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Market Forces Chart

Each component of PESTLE has a relationship with
each other. According to the chart, Political, Social,
and Economic components keep increasing. It is
because the population has doubled between
2010-2015. Over next 35 years, the young
population will space out. 24/7 Service is becoming
more available. 48% of the population want an out of
home dining experience. Plus, people want to save
time from cooking. Generation Z has an obsession
with food art, and food art is becoming more

customizable. The Political and Environmental
components fluctuate in the chart because food as
activism escalates cost of commodities. Plus, there
will be more water depletion. Overall, traveling
through food is the want and desire need for
customers because they demand an increase in
sales for ethnic foods. It is the primary factor that is
causing an effect to all the elements on the chart.

2010 2015 2020 2025 2030

Time Span

Political Economic Social
Food as Activism Overload Overload
Time Time
Time Travelling Through Food
Customization Customization
Food as Activism Travelling Through Food Travelling Through Food

Travelling Through Food

Environmental Technological
Food as Activism
Travelling Through Food

Travelling Through Food