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Avon Central School...................................................3 Lima Christian School...............................................

Caledonia-Mumford Central School...........................8 Livonia Central School..............................................30
Dansville Central School..........................................12 Mount Morris Central School....................................36
Geneseo Central School...........................................16 Wayland-Cohocton Central School..........................39
Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School.........................22 York Central School...................................................42
Genesee Valley Educational Partnership................25 The Year in Sports.....................................................46
Keshequa Central School.........................................26 Congratulations to all graduates!
2 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017

Graduates, you must SENIOR TO SENIORS

never stop learning
This weekend, hundreds of classroom, Starbucks CEO
Livingston County students Howard Schultz told students
will walk across stages in au- at Arizona State University.
ditoriums and gymnasiums Graduation is a thrilling
to accept their high school time. It is also a nerve-wrack-
diplomas. ing time with the future out
Then, they will celebrate the there.
fact that they have concluded As you look through this
a vitally important chapter of special section youll see grad-
their lives. uates with big dreams and
It is a deserved honor. A lot challenging subjects.
of hard work went into the ac- Read their advice to fresh-
complishment and displaying men which encourages
pride in achieving that goal is studying, making good use of
good for them and us.
their time and walking on the
But, the learning is not over.
right side of the hallway or
Graduation or com-
the lessons theyve learned in
mencement is also a begin-
ning. The celebration of an- high school the importance
other journey on which these of time management, study-
students will soon embark. ing hard and putting in a com-
It may be on to college, a mitted effort. BEN BEAGLE/LIVINGSTON COUNTY NEWS
The graduates have shown Joshua DeBell, far right, a senior at Geneseo Central School, and other members of Geneseo
gap year, work or military ser-
that they are already learning Centrals National Honor Society sing Christmas carols during a December 2016 breakfast for local
outside the textbook. These senior citizens that took place in the school cafeteria.
But the one lesson they all
must remember is that learn- lessons will prepare them for
ing does not end with school. any challenge.
Successful people are con- Graduates, youve earned
stantly evolving and always the celebration and trust
learning. that you are ready for whats
Try not to rely only on ahead.
what you have learned in the By Ben Beagle, Editor

This graduation special sec- cess for the rst time this year.
tion is made possible through The school representatives
the efforts of many people. are the unsung heroes of this
Contributors from The Liv- edition which would not be
ingston County News include possible without their con-
editor Ben Beagle, sports edi- tributions. Class lists and bi-
tor Chris Metcalf, sports writer ographies of top seniors were
Kevin Hooker, sales represen- gathered by communications
tatives Kim Roberts and Shan- or administrative staff at each
non Ferguson, ofce support district. They also prompt-
staff Lori Lacitignola and Col- ly responded as the inevita-
leen Kemp, and staff writer ble hiccups arose that come
Matt Leader. The production with putting together such an
staff and art department of extensive section. When we
The Daily News in Batavia also needed a better quality por-
assisted. trait, or had a question about
We also appreciate the help- submitted information their
ful representatives from each prompt responses allowed
of the school districts featured work to continue.
here and photographers who Photographs from the Liv-
took class pictures and indi- ingston County News were al-
vidual senior portraits that so used. These pictures were
were contributed to this keep- taken by Doug McFarland,
sake edition. Some we have Nick Serrata , Joe Granita, Ben
worked with for years, and Gajewski, Rocco Laurienzo,
others went through this pro- Sally Santora and others.
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 3


Avon Central School WHEN: 11 a.m. June 24.

WHERE: Avon High School
gymnasium, 191 Clinton St., Avon.

The Avon Brave statue strikes a strong pose near athletic facilities on the Avon Central School District campus. A class of 2017 photograph was not available.

Class list
Carly Ambroselli Payton Decker Kendra Jones Aidan Mulligan Jenna Schino
Nicolas Arva Tyler DelMonica Richard Schino
Connor Doubt Izabella Kimber Melana Orbaker Alexander Short
Lily Bennett Anna Eichhorn Aliyah Kingston Abigail Smith
Samuel Bond Kyle Ellis Lehna Kitzel Andrew Page Matthew Smith
William Brinkerhoff Hunter Kostraba Kaelia Pellegrini Mirabelle Sprinkle
Alexis Brown Mychael Fairbank Dylan Kurtz Jacob Peterson Marcus Stickel
Victoria Faugh Aubrey Proctor Jonathan Stremovihtg
Andrew Carney Amy Faville Annaleci Lamantia
Sarah Carney Joshua Little Zachary Quinlan Miranda Trickett
Shaemar Cherew-Gordon Trapper Garland Wolfgarr Lobo
Ashley Cinotti Victoria Grodis Ethan Low Bryce Read Georgia VanRy
Brendan Coyne Madison Luft Arianna Rowlinson Chase VanSon
Christopher Cranmer Cullen Hite Taryn Vivian
Mackenzie Culhane Matthew Huffman Cody Mathews Emma Salter
Sean Maurer Michael Salvati Katherine Webster
Kyle Jacobs Natalie Mignemi Dylan Scherer
4 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017

Class leaders Top ten

Amy Faville whose intentions are pure, en-
couraging, and just.
Valedictorian Advice for freshmen: You
never know the impact you
might have on someone. Keep
Samuel Bond your chin up, smile, and be
Salutatorian humble; people will notice.

Aliyah Kingston
Class rank: 4.
Parents: Beth and John
Future plans: Attend SUNY
Stony Brook for linguistics /
teaching English as a second
Amy Faville Samuel Bond language, with a concentra- U.S. history and chemistry.
Valedictorian Salutatorian tion in Spanish. After gradua- High School activities:
tion, travel the world teaching National Honor Society;
Parents: Joyce and Mike Parents: Laura and Chris- English either with the Peace
Faville topher Bond. Bard Theatre and Choruses;
Corps or independently. Student Government; band;
Future plans: Attend the Future plans: State Uni- Honors and awards: High
state University at Buffalo versity at Buffalo to major in chorus.
honor roll; Achievement in
where she has been named computer science. Spanish, Advanced Placement See AVON T5
a Presidential Scholar. She Honors and awards:
plans to major in biomedical National Merit Scholarship
engineering. Commended Scholar; high Mirabelle Sprinkle Its still the collision shop of
Honors and awards:
Young Women of Distinc-
honor roll, RIT Computing
Medal; Boys State; Rota-
Class rank: 3.
Parents: Amanda and Jesse
your choice
tion Award from the Greater ry Youth Student Service Sprinkle. For all your Guaranteed
Rochester Chamber of Com- Award. Future plans: Take a gap Body, Paint &
merce; Elizabeth Blewer Me- High School activities: year to shadow art therapists, Collision Repairs
morial Math Award.
High School activities:
National Honor Society;
Student Council; Mathletics;
make plenty of art, work, and
go on a mission trip. Is inter- 226-6120
Student Council President; Brainstormers; Interact; peer ested in studying at Nazareth
Interact; Brainstormers; mentoring . College and pursuing a career 2606 Lakeville Rd.,
Mathletics. Sports: Soccer; swim- as art therapist. Avon
Sports: soccer; basketball; ming; tennis. Honors and awards: High 1/4 mi. north of I-390, exit 9
track & eld. Community: Day of Car- honor roll; George Eastman
Community: Linking ing organizer . Young Leaders Award; RIT In-
Hands for Learning; Salva- After-school employ- novation & Creativity Award;
tion Army bell-ringer; Tour ment: Tom Wahls; summer Staff Sgt. Alexandria Mae Glea- WEDDINGS, EVENTS ~ CUSTOM DESIGNS BY ROBERT
de Cure diabetes fundraiser. recreation. son Morrow Art Scholarship
After-school employ- Personal interests: Club from Livingston Arts.
ment: Lattimore Physical soccer; skiing; socializing; High School activities:
Therapy; grade 8 soccer coding; wing night Student Council; volleyball
referee. Most important lesson and oor hockey intermurals;
Personal interests: Snow- learned in high school: I School Improvement Team
mobiling; baking; bicycling. learned not to procrasti- committee.
Most important lesson nate. Sports: Varsity soccer and
learned in high school: Advice for freshmen: tennis; both teams won the
Dont sweat the small stuff. Work hard and make sure Section V title this school year.
Advice for freshmen: you do al your homework. Community: Day of Car-
Take advantage of everyday ing; Avon Fire Department
and get involved as much as Christmas event; Open Door David R. Steen
possible, because time ies. Mission .

Work hard and After-school employment:

Dont sweat the make sure you do all Personal interests: Draw-

ing; painting; spending time
small stuff. your homework. outdoors; discovering new
Phone 585-226-6610
Most important lesson SAMUEL BOND, Most important lesson
Toll Free 800-821-0089
learned in high school Advice for freshmen learned in high school: Not
every voice is worth listening 5575 Wolcott Road Fax 585-226-6753
Avon, NY 14414
to; learn to listen to those
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 5

apologetically. Community: Day of Caring; ofcer; student government;

Avon Advice for freshmen: Seek
balance in your life over basi-
volunteering at church.
Personal interests: Sports;
peer mentoring.
Sports: Fall and winter
From T4 cally anything else (including hunting; shing; coding; so- cheerleading; softball.
grades or success). cializing. Community: Day of Car-
Sports: Swimming. Most important lesson ing; blood drives; cookie day at
Community: Linking learned in high school: To nursing home.
Hands for Learning Nicaragua work hard in order to not fall After-school employment:
trip; food pantry; assisting behind. Babysitting; busgirl & hostess
modied swimming; timer at at Pomodoros.
varsity swim meets; choreo- Personal interests: Cook-
graph middle school musicals; ing; dancing; bicycling .
assist with sixth grade histori- Most important lesson
cal tour. learned in high school: Its
After-school employment: okay to put yourself and your
Dance Emporium; teaching own happiness rst.
swimming; lifeguard. Advice for freshmen:
Personal interests: Dance; Lehna Kitzel Make the most of the time
and opportunities you have,
adventures; climbing trees; demic awards . because it doesnt last forev-
stargazing; reading, writing; High School activities: Na- er.
discussions. tional Honor Society; Student
Most important lesson Council; class ofcer; Bard
learned in high school: Love
Theatre and Choruses.
Georgia VanRy
yourself for exactly who you Class rank: 8.
Community: Linking Matthew Smith
Hands with Learning, helped Parents: Jennifer and Gray-
Advice for freshmen: Life Class rank: 6. don VanRy.
build a school in Nicaragua. Parents: Tara and Thomas
isnt just about surviving. Do Jenna Schino Future plans: Study musi-
After-school employment: Smith.
whatever you need to do (as cal theater at Rider University.
long as it doesnt hurt you or A family-owned hardware Future plans: Rochester In- Class rank: 7.
store in Rochester Honors and awards:
anyone else) to gure out what stitute of Technology to major Parents: Kim and Rick
Personal interests: Philos- Rochester Broadway Theatre
makes you happy. in software engineering Schino.
ophy; social and environmen- League Stars of Tomorrow
Honors and awards: Boys Future plans: St. John Fish- Outstanding Leading Actress
tal justice; dance; art and de- State; high honor roll; RIT er College to study nursing.
Lehna Kitzel (2015 and 2017); American
sign; writing; sailing; spending Innovation and Creativity Honors and awards: High Choral Directors Association
Class rank: 5. time outdoors. Award; Clarkson University honor roll; Nancy Saxton National and All-Eastern
Parents: Cami Sholts; DJ Most important lesson Achievement Award. Leadership Award; Braves Honors Choirs; Interscho-
Kitzel. learned in high school: You High School activities: Na- Way Award; Section V cham- lastic Competition in English
Future plans: The New cant depend on external saves tional Honor Society; Student pionship; Sportsmanship awards (2015. 2016, 2017);
School for industrial design for the root of your happiness. Council; Interact; Mathletics; award; National Football All-County Choir; All-State
and sustainability; live abroad; You must rst develop a sense Mock Trial; Brainstormers. Foundation Gold Scholarship. Choir.
make the world a better place. of self and self-worth, and care Sports: Varsity soccer and High School activities:
Honors and awards: Aca- about the things you do un- baseball. National Honor Society; class See AVON T6

Giving back to

You cant depend those that

on external saves answer the call.
for the root of your
happiness. You must
rst develop a sense 585-245-3814
of self and self-worth
and care about the
things you do

unapologetically. Rene Tilly-Lyness
Paul F. Tilly
Julie A. Harcleroad
MaryRuth Rowe
Most important lesson
learned in high school.


1895 Rochester St., Lima, NY 14485 (585) 582-1660
49 Park Place, Avon, NY 14414 (585) 226-2021 265 E. Main St. Avon
6 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017


From T5

Richard Schino
Katherine Webster
Class rank: 9. Student Council; oor hockey
Parents: Tama and Bill and volleyball intermurals;
Webster. peer mentoring.
Future plans: An associate Sports: Baseball; basketball;
Georgia VanRy
degree in accounting at Gene- football.
see Community College, then Community: Habitat for
High School activities: Humanity; lawn mowing;
National Honor Society; Stu- continue to become a Certi-
ed Public Accountant. ower and cookie days at
dent Council; Interact Club; nursing home; cleaning up
Interscholastic Competition Honors and awards: Braves
Way Scholar; Presidential parks; foster care gift wrap-
in English; math team; Bard ping.
Theatre and Choruses. award from GCC.
High School activities: After-school employment:
Sports: Cheerleading. J and A Farm Market; summer
Community: Day of Car- Theater.
Sports: Soccer. recreation; busboy at Pomo-
ing; speaker at event thanking doros and Aladdins.
New York State legislators Community: Day of Caring;
Walk Against Hunger; church; Personal interests: Sports;
for library funding; singing at music; hunting; shing; long-
suicide vigil; Salvation Army donations to animal hospitals. Avon senior Dylan Scherer defended his singles title at
After-school employment: boarding.
bellringer; singing National sectionals and established himself as one of the areas premier
Tom Wahls. Most important lesson
Anthem at local events. tennis players this spring. The Avon team became just the
Personal interests: Drawing learned in high school and
Personal interests: The- second team in school history to nish the season undefeated
Most important lesson advice for freshmen: To do
ater, dance, music. and unscored upon all season en route to a team sectional
learned in high school: Get what you want to do; be who
Most important lesson title. Next, Scherer will further his career at Houghton College.
things done as soon as you you are no matter what any-
learned in high school: Time one says.
management. can; its the best feeling when
Advice for freshmen: Do its done.
your homework, make the Advice for freshmen:
most out of high school, and Dont stop now, youre al-
walk on the right side of the most there!
Richard Schino

Class rank: 10.

Do your homework, Parents: Kim and Rick
make the most of Schino.
Future plans: Study elec-
high school, and trical / environmental engi-
neering at state University at
walk on the right side

of the hallway. Honors and awards: High
honor roll; National Football
Foundation award; All-Great-
GEORGIA VANRY, er Rochester Basketball; LCAA
Advice for freshmen Basketball All-Star; LCAA
Football All-Star.
High School activities:


   ! !

Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 7

Local Stars shine in RBTL awards program

The stages of Livingston County may seem a dream
away from Broadway, but they still shine with local
young actors.
Several area schools were among the winners
this spring at the Rochester Broadway Theatre
Leagues annual Stars of Tomorrow awards pro-
gram, which celebrates high school theater in a
nine-county greater Rochester area that includes
Livingston County.
The Geneseo Central School production
of The Addams Family nearly swept the
RBTLKs annual awards, winning in nine of
the 10 categories. The production won a total
of 11 awards, including outstanding musical
production and multiple honors for leading
actress and supporting actor. An additional 13
students were recognized with special achieve-
ment awards outside of the main categories.
Three Livingston County schools received a
Garrison Hunt performs as Gomez in Geneseo Central total of 16 awards. Avon Central received three
Schools fall production of The Addams Family. He was awards for its production of Thoroughly Modern
recognized with an Outstanding Leading Actor award at the Millie and Mount Morris was presented with two
Rochester Broadway Theatre Leagues Stars of Tomorrow awards for The Wizard of Oz.
program Awards are presented Tony Awards-style for out-
standing musical production, acting ensemble,
dance ensemble, singing ensemble, student or-
chestra, production crew, leading actress, leading

actor, supporting actress and supporting actor.
On show nights we remind ourselves that for Other awards included A Tip of the Hat,
many, a night at the theater is an opportunity to special recognition from the judges, and Special
Recognition or Future Stars of Tomorrow, which
escape, to be entertained and to laugh. are both submitted by individual school directors.
The drama club students take that responsibility An additional 25 students were recognized with

special awards, including 13 from Geneseo, seven
to heart. from Avon and ve from Mount Morris.
Local high schools with fall and spring produc-
tions are invited to participate in the Stars of Tomor-
BETTINA DEBELL row program. Schools are divided into four divisions
Director of the Geneseo Central School Drama Club based on school population and judges are assigned
specic divisions.

List of winners
A list of the awards earned by Livingston County
schools at the Rochester Broadway Theater Leagues
20th annual Stars of Tomorrow competition:
AVON: Outstanding Leading Actress, Georgia VanRy as
Millie; Outstanding Acting Ensemble, Outstanding Student
Orchestra; Future Stars of Tomorrow, Aileen Harvey and
Emily Krasinski; Tip of the Hat Awards, Carolyn Farmer,
Payton DiFranco, Rylie Randall; and Special Recognition,
Brooke Witherow and Matthew Huffman.
GENESEO: Outstanding Musical Production, Outstanding
Leading Actor, Garrison Hunt as Gomez; Outstanding Lead-
ing Actress, Madison Scoville as Wednesday and Molly Maloney
Georgia VanRy as Morticia; Outstanding Supporting Actor, Isaac Post as Lucas
performs as Millie Beinke, and Josh DeBell as Uncle Fester; Outstanding Supporting
in Avon Central Actress, Emily Slade as Alice Beinke; Outstanding Acting Ensemble,
Schools spring Outstanding Dance Ensemble, Outstanding Student Orchestra, Out-
standing Singing Ensemble; Future Star, Joey DeBell; Tip of the Hat
production of Awards, Bailey Steinhauer, Isabel Granger, Sarah Halstead, Jacob
Thoroughly Clarke, Kyle Mendez, Kelly Bailey, Kyle Hochbrueckner, Hannah
Modern Millie. Steinhauer, Ellis Warner and Jacob French; Special Recognition,
PROVIDED PHOTOGRAPH Morgan Kennedy and Isabella Robertson.
Georgia received an
Ethan Carlock, a senior at Mount Morris Central School,
Outstanding Leading MOUNT MORRIS: Outstanding Leading Actor, Ethan Carlock as Scare-
was awarded an Outstanding Leading Actor award for his
Actress award for her crow; Outstanding Production Crew; Future Star, Brandon Fleming;
performance as the Scarecrow in the schools spring production Tip of the Hat Awards, Gabriel Simons, Gideon Rowley and Lillian
of The Wizard of Oz. Bacon; Special Recognition, Maddie Clinton.
8 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017

Caledonia-Mumford Central School

Class list
Alyssa Anderson Tyler Davis Patrick Ingersoll Lily Parnell Hannah Wade
Andrew Auberger Rachael Dollard Dylan Peck Shannon Ward
Robert Leschander Alyssa Phillips Tina Wertman
Clay Baron Justine Eadie Dalton Phillips Adam Wilcox
Austin Berkemeier Richard Estes Nathan Maniscalco Kaitlyn Willis
Samantha M. Bickford Elizabeth Marvin Justin P. Ranous
Olivia Brumeld Gillian Flint Lukas Maxwell Brittany Rehberg
Paul Bullen Briana Gagner Cole McGuirk Trevor Robbins
Cameron Geiger Marcus Middleton Aaron Rychlicki Commencement
Kyle Carpino Isabella Georgiev Zachary Morin WHEN: 7 p.m. June 23.
Samantha Carpino Jacob Gerber Molly Sims WHERE: Hamilton Field Sports
Justin Castronovo Michael Godlove Molly Nevinger Samantha Siple Complex, 99 North St., Cale-
Cody Cesarano Sean Goodhue Matthew Nusbickel donia.
Ashley Chapman Camryn Guldenschuh Jordan Thompson
In case of inclement weather,
Victoria Coleman Ryan B. Offen Seth Toland the commencement ceremony
Joseph Comstock Evan Hands Austin Orlando Toni Torres will move indoors and seating
Nicholas Harmon Victoria Truong will be limited
Alexis Hilliard-McDowell
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 9

Class leaders
Valedictorian will Studies lead
study neuroscience toward
Olivia Brumeld is the high school Interact Club,
Caledonia-Mumford Central
School Class of 2017 valedic-
Spanish Club and Ski Club
and was a member of the
torian. baccalaureate committee
She has made the most of that planned the Class of 2017 The Cal-Mum career of
her high school years at Cale- Marcus Middleton, the 2017
donia-Mumford by participat- salutatorian, is highlighted by
Next fall, Olivia will begin
ing in a variety of activities and Olivia Brumeld a variety of advanced academ-
her studies in neuroscience at
taking the most challenging ic courses and athletics. Marcus Middleton
the University of Rochester. Marcus,the son of Rob-
courses offered at at the high For someone who seems to said that taking psychology led
school. ert Middleton and Jennifer summer between his junior
have it all gured out, Brum- her to choose neuroscience as Bulkley, lled his high school
I know I speak for most eld admits that she doesnt her major and go on to choose and senior year Marcus was
schedule with challenging the Matthew Cleary Post 255
seniors in high school when always have all the answers. psychology as her minor. courses such as Advanced American Legion delegate to
I say its not as simple as ev- It took me a while to really In April, she was named Placement English, U.S. His- Boys State.
eryone thought, Olivia says. nail down what I wanted to as one of 20 nalists for the tory and Physics. He earned Marcus has been a three-
However, Im getting better pursue, she says. I thought Young Women of Distinction college credit by completing sport athlete throughout
with it. The years of sleepless, I had it all gured out and I award, given annually by The Pre-calculus and Calculus high school on the football,
homework lled nights are be- wanted to be an anesthesiol- Womens Council in Roches- at Cal-Mum and completed basketball and track teams.
ginning to pay off. ogist until this year. I changed ter. The program recognizes Rochester Institute of Tech-
Olivia, the daughter of He earned the scholar athlete
my mind and decided on female high school seniors nology course work in the award and in 2015 he was a
Brenda Brumeld, took sev- neuroscience after taking Mr. who have displayed outstand- Project Lead the Way pre-en-
eral Advanced Placement and member of the varsity basket-
Meiers psychology class. ing leadership, academic ex- gineering program. ball team that earned the Sec-
college credit bearing courses. The inspiration for her cellence, and involvement in He is a high honor student
She has been a high honor stu- tion Five championship title.
future major in college came their communities. and a member of the Nation- This year, Marcus advanced to
dent, a member and president when she started studying the al Honor Society. Marcus is
of the National Honor Society Words of Wisdom: the state qualifying track meet
parts of the brain. She became involved with Chess Club, Ski in the pentathlon.
and has earned numerous ac- Club and Spanish Club. As
engrossed in how brain chem- I know its clich but dont Next fall, he will begin his
ademic achievement awards. a junior he earned the Xerox
icals inuence peoples mood rush high school because studies at Monroe Communi-
In 2016, Olivia received the Award for Innovation and In-
and the method the brain uses youll miss it. Im not even ty College in the two-plus-two
University of Rochester Baus- formation Technology. In the
to adapt to life changes. She gone yet and I miss it. engineering program.
ch and Lomb Honorary Sci-
ence Award. She received the
Award as freshman. In the
summer between her junior 3136 Main St.
and senior year, Olivia partic-
ipated in the week-long Girls
Caledonia, NY
State program at SUNY Brock- 585-538-2136
port. The Matthew Cleary Post
255 American Legion Auxiliary
Open 7 Days
sponsored Olivias participa- 3163 State Street (Rt. 5) 3506 Thomas Drive 66 Stanley Street
tion. 7AM - 9 PM Caledonia, NY 14423 Lakeville, NY 14480 Mt. Morris, NY 14510
Olivia played Lady Raid- (585) 538-9460 (585) 346-0060 (585) 658-9280
er varsity soccer and track Fax (585) 346-0108 |
throughout high school and
together with her teammates,
earned the Section Five soccer
championship title in 2015.
She was the News 10 NBCs
Scholar Athlete of the Week
and the Livingston County
News High School Student
Creative Minds recognition.
Since 1897!
She was a 2015 Softball Schol-
ar Athlete and was named to Personal ~ Business ~ Life/Health
the 2015 All Greater Rochester 3900 Buffalo Rd. 264 North Street
Softball team. Rochester, NY 14624 Caledonia, NY 14423
Olivia is a member of the (585) 594-9493 (585) 538-6844
10 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017


Olivia Brumeld is a member of the band and
Valedictorian Outside of school , Tyler
is actively involved in Boy
Scouts. He has played the
Marcus Middleton trumpet at many ofcial cer-
Salutatorian emonies in his community
and earned the rank of Eagle
The remaining members of Scout. Tyler is very proud to
the Caledonia-Mumford Cen- have received two Scouting
tral School Class of 2017 top awards: The Founders Award
10, in alphabetical order: for outstanding service to his
lodge and the Vigil Honor the
highest honor that a Scout can
earn for service to his lodge,
council and scouting.
Tyler was a speaker for the
United Way of Livingston
Samantha Bickford County and the subject of
their annual public relations Caledonia-Mumford Central School seniors pose for a
Samantha is member of the photograph during the senior prom.
National Honor Society and video as Tyler spoke in sup-
serves as the vice-president. port of United Way support of
She is high honor roll stu- Boy Scouting.

dent and has taken several Ad- Tyler is attending Roberts   

vanced Placement and college Wesleyan College to study
credit bearing courses in high international business man-
school. agement and social entrepre-
She is a member of the high neurship.
school Interact and Spanish
clubs and is a member and
treasurer of the Varsity Club.
Clay Baron As a junior Samantha earned
the George Eastman Young
Clay is a high honor student Leaders Award. She is the re-
and a member of the National cipient of a Livingston County
Honor Society. Teen Recognition Award.
He has taken several chal- Samantha is a three-sport
lenging courses in high school athlete: volleyball, basketball
including several advanced and softball.
placement and Genesee Com- She will attend Nazareth
munity College classes. Congratulations to the
College to study adolescent Caledonia-Mumford
Clay has been devoted to math education. Class of 2017
wrestling his entire life. He is It has been our pleasure to
a two-time Livingston Con- Rachael Dollard photograph you throughout the
ference Athletic Association Rachael is a high honor years and we are excited to
All Star and has placed at sec- student and National Honor see what the future holds for
tionals and super sectionals. each of you. To our seniors,
Society member.
For many years Clay devoted thank you for your support of
She is a member of the Cal- Silent Memories Photography.
his time to help coach youth Mum High School Student We loved working with each of
wrestlers. In his senior year he Council and Spanish Club. you and wish you the best as
decided to join the Track and She completed a number of you move on to greater things!
Field team and he not only college credit bearing courses - Silent Memories Photography
enjoyed it but was a strong throughout high school. As
competitor. a junior, Rachael earned the
He has used athletics to pro- The Elmira College Key Award.
mote his strong natural high She played soccer and track
message, which urges young throughout high school.
people to nd their high in Rachael has volunteered at
wholesome activities. In 2014, the University of Rochester
he was named the Natural Tyler Davis Strong Memorial Hospital and
High Youth of the Year. Tyler is a high honor roll also Highland Hospital.
Clay is attending SUNY student and a member of the Rachael will begin her study
Brockport to study physical National Honor Society. of nursing at St. John Fisher
therapy. He is a very active student College in Rochester next fall.
who participates in Spanish,
Chess and Interact Clubs, and See CAL-MUM T11
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 11

work assisting the K-12 In-

Cal-Mum structional Coach.
Molly is attending Keuka FUTURE
From T10 College to study childhood

Molly Nevinger
Molly is a high honor stu-
dent and a member of the Na-
tional Honor Society.
Gillian Flint She played soccer for all Brittany Rehberg PROVIDED PHOTOGRAPH

four years of high school, was Dylan Peck Brittany is a high honor
Caledonia senior Ashley
Gil is a high honor student named an LCAA All Star and Chapman was named
Dylan is a high honor stu- student and as a junior she
and a member of the National an Exceptional Senior. Molly 2016 Western New York
dent who has taken several earned the RIT Innovation and
Honor Society. also participated in Ski Club. Volunteer Firemens
challenging courses for college Creativity Award.
She is the Senior Class Throughout high school she Association Explorer of
credit in his junior and senior She has participated in
treasurer and a Spanish Club took challenging college credit the Year. She was honored
years of high school. band and chorus in high
member. She has completed bearing courses and earned again in February with a
Dylan played football all school and played volleyball
several college level courses in several academic achieve- volunteer award from the
four years of high school and for all four years.
high school. ment awards. Iroquois Trail Council of
was captain of the team. He Brittany is very active in her
As a junior, Gillian earned She has a long list of com- the Boy Scouts of America.
earned the scholar-athlete church and has gone on two
The Student Sage Award. She munity service activities in- I just like helping people,
award several times in high mission trips to Jamaica and like my mom and dad do,
is a three-sport athlete who cluding Salvation Army bell school. the Dominican Republic. She said Ashley, whose father
competed in cross country, ringing and the Camp Good He also enjoys the outdoors also enjoys martial arts. is a captain in the Greece/
softball and basketball. She Days and Special Times Kazoo and activities such as skiing Brittany will begin her stud- Rochester Fire Department
was named to the rst team All festival. and shing. ies in kinesiology next fall at and whose mother and
State Basketball team. Molly was a worker in the Dylan will attend SUNY Genesee Community College grandmother are volunteer
Gillian plans to study eco- school-to-work program, Oswego next fall to study ac- and later plans to continue reghters. Ashley is a
nomics at St. John Fisher Col- splitting her time between the counting. her education at Houghton certied rst responder and
lege after high school. business ofce and clerical College. four times certied in CPR.


You have made our Community proud!
- Mayor Debbie Davis

Milex Drug
Home Town
Friendly Service
229 North Street, Caledonia
3130 Main Street Ph: 585-538-2270
Caledonia, NY 14423
Mon-Fri:9-8, Sat:9-3, Sun:9-1 Phone: (585) 538-6140 Fax: 585-538-6724
12 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017

Dansville Central School

Class list
Hadassah M. Adams Alec C. Entwistle Emily M. Levee Nathaniel P. Sherman
Jordon M. Allen Michael J. Evans Edward J. Linton Abigail L. Skelly
Kyle J. Allison Kody S. Everman Thomas P. Linzy III Hunter B. Stone
Samuel J. Arriaga Nikolas M. Little Rhett K. Sullivan
Graham B. Frazer III Jamie L. Longo Emma S. Swyers
Jordan M. Babcock Gary L. Losey
Megan E. Baker Dawson W. Graham Courtney T. Lowe Sakina Tasaddaq
Richard K. Barnhardt III Temesgen R. Graves Lucas J. Totten
Cherokee R. Barnhart Adam M. Green Christopher Z. Malm
Matthew J. Bennett Dylan M. Green Garrett T. Mark Luisa T. Ulrich
Alorah C. Bishop Jesse E. Gunn Cheyenne R. Markowski
Parker C. Bolton Shania J. Guyett Katie-Ann M. Mastin Adrian N. Velazquez
Patricia A. Breen Rachael E. McDowell
Jazmine E. Brewer Tyler L. Heiman Austin J. Milliman Brittaney L. Wagner
Allison P. Bridge Kali G. Herkimer Brandon M. Mott Colin J. Werth
Kassidy A. Briley Alexis N. Hinds Andrew M. Mountzouros Hunter C. Wester
Tiffany L. Buchanan Skiylur A. Hoffman Timothy P. Murphy Madison M. Wiedrick
Daniel C. Howard Thomas E. Wise
Kaitlyn E. Chan Zoie M. Howe Alfred L. Nickerson III Brianna N. Wolfe
Gabriel D. Chappell Ryan W. Hufnagel
Jordyn N. Condrate Makayla L. Orr Collin P. Young
Ryan P. Conklin Joshua P. Jacobs Tiffani A. Young
Kevin M. Conway Caleb A. Johnson Emily L. Parish
Abby R. Cook Caleb L. Johnson David J. Pierce Lauren E. Zeh
Elizabeth V. Corbin Makayla R. Pierpont
Sarah E. Cotton Emma R. Kelly Lennart Poeppe
Conner J. Cox Dillen J. Kennedy Emily C. Polizzi
Hollie L. Cox Natasha M. King Tyler J. Powell Commencement
DAndre J. Cramer Samantha J. King
Sierra N. Crawford Christian K. Knudsen Tyler J. Rapp WHEN: 11 a.m. June 24.
Brock V. Cuddeback Dylan H. Kozak Skylar M. Rauber WHERE: Dansville High School
Abigail R. Kuhn Christian M. Rudney 282 Main St., Dansville.
Ashley C. Dixon
Danielle J. Dugo Shayna M. Lafaye Anthony K. Sackett
Troy Y. Latimer Holden N. Schramm
Cristie J. East Jeremy M. Lawrence Christopher L. Schumacher
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 13

Class leaders Class leaders

Valedictorian to attend Cornell Cheyenne R. Markowski
Cheyenne R. Markowski Business Leaders of America Valedictorian
of Dansville, the valedictori- president. She was also a
an of Dansville High Schools member of National Honor
Class of 2017, intends on Society, Pony Express, Hon- Jordyn N. Condrate
attending Cornell University ors Academy, National Art Salutatorian
and majoring in biological Honor Society, Interact Club,
sciences. National Junior Honor Soci-
The daughter of Geoffrey ety, ICE and 4-H as well as a
Markowski and Suzanne bellringer for the Salvation
Markowski created, orga- Army.
nized and spearheaded the Cheyenne was a member
rst Dansville Trout Derby of the junior varsity and var-
in April 2016, raising $9,100 sity softball teams and the
which was donated to Noyes varsity winter/indoor track
Hospital-Womens Auxiliary and varsity swim teams. She Daniel C. Howard
for the Emergency Room was a Livingston Conference Cheyenne R. Markowski Class rank: 4.
renovation project. The Athletic Association All-Star Parents: Jason Howard and
second annual Trout Derby in swimming, received Var- Dansville D Award, AP Kristin Luxon.
took place April 2017, raising sity D letters for swimming, Scholar Award, George East- Future Plans: Nazareth
$13,100 that was donated softball and winter/indoor man Young Leaders Award, Colleges 3+3 program with
to the Ann and Carl Meyers track and was named a schol- Chemistry Achievement Syracuse Law. Also a member
Cancer Center at Noyes Hos- ar-athlete both as an individ- Award and earned a Best of of the Nazareth College swim
pital, Dansville. ual and as part of the swim Show in the All-County High team.
In high school, Chey- team and winter/indoor School Exhibition and the
Sarah E. Cotton Honors: Senator Cathy
enne was the Class of 2017 track team. Livingston Arts Scholastic Art Class rank: 3. Young Youth Leadership
vice-president and Future Cheyenne received a Exhibition. Parents: James Cotton and Award, Script D, Varsity D,
Cynthia Cotton. Scholar-Athlete, Mustang
Future Plans: SUNY Oswe- of the Month, Core Values,

Salutatorian studied Zika virus go to study health and well-

Honors: Student of the
Honor Roll, team captain for
High school activities:
Jordyn N. Condrate of and the Dansville D Award as month, Mustang of the National Honor Society pres-
Dansville is the Class of 2017 well as Script D and Varsity D. month, Script D, Varsity D, ident, National Junior Honor
salutatorian. She was the senior class Most dedicated female ath- Society president, Student
Jordyn, the daughter of president, the Student Coun- lete (junior year), Honor Roll, Council vice-president 9-11,
Robert Condrate Jr. and Sally cil treasurer and the Interact Team MVP-soccer and bas- Honors Academy, varsity soc-
Carrier, plans to study biol- Club treasurer. ketball, Team captain-soccer, cer, tennis and swimming, In-
ogy and enter the medical/ Jordyn participated in Na- basketball and softball. teract Rotary, Future Business
research eld. tional Honor Society, Honors High School activities: Leaders of America, marching
Jordyn was on the honor Junior varsity and varsity soft- band drum major, All-County
Academy, Pony Express, var-
roll and was an Empire Girls ball, basketball and soccer, band 9-12, Santa Hat Society
State delegate. sity tennis, chorus and band.
National Honor Society, Hon- Executive Elf, Pony Express,
She received the American She also volunteered at ors Academy, Pony Express, Mock Trial, and owner/opera-
Chemical Societys Chemis- the Fred and Harriet Taylor Student Council, class ofcer, tor of Ice Cream Island.
try Achievement Award, the Health Center in Bath. band and chorus.
Dartmouth Club of Rochester Jordyn completed inde- See DANSVILLE T14
Book Award, the Bausch and pendent research on the Zika
Lomb Honorary Science virus, an emerging mosqui-
Award, the Gold Star Award to-borne virus. Jordyn N. Condrate
Dansville Auto Mart, Inc.
Jeff Tracy - Owner

The only thing you

can plan on in life is
that your life plans
Congratulating 2017 Graduates Congrats Dansville Seniors!
Family owned since 1975, Dansville Auto Mart is your full service dealer. Auto
repair (major and minor), truck and car rentals. We only sell the finest in used

vehicles. If its not in our lot, we will find it for you. Stop in and see for yourself.
wont work out. Daniel Wensel 9976 Main Street, Dansville
commencement, 2017


WAYLAND, NY 14572 DANSVILLE, NY 14437 $#'!! !#! "%  !# "% !# ! !
(585) 728-5123 (585) 335-6063 &
 # &

"#!!  ("#$##
 " !#
14 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017


From T13

Dylan Kozak

Allison P. Bridge
Class rank: 9.
Parents: Amy and Aaron
Future Plans: Four-year
Emma R. Kelly university to study biomedi-
Class rank: 5. cal science and then medical
Parents: Tammy Kelly and school.
Patrick Kelly. Honors: Script D, Varsity
Future Plans: Elmira col- D, Honor Roll, Varsity Soccer
lege and then medical school. Team MVP, Varsity Cheerlead-
Honors: Script D, Honor JOE GRANITA/FOR THE LCN, FILE PHOTO ing LCAA All-Star, Citizenship
Roll, Sports Award, Core Value Hunter Stone res a pitch for the Dansville Mustangs. Core Value Award, 2017 Liv-
Award ingston County Teen Recogni-
High school activities: Na- tion Award.
tional Honor Society, Pony High school activities: Na- Graham B. Frazer III
Express, Honors Academy, tional Honor Society, Honors Class rank: 12.
class advisor. Academy, varsity cheerleading Parents: Barb and Graham
and soccer. Frazer.
Future Plans: State Univer-
sity of Buffalo with a major in
aerospace engineering.
Honors: Script D, Honor
Roll, Varsity D, Scholar-Ath-
lete Award.
High school activities: Na-
tional Honor Society, Mock
Trial, varsity swimming.

Ryan W. Hufnagel Hunter B. Stone

Class rank: 7. Class rank: 8.
Parents: George Hafnagel Parents: Robert Stone Jr.
Rhett K. Sullivan and Renee Bauer. and Barbara Stone.
Future Plans: College. Future Plans: Clarkson Emily C. Polizzi
Class rank: 6.
Honors: Script D, Honor College to study mechanical Class rank: 10.
Parents: Jim Sullivan and
Roll, Xerox Award for Innova- engineering. Parents: Shannon Nolan
Marie Sullivan.
tion and Information Tech- Honors: Team captain for and Matthew Polizzi.
Future Plans: A 4-year col-
nology, Chemistry Achieve- cross country and wrestling, Future Plans: SUNY Gen-
lege degree then a masters of
ment Award. Script D, RIT Scholarship eseo to study geology.
business administration.
Award, Paul Paddock Memo- Honors: Honor Roll, Script
Honors: MVP award and
undefeated award for tennis,
rial Scholarship, 2017 county
wrestling champion.
D, Varsity D, Band D.  

High school activities: Na-
three athletic D awards for
tennis and two for soccer,
High school activities: tional Honor Society, chamber 

National Honor Society, Tech singers, Pony Express, varsity Dansville Central
LCAA All-League award for
Wars, Pony Express, Honors swimming, Drama Club, RPO,
tennis, three Scholar-Athlete 
Academy, Archery Club, varsi- ACDA Easterns, band and
team awards for tennis and  
ty wrestling, cross country and chorus all-county, Senior High
two for soccer.
High school activities: Na-
baseball. Area All-State chorus.   
tional Honor Society, Honors Dylan H. Kozak Love,
Academy, varsity soccer and Nana and
tennis, marching band. Class rank: 11.
No information provided.
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 15


Brandon Mott, a senior at
Dansville High School, makes
some nal adjustments to his
robot before the Sumo Battle
Bot competition at Genesee
Community Colleges 10th
annual GLOW Region Tech
Wars competition in March.
There were 19 schools,
including Dansville, Geneseo
and York in the competition,
which challenges technology
students to apply what they
learn in the classroom to
a series of fun challenges.
Contests include a Robotic
Tractor Pull, Catapults and
SUMO Bots in the gymnasium,
the Regatta in the Aquatics
Center, and Bridge Designing
in the central Forum.
16 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017

Geneseo Central School

Class list
Zachary Anderson Morgan Davis Jessica Harris Alison Meyers Joshua Ruskauff Peter Vitello
Joshua DeBell Zoe Harvey Alex Miller Jack Ryan
John Baker Kyle Hochbrueckner Mitchell Walton
Rose Barnhart Diane Diaz Rivera Joseph Hopper Laura Navarro Gomez Alexa Salatel Sarah Watkins
Abigail Bean Steven Donnelly Garrison Hunt Morgan Sanchez Joshua Welch
Theresa Bennett Mateusz Olszamowski Belixa Santiago Diaz
Mary Brown Angelica Earley Lamb Lydia Johnson Jeremy Ornes-Diaz Douglas Schlenker Jacob Young
Alexander Buchbinder Briana Earley Lamb Jessica Serrano
Kyra Burgess Sean LaGrou Maria Palmer Emily Slade Joseph Zimmer
Timothy Ellis Brian Linton Thomas Pelino Joshua Smith
Jessie Chen Natalie Peraino Teerachet Sriwarasart
Raymond Chiulli Victoria Finn Spencer Malone Katrina Phillips Bailey Steinhauer Commencement
Jacob Clarke Teddy Fisher Molly Maloney Emily Podhorecki WHEN: 11 a.m. June 24.
Evan Cohen-Doty Erin Gambino Macy Marlowe Emma Post Josef Thorne WHERE: Wadsworth Audi-
Elizabeth Congdon Samarys Gomez Michael May Hunter Radesi Maxwell Todd torium on the campus
Noah Crane Thomas May Dustin Rider of SUNY Geneseo, 1
Paul Cripps Daryle Haigh Charlotte McLean Matthew Robinson Hunter VanBuskirk College Circle, Geneseo.
Farah Dar Kyle Hainsworth Chance Mendez Kyle Rollins Casey Vattimo
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 17

Class leaders
Valedictorian learned to nd
the positives in any situation
The Geneseo Central School Class of

2017 valedictorian is Jessica Harris.
The daughter of Erin and Craig Har- Stay humble and put others before yourself.
ris, she plans to attend Nazareth Col-
lege where she will study physical ther- It is amazing how rewarding it is to see the impact
apy and compete on the swim team. youve made on other people.

A member of the National Honor
Society, her activities while at Geneseo
Your success will follow.
include props crew for the Drama
Club, Earthwise Club, Interact, Inter- JESSICA HARRIS
scholastic Competition in English, and Her advice to freshman
Mathletics. She also found time to be
a tutor. Salvation Army bell-ringing, baking There are going to be highs and
A Blue Devil Scholar Athlete, this cookies and caroling at Morgan Es- lows, but the lows never outlast the
MVP award-winner was on the varsity tates, the Save the Wall effort, the hunt highs; something positive can be Jessica Harris
soccer, cross-country, swimming and races and Day of Caring. found in any situation, she says.
track teams. She was also a gymnast. Employed as a cashier and busgirl at
Academic honors include the Ex- Her parting advice to freshmen is
the Beachcomber restaurant on Cone-
cellence in Chemistry Award and the to stay humble and put others before
sus Lake, she keeps active by running
Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science and skiing. yourself.
Award. Jessica states the most important Its amazing how rewarding it is to
Active in the community, she has lesson she has learned during her high see the impact youve made on other
volunteered for the Walk for Autism school years is that perspective is ev- people, she says. Your success will
bake sale, Colon Walk, blood drives, erything. follow.

Enthusiasm and positive attitude are

essential for salutatorians success
Salutatorian Brian Linton plans to derson Scholarship.
study electrical engineering at Johns Off campus, he has volunteered to
Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., help coach youth soccer, assisted with
where he will also play baseball. the annual Memorial Day parade, and
The son of Adele and Mark Linton, assisted adults with developmental
his current goals include one day hav-
ing his own business, with the aspira- disabilities.
tion of making a positive impact on the After-school employment is lawn
world. care for his neighbors.
The president of the Class of 2017, His interests include exploring the
this National Honor Society member Thousand Islands, reading, and base-
served on the student council and was ball.
DOUG MCFARLAND/FOR THE LCN, FILE PHOTO involved in Brainstormers, Earthwise While a student at Geneseo, Brian
On the eld, Brian Linton, shown Club, and Mathletics competitions. says he has learned that enthusiasm
pitching in a game this season, helped He was a member of Geneseos
Geneseo to championships in baseball, and a positive attitude are essential for
championship varsity baseball, soccer,
soccer and basketball during his high and basketball teams. success.
school career. This season, he threw a Academic honors include being He also advises freshmen to work
no-hitter against Keshequa. named Notre Dame Club of Rochester hard throughout high school, but re-
Junior of the Year, a National Merit member to have fun and enjoy each Brian Linton
Scholar, and receiving the Harvey An- moment, because it goes by quickly.
18 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017

Top ten
Jessica Harris football (captain); golf; softball. Beachcomber restaurant;
Most important lesson Community service: summer recreation counselor.
Valedictorian learned in high school: Geneseo Fights for Autism Personal interests: sports,
Learn to nd balance; make (team captain); Red Cross juggling, Rubiks Cubes; card
time for as much as you can. blood drive; Salvation Army tricks.
Brian Linton Advice for freshmen: En- bell-ringer; Stollin for the Most important lesson
Salutatorian joy high school, because it Colon Walk; Catholic Charities learned in high school: Time
goes by faster than you think. dinner; Relay for Life; Ronald management is crucial, be-
Get involved in as many activ- McDonald House. ing able to gure out how
ities and different classes as After-school employment: much time you can budget
you are able. Estate sales and in my moms on schoolwork, a job, and free
shop. time is important.
Personal interests: Volley-
Matthew Robinson Advice for freshmen: Do
ball; jet skiing; water tubing. Class rank: 5 (tie). all you homework and keep up
Most important lesson Parents: Karen and Peter with your course load, but en-
learned in high school: To Robinson. joy your time in high school
always work hard, put in my Future plans: RIT to major make every second mean
best effort, and to never give in computer security and mi- something, because once its
up on something even if its nor in computer science . over youll never be able to get
difcult. Honors and awards: Tay- it back.
Advice for freshmen: Do lor Bliss Memorial Tourna-
your best in everything that ment All-Tournament soccer
you do and dont be con- team; Ted Bondi Sportsman-
Bailey Steinhauer
cerned with what others think ship Award .. Class rank: 5 (tie).
of you. Make the most of high Activities: Class of 2017 vice Parents: Bobbie and Aaron
Erin Gambino school because it goes by fast. president; National Honor So- Steinhauer.
ciety (vice president); Brain- Future plans: Study politi-
Class rank: 3. stormers . cal science at Ithaca College.

Parents: Denise Gambino Sports: Soccer, basketball, Honors and awards: Odys-
and Perry Gambino. Alison Meyers Enjoy your time in baseball. sey Ranatra Fusca Award; Su-
Future plans: State Univer- san B. Anthony and Frederick
sity at Binghamton to study Class rank: 4. high school make Community service: Youth
Parents: Julie and Robert basketball; Relay for Life; Douglass Award.
engineering. every second mean

Meyers. cookie baking for Morgan Es- Activities: National Honor
Honors and awards: Clark- tates; basketball camp; soccer Society; class ofcer; Drama
son Achievement Award; Future plans: Middlebury something.
College for pre-med with a mentor; senior citizen Bingo; Club; Odyssey of the Mind;
Chemistry Achievement
possible minor in French. MATTHEW ROBINSON, St. Marys Trash to Treasure Brainstormers; chorus; The
Award; an All-County Band Advice for freshmen sale.
and All-County Jazz Band mu- Honors and awards:
George Eastman Kodak Young After-school employment: See GENESEO T19
sician; New York State School
Music Association A+ solo Leaders; Ofce of the Attorney
Generals Triple C Award; Liv-
ingston County Teen Recogni-   
Activities: National Honor  '%%(!$()'&$

Society; band; marching band; tion; Chemistry Achievement
Award; New York Senate Out- '+&*.+*!,&('+(
jazz band; Earthwise Club; In-
standing Teen; Rotary Service
teract; Mathletics.  !&*(*

Community service: Tutor- Above Self Award.
Activities: National Honor !,'&!

ing; Salvation Army bell-ring- !&  

er; library bookmobile; Relay Society; band; marching band
(drum majorette); chorus; !(*   
for Life; senior citizen break- .  
fast; cookie baking for Morgan Earthwise Club; Interact,
Mathletics. %!$#(&$'#-''"%))+$$!,& &/'%
Personal interests: Travel; Sports: Varsity volleyball 

Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 19

Society; Foreign Language Future plans: SUNY Poly-
Geneseo Club; yearbook editor.
Sports: Basketball.
technic to study mechanical
engineering .
Create good study
From T18 Community service: 4-H; Honors and awards: RIT habits ... they are
Cops for Kids; Shine the Light Creativity and Innovation invaluable for

on Cancer. Award.
After-school employment: Activities: National Honor years to come.
Dunkin Donuts. Society; Earthwise.
Personal interests: Read- Sports: Soccer; track.
ing; hiking; camping. Community service: KYRA BURGESS,
Advice for freshmen
Most important lesson Helped with several Eagle
learned in high school: Re- Scout projects.
alize that teachers show and After-school employment:
teach you more than what is Beachcomber (summers);
inside the textbooks. Swain Resort (winter).
Advice for freshmen: Personal interests: Wood- Farah Dar
Create good study habits in working; building projects.
middle school and early high
school; they are invaluable for
Most important lesson
learned in high school: More
Community service: Food-
link; Mawlid event; Interna- 
the years to come. important than doing the tional Food Fair; Scrabble
homework is learning from tournament; Family Fun
Bailey Steinhauer the homework. Night; SUN Association; Ra-
Advice for freshmen: madan food server; 5K volun-
Pitchforks. Dont stress over the little teer; Sunday school teacher.
Sports: Swimming; volley- things; high school is over After-school employment:
ball. fast. Dar Medical Associates.
Community service: vol- Personal interests: Toast-
unteer coach Odyssey of the masters; ukulele; drawing;
Farah Dar reading.
After-school employment: Class rank: 9. Most important lesson
Maurices. Parents: Estela Bautista learned in high school: Fail-
and Dr. Qutubuddin Dar. ure does not equate to incom-   

Personal interests: The Of-
Future plans: Finish un- petence, seeking extra help
ce; travel.
Most important lesson dergrad studies as fast as pos- is not a sign of weakness, and   

learned in high school: Dont sible and then go on to medi- surround yourself with sup- 

sweat the small stuff. cal school. portive people.
Honors and awards: First Advice for freshmen: Do Geneseo
Advice for freshmen: Get
involved with as much as you prize at Livingston County Art your homework, put in a con-
Kyle Hochbrueckner Show. sistent effort. Be serious but     
Class rank: 8. Activities: National Honor not too serious. Be kind to all
Society; Mathletics; Pag- of your teachers. Love,
Parents: Nicole and George Mom & Dad
Hochbrueckner . eTurners; Philosophy Club.


Attorney at Law Attorney at Law

10 University, P.O. Box 446

Geneseo, New York 14454
Tel: 585.243.9330 Fax: 585.243.9335
Residential - Commercial - Farms Darcy Dewar Lynch Licensed Associate
138 Court Street
Court Street Complex Real Estate Broker
Geneseo, NY 14454
CANNON & VAN ALLEN, LLP Phone: 585-243-2643
INJURY AUTO ACCIDENT CRIMINAL DEFENSE Fax: 585-243-1838 Cell 585-329-7736

Kyra Burgess
Class rank: 7.
Parents: Kimberly and
Matthew Burgess.
Future plans: Major in
Spanish at St. Bonaventure
Honors and awards: Ad- 138 Court Street
vanced Placement Scholar; Court Street Complex Alan & Patricia Cole
Livingston County Teen Geneseo, NY 14454
Broker & Associate Broker
Recognition; New York State Phone: 585-243-2643
Alan Ext. 100 Pat Ext. 101
Scholar Athlete. Email:
Activities: National Honor Residential - Commercial - Farms Pats Cell: 585-315-6617
20 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017


Geneseo Central School
students had many roles
From T19 during Geneseos annual
Memorial Day
observances on May 29.

The High School

Marching Band, left,
performed several times
during the parade.
Student musicians Paul
Allen and Alex Kruger
played Taps and the
band played the
national anthem.

Noah Crane Student Council Presi-

Class rank: 10. dent Theresa Bennett,
Parents: Gretchen and Jef- a senior, continued the
fery Crane. tradition of having the
Future plans: College of
Wooster to major in psychol- council president deliver
ogy in hopes of earning a Ph.D. BEN BEAGLE/LIVINGSTON COUNTY NEWS a reading of the
Honors and awards: Gettysburg Address, far
Clarkson Leadership Award; left.
All-County Band; Odyssey of
the Mind World Champion
team; a member of four sec- Another senior, Morgan
tional champion teams. Sanchez, left, is shown
Activities: National Honor
Society; Drama Club; Odyssey warming up (with a
of the Mind; band; jazz band; bandmates hat on her
chorus. own hat) after the
Sports: Swimming; soccer;
cross-country; track and eld .
mornings rain stopped
Community service: Youth just before the start
deacon at Central Presbyte- of the parade.
bellringer; Running with the
Devils fundraiser.
After-school employment:
A.B. Cole Real Estate Inc. Giving back to
Lifeguard; lawn mowing; those that
Personal interests: Sing-
answer the call.
ing; acting; bicycling; driving;
Most important lesson
Geneseo Central School
learned in high school: If
Student Council President
theres something that you
Theresa Bennett, a senior,
want, dont let anything stop
reads the Gettysburg
you from achieving it.
Address during Memorial
Advice for freshmen: Be
Day ceremonies at the
there for each other and
Veterans Memorial Honor
always show class and be re- Roll in the Village Park.
spectful of others.

If theres something that you want, dont let

anything stop you from achieving it.

Pattie Cavanaugh
Licensed Real Estate Agent
(862) 268-5359
138 Court Street
Court Street Complex
Geneseo, NY 14454
NOAH CRANE Phone: 585-243-2643 ext 102 Alan S. Cole
Most important lesson learned in high school Fax: 585-243-1838 Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Cell 750-3320
Residential - Commercial - Farms
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 21

Geneseo softball wins first sectional crown


Geneseos Emily Podhorecki scrambles back to rst as Yorks
Mikayla Juohnson (18) tries to apply the tag during a late-season
game won by Geneseo. Podhorecki, a Geneseo senior, had
the distinction this season of being the Livingston Conference
Athletic Associations lone athlete to win a sectional title in all
three of her sports this season. Podhorecki was part of Geneseos
girls soccer title, softball title and also won an individual title as a
member of the ski team.

Members of the Geneseo softball team pose with their patches and championship trophy after the
team claimed the schools rst sectional softball title with a 1-0 victory over Gananda.
The Geneseo girls
softball team did something
this season that had not
been done before: won a
sectional championship. 4310 Lakeville Rd.
The fourth-seeded Blue Geneseo
Devils (15-5) outlasted
third-ranked Gananda for a
1-0 victory in the Class C1
title game.
Sophomore Jessica
Ruskauff struck out 12 in
the pitchers duel against
Division I-bound Bri Walker.
Ruskauff also hit a go-
ahead inside-the-park
It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless
DOUG MACFARLAND/FOR THE LCN, FILE PHOTO home run in the fourth you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived
Geneseo senior Casey Vattimo drives in a run during the teams inning. at all - in which case, you fail by default. ~ J.K. Rowling
march to its rst sectional softball title this spring.

Weve stayed loose

and just had fun these
Rector -Hicks
last few games.

Geneseo softball coach, on the A N D R EW K. LO N G, 6 C H A P E L ST., P O BOX 69
Blue Devils sectional success C P C U, A R M MT. M O R R I S, NY 14510-0069 Frank T. Hicks F. Scott Hicks Derek S. Hicks
C L U, ChF C P H O N E: (585) 658-3342
FA X: (585) 658-2097
22 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017

Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School

Class list
Avery Caroline Adams Trevor Paul Borrosch Matthew Douglas Crane Conor Rowan Faurot-Pigeon
Gabriel Cooper Adams Jacob Carlton Briggs Anthony Joseph Crego Samantha Victoria Fedele
Brian Spencer Alexander Phoenix George Brown Maxon Moenck Feige
Courtney Elena Alexander Allyson Joan Brunell Nickolas Patrick Dale Clayton Lane Firster
Caroline Lindsay Allison Mikaela Grace Burke Eric Richard Davis Bryan Christopher Fletcher
Lyndsey Joy Allison Tyler Alexander Bushnell Max Christopher Davis
Christopher Matthew Andrus Connor Alexander DeBadts Anna Grace Garcia
Melissa Renee Antalek Katherine Elizabeth Cadregari Rhiannon Ashley DeMilio Gavin Joseph Germonto
Cameron Thomas Antonelli Mattison Elizabeth Cannan Cory Phillip DioGuardi Emma Elizabeth Gilbert
Michael Stephen Augustine Alexis Jordyn Carlin Kaitlyn Marie Dobbertin Peter Grant Gilbert
Thomas John Carter Raina Mae Doerrer Conan William Gillis
Francis Howard Bacon Katelyn Paige Cavalier Bryan Timothy Donahue Nicholas Joseph Gilmore
Lydia Shea Barber James William Chaffer Amber Elizabeth Doskos Brianne Madeline Giuffrida
Ryan Michael Barski Brittany Ann Chamberlain Timothy Ripton Douglas Jared Charles Gooding
Brady Gene Bartoo Nicole Marie Charland Charles Harrison Dudley Lucas Royce Goodwin
Emily Nicole Baum Zachary Thomas Church Maya Grace Dunne Makenna Marie Graney
Erin Katherine Beikirch David James Ciavarri II Jillian Taylor Duprey-Schommer Matthew Chasden Grifth
Daniel Howard Bergeron Alyssa Mary Coates Ashley Marie Guerra
Benjamin Bernstein Corinne Lynn Conlon Greta Ruth Eby
Timothy S. Bilodeau Nathan John Conti
Olivia Lindsley Blieden Carson Andrew Correll Haley Elizabeth Faber
Sarah June Bond Aryanne Andie Costanza Kathleen Margaret Farnam See CLASS T23
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 23

Class Valedictorian
From T22 embraces
Emma Louise Hagreen opportunities
Victor James Halfmann
Amelia Rose Hedlund Sarah Bond is an industri-
Abigail Grace Hoare ous, compassionate young
Benjamin Michael Holmes woman. Intelligent and giving,
Brian Andrew Martin Hook- she makes wise decisions that
stra inuence her scholastic stand-
Raylee May Huff ing, community engagement
Hannah Elizabeth Hullihen and peer relations.
Joseph Robert Hurley She appreciates the inter-
connectedness of our world
Benjamin Briggs Irvine and embraces opportunities
to study topics that interest
Harrison Jeffrey James her and engage in activities
Thomas Stephen James that will support others or cre-
Ariane Claire Harwood Jo- ate positive change.
nascu Academically, Sarah follows
Victoria Ann Jones a competitive college pre-
paratory program lled with
Maxwell Spencer Kammer- honors and Advanced Place-
meier ment coursework. Biology
Harrison Gabriel Kane Seniors at Honeoye Falls-Lima High School show their school spirit. and Spanish are two academic
Kryslin Amanda Kane passions; these subjects allow
Ryan Anthony Kane Charles Jonathan Pluta Kiera Mary Smith Victoria Viola Wangler her to analyze relationships
James Frank Keitz Thomas Joseph Polasek Lucas James Smith Makenzie Rene Ward from the molecular to small
Ian Patrick Kostyo Ryan Thomas Potter Shannon Margaret Smith Justis Denard Watts systems to global levels.
Owen Timothy Krauss Alexander Joseph Proctor Tyler James Stahl Noah Michael Wheeler She is an AP Scholar, Na-
Craig Krebbeks Madison Taylor Sullivan Catlin Elizabeth Wheelock tional Merit Commended stu-
Gillian Marie Kurtic Troy Henry Redmond Natalie Jean Wick dent and the recipient of the
Tigh Carter Regan Molly Lynne Taylor American Chemical Society
Maximillian John Wilkinson
Carlos David Laboy Collin Wagner Reifsteck Kiara Lynn Teed Achievement award.
Jenna Lorraine Willey
Shane Thomas LaLonde Jon Daniel Reifsteck Sophia Grace Tillman
Tyler Joseph LaLonde Laura Grace Williams See SARAH T24
Lauren Miriam Rodriguez Bernard Charles Tomasze-
Alyssa Lynn Lewis Saroeun Jonathan Roeun, wski Eric Robert Williamson
Amy Li Jr. Claire Rose Torregiano Alexis Marie Young
Liam Coleman Lyle Hunter Elijah Lang Roles Rachel Patricia Torregiano Bethany Alexandra Young
Madeline Margaret Rose Megan Elizabeth Tvrdik
Loren Norine Manchester Emma Helene Rowe Ryan Albert Zimmer
Emma Marie Mays Tristan Edward Ulrop
Ethan McBride Soa Rose Sackett Sydney Alexandra Uthe
Cameron Lee McCarthy Sage Lynn Sanford
Madison Neal McClelland Jakob Thomas Savard Maria Sasario Villanti Commencement
Rose Marie Mead Edward John Schauber Dylan Patrick Vogt WHEN: 7 p.m. June 25.
Madison Anne Meehan Travis Michael Scroger Richard Joshua Volk-
Andrew Kent Michaud Abbey Elizabeth Searing man-Lien WHERE: Gordon Field House
Gentrit Miftari James Stephen Segar at Rochester Institute of
Lia Marie Movalli Technology, 1 Lomb Memorial
Gabrielle Kayla Silverstein Zoey Marie Waldrop Drive, Rochester.
Caitlin Shea Muir Cooper James Simpson Bradley Paul Walker
Margaux Zane Murray Connor Thomas Sinopoli Gretchen Ann Wambach
Megan Nell Slymon Bridget Murphy Wangler
Riley Grace Nally Haley Rhea Smith Gabrielle Marie Wangler Sarah Bond
Kelsey Anne Natale


Rene Tilly-Lyness
Shane Nichols OGrady Paul F. Tilly
Elise Marie Olivo Julie A. Harcleroad
Reese Alessandro Orsini MaryRuth Rowe
Dilan James Ozkaynak Mandy LaVair

Kieran Nicholas Papalia

Seth Michael Patterson
Abagail Catherine Paulson THE PAUL F. TILLY AGENCY LLC
1895 Rochester St., Lima, NY 14485 (585) 582-1660
Amanda Marie Pazyck 49 Park Place, Avon, NY 14414 (585) 226-2021
Maddison Rose Pitt
24 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017

Sarah Salutatorian savors roles helping school, community

From T23 Amy Li, the salutatorian of Honeoye continued to improve, excel, and per-
Falls-Lima High Schools Class of 2017, fect; she looks beyond. Her numerous
Extracurricularly, Sarah en- makes extraordinary look ordinary. talents in and out of the classroom are
gages in sport and community With her curiosity and voracious ap- ensconced in condence, humility, gen-
programs. An avid runner, petite for learning, Amy has consistently erosity, and graciousness.
cross country and track teams challenged herself with our most rigor- Among school organizations that
claim her a member. These ous college preparatory curriculum. She have beneted from Amys participation
sports award her accolades is focused in each of her classes, partici- are Executive Student Council, Big/Little
of Scholar Athlete, sectional pates in discussions, and willingly helps Cougar Mentoring Program, Link Crew,
participant and honorable her classmates when asked. Friends of Strong, Interact and News-
mention All County XC team. Her biggest challenge in high school paper Club. Consequently, the entire
She gives back to the sport by has been learning how to balance her HF-L school and community have been
volunteering for timing and time between academics, music, ath- enhanced from her dedication. Seeing
other eld related support at letics, and community service; her time a need to share music with our senior
middle school track events. management skills are phenomenal. community members, Amy initiated a
A member of Rotary Inter- Exemplifying the qualities of scholar- Music Outreach Club which brings the
act, each year she staffs the ship, leadership, service, and character, Amy Li gift of music to our area senior living
elementary Halloween party Amy was inducted into National Honor communities.
and Santa breakfast. She is a Society and Spanish National Honor So- school since seventh grade when she Amy Lis footprint on the HF-L com-
mentor in programs such as ciety her junior year. An outstanding role auditioned for and was selected to play munity is well dened. Her potential
Cougar Big (elementary stu- model and mentor to her classmates and in HF-Ls highly competitive Jazz Band. has no boundaries. As she embarks on
dent big sister), Math Mentors teammates, she is highly respected and That same year she was welcomed onto her university studies, she will immerse
and LINK Crew (mentor to 9th admired by her classmates, teammates, its varsity swim team where she holds herself in her academics and research
grade students). and teachers. the school record in the 100m buttery. and embrace a variety of extracurricular
Last summer Sarah partic- Amy has had a presence in the high Throughout high school, Amy has activities.
ipated in a leadership insti-
tute on neuroscience. This
exposed her to scientic ideas
and people that promoted
her questioning and thinking
Ask me about
about health issues and so- the 100% Money
cial need. This opportunity Back Guarantee!
inspired her to dream big and
then act on her dreams. HEATHER BURGIO THOMAS (TOM) JAMIESON
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, REALTOR Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, REALTOR
She will attend Duke Uni-
9 West Main Street Honeoye Falls, NY 14472 9 West Main Street Honeoye Falls, NY 14472
versity in the fall where she Cell: 585.315.8349 Office: (585) 582-8419
looks forward to participating Office: 585.582.8429 |Fax: 585.624.3458 Cell: 585.764.2305 |Fax: 585.624.3458
in research and travel oppor-

Ask me about
the 100% Money
Back Guarantee!

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, REALTOR
9 West Main Street Honeoye Falls, NY 14472
Cell: 585.750.2783
Office: 585.582.8420 |Fax: 585.624.3458



 Cynthia (Cindy Whiting) French
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, REALTOR Lic. RE Salesperson, REALTOR, GRI, CRS, Residential Specialist

9 West Main Street Honeoye Falls, NY 14472 9 West Main Street Honeoye Falls, NY 14472
Cell: 585.615.7123 Cell: 585.704.9932
Office: (585) 582-8413 Fax (585) 624-3458 Office: 585.582.8415 Fax: 585.624.3458 Email: Website:
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 25

Genesee Valley Educational Partnership

The Genesee Valley Cedrone, Iesha Cole, na Holderer, Samantha
Educational Partnership Madelyn DelGrand, Bri- King, Sean LaGrou,
honored the achieve- ana Earley Lamb, Ruth Emily Levee, Blair Mas-
ments of Career and Elderkin, KattiAnne Fol- tin, Brock Nahalka,
Technical students at- well, Ashley Garrison, Courtney Page, McK-
tending the Mount Mor- Lydia Hadeld, Alysha enzie Perkins, Taylor
ris Career and Technical Jones, Julia Kinney, Quackenbush, Sydney
Education Center at the Amanda Maglio, Naomi Rider, Sakina Tasaddaq,
senior awards program Nuttall, Sarah OBrien, Raymond Tolner, Emily
on June 7 at Livonia High Melana Orbaker, Belixa Wade, Brittaney Wag-
School. Santiago Diaz, Jazmine ner, Cora Young, Joseph
Schillaci, Danielle Slo- Zimmer.
Member of National cum, Olivia Sulli, Emma
Technical Honor Soci- Swyers, Michelle Taylor, Health Dimensions
ety Alivia Watt.
Jordon Allen, McKen-
Agricultural Criminal Justice zy Bennett, Jenna Bent-
ley, Jazmine Brewer,
Production Hadassah Adams, Elizabeth Corbin, Brock
Richard Barnhardt, Matthew Ayers, Zachary Cuddeback, Allison Del-
Melissa Bill, Brandon Barnard, Alana Blake- aney, Alexandria Den-
Brice, Emma Coniglio, more, Mary Brown, nie, Jaylynne Hitt, Alexis
Brandon DeGraff, An- Richard Bush, Alexiss Russell, Austin Swain.
thony Drake, Phillip Casper, Chance Dan-
Dukelow, Alan Dwyer, iels, Samarys Gomez,
Angelica Earley Lamb, Justin Grimmelt, Kali
Human Services
Cristie East, Morgan Herkimer, Nathan Herr, Cherokee Barnhart,
Hauslauer, Mickenzie Kevin Hinckley, Bran- Christine Brede, Hailey
Holbrook, Abigail Kuhn, don Hogle, Joel Hulme, Brown, Danielle Dugo,
Troy Latimer, Katie-Ann Courtney Lockridge, Danielle Fronk, Marissa
Mastin, Carigan Miceli, Garrett Mark, Robert Grayson, Emily Harter,
Chase Morrison, Hunter Moodie, Jesse Otis, Courtney Irwin, Erin
Morrison, Emily Parish, DeAnna Pretko, Abigail Kornow, Heather Law-
Kristen Peck, Triston Smith, Tanya Virgilio. rence, Amber Malone,
Pragle, Natasha Prefon- Faith Smeatin, Chero-
taine, Elizabeth Smyder, Auto Trades Maxwell Emerson, Gregory Hyland, Fox kee Summers.
Matthew Swede, John Kevin Garcia Berrios, Landschoot, Gary Losey, Culinary Arts
Automotive Technol- Raymond Garland, Evan Tanner McVaugh, Owen
Woods. ogy: Alexander Blowers, Michael Booth, An- Metal Trades
Hennig, Justin LaDuke, Miller, Jeremy Ornes-Di- drew Carne, Joseph
Francis Casper, Gabriel Christian Lopez Torres, az, Douglas Schlenker, Copeland, Tyler Del- Adam Benkleman,
Animal Science Chappell, Justin Daven- Collin Matteson, Chris- Bryce Smith, Michael Monica, Teddy Fisher, Parker Bissonnette,
port, Liam Davie, Cale topher Mattice, Patric Uveino, Christian
Colbie Alexander, Jen- Flint, Jacob Francis, Hannah Haskins, Da- Raymond Bliss, Hunter
na Bartholomew, Alorah Mehlenbacher, Michael Wesner. koda Henhawk, Skiylur Bressler, Matthew Cice-
Mary Link, James Lock- Mitrano, Jacquelynn
Bishop, Patricia Breen, ridge, Joshua Mruzik. Hoffman, Christian ro, Jason Conrad, Bailey
Tiffany Buchanan, Sa- Nickels, Jesse Pragle, Conservation Knudsen, Charles Mar- Cronotti, Jacob Hamsh-
vannah Chilson, Conner Edwi Rojo-Altamirano, tin, Charlotte McLean, er, Kevin Holley, Mat-
Collision, Custom Christopher Schumach- DAndre Cramer, Dal-
Cox, Haylee Dobson, and Restoration: Dako- Maria Palmer, Jonathan thew Hoyt, Blake Infanti-
Tyler Heiman, Eliza- er, William Spuck, Jona- ton Cupicha, Anthony Pellicano, Erica Sem- no, Kyle Jacobs, Andrew
ta Barnhardt, Morgan than Stremovihtg, Justin Dietz, Kody Everman,
beth LaPoma, Jeremy Booth, Clayton Evans, mel, Thomas Shaw, Mountzouros, Patrick
Lawrence, Rachael Mc- Suzanne, Trevor Taft, Michael Haskins, Na- Stephanie Shultz, Chel- ONeal, Celine Roberts,
DeWitt McDowell, Dom- Kenneth Van DeWeert, than Horn, Dillen Ken-
Dowell, Julionna McIn- inic Perkins, Emmalou- sea Terziani, Jaylynn Van Austin Roggow, James
tosh, Timothy Murphy, Jacob VanDewalker, Jer- nedy, Devon McCready, Wuyckhuyse, Madison Ross, Spencer Schicker,
ise Pitts, Joseph Rast, emiah Vogt, Nathaniel Anna Montgomery,
Shannon Norton, Jenna Richard Rochester, Jacob Wiedrick, Jason Yencer. Korey Seewaldt, Micah
Parsons, Shannon Rob- Wilmet, Dakota Wright, Tyler Rapp, Christian Simonds, Isaac Stod-
Stewart, Joshua Stitt. Colby Zambito, Tyler Rudney, Nathaniel
erts, Lana Robles, Josey dard, Simon Stoddard,
Roldan, Abigail Skelly, Ziegenfuss. Sherman, Lucas Totten, Merritt Wheeler, Frank
Jennifer Stotz, Katelyn Building Trades Hunter Wester, Jewelis- Health Careers Williams, Matthew Win-
sa Wheeler. Academy
Stowell, Alec Yannello. Samuel Arriaga, Clay- Computer spear, Collin Young.
ton Bowman, Quintin Information Systems Cosmetology Emily Burke, Madison
Bronecki, Jacob Bru- Butler, Cassidy Cook,
nette, Tyler Caton, Aus- Cory Ayers, Daniel Serena Bailey, Eliz- Kayla Curtin, Kendall
tin Chavis, Peter Dykas, Davis, Harley Guck, abeth Boyle, Carol Ellis, Jesse Gunn, Brian-
26 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017

Keshequa Central School

WHEN: 11 a.m. June 24.
WHERE: Keshequa High School
gymnasium, 13 Mill St., Nunda.

Class list
Cassidy R. Alloco Joseph R.Copeland Mikayla A. Herman Chase P. Morrison
Sydney E. Crittenden Shelby R. Hierl Hunter A. Morrison Carly A. Tallman
Corey J. Barber Brandon D. Curry Lacey K. Hillier Chelsea M. Terziani
Jenna C. Bartholomew Sarah A. OBrien Joseph M. Thompson
Abigail G. Belford Colton H. Davis Vincent P. Iglesias-Cardi- Sylvia K. Thompson
Alycea M. Bennett Allison R. Delaney nale
McKenzy L. Bennett Anthony C. Dietz Jenna Y. Parsons Michael J. Uveino
Jenna L. Bentley Alan R. Dwyer Jordan R. Kapelke Ashley M. Parthemer
Cameryn S. Bugman Lily B. Kiser Alivia C. Watt
Tanner T. Bugman Kallah M. Eddy Kyrstin T. Rawleigh Christian J. Wesner
William S. Elliott Garrett E. Lucas Josey J. Roldan Collyn L. White
Paul A. Calcote Madison J. Ewing Heather D. White
Gabrielle M. Cartwright Connor J. Mann Laurel T. Seiwell Nicholas R. Wood
Alexiss J. Casper Thomas T. Farnsworth Connor D. McEvoy Hayley N. Smith
Francis J. Casper Tanner L. McVaugh Lelia J. Spencer Jeremy J. Young
Tyler J. Caton Allison P. Mejia Alberto Austin D. Strobel
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 27

Class leaders Top scholars

Valedictorian In addition to valedictorian
Madison Ewing and salutato-
rian Colton Davis, Keshequa
Central School also recognizes
was lunch because she is al-
ways hungry.
Her favorite teacher was
Mrs. Pero because she made

is committed Top Scholars, seniors that

have earned a total cumula-
tive average of 90 or better at
the conclusion of their high
class fun and easy to get help.
McKenzy is receiving the
Bobbi Jo Brown Memorial
Award, and a Perfect Atten-

to leadership school careers. This years Top

Scholars are:
dance Award.
Cameryn Bugman
Cameryn Bugman plans to
Madison Ewing, valedic- attend Nazareth College for
torian for Keshequa Central biomedical sciences.
Schools Class of 2017, had Cameryn participated in
demonstrated her commit- McKenzy Bennett soccer, basketball, track and
ment to leadership by exam- eld, Student Council, Na-
McKenzy Bennett plans
ple and through her investi- tional Honor Society and was
to attend Genesee Commu-
ment in her communities. a class ofcer.
nity College for nursing. She
Madison accumulated 88 Cameryns favorite class
participated in basketball,
hours for community service was cell biology because sci-
National Honor Society and
through her high school ca- ence has always interested
National Technical Honor
reer. her, especially when it in-
She has participated in
McKenzys favorite class
Rotary Interact Club and Na- See KESHEQUA T28
tional Honor Society where
she demonstrated leadership
by serving as club ofcers.
Madison Ewing
Madison represented Kes- Abigail Belford plans to
hequa on the elds of play in the material. attend St. John Fisher College
soccer, basketball, and track Madison will receive for pharmaceutical chemistry.
and eld where she served as the Nunda Rotary Interact She participated in volleyball,
captain and was honored as Scholarship, the NYS Ofce skiing, softball and the Na-
a league all-star. of the State Comptroller tional Honor Society. Abigails
She will continue her Award, the National Honor favorite class was chemistry 12 N. State St., PO Box 518, Nunda
athletics by competing in because it was interesting and
Society Most Outstanding Hours: Mon.-Fri.: 9 am-6 pm Sat.: 9 am-1 pm
track and eld at the NCAA she enjoyed it.
Senior Member Award, the Her favorite teacher was (585) 468-2416 Jeremiah Axtell
Division II level for Daemen
College, where she will study KCTA Most Outstanding Se- Heather Pero because she (585) 468-5705 fax Pharmacist
physical therapy. nior Science Student Award, keeps class interesting while
Madisons favorite class the GCC Advanced Studies you still understand what
was human physiology. Her Outstanding Scholar Award youre learning. Congratulations Grads!
favorite teacher was Heather for ELA, the NYS Scholarship Abigail is receiving the
Pero, a science teacher, be- for Academic Excellence, Ormond Scism Memorial Sci-
cause of how interesting and
understandable she made
and the Senior Athlete of the
Year Award.
ence Award.
Salutatorian to study pre-med 4 Fourth State Street
Nunda, NY 14517
Salutatorian Colton Davis Colton represented Kes- 585-468-2721
is planning on attending the hequa on both the baseball
University of Pittsburg-Brad- team and wrestling team
ford and then continuing on where he served as captain for
to a Lake Erie College of Os- both and was an all-star for
teopathic Medicine pre-med
both sports.
Coltons favorite class was
Wilcox Chiropractic
Colton demonstrated his cell biology because of the
leadership and service to his interesting and challenging Dr. Donald R. Wilcox
community and school by nature of the course. Colton Davis Chiropractic Practice
being a class ofcer, an active Colton is receiving The Jack
member and ofcer for both Holmes Scholarship Award, Award, the Tompkins Agency 585.468.3440
National Honor Society and The Baldwin Family Award, Award, the NYS Scholarship
Student Council, and served The Katelyn Brewer Memorial for Academic Excellence, the
as an ex ofcio student mem- Award, the Gary Ayers Me- Kathy Ritter Memorial Award, 18 South State St.
ber of the Keshequa Board of morial Scholarship, the Kelli and the Coach MacVean Nunda, New York 14517
Education. Graves Memorial Scholarship Sportsmanship Award.
28 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017

From T27

Paul Calcote
Paul Calcote plans to at-
tend the Rochester Institute
of Technology for video game
development and design and
then join the military. Brandon Curry Kallah Eddy William Elliott
Paul participated in wres-
tling and track. Brandon Curry plans on
working in the construction chemistry because she enjoys and eld, Chess Club, Roches-
Cameryn Bugman His favorite class was science. Her favorite teacher ter Philharmonic Orchestra,
Chemistry because it was in- eld.
He participated in baseball. were all of them. Pops Choir and is an Eagle
volves the human body. Her teresting. His favorite teacher
His favorite class was physical Kallah is receiving the Kes- Scout in the Boy Scouts of
favorite teachers were English was Heather Pero because she
education because he likes to hequa Alumni Scholarship, America.
teacher Karen Bugman and made class memorable.
play different sports. the State of New York: Triple C Williams favorite class was
Mrs. Pero because they always Paul is receiving the Leo
His favorite teacher was Mr. Award from the Attorney Gen- chemistry because it made
give 110 percent effort to the and Lettie Powell Memorial
Weaver because he always had eral, and the Keshequa Central a difference in the way he
students and always make Award.
fun in his class. School Teachers Association thought about the world and
sure that students understand
Outstanding Senior Student what he wanted to do with his
before moving on. Cameryn
Award for Social Studies. life. His favorite teacher was
wishes to thank all the teach-
Heather Pero because she had
ers for their help in everything
William Elliott a good sense of humor during
throughout the years.
science lab and always an-
Cameryn is receiving the William Elliott plans to im- swered his extra questions.
Lynn Barber Memorial Award, mediately begin mission work William would like to say
the Dr. and Mrs. Wilcox Health for the Church of Jesus Christ thanks to his teachers for an
Care Profession Scholarship, of Latter Day Saints. amazing school life.
the Genesee Community William participated in
College Genesee Advanced baseball, cross country, track See KESHEQUA T45
Studies Outstanding Scholar
Award for English, the Fran-
cis Pete DiAngelo Athletic
Scholarship Award and a Kes-
hequa Scholar Athlete Award. Gabrielle Cartwright
Gabrielle plans to attend
SUNY Fredonia for marketing.
She participated in Drama Allison Delaney
Club, Spanish Club and Na- Allison Sweebey plans to at-
tional Honor Society. tend college for nursing while
Gabrielles favorite class working. Her favorite class was
was Algebra 2/Trigonometry Health Dimensions because it
because she liked the subject helped her get an idea of what
and she understood the con- the medical eld will be like.
tent. Her favorite teacher was Her favorite teacher was
Mr. Carney because he was al- Mrs. Green because she was
ways passionate about his job
and put so much effort into
always supportive and put
time and effort into her stu-
Congrats Sarah &
Tanner Bugman
nding the most entertaining
and fun ways for his students
dents, academically and emo-
2017 Keshequa Seniors
to learn the material. Allison wishes to thank her
Tanner Bugman plans to Gabrielle wishes to thank mom and Jim for always sup-
work in the construction eld. her family, friends, teachers porting her and helping her
Tanner participated in soc- and drama club directors for
cer, and is an avid hunter and helping her along the way.
through some of her hardest Septic & Portable Toilets
times. Restroom Trailer
skier. Gabrielle is receiving the
Tanners favorite class was M. Alice Doyle Award, the
Wood Tech in 9th grade be- Nunda Rotary Club Scholar- Kallah Eddy
cause it gave him a chance to ship, the Keshequa Central Kallah plans to attend SUNY
work with his hands. School Teachers Association Geneseo for physics.
His favorite teachers were Outstanding Senior Student Kallah participated in
Abijah Gath, a science teach- Award for Math and Foreign National Honor Society and
er, and Kevin Raymond, an art Language, and NYS Academic Band.
teacher. Excellence Award. Kallahs favorite class was
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 29

Lima Christian School

WHEN: Was June 17.
WHERE: Elim Gospel church, 1679
Dalton Rd., Lima.

Class list
Nathaniel Arnold
Valedictorian eyes return to Ukraine
Lima Christian School Class nology. She is also considering
of 2017 Valedictorian Jessica veterinary studies.
Gerald Brushafer Tillapaugh is the daughter of She plays soccer, basketball
Sarina Campione David and Michelle Tillapa- and softball at Lima Christian
Amanda Case ugh, who reside in Henrietta. School.
Natalie Domina Jessica will attend Monroe She has traveled to Ukraine
Seth Duclos Community College in the fall, for missions work and hopes
Madison Kearney before transferring to a four to return to that country
Andrew Kristan year college to study biotech- someday.
Anthony LaBarca
Michael Lepkowski Jerry Brushafer Jessica Tillapaugh
Li Harry Ma Salutatorian started Sunshine sports Rene Tilly-Lyness
Paul F. Tilly
Paul Morgan Lima Christian School Class He is a two-time sectional Julie A. Harcleroad
David Myles of 2017 Salutatorian is Jerry swimming champion, com- MaryRuth Rowe
Alexander Parker Mandy LaVair
Brushafer, the son of Robert peting as a team of one and
Antonio Sek and Jennifer Brushafer of training with the Dansville
Jessica Tillapaugh
Dansville. Swim Team.
Grace Turner
Kenneth VanDeWeert Jerry will attend the Roch- He founded Sunshine THE PAUL F. TILLY AGENCY LLC
Colin Welch ester Institute of Technology Swimming and Softball for 1895 Rochester St., Lima, NY 14485 (585) 582-1660
49 Park Place, Avon, NY 14414 (585) 226-2021
Jinwie Will Zhang in the fall to study industrial disabled children in Living-
Yize Chris Zhang engineering. ston County.
30 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017


Livonia Central School WHEN: 11 a.m. June 24.

WHERE: Livonia High School
auditorium, 40 Spring St., Livonia.

Class list
Matthew Faulkenber- Angela Kaminsky William McDevitt Bailey Simpson
ry Megan Kime Erin McGinnis Daniel Simpson
Sarah Fellows Julia Kinney Gage McManus Nicholas Simpson
Adam Abrey Morgan Cendoma Carinthiens Linday Kolodziejski Brody Metcalf Trevor Simpson
Felton-Lewis Claudia Kowal Kristin Metzger Rebecca Slack
Megan Allison Kaylee Chandler
Johnna Finster Brandon Krause Sarah Mohnkern Faith Smeatin
Paige Anstey Matthew Cicero
Kyra Flynn William Kurtz Robert Moodie John Smith
Nicholas Cisco
Nora Foster Mckenna Myers Riley Smith
Emily Barnard Dustin Conine
Matthew Freeman Justin LaDuke
Samantha Bellevia Alexander Conti Brooke French Cody Lambert Shannon Norton
Savannah Berry Allison Coon Kali Teed
Kassandra Lane Michelle Tewksbury
Melissa Bill Nathaniel Czudak Addyson Gammon Alyssa Lawton Abigale OConnor
Parker Bissonnette Hannah Thompson
Kendra Gebo Franz Leinders Chelsea ODea Alexis Townsend
Alana Blakemore Ruth Dalton Matthew Gilbert Brooke Licata Sara ODuffy
Noah Blank Justin Davenport Liam Goldstein Cross Sean Long Frederick Owen
Ciara Bohrer Liam Davie Kyle Urban
Bailee Gottorff Ronald Loomis
Danielle Bosch Carley Delandro Lindsey LoPresto Jonathan Pellicano
Elizabeth Boyle Madelyn Delgrand Jessica Hapke Colton Louster John Peters Jacob Vandewalker
Alexander Brown Tyler Dolan Ryan Henderson Jack Lyons Casey Phillips Reid VanScoter
Hailey Brown Heather Donnelly Clarissa Hensler Jesse Pragle Dalton Vervalin
Joshua Burley Madeline Dorey Colden Herzog Conor Mahnke Nicklas Vinci
Jenna Buskey John Dutra Madeline Herzog Sonja Makela Elizabeth Redman Tanya Virgilio
Peter Dykas William Hitchcock III Hunter Marsh Shannon Roberts Jeremiah Vogt
Ann Caldarelli Shane Holbrook Jay Marshall Troy Rossborough
Jared Canute Michael Ehmann Sarah Hull Christopher Mattice Stone Wallman
Kimberly Casaceli Skyler Ellis Sarah Hussain Kayla Mawson Brandon Semmel Audrey Weber
Kyler Cavalcante-Ber- Sarah English Gregory Mayo Andrew Serio Hannah White
zerra Emily Johnson Jordan Mayo Egan Sicker
Alexis Cavallaro Donald Fasce Kayley McCarron Abby Simmons Arianna Zyglocke
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 31

Class leaders Salutatorian dreams of

Valedictorian plans to study career in astrophysics
Nick Cisco, salutatorian of

nuclear engineering at RPI the class of 2016, plans on at-

tending Rochester Institute of
Technology to study physics,
Valedictorian Matthew with long-range goals of ob-
Faulkenberry participated in taining a masters degree and
National Honor Society, Sci- a doctorate in astrophysics
ence National Honor Society, and astrophysical technolo-

Science Olympiad, VEX Ro- gies in order to do research or
botics Team, Math Team, Link
... live, learn, to become a professor.
Crew, soccer, travel soccer, eat, sleep and Nicks community service

indoor and outdoor track and projects included assisting
be happy. with the Rochester Philhar- Masterminds/Brainstormers,
Matt has received a number monic Orchestra Christmas Math Team, ICE Team, Link
of awards and honors includ- concert, Haunted House, Col- Crew Leadership Conferences,
ing AP Scholar, a National MATTHEW FAULKENBERRY, or Craze, sports banquets, the Interact Club, soccer, golf and
Merit Scholarship Commend- Words of wisdom electronics recycling drives, indoor track.
ed Student, Summa Cum and raking leaves for Livonia Nick has received a number
Laude, Principals List, Na- Public Library. of awards and honors includ-
tional Society of High School His activities included ing Scholar Athlete and Amer-
Scholars, Rensselaer Medal
National Honor Society, Sci- ican Chemical Society High
Award and Bausch & Lomb Matthew Faulkenberry ence National Honor Society, School Chemistry Award.
Honorary Science Award.
He was selected for National
Academy of Future Scientists MELISSA
& Technologists Award of Owner/Stylist
Excellence, nominated for WLDANGEL320@AOL.COM
National Youth Leadership 585~346~9110
Forum: National Security
Envision Program, American
Chemical Society Chemistry
Eric Gott
Achievement Award, Certif- Supervisor
icate of Merit in NYS Math WALK~INS WELCOME
Town of Livonia
League Contest, First Place LAKEVILLE OFFICE PARK 35 Commercial St. Town Office (585) 346-2157
Individual Website - Regional Box 43
M T TH F 9-7 W 9-6 SA 9-3 Livonia, NY 14487 Cell Phone (585) 746-0620
New York State History Day.
After graduation, Matt plans
to attend Rensselaer Polytech-
nic Institute to study nuclear
or mechanical engineering Briggs Tire & Farm
Hometown Choice
and become a nuclear engi-
Matt was involved in a
Each Office Independently Owned and Operated

Michael Sharman
Service, Inc.
number of community service Associate Broker Congrats to Kayley McCarron & Class 2017
projects including working at 5989 Big Tree Rd.
the Penny Carnival, Haunted Lakeville, NY 14480
Tires are our only Business
House/Pumpkin Patch, ring- Office: (585) 346-3700
ing bells for the Salvation Ar- Home: (585) 346-2511
Fax: (585) 346-3741 21 Main St. Box 159
my, participating in the school
composting/recycling and the
Cell: (585) 747-2511
E-mail: Livonia, 346-3041
electronics recycling drives as
well as being a church greeter
and usher.


Giving back to
those that
Your Hometown, Independent Full Service Pharmacy
      answer the call.
      5975 Big Tree Road Lakeville
 Gifts Fingerlake Coffees Candies Jewelry
Time & Again Shea Village Candles Robert Rothchild Dips
       585-245-3814 346-5615
32 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017


Matthew Faulkenberry

Nick Cisco

Skyler Ellis Audrey Weber

Fourth in class Fifth in class
Extra-Curricular Activi- Extra-Curricular Activities:
ties: Treasurer of the Class of National Honor Society, Sci-
2017, Link Leader, Leadership ence National Honor Society,
Conferences, Livonia mu- Student Council, Link Crew, MARK GUTMAN/THE (BATAVIA) DAILY NEWS
sicals, hallway decorating, Leadership Conferences, Livonia senior Hannah White serves during a match against
cross-country, indoor track, cross-country, lacrosse, Livo- Attica.
Claudia Kowal lacrosse, RDYSL summer soc- nia musicals, NYSCLSA Board.
Third in class cer league, symphonic band, Awards/Honors: Princi-
Extra-Curricular Activities: wind ensemble, marching pals List, Bulldog Pride award,
National Honor Society, Sci- band, jazz lab. Scholar Athlete, Livingston
ence National Honor Society, Awards/Honors: Principals County Teen Recognition Charter Partner
Vice President of the Class of List, AP Scholar, Bulldog Pride Award, All County and Area
award, many academic certif- All-State Chorus, Cross-Coun-
2017, Link Leader, chorus,
band, jazz band, cross coun- icates for scores of 97 or better try Sectional Champ. Elizabeth Betsy Matthews
try, track. on Regents Exams, scored 100 Community Service Proj- Associate RE Broker, GRI, CBR
Awards/Honors: Principals percent on English Regents ects: NYSCLSA Conferences Cell: (585) 370-5131
List, placed second in my cat- Exam, Academic Excellence in State Charity, recycling
egory at National History Day, Spanish, Bulldog Leadership and trail clean up, various
Award, Red Cross Scholarship, 58557 Big Tree Road Lakeville, NY 14480
art awards. fundraisers, Salvation Army Office & Fax: (585) 346-2222
Community Service Proj- Scholar Athlete. bellringer.
ects: United Way Day of Community Service Proj- Future Plans: Attending
Caring, Friends of Livonia 5k, ects: Interact Club, TIES state University at Bingham- QUALITY CANINE LODGING FOR
Haunted House, Penny Car- Program, Friends of Livonia ton to study biology/pre-med DOGS WHO DESERVE THE VERY BEST!
nival, Breakfast with Santa, 5k, Haunted House, math tu- with a goal of having a steady
toring, Red Cross Blood Drive, job in the medical eld. Would Cozy, Heated Boarding Cabins
piano playing at Avon and 3 Walks Daily On 45 Wooded Acres
Conesus Nursing Homes, soccer tournament volunteer, also like to eventually have a
Scottsville Animal Shelter Strollin for the Colon 5k, Oak family and be able to help peo- Personalized Care By Certified Dog Trainer
Volunteer, Salvation Army Tree 5k. ple in their lives.
Future Plans: Attending LIMITED AVAILABILITY
Future Plans: Attending University of Alabama to study BOOK EARLY !
LeMoyne College to study bi- environmental science or pol- DOGS
icy and obtain an undergrad- 585-298-1369
ology and entering the health
uate degree in environmental DIG IT!
profession possible as a Physi- CONESUS, NY
cians Assistant. science, then attending law
school to practice environ-
mental law.
Sandra J. Eleczko D.D.S.

Family Dentistry
Comparing yourself to others success only slows you down from nd-
ing your own. Remember, no one came here the same way, and Your comfort is our first priority.
you wont all achieve the success the same way.


6133 Big Tree Rd., Livonia
(585) 346-2320
addressing graduates at Kent State University, 2017
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 33

From T32

Don Fasce
Seventh in class
John Dutra
Eighth in class  
Extra-Curricular Activities: Extra-Curricular Activities:
National Honor Society, Sci- National Honor Society, Sci-
Clarissa Hensler ence National Honor Society, ence National Honor Society,
Sixth in class Math Team, Masterminds and Masterminds/Brainstormers,
Extra-Curricular Activities: Brainstormers, jazz lab and Math Team, Science Olym-
National Honor Society, Sci- ensemble. piad, tennis, JV soccer, wind
ence National Honor Society, Awards/Honors: AP Schol- ensemble.
Interact Club, Link Crew, wind ar, 1st Place Research Paper Awards/Honors: All Star 5763 Big Tree Road
ensemble, varsity chorus, in- for National History Day (9th on State Math Team, Math Lakeville
door/outdoor track and eld, Grade). Team Regional MVP, NYS
cross country, sharing stories Community Service Proj- Scholarship for Academic Ex-
with Jesus. ects: Electronics recycling cellence. Congratulations to the Class of 2017
Awards/Honors: Bulldog drive, Salvation Army bell- Community Service Proj-
ringer. ects: Livonia Food Pantry, GENERAL
Pride award, Principals List,
Rotary Youth Merit Award, Future Plans: Studying Livonia soccer tournament, MECHANICAL REPAIRS
Dartmouth Alumni Book astronomy or astrophysics at Livonia musical, Livonia His-   
Award, Livingston County Franklin and Marshall College torical Society, Boy Scouts,   

Youth Bureau Award, Livonia in Lancaster, Pa. Then would Relay for Life.
Youth Community Service like to get a job at a space Future Plans: Studying (585) 346-9010
Award, All-County Band, Ath- agency or become a professor. mathematics/computer sci-
lete of the Month, All-Greater
Rochester Cross Country First
ence at Lehigh University to
become a computer program-
Foreign & Domestic
 Hour Towing
Team Selection, Section V  
Sportsmanship Award, Class C
Sportsmanship Award, Hands
of Christ Award.
Community Service Proj- A.B. Cole Real Estate Inc.
ects: Elementary School Book
Drive, Color Craze, spaghetti
dinners, Haunted House, Toys
for Tots, Family Movie Night,
bagel sale, babysitting with
Interact Club, blanket making
for Strong Memorial Hospital,
Friends of Livonia 5K, Salva-
tion Army bellringer
Future Plans: Attending
Nazareth College to study
Secondary Education in math-
ematics and hoping to be-
come a math teacher . Would
also like to be a coach of cross
Marie Beikirch
Licensed Real Estate
     Congratulations from Fred and Sheila
 Accredited Staging
Fred Staley

5319 Lakeville Road Office
  (585) 747-2108 P.O. Box 271 Office (585) 243-5452 Geneseo, NY 14454 Emergency (585) 346-3714

34 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017


From T33

Riley Smith
Tenth in class
Arianna Zyglocke Extra-Curricular Activities:
Ninth in class National Honor Society, Sci-
Extra-Curricular Activities: ence National Honor Society,
Interact Club ofcer, Haunted Student Council, French club,
House, Homecoming deco- Secretary of the Class of 2017,
rating. Link Crew, Youth Court.
Awards/Honors: High Awards/Honors: Bulldog
Honor Roll, Principals List, Pride awards, Art Award,
Alfred University Nevins Math Placed third in my category at
Competition Highest Score National History Day. PROVIDED PHOTOGRAPHS
Award, Chemistry Achieve- Community Service Proj- About 40 adult and student v olunteers from
ment Award, Clarkson Univer- ects: Breakfast with Santa, Livonia Central School took joined other
sity High School Leadership Haunted House, Youth Court, students and community members for the
Award. Penny Carnival, Homecoming United Way of Livingston Countys annual Day
Community Service Proj- hallway decorating. of Caring. Livonia students Sara ODuffy, a
ects: Toys for Tots, Friends of Future Plans: Attending senior, and Cameron Villone, helped organize
Livonia Color Craze, raised St. John Fisher College. Un- their schools effort which provided a range
funds for Golisano Childrens decided on a major, but with of services at multiple location. In the top
Hospital. the goal of nding a career I photo, Livonia seniors Nick Vinci and Claudia
Future Plans: Attending love. Kowal pull weeds in Vitale Park in Lakeville. At
SUNY Geneseo to study psy- left, Livonia senior Ciara Bohrer, left, delivers
chology with a possible double food during a meals-on-wheels ride-along.
major or minor in math. Students also assisted at state IRA homes.



3163 State Street (Rt. 5) 3506 Thomas Drive 66 Stanley Street
Caledonia, NY 14423 Lakeville, NY 14480 Mt. Morris, NY 14510
(585) 538-9460 (585) 346-0060 (585) 658-9280
Fax (585) 346-0108 |

Congratulations to Class of 2017! Brody
Ask me about Best Wishes On Your New Endeavors Metcalf
the 100% Money
Back Guarantee! Livonia
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, REALTOR The We are very proud
of you.
9 West Main Street Honeoye Falls, NY 14472
Cell: 585.315.8349
Office: 585.582.8429 |Fax: 585.624.3458
Livonia Inn Love,
Mom & Dad
17 Commercial St., Livonia 346-3670
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 35




Livonias Matthew Freeman, left, streaks up eld past a Westhill defender in the state soccer
playoffs. Livonia lost this game, but did win its fth straight Section V Class B championship. ONG AGENCY INC.
AT RIGHT: John Smith carries the football against Geneva. Smiths rushing was part of a potent
Livonia offense that saw the Bulldogs end the season among the states top-ranked teams. Livonia A N D R EW K. LO N G, 6 C H A P E L ST., P O BOX 69
advanced to the Section V Class B seminals before losing to an equally dangerous Batavia squad. C P C U, A R M MT. M O R R I S, NY 14510-0069
The Bulldogs nished 8-2 on the season. C L U, ChF C P H O N E: (585) 658-3342
FA X: (585) 658-2097

A.B. Cole Real Estate Inc.

Licensed Associate RE Broker
81 Main Street, Geneseo, NY 14454
Direct Line: (585) 346-8222
Fax: (585) 243-0029
Cell: (585) 233-0440


Cheryl Simpson '+&*.+*!,&('+( Charter Partner

Licensed Real Estate Agent !,'&!

 Holly H. Harvey

 RE Associate Broker, CBR
(585) 797-5645 !(*    414-4845
(585) .
%!$#(&$'#-''"%))+$$!,& &/'%
5857 Big Tree Road Lakeville, NY 14480

office: (585) 346-2222 fax: 203-9200
36 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017

Mount Morris Central School

Class list
Ethan Ackerman Tristen Gandy Nathan May Isaac Todd
Kevin Garcia Berrios Joseph McCart
Lillian Bacon Molly Gardner JayLynn Van Wuyckhuyse
Alexander Billyard Noah Geraci Naomi Nuttall
Reed Goho
Kristian Cady Tatyana Gonzalez Hector Pagan Martinez James Waite
Ethan Carlock Dylan Patrizi
Tesa Coleman James Hotchkiss Shoniqua Patterson Jason Yencer
Devon Crawford Hannah James Meleah Pescini

Rose DAngelo Emily Kenney Grace Rowley

Anthony Delgado Rivera WHEN: 12:30 p.m. June 25.
Selena Labarbera Tatyana Sepulveda WHERE: Mount Morris Central
Andrew Edlen Jordan Lewis Eladio Soto School auditorium,
Nelly Lin Kyle Soto 30 Bonadonna Ave., DOUG MCFARLAND FOR THE LCN, FILE PHOTO
Lauren Ferraro Christian Lopez Torres Lucy Sweeney Mount Morris. Mount Morris senior Hector
Timothy Fleming Pagan drives for a basket.
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 37

Top ten
Graduation is
not the end,
its the beginning.

A sentiment likely to be shared
by many a commencement
speaker on Graduation Day.

Nelly Lin Ethan Carlock Grace Rowley Lucy Sweeney
Valedictorian Salutatorian Ranked third in this years Ranked fourth in this years
Nelly Lin, the daughter of Ethan Carlock, the son of graduating class is Grace Row- graduating class is Lucy Swee-
Li Feng Chen and Dian Zharo James and Ellen Carlock, is ley, the daughter of Tad and ney, the daughter of Nicole
Lin, is the valedictorian of the the salutatorian of the Class of Patricia Rowley. and Brian Davis and Jeff Swee-
Class of 2017. 2017. Grace has been an active ney.
Nelly plans to attend SUNY Ethan will attend the state member of the Mount Morris Lucy has been involved in
Geneseo in the fall to study University of Buffalo to study student-body. She partici- many school activities such as
pre-med and major in biology. mechanical engineering. pated in soccer, track, band, National Honor Society, Key
chorus, marching band, jazz Club and Close-Up.
Nelly earned numerous He has excelled both ac-
band, drama club, Honor Roll, Lucy played basketball and 
awards while at Mount Morris, ademically and athletically
including several Honor Keys while attending Mount Mor- National Honor Society, Key
Club and Student Council.
rang bells for the Salvation

and a scholarship from the ris. Ethan participated in soc-
University of Rochester and cer, golf, drama club, chorus, Grace is also a teacher at a Lucy is the recipient of 
Clarkson University. Nelly and band. Ethan is president local childrens church. the Honor Key in English, a Mt. Morris
has also resided on the High of the National Honor Society Grace received the George Livingston County Teen Rec-
Honor Roll for her entire high Eastman Scholarship for the ognition Award and the Board 
and vice-president of the se-
school career. nior class. He also sang with University of Rochester and of Trustees Scholarship from  
Nelly participated in Na- the Rochester Philharmonic also received an Outstanding Keuka College. She was also
Teen Recognition Award for awarded a Keuka Grant from Love,
tional Honor Society and Key Orchestra throughout his high Dad and Mom
Club. She served as secretary school term. Livingston County. the college, which she said was
of her class and also partic- Ethan has been the recipi- Grace plans to attend SUNY her rst choice of school.
ipated in Close-Up, Drama ent of several honors includ- Geneseo as a pre-med/biology Lucy is also ranked on the
Club, Prom Committee, and ing, the Bausch and Lomb major with a minor in either High Honor Roll list. In the fall,
rang bells for the Salvation Scholarship and the Clarkson Spanish or theater. she will attend Keuka College
Army. Achievement Award. Ethan and study occupational ther-
also received an Honor Key in apy.
trigonometry, and honorable
recognition at the RIT Math



Residential - Commercial - Farms
A N D R EW K. LO N G, 6 C H A P E L ST., P O BOX 69 138 Court Street Brian Hill
Court Street Complex Associate Broker
C P C U, A R M MT. M O R R I S, NY 14510-0069
Geneseo, NY 14454
C L U, ChF C P H O N E: (585) 658-3342 Phone: 585-243-2643
FA X: (585) 658-2097 Fax: 585-243-1838 Cell 585-746-7801
38 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017

James Hotchkiss
Mount gineering.
This High Honor Roll stu-
dent received an Honor Key Rounding out this years
graduating class Top Ten is
Morris in chemistry and is also the
recipient of the Xerox UR
Scholarship. He is the senior
James Hotchkiss, the son of
James Edward Hotchkiss.
From T37 class president and also par- James plans to attend Mon-
ticipated in stage crew and roe Community College on a
chess club. clinical track to become a reg-
Outside of school, Ethan istered nurse. cal Fitness Award.
enjoys rocket building, wood Joseph McCart A High Honor Roll student, Outside of school, James
work and babysitting his little he participated in stage crew helps out a great deal with his
that needed chaperones for and was the recipient of the family which consists of his
sister. young kids. He also worked Honor Key in Art and the re- father and two younger broth-
the concession stand at sport- cipient of the National Physi- ers.
ing events.
Joey is a member of stage
crew and the Prom Committee Congratulations Class of 2017
and participated in track, soc-
Lillian Bacon cer, and baseball.
Ranked fth in this years Joey was the recipient of
graduating class is Lillian Ba- several Honor Keys. Joey
con, the daughter of Kelly and received the Track Service
Joshua Bacon. Award and resides on the High Family Owned Since 1913
This High Honor Roll stu- Jordan Lewis Honor Roll list. Joey also de-
dent has participated in soc- signed the T-shirt for the 2017
Ranked seventh in this Coaches vs. Cancer Fundrais- 29 North Main Street Mt. Morris, NY 14510
cer, basketball, varsity track,
years graduating class is Jor- er.
drama club, National Honor (585) 658-2234
dan Lewis, the son of Christine
Society and Student Council.
and William Lewis.
Lillian has earned many
Jordan played soccer and
awards including the Junior
Cup, NYSPHSAA Individual
ran track throughout high PHYSICAL THERAPY PROFESSIONALS, P.C.
Scholar Athlete Award, Out-
Jordan resides on the High
standing Supporting Actress
Honor Roll list and has been
Award, the Teen Recognition
the recipient of the Daemen
Award, the Presidential Phys-
College Presidents Scholar-
ical Fitness Award, the Tip of
ship worth $11,000 a year for
the Hat Award, the MIP Track
ve years.
Jordan plans to attend Dae-
manship Award. 3163 State Street (Rt. 5) 3506 Thomas Drive 66 Stanley Street
men College in the fall and Emily Kenney Caledonia, NY 14423 Lakeville, NY 14480 Mt. Morris, NY 14510
Lillian plans to attend
earn his doctorate degree in (585) 538-9460 (585) 346-0060 (585) 658-9280
Kings College in New York Ranked ninth in this years
physical therapy. Fax (585) 346-0108 |
City, majoring in politics, eco- graduating class is Emily Ken-
nomics and philosophy while ney, the daughter of Ed and
also minoring in international Joey McCart Tracy Kenney.
relations or attend Regent Ranked eighth in this years After graduation, Emily will
University in Virginia Beach graduating class is Joey McCa- be attending SUNY Brockport
with a major in international rt, the son of Robert and Jen to become a Spanish teacher
relations and a minor in Amer- McCart. with a minor in psychology.
ican government and politics. Joey plans to attend the She plans to join the boxing
After which, Lillian will go to state University of Buffalo to and Tae Kwon Do clubs.
law school. study mechanical engineer- She has been on the Honor
ing. Roll throughout high school,
Joey is an active member of played basketball and partic-
the student body. He volun- ipated in stage crew andProm
teered for many school events Committee. Emily also volun-
teers at the school library.


Serving All Families Like Family
Ethan Ackerman William C. DAngelo, Owner-Licensed Manager
Ranked sixth in this years food stores Established 1886
graduating class is Ethan Ack-
erman, the son of Leeann and 37 Chapel St. P.O. Box 6 Mt. Morris, New York 14510-0006
Sean Kaiser.
Ethan plans to attend the (585) 658-4200 (585) 658-3094 - Fax
state University of Buffalo in Please visit
the fall to study aerospace en-
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 39

Wayland-Cohocton Central School

Class list
Megan K. Allen Jessica Leigh Davis Zoe B. Jamison Courtney L. Page Austin Swain
Matthew G. Ayers Jacob I. Drake Brooke N. Johnson Jason R. Page
Owen John Palmer Michelle E. Taylor
Deon K. Babbitt Ruth Ellen Elderkin Alexandra Keene Vannessa Jane Palmer Alexander P. Tersigni
Taylor Lee Baltz Kendall Jeanne Ellis Makenzie Ann King Kristen G. Peck Raymond James Tolner
Zachary K. Barnard McKenzie Adele Perkins Samantha Grace Towner
Madelyn Lea Belanger Curren D. Finn Nicholas A. Ladd Kaleb A. Phillips James Thomas Trapp, Jr.
Connor William Blake Raven Elizabeth Foote Fox Alexander Landschoot Triston A. Pragle
Alison Michelle Bligh Mia L. Forsythe Joshua R. Legg Sina Viga
Michael Jonathan Booth Danielle Franchesca Louise Mary Gretchen Link Taylor Jean Quackenbush
Hannah Alexandra Bortle Fronk Paige N. Weir
Alexia Drew Bowers Paige Marie Magin Hanna Renee Recktenwald Jackson D. West
Hunter R. Bressler Jack R.Gibson Erin Elizabeth Lindsey Sydney Anne Rider Merritt T. Wheeler
Eythan P. Briggs Andrew R. Gleason Maker Alexis Paige Robinson Jacob Allen
Emily Taylor Burke Maria Bonita Gonzales Amber M. Malone Amber L. Rounsville Woodhams-Markle
Richard E. Bush, Jr. Marissa Elizabeth Grayson Ceairra June Marshall
Gage E. Butters Philip John Groshner Blair Nicole Mastin Mark A. Sabins Alec C. Yannello
Harley Marie Guck Dewitt A. McDowell III Seanna Nowell Sanford Cora Elizabeth Young
Ambrosia L. Carnes Kadeynn Anne McInnis Michael W. Schumacher
Shailynn Danielle Celen- Austin Charles Hamilton Carigan June Miceli Stephen J. Schwitzer
tano Emily Mae Harter Devon Tyler Michno Grace M. Sellers
Savannah Fawn Chilson Jaylynne Marie Hitt Zackary D. Mielke Micah A. Simonds Commencement
Alexandra Lynn Coates Mickenzie L. Holbrook Dakota E. Mitchell Nicholas Lynden Smalt WHEN: June 25.
Jason Douglas Conrad Kevin C. Holley Joseph Harold Smith
Dakota L. Copeland Jacquelynn Shae Nickels Elizabeth S. Smyder WHERE: Wayland-Cohocton
Bailey D. Cronotti Blake A. Infantino Tara Lynn Stern Field House, 2350 State
Route 63, Wayland.
Kayla Anna Curtin Patrick W. ONeal Adam C. Stone
40 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017

Class Honor seniors About 30 members of the McKenzie Perkins Magna Cum Laude man mentoring and Drama

leaders Tara Stern

Wayland-Cohocton Central
School Class of 2017 had a
grade-point average of 90 or
more, qualifying them as an
Perkins, the
daughter of
93-95.999 grade-point average

Megan Allen
Club. She was a Close-Up
participant, a member of the
yearbook club and an Eagle
Mark and Megan Al-
honor senior. She has participated in a
Valedictorian Kim Perkins, len, daughter
Summa Cum Laude childhood education explo-
competed of Jennifer
Tara 96-100 grade-point average ration internship which has
with varsity and Christo-
Stern, the included volunteering an 90
soccer for pher Allen,
daughter Tara Stern minutes in the elementary ev-
two years and varsity cheer- has been
of Joanne ery day during school.
Valedictorian leading for three years. She active in
and Dan- Taylor has received the
has completed been a mem- concert and
ielle Stern, PTSA Jenkins Memorial Schol-
is valedic-
Kendall Ellis ber of the League Champions marching bands, served as
and Elite 8 at Greater Roches- the class treasurer and been
torian for Salutatorian ter Cheerleading, both in 2017 a member of National Honor
Taylor will attend SUNY
Wayland-Cohocton Cen- Geneseo for childhood special
as a member of the cheerlead- Society.
tral Schools Class off 2017. Kadeynn McInnis Megan has built sets for all
education or early childhood/
ing squad. childhood education. She
Tara has served as a Kadeynn She serves on the Student of the Drama Club produc-
Kickstart Mentor, worked McInnis, the would like to teach childhood
Council and with the Fresh- tions since 10th grade. She
with STARRED*, a student daughter English abroad and then teach
man Mentoring Program. She volunteers at roller skating
literary magazine, and is of Greg and locally.
has participated in dance and parties and videotapes the
a member of the National Danette been a dance teaching assis- boys varsity soccer games and Madelyn Belanger
Honor Society for which McInnis, has tant. assists school paper recycling.
she served as chair of the Madelyn
been active McKenzie plans to attend Megan is a youth group Belanger is
Bottles and Cans Recycling with Nation- Ithaca College for the occupa- member and is employed at
Committee. the daughter
al Honor Society and served as tional therapy ve-year mas- the Wayland Free Library. of Kristen
Tara has danced at the a freshman mentor. She par- ters degree program. She will attend Nazareth
Dansville Dance Academy Belanger
ticipated in Choices, served as College to pursue a degree in
for 14 years learning tap, the Yearbook editor and been Grace Sellers technical production and mi-
and Todd
jazz and some ballet. She Belanger.
vice-president of the Class of Grace noring in music performance. Madelyn has
is part of the Teen Anime 2017. Kadeynn participated Sellers, the I would like to thank my
Board at the Cohocton been a Kick-
in Close-Up and competed in daughter of parents for always driving me Off mentor, an Eagle Pal and
Public Library, which dou- basketball and swimming. Raymond around everywhere I need to
bles as a club that helps im- Grad Bash volunteer.
She volunteers with with and Yvonne go when my schedule is crazy, Madelyn is a member of Na-
prove the library through the Devin A Snyder Ride to Re- Sellers, has and supporting all of my deci-
such efforts as painting a tional Honor Society. She has
member and wrapped Christ- participat- sions, she says. competed with swimming and
chalkboard wall and cre- mas presents for the Steuben ed in the
ating a parade oat for the Skilled Nursing Facility. STARRED*
Taylor Baltz cheerleading for two years,
Fall Foliage Festival. each.
Her awards include: Fred- student literary magazine. Taylor
Tara plans to attend Madelyn volunteers at Vin-
erick Douglas and Susan B. Grace is a member of Na- Baltz , daugh-
SUNY Potsdam to major in cent House and Renees Day-
Anthony Award, Alfred Uni- tional Honor Society and had ter of Shan-
archeology. care in Wayland.
versity: Inamori School of a lead role in the recent pro- non Smith
Madelyn will attend Keuka
Engineering Award, National duction of Disneys The Lion and Jason
College to study occupational
Kendall Ellis Academy of Future Physicians King, Jr. Johnson, has
and Medical Scientists Award Grace serves as a volunteer been active
Salutatorian of Excellence, LCAA Senior with the Perkinsville Fire De- with fresh- See WAY-COH T41
Kendall Ellis, the class Swimmer of the Year, LCAA partment.
salutato- Exceptional Senior, Ronald She will attend SUNY Gen-
rian, is the
of Cam-
McDonald All Star.
Kadeynn plans to attend
SUNY Geneseo for biology and
eseo to major in communica-
tions. Wayland
eron Ellis pursue a career in the medical
and Diane
Food Mart
has competed and track.
Congrats Grads!
Netflix Grocery Deli Bakery ATM
She has been an Eagle Pals
volunteer and has served Pizza Diesel Gas Non-Ethanol Gas
as a Freshman Mentor.
In her spare time she has Buick-Chevrolet EAST NAPLES STREET, WAYLAND
volunteered at The Vincent
House. 7 So. Lackawanna St.
P.O. Box 565
Kendall will attend LeM-
oyne College, Syracuse,
Wayland, NY 14572-0398 585-728-2821
to major in biology with a
focus in pre-medicine. 585-728-2260 fax 585-728-3519 Open 7 Days A Week 8am-9pm
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 41

Zoe Jamison Alexis Robinson Cum Laude Blair Mastin is the son of Amanda
Way-Coh Zoe Jamison, daughter Alexis Robinson is the 90-92.99 grade-point average
Alison Bligh will major in human
Mastin and Jeff Mastin.
Taylor Quackenbush will attend Niag-
From T40 of Jennifer daughter of ara University for nursing with the
ecology at College of the Atlantic in
Coffey and Aimee Rob- Bar Harbor, Maine.
goal of becoming a pediatric nurse
Howard inson and practitioner
Alexia Bowers Jamison, has David Kuhn Shailynn Celentano will attend Mon-
Hanna Recktenwald will study pre-
roe Community College with plans
Alexia competed in and the late to transfer to major in business. med at the state University of
tennis, varsi- Todd Rob- Buffalo.
Bowers, Raven Foote will attend SUNY Oneo-
daughter of ty soccer and inson. Alexis ta for adolescent education with a Sydney Rider will attend SUNY Brock-
Kenneth and is a member has partic- focus in social studies. port to study nursing.
Elise Bowers, of the concert and marching ipated in swimming, skiing Jack Gibson will attend SUNY Cort- Amber Rounsville will attend Finger
has compet- bands. Zoe plans to attend and track. She was a member land in the fall majoring in Interna- Lakes Community College for busi-
ed in volley- Corning Community College of the STARRED* literary mag- tional Studies. ness administration.
ball and soft- to major in psychology. azine and participated in the Andrew Gleason will attend SUNY Samantha Towner will attend SUNY
ball. She has been a freshman Brooke Johnson Recycled Runway and with Geneseo to major in philosophy. Alfred for architecture.
mentor and volunteered at the Lighthouse Youth Group.
The Main Event. Alexia plans Brooke Alexis will attend the Univer-
to attend Genesee Communi- Johnson, sity of Rochester, where she
ty College in Dansville to get a daughter earned a Deans Scholarship.
degree in human services and of JoEllen
Johnson, has Nicholas Smalt
been on the Nicholas Smalt, son of Hol-
Emily Burke Grad Bash ley and Lynn JAMES (JIM) BRIGGS
Emily Burke, daughter of Committee, Smalt, has Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, GRI
Jennifer and Homecoming Committee been a mem- 182 Main Street Dansville, NY 14437
Terry Burke, and a tour guide for The Main ber of Na- Office: 585.612.0749 Office Fax: 585.335.2956
is a member Event. Brooke reads to kin- tional Honor Home Office: 585.728.2501
of National dergarten children and enjoys Society since
Honor Soci- helping the art department. his sopho-
ety, a Fresh- She volunteered at Hornell more year
man Mentor Animal Shelter and collects and on varsity tennis for four
and is an Ea- donations for Salvation Army. years. Nicholas played Scar in Congratulating 2017 Graduates
gles Pal. She has competed in She will attend St. John Fisher Disneys The Lion King Jr.
soccer throughout high school College to major in business He continues to be active in
and has volunteered at The management. Boy Scouts he became an
Vincent House. Emily plans to Makenzie King Eagle Scout this year and Daniel Wensel
attend Le Moyne College for participated in Relay for Life AUTO HOME LIFE COMMERCIAL IRA
nursing. Makenzie King, daughter in support of his grandmother
Kayla Anna Curtin of Tania King, has been active who had lung cancer. He will THE WENSEL AGENCY
in band, attend Clarkson University. 27 NORTH MAIN ST. 128 MAIN ST.
Kayla Anna Curtin, daugh- chorus, vol-
ter of Christi- leyball and Jackson West WAYLAND, NY 14572 DANSVILLE, NY 14437
(585) 728-5123 (585) 335-6063
na and Rob- tennis. She is Jackson
ert Curtin, a member of West, son of
has compet- the Student Wendy and
ed in track,
Council and
the Foreign
Brian West,
has compet-
Congratulations 2017 Grads!
basketball Language Club. She had a lead ed in cross
and cross role in Disneys The Lion country and SPRINGWATER
country. She is a member King, Jr. Makenzie will attend is a Freshman Mentor. Jack-
of the Student Council and Manseld (Pa.) University for son will attend St. Bonaven- AMISH WORKSHOP
homecoming committee. special education and music. ture University in the fall. He 
She volunteers at The Vincent Erin Maker hopes to become a history and
House. She will attend LeM- Spanish major. STORAGE SHEDS & GAZEBOS
oyne College to become a high Erin Maker, daughter of
school biology teacher. David and Michelle Maker, Cora Young POLY, HICKORY & WOOD
competed Cora Young, daughter of OUTDOOR FURNITURE
Mia Forsythe with cross Dennis and
Mia country and Pamela SOLID WOOD INTERIOR
Forsythe, indoor track. Young, has Rent to
daughter of She has been been a mem- Own
Jill St. George a member of ber of band,
Forsythe and the marching Humanitari-
Todd For- and concert an Club, National Honor Soci-        
sythe com- bands and was a Freshman ety and Student Council. She  

peted in soccer and softball Mentor. She also participat- is the recipient of the Golden  
and was a member of the con- ed in Relay for Life. She will Eagle Award and the Rotary
cert and marching bands. Mia attend Niagara University to Youth Leadership Award. Cora
will attend SUNY Brockport to major in teaching English to will attend SUNY Brockport to
! "

study psychology. speakers of other languages. become a registered nurse.
42 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017


York Central School WHEN: 11 a.m. June 24.

WHERE: Hilfiker Auditorium at York High
School, 2578 Genesee St., Retsof.

Class list
Colbie Alexander Brandon DeGraff Masyn Hynes Kathryn Parsons Taelyn Strain
Cory Ayers Alexandria Dennie Mikayla Johnson Dominic Perkins Tanner Streb
Simona Di Murro Andrew Price Justin Suzanne
Elisha Barnes Austin Doran Joshua Kobylanski Matthew Swede
Brandon Beach Mallory Dougal Brianna Reed
Sara Bonacci Collin Lajoie Maygan Repass Trevor Taft
Jessica Brock-Schlageter Maxwell Emerson Elizabeth LaPoma Hannah Robbins
Jacob Brunette Zachary Englert Hunter Luther Lana Robles Jessica Vattimo

Tyler Chen Raymond Garland Mercedes MacGonegal Spencer Schicker Emily Wade
Cassidy Cook Rachel Gaesser Amanda Maglio Luke Schultz Nathaniel Wilmet
Wyatt Cooper Collin Gray Katherine Mandarano Coty Seeley Hanna Wolfanger
Dalton Cupicha Colin McCarthy Erica Semmel Dakota Wright
Clayton Cutting Michael Haskins Brianna McGrain Thomas Shaw
Morgan Hauslauer William Spuck Anthony Young
William DAngelo Dakoda Henhawk Brock Nahalka Hunter Stella Colby Zambito
Brandon Davis Catharina Hogle Courtney Nevin Taylor Steves Tyler Ziegenfuss
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 43

Top ten
She is a member of the Knights soccer team. the Diocese of Rochester and
National Honor Society and She plans to attend The volunteers at the food pantry,
KACH. She won the Lariton Ohio State University to study Special Olympics and Kiwanis.
award, Teen Recognition atmospheric science. Tanner plans on attending
award, and the Courtney Jones Siena College in the fall, en-
award. rolling in the 3 & 1 Bachelor of
She is a member of varsity Science/Master of Science De-
soccer, varsity basketball and grees program in accounting.
Premier Club Soccer. She was
on the rst team All State,
the rst team All League four
consecutive years and the Di-
vision 3 Player of the Year.
Katherine plans to attend Tanner Streb
Hobart William Smith College
Courtney Nevin where she will play soccer and Tanner Streb is the son of
Jessica Brock-Schlageter Chuck and Sandy Streb of
Valedictorian study political science.
Courtney Nevin is the Jessica Brock-Schlageter is Tanner is a member of Na-
daughter of Sam Nevin of York the daughter of Jackie Brock tional Honor Society, Math
and Rebecca and Paul Kemp and Jeff Schlageter of Piffard. Team, Odyssey of the Mind,
of Hemlock. Jessica is a member of the technology club, band, jazz
Courtney is a member of the National Honor Society, ACB/ band, school musical crew
National Honor Society and Brainstormers and the Math and has been class president
Stand-Up and won third place Team. She has participated for the last two years.
in the World Dance Champi- in the York musicals and is a He has been a varsity ath-
onship. member of band, chorus, all lete for 11 seasons in soccer, Jessica Vattimo
Courtney plans to attend county and choir. swimming, and tennis. He has Jessica Vattimo is the
college and pursue a career in She has participated in earned four sectional patches daughter of John and Betsey
the medical eld. volleyball, track, tennis and and has been a team captain Vattimo of Retsof.
swimming. and LCAA All-Star in all three Jessica is a member of the
She is a member of Girl sports. National Honor Society of
Scouts with a rank of Ambas- He achieved the rank of Ea- High School Scholars.
sador and has also been the gle Scout while being a NYLT She is planning to do online
GSA president. staff and Order of the Arrow studies through Monroe Com-
Mallory Dougal Jessica is planning to attend member for Boy Scouts. munity College.
RIT for engineering (unde- He is an alter server, has re-
Mallory Dougal is the clared/exploratory) on a presi- ceived the Hands of God from See YORK T44
daughter of Dwayne and Anne dential scholarship.
Dougal of Pavilion.
Mallory has participated in
Odyssey of the Mind, National
Honor Society, Student Board
and Stand Up. She plays the
clarinet in both the York High
School band and marching
band and has played in the pit
Katherine Mandarano band for the York musicals for
Salutatorian two years.
She has also participated
Katherine Manderano is the in varsity track, varsity soccer
daughter of Kelly and Chris and was a member of the 2014
Mandarano of Caledonia. Section V championship Lady

138 Court Street

Court Street Complex Alan & Patricia Cole
Geneseo, NY 14454
Broker & Associate Broker
Phone: 585-243-2643
Alan Ext. 100 Pat Ext. 101
Residential - Commercial - Farms Pats Cell: 585-315-6617
44 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017


Exceptional Senior award.
In swimming, he received There is nothing
Rookie of the Year, was a
From T43 three-time LCAA All Star and more powerful than
winner of the Kiwanis award. you using your
He also participated in track
where he received most im- personality to serve
proved, was a three-time the calling of your

LCAA All Star and MVP.
Collin plans to attend SUNY soul.
Potsdam for a bachelors de-
gree in biology.
Skidmore College
graduation, 2017
Collin Lajoie
Hanna Wolfanger Collin Lajoie is the son of
Hanna Wolfanger, daughter Traci and Bernie Lajoie of Pa-
of Amy and Tim Wolfanger vilion.
Wyatt Cooper of Leicester, is a member Collin is a member of Na-
Wyatt Cooper, the son of of National Honor Society, tional Honor Society where
Philip and Kathryn Cooper Global Competency, Foreign he is the secretary. He is also
of Caledonia, is a member of
National Honor Society where
he was the treasurer. He has
been class vice-president for
Language Club and Odyssey of
the Mind. She participated in
basketball, softball, volleyball
and soccer.
a member of Stand Up and is
the Student Board vice-pres-
He participated in soccer

where he was a three-time Liv- A N D R EW K. LO N G, 6 C H A P E L ST., P O BOX 69

two years. Hanna will attend Syracuse C P C U, A R M MT. M O R R I S, NY 14510-0069
He received the RIT Com- University where she plans ingston Conference Athletic
Association All Star, and re- C L U, ChF C P H O N E: (585) 658-3342
puting award and scholarship to major in marketing and FA X: (585) 658-2097
as well as the University of Spanish. ceived the Coaches award and
Rochester Bausch and Lomb
Honorary Science award and
Wyatt participated in swim-
ming and tennis. Kitchen & Bath Design Center
He has been accepted as an
early admission candidate to
RIT where he received a presi- 138 Court Street
dential scholarship. Wyatt will Court Street Complex
be majoring in biomedical en- 3225 Genesee St., (Rt. 63), Piffard, NY Geneseo, NY 14454
gineering which is a ve-year Don & Tammy Gullo, Owners Phone: 585-243-2643 ext 102 Alan S. Cole
Fax: 585-243-1838 Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
co-op program. 585-243-4260 585-243-4263 Fax Cell 750-3320 Dontia Residential - Commercial - Farms


Serving All Families Like Family

William C. DAngelo, Owner-Licensed Manager

Established 1886
37 Chapel St. P.O. Box 6 Mt. Morris, New York 14510-0006
Cassidy Cook
(585) 658-4200 (585) 658-3094 - Fax
Cassidy Cook, the daughter
of Stephanie Cook of Cale- Please visit
donia, is a member of the
National Honor Society and
participated in volleyball and WE ARE FAMILY WWW.TILLYAGENCY.COM
softball. Congratulations Rene Tilly-Lyness
Paul F. Tilly
Cassidy plans to attend
Julie A. Harcleroad
Elmira College majoring in
nursing. Rector -Hicks MaryRuth Rowe
Mandy LaVair



  1895 Rochester St., Lima, NY 14485 (585) 582-1660
 Frank T. Hicks F. Scott Hicks Derek S. Hicks
49 Park Place, Avon, NY 14414 (585) 226-2021 SEE OUR FAMILY FOR YOUR FAMILYS INSURANCE NEEDS
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 45

six years and has been a true

Keshequa ite class was Food and Nutri-
tion because it was a fun class
that taught her new life skills.
Austin wishes to thank his
years of support.
Sylvia is receiving the New
York State Ofce of State
From T28 parents and teachers for push- Comptroller Student Achieve-
ing him to be the best he could ment Award, the George
be. Thank you to my fellow Osgoodby Memorial Honor
classmates and teammates for Award, and the Keshequa
all the great memories. Central School Teachers As-
Austin is receiving the Liv- sociation Outstanding Senior
ingston County American Le- Student Award for English and
gion Award, the Dalton Amer- Fine Arts.
ican Legion Scholastic Award,
the United State Marine
Corps Scholastic Excellence
Award, the Keshequa Central
School Teachers Association Joseph Thompson
Outstanding Senior Student
Joseph participated in golf,
Award for Physical Education,
National Honor Society, Key
Lacey Hillier the Livingston County Teen
Club and Masterminds.
Garrett Lucas Recognition Award, the Coach
Lacey Hillier plans to attend His favorite class was Alge-
MacVean Sportsmanship
SUNY Brockport for early Garrett Lucas plans to at- bra 2/Trigonometry because
Award, and the Senior Athlete
childhood education while tend Savannah College of Art every day in there was dif-
of the Year Award.
also majoring in history. and Design. ferent. His favorite teacher
Lacey participated in soc- He participated in National was Mr. Almeter because he
cer, basketball, track and eld, Honor Society and cycling. reminded Joe of his future self
Varsity Club and National Garretts favorite class was AP and he was always funny and
Honor Society. Studio Art because he likes interesting.
Laceys favorite class was making projects. His favorite Joseph is receiving the Cool-
history because it was inter- teacher was Heather Pero be- ey Memorial Prize Award, and
esting. Her favorite teacher cause she is always energetic the Ryan R. Almeter Memorial
was Heather Pero because she and made class fun. Scholarship. Heather White
explains and teaches in a way Garrett is receiving the W. Heather White plans to
she understands while making Forrest Watkins Memorial attend SUNY Brockport for
class enjoyable. Scholarship Award, and the social work and Spanish. She
Lacey is receiving the KCS Band Outstanding Senior
Carly Tallman has been accepted into the
Nunda Kiwanis Club Award, Instrumentalist Award. Carly Tallman plans to colleges Honors Program.
the Jack Holmes Scholarship attend SUNY Alfred for veteri- Heather participated in Na-
Award, the Ruby and John nary tech program. tional Honor Society, Student
Goodrich Scholarship, the Carly participated in Rota- Council and Youth Group.
Jack and Fran Mann Memorial ry Club and National Honor Her favorite class was cell
Service Award, the Keshequa Society. biology because it is interest-
Central School Teachers Carlys favorite class was ing to learn about living things
Association Scholarship, the cellular biology because she on a cellular level.
Keshequa Central School Bus loves science, especially the Her favorite teachers were
Drivers Association Scholar- biology aspect. The class was math teacher Gerald Pete
ship, and the Keshequa Rec- very interesting and fun. Her Goho, Rachel Towsley and
ognition Award. favorite teacher was Heather Heather Pero because they
Pero because she is good at invest in students, make learn-
what she does and she knows ing fun and they are hard-
how to teach in a way that working and personable.
students understand and re- Heather wishes to thank her
Austin Strobel member. Sylvia Thompson family for supporting her, her
Carly wishes to thank her teachers for helping her grow,
Austin Strobel plans to Sylvia Thompson plans to
parents for all they do, espe- and the Board of Education
attend the Virginia Military attend SUNY New Paltz for bio
cially her dad for never doubt-
Institute for biology under a chemistry. and Administration for urging
ing her and always being open
four-year ROTC Scholarship. Sylvia participated in cross her to stand up for what she
and understanding.
Austin participated in cross country, track and eld, Rota- believes in.
Carly is receiving the Dana
country, soccer, basketball, ry Club, National Honor Soci- Heather is receiving the
and Allyn Bugman Memorial
track and eld, Student Coun- ety and Piano. New York State Ofce of State
Jordan Kapelke cil, Yearbook and National
Scholarship, and the Dalton
Sylvias favorite class was Comptroller Student Achieve-
Gang Sportsman Club Award.
Jordan Kapelke plans to Honor Society. cell biology because its what ment Award, the Joseph Bar-
attend SUNY Cortland for Austins favorite teacher Joseph Thompson she plans to study in college. one Memorial Scholarship,
business economics. She par- was Bob Hambridge, a social Her favorite teacher was and the Genesee Community
ticipated in soccer, softball, studies teacher, because he Joseph plans to attend Kevin Raymond because he is College Genesee Advanced
Student Council and National has guided Austin through SUNY Alfred for computer en- a great teacher. Sylvia wishes Studies Outstanding Scholar
Honor Society. Jordans favor- everything during the past gineering technology. to thank her parents for all the Award for Math.

46 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017


Those championship seasons

LCAA athletes live up to a strong reputation

t was a dream scenario: A
high school senior playing
in what could be his nal
baseball game, his team
having just rallied to tie the
state championship game,
steps to the plate in the bottom
of the seventh inning and on
the rst pitch strokes the
game-winning hit.
The Livonia Bulldogs and
senior Brody Metcalf could
not have drawn up a better
ending to their season. The
Bulldogs rallied from a 7-1
decit against Albany Acade-
my in the state Class B cham-
pionship game to score three
runs in the bottom of the sev-
enth for a walk-off 9-8 win.
With the victory came a
state title and the 2016-17 high
school sports season ttingly
closed on a high note. The Livonia Bulldogs baseball team did the improbably coming back from a 7-1 decit to win the New York State Class B
Through the years, the Liv- Championship, 9-8, against Albany Academy. The victory capped off another successful season for LCAA teams.
ingston County Athletic Asso-
ciation has built a strong rep-
utation as one of the premier
counties in New York State,
and this year was no different
we handed out a grand total
of 13 (team) sectional titles,
one team state championship,
one Federation, and three in-
dividual state crowns from late
October to early June.
Needless to say, it will be a
year our athletes particularly
the seniors will not forget
anytime soon.
Heres a quick recap:
Livonias Kyle Feldman (6) celebrates a goal with teammate Tim Cal-Mum Lady Raiders volleyball team ome together and
It all started in the fall with
Redman (23) during the second half of Livonias 2-0 victory over celebrate after winning the Section 5 Class C2 Championship.
ve teams winning a sectional
Bath in the Section 5 Class C2 nals.
title and one runner winning a bach, Noah Crane and Noah and its youthful roster lost
state championship. state Class C title game. despite an 11-8 record and No. Rider, also captured the Class just one regular season game
Geneseo girls soccer (Class Meanwhile, the Livonia 7 seed in the tournament, got DD sectional title. and defended its C2 sectional
C1), thanks to big-time shots boys (Class B) won their fth big moments from Mac Cul- Hayleigh Palotti of Livonia title in dominating fashion.
from Vicki Finn and Grace sectional title in a row behind hane and Katrina Yencer and All Tournament MVP Andrea
added to her already thick
Hainsworth, and some out- Coyle proved to be one of the
standing defense by center some outstanding defense earned its second sectional rsum with a cross country
top players in the area last sea-
fullback Casey Vattimo, cap- as they made it all the way to patch in three years. state championship in Class B, son as a junior, and will join
tured its rst sectional patch Middletown for the state Final The Geneseo cross country a crown she won by more than the rare-air of 1,000 career kills
in more than 15 years while Four. team, led by Spencer Malone, 15 seconds.
making it all the way to the The Avon girls team (C2), Kyle Hainsworth, Max Neider- In volleyball, Cal-Mum See SPORTS T47
Graduation 2017 Thursday, June 22, 2017 47

From T46

this fall.
The Perry boys basket-
ball team, led by Livingston
County News Elite-11 selec-
tions Owen Spencer (senior)
and Austin Croll (junior) and
LCN Player of the Year Tyler
Cowie(junior), were arguably
LCAAs best team this year and
nished the regular season
as Section Vs lone unbeaten
team at 20-0.
However, an upset in the
seminals of the sectional
tournament ended the Yellow-
jackets postseason hopes.
Coming into the postseason
tournament with a 10-10 re- DOUG MCFARLAND/FOR THE LCN, FILE PHOTO
cord, the Geneseo boys in ex- Yorks Clay Cutting averaged nearly 20 points per game in
tremely unlikely fashion was guiding the Golden Knights to 19 wins and a return trip to the
the lone LCAA Section V win- sectional nals.
ner (C1) this winter, thanks
to Kyle Rollins. The 6-foot-6- Warsaw senior Noah Grover ternals and seminals.
inch senior stud averaged 26 redeemed himself in the state Livonia not only earned
points, 11 rebounds and ve tournament after losing in their programs rst state
blocks during the sectional the rst round in 2015 with a baseball title but the Bulldogs
playoffs, including a 37-point, Division II state title in the 160 are the rst team from the
12-rebound, 11-block perfor- pound group. Grover capped LCAA to get the state crown Kyle Rollins of Geneseo set records on his way to winning the
mance in the rst round en off his season with a 39-1 over- and also the rst team in Federation championship in the penthalon, the biggest win of
route to the programs rst all record, and also helped his Section V Class B to earn the any Livingston County athlete this season.
title in 15 years. team capture the sectional championship.
title. In the state nals against Podhorecki was a part of Gen-
Geneseo defeated a well-
Perry senior Jeff Uveino private school Albany Acad- eseos soccer title, and also
coached Cal-Mum squad in a
placed fourth in the state emy for Boys, eighth-grader captured an individual title on
memorable title game.
tournament, and also won the Alex Minnehan came up huge the ski team.
Yorks Clay Cutting, de-
Section V title at 195. with a strong 5-1/3 inning The Braves of Avon won
spite his 5-foot-8-inch frame,
pitching performance along their second straight Section
nished the year as not only Spring
one of LCAAs best players, with the big two-out, two RBI V baseball title (Class C2) and
but most improved as well. The spring was without a hit in the bottom of the sev- made their second straight
He averaged nearly 20 points doubt LCAAs most success- enth that tied the game at 8-8. appearance in the state Final
per game after averaging just ful season, with seven teams A few seconds later, on the Four before dropping an extra
6 the year before, and was in- taking home a sectional title very rst pitch, senior Brody inning heartbreaker to North
strumental in guiding his team three in track, two in baseball, Metcalf would hit the shot Salem last week in the semis.
to 19 wins and a return trip one in softball, one in tennis heard round the state as he The Avon tennis team, led
to the sectional nals, where and one in golf, while one ripped the game-winning sin- by their senior Dylan Scherer,
the Golden Knights lost once earned its rst state champi- gle past third to score senior became just the second team
again to private school C.G. onship. John Smith with the winning in school history to nish DOUG MCFARLAND/FOR THE LCN, FILE PHOTO
Finney by 10 points. The Geneseo softball team run and send Bulldog Country undefeated and unscored Avons Maxx Countryman
On the girls side, three and its experienced offense into pandemonium. upon all season en route to a pitched the Braves to the
juniors Julia Mertsock of rode the arm of sophomore For Geneseo, Jessica Rus- team sectional title. Scherer Section V Class C2 title.
Letchworth, Jadyn Abrams of pitcher Jessica Ruskauff all kauff allowed just four earned not only defended his singles
Bath and Alex Button of Way- the way to the programs rst runs during her softball teams title at sectionals as well, but But perhaps no moment
land-Cohocton averaged sectional title, while Avon and four sectional victories culmi- established himself as one of this spring was bigger than
at least 17 points per contest. Livonia upheld their strong nating with a 1-0 shutout win the premier tennis players in Kyle Rollins Federation
Abrams led the LCAA with 20.1 reputations on the baseball over Gananda, whereRuskauff the area. He will further his ca- championship in the pen-
points, while Gillian Flint of diamond. also provided the games lone reer next season at Houghton tathlon on the Geneseo track
Cal-Mum led all seniors with a Livonia lefty pitcher Reid run with an inside-the-park College. and eld team. By winning
17.1 points per game average. VanScoter threw an unthink- home run. The Wayland-Cohocton the prestigious award, Rollins
Flint showed she was the best able 21 strikeouts with a With the softball win, Gen- softball team also won its third solidied himself as one of
player in the LCAA earning the no-hitter in his teams 12-0 eseos Emily Podhorecki be- sectional title in ve years in the best athletes in New York
coveted LCN Player of the Year sectional win over Hornell. came the LCAAs lone athlete Class B, while their coach, State. At sectionals, he broke
award for the rst time. VanScoter also picked up the to win a sectional title in all Dave Stewart, eclipsed the the Section V record with 3,820
Meanwhile in wrestling, victory in both the state quar- three of her sports this season. 400-career win mark. points in the same event
48 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Graduation 2017