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Breakeven – by The Script

This song is basically saying that when two people break up,

one’s heart gets broken more. In this song, the singer is the one whose

heart is broken more than his ex-girlfriend’s. The song’s title

Breakeven represents that when a heart breaks one side is damaged

more than the other side. This metaphor is translated to mean when

two people break one person gets hurt more.

I agree with this statement that this song represents. Often times

this does happen, where one person is much more upset than the

other. Some people care more for each other than others. I, and many

others, can definitely relate to and understand where they’re coming

from in this song and types like it.

The song repeats some stanzas twice, but it doesn’t have a

definite chorus. There isn’t a definite rhyme scheme either, but it does

have rhyming throughout it where they are directly after each other. I

think this adds to the character of the song, because it means it

scattered showing he doesn’t care because he misses her so much.

The song is a softer rock song, which ties in with the theme of breaking

up, because he’s defeated, saddened, and upset. Also, I love the lyrics

and the main metaphor.