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Republic of the Philippines

National Capital Region
Las Piñas City
LPESC, Gabaldon Bldg., Padre Diego Ave., Real St., E. Aldana, Las Piñas City
835-9030 and 822-3840

Professional Learning
Las Piñas National High School Almanza
In-Service Training
Output for the Month of May

Prepared By:

Marie Ann B. Rey
Teacher I
PLC/SIP Focal Person

Submitted by:

Dr. Alejandro G. Esperanza, Ed. D.
Principal I

June 6, 2017

Attitudes and Interests of Youth Seminar-Workshop Re-echo Time Allotted: 3 hours (9:00 AM to 12:00 PM) Presenter: Marie Ann B. Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION National Capital Region DIVISION OF LAS PIÑAS Las Piñas City LPESC. . PLC Focal Person Narrative of Discussion: This topic is a re-echo from where the presenter attended a National Seminar Workshop on Innovative Teaching for Re-tooling and Readiness with the Theme: 21st Century Filipino Students and the New Curricula: Innovating and Retooling for Readiness... 2017 Meeting Called by: Alejando G. Rey. D.D. Real St. Esperanza.None - II. Ed. Each correct answer merits one (1 chocolate). Agenda Topic: Millennial Trends of Behaviors. Gabaldon Bldg. Las Piñas City 835-9030-822-3840 Date: May 30. Ed. Aldana. Las Piñas National High School Almanza Faculty Students: Parents: . Attendance: Principal: Teachers/Coordinators: Alejandro G. Esperanza. Reofrir I. The presenter will flash a photo of a significant scene from a movie and participants will raise their hand and provide the complete title of the movie. conducted by The Institute of Leaders in Educational Advancement and Development The presentation begun with a fun game about movies. Everyone had fun as the movie genres were diverse.None . E. Rey Minute Taker: Alquin A. Padre Diego Ave.. Celestial Time Keeper: Emily Ann A. . Type of Meeting: In-Service Training Facilitator: Marie Ann B.

The Millennials and How to Engage them in 5 Important Moves – and – The Flipped Classroom Approach . Each mini-group was provided a worksheet where they can write notes on to. Relaxed. the mindset.Generation Z and the Widespread Usage of the Internet. and . Transitioning from a game to the actual discussion.Baby Booomers and the Real Reason they hesitate with Technology . The workshop focuses on having teachers create/write a class activity that would display a Flipped Classroom Approach that also highlights 5Rs of the 5 Important Moves to Engage Millennials ( Reseacrh-based methods. The study aims to understand the values.Generation X and their Reconsidered Reputation . The participants were asked to group themselves according to their Department and Grade Level.Participants tend to laugh when there’s an older movie and they then to be very excited if the movie is just recent. the teachers were asked to answer a survey and 90% of the population was able to participate. Prior to the scheduled session. The following Generations were discussed with corresponding videos as additional aid for understanding: . Relevance. and the beliefs of today’s youth. It also aims to check how the college experience is affecting the Filipino youth. and Rapport).The Alpha Generation and the Predictions The last part of the session was spent for the Workshop. . a video about FEU’s study was played. Results are detailed out in the Conclusion part. Rationale.

there should be more Positive ones than Negative. Millennials are considered to be unique in many ways.Conclusions: The result of the survey shows that 88.33% of the respondents believe in purely Positive Reinforcement.33% suggests that there should be a balance between both Positive and Negative Reinforcements. This goes to show that teachers and students alike belong to the millennial generation. and 11. ambitious. great multi-taskers. Nobody believes that we should use purely Negative Reinforcement. The other one-third of the respondents believes that while we can use both reinforcements. as with the phenomenon of "flashbulb memory." in which an emotionally highly intense stimulus can incentivize memory of a set of a situation's circumstances well .89% of the respondents were born in the year 1980 – 1995.11% of those who responded in the survey were born in the year 1965 – 1979. Believing in the power of having rapport and a relaxed learning environment. The memory-enhancing stimulus can also be one whose effects are directly rather than only indirectly emotional. As stated in various researches. 33. which is a key factor in today’s education that focuses on performance. Reinforcement does not only enhance the behavior but it also enhances memory. a great balance of both positive and negative reinforcements will be an effective approach in engaging with millenials – teachers and students alike. They are digitally literate. The other 33. When it comes to reinforcement.

1. This group utilizes technology differently than generation X – their predecessors. at the same time. Part of improvement also has to cover the Administration and the Teachers. developing our professional skills. Technology is intimately embedded in their lives. the focus on development is not solely on the students.beyond the subset of those circumstances that caused the emotionally significant stimulus Recommendation: In order for teachers to start revolutionizing the teaching-learning process. However. . Creating collaborative training experiences that involves technology must be provided during In-Service Trainings rather than the plain old lecture with a speaker in front. stepping out of our comfort zone to learn and develop different strategies will help us develop the youth. in order for us to become effective facilitators of Learning. 2. Start incorporating the Flipped Classroom Model tied up with the 5Rs on how to engage Millennial on certain topics. The administrators can start developing a millennial-centered learning environment not only for the students but also the teachers. This could be time consuming and may require additional effort from the Teacher. Based on the survey result. they may: 1. Part of the holistic growth Las Piñas National High School Almanza. almost 90% of the Teachers are millennial.