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McKenzie Farnsworth

Vision Statement
Vision Statement

One million two hundred thousand students drop out of high school every year that is

equivalent to one student every 26 seconds or 7000 every day (Do Something, #1), my goal as a

teacher to decrease this is to make school not only a learning environment but also an

environment students want to come to. Throughout my schooling, I went through many different

schools with VERY different beliefs and different systems on how they managed their school. I

went from the typical small town school to a big city school, seeing things I had never seen

before. It opened my eyes to what happens in other schools around me. Once I hit high school

and began doing different education courses to see about becoming a teacher, it solidified my

beginning thoughts of one day becoming a teacher. From then on I wanted to be the teacher

students saw as the teacher they thought about all those years later, who made them want to

come to school and stay in school. If students are encouraged at a young age to enjoy school and

not see it as a negative place to be , they are more inclined to enjoy school and graduate.

Teachers who have affective communication with not only students but with parents, possess an

engaging personality, and have working classroom management strategies, contribute to the

foundation of a students success.

As a teacher, he/she must be able to not only communicate to the students the objective

of the day and what the expectations of them are, and also be able to convey to parents what

their students are learning, their goals, and also if there are any behavior problems in the

classroom. My goal as a teacher is to keep an open line of communication with parents, by using

technologies such as a teacher website or remind101, to show them how serious I am about their

childs education but also show the student I am willing to do whatever it takes to help them

McKenzie Farnsworth
Vision Statement
Teachers who never have a smile on their face and just look as if they do not want to be there are

not the teachers students want to see when they walk in the door. Seeing a teacher who lacks a

smile or who has a consistent bad attitude can turn students off to coming to school. Teachers

should have a personality engaging for all, and have a stance of being approachable. When

students find a teacher who is patient, kind and understanding. They remember the specific

teacher for a positive reason, rather than remembering the teacher as someone who was

constantly put them down and never having anything positive to say. As a future teacher, I want

my students to be able to see me as someone they can talk to and get help from with school but

also see me as an authority figure. Having the balance is critical to making positive relationships

with your students. While teachers are establishing their communication they can begin looking

at classroom management strategies to improve their classroom as a whole.

Many teachers have different classroom management styles, and different strategies work

for different teachers but many of them have common elements in the results. These include,

Few behavior problems, a clear, shared understanding of acceptable and appropriate behavior,

immediate or at least timely teacher actions that usually work, (A., P. #9) plus more. An

easy tool a teacher can add to enhance her classroom is movement. After reading Teaching with

the Brain in Mind, showed me just how beneficial movement is too a classroom. Movement

causes blood flow to the brain which in turn causes childrens reaction times to improve, and

also can help them with their focus during classroom instruction. Coming from a generation of

sitting in desks and being told to just do your work, it was intriguing to learn about just how

beneficial movement is to a classroom. Classroom management can make such a difference in

your experience as a teacher and can help you be able to create those relationships with your
McKenzie Farnsworth
Vision Statement
students rather than constantly having to redirect bad behavior because most students once in

their routine, you will begin to see bad behavior to begin to decline.

As a teacher goes through her/his career she will begin to see improvements in her

communication skills with students and parents, the teachers personality beginning to emerge

more, and also she will gain many more classroom management strategies to improve her

classroom experience for her as a teacher and for her students. With all of these combined, it can

make my experience as a new teacher much more enjoyable and will help with my future

students success as they continue through their time in school. My hope is to make my

classroom positive and memorable to outweigh any negative teacher they may have before or

after me.

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McKenzie Farnsworth
Vision Statement