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Name: ______________________________________________________

Fill in the blank with the correct word

Chapter One:

 Dawan and _____ sat on the rickety old _______ above the ________.
 Dawan asked Kwai what would he do if he got the _________
 ______ felt that she would not get the scholarship because she is a _____,
instead Kwai might get the scholarship
 Talked about how unfair it is that the sacks of ____ stacked up beneath the
______ is for the _____ collector
 Their ______ thought that it was foolish and wasteful to send girls to school

Chapter Two:

 Teacher asked ________ what they saw beneath their ______ in the morning
 Had a long discussion with the students about the _______ taking away sacks of
rice beneath their houses
 A student spotted the _________ heading to their class and the student
shouted "he's coming"
 Teacher and student immediately pretended that they are having _______
lessons until the headmaster went away
 Teacher and student discussed what they should do if they won the
 Teacher announced that _______ won the scholarship

Chapter Three:

 Classmates surrounded ______ as soon as they heard that she won the
 __________ was unhappy and sad that _______ won the __________
instead of him
 ____________ told her family that she got the _________ and that made her
parents _______. Her _______ was especially _________ and said that she
took her own brother's chance away from him.
 Dawan's ____________ however supported her
 Dawan and her _________ headed to _____'s house and halfway, Dawan's
___________ decided to go with Dawan instead of her grandmother