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Critical skills advancement in counter steering,
emergency braking, cornering & throttle
Take your riding to the next level! Armstrong’s
Practical application of ‘test exercises’ to help
motorcycle licence course is custom designed to
enhance actual road riding;
strengthen vital riding skills and maximise
Extensive reference & relevance of theory to
knowledge retention.
on-road riding;
Advanced observation skills;
Conducted over one day for approximately 4
Advanced hazard identification & avoidance;
hours with a maximum client/trainer ratio of 4:1.
Introduction to risk minimisation principles
when riding.
Armstrong’s provides motorcycles/scooters,
helmets, gloves & wet weather gear (if needed)
All training is conducted prior to any testing,
on all their courses.
maximising the training benefits to aid in the
successful completion of the licence course.
Armstrong’s also offers all clients one free re-test
on the day, as they understand that some people
Armstrong’s VicRoads accreditation means you
make mistakes under test pressure.
don’t need to go anywhere else. Successfully
complete the testing and receive your Motorcycle
Licence on the day!
1. A current Victorian Motorcycle Learner’s
Permit; having held it for a minimum of 3
consecutive months but no longer than 15
Full Priced Weekday Course - $235
months. This must be brought with you on
Full Priced Weekend Course - $260
the day of the course.
VicRoads Licence Fee - $25.40
2. A current Victorian Driver’s Licence; brought
with you on the day of the course. If you
An Overseas Licence Conversion is an additional
don’t hold a current Victorian Driver’s
Licence, please contact VicRoads to ensure
you complete any necessary
tests/conversions before the course.
3. Wear appropriate protective clothing,
including long sleeves/pants and fully
enclosed shoes, either boots or runners.

Please note all pricing is subject to change without notice. Please contact
Armstrong’s for the most up to date information.

CONFIDENTIAL, ADEADV1038, V1, 02/08/2010


By enrolling in any course you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as outlined below. For a full copy of Armstrong’s policies and procedures, please download a copy of
the Student Handbook from our website or ask our customer service staff for one.

All courses require a minimum level of English language proficiency (based on Australia’s minimum literacy standard) and general health and fitness to complete. In addition,
the Motorcycle Learner’s Permit 6-hour course requires adequate riding skills and experience equating to approximately 50 hours, as a minimum. It is the client’s
responsibility to ensure they meet these requirements prior to participating in any course. Failure to do so may mean that the client is NOT ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE


You must notify Armstrong’s if you are taking any medication or if you suffer from, or have ever suffered from an eyesight or hearing defect, dizziness, blackouts, blood
pressure problems, epilepsy, diabetes, psychiatric or mental illness or any medical condition or other disability. If you have a medical condition you will require a clearance
from VicRoads. Please contact Armstrong’s so that the necessary medical report form can be sent to you. You will need to take this to your doctor to complete and then
return to Armstrong’s via mail or fax 14 days prior to the course commencement. Failure to obtain the necessary medical clearances prior to commencing a course will result

To undertake any motorcycle course you must not be disqualified from driving or have a cancelled or suspended Australian or overseas licence. You must check the
permit/licence requirements for your course; the requirements for each course are detailed on course Quick Facts or alternatively check with our customer service staff or
website. You must bring your licence and a secondary ID with you on the day of the course to be able to participate. Please note that if your Motorcycle Learner’s Permit is
suspended at any time, then the time of the suspension is not counted as part of the actual Motorcycle Learner’s Permit time required.

Overseas Licences -
If you have a valid overseas licence, you must attend the appropriate consulate to have your overseas licence recognised and then attend a VicRoads Office to have the
consulate’s response approved and recorded. This must be verified by Armstrong’s before any booking can be made.

Without a Licence, of any kind -

If you do not hold a licence of any kind, you must attend a VicRoads Office with the following documentation to apply for a Client Number. :
Passport or Birth Certificate, and
Medicare Card or Debit/Credit Card, and
Proof of Residence (a utility bill or bank statement is excepted)

You must also bring the above forms of ID with you on the day of your course.

For a Motorcycle Learner’s Permit course, if you do not hold a Car Learner’s Permit, you will need to complete a Car Learner’s Permit written test which will be included
into the testing requirements of the course on the day.
For a Motorcycle Licence course, you must have a current Hazard Perception Test (HPT) from VicRoads that will need to be presented on the day of your course.

If you arrive at a course with a cancelled or suspended licence or do not meet the VicRoads licence requirements YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY

For any client wanting to undertake the Motorcycle Learner’s Permit course it is vital you obtain a copy and read the VicRoads publication “Victorian Rider Handbook” as
it contains the information that is needed to complete the written exam in the course. If you are required to also complete a Car Learner’s Permit written test it is highly
recommended you obtain a copy and read the “Road to Solo Driving Handbook”. All Handbooks can be purchased from Armstrong’s office, your local newsagency,
VicRoads or download from the VicRoads website.

For all Motorcycle Courses, it is mandatory that the following clothing requirements are adhered to –
Long pants & a long sleeve shirt
Solid shoes (work boots or runners are suitable, prefer NO steel capped boots)


It is essential that all clients arrive for their course at Armstrong’s drug and alcohol free. If drugs and/or alcohol consumption is suspected or detected, the client will not be
permitted to participate in the course. NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN for any client removed from a course due to drugs and/or alcohol.


The assessment process involves two components – a written theory/knowledge test and a practical skills test. The practical skills test involves an off-road component. If
the written theory/knowledge test is not completed satisfactorily, a second attempt will be provided, free of charge. If the practical skills test is not completed satisfactorily,
further training before re-testing may be recommended and will incur a fee. For further details regarding re-test fees, contact our admin office on (03) 9464 6464. Re-
testing times are subject to availability and must be booked in advance. Should you wish to appeal any assessment outcomes, you must first discuss the matter with your
trainer. If the matter cannot be satisfactorily resolved, you may lodge an Assessment Appeal Notification. Further details regarding assessment appeals can be found in our
Student Handbook available on our website or via our admin office.

Full course fees are payable no less than 14 days prior to the commencement of the course. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the fees are paid on time.
Armstrong’s may contact you to remind you that fees are due, however, this is a courtesy and not a requirement on our part.
If a client fails to pay the course fees in time, 14 days prior to the course starting date, their place on the course will be cancelled.
As all clients are informed prior to the commencement of any course about the course requirements, licensing requirements and medical requirements, if a client
provides false or misleading information regarding their eligibility to participate then they will be removed from the course and no refund will be given.
For clients who have paid and wish to cancel with more than 7 days notice prior to the starting date of the course, a full refund will be given.
For clients who have paid and wish to cancel with less than 7 days notice from the starting date of the course, a 50% refund will be given.
For clients who have paid and wish to transfer to another available comparable course with more than 7 days notice prior to the starting date of the course, no extra
charge will be payable.
For clients who have paid and wish to transfer to an available comparable course with less than 7 days notice from the starting date of the course, a 50% refund will be
given and the full fee for the new course will be applicable.
Client’s who fail to attend any course or cancels the course on the start day of the course, no refund will be given.
It is the responsibility of all clients to check the course start times and ensure they arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the course. In the interest of client safety and
fairness to other clients, if a client arrives for a course more than 30 minutes after the starting time, without prior consent, they will not be permitted to participate and
no refund will be given.
Armstrong’s reserves the right to remove any client from a course, with no refund, who disobey direct instructions from the trainer, behave in a manner that is
considered disruptive or endangers Armstrong’s trainers, other students or themselves.
Any client requesting a refund due to extraordinary circumstances must make the request in writing and address the request to the Operations Manager. All
requests will be responded to in writing and if necessary after a full investigation, any refund will be paid by cheque.

Personal information is collected from clients in order to manage and administer their course enrolment. Personal information including personal details, licence information
and assessment results will be forwarded to VicRoads, WorkSafe or training and assessment partners, as appropriate.

CONFIDENTIAL, ADECOM1089, V4 28/10/2010

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