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SY 2016-2017
Objectives No. of Percentage No. of Item
Days Items Placement
Listening Comprehension
1. Listen to lay value judgement on critical issues 2 4.44 2 1-2
that demand sound analysis and call for prompt
actions (EN9LV-IVa-13)
2. Get the different sides of social, moral, and 2 4.44 2 3-4
economic issues affecting the nation
(EN9LC-IVb-13.1) 2 4.44 2 5-6
3. Make generalizations (EN9LC-IVi-8.7)
Grammar 4 8.89 4 7-10
4. Use active and passive constructions 4 8.89 4 11-14
5. Express permission, obligation, and prohibition 4 8.89 4 15-18
6. Change direct to indirect speech and vice versa
(EN9G-IVf-1) 4 8.89 5 19-23
Vocabulary Development
7. Get familiar with the technical vocabulary for
drama and theater (EN9V-Iva-29) 6 13.33 7 24-30
Reading Comprehension
8. Relate text content to particular social issues,
concerns, or dispositions in real life 12 26.67 6 31.44
9. Analyze literature as a means of understanding
unchanging values in a changing world
a. Explain how the elements specific to full-length
plays build its theme (EN9LT-Iva-17.1)
b. Determine tone, mood, technique, and purpose of 5 11.11 6 45-50
the author (EN9LT-IVf-2.2.3)
Writing and Composing
10. Compose a play review (EN9WC-Iva-11)
TOTAL 45 100 50 50

Another talented friend rejected a job promotion because she was afraid of the challenge of her new job. Sometimes. they amplify the message of an article that accompanies them. even in the littlest acts of selfishness and of trying to prove one’s worth by stepping on another’s head. Hitler’s shadow lives on! Yes. For Item 6 The adage “A picture is a worth a thousand words” is essentially true because pictures are good sources of information. This is a challenge because misinterpretation can lead to misinformation. in simple argument between two people. there has no comparable decline in the number of people killed in home fires. he decided to reject the offer. pictures alone can tell a story or express a lot of ideas. not necessarily according to what the photographer hopes to show. For Items 3-4 Mankind saw a new hope. without the article. but because he did not want to leave his province. pictures can be interpreted in different ways. a new light after Hitler’s end. Aside from their artistic contribution. Despite a significant decline in cigarette smoking in the last two decades. A friend of mine was once offered a very prestigious scholarship outside the country. . They make us afraid and impotent in the face of adventurous opportunities. I see Hitler all around me…in a small neighborhood quarrel. However. But until now.Listening Text for English 9 For Items 1-2 Smoking in bed has long been the main cause of home fires. We may hate to admit. We all have inside each and everyone of us a part of Hitler’s wicked ambition. For Item 5 Comport zone may keep us from exploring other things. but we all possess the same kind of selfishness and crooked philosophy that threatened and almost put an end to mankind.

C. Listening Comprehension Listen as the teacher reads passages. ____2. ____3. Smoke in bed. ____14. will ____11. C. ____9. Write only the letter of the correct answer. . ____1. Marinduque FOURTH PERIODICAL TEST IN ENGLISH 9 S. Hitler’s life is legacy for all of us. Write A if the verb is in the active voice and P if it is in the passive voices. B. To relate the personality and philosophy of Hitler with everyday situation he sees C. What generalization can be made based on the passage? A. To remind his readers of evil deeds of Hitler B. To tell readers that despite Hitler’s death. D. B. “I like ice cream. What would be the best explanation for this? A.Y. ____8. D. A. Hitler has greatly influenced our way of thinking.” C. ____12. home fires caused by smoking in bed usually cause relatively little damage before they are extinguished. Marian said. C. An earthquake destroyed the town. C. Directions: Read and answer each question. To tell the reader that Hitler is just around the corner D. Home fires caused by smoking in bed often break out after the home occupants have fallen asleep. The applicant ________ submit his resume through online registration. Which among the sentences correctly uses the direct speech? A. ____5. Never smoke in bed. Staying in a familiar place may prevent us from experiencing a better fortune. B. Select the letter of the correct answer and write on the space before the number. Interpretation of pictures is for children only. Annie ______ calculate Mathematics problem mentally in a minute. The members of the club _______ have a general assembly on Saturday. Staying in the comfort zones set boundaries and targets. Compared to other home fires. We are all descendants of Hitler. The manager will give you a ticket. D. Complete the sentences with the correct modal. ____13. Write the letter on the blank before each number. B. Answer the questions that follow. Republic of the Philippines Department of Education MIMAROPA Region Schools Division of Marinduque Boac. 2016-2017 Name: ____________________________________________ Grade and Section: _________________________ I. Interpretation of pictures lie on the viewer. C. We will be blamed by everyone. ____6. Smokers in bed tend to be heavy smokers who are less like to quit smoking. “I bought car!” Marian say. The line “We all have inside each and every one of us a part of Hitler’s wicked ambition” means that. B. Lighted cigarettes easily cause fire. II. can B. D. What generalization can be made based on the passage? A. He was praised by the teacher. must D. Totally quit smoking. his evil philosophies still live on ____4. B. Grammar A. C. Staying in a familiar place is not comfortable. How can smokers possibly solve the problem? A. D. A. We possess certain characteristics of Hitler. Just sit on the bed. Staying in the comfort zone makes one benefit more. Select and write the letter of the best answer on the space before the number. ____7. may C. What is the purpose of the speaker? A. A person ________ be able to develop his individuality by gaining support and trust from the family. Interpreting pictures is a boring activity. ____15. Interpreting pictures is a challenging task. ____10.

A. Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. where we lay our scene. Verona C. D. She asked me not to be late. A. cold reading B. Which line from the prologue begins to introduce the conflict in the story? A. She said that the sun rises in the east. Based on the prologue. soprano ____23. Reading of script done by actors who have not previously reviewed the play. setting B. plot ____20. According to the prologue. She said that the sun will rise in the east. B. I am living in London. The parents end their feud. The families continue to feud. D. story telling IV. C. theatre B. stage B. She told me to come early. She said that the sun rose in the east. B. 1 hour C. I haven’t seen Julie! ____16. dialogue C. Vocabulary Development Read each item carefully and write the letter of the most appropriate answer on the space before each number. Marian says.” A. Which among the sentences is the correct REPORTED SPEECH for the given direct speech: “Please don’t be late. “The sun rises in the east. From ancient grudge break to new mutiny. Marian says that she liked ice cream. A. and with plot of the entire story. Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. B. Which among the sentences is the correct REPORTED SPEECH for the given direct speech: She said. Whose misadventure piteous overthrows Do with their death bury their parents ‘strife. It means rehearsal where technical elements such as sound and lighting are added to the show. A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life. our toil shall strive to mend Excerpt from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare ____24. III. dress rehearsal C. what happens at the very end of the play? A. ____18. Paris ____25. ____17. Which. A. how long will the play last? A. The fearful passage of their death-marked love. D. Is now the two hours’ traffic of our stage? The which if you with patient ears attend. 1 ½ hours D. London D. C. but their children’s end. Reading and Literature A. Choose the letter of the correct answer and write it on the blank before each number. . 2 hours ____27. pacing C. C. both alike in dignity. From forth and fatal loins of these two foes. ____19. I bought a car said by Marian. She is living in London Marian said that C. ____26. Italy B. B. What here shall miss. D. The tempo of an entire theatrical performance.” A. playbill D. pacing D. A. She asked me to come early. dialogue C. 30 minutes B. C. Marian said that she hadn’t seen Julie. D. pacing D. In fair Verona. From ancient grudge break to new mutiny. It is the conversation that takes place among the characters in a drama. B. cold reading B. Story Elements Read each item carefully. Two households. tech rehearsal ____22. From forth and fatal loins of these two foes A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life. where does the play take place? A. A play or presentations that takes place in a significant setting. with characters portraying their roles. acting D. dress rehearsal C. naught could remove. tech rehearsal ____21. Which among the sentences correctly uses the reported speech? A. Marian say. She says that sunrises in east. According to the prologue. She told me not to be late. script D.

“BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU” is an example of which literary element? A. pride C. Son: Ok great! That’s what I expected. fear ____34. George Orwell has employed this phrase in the third paragraph of the first part of his political satire. enthusiastic D. hospitality B. and a man stood there covering him with a revolver. plot D. patience D. Monologue ____29. “Can some tell me what the hell is going on here?” A. Write a letter of the best answer. resting several times on the way. who was thirty-nine and had a varicose ulcer above his right ankle. Evaluation B. anger B. Symbolism D. Father: We can’t go on vacation this summer. A. . setting B. happy B. It goes thus. Writing and Composition (36-40) Recall a play or movie that you have watched or studied.” A. sincere C. caption beneath it ran. D. Credentials C. went slowly. I’m sure you are very cold. and Winston. disgust D. sarcastic C. What element of the story will take place in this scene? A. excited V. gloom D. Romeo and Juliet kill themselves. Write a short conversation or lines in the scene that you can recall. ____31. and the shock to his nerves almost made him faint. faith ____33. Montressor invited Fortunato to the catacomb to taste the Amontillado not knowing that the plan of revenge would took place in. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU. On each landing. He looked up and screamed. It was one of those pictures which are so contrived that the eyes follow you about when you move. climax B. conflict C. “The flat was seven flights up. peace C. The door had opened. Tone and Mood Identify the tone or mood of the given statement. A character is attacked by a jealous girlfriend B. Which of the following could be an example of internal or personal conflict? A. the poster with the enormous face gazed from the wall. opposite the lift-shaft. “Come in and warm yourself. complimentary D. angry C.” ____28. We are taking your suggestion quite seriously and truly appreciate your concern. cheerful B. What is the tone of this letter? Dear Valued Customer. “1984”. Verona falls. A. None of these ____30. Thank you for your recent letter regarding our refund policy. indifferent ____32. nervous ____35. A character is confused over whether or not to cheat on a test C. A character is injured by a tornado D. aggressive B. A. B.