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Article 16.

-the highest duty of the State is to respect and ensure

respect for the human rights that are guaranteed by this Constitution.

Article 17.-the State guarantees to all its inhabitants, without any

discrimination, the free and effective exercise and enjoyment of the
human rights established in this Constitution and in the declarations,
covenants, conventions and more existing international instruments.
Shall adopt, through plans and programs permanent and periodic,
measures for the effective enjoyment of these rights.

Art. 18.-the rights and guarantees certain in this Constitution and in

them instruments international force, will be direct and immediately
applicable by and before any judge, court or authority.

On rights and constitutional guarantees, it will be interpretation that it

favours more effective force. No authority may require conditions or
requirements not established in the Constitution or the law for the
exercise of these rights.


The authorities of the forces armed and of the police national will be
responsible by the orders that impart. "The obedience to the orders
upper not exempt of responsibility to who them run". The
field research performed, i.e. surveys, interviews, is
inferred that the population surveyed and interviewed perceived as a
need to reform the current Constitution to correct this limitation

La pero decisin que he tomado en mi vida es haber ido a una fiesta

que unas personas organizaron el ao pasado estuve hasta muy tarde
cuando al da siguiente tena una prueba o un partido para entrar a un
equipo no asist al encuentro por eso no puede cumplir mi sueo de
ser un futbolista despus de un largo tiempo volv a entrenar en un
equipo de la ciudad de Ambato y actualmente sigo entrenando para
ver si el entrenador me vuelve a dar la oportunidad de jugar que en
una ocasin perd por haber tomado una mala decisin
But decision I've made in my life is to have gone to a party that some
people organized the year past was very late when the next day had a
test or a party to enter a team not attended the meeting that can not
fulfill my dream of becoming a football player after a long time went
back to train in a team from the city of Ambato and am currently
training to see if the coach me again to give the opportunity to play that
once I lost to a bad decision