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Dr Ujjwal Patni

International Trainer, Author & Motivational Speaker

2015 Translation @ Mrs Rashmi Rastogi Cover page @ Tushar Vaghela. Any person who does any unauthorized action in relation to this publication may be liable to face criminal prosecution & civil claims for damages. mechanical.Medident India Books First Medident impression. in any form. No part of this publication may be reproduced.Title . by any means (electronic. stored in or introduced into retrieval system. recording or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the author & the publisher. . photocopying.Why India is best for Network marketing Published by . or transmitted. Filmmaker ISBN 978-93-84976-09-5 Copyright @ Author Dr Ujjwal Patni All rights reserved.


This book is dedicated in memoriam to My Grandfather. Father & Mother I promise that with your divine blessings. . I will add value to this world & meaning to my existence.

The companies that survived. I could understand. are now doing extraordinary business in India. New companies are trying to be ethical in accordance with government rules. After working hard for years. Some old companies have introduced better and ethical systems due to fear of Government action. But. Now the opportunity is bigger and better than. That was a dark period. Most of these companies lacked quality products and education system.EDITOR’S NOTE WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT THIS BOOK As a motivational trainer & networking specialist. I personally feel that people who invested and lost their money. bank accounts were sealed and directors were put behind bars. but most of them vanished. The special section on why India is best for MLM. I interacted with many directors and top leaders of leading network marketing companies. They just lured the people by promising them huge returns. with due sympathy. who believe in networking. Now the belief is coming back. Any person with commonsense can easily understand that it is not possible for any company to give such unrealistic returns. This book throws light on why to join MLM and how to succeed in India. why one person succeeds in this system and why another fails? Why one company survives and reaches the top while an other company has to shut doors? Now I am confident that this is not an easy earning system. I have no doubt that such companies did serious fraud. Most of them rate India as the biggest global market in coming years. . Many companies in states like Andhra Pradesh. More than 1 million networkers participated in my seminars. but were depressed. Lot of companies entered into the Indian market. This system demands hard work and devotion. Few of them survived. are again ready to fire. The agitations sensitized Government about this business. is unique. The Government in all seriousness made committees to formulate rules. West Bengal. Still they invested because greed attracted them. in India. Millions of networkers. People became more aware to distinguish right from wrong. neither a shortcut to attain wealth. were also at fault. I personally believe that it’s a great business opportunity and will hold a major share in global business in years to come. it ever was. This experienced mass will join the existing companies to create a revolution. The laws on how to communicate with your team and handle your down line will give you new insights. Most of these companies do not exist now. Many premises had been raided. the scenario of the mlm industry has suddenly changed. but there is a silver lining in it also. who love the lifestyle and freedom of networking. MP and Rajasthan closed their shops after looting billions of hard earned money of their associates. In the last few years.

I am thankful to all those people who helped me in writing this book knowingly and unknowingly. The book will reveal the Indian mind set and techniques to deal with them. Some top networkers rate this as the most fair and impartial book ever written. The Chairman of a top MLM company rates this book as a Gold standard book for Networkers. This book provides all the India centric answers on network marketing. . This is your own book in your own words. People often join fraud companies and spoil their future. Go Diamond and stay Diamond. I have added an alarming section which highlights the differences between right and wrong company. I sincerely wish that every networker must understand the merits and demerits of this business system. I have included multiple network warnings in between the chapters as an impartial advice. I am sure that the networkers will be benefitted largely through this book.

Dahi Loot The concept of networking is more than 1000 years old. from Haandi-Fod to multi-level marketing .

and TV channels for his personal and team achievements. He has been featured in most of the leading newspapers. He is an author of 6 books that are published in 12 languages and read in more than 18 countries. Pundit Sunderlal Sharma literature award. He has conducted more than 1500 seminars in 100 plus cities with around one million participants. He is the proud recipient of 15 prestigious awards including Kamal Patra. He is the proud achiever of three Guinness world records. Lakhs of people start their Saturday morning with his free motivational program The Ujjwal Patni show. best selling author and motivational speaker. These talks are available on his mobile app available as Ujjwal Patni. ABOUT DR UJJWAL PATNI Dr Ujjwal is an international trainer. best corporate trainer of India & many more. . He has been included in the prestigious Top 10 Global Indian Thinkers List of 2014.

Indian Direct selling Association Annual survey report. 2012-13 .12: 6385 CRORE 2012.13: 7164 CRORE Source .11: 5229 CRORE 2011. STARTLING FACTS Turnover of Direct selling industry 2010.


This is well documented that many people have achieved high end luxuries. please don’t opt for network marketing. your risk taking capacity is less. and the list goes on. Some hate field work whereas some love it. Even individuals have their own choices. Just because someone doesn’t find a particular career engaging. you are not resourceful enough. The same applies to the segment of Network marketing. You might love or hate it. Every business has its own set of challenges and opportunities. . some hate a desk ridden job whereas some like the comfort. This possibility may come with little pain. that’s a personal choice. Choice is yours. then other things don’t matter. or you have lots of responsibilities then what will you do? Are you willing to kill your dreams or would love to take a little pain for your loved ones? This is a burning question which requires serious introspection. but that doesn’t make the whole business unworthy. some like a fixed time job whereas some like a flexible job. The important question is the cost of opportunity. enviable lifestyle and recognition through this system. rejection and hard work. infrastructure and risk to start a career that might give you a great return? If you are. In case. The possibility of becoming something at a negligible cost and risk is worth considering. but if you love the rewards. This is an undisputed fact that network marketing/direct selling/MLM is a low cost opportunity. Are you resourceful enough to put in the required cost. that doesn’t mean that the career is bad.WHY TO JOIN MLM 1 THE PAIN IS WORTH TAKING There is no business that would be suitable for everybody on this earth. some hate meeting people where as some love it.

. we continue to practice this through our entire life.WHY TO JOIN MLM 2 A NEW REMUNERATION FOR WHAT YOU DAILY Network Marketing is not a novel idea. If you work diligently and persistently towards promoting a product or a business model with a proper plan. We tend to share with others. a good tailor or a good doctor to others. if a product sells by your recommendation or you are able to influence people to connect to a particular business. Most of us habitually praise and recommend a good movie. By this word of mouth publicity. you may achieve more than that you make through your primary profession. man has been inadvertently practicing it for ages. In this method. Now here is a business model. You have to continue the same old job of recommending things in a more structured and planned way and you get a new remuneration by developing lucrative business overtime. but without any benefit to us in return. Yet. chances are that you will certainly be benefitted with a good income. where you are compensated for your direct or indirect recommendations. you receive certain remuneration. we create an impact on the sales of these items. In long term. the good and bad qualities of almost every consumer product and service that we happen to use.

NETWORK WARNING If you are over-intelligent and are discovering your own ways. Then you can achieve short-term success But you cannot maintain that for long. If you are ignoring and neglecting the instructions of up lines. . If you are not following the system.

Develop your lateral thinking ability. Send your answers on my Facebook page : Ujjwal Patni . what is hidden in this Image. Think from different perspectives. Try to find.

two and four wheeler manufacturers in the automotive segment. if. a slight change in government policy can render millions of people unemployed. Similarly. putting the multitude of people involved into problems of making a livelihood. and uncertain bank interest rates. these industries are left with little option but to lay-off excess workers. The advent of high speed communication networks in the form of mobile phones and the internet has seamlessly merged countries and continents to provide a universal level playing arena for business and commerce. Technological innovations and the spread of multinationals across the globe has revolutionized the way business is being conducted. or induce them to take up voluntary retirement. mobile phones led to shutting down of thousands of STD/ISD telephone booths across the country. On the contrary. The arrival of several multi-national giants like Pepsi and Coca Cola in the cold-drinks segment. Infusion of technology in India initially resulted in several lakhs of people losing their jobs in labor intensive industries. Just introspect. You should indeed consider yourself very lucky. or. threat of retirement shall always keep dangling like a sword over your head. Most industries have excess work force. unless the business transformation is driven in synchronization with the technology changes around. new business methods are making people redundant. is able .WHY TO JOIN MLM 3 IS YOUR LIVELIHOOD OR BUSINESS SECURED The last 20 years have brought about a sea-change in the economy of several nations and the livelihood of people. Even if you are gainfully employed by the government or a private organization. one would be able to avoid erosion of his savings. The introduction of an ordinary software ’Tally’ caused untimely retirement of our traditional accountants ’munshis’ in many Indian organizations. To survive in a fiercely competitive environment. In today’s scenario of rapid technological development. This amazing transformation has undoubtedly brought about its’ own set of advantages and disadvantages for the different types of business. Often. Every other day we hear of the advent of a new technology that brings about the demise of an old technology. does the existing business provide income adequate to take care of your present and future needs? Does it leave enough cash surplus to provide for a rainy day? It is unlikely that with the current inflation. despite the ever increasing competition and decreasing margins in every sphere of commerce and industry. The closure of several age-old textile mills in the last few decades remains a classic example. it is not certain that our existing business which has been set up with heavy investments will continue to generate returns in future also. or owning a house and living a life of comfort. shattering their dreams of marrying their daughters. I fear that someday we may be required to pay a fee to our bank for being the custodian of our deposits. forced many Indian companies either to close down or to merge with them. or providing higher education for their children. your business remains secure.

if there is any element of insecurity. My dear friend. Unlike any other business venture. efforts and perseverance. and staff in its implementation. if you are worried about fulfilling your dreams for your family. . if you are skeptical about the future. and allows you time to share with your family and friends. machinery. It only calls for your long term commitment. then you have an opportunity to get connected to Network generate revenues. network marketing does not require capital.

Secretary.385 crore in 2011-12.000 crore by 2020. Chavi Hemanth. Industry is estimated to scale up to Rs 10. STARTLING FACTS I feel proud that Direct Selling Industry has reached a turnover of Rs 6.844 Crore by 2015 and hopefully reaching to Rs 34. IDSA .

your share is determined and put into your account. Very often. your share of commission is credited to your account. As soon as you sell a product. There are no rewards for sincerity and dedication. The rest shirk away from their responsibilities and ride piggy-back on the path to success. but to also help him supplement his income. The results are spontaneous. an extremely efficient and diligent employee is denied a raise. for his loyalty to his organization. and began sulking from his work. his senior deprived him of all the credit that was due to him. during which period he conducted valuable research work conforming to highest international standards. This becomes quite demeaning and frustrating for the few sincere and diligent people of the team. when. but is not valid in the present times. A researcher. This business platform assesses you on a daily basis. or worth. the concept of network marketing comes in as a wisp of fresh air. When success does come. In a large number of occupations. he will be rewarded for his labor and not deprived of his share of credit.WHY TO JOIN MLM 4 NO TOM. and where a person may get connected to you and lend a new dimension to your business. Network marketing is a business which rewards you for every bit of hard work. The scientist decided to . because here you are your own boss. The bitter but well known truth is. while his not-so-efficient boss earns a promotion as well as a bonus. in the government and semi-government organizations. there are people who are able to make a handsome earning from an average job. On the other hand. It rewards you amply for your efforts. This done. He spent 14 years researching in a government laboratory. There is no system of evaluating either your work. it is shared by the entire team. You alone get full credit for your work. the responsibility of a task is dispersed among the various members of the team but few people are sincere in their work. promotions are not merit based. The basic criterion is that you should work with dedication and work methodically. Consequently. Then a friend of his introduced him to the prospects of Network marketing not only to draw him out of his cocoon. He was assured that in this venture. trust and sincerity. This perhaps may have been true in earlier days. In a team work. We were taught that only hard work can fetch us success. These are days of working ’smarter’. no one can deny you success. hard work alone is barely able to make people earn enough for a living and to fulfill the basic needs of their family. related his story to me. who is presently a known networker. You can surpass the earnings of your seniors by proving your talent. DICK OR HARRY CAN SNATCH YOUR CREDIT Our forefathers instilled in us the importance of hard work. and results in gradual degeneration of their spirit to endeavor and make a positive contribution. But unfortunately. Nobody can foretell how. without much effort. Amidst this bleak and stressful scenario. This is mortifying for an individual’s zest for work. he became very frustrated. As soon as you add a new person to your network.

and made an example of his success story. Dick or Harry can snatch your credit. if you are looking for sure rewards for your hard work and talent.connect with this business opportunity that had come his way. . Friends. then Networking is a good opportunity for you because no Tom.

Not every person is capable of investing so much. manpower. by way of offering you their products and training material. many of these networking companies return a major part of your investment. Today. you have the key to infinite gains and opportunity to rewrite your destiny. Instead of money. but also for the precious time and intense labor that goes into establishing any business. Despite this. and this lack of adequate capital can shatter entrepreneurial aspirations of people. One can get connected to these companies with a tiny capital ranging from Rs 200 to 40.000. Setting up a business may involve organizing an office. I am not imputing this word only for the monetary investment. Moreover. communication facilities. legal registrations. it demands more determination and sincerity. one requires substantial capital to start even a small business. What if you don’t have the required capital to arrange all of the above prerequisites? What if you don’t have the daring or resources to start a good business? What if you are restricted due to responsibilities. qualities or any other factor? What if one downtrend or policy change ruins you of your hard earned money? Don’t lose heart because you have an option with minimum capital. I have also had a chance of interacting with leading networkers who earn lakhs. and various other expenses. electric supply. publicity and advertisements. this business method demands an investment of your total personality. Once you click. a warehouse. No normal business can ever offer you unlimited profit on such meager investment. on an investment of less than Rupees 15. . I have closely scrutinized the business models of many leading networking companies and find that they offer unlimited opportunities at a minimal investment. There are risks of incurring a loss due to multiple factors.000/-. Since networking requires small investment. any enterprise or venture is not guaranteed of financial success. your qualities and all those virtues which God has bestowed upon you.WHY TO JOIN MLM 5 MINIMUM CAPITAL BUT UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY By ’Capital’.

their families are breaking apart. has changed our way of living and approach to life. but the pressure on us to excel. and when to meet. from a machine by giving you ample extra time. It may not be that we all have become self-centered. but a new way to live life. Most of us envy this freedom of time.WHY TO JOIN MLM 6 FREEDOM OF TIME Networking is not just another method of doing business. These customs and traditions that fostered bonds are slowly fading away. and they themselves suffer from life-style related physical and mental disorders. perform and survive in a fiercely competitive world puts extreme demands on our time and finally takes a toll of our responsibility towards our family. They remain stressed. Parents today do not find enough time to devote to their growing children. A mechanical life style. I was often hard pressed for time to attend family functions and celebrate festivals. Many affluent and highly educated people have lacked enjoyment. You assign to yourself the liberty to live life. The youth are so busy in careers that finding time for their aging parents has become difficult. from the break of day until night. You are then free to spend the remaining three weeks as you wish. It is entirely your prerogative to decide how many people you wish to meet. To think of it. We spend plenty of time throughout the year celebrating myriad of festivals and family functions. or continue to live expecting a divine intervention that will throw in a bit of extra time for us to truly enjoy. or nurture their tender minds for a positive attitude in their own life. We maintain strong family relations and traditions. There is no need to work for the full month. So I attach very much importance to freedom of time. You use your time according to your own wishes. Before I opted for the career of a motivational speaker and author. With such paucity of time. You can determine your own life style. despite their abundant wealth. have not been able to live life to its’ fullest. Even a day’s holiday has to be planned at least a fortnight ahead so as not to disturb the treatment schedules of my patients. by enthusiastically connecting to as many new people as you can. I used to work as successful dentist where I had to devote fixed hours to my patients at the clinic. Their sole excuse is “Don’t have time” I consider network marketing as a new style to live life because it transforms you into a human being. We share moments of joy & sorrow with our family members. a highly competitive environment. Let me elaborate on this. There are millions of people . we will either end up living a mechanical life. it can be least expected from us as parents. In networking. that we shall be able to instill good values in our children. The most important factor influencing this change is lack of time. But the changing life style in modern times has reduced the healthy effect of our customs. which to my mind is the greatest freedom in this world. You may achieve your monthly targets within a week. where to meet. you decide when and how much to work.

then network marketing can be a good alternative to your present occupation. and share maximum time with your family. If you find your job boring with mundane routine. either you work alone for hundred hours. Most professionals. The simple theory is. Later. a networker is able to plan his work hours himself. or alternatively. be they doctors. or teachers. and wish to find time to fulfill your desires and hobbies. A networker works only for a few hours during which he connects other people to himself. when these other people work. a part of their earning is added to the income of networker. . and so the cycle continues. create a team of hundred people who work an hour for you. In contrast. all earn commensurate to the hours of work they put.who struggle to snatch extra bits of time from their daily routine. lawyers.

to fetch you a good income. You may utilize or build your contacts as and when you choose to. You can interact with the entire population of the country and make them to join your network without any binding of rules and regulations. Using your leadership qualities. and set up your business wherever you feel comfortable. you cannot sell the products in Chandigarh. capabilities. if you are a dealer for Hindustan Lever at Delhi. anywhere in the country. You can explore new territories . you will never feel short of customers for your products.WHY TO JOIN MLM 7 FREEDOM OF TERRITORY Generally. you can pick up adequate business there. and entirely to your benefit. and as far as you desire. Again. You can encash your potential. You can fly wherever you wish. if you are a dealer or distributer of Hero MotoCorp at Nagpur. sky is the limit and you are a free bird. . In this business. On the other hand network marketing allows you total freedom of territory. marketing knack. you may not be permitted to promote this business at Amravati. where your friends have not yet reached. In network marketing.places and states. For example. operations of any business and commercial entity are specific to a defined geographical territory. and are partly due to the rules and codes of conduct established by your parent company. and contacts. These restrictions are partly in compliance with the rules and regulations of the local tax authorities with whom your business may be registered.

enthusiasm and accolades. People sprinkled rose petals on him and garlanded him till his face was no longer visible. dedication. I happened to witness a similar scene at Chennai railway station some time later. making business presentations. The mutual feelings of respect. and I was flabbergasted. The crowd was his down line. which I had only read of until then. her forehead anointed with ’tilak’ and ’aarti’ performed. The upline helps downline by going jointly to meetings. and training new people. She was given a traditional Indian welcome. and put in greater efforts to reach pinnacles in their career. On enquiries. all thoughts of failure. These two incidents convinced me that even politicians. Outside the airport. The first thought that crossed my mind was that this assemblage must be for some politician arriving.WHY TO JOIN MLM 8 KING-SIZE RECOGNITION Ask any one of the leaders who have reached the summit of their career in network marketing. People were formally dressed and appeared to be professionals. Many ordinary people are inspired by these real-life moments of hope. After the flight landed. pessimism. This is surely a win-win business. It was indeed a royal welcome in total grandeur. there was a band and fireworks to greet him. Thousands of people applaud the achievement of others and give them a standing ovation. This cohesive and concerted effort enables the victory of the whole team. Such adulation is envy even for leaders of big corporate houses. This lady too was at the ’emerald’ position in a network marketing company. as to what inspired them to get connected to this novel business practice. and the answer will surely be “to cherish the unforgettable moments of glory and honor bestowed upon them”. an ordinary looking young man in his early thirties emerged in the lounge and was soon welcomed by the congregation. I was informed that the gentleman was at a ’diamond’ position in a networking business. This is a business in which the upline as well as the downline. both are winners. The person you add to your group becomes indebted to you for offering him an amazing business opportunity and you both develop a strong relationship to last a lifetime. Very often. but a look at the nature of crowd was telling me a different story. and desire to succeed are innate and spontaneous. after spending enormous amounts to tempt and lure crowds. and inferiority . which was in total awe of the success of their leader. network companies invite me to speak in their programs. adversity. Once. The leaders and promoters are physically lifted up and carried to the stage. while waiting to board a flight from Kolkata. I have felt the tremendous enthusiasm that pervades during these functions. besides the profuse garlanding. When you watch ordinary people attain extraordinary success. are no match for network marketing business leaders who command a spontaneous following on the strength of their achievements that benefit all those connected together. Hundreds of young men and women stood at the platform to welcome a lady. I saw a huge crowd of more than 500 people at the airport waiting to receive somebody. A band had been organized and it began to play as she alighted from the train.

gain recognition. It is only then that they scale such heights of performance and achievement. that I happened to witness. This process begins right at the point when you have to choose between carrying on with an ordinary mundane life or a life with luxuries and honour. the fruits of success are not attained so easily. . then you must strive to join a network marketing company and achieve success. If you similarly desire to be honored like the top rung performer. One is required to put in serious and great efforts to connect to a large number of people. and to selflessly assist them in developing their business. and become worthy of the respect and adulation.automatically start fading. and be applauded by hundreds and thousands of people. However.

They earn from you and return a part to you. It is hardcore business and not a charity. Its not a free money. . NETWORK WARNING Network marketing companies do not pay you from their pocket.

to be in total and singular command of the business. You have to take your own decisions. And there is no job that will guarantee that you will reach the top notch position of a CEO of a company even after slogging there for 20-30 years. You are then not under any compulsion to report daily and reach office on time. you can become the CEO in the very next moment. All of this in a time frame of your own choice. There is no age limit. irrespective of your age. You are not burdened by maze of files and chain of orders. On the other hand if you wish. All you have to do is to get connected to network marketing. So. or face the pressure of extra work. no threat of retirement. and start shaping your own destiny. and you can be the CEO of your own business.WHY TO JOIN MLM 9 BECOME A TRUE CEO It gives immense pleasure to be called the chief executive of an independent enterprise. carve your own plans for growth and decide on your own targets to be achieved. would you like to become a CEO? .

WHY TO JOIN MLM 10 A GOLD MINE OF RELATIONS Once. were it not for his foray into network marketing. share each other’s joys and sorrows. These contacts have brought about a positive transformation in his own personality. He told me that he had a very lowly job that earned a salary of Rs. 10000. and his gradually rising status amongst his friends. and solve life’s problems together. I fully agreed with his views. I am sure. I asked a networker. His candid answer astonished me. He went on to tell me that he made a small investment to get connected to the network marketing company. which gave him immense opportunity to get connected to the elite gentry. If I decided to connect with and build relations with 1000 respectable people in society. it would take me at least two years to do so. they acknowledged his greeting in public places and exchanged conversations. He further admitted that now his colleagues are surprised to see his vast and ever growing connections with many people. Would you not like to become a part of this gold mine of relations? . he could shake hands. who had very recently joined a popular network marketing organization. Today. family and workplace. would have been an impossible dream to fulfill even in a lifetime. People connected with others help them in times of need. but networking can make this possible in a matter of few days. the reason for his joining this business of networking. And all this that he could achieve in the last 2 years. hold meetings with the well-heeled. but he always aspired to be a part of professional and social circles. and break the barriers of class distinction. Working together cohesively makes these bonds stronger with time.

NETWORK WARNING Do not be attracted towards this business just because it does not demand large investment and easy entry. the investment is of your dreams. Here. time and courage to hear a ”NO” and that is the biggest challenge .

without the gripping support of a thumb. One small injury and everything is gone. a dentist. Your income will continue. He added. ever curious to get to the root of his rather grim apprehension.WHY TO JOIN MLM 11 A REGULAR INCOME IRRESPECTIVE OF WORK One of my friends. the fingers of an instrumentalist is most precious for their respective career. this singular event could suddenly endanger his career and could possibly change the course of his life and that of his family. . he was unable to attend clinic. A surgeon’s thumb. For a networker. I. shoulder or fingers cannot ruin your career. if he happened to permanently injure just his right thumb. if he were to lose his right thumb. was genuinely apprehensive that if due to any unforeseen reason. on serious thought. asked him the reason for his negative thought. a thumb. His income will continue in the form of royalty. how would he be able to shoulder the responsibility of his family. in network marketing. even without active work. whether it was possible for him to continue with his profession of dentistry. I was taken aback by his compelling argument. He queried in utter seriousness. But. a bowler’s shoulder. lose out on his ability to work. his hard work of past and today will enable him to enjoy the fruit of his labor throughout his life. Thus this great business of network marketing offers you an income. Though a bit upset with my friend’s pessimism. It immediately dawned upon me that it was not possible to hold the various instruments.

It is well said that there are two types of people. It is subsequently their differentiating performance on the basis of which they will acquire a differential status and recognition. it is late in life that we realize only to repent. This does not however. imply that education can be done away with. both equally qualified. may have the drive and determination. lack of education need not disappoint one. In this business. perseverance. So. which make him or her. But. Most of us were not gifted enough by God’s kindness to be able to pursue higher studies due to more pressing responsibilities of family or some other extraneous circumstances. I only wish to bolster the spirits of people who for some reason. one has a queue outside his clinic. Some. Another significant aspect is that education by itself does not guarantee success. and drive to achieve one’s dreams. that we wasted our youth whereas we should have made serious efforts to study. people are not differentiated at any stage on the basis of their education. were deprived of the advantage of a good formal education. Education is indeed important in this competitive age. Henry Ford. equally qualified. or that education is of little value. who are you ? . God has bestowed upon each individual several traits and qualities. those who build their own dreams and those who build someone else’s dream. who are lucky to have family business. It is to tell them that it is not the end of the world for them. For such people. while the other is mostly idle. and teaching the same subject. One is required to have only the desire. Similarly. Soishiro Honda. One has only to recognize one’s talents and develop them further. Many of us. An average education does not provide us with opportunities to hold good jobs. Network Marketing is perhaps the only profession where a doctor. Above examples only go to illustrate that apart from good formal education. but may not be resourceful to start our own business. network marketing comes as a golden ray of hope. In my view a formal education alone does not guarantee success. Dhirubhai Ambani are examples of lesser qualified people who have built huge business empires on the strength of their wisdom and ability to convert opportunities to their advantage. all get the same respect. will do the rest to navigate and raise one’s status in the business of network marketing. Dedication. get absorbed there. a manager. degrees or diplomas are required here. stand out. just a strong dream will compensate for all the shortcomings. Consider an example of two doctors. compare two teachers.WHY TO JOIN MLM 12 A DEGREE OR CERTIFICATE IS NOT A PRE-REQUISITE Often. a chartered accountant. or a fruit vendor. while the other stands looking at empty benches. and experience. It does not lay down any pre-conditions of educational qualifications. certain additional qualities are required in one’s personality to succeed. No educational certificates. One becomes popular with large student following. efforts.

are denied participation in these exams. No sooner that an employee approaches the age of retirement. But when I read the several autobiographies of leaders. performers. and likewise an active and healthy person who is over-age. If age never stood in the way of these illustrious people who reached the pinnacle of their achievements at a late age. . This business only demands a passion to rise from an average to an extraordinary level. I feel very uncomfortable when I read that employers have laid down conditions of an upper and lower age limit. Walt Disney created Disneyland when he was 54. industrialists. even if he is physically and mentally fit.WHY TO JOIN MLM 13 AGE IS NO BAR While browsing through advertisements for employment and jobs. No one can be declared unfit. Karl Marx wrote ’Das Kapital’ at the age of 54. network marketing or multi-level marketing has created a revolution in this era. It offers tremendous opportunities to all. irrespective of whether one is young or old. Competitive examinations also follow the same pattern. to me they reveal a very different story. Mary K Ash began MLM company at the age of 52. Ray Crock established McDonald at the age of 54. he automatically begins to feel old and unwanted. Even government and several private organizations have a pre-decided age for retirement. Ronald Reagan became the president at the age of 70. or asked to retire. such that intelligent people who may be under-age. I wonder how did this detrimental word like ’retirement’ come into existence? Friends.

in higher studies. the deprived strata of the society who cannot afford. . Reservations in school admissions. and in jobs that too on the basis of caste and creed is very painful. To witness an India of your dreams. and to enjoy the result of hard work. Personally. Having reservations for obtaining a job is absolutely ridiculous.WHY TO JOIN MLM 14 NO RESERVATIONS Reservations are paralyzing the country. then employment and promotions should be performance based. At least. There is no differentiation between castes or the rich and poor. Every individual is welcome to enroll in this business practice.without any caste differentiation and free of ill feelings. free of cost. If we are keen to bring the backward classes into the main stream. in a congenial environment. every person enjoys an equal right to prosperity and success. Once a level playing field is created for all sections of the society. I feel that reservations should be the privilege of only the poor and needy. you must participate in a seminar conducted by some good network marketing company. in network marketing there is no such reservation. the country has a responsibility to impart quality education. but not by lowering educational standards.

to reduce the ill effects. I asked why was it so? In reply. will be working to keep the business in motion. as even on these days. besides his own. network-marketing is immune to such beliefs. and ensuring a continuous flow of income. of your horoscope. I was having a meeting with two gentlemen. Refraining from business during these periods will obviously fetch no income. Instead of performing an expensive ’Yagya’ or wearing precious stones to overcome adversities. of different faith and ideology. where an individual’s fortunes are based on the performance of large number of downstream members. and abide by astrological advice. yet a very significant revelation. For all such people. Astonished. I was told that even if an individual’s horoscope predicted tough times for him. Days like ’Amavasya’ & ’Pitra-paksha’ are considered ominous for business. However. This was an ordinary. . both of whom held senior positions in a large network-marketing company. business based on network or multi-level marketing becomes a good idea. many people have innate faith in astrology and horoscope. if any.WHY TO JOIN MLM 15 HOROSCOPE OF NETWORKERS IS NEVER BAD Some days ago. someone or the other. One of the two gentlemen remarked that the horoscope of networkers is never bad. horoscope of one individual never affects the whole scenario. Since it is a team business. There are ancient and strong Hindu beliefs tied to the notion of conducting business. there would be other people down the network with a healthy and favorable horoscope. and connect to people with a brighter and positive horoscope. In India particularly. better would be to join network marketing.

etc. Likewise. the educated and uneducated. short or tall. dark and fair. A person. But. from thousands of rivers. irrespective of whether the water is sweet.WHY TO JOIN MLM 16 EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL An ocean takes in water without any discrimination. All decisions are one’s own. without setting down a rigid framework of rules and regulations. to get connected. or salty. In most business. and at any time. But in network-marketing. Irrespective of your physical appearance. the rich and the poor. attractively dressed beautiful ladies are preferred for the reception and smartly dressed sales-persons for marketing of products. The external appearance is gaining more importance day by day. clean or dirty. qualifications. The sunlight reaches and brightens all alike. or disqualifications. who lisps and stammers. and the individual can script his or her success story.’ . you can enter in this business. the towns and the villages. each one will have to work hard to achieve success. network-marketing offers equal opportunity to all people across the spectrum. at any place. There is no other business to my knowledge which will permit a plethora of opportunities. will never be placed in a public department. no such limitations or restrictions exist. There is no discrimination between the rich and the poor. One shall have to get accustomed to hearing a ’No.

Cut-throat competition is a characteristic of all types of business. by introducing to them an opportunity to change their conditions of despair and destitution. Let us understand how we can transform our own lives to become a medium to provide succor to others. You can ignite hope in the most pessimistic and forlorn souls. because finally the victory or success of one implies the success of entire team. .WHY TO JOIN MLM 17 A STRONG MEDIUM FOR SOCIAL SERVICE If I were to list the three most significant benefits of network-marketing. These people shall remain ever indebted to you. on the other hand. and showing them a path of success and self-sufficiency. and you have a desire to help others. and assist them to get connected to an MLM company. ’helping others’ would be certainly one of them. and fill them with zeal and enthusiasm. The beauty is that when you help others. there cannot be a better way to help script a bright future for others around you. but network marketing is unique. Go ahead and explain to them in details about Network Marketing. But. If you really wish to help others and allow them moments of joy. if you are part of network marketing. wherein all your efforts and attempts to make others successful eventually determine your own success. you help your own business. then introduce them to network marketing. If you own a business or you are a professional. Friends. You will certainly not extend the help to the extent of damaging your own interests. your actions can alter the lives of thousands of people. Network marketing is an amazing business. wherein every person tries to ensure success of his peers. what is that you will do? You may perhaps help the people either in cash or kind. You have an opportunity to be able to motivate even the most hopeless and despairing people. rekindling a desire in them to get on with their life. Influence them to work with full vigor and enthusiasm. but only up to a certain limit.

By systematic training methods and immense opportunities. but to win. who lacked self-confidence. . These extraordinary qualities did not get instilled overnight by some personality development course. All this happens without their even realizing the change. I have often encountered people. These training sessions lift the person out from a morass of negativity into a world of immense possibilities and positivity. The change was the outcome of training programs of network-marketing organizations. I got opportunity to understand the working of network marketing. are willing to strike a conversation with anyone. anywhere. suffered from inferiority complex. Even though you may not want to become a distributor. books and Cd’s will be more sustainable in their business mission. or advisor.WHY TO JOIN MLM 18 THE PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT CENTRE Friends. and very popular. and feared talking to strangers. even the negative and pessimistic people change their perspective and outlook towards life. network marketing companies play an important role in developing confident individual personalities. anytime. not only to live. totally shattered and disgusted with life who had suffered enough and had lost hope beyond the point of redemption but these training sessions transformed their life. It is now my firm belief that organizations with a vigorous support system. Companies which are solely selling oriented and ignore educating their people. I closely analyzed their business strategies. I have known people who once suffered from stage fright. It inculcated in them a desire. these people are very different in their approach and behavior. Instead of fearing difficulties. they began to overpower all adversities and win over them. By this. This personality development component is one of the most vital elements of this business model. After attending few educational seminars on network marketing. In this process. have a greater threat of failure. People will look forward to your companionship. but I would still advise you to participate in seminars to acquire a confident personality. you will have a better image in your family and society. and their training practices. Today. They saw a ray of hope which guided them to take their life forward. structured practice of training their distributors with seminars. for a network company. I have addressed lakhs of networkers till date. the methods deployed to maintain an active distribution chain.

self-complacency and arrogance must be strictly avoided in this business. NETWORK WARNING Overconfidence. It is proved that failure rate of over smart people is high in network marketing. .

He felt convinced that his job alone would never allow him a future as he had desired. He was 41 years of age. benefits and gratuity he would be bestowed with on his retirement. when he watches his leaders and other senior colleagues in the company flourishing and prospering. it instills in him a desire to strive. At a seminar. and live life to its fullest. He had now reasons to be deeply concerned about the difficult prospects of his being able to fulfill his long cherished desire of providing good higher education to his two children. During the workshops I ask the participants to share their dreams. leaving him very little to even dream and aspire for better prospects. He is now close to fulfilling his life’s aspirations. till he finally joined a network marketing company. their marriage. He had assessed his meager savings. evaluated his current status and the best he would be able to climb-up in his job. to succeed. and sees his dreams nurturing. on the suggestion of a friend. shared his thoughts about what he believed was a grim future for himself. This person had been closely observing the life style of his peers and senior colleagues who were on the verge of retirement. . His conviction to do something more to augment his income became stronger by the day. and also the ever- increasing daily expenses. Today. Their dreams strengthen my belief that Network marketing permits the freedom to think big and to achieve them. He knew the salary. and a dream of owning his own house. to do better. a clerk working in the government education department. There was truth in what he said.WHY TO JOIN MLM 19 THE FREEDOM TO DREAM Most businesses and work schedules in this highly competitive world make a person hard pressed for time.



Assuming that you are hesitant to link to a network marketing business, you are shy to tell the
people about your business, or you do not crave to supplement your income, even then you have
reasons to connect to this business practice.
You would certainly be purchasing items of daily need for your home and the family, for use in
your office, or in your business. When you buy these goods at market price, a major part of the profit
is shared between the C & F, local distributor and finally the retailer.
But when you get connected to a consumer product or services Network Company, these
channels get eliminated. You will avail of substantial discounts on the purchase of these products.
The discounts become your remuneration, as indeed money saved is money earned. Your earnings are
commensurate with the volumes you purchase and use. Most important, you do not have to buy extra
products, but only according to your daily requirements.
A friend of mine is linked to a network company in the garment trade. He sources all his
requirements of his family, friends and relatives from this company. Not only has he the satisfaction
of good and consistent quality, but he also makes a substantial saving by way of discounts allowed on
the purchases, which become his disposable income.
Another person I know is connected to an insurance product marketing company. He has availed
several insurance policies for himself, his family and friends from this company. As no agents are
involved, he and his kinfolk enjoy the benefit of much lesser premiums and also earn the hefty
commission on them.
A simple and very good reason to get connected to a network company is that you can make your
necessary purchases and shop without incurring any additional expenditure, and also earn in return.
It is said that “Buy what you buy ordinarily, use what you use ordinarily, and earn what you
never earned for the same.”



‘Black money’ and ’white money’ are common terms in the financial sector. People accumulate
wealth through various means, legal and illegal, and the fear of income-tax haunts them. In spite of
earning well, we fear flaunting wealth because our credit cards, telephone bills are all scrutinized by
the income-tax department.
Network marketing offers a respite here. Frankly speaking, network marketers are the true
patriots of the country because they file returns with full honesty. They receive their commissions
through cheque or bank transfer with a TDS deduction. These earnings are 100% white money and
they can spend it as per their wish. A person belonging to this group does not need to give bribes or
buy property in false names.
Besides acquiring wealth to move up in society, this aspect of networking business will attract
many people, because everybody wants to live a life free from hassles of law and court. I personally
take it as a serice to the nation because very less number of business follow honest practice.

Legendary investor Warren Buffet and Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin airlines have many
things in common.
They are world famous, they are super rich and they both started Network Marketing companies.


MY AFFIRMATIONS I read my affirmations daily I am healthy and very fit I love people and people love me I work hard and I am very close to my goals I am highly respected in family and society God’s blessings are always with me I enjoy life to the fullest I am a winner and a true achiever TODAY IS MY DAY .

Contrast this with countries with sparse inhabitation and people living at distances. effort and expense for this business to propagate. The larger the number of people that get attracted to it and join it. . Smaller populations of most countries mean lesser opportunities for growth of this business. India and China being the most populous countries in the world. these companies cannot function so liberally. globally. The high density of population in India. therefore. This makes India the best option for establishing a MLM company. Thus. for success of MLM organizations. The one hundred and forty crore people in India outnumber the combined population of many countries. it will require greater time. But in China. Here. India becomes the most conducive region. due to strict government policies. greater would be the chances of success for this business.WHY INDIA IS IDEAL FOR MLM 1 LARGE & HIGH DENSITY POPULATION OF INDIA Network marketing in true sense is a people’s business. directly makes it easy to access people and reduces the business development expense. provide the best opportunity for growth of MLM.

This leads us to believe that people with some form of deprivations. . Every person desires to give his children a good education and his aging parents a life of comfort..WHY INDIA IS IDEAL FOR MLM 2 THE NEEDY POPULATION OF INDIA IS IDEAL FOR MLM The vast majority of the Indian population is needy with low income. Even a small business start-up requires skill. etc. Most Indians belong to the lower and middle income group with an innate desire to rise higher. investment. Network marketing offers such needy people the facility to start business immediately without much investment and hassles. Network Marketing provides the revolutionary medium to realize these aspirations. which every person is not capable of organizing and handling. work space. government permission. a luxurious car. work experience. will become a successful networker. infrastructure. coupled with an in-born desire to excel and large dreams to be realized. have been less successful in Network Marketing. Our huge needy population out-numbers even China and this becomes a virtue for MLM organizations to set up base here. a modern laptop are common dreams visualized by most people. a foreign trip. but large aspirations. A grand house. It has been generally observed that people belonging to the higher strata of society habituated to a life of comfort and luxury. an expensive mobile phone. They all dream to do big in life.

they cannot wait to realize them till they are old. No wonder that the large population of youth in India makes it the most favorable country in the world for network marketing. which allow them to focus on their business. Above all. while wanting quick results.WHY INDIA IS IDEAL FOR MLM 3 LARGE NUMBER OF YOUTH IN INDIA IS IDEAL FOR MLM India not only has the largest population. The youth of today can easily connect to a large number of people through mobile phones and internet with which they are very familiar. and they also have many factors to their advantage. he would have earned so much that by the time he is 30 years old. and preferred by. just next to China. energetic. brimming with enthusiasm. it is seen that a large number of youth get attracted to it. and are actively involved in this business. The youth strive for attractive career options. They have high aspirations. he will not need to earn for the rest of his life. and can easily commute from one place to the other. that if a youth of 20 years of age makes a successful career in network marketing. The young are physically fit. people of all ages. I can say with conviction. They are willing to put in hard work. but unlike the preceding generation. . From my experience. they do not have to shoulder too many family responsibilities. They are able to grasp new things easily. While MLM is suited to. but also the largest population of youth in the world.

a networker always begins by signing his relatives and friends first. mundan (head shaving ceremony). marriage. when it comes to maintaining large number of relationships. . friends and well-wishers assemble at each ceremony. they spend time together and various issues are discussed. be it child birth. Along with celebration. then India which has a strong social network can surely bring about a revolution in this business. When MLM companies can prosper in western countries which lack the culture of good family bonding. Hundreds and thousands of relatives. India is different from western countries. this is called a ’close circle’.WHY INDIA IS IDEAL FOR MLM 4 STRONG FAMILY TIES IN INDIA IS IDEAL FOR MLM India is a country that has preserved its traditions as much as family bonds. festivals call for meeting people and sharing sentiments. In the terminology of network marketing. A networker can utilize such congregations and meetings to his benefit. India is known to celebrate large number of festivals & cultural functions in the world. or even a death. In MlM. When so many people meet at one place.

one does not have to find reasons to meet each other. and above all celebrating festivals after every few days.WHY INDIA IS IDEAL FOR MLM 5 YEAR LONG CELEBRATIONS MAKE INDIA IDEAL FOR MLM Network Marketing is a business based on meeting people. A large population. this sequence itself solves most of the initial problems of network marketing. coming closer to each other. meeting and spending time with people. Meeting people and getting involved in others life. so the more people that you meet. While other businesses regularly crib about large number of leaves taken by manpower due to different festivals. the more will be your prospect list. network marketing industry finds it an opportunity to explode. In India. . makes this business model most viable for India. meeting more new people.

For the vast majority of networkers.WHY INDIA IS IDEAL FOR MLM 6 INDIA IS FAR-AWAY FROM SATURATION Hard Facts and the opportunities My research team got these international figures from a . a nation with endless opportunities for direct selling. Opportunity . maximum distributors belong to young age group. According to this study. Business is booming in the new frontiers as well: Eastern Europe. Brazil. and Taiwan..In India males are predominant in Network marketing. Italy.” Opportunity . Fact 3 .India is a nation with the highest population of youth. my inference is that Network marketing in India still has a huge potential to grow and we are far away from saturation. Another 14 percent fall into the 45 to 54 age bracket. The interesting fact is. We were not able to verify the facts but I chose to present some of them as an indicator. but are reflective of the immensity of the direct selling industry. These facts may not be exact. Opportunity . Seniors over the age of 65 account for about 5 percent of direct sellers.Approximately 80 percent of networkers are part-time and 20 percent full-time people who work 30 hours a week or more in their business. Opportunity .The large population of hardworking Indian can take it as a second job without taking the risk of losing the first job.Approximately 66 percent of distributors are between ages 25 and 44. Countries with at least $1 billion in sales include the U. Fact 2 .K. Canada. Recent growth in the industry has been among newer companies that have a more even balance between male and female distributors. India. with Japan in close pursuit in the $20 to $30 billion range. On the basis of this list.India with such a huge population doesn’t exist in this statement and it makes India the hottest country for network marketing.S. it is a “second job. Fact 1 . Germany. These numbers likely reflect the demographics of long-dominant companies working in the cosmetic and home product segment.The world leader in network marketing is the U. Large number of women population can take it as a career to be self employed. Fact 4 . Info Source : mlmattorney. This shows the enormous opportunity. The society is opening up in India and more women are coming out of their homes to develop an additional source of income. Russia and the People’s Republic of China. France. the country with the second largest population nowhere reflects in this fact sheet.Seventy-five percent of all network marketing distributors are women. Men account for 25 percent. so that makes India the most attractive destination.



Bihar. etc. and will definitely prosper. I do not at all agree to these views and firmly believe that the present time is most favorable for Networking in India. similarly. The companies that are now left and have been set-up are serious in their mission. These will operate within the legal framework. Closure of fraudulent companies was essential to weed out the bad elements. . However.. Networking consultants and gurus began to believe that this business model was over for good. Police investigations revealed serious frauds and directors of many of these network companies were taken into custody. Just as weeding is essential to get a healthy yield of crop. and would never again take off. In preceding years. After these events. and under the strict vigil of the government and public. I have valid reasons to state that this is the best time for network marketing in India. the business of Network Marketing witnessed a setback. after collecting huge subscriptions from their vast number of members. Many companies closed down in the states of Bengal. I look upon these events as a churning phase for this business. Rajasthan.

These laws will safeguard the interest of distributors and ethical companies. the new companies are adapting ethical methods. It is expected that network business will get a legal stamp soon. the government woke up to take stern steps and pass new laws for such business entities. These laws have forced many companies to shut their doors and some more are in the pipeline. MP.WHY THIS IS THE BEST TIME 1 THE GOVERNMENT IS PREPARING STRICT LAWS After the closure of fraudulent companies in Rajasthan. Bengal. Bihar and other states. To comply with the directives. This will allow them to work fearlessly with respect. Andhra Pradesh. Laws are important not only from companies point of view but also for serious and ethical . These laws will create a level playing platform.

Many networkers make overstatements and wrong commitment to get fast money.networkers. Such practices will be curbed with the announcements of laws. .

1993 Malaysia direct selling act 1993 Singapore multilevel marketing and pyramid selling act 1993. STARTLING FACTS Global Laws in MLM United States state specific law. Britain fair trading act 1973 European Union commercial agents regulations . 2013 . 2000 Business standard. June.

before joining. But today. Due to media activism. which has made the public. Today. .WHY THIS IS THE BEST TIME 2 THERE IS AWARENESS IN PEOPLE REGARDING NETWORKING During the last few years. the scenario has changed. In the past. several unethical network marketing companies attracted people. both cautious and circumspect. if somebody indiscreetly invests at a wrong place. people are better informed. and often the networkers lost their investments. etc. many episodes of fraud by Network Marketing companies have been published in newspapers and broadcast by the media. the networker has means to differentiate right from wrong. more aware and discerning. such as their business registration. The companies are now forced to do honest business because people enquire for the company’s bona-fides. This awareness is positive sign because it will empower the people to foresee and appreciate this opportunity by looking beyond negativity. then it is solely at his own risk. being ignorant about the company’s profile. Despite this..

and now this business is being taken seriously.e. For example. and payment practices. Not only have they reduced the registration fee.WHY THIS IS THE BEST TIME 3 COMPANIES ARE TRYING TO DO FAIR BUSINESS The new laws and regulations promulgated by the government to prevent frauds and malpractices. or are on their way out of business. current time seems to be better than before for Network Marketing. Companies have also agreed to have the products returned within a stipulated time. Those with clear objectives reformed their operating methods conforming to the new laws. wilted under the pressure and closed down. provide a look-in period. . The huge TDS collection from MLM companies has also taken the government by surprise. i. with so much of new developments for the better. created a stir amongst many MLM companies. most companies are now deducting tax at source and issuing payments by cheque or directly to the networker’s bank account. but have also made their products cost effective. if the customer is not satisfied. together with increasing awareness of the networker. bringing in transparency in their plans. Hence. Many good companies have also transformed their marketing strategy. Several such organizations which indeed were not serious about this business and had jumped with ulterior motives.

Fraudulent companies who marred the reputation of this business slowly began to decrease and this business has once again begun to bloom.WHY THIS IS THE BEST TIME 4 FRAUDULENT COMPANIES ARE DECREASING IN NUMBER Earlier. They are now endeavoring to create awareness for the larger and better business models in practice abroad. . These were devoid of any ethical objective. every year. Their mission was to entice money and siphon it out. and bring down the shutters stealthily. had no saleable products. Public is now twice shy of investing in Chit-funds and such money laundering companies. The government’s clamp down on such unethical business establishments with tough regulations has resulted in a decline in numbers of such newly formed companies. Recent bad publicity resulted in making public aware. Many Network Companies have now formed an Association to take up various issues on a larger platform. more than a thousand MLM companies were entering the market. and have also applied for membership of international associations.

when hundreds of network companies saw their downfall. Network Marketing has never witnessed a better time in the history of this country. He is able to earn enough by just meeting people and indulging in sweet talk. . In the last few years.WHY THIS IS THE BEST TIME 5 LAKHS OF NETWORKERS ARE WAITING TO JOIN YOU In my opinion. Network marketing and direct selling gets into his DNA. Most of these people are eagerly waiting to join network marketing industry again. Is this therefore. and welcome these trained and mature networkers into your team. many networkers came out of the business due to circumstances or willingly. a person who gets into the habit of earning through networking does not like to do any other job in his life. not an opportune time when many capable networkers are ready to join hands with you ? So get prepared with a right plan and good products.

If you are planning to join a network company. But today. As a result of which. These companies never took the initiative to train and motivate their team. In stark contrast. . books are the mighty tool used by them to enhance their business. which has become the sole reason for their downfall. Training to a networker is just as essential as breathing is for our existence. C D’s. The business of Network Marketing started in India many years back but only recently have the companies begun to focus on improving the quality of networkers thus making this the best time for Network Marketing. You may land up in trouble if you are working for a company that does not focus on training its networkers. slightest of disturbance evolved into a major crisis creating divide amongst the team members. Many companies have also consulted me for providing them educational support system. Indian companies have rarely paid attention to their training methods. In fact. most companies have understood the importance and value of educating their teams. they believed in the principle of ’Make members and move ahead’. This is documented globally that all the topmost companies have developed extraordinary training and support systems for their distributors. first inquire whether it has a sound training and support system.WHY THIS IS THE BEST TIME 6 THE COMPANIES ARE FOCUSING ON EDUCATING THE NETWORKER The success and growth of top notch MLM companies of the world lies in their excellent structured training system. Seminars.

As a result of pressure built by the government and subsequent awareness among people. after a definite period of time. marriage funds for children. these companies are also focusing on improving the quality of their products. At the same time. many Indian and foreign companies that were operational did not have any products to sell. and some became totally bankrupt. lost all their money. maybe double or even four times.WHY THIS IS THE BEST TIME 7 COMPANIES ARE NOW FOCUSING ON THEIR PRODUCTS During the last three years. Product based network plans complemented by standard quality. provident funds. new companies are launching product based plans. Lakhs of people who were lured into investing their hard earned retirement funds. promising to return a substantial amount. These would simply collect money from new members. will make it simpler for the Networker to expand his business. Many frauds took place. . which indeed is a good sign. This seems to be the most appropriate time for Networking.

until it is a must I’m learning not to be angry all the time I’m learning not to always see the negatives I’m learning to be grateful When I think about all the good in my life I learned that it’s much Much easier to be happy Source . I’M LEARNING I’m learning to look at the positive I’m learning to focus on someone besides me I’m learning to whine less I am learning not to complain.Unknown .

NETWORK WARNING Network marketing is a great opportunity for two types of people Those who have limited income and are unable to meet the growing responsibility of family and so life is in trouble & Those who have good income on general parameters but their dreams and aspirations are bigger than what they earn… If you don’t belong to any of them. . it would be better to leave this business.


CHANCES OF SUCCESS 0% I WON’T 10% I CANT 20% I DON’T KNOW HOW 30% I WISH I COULD 40% I WANT TO 50% I THINK I MIGHT 60% I MIGHT 70% I THINK I CAN 80% I CAN 90% I AM 100% I DID Source : worldwideweb .

. It is not taken seriously. people get involved with network marketing considering it to be a small and ordinary business. Never allow the thought. that ’you joined Network Marketing because you had no other businesses.HOW TO DO MLM IN INDIA 1 PRESENT IT AS A SERIOUS BUSINESS Any routine business that generates good returns will also require huge investment and costly manpower. Choose right. etc. mannerisms should all reflect that you are the head of a big enterprise. Contrary to this. and in all likelihood will be dependent on the vagaries of various risks. but is a well considered decision of your life. Your visiting card. hence desired efforts are lacking. You must make yourself and others believe that this career option has not been taken under any compulsion. the business of network marketing calls for a small investment. to even cross your mind. such as change in policies. don’t evaluate this opportunity with what you invest. if the approach is lacking sincerity and hard work. This will create a positive and lasting impression in their minds. No business can give good returns. Dear Friend. graceful and serious language while communicating with other people about this business. Generally. your attire. Like the large door opens with a small key. small investment in network marketing can open large doors to a wealthy and prosperous life. A laidback approach fails to yield desired results. leading to disenchantment. letter head. You must feel proud while you talk about your business. Network marketing needs to be handled like a multimillion company. because this is an opportunity which can fetch you a multimillion. but focus on what can you achieve through this small investment.

If properly done. This is not a chit fund This business is governed by the laws of the land. it eliminates the need for intermediate distribution channels like wholesaler. who put the blame of their personal failures on the business practice are also responsible for the widespread negativity in market. The people who don’t know about this model label it as pyramid scheme and that’s not true. Many objections were registered against it with several regulators. These savings are transferred as earnings to the members of network. Later rules and regulations were laid down as per international norms. some of them are bound to be skeptical about the credentials of the organization. and then give them the correct details of the business. In situations like these. You shall have to satisfy such people with true testimonials and proof of the genuineness of your business.HOW TO DO MLM IN INDIA 2 WIPE OUT ALL NEGATIVE FEELINGS Time and again these business practices and ventures have acquired bad publicity in several countries. . network marketing was ultimately declared as legal in USA and subsequently in other countries. But after years of legal battles. Network companies also save on marketing department and marketing personnel. laid by the government and internationally accepted financial and business practices. They will resist your offer because they tend to relate this business to many cheap chit fund companies that have mushroomed. When you try to convince people to join this business. and work your way to win their confidence. advertising and publicity expenses. Some was genuinely a result of frauds perpetrated by network-marketing companies that did not subscribe to any business ethics. The business is not fraud The company makes profits by directly selling to the end consumer. Some of it was certainly a result of negative propaganda done by competing businesses that were affected by network-marketing concept. because they have heard and read many stories about frauds in this line of business. In the process. stockist etc. Allow them a patient hearing. Today network marketing is a genuine business practice in many countries world-wide. Ranting of unsuccessful and insincere distributors. it does not violate any legally ratified business practice. retailers. This is not a pyramid scheme One among the world’s biggest network marketing company Amway had to face many hurdles from the media and the federal trade commission in its initial years. it is better not to contradict them. Their initial resistance and distrust is justifiable.


NETWORK WARNING The backbone of network marketing is education. Don’t ever choose a company that ignores education and lacks support system. Don’t ever choose a company that does not organize training programs at regular intervals. . Don’t choose a company that does not promote educational books and audio-video tapes.

at a point of time. and continue to do year-after-year. with no room for further expansion. majority of people who could afford. intense competition and technology enhancements. the new member generally tries to bring in additional members. and travel. This begins to erode the zeal and interest with which the member had joined the network group. yearns to live in style. network companies will continue to thrive until then. Finally. A report of USA stated that. growing penchant for a better life-style. had a fridge and TV in their homes. After joining a Network Company. or those who harbor negative perceptions about it. By sheer coincidence. There are absolutely no reasons for a business to get saturated? Products may change. You will be surprised to know that today not even 2% of people of the world are engaged in network marketing. and there remains tremendous scope for global success.HOW TO DO MLM IN INDIA 3 DELETE THE MYTH OF SATURATION Many people say that network marketing is saturated. eat food. business of network marketing knows no boundaries. fridge and TV manufacturers did even better business in the years to come. The negative news ambassadors categorically tell them that this business has become saturated. in the nineties.increasing disposable incomes with the middle-class. but all these are transient phases. This news had created a flurry among the manufacturers of these products. due to ever changing demand and supply equations. wear clothes. that these goods would have very few consumers henceforth. as also their design but the business of making these products reach the end consumer shall continue. They shall continue to add new products and services to cater to his changing needs and requirements. sizes. etc. The reasons were many . They hear abundance of negative views and skepticism about the business. Till such time as man continues to live on earth. . easy availability of finance and loans to fuel consumption. models. There may be a slowdown of specific business in a given region. let’s explore the truth. Further.. ever increasing range of makes. They start nurturing serious doubts on the future of the business and their career related to it. and thus a limited market. advertisement. Surprisingly. It was then predicted by some business leaders. features. he meets some people who have been unsuccessful in networking.

00. although not totally against the idea of joining. The person sensed a ray of hope.000. he could not possibly fund the education of two children at Oxford even after 3-4 years from now. there is life. if there are dreams. a participant shared an interesting experience with me.HOW TO DO MLM IN INDIA 4 INSPIRE TO DREAM During a workshop on network marketing. He hugged the proposer. no discoveries would have been possible. If you can make a person to dream and show him the way how to realize them. Dreams are invaluable. the participant then quietly suggested to this person an attractive alternative source of earnings which would make him realize his dreams. leaving aside all formalities.the person. At an opportune moment. and there was no way in which he could have his dream realized in the present circumstances. and the human civilization would not have reached where it stands today. to which the person retorted expressing his wish to have his two children educated at Oxford University. The participant further inquired about the person’s monthly savings which he said were about six thousand rupees. and immediately agreed to the proposal. . Truly. The person looked very dejected on hearing this. was not positive either. Without dreams. the person in all possibility will agree to your offer to have his dreams fulfilled. our participant asked this person whether he had any dreams. which he had long been resisting. He had failed in various attempts to make a person join the business . This alternate source could be a result of joining the network business. The participant then quickly calculated that with an annual savings of merely Rupees 72. Quick to catch on the situation.

. I ask them to prepare a list of people they know. You don’t even complete your list and you start getting lists of your downline.HOW TO DO MLM IN INDIA 5 PREPARE YOUR LIST During seminars. they realize the fact that they know quite a good number of people. You can go all out to add new members to your group. The list may include- Your friends Your children. There is no dearth of people you could be acquainted with. If you also feel your social circle is small. start making a list of the people you know. their friends & family Friends of your spouse Your relatives Your colleagues Your wife’s colleagues (if she is working) Your grocery man Your teachers Your shoes retailer Your insurance agent Your Chartered Accountant Your Bankers Your postman Your saloon Your vehicle mechanic Your fruit seller Your book seller Your present neighbor Your beautician Your doctor Friends of your father Friends of your father in law This list can be very long. So there is no excuse like a small social circle. When they start making the list in a systematic manner. I often hear people saying that they have a limited social circle and don’t know many people.

NETWORK WARNING This business practice does not assure you of ’instant riches ’or’ becoming rich without work’. nobody in the world would ever work. . If one could become rich without working. It demands hard work & determination.

and a good rule to seek an appointment before meeting a person. when you meet new people. and informally go onto present this business opportunity. it is an opportune moment to start a conversation and develop acquaintance. What is your priority. as the person may be apprehensive that you are forcing your business proposal on him. These words join your sentences and help you to know more about the person. listening more.Economic freedom. and explain your proposal in total seriousness. you will have to encourage the other person to speak more by putting forth smart and pointed questions that he or she is forced to answer with equal clarity. politics. or something else? Conversations of these kind help to remove the other person’s inhibitions and you can speculate what is going in his mind. and he will tend to raise his guard and resist whatever you say. It is advisable that you must initiate a conversation by talking on subjects of general interest like sports. Engage with Question The essence of networking lies in speaking less. use exclamatory words such as ’OK’. From the unknown towards the known You may face resistance if the person you are meeting is apprehensive about network marketing. It would be considered audacious to start to talk directly about the business. and break-down the likely barriers. Stroke the dreams . ’Oh’. ’wow’. Example . To take the conversations ahead. gauge his mood. You can then casually brief them about your activity. by engaging the person in conversation on other topics for a brief while. but may just mention that it is in connection with an opportunity that could have a significant bearing on the future course of his life. family. will allow you to read and understand him better.HOW TO DO MLM IN INDIA 6 THE GOLDEN RULES OF INVITATION Seek an appointment It is a good practice. and converted him into your ally. In order to listen more. ’amazing’. economic issues. or to what do you give more importance . ’where’. ’why’. During any journey. ’oh really’. This way you would have gradually diffused any likely opposition and resistance that the person may have harbored. While doing so. ’wonderful’. freedom of time. Instead. etc.Should I meet you again on Wednesday or Thursday? The other person will have to answer choosing one of the days. You may then gradually shift the conversation to the subject of your intent. you need not elaborate on the purpose of your meeting. etc.

so that his bonds with the organization are strengthened. a top specialist in body language states it rightly by saying . Awaken his dreams . . He will also be convinced that you have shown him the right direction to a good future. Invite him to a seminar Invite him to the very first seminar taking place after he has joined the network. and participate in all earnestness to earn a good the words of Allen Peace. Only then will he understand the principles of this business. but is facing obstacles in the way. Be a common man and give assurance After invoking the dreams and desires. reassure him that he has the capacity to fulfill his dreams and that you will support him in achieving his goal. you would have crossed all hurdles. If the other person is listening to you attentively and answering with the right button. Once you have won his confidence. then talk about his dreams which he wishes to fulfill.



There is an old adage, ’An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’. Similarly, there is a saying in
Network Marketing, ‘3 plans a day, keep bouncing cheques away‘.
If you are able to visit 3 new people every day and explain your plan to them, you will maintain
a good bank balance and your cheques will never bounce due to a deficit account.
However, the exercise of explaining plans to 3 persons every day is not an easy task. It requires
great effort, determination and courage to hear a ‘No‘ from many people. If you are able to sustain
this ritual for a couple of months, then you are capable of changing your entire life.
So, get ready with your long list and set out to present your plans to people. While doing so,
keep aside any fears or worries about failure. The more number of times that you fail only reflects the
efforts you have made in meeting that many people, and ultimately you will be rewarded.



Always keep yourself connected with ordinary people who have attained extraordinary success
through networking, and make it a point to introduce these successful people to your downline.
When you tell a new person about the possibility of huge income from MLM business, he or she
will initially find it difficult to believe what you say. He would be suspicious of your claims and will
necessarily question you on the possibility of such incomes without any investment and equipment.
All logic may fail to convince such a new person.
At this juncture, references of real people who started from scratch and have scaled heights,
prove to be the best tool to convince the skeptics. When these people realize, how ordinary people
very much like them could cross all hurdles and work hard in this business to achieve success, it
lends a ray of hope to them. All their doubts dissipate, and they are encouraged to follow in the
footsteps of the successful people they have met or heard about.



The best part of getting involved in network marketing is that you can start it as a side business
without affecting your main business or profession. This becomes a source of additional income that
enhances your esteem and self-confidence due to improved financial status.
With an elevated self-confidence, you are bound to have greater zeal, more focus and
concentration in your work. You acquire a new, vibrant personality. Also the many friends you would
have made in this network will routinely tend to support you in your main business.
In my workshops, many people have candidly confessed of making tremendous progress in their
primary profession and business after they joined network marketing as a side business. Some of them
owed their success to a positive transformation in their personality. Others achieved success due to
new friends and contacts made in the course of expanding their network. Most participants confessed
that many acquaintances from their network had also become customers in their private business, thus
automatically boosting sales of their present business.
An important aspect of network-marketing business is that you continue to earn even after you
have stopped working as a royalty income. Rare streams like musicians, writers, poets etc. get
royalty. Normal business can earn only in proportion to the hours of real work put in.
You can thus develop network marketing as a part time business venture, in addition to your
regular business or work. After reaching to a certain height in networking, many networkers quit the
main business to live according to their wishes.



Myth - This business is fraud
Fact - The business is not a fraud. It is a proven model world over. Business is not bad but
sometimes the individuals or companies who run the business go out of track to earn quick profits but
the list of success stories is endless.
Myth - The products are very expensive
Fact - Some companies invest in extraordinary research to develop niche products and hence the
products are costly. However some unethical companies are also there who keep a high pricing
without any reason. The market kicks them out in due course of time. Choose a right company.
Myth - Network companies wrap up business and run away
Fact - This is a small percentage. Unethical companies, companies with poor products, shady
management, temporary mindset and many such reasons lead to companies running away. This is
evident in all business segments, not just in network marketing. That’s why it is said that do a proper
research before joining a company.
Myth - You have to go from door to door like a salesman
Fact - Door to door is not the apt term. It is a fact that you have to keep meeting the people on a
regular basis because this is a people’s business. Every business is associated with some challenge.
People who are ready to take this challenge the pains ultimately get the pride.
Myth - This is a business for the unemployed
Fact - This is a business meant for everyone who wants to earn something extra, who have big
dreams or who want to rewrite their destiny.



When we talk to new prospects to influence them to join our business, very often we rave about
ourselves and about the success stories of influential people. We try to impress the potential prospect
with our oratory skills, bombarding his mind with plethora of thoughts, in an attempt to get his consent
to join the network.
The result is just the opposite. The other person becomes skeptical of your motives, and wants to
avoid you. Contrary to your desires, he starts reinforcing his resistance to your moves. In future he
may not even answer your phone and will maintain a distance from you.
In my experience, whenever you meet somebody to make him join you, you must talk less only
putting forth small questions and let the other person do most of the talking. Gradually, he will let out
all the steam of his negative ideas, if he has any. You will have to patiently bear with him. But after
sometime when he is fully exhausted, and has expressed all his sentiments, he will have nothing but to
lend you his ear.
Believe me, even if this person does not become part of your network chain, it is certain that he
will buy at least one of the products, because you have patiently heard him for so long.
A person who speaks less is generally considered to be wise because others cannot assess his
acumen. A person who speaks much, tends to disclose all his weaknesses and secrets, and puts
himself to a position of disadvantage.

transparency of terms. a health fanatic always uses socks. reliability. makes it a point to serve the food in the dinner set. he eloquently talks about these health products. He even advises others to use these products. One of our neighbors washes their car using a special product purchased from a network marketing company. allowing them to test it in their own way. garments. Another person. who is a good cook and a host. I conduct seminars for an insurance network company. or through them. and will not have the conviction to strongly recommend it to others. He becomes a reference point for others. a user also becomes the distributor for the company and this is true with majority of networkers. but in some cases it is the reverse. Unless you use the products yourselves you will not be fully confident. all the people in our street have got into the habit of using the same car shampoo. One of our good family friends use a dinner set of a network company. and cost benefit. They are convinced into buying similar insurance policies and become a part of the company. who see him using that laptop. generally people join your group and then products are sold to them. Gradually the market for these products has picked up. The guests not only appreciate her cooking. and many guests end up as customers placing an order for the dinner set. and how these products have benefitted him. Whenever others inquire about the secret of his good health. . Other people following the trend get into the comfort zone when they are able to perceive the benefits of the product being used by their colleagues and friends. viz. Gradually. and all those who have benefitted by their use. have given ample word of mouth publicity to further boost the business. he shares the product with them. They begin to appreciate the product and when required. caps and mattresses of the same company. Thus. Most of the networkers buy insurance products from their own company.HOW TO DO MLM IN INDIA 12 USE THE PRODUCTS THAT YOU SELL In network marketing. His wife. When others watch you using the product. they will be automatically convinced about its quality and will join your fold. they are tempted to buy the same brand.. but the dinner set as well. When others around see the shining car and inquire about the product being used by this person. easy availability. One of my acquaintances uses a laptop procured through a network company. and through him.

you can achieve extraordinary success. If you can handle NO. NETWORK WARNING The biggest hurdle in this business is a small word NO you tend to get discouraged. . or feel hurt on hearing so then you have to change your temperament. else you will fail in this business.

a networker must present his plan depending on the age. likewise. Before meeting prospects. While the information and facts will remain unaltered.HOW TO DO MLM IN INDIA 13 CUSTOMIZE YOUR PLANS Every person in this world is unique. keeping in mind the age. chances of your success will diminish. and seriousness of the disease. and thoughts. Every individual is different in temperament. it is essential to study the needs. In a proposal to somebody who is well-to-do in life. approach. So it is not possible to have one single plan for such diversities in people. the circumstances and requirements of the prospect. Similarly. then however wonderful the plan may be. Just as a doctor prescribes different medicines for different ailments. If you have prepared only one style to cater to all types of people. physical fitness of patient. . the design and so also the method of presenting the plan changes based on the requirements and priorities of the prospect. their mode of presentation and implementation will change with varying priorities of people. wealth will not be on priority. As the prospects change. in order to reduce the chances of failure. mental and physical condition. a plan presented for an unemployed person will overlook constraints of time.

10 STEPS TO SUCCESS Try Try Again Try once more Try it a little differently Try it again tomorrow Try and ask for help Try to find someone who has done it Try to determine what is not working Try to determine what is working Just keep trying .

you will be liked by is done by typical salesmen. Never go and start elaborating on the technical aspects of products getting into a parroted monotonic pitch . When there is a display of sincerity. his job. they will begin to appreciate everything that is linked to you. Once others develop this regard for you. and not like a machine. warmth and patience while talking to others.HOW TO DO MLM IN INDIA 14 CONNECT WITH YOUR HEART Whenever we have to enlighten a new person about this business venture of network marketing and describe the products we are promoting. but with your heart and soul. Remember. After having made friends. I am acquainted to several successful networkers who do not talk business at all in the first few meetings. you can sell even a mediocre product like hot cakes. but if you are unable to strike the right chord. So it is important to behave like a human. which will endear him to you. by connecting to others not through technique and logic. his family and other things. . you will fail to sell even the most select and desired products. they will persuade them to join in the business. if you build-up a good endearing relationship. They will even overlook your faults. You must pay stress on building a rapport with the prospective customer by discussing his interests. the conversation should carry a certain warmth of emotions.

he is likely to be convinced into making up his mind. The seminars of networking companies are indeed amazing. It appears like a celebration. These seminars renew people’s zeal and enthusiasm to work with extra energy. then the next best step would be to invite him to a seminar.HOW TO DO MLM IN INDIA 15 BRING TO THE SEMINARS Once you have introduced your company to a prospect. There is no feeling of jealousy or ill will amongst the participants at these seminars. being welcomed with respect and applause. You will be a loser if you shy away from attending a seminar. it evokes the emotions of people. and you can expect his consent to join. their problems seem to be very small. and leads everybody to the winning post. and explained to him all about the system. products and benefits. These occasions offer an opportunity to learn and gain from others experiences. Most participants are common people. The new member who attend a seminar for the first time. There is no need to worry. People clap and applaud at other’s achievements. If you are not inviting new prospects to a seminar. When people from all strata of the society relate their story of hardship and suffering on the stage. if you wish to increase the chances of your success. It is important to invite him to a seminar. . In the pervading spirit. as if they were holding the most exalted position of the country. and many are able to gather courage to cross all obstacles and achieve their aim. but the prospect still clings to a state of indecision. but they are welcomed and cheered with so much enthusiasm. if you have not been able to clarify and failed to explain some minute details of the business to the prospect. Active participation invokes feeling of enthusiasm within yourself and your friends whom you invite. you are certainly depriving yourself and others around you from uniting with a group of enthusiastic believers who could be the tipping point in your life. Participate in every seminar. are so overwhelmed with emotions when they witness all people. When he observes hundreds of people maintaining the same view about the business as you have been propagating to him.

drives. It is a potent tool to infuse thoughts and transform a listener. if he or she is able to listen to recorded educational and inspirational lectures. make yourself free of any stress. These audio video talks agitate the mind. as well as to teach others. or 15 days in a year. and touch your feelings. the thoughts of the speaker in the form of eloquent and incisive messages penetrate the mind of the listener. as educational tools.HOW TO DO MLM IN INDIA 16 USE AUDIO VIDEO TOOLS Many people effusively thank me and compliment me for my audio video products. While presenting this business idea. A person. listening to my CD everyday charges their mental battery. for example. Gradually and unknowingly. dim the lights. transforming his outlook and personality. then these 15 days of the year become a bonus in his life. I suggest that you sit in solitude. 1800 minutes in a month. networkers give my audio CD to the prospect. They are confident that listening to this message on the CD will make the prospect to change his indecisiveness or negative decision into a positive one. for 60 minutes every day. and listen with full concentration. Audio video DVD are the most potential tools to connect to people. i. . You will immediately appreciate the influence of a voice coming straight from the heart. These audio video tapes are a wonderful medium of self-learning for every individual. We have developed extraordinary audio & video tapes for Networkers & companies.e. If you wish to experience and realize the power of Audio CD. According to many members. While driving.

not in compliance with the instructions of their company management.HOW TO DO MLM IN INDIA 17 DUPLICATE YOUR TOP LEADERS In all other business. one has to continuously develop new strategies and maintain market share by indulging in aggressive marketing of products but network marketing is just the opposite. while those of the second group had a majority of smarter and more intelligent people. This is ample testimony that downstream members should abide by the guidance and teachings of their successful leaders and trainers. slowly alienating them from the network. there was another group of distributors who had a feeling that these products would not sell in India. When a new multi-level Marketing company introduced itself in India. Nevertheless. By the end of the year. They were also enterprising and tried new approach to marketing the product which was. their persistence paid off. and were now out of business. Notably. . When they failed to achieve good business results. the picture had become very clear. and relatively fewer drop-outs. Chances of failure here may increase if you try and introduce new marketing techniques.The distributors for this new brand of detergent faced much difficulty in convincing their customer. One of these products was a detergent powder. which produced minimum lather. They overcame the teething problems and gradually the market for this detergent started growing. this was a strange phenomenon. Members belonging to the second group which had experimented with new ideas had failed in their attempts. they became dissatisfied with the product. the system. On the other hand. Duplication is the key to victory in MLM. it initially launched only four products. to tread the path of success. and began to oppose it. had turned around the situation with greater determination and strength. because a typical Indian housewife carried the notion that a detergent which produced good amount of lather would clean better. the people of the first group consisted of people with an average intellect. But the first group which was assiduously following its’ leaders. however. For the Indian market.


and he begins to preach without practicing himself. it is important to have people with leadership qualities at all levels. one forms a team of associates with members down the line. people who can take tough decisions. be critical of others follies without any bias. a feeling which can inflate the leader’s ego and pride. the team will soon start following the leader blindly. referred to as downline. The leader must have a positive attitude. people with vision and judgment. If one is a good leader. For any organization to be successful. while at the same time. This pretension can often result in making the leader go astray from his main goal. the real purpose of a good leader is to guide the team up-front and lead by example. In contrast. and the humility to accept one’s own faults and criticism. . As one moves up the hierarchy ladder in a Network Marketing organization. without letting their personal ego and motives to vitiate their decisions.

learn more. Leaders become great. but because of their ability to empower others. “If your actions inspire others to dream more. such people shall always remain dependent on the leader for solving even small problems. The leader may be physically present only at one place. you are a true leader. do more and become more. it is must to develop and nurture leadership qualities in the down-line. nor remain active for long. They will neither take the business seriously. not because of their power.RULE 1 LEADERS SHALL MAKE LEADERS To be successful in the business of Network Marketing. The single motto is to create your duplicates. If followers are created in the downstream.John Quincy .” . there shall be many more like him who will be leading to produce similar results at different places.

a good leader does not lose his hope.” . and on his face. his team mates can never make it to the winning point. his body language. depleting his courage. “Leader is a dealer in hope.RULE 2 THE LEADER NEVER LOSES HOPE Even in adverse situations. The coach or captain of a team plays a major role in making his teams lose or win. and his head-on positive attitude. and in the face of tough competition.Napolean Bonaparte . but this will not reflect in his attitude. If the leader loses hope. but because of their ability to empower others. Leaders become great not because of their power. the army is sure to lose the battle. He maintains his composure. If the commander of the army loses his mettle. The seriousness of a situation may let a pall of fear engulf him.

but he will stick to the truth. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go but ought to be. ” . He must have the courage and integrity to take tough decisions. he may also allow his subordinates a chance to rectify their wrong.RULE 3 THE LEADER GOES FOR WHAT IS RIGHT The leader shoulders the entire responsibility of his team. In order to maintain the solidarity of his group. but he will never stand by wrong practices. a leader may choose to keep silent amidst an agitated group or a discussion. even if these are harsh on others. For the benefit of his whole team.Rosalyn Carter . so he cannot be a hypocrite. While diplomatically managing various situations. because ultimately the entire responsibility of the result lies on the leader. “A leader takes people where they want to go. a leader must take a tough judicious stand irrespective of whether his team mates like it.

Sheryl Sandberg . but be regarded as a lesson to be learned.the successful. A true leader is one who inspires the unsuccessful to achieve beyond their limits. “Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence. Using his leadership qualities and oratory skills. Leader is responsible for the motivation and speed of the team. inspires the mediocre to do better. a leader conveys the message to his group that failure is not the end. A capable leader honors the successful.RULE 4 THE LEADER TAKES EVERYONE TOGETHER A group comprises of all kinds of people . and instills courage and hope in the unsuccessful people of his group. the mediocre and the unsuccessful.” . and perform better in future.

A leader keeps learning every moment. you may either become an ascetic or leave the world. success is all about growing yourself. He counted those nine efforts as learning not as failures. George Bernard Shaw failed in almost 9 out of 10 attempts. “Before you are a leader. which inspired him to work 10 times harder so as to avoid being unsuccessful. If you feel that you have learnt everything. success is all about growing others. sometimes from own mistakes and at other times from the mistakes of others. Every moment spent with true moment is a learning moment. When you become a leader. then there is no meaning to continue living in this world. As a young man. Learning and attaining knowledge is an incessant process.RULE 5 LEADER MUST BELIEVES IN LEARNING Great leaders are different as they never cease to learn.Jack Welch . They believe in upgrading self and others.” .

In the pursuit of his goals. On the contrary. The language of the leader is ‘we will do it’. In the “Geeta”. likewise a leader must have his objectives clear. ’and we will win‘. then truly the person has in him leadership qualities. Arjuna is mentioned to be singularly focused only at the eye of the fish while taking aim with his arrow. ’we can do it’. A leader should be brimming with passion such that others in his group forget their fears and weaknesses. and he should be focused. do not exist in the leader’s dictionary. Words and phrases like ‘impossible’. ’cannot do it’. If a person fails in his work on multiple occasions.RULE 6 A LEADER MUST BE PASSIONATE The zeal and energy in a leader is infectious and can charge all his team members. and work towards their goal courageously. a leader may commit mistakes. but he will not stop and accept defeat. will encounter many obstacles and hardships. ’not worth it‘. . a leader’s passion to succeed makes him learn from his mistakes and improve himself. but continues to attempt the task one another time.

and is . is thus diluted and can trigger retaliation. In this business. Instead of deriving any constructive benefit out of the criticism directed at him. some people begin to take liberty with personal fallacies and comments. But many leaders fail to praise people for their attributes.RULE 7 LEADER SHALL KNOW THE BASICS OF CRITICISM Limit criticism to the present moment In our criticism of a person or his/her work. if this criticism is presented along with words of praise. A person subjected to continuous criticism will soon begin to ignore the criticism. A more acceptable and effective method of criticizing would be to sandwich criticism between layers of praise. they become close to each other. The wisdom lies in the sheer fact that keep the moments of conflict and criticism limited to the present moment. if we are careful not to hurt the feelings of others. it takes a positive turn. generally evoke retaliation and disharmony. The person feels that the criticism is being done to castigate him or her. Such scenes are witnessed not only in business. and only criticize them. Since the associates and members share much of their time together. This becomes personal incrimination. mainly of those associated with us. untidy. very often we begin to rake up old issues. making the leader making these remarks unpopular. which ideally should be to correct the situation. get to know each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Gradually. The main objective of the criticism. and may even retaliate. our journey on the road to success shall be very smooth. and hurts the person most. In moments of conflict. do not know how to talk or you are very adamant. while having some weaknesses. it is often seen everywhere that people keep increasing the circle of criticism. But. he or she will begin to grudge this mistaking it to be a personal vendetta. Criticism should be directed to the work While criticizing someone. Network Marketing is a business which brings people with similar mission together. Criticism should be accompanied by praise Every individual is inherently also gifted with some strengths and talents. but in personal life as well. The silly old issues escalate the conflict further. Such demeaning and berating remarks on an individual’s personality or nature. and binds them in a cohesive group to achieve their personal ambitions and aspirations. try to avoid comments on personality like you are very careless.

This hurts the person’s pride and ego and is very humiliating. We must carefully ponder over the various aspects of the subject in hand. once spoken. To impose our superiority. A leader. a leader displays greater maturity. before speaking out our comments.easily accepted. who tries to impress others by criticizing and condemning people in public. or an arrow shot from the bow. like a bullet out of the muzzle of a gun. and will always be acknowledged by all. making him an object of ridicule. we often criticize a person in presence of others. are not retractable. sensibility. reveals a very weak trait of his personality. could permanently imperil our career. Think twice before you criticize Words once spoken. On the contrary. and relationships with our friends and family. our business. This would be the true test of one’s leadership skills. . and power. Making criticism on the basis of wrong or incomplete information could permanently spoil our relations with people. Criticize in solitude praise in public This principle applies not only to ’Network Marketing’. The impact of a few harsh words. by resolving such situations while maintaining composure in a crowd and impartially reprimanding a person in solitude. but also in our day to day interaction with people.


Never try to lure members from other groups. It is therefore imperative to exercise caution in following respects: Never make unwarranted claims about products.HOW TO WIN IN MLM 1 PROMOTE ETHICS IN TEAM Lack of ethics is the biggest problem in network marketing in modern days. but at the same time connecting more and more people to your network. Do not commit what is not possible. Never make any direct criticism of competitor companies. spread rumors. false claims. Don’t create any difference on the basis of caste or religiaon. Do not tolerate or ignore wrong activities in your group. affects your down- line. break other groups. whether right or wrong. and mistreat downlines and lot more. For silly gains or out of greed people change companies. Don’t promote any false documents in your group. . One can jeopardize the entire group and the business. and dubious actions. by resorting to wrong methods. your every step and action. Do not promote wrong practices in your down-line. This business deals not only in selling of products.

training@ujjwalpatni. What will you achieve? Terrific growth in business Highly active downline Ethics & values Excellent communication skills.7024134100. 9229386002 . If you are into network marketing and are serious about the success of your team. Ujjwal Patni’s exclusive Call. go ahead and organize Dr. Mail.

can spread like an infection within the group and ruin the prospects. NETWORK WARNING If you are a leader. . or an entrepreneur. Any act of cross lining or misconduct. the responsibility of your entire team lies with you. akin to a drop of color that can tint hundreds of litres of water.

we normally prefer to include people who are smart. or he does not hold a high position. are often winners in this business. These preconceived thoughts should remain strictly confined to you only. If any person possesses these qualities. Persistence. and do not meet our expectations. But when these efforts also go in vain. There is no harm if you show extra affection for some. These gestures are also observed by other fellow members.HOW TO WIN IN MLM 2 DO NOT BE PREJUDICED IN MLM Whenever we begin our exercise to add new members to our downstream. They get special treatment and privileges. then we begin to lose our confidence. are the drivers of this business. It is natural to have high expectations from such prominent people. Such ‘dark horses‘ on whom nobody would ever bet. influential. we try other means and efforts to pressurize them and to motivate them. who will blindly trust a few people. it is of little significance if he does not have a vast circle of acquaintances. but never be partial in reprimanding people for their mistakes. and allow them special privileges while ignoring other colleagues then you must become cautious because you are certain to be unsuccessful. just because of their social status. If you belong to this category of leaders. have a vast circle of friends and those who hold a high position in society. . It is never advisable to be vindictive in your attitude towards your colleagues. Avoid any prejudices while enrolling new members. along with a pinch of good social behavior. These people should not be disheartened on hearing a ‘No‘ for an answer. influential or average. Do not pre-judge them as successful or unsuccessful. The business of Network Marketing requires people who have the drive to work and learn incessantly. When such favored members fail to deliver desired results.

The ’Boomerang principle’ plays a significant role in Network Marketing. Show sincerity towards others. if you wish others to be good to you. you must put in efforts to make others successful. “Do unto others as you would like them to do to you. It would be aimed at birds. Give to others what is precious to you. used a boomerang to hunt. If you want to be loved. in some parts of the world. it is needless to mention that the impact is visible even down the line. If the up-line is sincerely working towards a specific goal. they will give due credit to you.HOW TO WIN IN MLM 3 THE BOOMERANG PRINCIPLE Primitive man. If you want others to understand your views and sentiments. love others. you will first have to take the initiative to understand them. whatever a successful leader says and does is followed by the people downstream. and it would return to the person who threw it. If you want others to stand by you in difficult times. . what you give to others returns to you. If the leaders are courteous and polite. you will have to help them in their times of need. if you want them to be sincere. It therefore goes without saying that in ’Network Marketing’. if you want them to be honest to you. In return.” If you give people the credit for their work. Most importantly. Life also works on the principle of boomerang. do good to others. Be honest to others. then the whole group shows a similar behavior. Discipline yourself in order to discipline your group. the whole group will work hard to achieve the common or the organization’s desired goal. Generally. if you desire success.

and talk bitter. Expensive gifts and false praises are never required to make others feel good. On the other hand. even if the product is good. Where the dealer are rude to the customer. In the lawns. This holds well not only for Network Marketing. I often take my family out for dinner to a specific restaurant. as you do not know when you will need their help. there are swings for children and the caretaker guides my child towards that area. sales decline. but shun those who are snobbish. but in all walks of life. It is not that there is anything extraordinary about that place. the manager and the waiter greets us. It is human chemistry. It is a small world. the guard respectfully salutes me and opens the door. in our personal relations with people.HOW TO WIN IN MLM 4 MAKE DOWNLINE FEEL GOOD IN YOUR COMPANY We enjoy doing business with people who are good at heart. Large corporate often organize workshops and training program for their staff in order to improve inter-personal relationships. good and courteous salesmen are able to perform much better in achieving their targets. makes dining a sheer pleasure. we can make them happy by our good behavior. It should be remembered that good behavior is remembered forever. When I take my seat at the table. . even if the products are of average quality. As soon as I park my car. but it is the cordiality of the staff and waiters that impresses me most. The good ambience coupled with extra courtesy and respect. the latter will accept the product as well. Similarly. we solicit the company of people who make us feel good and comfortable. Likewise. if a salesman can endear himself to a potential customer. Make it a point to always make others feel good and treat everyone well.

glamour and fake testimonies. many companies are involved in fraudulent and illegal practices. great commissions. Don’t get trapped Take right decision & choose an ethical company Don’t allow your greed to impact your decision . They will lure you with promises. NETWORK WARNING In Network Marketing.

After some time. this ratio of conversion becomes higher. Only one person out of then will become an active networker. Three may associate with you. Assess your success according to this law. initially itself you may have come across several people with a negative mindset. It is not suggested that you test the probability of this law of averages after meeting only a few people. This means that if ten people listen to your presentation. As you get experience. after you have met at the least about 200 people. five will react enthusiastically towards this business. Perhaps. one will leave the business or will become inactive and one will stay as a buyer.HOW TO WIN IN MLM 5 NETWORK MARKETING THE LAW OF AVERAGES For quite some time I have been training networkers from many companies. In the course of these sessions. I have learnt from senior leaders that the rule of averages implies to a majority of cases in networking. The average ratio in network marketing is 10:5:3:1. .

NETWORK WARNING Don’t give any additional guarantee about any policy or product. In case of a problem. Just ethically promote whatever is stated in the materials of the company. . you will be trapped because this was your personal commitment and the customer will blame you.

with a resultant decrease in the business. many people start behaving arrogantly. I strongly suggest that successful networkers should enjoy the luxuries and facilities that they have acquired. It begins to sow seeds of disenchantment. It needs to be clearly understood that these are not employees. This shift could be observed in other business as well. Gradually. but at the same time maintain a fellowship with their fraternity by behaving like an average person. you can even ruin your business through impropriety of your behavior with upline and downline members. which is connecting to others through fellowship in achieving common goals and aspirations. They forget the basic principle of networking.HOW TO WIN IN MLM 6 SUPERMAN NOT. and they will like to follow in your footsteps by joining you. people get out of their network. It strongly professes that people connect to each other through their hearts. but have voluntarily joined you to achieve and realize some of their aspirations and goals in life. Often successful networkers begin to behave like arrogant tycoons and begin to make an ostentatious display of their newly acquired wealth. You will then have friends who will realize that you have succeeded in life through this business. COMMON MAN After becoming successful in Network Marketing. Here. . People join together through empathy and endearment. Their conduct makes others feel small. But Network Marketing is an altogether different business practice.

however weak. It is not surprising that many people do not trust these companies considering them to be fraud. If you can get rid of all the ’ifs and buts’. We conduct a workshop called ‘Leadership Unlimited’.HOW TO WIN IN MLM 7 SOLUTION OR PROBLEM ‘Man proposes & God disposes. read autobiographies and good books. I can definitely claim that no motivator or specialist can solve your personal problems. It is important. Very often when the participants are unable to find a solution to a problem. So what.’ God decides what situations we will pass through. They are asked to sum up each problem in hundred words. and hesitate to join the network. It is my personal experience that by the end of the workshop. we motivate them.‘ Robert Schuller mentions in ‘Possibility Searching Principle‘ that there is not a single problem on earth which cannot be solved. listen to audio tapes. You are not the only one to face such problems. ’Network Marketing is besotted with several problems. all participants are able to arrive at a solution to all their five listed problems. there is a general discussion on the topic ‘from problem to solution‘. Do we spend most of our time pondering over the problems. still network marketing has changed the life os many people. but we do not accept any other answer except the solution to the problem. or strong they may be. It would be nigh impossible to find a single soul in this world who can claim to be free of any problem. You will have to make up your mind right away whether to be a part of the problem or of the . In fact. And many of these who have successfully surmounted these problems may be found around you. where in participants are asked to mention five major problems in their lives. Each one of us faces some or the other difficulty. be it regarding health or finances. The solution to each problem lies within you. After elaborating on the problems. within every problem lies its solution. it is only your mind-set and attitude that restrains you from discovering it. Do we wish to become part of the problem or a part of the solution. You may attend their seminars. but each hurdle can be overcome. may it be in the family. or do we consider these problems as a challenge? ‘We have to choose. Companies which do not maintain good standards have contributed much to tarnish the image of this business model. Each participant is now asked to write down 5 possible solutions to each of the mentioned problems and while doing so they are advised to keep aside any negative feelings. A motivator can only show you the way. or our society. and search for solutions maintaining a positive attitude. but we decide how we will tackle these situations. though. but you have to take the initiative yourself to explore a solution. There could be numerous other such problems. in turn increasing our tensions. your problems will be resolved. many people before you would have already faced similar problems. and are not allowed further time and space to stretch the problem. in what spirit do we take these problems.


if the person can accept failure. or a cyclist who did not suffer a fall. In reality. or failure. All we need to do is learn to improve further on our performance. Failure is indeed. the best teacher. but in standing again after every fall. we need to learn to would accept success. Our greatest success lies not in our never falling. without bothering to find out about the struggle and sacrifices these successful people would have made to reach this position. a person feels as if everything is finished. If we fail even after having made sincere efforts. and not attempt at all. We will rarely find a swimmer who would have learnt swimming without water choking his nose and mouth. On the contrary. we have no reason to harbor any regrets. Falling. On being unsuccessful. we have begun to fear a likely fall. intimidate us. But instead of gaining strength to rise after a fall. and try again till we succeed. and we must readily accept both success and failure as part of our life. rising and moving ahead is the signature of life. he will achieve success sometime later. We are always envious of the fame and prosperity of successful people.HOW TO WIN IN MLM 8 FAILURE IS ESSENTIAL People have begun to fear failure because undue importance is being given to success. . Failure only implies that a person is struggling and striving for success. Instead of letting the fear of defeat. failure is the stepping stone to success.

while some are uncomfortable in a crowd. and hone these skills. Within few hours of the commencement of the seminar. Initially. but work on their strengths. are true eye openers. have to endure an inferiority complex. Friends.HOW TO WIN IN MLM 9 WEAKNESS. NO PROBLEM One of my favorite seminars is on ‘Effective Public Speaking‘. Successful people realize their imperfections. . It is important to introspect and search for your hidden attributes. but we must focus on our strengths. You will surely be a winner. who have attained great success in this business. Stories of physically challenged people. high blood pressure. and move ahead in life. There are many people whom I know. every person has his own fears. Write down the positive attributes of your personality. we all in this world are born with some weaknesses and strengths. still others worry about their personal appearance. some hesitate because of their lack of command over language. their fears and inhibitions. which is generally English. asthma and weak vision. some suffer from stage fear. whereas unsuccessful people tend to overlook their positive attributes and continue to cry over their misfortunes. We also discuss autobiographies of eminent people and watch video clippings. but when these thoughts are shared with others. We show them footage of speakers who are neither smart nor fluent. Yet he is ever thankful to God that at this age he is able to perform all his routine tasks. An aged person suffers from debilitating diseases of diabetes. but yet command a large following. During the seminar. In short. During these seminars. our team applies a variety of techniques to make all the participants feel at ease. We have our weaknesses. the fears are blown over. who are ever thankful to God that they are healthy and born in a good family. and freely start discussing their strengths and weaknesses. I always experience great and wonderful moments. it is observed that the participants shed their ego. Those who are not well educated.

. Nobody pays a penny for nothing. do not be lured by this proposition. Such a proposition is only a bait to entice you. There is no free lunch in this world. This is your life and you have to work hard to ensure success. NETWORK WARNING If you are invited to join with a promise or an assurance that somebody will prepare your down- line.

or else do not take it up at all. does not fetch any results. yet they may not achieve success. This way. people should work with full zest and total dedication. One must look at this business as one’s life and also as the future of one’s family. the level of enthusiasm and dedication keeps fluctuating. assuming it to be a small venture. you will not carry the feeling of guilt because you have left no stone unturned. In some people. They may even abandon the work at hand mid-way. Any work that is performed half-heartedly. if despite your best efforts you fail to achieve your goal. or do not have the courage to hear a negative answer. I convey the message that to be successful. Network marketing lays emphasis on 100% commitment. then make use of all your capabilities and energy in doing so. putting in sincere efforts. Despite the fact that these people may be very capable. but begin to make excuses no sooner they face hardships. the day you stop making excuses. and do it in right earnest. with complete zeal. . While sometimes they are full of vigor. you are destined to be unsuccessful. you begin to tread on the path to success. You cannot expect desired results if you lack the drive to fulfill your dreams.HOW TO WIN IN MLM 10 PUT IN 100% EFFORTS Begin a task only when you are prepared to put in your maximum efforts. and cut a very sorry figure. Then only one will be driven to strive hard. At my workshops on network marketing’. It is better not to perform a work to which you cannot connect mentally. and put in their utmost efforts. There are people who will readily commence a task. or taken upon yourself a task. The day you take full responsibility of all your doings. at other times. But if the task is important. it is advisable to leave aside all excuses. If you are not inclined to take this business seriously. merely as a formality. and work to your best abilities. they may become passive. If you embark upon a mission.

‘Network Marketing’. . very smart people are rather impatient. In Network marketing. In contrast. They will also take short cuts in order to succeed fast. is untrue. People with an average educational background and ordinary talents have also proven to achieve extraordinary success. and some of these have even reached the pinnacle simply due to consistent hard work. dedication and persistence. My conversations with several people who have made a career in this business. This however. after sometime. but only if they have remained sincere in this business. modest and unassuming.HOW TO WIN IN MLM 11 YOU NEED NOT BE VERY SMART AND INTELLIGENT It is a general belief that very intelligent people never face defeat in any area of work. In my opinion. people with average intellect. There is no need to be extra smart or intelligent. and certainly does not hold any water in the domain of network marketing. the people that follow the rules and directions set by their leaders and managers of the company grow fast. have led me to the conclusion that ’very smart and intelligent people either fail to succeed. Here intelligence has to be supplemented with qualities of patience. is a business idea for ordinary people. therefore. or fall out of business. have proven to be more successful.


very strict rules have not been enacted for this business. If you doubt the credentials of a company. time and wealth. It is often heard that a company has collected money from the members. you must inquire about its registration number and certificate. and wound up their business. Sebi or Company Board. RBI. . This small initial exercise will safeguard your future. However. Taking advantage of this fact. some Network Companies cheat their customers.ASSESS THE COMPANY 1 IS THE COMPANY RECOGNIZED BY THE AUTHORITIES Network Marketing is recognized the world over as legal business. in India. but have also ruined the career of people who had joined the company with great hope. If it is not already mentioned in its brochures. you can inquire from the concerned department or get the information from the website. Such fraudulent acts have not only resulted in a loss of wealth of many.

.ASSESS THE COMPANY 2 KNOW THE HISTORY OF THE PROMOTERS & DIRECTORS Before joining a company. and if so. One should know the credentials of the promoters of the company. and putting your career at stake. If you find that the Company has an unsuccessful past or is dealing in malpractice. then rather than wasting your time and effort. whether their past track record is clean of and fraudulent practices. it is better that you search for another company. Are the promoters educated and specialists in their field? Is the company controlled by family members. or is it managed by a group of professionals? Answers to most of these queries can be obtained from the Company website. It is important to find whether they were doing any business in the past. and their brochures. it becomes mandatory to make proper inquiries and clear all doubts.

are the most easily promoted. backed by proper research. As a result. In those early days. A product that is good enough will reduce your hard work. some company launched a business of offering website space. Products which are used daily. Prefer company with a diverse range of products. and which cater to the needs of masses. with some unique features. Quality products give you repeat business. this product was unacceptable to the masses and the company had to soon close shop. nor too advanced. . Hence. you must get connected to a company which offers products that are contemporary. Indians were not very computer savvy and were not familiar with the internet.ASSESS THE COMPANY 3 HOW IS THE PRODUCT RANGE OF THE COMPANY? Choose a company that has products which suit the lifestyle of the common man. Several years back. neither too outdated.

After having paid a heavy fee.ASSESS THE COMPANY 4 WHAT IS THE REGISTRATION FEE ? Some companies charge a heavy introductory fee to join them. rather than offering a good range of quality products. It is thus better to join a company which charges a nominal registration fee and in return gives you quality products of value. or very exorbitantly priced items. members become hesitant to withdraw themselves from the system for the fear of losing the amount paid by way of initial fee. The sole objective of these companies is to collect maximum initial fee. In return they give either average or low quality products. Several guidelines regarding entry fee/ registration fee / introductory fee have been laid down by Government. .

If you are getting connected to a network marketing scheme. then choose a company whose products are of a good quality. On the other hand. The products should carry quality evaluation certification and marks. and sadly. Often. .ASSESS THE COMPANY 5 HOW IS THE QUALITY OF THE PRODUCTS Several companies have products which are priced very high. and provides good after-sales service support. They also provide after sales service. the quality of these products does not match their price. has tie up with branded companies. and should be available at reasonable price. there are companies which have tied up with good national & international brands to sell quality branded products through their network. and thus do excellent business.

. should become alert. but cannot reach up to the summit. A good support system and training forms a strong base for Network Marketing. and as a result often passive down-line associates become active. just because they lacked in imparting proper training to their members. always collect information about their training policies and the quality of their training programs. Chances of failure are mitigated. I find it hard to believe that training can bring about such a transformation. Thousands of people join the same system and sell the same product.ASSESS THE COMPANY 6 DOES THE COMPANY HAVE A FORMAL TRAINING SYSTEM Network Marketing is a peculiar business. I have prepared rigorous seminars specially for networkers on subjects like ’The art of effective speaking’. prescribed methods. Before you join a Network Company. are instilled in the members through proper training programs and seminars. but some earn handsomely. Without the training & education. & ’Leadership in networking’. infuse a sense of new direction in participants. whereas. thus reviving the whole business. I strongly suggest that all such organizations which do not have formal training programs. good practices. if networkers cautiously follow the guidelines laid down by the upline of the team. These seminars besides improving the inter-personal and communication skills. you may continue business for some time. After attending these seminars when people share their intense feelings with me through phone. rules and principles all of which form the cornerstone for the company to navigate itself in the business. These guidelines. mails and letters. and support system. Most Network Companies in the world have failed in spite of their quality products. some fall out of business.

A Company which settles payments to its distributors in short periods is better. That is a method to stop you from taking your profits out. in compliance with the local tax laws is the right system. There is no guarantee of that currency. . You must inquire about the payment terms of the company from people already connected to its network. it is better to stay away from them. You must also enquire about the regularity & consistency of payments. The company that deducts tax at source and issues a TDS certificate. biannually or annually. monthly. Some companies give pins or some symbolic items instead of money. The payments made can be weekly.ASSESS THE COMPANY 7 HOW IS THE PAYOUT OF THE COMPANY Every company makes its Pay-out to its distributors at regular intervals.

effort and hard work. and do not pay their distributors unless they achieve a fixed target of sales. wherein in case of former. A networker is not thrown out of the team even if he fails to achieve a set target.ASSESS THE COMPANY 8 ANY COMPULSORY MINIMUM TARGET Some of the new companies work in tight fisted manner.. while with the ideal network company. organizations fire their workers if they do not meet their target. i. you must be careful in selecting a company which pays you in proportion to your achievements. Hence. . Still others again charge a registration fee. there is an element of flexibility. In fact. if the sales target are not met.e. this is the difference between other kinds of business and Network companies.


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