malaysian students Core Courses
music programme and students acquire the denitive
Core Courses
hands-on experience in myriad aspects of music from pop UCSIs Institute of Music is one of the private universities in Principal Study 1-4
Choir 1-6 or Orchestra 1-6 Music Research Methodology to rock, blues and jazz. Apart from performance-related Research Project
Malaysia to offer the Master of Music (MMus) in Performance
Modern Band 1-4 Music and Popular Culture Music Research Methods
studies, students will pick up a broad range of knowledge Studies. The MMus is an advanced programme in music Graduate Tonal Theory
Recital Attendance 1-6 Notation Software and MIDI
in theory, aural and history studies while being exposed performance with Principal Study tuition (either instrumental or Graduate Music History
Masterclass Attendance 1-6 Music Technology 1-2
to industry activities like composing, music technology vocal) at its core. This may be classical or contemporary and
Music Theory 1-4 Music Industry in Malaysia
and music production. Electives
Aural Skills 1-4 Major Instrument 1-4 embrace both solo and collaborative performances. The courses
Introduction to Popular Final Year Performance 1-2 or also develop Masters' level skills of critical enquiry and research Schenkerian Analysis
As a contemporary music student, you will develop the
Music History Final Year Research Project 1-2 as appropriate to students whose principal mode of expression Repertoire Studies 1-5
aesthetic vision and the analytical bent to navigate the Performance Practice Seminar
Malaysian Music Internship
ever-evolving professional music environment. You will is through performance. This will enable students to articulate Pedagogy Seminar
Popular Music History 1-2 University Reading and Writing
interact with faculty who are leading performers, aspects of their work through the act of performance itself and Jazz Composition and Arranging
Electives through more conventional forms of academic practice. Music and Law
composers, arrangers and producers in the music
Advanced Tonal Analysis
Students are required to complete 19 elective industry. You will enjoy numerous opportunities to
credit hours in total. perform. And when the time comes to make your mark,
English Diction Opera Workshop you wont just adapt to change youll drive it.
Introduction to Music Introduction to Kodaly Method
World Music
Kodaly Method 2
Contemporary Repertoire Event Highlights
Music and Film Studies
Film Scoring
Composition and Arranging

Vocal Pedagogy
Sequencing, Sampling and
Song Writing Synthesis
Jingle Writing Minor Instrument 1-4
Instrumentation Introduction to Mass
Conducting Skills Communication Loong Wen Hung
Improvisational Skills Introduction to Public impressed the judges
Piano Pedagogy 1-2 Speaking and clinched the
Introduction to Psychology 1-2 second prize in the
Introduction to Sociology competition held in
conjunction with the
General Courses (MPU) Malaysian Jazz Piano
Festival 2016. Public Performances Prestigious Competitions Faculty Specials
Students are required to complete all levels of
MPU courses
Setting the stage for a celebration of The culture of excellence is further The Institute hosts regional events
U1 For Malaysian students :
talent, the Institute runs a number of exemplied by precocious students such as the biennial International Piano
1. Ethnic Relations
2. Islamic Civilisation and Asian Civilisation After winning the ensembles and regular recitals. who participate and succeed in Festival and Competition that unites
World Championship Students also come together for local and international competitions young pianists and maestros from all
For Foreign students:
of Performing Arts in musical events like charity concerts including events in Bali, China, over the world for an invigorating
1. Malaysian Studies
2. Communication in Bahasa Melayu 3
Hollywood, Nurul Aina and fundraisers, extravaganzas, Singapore and more. learning and performing experience.
Abd Ghani went on to festivals and more.
U2 University life place second in TV3's
U3 Malaysian Experiential Tourism Mentor Legend as the
U4 Extracurricular Learning Experience 1-3
protg of Malaysian
rock queen Ella. She
composed and
released her rst Music graduates are attractive to employers and they can chart careers in any elds with the transferable skills they develop at UCSI. While
single in 2016. this is worth noting, most of our graduates enter the music profession and performing, teaching, composing, music production and music
management are some the most obvious career paths they opt for.


EXCELLENCE FACILITIES The Institute of Music is built for aspiring musicians like you. And
if youre going to realise your potential, youll need the right

THROUGH AND RESOURCES learning environment to thrive in.

The Orfeo Trio
chamber music trio
The Institute hosts an average of 40 events a year
Artist in Residence
that encompass masterclasses and recitals by
acclaimed musicians and seasoned academics
who perform and adjudicate on the global stage.
Some stay on as Artist in Residence for a period of
time to enhance learning outcomes

Michael Veerapen
Malaysian veteran
jazz pianist

Ensemble Virama
Prominent classical
chamber music ensemble
Three band rooms with drum sets, ampliers
Professor Dr Peter Amstutz and keyboards
Professor of Piano 30 practice rooms equipped with upright pianos
Andy Peterson at West Virginia University
A keyboard lab with 20 MIDI-compatible electronic
Malaysian bassist keyboards
and industry luminary
A music technology lab equipped with Novation MIDI
controllers and iMacs running Finale and Logic Pro X

59 pianos (12 grands including one Steinway-D, one

Greg Lyons Fazioli F308, two Bostons and 47 uprights)
British saxophonist,
Four lecture rooms and one ensemble room, each
composer and arranger with pianos and audio-visual equipment
Artist in Residence
A recital hall (Seats 500) with recording facilities
equipped with Mac Pro running Avid Pro Tools 11
and Logic Pro X

Five piano teaching studios

Three chamber music rooms

Two guitar/bass practice rooms

Two drum practice rooms

John Thomas
Acclaimed Malaysian drummer
David Frhwirth
Austrian violinist
and academic
Ralph Jaccodine
President of Ralph
Jaccodine Management


Success is part and parcel of the Institute of Musics DNA. This creates
HALL OF FAME an infectious culture of excellence and our students have gone on to
accomplish great things in life.
MAKE YOUR MOVE. APPLY NOW. (FA1 257; 08/2017)

INTAKES: January, May and September

DR JOANNE YEOH The lecturers at UCSI were always approachable and open to
debates and discussions. Their constant enthusiasm and deep
ENTRY Bachelor of Classical Bachelor of Contemporary Master of Music
Foundation in Music
Award-winning violinist and academic knowledge spurred my interest to pursue music to an even REQUIREMENTS Music (Hons) Music (Hons) (Performance Studies)

Winner of the National Academic higher level. UCSI was my stepping stone to greater things in
Award 2012 (Performing Arts life, and who I am today, I owe it largely to UCSI. Students who complete and pass all courses with a
category) DIRECT ENTRY minimum of grade C in UCSIs Foundation in Music gain
direct entry.

Classical Music: Three Three classical pieces of Three contemporary Three pieces of
My lecturers, who were seasoned performers themselves, were classical pieces of contrasting styles pieces of pieces of contrasting styles;
Award-winning lm composer and music always very supportive and that sustained a great learning contrasting styles Major, melodic minor and contrasting styles (e.g. memorisation is strongly
producer Contemporary Music: harmonic minor scales; jazz, pop, rock and Latin encouraged.
environment. Im thankful to them for seeing the potential in me
Three pieces of chromatic scales; arpeggios popular styles, etc.); the
First Malaysian to obtain a Masters in and motivating me to reach for the stars. contrasting styles in all keys (voice majors are performance must
Musical Theater from the prestigious New PERFORMANCE AUDITION (contemporary styles are exempted from this) demonstrate ability to
York Universitys Tisch School of The Arts preferred but not mandatory) improvise in the given styles
Auditions are to be
conducted about 1
month before the start Note:
of the semester i. String /woodwind/voice majors are required to bring along their own piano accompanist. If unavailable, one may be
DENNIS LAU engaged from the Institute for a fee. Contemporary music candidates may choose to use minus-one recordings to
UCSI provided me with a rewarding education experience that is accompany their audition. Please bring your own laptop, tablet or other similar audio-playback device. The Institute will
unique and deeply enriching. Looking back, I am proud to say prepare a 1/8 1/8 inch audio connection.
Electric violinist, composer and music
that I am a UCSI graduate and I believe that Ive made the ii. Composition majors have to submit a portfolio of compositions and pass the audition on a major instrument.
right choice.
CEO of Mosaic Music Entertainment Dictation of:
Repeating a melody and Sight-singing, repeating a melody, a rhythmic (1) an 8-bar melody the melody will
a rhythmic phrase from phrase from memory. include modulation,
SKILLS TEST (2) an 8-bar rhythm,
(3) a SATB harmonic progression

I gained priceless lessons in experiential learning at UCSI which (1) Roman Numeral harmonic analysis
Intervals, scales and key Intervals, scales and key signatures, triads and inversions,
gave me much condence to pursue my passion in music. I was well THEORY TEST signatures, triads, grouping roman numeral analysis, time signatures, grouping of notes of a brief extract from a mid-to-late
AIDEN SOON AND EVELYN CHOONG 19th century composition.
prepared to develop my career after and in many ways, before of notes and rests. and rests, transposition, diminished and seventh chords, (2) Lead Sheet analysis of popular/jazz
I graduated. | Aiden Soon open score, cadences, lead sheet symbols and composition.
(3) Form/Phrase Analysis
Founders of Fresco Harmonica Ensemble Italian/German/French terms.
My lecturers were extremely knowledgeable and I enjoyed
World Harmonica Festival multiple gold
countless opportunities to perform. UCSI provided me with a (Not required) Identication of a range of musical elements such as The Music History Placement
award winners LISTENING TEST
really great environment to discover my calling and to develop tempi, textures, dynamics, timbres and rhythms by Test will cover the Baroque,
my potential. | Evelyn Choong listening and responding to brief, recorded musical Classical, Romantic and
extracts of both classical and contemporary styles. Modern periods.

MUSIC HISTORY TEST (Not required) (Not required) Completion of Placement

UCSI taught me all I needed to know regarding the music Tests in Music History,
industry. I am especially grateful to my lecturers whose steady Theory and Aural.
Winner of the Malaysian Jazz Piano guidance ensured that I performed my best each time I
Competition 2015
stepped on the stage. UCSI played a very influential role in ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS
shaping who I am today as a musician.
SPM/O-Levels 5 credits STPM / A-Level 2 principal passes A lower second class
UEC 3 credits UEC 5 credits honours degree (CGPA
of 2.50)
Other Year 11 equivalent Diploma Pass
with an average score of 60% Other Year 12 equivalent Average score of 60%
CANDIDATES MUST National matriculation CGPA 2.0
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR "I am proud and honoured to be an alumnus of the Institute. The MEET ONE OF THE International Baccalaureate 26/42
DR CHEONG YEW CHOONG dynamic learning environment fostered by the passion and FOLLOWING CRITERIA.
commitment of its dedicated academicians was a privileged A distinction (A+, A or A-) in the English Language subject at SPM/UEC level; or MUET Band 5; or a score of 196
Head of Postgraduate Studies at experience that I will always treasure." (computer-based) / 525 (writing-based) / 69-70 (internet-based) in TOEFL; or Band 5.5 in IELTS (undergraduate) or Band
UCSI's Institute of Music 6.0 (postgraduate). In the event that the English Language Requirements are not met, student may be required to undertake
additional English module(s) prior to or concurrently with the programme, based on the Universitys decision.