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Welcome to issue two of Cook Vegan.
Published by
Prime Impact Events & Media
We have some really exciting news for you: after a very Park House, The Business Centre,
successful launch issue, and being overwhelmed with Earls Colne Business Park, Earls Colne,
messages from readers who loved what we are doing, we Colchester, Essex CO6 2NS
have decided to go from six issues annually to 10. That T: 01787 224040 | F: 01787 223535
means even more vegan food, cooking tips, and nutritional |
info throughout the year.
The essential guide to tofu in issue one was very popular. Editor
Maria Chiorando
This time we’re tackling another vegan favourite: jackfruit.
Lots of people may have heard about how this fascinating
ingredient can be used to make a ‘pulled pork’ style dish. Designed by
We take the techniques down to their basics and guide you Sarah Petch
through the process step by step. Let us know about your success stories.
We’re lucky to be able to share the wisdom of Stephanie from Mallorca’s Vegan
Gastronomy Culinary Academy-this issue she writes all about the tools any kitchen Art Director
Emily Saunders
needs to be equipped with. With a few simple basics and the odd gadget or two, you
can cook like a pro.
We want to include everyone in Cook Vegan-whether a seasoned plant-eater, or Publishing Director
just vegan-curious. For that reason, we decided to add a vegan glossary to this issue-a Keith Coomber
list of some slightly unusual ingredients (gomasio anyone?) that you may not have
heard of before, but you will sometimes find in plant-based recipes.
Managing Director
We also look at vitamin B12-a crucial element of everyone’s diet. Worrying about
Julie Saunders
potential B12 deficiency is very common among those considering (or following) a
vegan lifestyle. Our guide looks at the issue in detail.
Delving into our nutritionist’s notebook we’ve come up with chia seeds. These little Advertising Sales
powerhouses continue to be very fashionable. But what are they-and why should you Chloe White 44 (0)1787 224040
eat them?
On top of this we have pages of news (there are some very interesting new plant-
Subscriptions and Back Issues
based products hitting the shelves) as well as, of course, loads of recipes, from high
Laura Bull 44 (0)1787 224040
end to super quick.
As ever, we’re keen to hear from you. Did you try out any of the recipes?
Tweet/Facebook/Instagram a pic. Really enjoyed something in the magazine-or Promotions and Blogger Community
really didn’t like something? Drop us an email. And if there’s something you’d like Jane Lambert 44 (0)1787 224040
to read about, just let us know.

Marketing and Press
Have a great month, Hannah Irons 44 (0)1787 224040

Bruce Sawford 44 (0)1280 860185
Maria Chiorando, Editor
Yolande Arnold 44 (0)1787 224040

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CONTENTS September 2016

We give our verdict on the latest 34 TOMATOES AND HERBS
Viva! Health's Veronika Powell takes 14 COOK LIKE A PRO 37 RAW SUSHI
a look at these nutritional powerhouses PART TWO: TOOLS OF THE TRADE 39 CAULIFLOWER PIZZETTAS
Take your cookery up to the next 40 TOMATO, ALMOND AND MINT CROSTINI
50 VEGAN GLOSSARY level with our kitchen skills series 41 SPICY ROASTED CHICKPEAS
Our key to the wonderful world 42 BAGELS
of plant-based ingredients 114 LOOSE ENDS 43 CRUMPETS
Make the most of your leftover ingredients with 44 SHIITAKE STIR-FRY
Once you understand some simple 46 BAKED ONION BHAJIS
steps you can create perfect dishes RECIPES 47 SIMPLE SALAD WITH MUSTARD
misunderstood vitamin by Dr Justine Butler 21 BEER MARINATED SEITAN 49 COURGETTE CHICKPEA FRITTERS
food, product news, and gadgets 26 MEXICAN RICE WITH PEAS AND LEEKS
Our pick of the best new vegan goods 30 KIWI, KALE AND CHIA PARFAIT 57 CAULIFLOWER AND KALE PAKORAS





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75 TUMERIC LATTE 103 2 MINUTE HEALTHY 'ICE CREAM' interactive pinch-and-pull option.
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A round up of the latest vegan
food, product news, and gadgets

Umami, the concept of the fifth taste originating from Japan,
literally means ‘savoury deliciousness’. It is not actually an
ingredient, but rather a word to describe the unusual combination
of the flavours of the paste and the effect it has on the flavours of a

dish. Traditionally made by adding a Koji culture to rice and leaving
it to naturally ferment, it is then mixed with soya sauce and
fresh ginger to create this incredibly moreish and versatile
condiment. A c a u s e f o r c e le b r a ti o n
Now Clearspring has released two flavours
of umami paste-chilli and ginger. Both are It can sometimes be difficult to tell if
suitable for vegans, and both add a alcoholic drinks are suitable for vegans…
substantial depth to cooking. This enter Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco,
Japanese umami paste can be added
a low sugar prosecco with less than half
to unlimited recipes to lift and bring
the sugar content usually added.
out the ingredients' full flavours.
Can be used all year round in soups, This organic prosecco is produced
stews and marinades or as a dip. Just from grapes grown on the south facing
a squeeze or two can transform an slopes in the foothills of the Dolomites,
average dish into something close to Soligo, north east Italy.
more special. Brand founder Amanda Thompson
says: “I was raised on a sugar free
diet and now I’ve brought a brand
to market that offers a top quality
Lemongrass portfolio of champagne, prosecco
and sparkling wine but with no
launches in UK or low sugar. We’re set to take the
While it’s been relatively unknown in the UK,
drinks world by storm.”
Lemongrass tea has long been a popular drink in parts
of Asia, where it is enjoyed for its flavour as well as
relaxing properties.
Natur’s Boutique has combined lemongrass with green tea in

Nuturally delicious
its new teabags.
According to a spokesman for the brand: “The
plant takes its flavour, after which it is named, Here at Cook Vegan we love nut butter, and our
due to its high content of a natural substance current obsession is from Nutural World. This
called citral. Research is starting to uncover Almond and Coconut Spread has a hint of vanilla,
that there is more to citral than a lemony giving it a deliciously sweet edge. The almonds
taste and smell however and that it is are roasted before being stone-milled, meaning
capable of helping certain muscles relax. the flavour is preserved more effectively. And
Whether this is why those who drink it we’re not alone in our admiration-the product
find it so calming is not yet fully clear, has just scooped a prestigious FreeFrom Award
but it appears that there is more as a commended item. Absolutely delicious on
to lemongrasses’ benefits apple wedges, toast, crackers, or banana slices or
than just hearsay.” in smoothies, it comes in both smooth and
crunchy options.

Supermarket giant Iceland is now selling a dairy-free and vegan ice-cream-made
from bananas and avocados.
Named ‘Nana Nice Cream’ after its two main ingredients–banana and avocado-
the new treat features nothing but pure fruit and vegetables and comes in three
flavours: Banilla, Strawbana and Choconana.
Neil Nugent, head of product development at Iceland said: “At Iceland, we’re
putting a refreshed focus on innovation, particularly where there is obvious demand.
“With avocados now outselling oranges in the UK, and more people than ever
cutting sugar and dairy from their diets, we wanted to provide our shoppers with
the ultimate guilt free treat, just in time for summer. July is actually National Ice
Cream Month, so what better time to launch it in store.”

The stylish way to pack a lunch NEW FLAVOURS INTO THE FOLD
Many vegans are interested in the environment-and how to reduce Pip & Nut makes butters that are free from refined
their own footprint. These reusable lunch carriers from Keep Leaf are a sugars, palm oil and additives. Now the company is
great idea. adding to its tasty range with one limited edition flavour,
and one permanent addition.
Instead of throwing away non-biodegradable plastic bags every day,
The limited edition variety- Crunchy Maple Peanut
you can pack your sandwiches into a cotton bag with a water-resistant
Butter (250g), is naturally sweetened with a drizzle of
polyester liner. The bags are washing
Canadian maple syrup and has an extra peanutty bite.
machine and dishwasher (top level) safe. It’s the first in a series of exciting Limited Edition
A Slice of Green’s two-tier lunchbox flavours and will be available for nine months.
is made from stainless steel and has a Cashew Butter (250g) is made using just roasted
separate mini container which fits inside. cashews and a pinch of sea salt.
Free from plastic and lead, this chic Pippa Murray, Pip & Nut founder says: “We love to
container is responsibly made in India. experiment with different nut butter flavours and our
The hardy design means new limited edition series is a chance for me to let my
you can use this tin again imagination take over and come up with some never
and again-cutting down seen before combinations
on more disposable “We’re thrilled that nut butter sales are soaring across
plastic containers. the nation and believe our new additions will continue
to get people talking, experimenting and reaching for
that spoon...”

Classic brand Le Creuset has added another item to its iconic line of cookware. The
new-style Cast Iron 26cm Square Grillit has a specially designed ribbed interior that
produces distinctive, professional char-lines-perfect for grilled veg and tofu.
The grillit achieves an even, high-surface temperature whilst only using a low to medium
heat setting, so once added to the pan the food’s exterior seals quickly, locking in moisture,
nutrients and flavour. The interior of the pan is coated with a hard-wearing specialist
satin black enamel finish, specially designed for high-surface temperature use.
It’s available in a range of kaleidoscopic colours (we love the fresh and summery mint
green) and come with a lifetime guarantee.
Signature Cast Iron Square Grillit (cool mint), £99,

‘Real food’
nutritional shakes
Dairy and gluten free, Purition’s
alternatives to junk-filled meal
replacements and protein shakes
are made with a cocktail of
natural ingredients. Ready in just
30 seconds, with perfect portion
control, they are available in three
vegan flavours-raw hemp, vanilla
and chocolate.
By combining real foods, like
BIG SMOKE SET TO nuts, seeds and coconut, they
have formulated a mix with only

250 calories per serving that can
be mixed with dairy free milk
or yoghurt alternatives, such as
VegFest will be returning to almond milk or soya yoghurt, to
London this October. create a healthy meal replacement,
With its inimitable style, the an extra protein boost or a post
exercise recovery shake.
vegan extravaganza will take
They can also be used in cooking
place at Olympia, hosting over and baking.
250 stalls, high profile speakers, According to nutritionist Amanda
and an intersectional conference Instant porridge Hamilton: “The protein, healthy fats
among other activities. minus milk and fibre in every mouthful means
The show aims to cover all they taste amazing, feed your body,
It can be hard to find a porridge
areas of living a vegan lifestyle, and make you feel fuller for longer.
suitable for camping (or just for
so along with the tasty food (and If you have quality food or quality
on the go) as most contain milk
delicious discounts) vegans and ingredients that help you feel fuller
powder. Happily, MOMA has now
the veg-curious can find out all for longer, that helps hugely. I can't
launched a new variety that is
about fitness and the latest in over-emphasise that enough.”
suitable for vegans.
vegan theory. There will be also The coconut and chia porridge pot
be live music, cookery demos takes minutes to make-simply add
and different ‘zones’ for each age water, stir, and wait. It’s hearty,
group. tasty, and filling. And with no added
To find out more about VegFest, sugar, it’s also healthier than many
grab and go options.
which takes place on October 22
and 23, visit

High street sandwich chain Pret a Manger opened its Little Veggie Pop Up shop on
Broadwick Street, Soho on June 1 this year-the plan was to keep it in place for one month.
Following its unprecedented success, chiefs are now considering their options when it
comes to their veg-based options on the high street.
According to CEO Clive Schlee: “The warmth of the public response has taken us
completely by surprise. Sales at Broadwick St, far from falling, are up over 70 per cent on
last year. The shop is packed and this is the first time I have seen customers in London
sitting on the floor to eat their lunch. The energy of the shop is also quite remarkable. A
meat free environment seems to generate an infectious positive energy.
“The original idea was to close the shop after four weeks, but we are now inclined to
keep it open slightly longer to see whether demand is still as strong once the initial hype
dies down. There are some who would like to convert every fourth Pret into a Veggie Pret,
and to explore its success in other markets too.”

Every spoonful is packed with the
tasty ancient grain sorghu, fortified
with vitamins free from gluten

Gluten-free and plant-based cereal
Nutribix has taken home the award
for ‘best breakfast food’ (as well as
best overall winner) at the prestigious
FreeFrom Food Awards.
This tasty cereal is made from
wholegrain sorghum, the latest super
grain. Containing fibre, proteins and
vitamins, it's a good breakfast food
for plant-based eaters and coeliac
disease sufferers alike. It is low in
sugar with just 1g per serving, and
tastes delicious with almond or
soy milk.

The latest express product to hit supermarket shelves is this
innovative selection of ready-made quinoa pouches.
Quinola Mothergrain contains organic quinoa-a vegetable protein that is
full of vitamins as well as being gluten and cholesterol free. Unlike wheat or
rice, quinoa is a complete protein-containing all eight of the essential amino
acids. It’s packed with dietary fibre, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. NASA
has even declared quinoa 'the most perfect food' you can find in the world.
This high protein grain comes in three flavours-golden vegetables, Indian-
style chickpeas and wholegrain. The pouches can be eaten cold or heated up
in the microwave, making them a good choice for lunches away from home,
or easy-cook dinners.

Better than
olive oil?
A British oil is looking
to topple popular
extra virgin olive off
the top spot.
Rapeseed oil from
Borderfields is made
entirely from home-
grown crops. Each
batch of rapeseed is
gently pressed and
filtered five times
-said to result in a
pure, simple product with a subtle, buttery flavour in each
and every bottle.
The oil contains half the saturated fat of olive oil and a near
perfect blend of omegas 3, 6 and 9, as well as a high ‘smoke
point’-which means it maintains its natural benefits at high
temperatures-offering a deliciously healthy and delightfully
versatile option for roasting, frying, drizzling, sizzling
and baking.
Borderfields oils come in a range of flavours including
original as well as chilli, basil, lemon and garlic varieties.

Kitchenware company Joseph Joseph has released
new tools as part of its baking range-just ahead of
Bake Off season.
The two tools are called glaze and fin. Glaze is
a refillable silicone pastry brush, designed to be
mess-free. It features two interchangeable non-drip
heads-perfect for glazing your vegan masterpieces.
The flexible silicone bristles are easy
to clean and gentle to touch so
toppings and cakes won’t be
dented and the bristles won’t
fall out.
Fin is a silicone bowl scraper
allowing the baker more
movement and ensuring no
mixture goes to waste. This
flexible bowl scraper comes with
an integrated foot meaning the tool
can stand upright when not in use,
preventing messy and unhygienic
worktops and making storage easier.

1 2

1 Create perfect, flavourful, crispy veg with this
kit. Simply mix the pack contents with water, 3 4
coat your veg (we love cauliflower) and fry.
Hari Ghotra Pakora Vegetables,

2 This delicious chocolate combines innovative
flavours (rose oil anyone?) with high quality raw
ingredients. Intense and flavourful.
Conscious Organ Raw Chocolate,

3 Crunchy and moreish, these pitta chips come
in a range of flavours, some of which-including
the spicy chilli, are vegan. Perfect with a cooling
Soffles Pitta Chips,
4 This satisfyingly thick yoghurt has 7g of
protein per pot, it’s naturally low in sat fat, a
great source of calcium, and vitamins D and
B12-and it’s delicious too.
Alpro Go On Mango,

5 The brand behind these healthy fruit and
nut bars has launched two tasty new flavours-
mocha & caffeine and double choc & chilli-
perfect for those looking for a twist on the
traditional raw bar concept.
Good Full Stop bars,

6 It can be difficult to find a cruelty-free
sunscreen. This one is certified by animal
charity Peta, and contains no chemical actives,
6 7
no synthetic fragrances, and no parabens. This
US brand launched in the UK earlier this year.
Bare Republic Natural Mineral Sunscreen
SPF 40,

7 Rethink your traditional cuppa with this
innovative new brand. To counteract the loss
of nutrients through the bag, this tea is ground
to dissolve in hot water. We love the zesty citrus
zen flavour.
Teaforia Citrus Zen,

BOOK REVIEWSWe give our verdict on the latest plant-based guides

Microcosm Publishing RUBY ROTH Race Point Publishing
£8.99 Andrews McMeel £14.99
Publishing £14.99
Filled with rustic traditional In this book, blogger turned
Italian recipes and creative Jam-packed full of exciting author Chris Anca shows you
food-inspired illustrations, recipes and charming how to make tasty, nutritious
‘Mama Tried’ presents illustrations, this book vegetable noodle meals in
cooking as an art form. encourages children to get minutes using a spiralizer.
Artist and vegan chef Cecilia involved with the cooking From courgettes and carrots
has displayed her favourite process. Inside you will find to cucumbers and apples,
cruelty-free recipes for 60 enticing plant-based you can transform your
home-cooked Italian food recipes with fun titles kids ordinary veggies and fruit
in an aesthetically pleasing will love. These include into a scrumptious bowl of
yet easy to follow format. the Un-Stick in the Mud noodles with the help of this
Throughout, Cecilia allows Chocolate Smoothie and cookbook. This noodle guide
readers to adjust quantities Tiger Stripes Seaweed contains over 90 vegan-
and ingredients to suit their Salad. To begin with, author friendly, gluten-free recipes
discretions and taste buds. Ruby Roth introduces divided into seven chapters
Organised alphabetically it kitchen safety in an easy to -breakfasts, appetisers and
features dishes ranging from follow child-friendly format snacks, soups, raw entrees,
seitan scallops with capers which discusses topics from entrees, desserts, and extras.
and thyme, to homemade chopping to boiling. With Vibrant, colourful photography
lemon liqueur, and few steps in each recipe and adorns the pages throughout,
aphrodisiacs such as saffron easily sourced ingredients, making the dishes look even
and asparagus lasagna. kids won’t be intimidated more appetising than they
This quirky recipe book by the procedure or by the already sound. Whether you
is the perfect companion foods they are working with prefer carrot noodles with
for any experimental cook or eating. Whilst the guide zesty garlic sauce or ranch
or anyone that enjoys is geared towards children, noodle salad with BBQ
delicious authentic Italian adults will thoroughly enjoy almonds, there is a dish to
cooking. these drinks and dishes too. suit every taste.

like a pro
Take your cookery up to the next
level with our kitchen skills series

PART TWO: Tools of the trade

ant to cook like a (vegan) pro? My first
secret is to use the best tools. Whenever
I teach cooking classes, I always stress
the importance of quality tools. They
will last you a lifetime, while shoddy ones will
end up costing you more as you need to replace
them. They may not function at all and be a bit
frustrating. I recently prepared sushi for some
friends during a yoga retreat at a lovely private
villa in the mountains in Majorca, Spain. The
colander in the kitchen was obviously purchased
at a discount store, and during rinsing, half the
grains of rice fell through the gigantic holes. Mildly
annoying, it served its purpose to remind me about
the importance of top notch items for this article.

In addition to saving money (in the long run) well-crafted
tools make cooking more enjoyable. While I love to
cook, I still want my time for the beach and other leisure
activities, too. Tools that are properly manufactured feel
better in your hands and also contribute to quicker and
easier cooking.
Several essential kitchen items exist regardless of
various factors that impact cooking. These I believe are
great in every kitchen.


One good knife
It need not be expensive, but it does need
to be sharp. I typically sharpen my knife
once per week, but of course depends upon

Best blender you can afford
I use my blender every day. For soups and purees, gadget can even chop up an avocado pit. This jar is taller
to smoothies, to vegan pâtés and cheeses. Small and comes with a plunger/tamper to help mix up bits.
'bullet' style blenders are fine to start with but they are After years of use the jars do become a bit cloudy but
not as versatile as full size blenders. Various brands they are excellent machines. They do not offer a dry nut
exist on the market. At our vegan school we teach with jar, so for this reason we teach with the Blendtec. Many
Blendtec, a very good brand that is easy to clean and students with a Vitamix
has both a wet jar (or principal jar) and a dry jar. The who use the dry jar wish
main jar is used for sauces, smoothies and they had the versatility.

general blending of drinks, to baby food,
soups, and salsas. The dry jar makes Lemon juicer
nut butters, grinds flax seeds (for Lemons make
optimum health it is best to grind almost everything
seeds just prior to use versus buying taste better. I was first
ground flax meal) and blends fresh introduced to a lemon
herbs into divine pestos. The dry jar juicer by a friend’s mother
also makes fantastic cheese from raw who had every kitchen
nuts and even glorious homemade facial gadget known to mankind
scrubs - inexpensive, easy, and no and she told me this was
animal testing. what she buys for every
Another classic blender is the bride as a must have. I like
Vitamix. Also very powerful this the style that juices directly

my blender and I save
counter space. After blending, simply
pour smoothie of fruits/vegetables into nut milk bag and
squeeze. The remaining pulp can be mixed with spices
and dehydrated for tasty snacks.

Piping Bags
These are usually available in specialty baking
shops as well as online. I like the disposable ones,
but reusable ones are available. In a pinch you can
use a plastic bag, simply cut off the corner and fill with
sauce/frosting/pate. In the photo above I did not even
have access to a plastic bag, so I used about ½ metre of
plastic wrap and twisted it to form an almost piping bag.
into the fruit, but you then usually need to We teach the best thing to have in the kitchen is a good
strain the seeds/pips. The illustrated juicer imagination.
is fine and catches the seeds, but I like the

hand control of the smaller one. There are Mini muffin pan
other versions that squeeze a half lemon or I love to entertain and make
lime, but many fruits can exceed size of canapes. These mini pans are
apparatus, so I usually refrain from great for both savoury and sweet
this type. dishes, such as mini polenta bites

with creamy coconut and chilli
Zester mushroom ragout.
For decor. (see image below)

Baking moulds

I use these for making
Pen and paper vegan cheeses, shaping
Or a computer to make notes. grains, such as cous cous, rice, and more.

Various other factors can affect the addition of other
Microplane tools in your kitchen including, how many people are in
For grinding my the household, and a desire to eat more raw (juicer then
favourite spices recommended).
such as tonka, nutmeg, There is no one perfect setup for all. The best thing is to
ginger, fresh turmeric. try various tools and get into the habit of cooking more for

yourself and others. Make it easy, fun and a group activity.
Nut milk bag
For straining.
While we juice STEPHANIE PRATHER is the
on occasion at our founder of Vegan Gastronomy
school, I have become Culinary Academy in Spain
accustomed to using my and she writes the world’s first
blender to make juices. vegan column in the Majorca
At home I have no juice Daily Bulletin each Tuesday.
machine. It is much For more information, visit
quicker and easier
to make them with

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
This homemade ketchup 1½ tsp paprika
packs an incredible flavour with 2 tsp chilli flakes
so many nutritious ingredients. ½ tsp dried oregano
It is mildly hot (something you ½ tsp dried basil
can adjust to your taste), faintly Sea salt flakes, and
sweet, and rich. It can be eaten freshly cracked black
by the spoonful, but it also pepper, to taste
pairs well in any recipe that
calls for chilli sauce or ketchup- 1 Place all ingredients in a
sandwiches, pasta, sauces, blender and process until silky
soups, dips, and spreads. smooth with the consistency
of ketchup.
Makes: 200-300g (¾-1 cup) 2 Spoon into airtight jars, leaving
no air bubbles, if possible. Cover
About 60g (½ cup) tightly and refrigerate. The ketchup
packed semi-dried tomatoes is best when fresh but can be
(if using shop bought dried stored in the refrigerator for up
tomatoes, soak them in water to 1-2 weeks.
for 2 hours, then drain and use)
2 medium Roma tomatoes, • Recipe from Nourishing Noodles:
roughly chopped Spiralize Nearly 100 Plant-Based Recipes
2 Medjool dates, pitted for Zoodles, Ribbons, and Other Vegetable
Spirals by Chris Anca, published by Race
1 small garlic clove Point Publishing (£14.99), is out now.
5 tbsp cold-pressed extra virgin Photography by Chris Anca.

te d
s c ely n
c ipe lusiv ega
Re exc ok V
C o

T ime for a

Mexican Feast!
Create a table full of Mexican delights that all happen to be totally vegan too. Add
bowls of green rice, smashed avocados with lime zest, pink pickled onions, and slices
of radishes and cucumber so everyone can fill their own soft corn tacos, and dig in.

SMOKY BBQ CHIPOTLE BEANS 2 In a large pan, heat the oil and gently
sweat the onion, adding the garlic in
Serves: 6 after a few minutes.
3 Using a food processor or stick
2 tomatoes blender, blitz the roasted tomatoes
1 tsp sugar with the entire tin of chipotle chillies,
Sprinkle of salt including the adobo sauce. Add to
1 tsp olive oil the pan.
3 tsp sunflower oil 4 Next add the oregano, rosemary,
1 white onion cumin, cinnamon and bay leaf and stir
4 cloves garlic, peeled on a medium heat so the tomato liquid
½ tin chipotles in adobo sauce* begins to reduce.
1 tsp oregano 5 Add in the kidney beans and black
1 tsp rosemary leaves, minced beans, plus the chopped coriander

Cook's Info 1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp ground cinnamon
6 Simmer for another twenty minutes
*These are chipotle 1 bay leaf until the beans begin to break down.
peppers in hot sauce, and can 400g (1½ cups) kidney beans If the mixture begins to stick to the
be found in supermarkets. 400g (1½ cups) black beans pan, add a little water and continue to
Waitrose makes a 'cook's 1 bunch of coriander with stalks cut off reduce.
brand' version. and finely chopped 7 Serve with torn coriander leaves and
Coriander stalks, finely chopped a drizzle of sour cream.

Per serving: 1 Preheat the oven to 150°C/Gas mark • Recipe by Meriel Armitage of Club Mexicana.Club
2/300°F. Cut the tomatoes in half and Mexicana specialise in making 100% vegan Mexican
215 4.6g 0.7g 4.2g 0.4g 12g street food for festivals and private catering (www.
place on an oven tray, drizzle over sugar,, follow on Twitter @clubmexicana).
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
salt and a little olive oil. Roast for an hour. Photography and food styling by Ava Szajna-Hopgood
Top tip
Check online at
to make sure your
beer is vegan

Serves: 6

200g (7oz) seitan, thinly sliced*
1 red onion, thinly sliced
3 garlic cloves, chopped small
Juice of 1-2 limes
330ml (1½ cups) dark beer or ale
Handful of coriander (leaves only)

1 Place the thinly sliced seitan in a
medium-sized bowl. Add in the red
onion, garlic, lime juice and beer.
2 Using your hands, mix all the
ingredients together so all the flavours
can marinade together. Cover and leave
in the fridge for 2-6 hours.
3 Remove the seitan from the marinade, Per serving:
and then save back the liquid using a
sieve to separate it from the onions and






Top tip
Fresh-baked cornbread is
4 Fry the seitan on a medium heat until
JALAPENO CORNBREAD the perfect way of adding
browned on all sides.
a different side dish to the
5 Add in the marinade and reduce until Serves: 6
table- it’s easy to travel
only a small amount of liquid remains in
with too, so ideal for pot
the pan, which has now thickened. 520ml (2 cups) soya milk
lucks and parties
6 Serve with warm tacos, fresh 2 tsp apple cider vinegar
guacamole, sour cream (unsweetened 450g (3 cups) cornmeal*
soya or coconut yoghurt mixed with 225g (2 cups) plain flour 1 Preheat oven to 180°C (Gas Mark 4,
lemon juice to taste), finely sliced lettuce 2 tsp baking powder 350°F) grease and line a 20cm baking
and your favourite chilli sauce. 80ml (⅓ cup) sunflower oil pan.
*See our vegan glossary on page 50. 2 tbsp maple syrup 2 In a medium bowl, whisk together the
1/2 tsp salt soya milk and the vinegar and set aside.
• Recipe by Meriel Armitage of Club Mexicana. Handful of jarred jalapenos 3 In a large bowl, sift together the
Club Mexicana specialise in making 100% vegan
Mexican street food for festivals and private cornmeal, flour, baking powder and salt.
*This is different to cornflour. It is ground
catering (, follow on 4 Back in the soya milk bowl, add the
Twitter @clubmexicana). Photography and food from dried maize and can usually be found
oil and maple syrup, and whisk for
styling by Ava Szajna-Hopgood in the world food aisle.
around two minutes, until it is foamy
and bubbly.
5 Pour the soya milk mixture into the
dry ingredient bowl and mix together
using a large wooden spoon or a firm
spatula. Then pour the batter into the
prepared baking pan and carefully lay
on the jalapeno slices over the top.
6 Bake 30-35 minutes, until a toothpick
inserted into the centre comes out
7 Remove from the oven and allow to
cool for ten minutes. Then slice into
squares and serve warm with the rest of
your feast.

Per serving: • Recipe by Meriel Armitage of Club Mexicana.Club
Mexicana specialise in making 100% vegan Mexican
165 0.7g 0.1g 3.0g 0.0g 27g street food for festivals and private catering (www.
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein, follow on Twitter @clubmexicana).
Photography and food styling by Ava Szajna-Hopgood

Top tip
Madeira wine can be tricky to get
hold of but it adds a real clout of
smoky flavour to the filling here.
A bottle should last a few
years in your kitchen store
cupboard, so it’s definitely
worth the investment.


SWEET POTATO EMPANADAS need more flour or water, add until it is
WITH SMOKY LEEK AND TEMPEH firm enough to roll with.
6 Gather into a ball, divide each half and
Serves: 6 cover in cling film. Refrigerate for one
For the pastry: 7 In the meantime, you can get on with
2 medium-sized sweet potatoes the filling. In a large pan, heat the oil and
180g (1½ cups) plain flour onion, just before it begins to brown.
70g (1 cup) whole-wheat flour Add in the leek and sweat it for a further
70g (½ cup) fine cornmeal two minutes.
1 tsp sea salt 8 Add in the tempeh, followed by the
2 tbsp coconut oil, at room garlic and cumin.
temperature 9 Pour in the Madeira wine and liquid
aminos or soy sauce, along with the
For the filling: tomato puree and water. Stir the mixture
2 tbsp sunflower oil through so everything is well combined,
1 small onion, finely chopped and leave to simmer for five minutes so
1 large leek, chopped small it can thicken.
200g (1 cup) pack of tempeh*, 10 Season to taste, then take off the
crumbled heat and transfer to a separate bowl to
3 garlic cloves, chopped small cool.
1 tbsp cumin seeds 11 Now it’s time to assemble your
2 tbsp Madeira wine empanadas. Preheat the oven to 180°C
1 tbsp of liquid aminos or soy sauce (Gas Mark 4, 350°F) and grease and line
4 tbsp tomato puree a large baking tray.
2 tbsp water 12 On a lightly floured surface, unwrap
1 tsp dried oregano the first ball of dough, and roll out to
Salt and pepper to taste about 5mm thick. Using a 10cm circle
*See our vegan glossary on page 50 cutter, stamp out as many circles as you
1 Preheat the oven to 200°C. (Gas Mark 13 Put a heaped teaspoon of filling in
6/400°F). Prick the surface of the sweet the centre of each pastry circle. Moisten
potatoes with a knife and roast for one the edges with a little water, then press
hour. the edges together to form a filled
2 Remove from oven and split the skin of empanada.
the potato so the flesh can cool slightly. 14 Place on the baking tray and repeat
3 In a mixing bowl, mix both the flours until all the pastry is used up. Crimp the
with the cornmeal and salt. edges of the empanadas with a fork to
4 In a small bowl, mash the sweet seal, and brush over with a little soy milk
potato with coconut oil until smooth. to add a shine.
5 Add the sweet potato to the flour 15 Bake for 20 to 25 minutes until the
and mix until a smooth dough forms. It empanadas have browned, and serve
should come easily into a ball, so if you with a fresh salad or sweetcorn salsa.

Per serving:
• Recipe by Ava Szajna-Hopgood of Guac and Roll.
(, follow on Twitter @ 449 10.6g 3.6g 17.0g 0.9g 15g
guacandrolluk) Photography and food styling by kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
Ava Szajna-Hopgood


CHURRO BITES WITH DARK 8 Do the same for the rest of the
CHOCOLATE SAUCE POTS mixture, until you have a tray full of little
churro bites.
Serves: 6
9 For the chocolate pots, break up
225ml (1 cup) water a 100g bar of dark chocolate, and
2 ½ tbsp caster sugar (plus a little microwave for two minutes, until it has
more for sprinkling over the finished almost melted (test at one minute to
churros) be sure the chocolate doesn’t burn).
½ tsp salt Whisk the chocolate so it melts down
2 tbsp sunflower oil into a liquid, then pour in a little soya
260g (2 cups)plain flour cream at a time, until you have a rich,
1 tsp ground cinnamon (plus more gooey chocolate sauce. Spoon into shot
for sprinkling) glasses and plate up next to a pile of
Plenty of sunflower oil for frying churros.
100g (4 oz) plain dark chocolate
100ml (⅓ cup) soya cream • Recipe by Ava Szajna-Hopgood of Guac and Roll.
(, follow on Twitter @
guacandrolluk) Photography and food styling by
1 In a medium-sized pan, boil the water, Ava Szajna-Hopgood
then add in the sugar and salt until
Per serving:
dissolved. Stir in the oil, then remove
the pan from the heat. 315 11.0g 4.9g 15.0g 0.4g 5.7g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein

2 A little at a time, stir in the flour and
cinnamon until well combined.

3 Pour the mixture into a piping bag
with a large open star tip. Use your index
finger to stop the mixture coming out of
Top tip
the bottom. You can shape the churros
anyway you’d like. Simply
4 Get a tray or plate covered with track down a piping bag
greaseproof paper ready near your pan, and an open-star tipped
along with a little plate of cinnamon and nozzle (you’ll find them in
sugar. most baking sections of
5 Heat a small pan of oil. Squeeze small
bite-size amounts of churro batter out of
the piping bag and into the oil-making
sure to keep the piping nozzle a good
5cm clear of the surface of the oil. Use a
sharp knife to cut off the mixture once
you’ve squeezed about a tablespoon in
for frying.

6 Repeat, frying about two or three
churros in the pan at one time, until
each churro goes a slightly darker brown
colour, and have floated to the surface
of the oil.

7 Remove from the pan and place on
the greaseproof tray, sprinkling over
some cinnamon and sugar while the
batter is still hot.


MEXICAN RICE 1 Half fill a large pan with boiling water and add the rice.
Bring to the boil, then reduce to a simmer and cook for 20
Although rice is an easy and simple side dish that goes minutes until the rice is tender. Drain and set aside.
with most mains, it can get a little bit boring. Bring brown 2 Heat the oil in a large pan and add the onion and garlic.
rice to life with these Mexican flavours which can be paired Cook for 2 minutes, stirring continuously, until softened but
with any Mexican dish. not coloured.
3 Add the cooked rice to the pan along with the remaining
Serves: 4 ingredients, and season with salt and pepper. Bring to a
simmer and cook, covered, for 15 minutes, until all the
250 g/9 oz/generous 1 ¼ cups brown rice water has been absorbed.
1 tbsp olive oil 4 Serve hot, garnished with chopped coriander (cilantro)
1 medium onion, chopped and with a lime wedge alongside.
2 garlic cloves, crushed
200 ml/7 fl oz/generous ¾ cup passata • Edited recipes from Hungry Healthy Happy: How to nourish your body
without giving up the foods you love by Danii Martin, photography by Jacqui
100 ml/3½ fl oz/scant ½ cup vegetable stock Melville (Jacqui Small, £20), out now.
½ tsp cayenne powder
½ tsp ground cumin Per serving: Fat 3.5g, Saturates 0.6g, Sugars 5.6g, Salt 0.1g, Protein 3.5g
½ tsp paprika
3 tbsp chopped fresh coriander (cilantro), to garnish
lime wedges, to garnish
sea salt and black pepper

hi a S e e d s
Viva! Health’s Veronika Powell hia seeds are popping up drink called Iskiate, a mixture of chia
MSc, takes a close look at this everywhere these days, seeds, lemon and water for energy.
fashionable food from savoury snacks and As chia seeds gained popularity,
breads, to sweet desserts their cultivation expanded and
and breakfasts. Are they just a today, chia is grown in Mexico,
fun addition to your diet or do Guatemala, Nicaragua, Argentina,
they pack a powerful punch of Bolivia, Ecuador and Australia. New
nutrients? varieties of chia have been developed
in the United States for cultivation in
northern latitudes to prevent frost
Chia plant-salvia hispanica-belongs to Chia cultivation requires only
the mint family and naturally grows low amounts, or no, fertilizers and
in Central America, from Mexico doesn’t need too much water so it’s
to Nicaragua. Chia seeds were a a very environmentally-friendly
common food for the Aztecs and also crop. Also, there are no major pests
the Teotihuacan and Toltec people. or diseases affecting chia plants and
The Mexican Tarahumara tribe is essential oils in chia leaves have
famous for being the world’s greatest repellent properties against insects-
distance runners and they rely on a ideal for organic farming.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Nutrient 100g 1 teaspoon Recommended intake (adults)

his tiny little seed truly is a nutritional
powerhouse-it’s an excellent source of Energy kcal 486 17 2,000-2,500
energy, healthy omega-3 fats, protein, Energy kJ 2034 69 8,400-10,500
fibre, calcium, potassium, magnesium,
selenium and iron. Chia seeds can be mottled Protein (g) 16.5 0.6 45-55
black, grey or white but brown indicates the Fat (g) 31 1 75-99
seed is unripe. In terms of nutrition value
there’s no difference. - saturated fat 3.3 0.1 23-31 (maximum)
Chia seeds have the absolutely best fat - monounsaturated 2.3 0.08
composition possible-of total fat, 55 per cent 52-68
- polyunsaturated 23.6 0.08 (all types of unsaturated fats)
is omega-3 fats (that we need the most of), 18
per cent is omega-6 fats (that we need less of), Fibre (g) 34 1.2 18
six per cent omega-9 fats (we need some of
these too) and 10 per cent saturated fat (that Calcium (mg) 631 21 700
we don’t need but most oils contain a low Iron (mg) 7.7 0.3 8.7-14.8
Chia seeds are also packed with powerful Magnesium (mg) 335 11 270-300
antioxidants which not only help protect Potassium (mg) 407 14 3,500
our health but can also help reduce levels of
inflammation in the body. Latest studies show Selenium (µg) 55 1.9 60-75
that the antioxidant content is even higher Zinc (mg) 4.6 0.16 7-9.5
than previously thought.

HOW DO YOU USE CHIA? sphere. This is a great property of poppy seeds in the finished bake so if
the little seed because you can easily you don’t want that, use ground chia
Chia seeds can be eaten whole, raw make a nutritious chia pudding with and no one will know).
or cooked, ground into flour, mixed just chia seeds, sweetened plant milk
in drinks or pressed for oil. They and fresh or dried fruit-mixed in
have a neutral flavour which makes a ratio of about 1:10 chia to liquid
them very versatile. Ground seeds and soaked for a couple of hours or No, not really as far as we know. As
can be added to breads and sweet overnight. See with anything else, you shouldn’t rely
bakes or blended with smoothies or for recipes. on one food to provide most of your
soups for a nutrition boost. Whole Eating or drinking soaked chia nutrients so it’s good to mix things up
seeds can be included in a wide range seeds improves your hydration as so your diet doesn’t lack variety.
of foods for a little texture-cereal, they gradually release water when
granola bars, smoothies, salads, bean digested. Soaking also improves
burgers, crackers, pancakes. the availability of the nutrients and
Chia seeds absorb 10-12 times makes chia seeds easier to digest. Chia seeds are an excellent addition
their own weight in water and when But precisely because chia seeds to your diet and provide a bunch
soaked, they form a gelatinous absorb water so well, if you eat them of important nutrients. Growing
unsoaked, make sure you also drink of chia is also sustainable and
plenty of water so they don’t soak up environmentally friendly although
water from your body. chia seeds are an imported food so
Soaked chia seeds can also work the shipping obviously isn’t entirely
as an egg substitute in baked foods green.
because of the gel they produce. It might seem that chia seeds are
Use about one tablespoon expensive but you only use small
of seeds mixed with three quantities so when you do the maths
tablespoons of water to replace and don’t use excessive amounts, it’s
one egg-use ground flaxseed if good value for money in terms of its
you don’t want the seeds health benefits.
to be noticeable (whole
seeds would look like • Find out more at

KIWI, KALE & CHIA PARFAIT For the chia pudding: To Serve:
3 tbsp chia seeds of choice ripe green kiwi fruit, finely sliced
This smoothie can easily be the 1 tsp vanilla extract and chopped
dessert of a fancy dinner or served as 1 tbsp maple syrup nut butter
breakfast on a grey Tuesday morning – 250ml (1 cup) unsweetened plant fresh blueberries
that’s how versatile and, in fact, simple milk of choice granola of choice
it is. Packed with kale and avocado, it desiccated coconut
still tastes very sweet and fruity and For the Kiwi Fruit Smoothie: fresh lemon balm leaves, optional
looks rather stunning with its different ¼ ripe avocado, stone removed
layers. 1 ripe green kiwi fruit Add the avocado and kiwi fruit flesh
1 frozen banana to a blender along with the rest of the
Serves: 2 1 handful kale or spinach, stems kiwi fruit smoothie ingredients.
removed (organic if possible)
125 ml (4 fl oz/ ½ cup) coconut water
• Green Kitchen Smoothies: Healthy and colourful
(or coconut milk) smoothies for every day by David Frenkiel and
juice of ½ lime Luise Vindahl (Hardie Grant, £15.00)

CHIA & RASPBERRY For the Topping:
PUDDING hazelnut butter (or any
This raspberry variation other nut butter)
of a chia pudding is simple, green kiwi fruit, chopped
satisfying and very delicious fresh raspberries and
as a breakfast or snack. blackberries
You could even serve it for fresh mint leaves
dessert if you sweeten it hemp seeds
slightly by blending dates
with the milk. It is also 1 Put the raspberries in a
perfect as a quick, on-the- bowl and mash them with
go breakfast to keep in a fork. Stir in the coconut,
the fridge. Add whatever chia seeds and vanilla and
toppings you prefer. We like then pour over the milk and
to add some nut butter as mix until well combined.
it balances out the sweet 2 Stir every now and again
and tangy fruit flavours. for the first 10 minutes
to prevent lumps from
Serves: 2 or 1 large serving forming. Set aside to soak
in the fridge for at least 30
120g (4 oz/1 cup) fresh minutes or overnight. The
ripe raspberries or thawed pudding is ready when the
3 tbsp desiccated coconut consistency is thick and
3 tbsp black chia seeds jelly-like.
½ tsp ground vanilla or 3 Spoon into two medium-
vanilla extract sized glass jars or a large
250 ml (8 ½ fl oz/1 cup) one. Cover with a layer of
plant milk of choice nut butter and finish with
the fruit, a few mint leaves
and a sprinkling of hemp
seeds. It can keep for a
• Green Kitchen Smoothies: Healthy couple of days in the fridge
and colourful smoothies for every
day by David Frenkiel and Luise (without the toppings),
Vindahl (Hardie Grant, £15.00) if unopened.

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am b i t i on
Tomatoes are well known
for their anti-inflammatory and
anticancer carotenoid crusaders—
lycopene and beta-carotene. There
are hundreds of varieties, from the
common Roma, cherry, and grape to
Fresh flavours meet simple techniques
the less familiar heirloom varieties,
such as green zebra, black crimson,
cherokee purple, brandywine, and
red cup-each with its own distinct
taste and personality. Serve with
your favourite whole-grain baguette
or gluten-free bread for an amazing
starter to any meal.
Serves: 2

4 large ripe tomatoes, sliced in
¼-inch rounds
3 tbsp coarsely chopped or ripped
3 tbsp olive oil
Sea salt, to taste (flaked sea salt is
Freshly ground black pepper, to

1 Arrange the sliced tomatoes evenly
on a plate.
2 Sprinkle the fresh basil over
3 Drizzle with olive oil, finish with sea
salt and black pepper, and serve.

• Recipe from Crazy Sexy Kitchen, £18.99,

Per serving:

216 15.8g 2.3g 13.0g 1.0g 2.6g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein

Homemade raw ravioli may seem
daunting, but it’s actually quite easy.
And this rendition contains the powerful
phytonutrient betanin, which helps
to neutralise nasty free radicals in the
body. These revolutionary raviolis are
a splendid start to any Mediterranean-
inspired meal.

Serves: 4 to 6

For the marinade
65ml (¼ cup) olive or garlic oil
1 lemon
Sea salt, and freshly ground black
pepper, to taste
beetroot ravioli
2 large beetroots, peeled and sliced
into paper-thin rounds
Half recipe (1 cup) cashew cream
cheese (recipe below)

For the Asparagus Salad
½ bunch asparagus
1½ tbsp toasted pumpkin-seed oil,
or quality olive oil
½ lemon
Sea salt, and freshly ground black • Recipe from Crazy Sexy Kitchen,
pepper, to taste

For the garnish (optional) pepper in a bowl, and gently toss to mix 130ml (½ cup)water
Fresh minced chives ingredients well. 2 tbsp lemon juice
Aged balsamic vinegar Do this just before serving, to ensure you 1 tbsp nutritional yeast
Sea salt, and freshly ground black keep the crispness of the veggies. 1 tbsp onion powder
pepper, to taste 4 Serve: place 6 to 8 ravioli on each 1½ tbsp finely diced chives
plate. Arrange a handful of shaved and 15g (¼ cup) finely minced parsley
1 Prepare Marinade: Combine olive oil, dressed asparagus salad on top of the 1½ tbsp finely minced shallots or
squeeze of lemon, salt, and pepper in a ravioli. Garnish with minced chives, red onion
bowl. Add sliced beetroots and marinate a drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar, ½ tsp sea salt
for at least 1 hour to overnight. cracked pepper, and a pinch of sea salt Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
2 Prepare Ravioli: lay half of the sliced, if using.
marinated beetroots on a flat surface 1 Blend the soaked cashews with water
(these are the bottom layer of your and lemon juice in high-speed blender,
ravioli). Using a spoon, scoop one until smooth. Pause often to scrape
tablespoon of the cashew cream cheese Say hello to a smooth, savoury, sides of blender and fold ingredients to
in the center of each beetroot slice (you dairy-free alternative to cream cheese. ensure a creamy texture.
could also use a pastry bag). Cover the After trying this cheese-tastic delight, 2 Transfer the mixture to a bowl and
cheese with another sliced beetroot to you’ll forget about your old standbys. add the nutritional yeast, onion powder,
complete the ravioli. chives, parsley, shallots, salt, and
3 Prepare asparagus salad: shave the Makes: 1 recipe (makes 2 cups) pepper, mixing thoroughly.
asparagus into long, thin pieces using a Per serving:
veggie peeler. Combine the asparagus, 270g (2 cups) raw cashews, soaked for
322 27.4g 4.6g 5.0g 0.5g 7.9g
toasted pumpkin-seed oil, squeeze a few hours or overnight in water, to
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
of lemon, and a sprinkling of salt and soften

RAW SUSHI avocado. Carefully remove the avocado
slices from the skin and fan out along
This is a great way of using the top of your sushi roll, covering it
cauliflower rice. It doesn’t hold together completely.
as well as regular rice does, so if you’re 5 Repeat the process until you have
new to the technique, try making the used all of the ingredients-you should
sushi rolls with it first, before the more have enough to make about 4 more
complicated hand rolls. rolls. Finally, cut your rolls into 6 pieces
each and serve with the miso-ginger
Serves: 4 dipping sauce.

300g (1 cup) cauliflower rice
1 ½ tbsp rice vinegar
(or brown rice vinegar) Variations
1 tbsp nama shoyu Make these rolls in the same way,
(raw soy sauce, tamari soy sauce, replacing the red pepper, spring
or Bragg's liquid aminos) onions and enoki mushrooms with
1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice young asparagus spears, yellow
10 x 20-cm/8-inch square nori sheets pepper and carrot for an alternative
1 red pepper, finely sliced flavour combination. Or try hand-
2 spring onions rolling the sushi rice into bite-sized
60g (1 cup) enoki mushrooms pieces, top with a very thin slice of
1 avocado, cut in half and stoned/ pickled beetroot and wrap with a
pitted band of nori.

Miso-ginger Dipping Sauce Per serving:
170g (¾ cup) white miso paste 256 10.9g 1.8g 4.9g 4.7g 15.8g
1 tsp grated fresh ginger kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
1 tbsp grated orange zest
• Recipe from Plant-based Paleo by Jenna Zoe
Variation Fillings
1 yellow pepper
1 small carrot, finely sliced
12–15 young asparagus spears
1–2 pickled beetroots/beets, finely

1 Firstly, mix all of the ingredients for
the miso-ginger dipping sauce together
with 4 tablespoons of water in a small
bowl. Cover and set aside.
2 Next, make your ‘sushi rice’ by
combining the cauliflower rice with the
rice vinegar, nama shoyu and lemon
juice in a large mixing bowl.
3 Lay out one sheet of nori, place 2
heaped tablespoons of the sushi rice
along the bottom side of the sheet,
about 21⁄2 cm/1 inch up from the edge;
layer a few strips of red pepper, spring
onion and enoki mushrooms onto the
rice, then roll your seaweed around the
filling. You may want to seal your roll by
dabbing a little water along the edge.
4 Slice the avocado flesh into long, fine
strips whilst still in the skin, and then
make a cut widthways through the


Per serving:

247 15g 1.7g 7.2g 1.1g 12g
* Psyllium husk powder is a form of fibre. It
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
comes from the plantago plant and is readily
available in health food shops. • Recipe from Plant-based Paleo by Jenna Zoe
Often the hardest part about changing your diet is the
idea of change itself. My best tip for embracing change is to
make it seem like there isn’t any change going on at all. So
instead of saying ‘I’m giving up pizza’, say ‘I’m going to eat
pizzettas for lunch.’

Makes: 4

3 tbsp ground chia seeds
600g (2 cups) cauliflower rice
55g (½ cup) ground almonds
½ tsp dried oregano
½ tsp dried rosemary
½ tsp dried basil
½ tsp herb salt (or salt)
½ tsp baking powder
1 tbsp psyllium husk powder*

150g (¾ cup) ready-made tomato pasta sauce
100g (½ cup) grilled/broiled aubergine
80g (½ cup) chargrilled artichokes
6–8 cherry tomatoes
a bunch of fresh basil
a baking sheet, greased and lined with baking

1 For the cauliflower base, first mix the ground chia seeds
with 135 ml of water in a small mixing bowl. Whisk lightly
with a fork until well combined and put in the fridge to set.
2 Bring a pan of water to the boil over a medium–high
heat. Add the cauliflower rice, reduce the heat and cook for
7-8 minutes, until it softens. Strain the cooked cauliflower
using a fine mesh sieve to remove as much water as
possible, then set aside to cool completely. Drain again by
pressing the cauliflower with the back of a wooden spoon.
3 Preheat the oven to 200°C. (Gas Mark 6, 400°F)
4 Put the cauliflower in a large mixing bowl with the
ground almonds, dried herbs, salt and baking powder.
Add the chilled chia mixture, which should be gloopy and
thick, and mix well using your hands to ensure the chia is
well spread throughout the dough. Add the psyllium husk
powder, mix, cover and set aside for 30–45 minutes.
5 Cut the dough into four pieces and shape it into round
circles by hand, each about 71⁄2 cm/3 inches wide and 13
mm/1⁄2 inch thick. Place on the prepared baking sheet
and bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes. Remove
from the oven, turn the pizzettas over onto a clean sheet of
baking parchment, transfer to the baking sheet and bake
again for another 15 minutes.
6 Remove the bases from the oven and reduce the heat to
150°C. (Gas Mark 2, 300°F) Spread each base with tomato
pasta sauce and add the toppings. Return the pizzettas to
the oven for a final 5 minutes.
7 Remove from the oven, scatter with fresh basil and serve.
Mix unusual flavours to create delicious dishes

Top tip
The tomato, almond
and mint purée can also
make an excellent sauce
for a serving
of pasta.

• Recipe from Veggie Fast Food, Clarissa
& Florian Shen , Grubstreet Publishing

TOMATO, ALMOND 80g (1 cup) almonds cherry tomatoes and combine with
AND MINT CROSTINI 250g (2¼ cups) cherry tomatoes the toasted almonds, dried tomatoes,
50g (1 cup) sun-dried tomatoes in oil 2 tablespoons of the tomato oil, mint,
Crostini aren’t only served as 2 tsp dried mint garlic, salt and pepper in a blender
starters. With a side serving of salad, 1 clove garlic and finely purée.
they can easily satisfy two people. The 1 tsp salt 2 Cut the baguette into 15 2½cm thick
wonderful freshness of the mint makes freshly ground pepper slices. Brush with olive oil and place
this a special taste experience. 1 baguette on a baking tray lined with parchment
Makes: about 15 4 tbsp olive oil paper. Bake for 7 mins in the oven until
Preparation time: 30 minutes crispy. Remove from the oven and
Per serving: 1 Preheat the oven to 180°C (Gas Mark spread generously with the tomato,
6/350°F). For the tomato, almond and almond and mint purée. Return
261 12.1g 1.4g 2.8g 0.8g 8.1g
mint purée, coarsely chop the almonds to the oven for 5 mins and serve
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
and toast in a dry frying pan. Wash the immediately.


Crisps aren’t the only snacks to
nibble on while watching a film on
television or reading a good book.
These easy-to-make roasted chickpeas,
can be just as addictive, but without
giving you a guilty conscience.

Serves: 4
Preparation time: 50 minutes

2 x 400g tins (4 cups) chickpeas
(drained weight each tin 240g)
2 tbsp olive oil
½ untreated lemon (for grated zest)
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp agave syrup

1 Preheat the oven to 180°C (Gas Mark
6/350°F). Drain the chickpeas well in a
sieve, and pat dry between two sheets
of kitchen paper. Mix with the rest of
the ingredients in a bowl and season
with salt.
2 Spread the chickpeas
Top tip
out over a baking tray or Try these crispy
in a large ovenproof dish. balls in a salad
Roast for 40 minutes in the in place of
oven, mixing well after croûtons.
20 minutes.
Serve immediately.

• Recipe from Veggie Fast Food, Clarissa
& Florian Shen , Grubstreet Publishing

Per serving:

145 5.3g 0.7g 1.0g 0.3g 6.9g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein

Savour your time in the kitchen
making these homely treats

Makes: 10

200 g (7 oz/2 cups) almond flour
130 g (4½ oz/1 cup) buckwheat
flour (made by grinding activated
buckwheat groats in a high-speed
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp Himalayan pink salt or Celtic sea
230g (8 oz/½ cup) of puréed kelp
25g (1 oz/½ cup) peeled and roughly
chopped carrots
90 g (3¼ oz/½ cup) pitted medjool
3 tbsp lemon juice
3 tbsp water

3 tbsp sesame seeds (white, black,
or a mix of both)
3 tbsp poppy seeds

1 Combine the almond flour, buckwheat
flour, garlic powder, onion powder and
salt in a large mixing bowl.
Sprinkle the tops with the sesame seeds Note: The bagels will keep in an airtight
2 Blend the kelp noodles, carrot, dates, and poppy seeds. container for 5 days, or can be frozen
lemon juice and water in a high-speed in a snap-lock bag for 4 weeks. To use,
blender until smooth. Pour onto the dry 4 Place the bagels on mesh dehydrator warm the bagels in the dehydrator for 20
ingredients and knead until you form a trays and dehydrate for 12 hours at minutes before serving.
dough. 40°C (105°F), or until the outside forms
a crust, but the inside is still fluffy. (If * Kelp noodles are clear, thin noodles made
3 Divide into 10 equal portions and you don’t have a dehydrator, place the from kelp-a type of seaweed. They are
roll into uniformly sized balls. Flatten bagels on a baking tray and leave in the generally available in health food shops.
slightly, then use an apple corer or small oven on its lowest setting, with the door This recipe uses them as a binding agent.
round cookie cutter to cut out slightly ajar, for 2 hours, then flip and • Recipe from Naked Vegan by Maz Valcorza,
a centre hole, creating a bagel shape. dehydrate for a further 30 minutes.) Murdoch Book (£14.99)


CRUMPETS grease the inside of an egg ring (silicone will work best)
and place in the pan (if you have more than one ring, you
Makes: 6 crumpets can cook a few crumpets at a time). If you don’t have an
egg ring, you can make your own with doubled strip of foil
175ml (¾ cup) rice milk shaped to the same size. It will be harder to get the foil off,
1 tbsp coconut sugar so you will need to cut it: just be careful as it will be very hot.
½ tsp dried yeast 4 Spoon about 3 heaped tablespoons of batter into the
225g (2 cups) gluten-free plain flour ring and leave to cook on a medium heat. When bubbles
½ tsp Himalayan pink salt start to appear and it looks like the batter is solid, which will
1½ tsp baking powder take about 4-5 minutes, slowly ease off the ring, leaving the
1 tbsp coconut oil, for cooking crumpet in the pan. Flip it over to cook on the other side
until golden. Repeat with the remaining batter.
1 Heat the rice milk and 175ml water in a pan until it is a 5 Serve the crumpets with some coconut oil and
tepid temperature. Take off the heat and add the sugar and wonderful jam.
dried yeast. Mix, cover with a cloth and leave in a warm • © Natasha Corrett. Recipe taken from Honestly Healthy in a Hurry,
place for 10 minutes until it starts to froth up. published by Hodder & Stoughton £25
2 Combine the gluten-free flour, salt and baking powder in
Per serving:
a bowl. Make a well in the flour, pour in the liquid and beat
together until it forms a thick batter. 160 2.6g 1.6g 1.4g 0.7g 4.6g

3 Heat the coconut oil in a non-stick frying pan. Meanwhile, kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein

stir-fries Quick doesn't mean boring-these
recipes will make your taste buds sing

SHIITAKE STIR-FRY 1 tbsp coconut oil 1 Melt the coconut oil in a frying pan
1 clove garlic, finely sliced and add the garlic, ginger, chilli and
Stir-fry is the king of quick dinners, 2–3cm piece of root ginger, finely spring onions and cook over a medium
and this one has so much flavour it chopped heat for 2 minutes.
will have your taste buds singing till 2–3cm piece of chilli, finely diced 2 Add the shiitake mushrooms with
bedtime. Use the dressing for other 2 spring onions, sliced at an angle the tamari and sauté for another
dishes as well-it makes a wonderful 120g/1 cup shiitake mushrooms, sliced minute.
alternative to a normal salad dressing. 1 tbsp tamari 3 Add 125ml water, the pak choi and
If you can’t find fresh shiitake, you can 150g/2 cups pak choi cabbage and stir for 2 minutes. Add the
use portobello or dried shiitake and 120g/1½ cups Savoy cabbage radishes, stir in the chopped coriander
soak them to rehydrate. If you are not a 100g/½ cup radishes, cut in quarters and take off the heat.
fan of spicy chilli, just add less or none. 15g/ 2tbsp coriander, chopped 4 Make the dressing, pour over the stir-
fry and enjoy.
Serves: 1-2
For the coconut dressing:
Per serving:
1 tbsp desiccated coconut
• © Natasha Corrett. Recipe taken from Honestly
397 14.4g 8.0g 7.0g 0.8g 14g
zest and juice of ½ lime Healthy in a Hurry, published by Hodder &
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein 1 tbsp walnut or sesame oil Stoughton £25


WATERMELON STIR-FRY 3 tbsp sesame oil 1 Heat the sesame oil in a wok or a
WITH RICE 3 garlic cloves, very finely chopped heavy-bottomed saucepan and
2.5cm piece of ginger, peeled and cut throw in the garlic, ginger and onion.
This is an unusual use of into fine strips 2 Fry for 5 minutes or so, then add
watermelon, but I do like the 1 red onion, halved and sliced the soy sauce, hoisin sauce, salt,
contrast of sweet, crisp red flesh 2 tsp soy sauce pepper, mangetout, baby corn,
with savoury Chinese flavours. 2 tbsp hoisin sauce watermelon and sweet chilli sauce.
Other uses for any leftover 1 tsp sea salt 3 Fry over a high heat, moving the
watermelon flesh include freezing ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper ingredients around rapidly but
and blitzing it to make watermelon 100g / 3.5oz mangetout carefully with a wooden spoon.
cocktails. 100g / 3.5 oz baby corn Garnish with coriander leaves and
400g / 14oz watermelon, skin and serve with rice.
Serves: 4 rind removed, cut into 1cm-thick
Per serving:
1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
135 7.9g 1.2g 10.1g 1.6g 2.7g Coriander leaves, to garnish • Recipe taken from V is for Vegan, by Kerstin
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
Rice, to serve Rodgers. Published by Quadrille Books.

Lighter bites A range of recipes to suit any taste

Per serving:

• Recipe from Fresh India: 130 Quick, Easy 116 4.1g 0.3g 5.1g 0.1g 4.2g
and Delicious Recipes for Every Day by
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
Meera Sodha (Fig Tree £20) out now



These are a step forward from the
deep-fried favourites: they are healthier,
more pleasant to cook, and just as tasty.
Serve these with a fresh coriander or
mango chutney.

Makes: 24

3cm ginger, peeled & roughly chopped
1 green finger chilli, chopped
2 tsp cumin seeds
1kg/30oz/10 cups brown onions
4 tbsp rapeseed oil
180g/2 cups chickpea (gram) flour
40g/1 cup fresh coriander,
roughly chopped
½ tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp ground coriander
½ tsp ground turmeric
1 tbsp lemon juice

1 Preheat the oven to 180°C (Gas Mark
4, 350°F) and line two baking trays with
lightly oiled foil. Put the ginger, green
chilli and cumin seeds into a pestle and
mortar along with a small pinch of salt,
bash to a coarse paste and leave to one
2 Peel and halve the onions, then slice
them into 0.5cm half-moon shapes.
Put the oil into a large frying pan over
a medium heat and, when hot, add the SIMPLE SALAD WITH MUSTARD 1 Make the dressing first by putting the
onions. Fry for around 15 minutes, stirring COCONUT & FENNEL DRESSING mustard in a small mixing bowl, whisk in
occasionally, until they’re translucent and the coconut cream and maple syrup.
just soft enough to cut with a wooden Serves: 2 2 Gradually add the olive oil whisking
spoon. Equipment needed: Small whisk all the time. Add the fresh fennel and
3 Put the onions into a bowl and add the salt and pepper to taste. Set aside in the
ginger, green chilli and cumin paste, along 150g (5.25 oz) baby spinach leaves fridge whilst you assemble the salad.
with the chickpea flour, fresh coriander, 3 vine tomatoes chopped 3 In a large bowl add the spinach leaves,
chilli powder, ground coriander, turmeric, 1 avocado chopped roughly tomatoes, avocado, onion, fresh fennel
lemon juice and 1½ teaspoons of salt. Mix 50g (1.7oz) mixed radish and and oregano leaves and toss together.
thoroughly and, little by little, add up to 202g (7oz) alfalfa sprouts 4 Sprinkle over the radish and alfafa
30ml of water, until you have a very thick 1 red onion finely chopped sprouts and drizzle over the coconut
batter. Take a tablespoon of the mixture Fresh fennel leaves chopped mustard dressing.
and drop it on to a tray. Repeat with Fresh oregano whole leaves • Recipe from The Angel & The Avocado by Beanies
the rest of the mix, leaving a couple of Vegan Kitchen (Jean Dayton) available from The first 100 Cook
centimetres between each bhaji. Dressing: Vegan readers will recieve a 50% discount when
4 Bake for 25 to 35 minutes, until the 1 tbsp English mustard purchasing the book. Enter code COOKVEGAN50
bhajis start to crisp up and brown on 4 tbsp cream of coconut milk
top. Remove from the oven-you may 3 tbsp olive oil Per serving:
need to gently lever them off the foil 1 tbsp maple syrup
115 9.5g 2.3g 2.9g 0.4g 7.2g
using a palette knife-and place on a plate Salt and pepper to taste
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
alongside some chutney before serving. Fresh fennel leaves finely chopped

This combination of fibre-filled
veggies and protein-packed quinoa
and tofu makes this a tasty lunch option
that will keep you full throughout the

Serves: 5
• Recipe from The high Protein Vegetarian
Veggie Quinoa Wrap cookbook by Katie Parker, The Countryman Press
½ tbsp olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
200g (1 cup) tricolor quinoa 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice Aioli
500ml (2 cups)reduced-sodium ⅛–¼ tsp salt (or to taste) 1 Soak the sun-dried tomatoes in water
vegetable broth ¼ tsp ground pepper for 5 minutes. After they’re loosened up,
225g (1 cup) packed spinach, chopped ⅛ tsp ground cayenne (optional) drain, place in a food processor, and
100g (1 cup) packed romaine leaves, 65ml (¼ cup) extra-virgin olive oil pulse until finely chopped. Add the tofu,
chopped basil, lemon, and spices, and process
50g (1 cup) grated carrot Filling until smooth. Slowly add the oil with the
20g (½ cup) alfalfa sprouts 1 Pour the olive oil and garlic in a processor running.
2 tbsp chopped fresh basil saucepan over medium heat. When you
3 tbsp unsalted roasted cashews, start to smell the garlic cooking, add the Assembly
chopped quinoa and toast for a few minutes. Pour 1 Spread a couple of heaping spoonfuls
1 tbsp Dijon mustard in the broth, bring to a boil, and then of aioli onto a tortilla, then top with a
5 whole-grain tortillas reduce to a simmer and cover for 15 to couple scoops of the filling.
Vegan Sun-Dried Tomato Aioli 20 minutes. Allow to cool. 2 Fold 2 sides into the middle, then
25g (½ cup) sun-dried tomatoes (not in 2 Stir the spinach, romaine, carrot, wrap, keeping it as tight as possible.
oil) sprouts, basil, cashews, and mustard 3 Cut in half.
1 450g (16oz) container silken tofu into the cooled quinoa. Taste it to assess
3-4 fresh basil leaves the salt and spice level. Per serving: kcal 431, Fat 19.6g, Saturates 2.8g, Salt 0.7g, Protein 14.8g


2 cucumbers roughly 350g
Serves: 6 1 tsp sea salt
250g (1 cup) soya yogurt
2 medium courgettes, (zucchini) 2 cloves of garlic
grated Juice of half a lemon
2 tbsp gram flour 1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp rice flour ½ tsp mint
2 heaped tbsp nutritional yeast* 1 tsp dill
Salt and black pepper to taste Black pepper, to taste
paprika or cayenne to taste
1 clove garlic, grated 1 Peel and grate cucumbers. Add
¼ white onion, grated a teaspoon of salt and let stand for
Handful of chopped spinach about 10 or 15 minutes then squeeze
Coconut oil for frying by hand out as much water as
1 Add salt to grated courgettes. Let it 2 Place the soya yogurt in a bowl, add
sit for 10 mins-squeeze the water out cucumbers, chopped garlic, lemon
and add to a medium bowl. juice, oil, black pepper, mint and dill.
2 Add gram flour, rice flour, nutritional 3 Add salt and pepper to taste.
yeast, paprika/cayenne, garlic, onion,
salt, pepper and spinach then mix *See our vegan glossary on page 50
3 Form into balls and press gently to
flatten to make patties.
4 Heat oil in a large pan over medium
heat. Cook until golden (about 5
minutes), then flip and cook for
another few minutes, or until that side
has also browned lightly.
5 Serve with tzatziki.

Glossary Our guide to the wonderful world
of popular plant-based ingredients

It’s easy to make
delicious plant-based dishes
with the foods you can find in
any typical store cupboard. Some
meals call for slightly less familiar
foodstuffs. We have created a
round-up of some of the most
common uncommon
vegan ingredients..

Agave syrup Nutritional yeast (aka nooch)
Available in light, amber, dark and raw varieties, With a strong flavour often described as cheesy,
this syrup which is made from the agave succulent nutty and creamy, these flakes taste delicious
plant is a great alternative to other artificial liberally sprinkled over pasta, soup and even
sweeteners. ‘Groovy Food’ sells all intensities popcorn. A good tried and tested brand of yeast
of syrup. is Marigold.

Daikon Quinoa
Resembling a large white carrot, a daikon is a This South American native seed contains all
member of the radish family. Although pungent of the amino acids needed to create a complete
when raw, they have a mild and sweet taste protein. Quick-cooking due to its small size,
when cooked. Enjoy shredded daikon instead quinoa-which happens to be gluten-free-has
of cabbage in your next batch of homemade a rich, nutty flavour and tastes delicious stuffed
coleslaw: this unusual veggie has a variety of into vegetables.
Flaxseeds Edible seaweed provides one of the widest
Sometimes referred to as linseeds, flaxseeds are arrays of nutrients of any food group. It doesn’t
small, brown, tan or golden-coloured seeds. They have a strong flavour itself, but works as a
are the richest source of plant-based omega-3 ‘flavour intensifier’-meaning you can sub this for
fatty acids, called alpha-linolenic acid in the salt if you’re watching your intake. This unique
world. Sprinkle Linwood’s flaxseeds over your sea vegetable is good in salads, soup, and
favourite cereal, porridge or add a teaspoon to a smoothies-you can even use it in desserts.
fruity morning smoothie.
Gomasio/Gomashio High in protein and low in fat, this seasoned
A sesame salt condiment most commonly used wheat gluten works well as a replacement for
in Japanese cooking. It is made by grinding all meat in traditional dishes. With a chewy
dry-roasted sesame seeds with salt. Used as a and dense texture, seitan tastes great in a
replacement for salt, it’s a delicious way to reduce stroganoff or even ground up with herbs to form
sodium while adding a little calcium, magnesium, a hamburger.
protein and fibre.
Liquid aminos With a consistency similar to peanut butter,
Containing 16 of the 20 amino acids found in tahini is made from toasted ground sesame
nature, liquid aminos is a non-fermented soy seeds. The paste offers many health benefits,
sauce used to season foods. This low calorie including healthy macronutrients and a variety
product can be used as an accompaniment for of good for you vitamins and minerals. Spread
salads, dressings, tofu, rice, and potatoes. tahini on your toast, drizzle over falafels or dip
raw veggies in it.
Liquid smoke
This tar-like, yellow to red liquid is typically used Tempeh
as a seasoning to add a smoky flavour to various Originating from Indonesia, this nutty and
foods. Colgin liquid smoke works well drizzled robust blend of fermented soy beans is
over baked beans and brushed onto vegan exceptionally high in protein and works well
hotdogs and burgers. as a meat alternative. Cooked tempeh can be
eaten alone or used in chilli, a stir fry, in salads,
Maca sandwiches and stews.
Low in calories with a nutty flavour, maca is
the perfect nutritious ingredient that claims to Umeboshi plums
increase energy, improve migraines and boost the If you’re suffering with a hangover, fatigue,
immune system. Available in powder form, it can vomiting, general nausea and even an infection,
be added to smoothies, and desserts. these super sour plums can help. They can also
be added to rice and sushi for an authentic
Miso Japanese taste. Those that enjoy intense
If you like savoury, cheesy flavours, you’ll love flavours can eat the plums straight from the jar.
miso. These fermented soy bean pastes come in Alternatively, soak a plum for five minutes in hot
a range of flavours and colours. Use it to create water, then drink the liquid and eat the plum
creamy sauces, salad dressings, marinades and together.
broth for miso soup. A little miso goes a long way,
but it keeps refrigerated for six months so don’t
worry about it going to waste.

Quick & easy

Serves: 2-4

400g/14 oz cooked basmati rice
180g/6.5 oz frozen peas defrosted
200g/7 oz mushrooms chopped finely
(approx 10 open cup mushrooms)
100g/3.5 oz radishes finely diced
1/2 courgette (zucchini) finely diced
2 tbsp tomato purée
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
1 vegetable stock cube crumbled
1 large handful mixed fresh coriander
& parsley
1 red onion finely chopped
2 cloves garlic finely chopped
1 tbsp fresh root ginger finely
1 large handful chopped spinach
1 tbsp vegetable oil
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

1 Heat the oil in a frying pan. Add the
onion, garlic and ginger and cook for 2-3
2 Add the mushrooms, radishes and
courgettes, stir. Add the vegetable stock
cube and cayenne pepper, stir and
cook for a further 2-3 minutes stirring
3 Add the rice, fresh herbs, nutritional
yeast and tomato purée and cook
for a further 2-3 minutes stirring
4 Add the defrosted peas and fresh
spinach, stir, turn off the heat and place
a lid on top of the pan and leave to sit
for 5 minutes.
5 By not cooking the peas and spinach
and allowing them to warm through this
gives the dish a splash of colour and it's
delicious when you bite into a fresh pea
that just pops in your mouth.
Per serving:
• Recipe from The Angel & The Avocado by Beanies
304 6.2g 0.9g 7.6g 1.6g 13g Vegan Kitchen (Jean Dayton) available from The first 100 Cook
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
Vegan readers will recieve a 50% discount when
purchasing the book. Enter code COOKVEGAN50

CRISPY KALE PASTA SALAD 1 Cook the pasta as per pack
This fresh and light pasta salad 2 Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large pan
would make a great packed lunch and is then add the shallots, red
an easy way to increase your vegetable pepper and garlic and cook over a
intake. gentle heat for 3 minutes.
Add the kale and cook for 2 minutes
Serves: 2 more. Remove the pan from
the heat.
140g/5 oz/generous 1 ¼ cups whole- 3 Once cooked, drain the pasta and add
wheat fusilli to pan with the lemon juice,
1 tbsp olive oil balsamic vinegar, and basil and stir to
6 shallots, diced combine.
1 red (bell) pepper, diced 4 Season to taste and serve.
2 garlic cloves, crushed • Edited recipes from Hungry Healthy Happy: How
100g/3oz/1½ cups kale, chopped to nourish your body without giving up the foods
you love by Danii Martin, photography by Jacqui
juice of 1 lemon Melville (Jacqui Small, £20), out now.
3 tbsp balsamic vinegar Per serving:
1 small handful fresh basil
387 10.8g 2.9g 23.1g 1.2g 15g
leaves, torn
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
sea salt and black pepper

Incredible meals inspired by food stalls

Per serving:

188 4.2g 1.5g 3.8g 0.8g 10g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein


SPRING VEGETABLE CHEELA - for 30 seconds, stirring occasionally,
to release the aroma. Finely grind the
GRAM FLOUR PANCAKE WITH toasted spices in a spice blender or
PEAS AND LEEKS using a pestle and mortar.
2 Sift the gram flour and baking powder
Cheela is a savoury gram flour into a large bowl, then add the spices,
pancake that often contains chopped salt, pepper and 570 ml water. Whisk
vegetables. For speed, you can use to form a batter, then set aside for
ground instead of whole spices, but 30 minutes.
halve the quantities specified. However, 3 Stir the spring onions and coriander
you should still toast the spices. into the batter. Heat 1–2 tablespoons
oil in a small or medium frying pan and
Makes: 8–10 add a small handful of the sliced leeks
and peas. When the leeks start to soften,
2 tbsp cumin seeds pour over the batter mixture and cook
1 tbsp coriander seeds the pancake for 4–5 minutes or until
350g/3¾ cups gram flour golden underneath, then turn it over
2 tsp baking powder and cook the other side for 4–5 minutes
1 tsp salt or until golden. Set aside each pancake
1 tsp black pepper on paper towels to drain and then place
2 spring onions, thinly sliced in a low oven to keep warm until ready
diagonally to serve.
a large handful of fresh coriander 4 To make the chutney, rehydrate the
leaves, chopped, plus extra sprigs to coconut in boiling water for 10–15
garnish minutes. Squeeze out any excess water
vegetable oil, for frying and mix the coconut with the pineapple,
3 baby leeks, thinly sliced chilli and lime juice.
100g/¾ cup peas 5 Repeat with the remaining leeks,
peas and batter mixture to make 8–10
For the pineapple chutney pancakes. Serve immediately, with the
20g (¼ cup) desiccated unsweetened pineapple chutney.
shredded coconut • Recipe taken from Vegan Street Food by Jackie
150g (1 cup) freshly chopped Kearney, published by Ryland Peters & Small.
pineapple or canned pieces Images copyright of Ryland Peters & Small.
1 small red chilli, finely chopped
• Vegan Street Food will be available to Cook Vegan
a squeeze of lime juice
readers for the special price of £11.99 including
postage & packaging (rrp£16.99 by telephoning
1 Toast the cumin and coriander seeds Macmillan Direct on 01256 302 699 and quoting the
in a dry frying pan over medium heat reference GLR EA7)


Oothapam is a thicker pancake
than a dosa, made with semolina
flour. The fermented version looks
a bit like a crumpet, with fresh
vegetables dropped into the batter
as it cooks. Its soft base is perfect
for soaking up sambar, and I like to
have an array of crunchy vegetable
toppings. The traditional recipe
is fermented for a few hours or
overnight, but I’ve included a quick
version that uses bicarbonate of soda,
so it’s not as thick as the traditional
version, but equally delicious.

Makes: 10–14

vegetable oil, for frying
1–2 green chillies, to taste,
thinly sliced
3 fresh or dried curry leaves,
1 red onion, thinly sliced
2 tomatoes, finely chopped
1 carrot, grated
a small handful of chopped kale
Spiced Coconut Chutney and
Simple Sambal or Sambar to serve
Per serving:
Traditional batter
300g (2 cups) basmati rice, rinsed • Recipe taken from Vegan Street Food by Jackie 149 0.5g 0.1g 2.4g 0.2g 4.5g
Kearney. Published by Ryland Peters & Small.
until the water runs clear, then Images copyright of Ryland Peters & Small
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein

100g (½ cup) hulled whole urad dal
(black lentils) and blitz until smooth, adding about 5 Add 1⁄2 tablespoon oil to a large
½ tsp fenugreek seeds 6–7 tablespoons of the soaking water, non-stick frying pan over medium heat.
½ tsp salt or more if needed. Repeat with the Using a ladle, spoon the batter into the
dal mixture, adding 5 tablespoons of centre of the pan and use the back of
Quick batter the soaking water and blending until the ladle to smooth it out to the edges.
300g (2 cups) coarse semolina flour smooth. Add a little oil around the edge to
300g (1¼ cups) plain soya yogurt 3 Put both mixtures in a large bowl. Mix ensure it doesn’t stick.
1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice together with the salt and cover with 6 Quickly remove the pan from the heat
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda clingfilm. Leave overnight in a warm and scatter the top of the pancake with
1 tsp salt place to ferment. The batter will keep some of the prepared vegetable topping
pinch of asafoetida* powder (hing) for up to 1 week in the fridge once it is ingredients. Use the back of the ladle
fermented, or can be frozen for up to six to push the vegetables slightly into the
1 For the traditional fermented batter, months. batter. Return the pan to the heat and
put the rice in one bowl and the dal and 4 For the quick batter, mix all the cook for 3 minutes or until it begins to
fenugreek seeds in another bowl, and ingredients together with enough water brown underneath, then turn it over and
add water to cover by at least 5 cm/2 in. to make a thick pouring consistency. cook for another 1–2 minutes. Repeat to
Soak for at least 6 hours or overnight. Set aside for 10–15 minutes. If using the make the remaining pancakes.
2 Drain the rice and dal mixtures, fermented batter, add a little more water 7 Serve immediately with the suggested
reserving both the drained liquids. Put as necessary to make a thick pouring accompaniments.
the rice in a food processor or blender consistency.


Pakoras are easy to adapt to
whichever seasonal vegetables you have
available. Cauliflower and kale is one Did you know?
of my favourite combinations, because *Asafoetida (Hing) is an Indian spice
the kale adds extra crispness. Fennel with a unique and pungent flavour.
seeds and dried pomegranate seeds Ground Asafoetida is often cut with
provide interesting pops of flavour. I Rice Flour and is less potent. To
always make a big batch at home, as release the true flavour of Hing, you
they keep well in the fridge and can have to sauté it all in oil.
easily be reheated in the oven. Gram A pinch of ground Asafoetida
Hing goes a long way.
flour is made from chickpeas, which
is a good source of protein, and has a
low glycaemic index, which means the
energy is released more slowly. It is also
a naturally gluten-free recipe (although
it’s a good idea to check the asafoetida
powder is gluten-free if you are serving
to coeliacs, as it can sometimes contain
traces of gluten).

1 small cauliflower, cut into 2cm
1 tbsp sunflower oil, plus extra for
2 onions, thinly sliced
a bunch of kale or dark leaf cabbage,
thinly sliced
2–4 small green chillies, to taste,
finely chopped
2 large red chillies, finely chopped
1 tbsp chilli powder
½ tsp asafetida powder*
250g (2¾ cups) gram flour
2 tsp black cumin seeds
2 tbsp fennel seeds
2 tbsp dried pomegranate seeds
a bunch of fresh coriander, roughly
¼ tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp salt Toast the cumin and fennel seeds in 5 Cook until golden brown, turning
a dry pan over medium heat for 30 halfway through to cook both sides.
Makes: About 24 seconds, stirring occasionally, to release Remove with a slotted spoon and drain
the aroma, then add to the gram flour on paper towels. Serve hot.
1 Parboil the cauliflower for 2–3 followed by the onion and kale mixture. Per serving:
minutes, then drain in a colander and Add 120 ml water to make a thick paste,
117 2.7g 0.3g 3.3g 0.4g 6.5g
leave for 5 minutes. then add all the other ingredients and
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
2 Heat the oil in a small pan over mix well. The batter should have a thick
medium heat and fry the onions for 5 porridge-like consistency, so add a little • Recipe taken from Vegan Street Food by Jackie
minutes or until softened. Add the kale, more gram flour or water if necessary. Kearney. Published by Ryland Peters & Small.
Images copyright of Ryland Peters & Small
green and red chillies, chilli powder and 4 Heat the oil for deep-frying in a deep
asafoetida, and cook for 3 minutes. pan. Using a tablespoon, gently drop Vegan Street Food will be available to readers for the
special price of £11.99 including postage & packaging
Set aside. spoonfuls of the mixture into the hot oil, (rrp£16.99 by telephoning Macmillan Direct on 01256
3 Sift the gram flour into a large bowl. frying in batches of three or four. 302 699 and quoting the reference GLR EA7)


PRETZEL DUMPLINGS WITH milk (see tips) ½ medium yellow onion, diced
MUSHROOM-SAUERKRAUT GRAVY 30g (¼ cup) chopped shallots 1 garlic clove, minced
6 tbsp bread crumbs 225g (8 ounces) sliced button or
Serves: 4 to 5 (Makes 10 to 12 5 tbsp whole wheat flour cremini mushrooms
Dumplings) ¼ tsp garlic powder 130-195g (½ cup-¾ cup) sauerkraut
Prep Time: 20 minutes 10g (¼ cup) chopped fresh parsley (depending on preference), optional
Cook Time: 35 minutes Salt and black pepper to taste 1 tsp dried sage
Down Time: 30 minutes 1 tsp dried thyme
For the gravy ⅛ tsp black pepper
For the dumplings 1,000ml (4 cups) vegetable broth, 2 tbsp nutritional yeast
4 medium soft pretzels, chopped divided Salt to taste
into ½-inch (1 cm) chunks (see tips) 3 tbsp arrowroot powder
430ml (1¾ cups) warm non-dairy 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

1 Place the pretzel pieces in a large bowl. Add the warm
non-dairy milk to the bowl and stir until all the pieces are
submerged. Cover and let sit for 30 minutes.

2 After 30 minutes, use a potato masher to mash the pretzel
pieces for a couple minutes, until a little mushier, with
chunks still remaining. Add the shallots, bread crumbs, flour,
garlic powder, parsley, salt, and pepper.

3 While the pretzel pieces are soaking, start the gravy. In a
medium bowl or large measuring cup, whisk together 2 cups
of the broth with the arrowroot powder. Set aside.

4 Heat the oil in a large pot or saucepan over medium
heat. Add the onion and garlic and sauté until the onion is
just starting to become translucent. Add the mushrooms
and cook until tender, stirring occasionally. Add the broth
mixture and the remaining 2 cups of broth. Stir in the
sauerkraut, sage, thyme, and pepper.

5 Bring to a boil, then quickly reduce the heat and simmer
for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until slightly thickened
and reduced. Add the nutritional yeast, taste, and add salt if

6 Measure out a scoop of the mixture (using a ⅓-cup/80 ml
scoop for smaller dumplings or a ½-cup/120 ml scoop for
larger dumplings). Gently shape into a ball and place into
the gravy. Repeat with the remaining dumpling mixture. It is
okay if the dumplings are close or barely touching, but try to
space them evenly. Simmer (not boil!) for 15 minutes. Gently
flip over the dumplings and simmer for 5 more minutes. Use
a slotted spoon to scoop out the dumplings; serve them
topped with the gravy. Leftovers can be chilled in an airtight
container for 1 to 2 days.

• Recipe from But I Could Never Go Vegan!: 125 Recipes That Prove You Can
Live Without Cheese, It’s Not All Rabbit Food, and Your Friends Will Still Come
Over Dinner, copyright © Kristy Turner, 2014. Reprinted by permission of the
publisher, The Experiment. Available wherever books are sold.
Per serving:

548 7.0g 1.4g 2.6g 6.1g 18g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein

• If you purchase pretzels from a bakery, do so a day
or two prior to making the dumplings so they can
get a little stale, and opt for unsalted if possible.
Otherwise, brush most of the salt off before tearing
them into pieces.
• To warm the non-dairy milk, microwave for about 1
minute or warm on the hob over medium heat for a
couple minutes. It should be warm but not too warm
to comfortably touch.


Top tip
Once you get the hang of
crimping your own dumplings,
stock up for future meals
by making large batches
and popping them in Per serving:
the freezer. 202 10.3g 1.7g 1.8g 0.6g 6.2g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein

Edamame is tofu’s mama, a
green pod filled with stupendous
soya beans. In one serving of
edamame, your body receives 11
grams of complete protein and 9
grams of feisty fibre. If you’re in a
hurry, you can save time by simply
making the dumplings and using
wheat-free tamari instead of the
shallot broth.

Makes: 25 or more dumplings

For the shallot broth
2 tbsp olive oil
250g (1½ cups) finely minced
shallots or white onions
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 cups vegetable stock and pepper and continue to
2 sprigs of thyme cook down until reduced by half, which
250ml (1 cup) Sauternes wine will take about another 15 minutes. 11 Bring water to a boil, and place the
(preferred) or sweet cooking sherry 4 Remove from heat. dumplings in the steamer. Steam for
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste 5 Strain the broth using a fine-mesh about 3 minutes. Remove from heat.
strainer until it is clear. 12 Serve: place 4 to 6 dumplings in
For the dumplings 6 Prepare dumplings: in a blender or shallow bowl. Pour about ¼ cup shallot
300g (2 cups) frozen shelled food processor, add all ingredients, broth over the dumplings. Serve with
edamame, thawed except the dumpling skins and flour or a spoon and enjoy.
35g (¼ cup) raw cashews, soaked cornstarch. Blend until the mixture has a • Recipe from Crazy Sexy Kitchen, Kris Carr
for a few hours or overnight in water, coarse texture.
to soften 7 Transfer dumpling filling to a bowl
180ml (¾ cup) unsweetened soy milk and place it on a work surface alongside
or nondairy milk of choice a cup of water, dumpling skins, and Bamboo steam dream
60ml (¼ cup) truffle oil a sheet pan. Lightly sprinkle flour or
Why use a bamboo steamer?
2 cloves garlic cornstarch over the sheet pan (this will A bamboo steamer helps create easy
3 tbsp vegan butter keep your dumplings from sticking to meals. The steamer’s tiered structure
½ tsp sea salt the pan during assembly). allows you to cook layers of veggies.
White pepper, or freshly ground black 8 Place about a tablespoon of filling For best results, cut veggies into cubes
pepper, to taste in the center of each skin. Dip your or small florets, and coarsely chop
greens. Keep the more delicate greens
1 pack of vegan round dumpling skins finger in water and trace a half circle or vegetables on the top layer, and the
(You can find these in many health- around one side of the dumpling skin. firmer ones, such as carrots, Brussels
food stores or Asian markets. Read Pick up the dumpling and fold it into sprouts, and potatoes, on the bottom
the ingredients to ensure they are a taco. Starting with one corner, crimp layer.
vegan-many of these have eggs.) around the edge (see the picture). Place
Extra tip: Line the bottom of each tray
1 tsp flour or cornstarch on sheet pan and continue until all with lettuce leaves to prevent contents
dumplings are assembled. from sticking.
1 Prepare shallot broth: in sauté pan, 9 Cook the dumplings: in a sauté pan on
heat oil on medium heat. Add shallots medium heat, add small amount of oil, How do you use a bamboo steamer?
and garlic and sauté until golden and or spray oil on pan, and sear dumplings Fill a wok, deep sauté pan, or large
pot with a few inches of water and
translucent. Continue to caramelize and until golden on the bottom. Don’t crowd place the steamer either in the water
add a touch of the vegetable stock to the pan or the dumplings may stick to (if using a wok or sauté), or on the rim
brown the onions more. one another. of the pot (must be the same diameter
2 Add the thyme, and continue to 10 Steaming time: using a bamboo as your steamer or else it might burn).
sauté the onions for 10 minutes, stirring steamer basket, or your favorite Bring water to a boil, and your veggies
will be steamed to perfection in about
frequently, to caramelize. Add wine to steamer, place a few leaves of cabbage, 1-4 minutes. Time will vary depending
deglaze. Simmer for 8 minutes or until or other leafy green, on the bottom on the type of veggies you choose, so
the liquid is reduced by about half. of the steamer. This will keep your make sure to keep an eye on them.
3 Add the rest of the vegetable stock dumplings from sticking.

For the filling
1 Pour boiling-hot water over the
cashews, and let them sit for 45
2 Once they’re done softening in the
water, place them in a food processor
with the nutritional yeast, garlic,
oregano, basil, and sea salt. Process
until all the ingredients are very finely
chopped. Transfer the ingredients to
a bowl.
3 Use your fingers to crumble in the
tofu. Stir to combine veggies. Preheat
the oven to 220°C (Gas Mark 7, 425°F)
4 Combine all the vegetables in a bowl.
Pour in the olive oil, salt, and pepper,
and toss to combine. Spread one layer
on a baking sheet, and roast for 20 to 25

For the sauce
1 Heat the olive oil in a medium sized
pot over medium heat.
2 Add the garlic and cook for 30
seconds, then add the tomatoes,
tomato paste, salt, oregano, basil, and
red pepper.
3 Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to
low, cover, and simmer for 15 minutes.

For Assembly
1 Preheat the oven to 180°C (Gas Mark
2 Cook the lasagna sheets according to
VEGAN ROASTED VEGETABLE For the roasted vegetables: the package directions.
LASAGNA 1 zucchini, cut into ½-inch pieces 3 Spread ¼ cup of sauce in an 8 x
1 red bell pepper, cut into ½-inch pieces 8-inch square baking dish. Top with
This recipe roasts vegetables to 250g (8 oz) sliced white mushrooms two lasagna sheets. Spread a quarter
make them extra flavourful and sweet, ½ yellow onion, cut into ½-inch pieces of the tofu-cashew filling on top of the
then layers them with whole wheat 1 tbsp olive oil noodles, then a third of the veggies,
lasagna sheets and a filling made ¼ tsp fine sea salt followed by ½ cup of the sauce. Repeat
of cashews, crumbled tofu, and spices. ¼ tsp ground black pepper this layering twice, then top with two
The resulting lasagna is flavourful, more sheets and the last of the tofu-
packed with texture, and full of protein For the sauce: cashew filling and sauce.
and fibre. 1 tbsp olive oil 4 Cover with foil and bake for 40
2 cloves garlic, minced minutes. Remove the foil and bake for
Serves: 6 1 (28-ounce) can/800g crushed another 10 minutes.
tomatoes with basil 5 Let sit for 10 minutes before cutting.
For the filling: 2 tbsp tomato paste Slice into six pieces, and serve with
70g (½ cup) unsalted roasted cashews ½ tsp fine sea salt sliced fresh basil on top.
50g (¼ cup) nutritional yeast 1 tsp dried oregano
2 cloves garlic, chopped 1 tsp dried basil • Recipe from The high Protein Vegetarian cookbook
by Katie Parker, The Countryman Press
1 tsp dried oregano ¼ tsp crushed red pepper
1 tsp dried basil ¼ teaspoon fine Per serving:
sea salt For Assembly
387 15.6g 2.3g 23.1g 0.47g 20.8g
1 400g container (14oz) 8 whole wheat lasagna sheets
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
extra-firm tofu Fresh basil, for garnish



Green lentils and chopped seitan
(a.k.a. 'wheat meat') are used in this
version. Serve each sloppy joe with
crunchy kettle chips to scoop up all that
delicious sloppiness.

Serves: 8

200g (1 cup) green lentils, rinsed
and picked through
750ml (3 cups) water
220g (8 oz) cubed seitan
1½ tbsp olive oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
½ red onion, diced
¼–½ tsp fine sea salt
1 green pepper, diced
1 large carrot, peeled and diced
250ml (1 cup) tomato sauce/passata
65g (¼ cup) ketchup
3 tbsp packed dark brown sugar
2 tbsp tomato paste
2 tbsp Dijon mustard
¼ tsp ground black pepper
1 tsp ground white pepper
½ tsp onion powder
1 tbsp chilli powder
2 tbsp vegan Worcestershire sauce
8 whole wheat burger buns

1 Bring the lentils and water to a boil
in a medium-sized saucepan. Reduce
the heat to low, cover, and let simmer
for 20 to 30 minutes, until the lentils are
tender but not mushy. Drain any excess
water and set aside.
2 Place the seitan in a food processor
and pulse a few times, until you have
seitan crumbles. Set aside.
3 Heat the olive oil in a large frying
pan. Stir the garlic into the olive oil and
cook until fragrant. Add the onion and
salt, and cook for 2 to 3 minutes, until
softened. Pour in the pepper, carrot, and
crumbled seitan, and cook for 7 to 10
minutes, until the veggies are softened.
4 Add the lentils, along with all
remaining ingredients, and cook on
medium-low for 10 to 15 minutes,
• Recipe from The high Protein Vegetarian stirring frequently, until thickened.
cookbook by Katie Parker, The Countryman Press 5 Top each bun with a good dollop
Per serving: kcal 320, Fat 6g, Saturates 0.8g, Salt 0.8g, Protein 19g of filling.


Once you understand some simple steps you can create perfect dishes

nusual ingredient jackfruit large supermarkets. Jackfruit comes
has become increasingly tinned as ‘green’ or in syrup-when
popular with keen vegan creating the meat-style dishes it’s
cooks who use this plant- important to buy the
based ingredient to create delicious ‘green’ (unripe)
meat-free ‘pulled pork’ dishes. Like kind, so you
many ingredients, lots of care must don’t end up
be taken during the preparation of with a sickly
jackfruit, but with the right tips and sweet dish.
tricks you can make many versatile The unripe
and tasty dishes. The most popular fruit itself has
is a barbecue-flavoured ‘pork’ plate, a neutral flavour
but this ingredient can also be used to and will take on the
create ‘meatballs’ a ‘fish’-style filling taste of the spices and
for tacos and ‘crab’ salad, as well as a sauces you use in your
‘lamb’-style flatbread topping among recipe. to remove any
others. If you fancy trying your seeds, and cut the chunks
You can also use it to make a hand at sweet jackfruit recipes, you in half.
number of sweet dishes, but the can use fresh, ripe fruit, or tinned Some people like to use the cores-
techniques, and even the type of in syrup. just chop them finely and add back.
jackfruit you need for these are As the cores are tougher than the rest
different. What steps should I follow? of the fruit, they will provide extra
Cook Vegan walks you through the texture. Some prefer not to use them
essential guide to cooking jackfruit Remove the jackfruit from the tin, at all-it’s a matter of taste.
‘pulled pork’. rinse thoroughly, and drain. It will
already be cut into large chunks.
What exactly is jackfruit? After rinsing the chunks, you must do
dry them thoroughly, using a kitchen
It is the largest tree-borne fruit on towel or kitchen roll. Press onto the
earth, with each fruit weighing up to chunks until you have removed all
a massive 35kg (that’s five and a half the moisture.
stone, or 77lbs). Generally found in You will need to remove the ‘core’.
South America and south east Asia, it If you compare the jackfruit chunks
has a knobbly green exterior, tough to pineapple, the core is at the tip of
skin and an onion-like aroma. the fruit and is tougher than the fruit
You can buy both fresh and tinned (see pic). At this point, you also need
jackfruit-in brine, syrup, or water.
In the UK, it’s usually easier to find
the fruit in tins-which is helpful, as
it’s much quicker and easier to make
most recipes with the tinned kind-
peeling the fresh fruit and pulling
out the right segments
can be messy and
time consuming
(not to mention
fresh jackfruit is
extremely sticky).
If you use tinned,
either brine or
water are fine.
The best
places to look
for it are Asian
and the ‘world
food’ sections of

Top tip
When using fresh jackfruit
it should be pale yellow.
If it’s got a stronger orange
colour this means it’s
too ripe for
this dish.

I can only find fresh jackfruit. Help…
It is possible to prep the fresh fruit-although on the whole,
the results are not generally as pleasing as with tinned. It is
also much more difficult. However, if you are adventurous in
the kitchen and fairly competent with a knife you’ll be able
to make it work. A good tip is to coat your hands lightly with
vegetable oil before handling the fruit, or to wear gloves.
You need to chop the fruit into manageable segments that
you can peel. Once this is done, remove the skin and the
outer centimetre (about half an inch) of the flesh. There
are ‘stringy’ little segments between the fruits-this is the
part you’ll need to recreate ‘meat’-like dishes. You can now
proceed as with tinned.

Right, my jackfruit is drained and cut. What now?
At this point, you want to dress the 1 Heat the oil in a large frying pan.
fruit with a combination of spices Add the jalapeno and minced garlic.
depending on what you want to
make. Here is one easy seasoning: 2 Add the jackfruit, and make sure
it is thoroughly coated with the dry
Basic BBQ for ‘pulled pork’ spices and olive oil. At this point
2 tbsp brown sugar you should add your barbecue
1 tsp paprika sauce, and stir until all pieces are
1 tsp garlic powder coated.
Good pinch salt, pepper and chilli
powder 3 Add a few tbsp of water to the
pan, to loosen up the sauce. Mix
1 Add these dry spices to the bowl well. Let the mixture simmer for
with your jackfruit. Toss by hand so around 10-15 minutes. At this point
everything is evenly coated. While this you can use the back of a fork to
sits, you should start preparing your press the pieces of jackfruit. This
frying pan. will break down their texture, and
make them go stringy-like pulled
Basic BBQ marinade for pork.
‘pulled pork’
1 jalapeno finely chopped 4 You can eat the jackfruit now, but
1 clove of garlic most people find it is far tastier if
Juice of 1 lime you add an extra step-baking it in
150ml (⅔ cup) commercial BBQ sauce the oven. Take the fruit and put it
(for a less sweet sauce, try ketchup) on an ovenproof tray, and leave in
Olive oil the oven for around 10 minutes-or
until slightly browned at 180˚C (Gas
Mark 4/350F).

• Recipes by Cara Carin,
Instagram: @Caraskitchen,
Snapchat: @CaraCarin

JACKFRUIT TACOS WITH MANGO For the cashew sour cream: Open the jackfruit, rinse and drain. Pull
BBQ SAUCE 1 cup cashews apart in the small shreds and slice the
150g (½-1 cup) water center bits.
For the mango BBQ sauce: 1 lemon juiced Add 1/2 cup bbq sauce, and the
250g (2 cups) mango, chopped 1 tsp cumin shredded jackfruit to a large pan over
170g (6oz) can of tomato paste 1 tsp mustard powder medium low heat. Stir constantly for
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar 1 tsp pink salt 7-10 minutes or until jackfruit is tender
2 tbsp vegan Worcestershire sauce Avocado and evenly coated with sauce.
65ml (¼ cup) maple syrup Coriander (cilantro) *note: I recommend making the slaw
380ml (1½ cup) liquid smoke 6 corn tortilla, preferably organic and sour cream first, before cooking the
1 tbsp cumin jackfruit in the sauce so you can serve
½ tsp pink salt 1 For the mango BBQ sauce: in a it warm and right away. It also gives
2 tsp mustard powder medium saucepan, add 1 tbsp oil to the flavors of the slaw some time to
2 tsp chili powder coat the bottom and prevent sticking. marinate while sitting in the fridge.
1 tsp chipotle powder Add the chopped mango and cook 2 For the cabbage slaw: prepare all the
1 tbsp coconut palm sugar or brown over medium heat for about 3 minutes. ingredients as stated above and place in
sugar Then add the tomato paste and stir for a medium bowl. In a small bowl whisk
about 3 minutes. Add in the apple cider together the lime juice, apple cider
For the jackfruit taco filling: vinegar and Worcestershire and stir for vinegar, maple syrup and salt. Then
550g (20 oz) canned jackfruit in bryne another minute. Add the liquid smoke pour over the cabbage, onion, carrot
or water (no syrup) drained and and stir for 1 minute to combine well. and cilantro. Toss to evenly coat, cover
shredded Add all the spices and stir to combine and place in the fridge until ready to
½ cup mango bbq sauce well. Then lower temperature to low and serve.
(from recipe above) stir nonstop for 5 minutes. Taste it, and 3 For the cashew sour cream: add the
add the coconut palm sugar if you want cashews, 60ml (1/4 cup water), and
For the cabbage slaw: it a little sweeter. If you add the sugar, lemon juice to a high speed blender
200g (2 cups) cabbage, thinly sliced stir for another 2 minutes over low heat and turn on high. Then add the spices,
75g (½ cup) red onion, thinly chopped to combine. salt and remaining 1/4 water and blend
1 large carrot, julienned Then transfer to a high speed blender again. taste it, adjust as needed.
2 tbsp fresh cilantro, chopped and blend until smooth and creamy. 4 Warm the tortillas in a pan over
1 tablespoon lime juice Place in a mason jar or other air tight medium flame. Then scoop on some
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar container. You will only need 110ml (1/2 bbq jackfruit, cabbage slaw, avocado,
2 tbsp maple syrup cup) of this for the jackfruit tacos in this cilantro, and some cashew cream. Do
1 tsp pink salt recipe. this for all 6 tacos.

2 tbsp vegan butter Slice up the hearts into small pieces,
1 tbsp shallots place in a bowl and set aside.
1 small garlic clove, minced 2 Combine all of the remaining
1 tbsp dry vermouth ingredients for the jackfruit salad in a
¼ tsp lemon zest bowl, expect the jackfruit and whisk
2 tsp tarragon, chopped together to combine. Before adding
2 tsp parsley, chopped the jackfruit, squeeze out as much
2 tsp mint, chopped liquid as possible using a paper towel
Pinch pink salt and then mix in. Put in the fridge for
at least an hour or longer to let the
To serve: jackfruit absorb the flavours.
4 slices multi-grain bread 3 To serve, lightly toast the bread,
HERBED JACKFRUIT ½ apple, thinly sliced like fuji spread some mustard on if using*, top
or pink lady with a couple of apple slices, then add
Whole grain mustard, to taste a scoop of jackfruit salad.
For the jackfruit salad: (optional)
550g (120 oz) can of jackfruit in *note only use mustard if you are a
bryne or water 1 Open the can of jackfruit and drain mustard fan, if not you can try some
60g (¼ cup) vegan mayo out the liquid. Pull apart the jackfruit more vegan mayo or even spread
½ tsp maple syrup into small pieces with your hands. some avocado.

Serves: 4

350g (12 oz) spaghetti
Quick and easy, these tasty dinners
2 ripe avocados
take just minutes to prepare 20g (½ cup) fresh basil leaves
2 cloves garlic
2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
80ml (⅓ cup) olive oil
150g (1 cup) cherry tomatoes, halved
salt and pepper, to taste

1 Cook pasta according to package
2 To make the avocado sauce, combine
avocados, basil, garlic and lemon
juice in a food processor; season with
salt and pepper then with the food
processor still running, add olive oil until
you have a smooth sauce; set aside.
3 Combine pasta, sauce & cherry
4 Serve immediately.

Per serving:

487 36.5g 6.7g 3.1g 0.5g 7.0g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein

200g (1½ cups) couscous
150g (1 cup) pomegranate seeds
2 tbsp olive oil, divided
½ tsp salt
½ tsp paprika
½ tsp ground cumin
½ tsp ground coriander
Handful of mint leaves, chopped
Handful of coriander leaves, chopped
2 tbsp toasted pine nuts
Juice of 1 lime

1 Bring water to a boil in a pot, add
couscous, 1 tablespoon oil, salt, and
spices. Stir to mix. Cover & turn off heat
and let sit for about five minutes.
2 Remove lid, fluff the couscous with
a fork, add remaining oil and add the
lime juice.
3 Stir in the pomegranate seeds,
fresh herbs and pine nuts.
Per serving:

262 8.8g 1.0g 5.5g 0.4g 7.4g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein

Make the most of the humble spud with these dishes

ith its variety, versatility and
CORNISH NEW POTATO SALAD 1 Wash the potatoes, then simmer
delicious taste, the humble them in salted water until they’re tender
spud is the world’s most WITH CONFIT GARLIC AND (around 15 minutes). Allow them to cool
popular root vegetable. SPRING ONION
Whether mashed, baked or roasted, many slightly then cut into bite-sized pieces.
people often think as the potato as a hearty 2 Meanwhile put the garlic into a pan
It is so simple and a great low cost
comfort food. with the oil and gently cook on a low
The potato belongs to the solanaceae or vegan and gluten-free way to enjoy
heat for 30 minutes until the garlic is
nightshade family whose other members these vegetables. It’s also perfect for a
soft. Mash the cloves slightly with a fork
include tomatoes, aubergines and peppers. different potato salad at a barbeque.
Spuds are the swollen portion of the and season with salt and pepper. Add
underground stem known as the tuber. Serves: 4 the sherry vinegar and mix well to make
They are designed to provide food for Preparation time: 10 minutes a vinaigrette and dress the potatoes in it.
the green leafy portion of the plant. As 3 Slice the spring onions to serve.
potatoes have a neutral starchy flavour,
Cooking time: 40 mins
they serve as a good complement to 450g (15oz) Cornish new potatoes • Recipe by Jack Stein. Image credit: David Griffin.
many meals. There are over 80 varieties 50g (⅓ cup) peeled garlic cloves
of commercially grown potatoes: each 150ml (¾ cup) olive oil Per serving:
type has qualities that make it suitable for 30ml/3tbsp sherry vinegar
different uses. Although they range in size, 404 35.0g 5.0g 2.1g 0.5g 3.2g
shape, starch, and textures, they can all
6 spring onions
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
generally be described as having a rich and Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
creamy taste.

Seaweed salt is a great new
ingredient being produced in Cornwall.
It is essentially a mixture of dried
seaweed and salt. If you cannot find it
you can use Nori seaweed which can be
found in most supermarkets and grind
this in to some coarse sea salt.

Serves: 4
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: around 45 minutes

750g (20oz) Cornish new potatoes
2 tbsp sea salt
50ml (¼ cup) vegetable oil
1 tbsp Cornish seaweed salt
4 tbsp malt vinegar

1 Preheat a fan assisted oven to 200°C • Recipe by Jack Stein. Image credit:
David Griffin.
(Gas Mark 6/400°F). Place a roasting tin
in the oven and let it become hot.
2 Meanwhile, give the potatoes a wash For the marinade:
and simmer in a large pan of salted 2 tbsp soy sauce
water for 10 minutes until they’re almost With a tasty oriental flavour these 1 tbsp brown sugar
cooked through. Drain and allow them are a great accompaniment to a 1 tbsp plain flour
to cool slightly. 2 tbsp vegetable oil (or use half
Chinese meal, or you could add some
3 Remove the roasting tin from the oven sesame seed oil)
mushrooms and cashews for a more 2 cloves of garlic, finely sliced
and add the oil. Place back into the oven substantial dish.
for a few minutes until it’s good and hot. About 2cm of fresh ginger root, grated
4 Add the cooled parboiled potatoes to Serves: 2-3
the roasting tin and toss them carefully 1 Mix all the ingredients for the
marinade in a large bowl and add the
in the hot oil. Add the seaweed salt and 350g (12oz)new or baby potatoes,
cook for 20-30 minutes until golden cut into thin wedges or slices potato slices. Cover and leave in the
brown. 1 red pepper, deseeded and chopped fridge for an hour to infuse the flavours.
5 Take out of the oven and splash with 200ml (1 cup) vegetable stock 2 Heat a splash of oil in a wok or frying
the malt vinegar. 1 small head of Chinese leaf or 2 small pan, stir fry the red pepper for a couple
heads of pak choi, coarsely chopped of minutes before adding the marinated
Per 100g:
potatoes and stir frying for another few
393 39.1g 2.6g 0.8g 0.8g 1.3g minutes.
• Recipe and image by Seasonal Spuds.
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein 3 Add the stock and any remaining
marinade, cover and cook for around 10
minutes or until the potatoes are tender.
The sauce will have reduced to a glaze,
so be careful not to let it burn. Add a
little stock/water during cooking if it
reduces too quickly.
4 In the last couple of minutes throw in
the Chinese leaf or pak choi, stir gently
and serve.

Per serving:

306 11.1g 1.0g 13.0g 3.5g 6.7g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein

Tu r m e r i c - you only need a pinch!

urmeric has gained huge
popularity for its anti-
cancerous, anti-inflammatory
and immune boosting properties. It
is hugely beneficial, but it also need
only be used in small quantities.
It can get quite confusing to know
how much of a spice you need in any
dish, and with turmeric, a pinch too
much will make a curry bitter. It can
be used in hot water with lemon,
you can juice the turmeric root
(rather like a ginger root) in your
morning juice and you can add
turmeric to your curry or stir-fry. A
small amount daily or regularly will
reap real health rewards-and you
can use them in various dishes, not
just curries and daals. So here’s a
few recipes to get you going.

Top tip
Soaking the rice in
water for an hour will
reduce the cooking
time for the rice.

Per serving:

109 2.6g 0.8g 2.3g 0.7g 6.0g
• Recipes by Mira Manek, kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein

TURMERIC TOFU & WILD RICE 1 Place the tofu on a kitchen towel to
soak up excess water for 5-10 minutes.
For the rice: 2 To cook the wild rice, boil the rice and
120g (¾ cup) wild rice water in a pan on low heat for around
350ml (2½ cups) water 40 minutes until the rice grains are soft
and cooked. While the rice is cooking,
For the tofu: chop the tofu in small cubes and place
280g (9oz) tofu, medium to firm in a separate pan on low heat so that
¼ tsp turmeric they become slightly brown. Add the
1 tsp soy sauce turmeric and soy sauce to the tofu after
5-10 minutes, sprinkling over all the
For the vegetable stir-fry: tofu pieces, and turn the tofu so that all A mug of turmeric latte
1 tsp coconut oil the sides become brown, careful not to This is pretty simple. ¼ teaspoon (or
1 small onion, long thin slices break them. You can start the vegetable just a little less) of ground turmeric
½ clove garlic stir-fry while the tofu is still cooking. boiled with a mug of your choice
¼ tsp Himalayan salt 3 Place the coconut oil and onion slices of milk, add a teaspoon of agave/
150g (1 cup) red and yellow peppers, in a large pan and let this cook on low maple syrup, a sprinkle of cinnamon
chopped heat for a few minutes before adding the and a pinch of pepper (recent
80g (½ cup) broccoli, chopped chopped or grated garlic. Once cooked, research has found pepper and
2 tbsp soy sauce add the peppers and broccoli and stir. turmeric work in perfect activated
4 Let this cook for 7-10 minutes before harmony), but it’s still pretty good
For the garnishing: adding the cooked rice. You can now stir without the pepper and agave. If
Coriander (cilantro) in the soy sauce and add the tofu. you have a sore throat a pinch of
Lime 5 Serve with a slice of lime and a salt with the turmeric is just the
Black pepper sprinkle of coriander and black pepper. remedy you need.

Turmeric has such a vibrant, warm
and earthy colour, and it’s so full of
every kind of goodness that I add it to
everything. Here’s a sweet potato recipe
using turmeric along with a spoon of
tandoori spice, which you’ll find in most
supermarkets. If you don’t have the
tandoori mix, the sweet potato tastes
delicious with just the turmeric and
Per serving: paprika – add a little red chilli if you
278 8.2g 4.3g 18.6g 1.0g 14g fancy a kick.
• Recipes by Mira Manek,
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
2 sweet potatoes, around 300g total

1 tbsp rapeseed or olive oil

¼ tsp turmeric
CAULIFLOWER ‘RICE’ WITH SPICE 1 Start by grating the cauliflower and ½ tsp salt

chopping the vegetables ready for the ¼ tsp paprika

Cauliflower has the ability to take stir-fry. Now heat the coconut oil, cumin 2 tbsp soya yoghurt

on any flavour and here, it tastes just and mustard seeds in the pan. 1 tsp tandoori sauce
like an Indian rice dish, only there are 2 Once the cumin seeds are brown and
no carbohydrates. It’s incredibly light the mustard seeds start to pop, you can 1 Preheat the oven on 180˚C (Gas Mark
and equally flavourful. The cumin add the curry leaves and ginger garlic 4/350˚F). Start by thoroughly washing
seeds and spices, together with the and chilli paste. Now add the turmeric the sweet potatoes as you’ll be grilling
various chopped vegetables, make it and then the carrots and peas, as these them with the skin. Now thinly slice the
nutritious, add a variety of textures and will take longer to cook. Stir on low sweet potatoes-you can also do slightly
an abundance of colour. There is, of heat for a few minutes and then add larger chunks-it simply takes a little
course, no gluten and using Himalayan the grated cauliflower. Keep stirring for more time to cook.
salt adds minerals and extra nutrition. another few minutes. 2 Place them in a mixing bowl and
3 Now add the rest of the ingredients, leave on the side. In a small bowl, mix
Serves: 2 leaving a handful of spring onions for the tandoori sauce and yoghurt and
garnishing. This should be cooked and add this along with the rest of the
1 cauliflower ready within 5 minutes. Garnish with ingredients into the mixing bowl with
1 tbsp coconut oil spring onions and serve. the sweet potato slices. Mix together
1 tbsp cumin properly, spread out on a baking tray
1/2 tsp mustard seeds and place in the oven for 30-45 minutes,
1/2 tsp turmeric until cooked. Use a fork to check if soft
10-15 curry leaves and cooked.
1 tbsp ginger garlic and chilli paste 3 Once they are cooked, place under
1 carrot the grill for around 10 minutes so they
75g (1/2 cup) frozen peas become brown and slightly crispy. Keep
1/2 red pepper checking while in oven that they
1/2 green pepper don’t burn.
handful of spinach Per serving:
1 tomato
394 11.7g 1.9g 18.9g 2.3g 4.7g
2 spring onions
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
1 tsp Himalayan salt

Top notch
Premier Berlin restaurant the Lucky
Leek shares some high end recipes

Pair with...
a well-balanced Riesling
will work well (Winery
Immich, "Baterrieberg"
Riesling 2013) • Recipes by Josita Hartanto at Lucky Leek Berlin.
Images by Sebastian Sinémusby

• Recipes by Josita Hartanto at Lucky Leek
WITH WALNUT BONBON Berlin. Images by Sebastian Sinémusby

For the tartar:
2 ripe avocados
2 green apples (Granny Smith)
1 shallot
10 leaves of lemon balm
juice and zest from 1/2 lime
fresh ground pepper
1 tbsp walnut oil

1 Peel apples, halve avocados, de-stone
2 Finely dice avocados, apples and
3 Cut lemon balm into fine strips and
mix with the other ingredients.

For the chive cream
1 small tub of soya yogurt (or any
plant based alternative to yogurt)
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp neutral or olive oil
fresh chives
salt Pair with...
fresh ground pepper fruit and acid are important with
the bitterness of the Endive, so the
wine should nothave too many
1 Chop chives very finely. Mix all
heavy tannins. (2014 Sauvignon-
ingredients together until you have a Blanc by Philipp Kuhn)
nice creamy sauce, and season. (If you
use a hand mixer, you don‘t have to cut
the chives so precisely).
For the walnut bonbon RED ENDIVE 1 yellow and 1 orange carrot (or 2
1 handful of walnuts orange)
2 tbsp finely chopped parsley 250g (9oz) spaghettini or cappelini 1 organic lemon
4 dried tomatoes 1 small red endive 1 small bunch of rocket
1 fresh tomato 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp pine nuts
1 tbsp agave syrup (or any syrupy 1 tbsp sugar 1 cup of salted pasta water (from the
sugar alternative) 2 dashes of salt pasta part of the dish)
12 wonton wrappers 2 tbsp water 1 handful of pitted kalamata olives
oil for frying salt and black pepper
1 Cook pasta in salted water.
1 Put all the ingredients in a mixer or 2 Drain, but keep a cup of the salted 1 Peel carrots into fine strips using a
blender, and mince until coarse. pasta water. potato peeler.
2 Put 1 tablespoon of the filling on a 3 Let the pasta stand briefly and mix 2 Wash the lemon and zest it.
wonton wrapper, then wrap up like a with a little bit of olive oil so it does not Coarsely cut the rocket. Toast the pine
sweet. Use water to seal the edges. get sticky. nuts in a pan for 2 minutes until golden-
3 Fry the bonbons in hot oil until they 4 Remove stem of the red endive, brown. Put the pasta water and carrot
are golden brown and crispy. coarsely cut the leaves. strips in the pan and simmer for 1 minute.
4 Serve along with the tartar and 5 Sauté the leaves with olive oil, sugar, 3 Add your red endive, lemon zest, olives
chives cream. salt, and water for 3-4 minutes in a and pasta, and mix thoroughly.
5 Garnish with dill or micro herbs. large pan. 4 Season with salt and black pepper.
6 Take out of the pan and put aside. Fold in the rocket and serve with pine
nuts on top.


This is probably the quickest
and easiest mousse to make,
and is a great base for all kinds of
chocolatey creations. Great served
with candied nuts, orange oil, and
chilli, you can also use hazelnut or
almond milk for varying accents.

For the mousse:
100ml (⅓ cup) coconut milk
100g (¾ cup) dark chocolate
(50% cocoa content or more)
100g vegan squirty cream
4 tbsp mocha liqueur

1 Bring coconut milk to the boil.
Take it off the heat, break chocolate
into small pieces and stir in.
2 Let it cool down. Whisk in mocha
liqueur. Fold in the squirty cream
and let it cool down for 2 hours.

To serve:
2 passion fruits
4 tbsp maple syrup

1 With a hot spoon scoop out egg-
shaped portions of the mousse.
2 Cut the passion fruits in half, and
remove the fruit. Mix with the maple
syrup and serve with the mousse.
Decorate with fresh berries or
lemon zest.

• Recipes by Josita Hartanto at Lucky Leek
Berlin. Images by Sebastian Sinémusby

Pair with...
A good Port is always
a good choice for
chocolate. (Graham’s Six
Grapes Reserve Port)

The earthiness of buckwheat lends a rustic
touch to this hand-rolled pasta, where the slight
variance in thickness and width are part of the
e r f
P pastae c t
charm. With just a rolling pin, you’ll be diving
into chewy, earthy goodness in no time.

Makes: About 500g (1lb) enough for 4-6 servings

250g (8 oz/1 cup) regular, medium, or
medium-firm tofu
150g (1 ¼ cups) semolina or bread flour, plus
more for sprinkling
75g (¾ cup) buckwheat flour
About 1 tbsp sea salt

1 Place the tofu in a food processor and process
until it is creamy, although it does not have to
be completely smooth; a few grainy bits are fine.
Add 170g (1 cup) of the semolina and all of the
buckwheat flour. Process again briefly. Add the
remaining 70g (1⁄4 cup) semolina until the dough
is no longer sticky but still soft.
2 Remove the dough from the food processor.
Sprinkle some semolina or buckwheat flour on a
board or counter and knead the dough for about
10 minutes, until smooth and pliable.
3 Cover the dough with a dry towel and let it rest
for 20 to 30 minutes.
4 Divide the dough in half. Roll out each half
until it is about 1⁄2 inch thick. Divide it in half
again. Now roll each piece into a 10 by 6-inch
rectangle. It should be about 1⁄8 inch thick.
Sprinkle the top lightly with semolina and brush
off any excess. Using a knife, cut each sheet of
pasta into any width you like-I like it as 1⁄3- to
1⁄2-inch-wide pappardelle. Repeat with the other
3 pieces of dough.
5 You can cook the pasta right away or set it
aside for several hours. To set aside, cover it with
a damp but not wet towel to prevent it from
drying out.
6 To store the pasta, toss it with a little semolina,
bread flour, or buckwheat flour to prevent
sticking, then wrap in plastic wrap or put in a
covered container and refrigerate for 2 to 3 days.
7 Bring about 8 cups of water to a boil and
throw in the salt. Add the pasta, give it a stir to
separate it and prevent sticking, and cook for 2
to 3 minutes, until tender but still chewy. Drain
in a colander and serve right away with your
favourite sauce.
Per serving:
• Copyright © 2015 by Miyoko Schinner Photographs
204 2.8g 0.4g 0.3g 2.0g 9.0g copyright © 2015 by Eva Kolenko. Published in the
United States by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of the
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House
LLC, a Penguin Random House Company, New York.

Per serving:

352 1.5g 0.3g 0.6g 0.0g 12g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein

Umbrian tartufo sauce 4 Add the garlic and mushrooms and
Probably the best place to learn how sauté for 5 to 10 minutes, until the
to make pasta is Italy. But if you want mushrooms are browned and moist
some homemade fettuccine tonight and Makes: 4 servings but not wet looking. Add the truffle
aren’t in Italy and don’t have a pasta oil and cashew cream and stir well.
machine, here’s the recipe for you. Start 450g (1lb/4 cups) cremini
to finish, it’s a 30-minute dish, including mushrooms 5 Cook for 1 minute to let the sauce
about 15 minutes of rest time. 1-2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil thicken, then season with salt and
(optional) pepper. Toss with hot spaghetti,
Makes: 750g (1½ lbs) enough for 6-8 70g (½ cup) minced shallot garnish with some chopped
servings 6 cloves garlic, minced parsley, and serve immediately.
2 to 3 tbsp good-quality white Best enjoyed when freshly made;
250g (2 cups) semolina flour, plus more truffle oil, or to taste leftovers can be stored in a covered
for sprinkling 250ml (1 cup) cashew cream container in the refrigerator for 2-3
100g (1 cup) all-purpose flour (below) days. Do not freeze, or it will change
250ml (1 cup) hot water Sea salt and freshly ground black the texture.
1 Put both flours in a food processor. 300g (10 oz) cooked spaghetti *Strangozzi are long, thin, rectangular
Put the lid on the food processor, turn or strangozzi*, or homemade pasta strands of pasta.
it on, and slowly pour the hot water Parsley, for garnish (optional)
through the spout. The mixture will first Cashew cream
look like cornmeal, then form tiny little 1 Cut the mushrooms in half or
balls whirling around the work bowl and, quarters, depending on how large Makes: About 750ml (3½ cups)
finally, after a couple of minutes, form a they are, so they are all fairly
big ball in the middle. Let it go for another uniform in size. 750ml (3 cups) water
30 seconds to knead the dough, then turn 150g (1 cup) cashews
it off. 2 Pulse them in a food processor
2 Remove the dough. It will be quite until they are finely minced but not 1 Place the water and cashews in a
warm and pliable. Flatten it out into a mushy. Be sure not to process too blender and blend until smooth and
1⁄2-inch-thick pancake, then cut it into long, or you will end up with creamy, about 1 minute. The cream
quarters. Cover the dough with a dry a puree. keeps in the refrigerator for 1-3 days.
towel and let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes.
3 Sprinkle some semolina or all-purpose 3 In a large frying pan over medium- • Copyright © 2015 by Miyoko Schinner
flour onto a clean, dry surface and put high heat, heat the oil. Add the Photographs copyright © 2015 by Eva Kolenko.
one of the four pieces of dough on it. shallot and sauté until tender. For Published in the United States by Ten Speed
Press, an imprint of the Crown Publishing
Using a rolling pin, roll it out as thinly as oil-free cooking, simply sauté the Group, a division of Random House LLC, a
you can. You can make it as thin as an shallot with a dash of water. Penguin Random House Company, New York.
envelope with a card in it, or as thick as
1⁄8 inch, which will create a chewy, rustic,
country-style pasta.
4 After you’ve rolled out all of the sheets,
use a sharp knife or pizza cutter to cut
Top tip
them as desired, one sheet at a time. For a thicker cream,
You can cut them into any width that will reduce the water
suit the sauce of the evening, whether by 125ml (1⁄2 cup).
spaghetti, fettuccine, pappardelle, or
5 Get that large pot of salted water
boiling (2 litres or 8 cups), then cook the
noodles for 2 to 3 minutes, until perfectly
al dente. Serve with a sauce of your
6 To store the pasta, toss it with a little Per serving:

semolina or flour to prevent sticking, then 330 28.3g 4.7g 2.5g 0.0g 11g
wrap in plastic wrap or put in a covered kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
container and refrigerate for 2-3 days.

Comfort food
with a twist

Top tip
Cook Vegan recommends
Blue Dragon panko

Top tip
Cook Vegan recommends
using Cooks' Ingredients
Chipotle en Adobo Paste
by Waitrose for this
dipping sauce.


3 ripe avocados 180ml (⅔ cup) water
50g (½ cup) plain flour 70g (½ cup) cashews, soaked
200g (6oz) silken tofu blended with overnight
2 tbsp almond milk 2 tbsp adobo sauce, from a can
160g (1½ cups) breadcrumbs of chipotle peppers in adobo
1 tbsp vegan butter or marg 2 tbsp tomato paste
½ tsp garlic powder 2 tsp lemon juice
½ tsp onion powder Pinch salt, plus more to taste
½ tsp paprika
½ tsp salt 1 Put the cashews and their water in a
¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper blender and blend on medium for about
Spray oil 30 seconds, then turn up to high. Blend
until smooth and creamy
1 Preheat oven to 230˚C (Gas Mark 2 Add the chipotle adobo sauce (add
8/450˚F). Line a baking sheet with foil peppers only if you want it extra spicy)
and place a wire rack on the sheet. 3 Add rest of the sauce ingredients and
2 Slice avocados lengthwise (around blend until all sauce is combined then
20 fries) add salt to taste.
3 Set up three bowls: bowl 1, place the Per serving:
½ cup of flour salt and pepper, bowl 2
387 30.2g 5.9g 5.8g 2.1g 14g
the tofu mixture, bowl 3 combine the
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
breadcrumbs and melted butter, garlic
powder, onion powder, paprika, salt,
and pepper and mix well.
4 Dip each avocado slice through all 3
bowls ensuring to coat thoroughly with
the breadcrumb mixture and place on
the wire rack. Spray lightly with oil.
5 Bake for 20-25 minutes, until the
breadcrumbs are lightly browned. Cool
for about 10 minutes.
Per serving:

213 13.3g 2.8g 1.2g 0.5g 5.0g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein

Nourishing noodles Use raw veg to create beautifully healthy plates

piralizing–which sees vegetables According to some major food retailers, downside is that you won’t have the length
turned into long spiral-shaped sales of courgettes continue to rise-foodies or uniformity that you get with a machine.
noodles-offers a delicious way to are putting the increase down to the Some food processors come with
pack more nutrients into your diet. influence of trendy bloggers. The trend attachments to create ribbons, which is a
You can spiralize your five a day using a shows no sign of abating, with other veg quick and easy method.
machine to crank out perfect, slim pieces, that are popular for turning into noodles You can also buy specialised spiralizing
which can then be used in place of pasta-a also seeing a spike in sales. machines, from the basic handheld to
good way to reduce calories and carbs in a The easiest and cheapest way to give countertop horizontal or upright machines.
dish–or to liven up salads, or even in some spiralizing a go is to use a handheld Handheld machines can be fairly labour
desserts. The noodles are a good option julienne peeler, to create thin, spaghetti intensive, and more time consuming. With
for those with celiacs disease, or anyone like strands of veg. This is the cheapest the other machines, you can create perfect,
avoiding wheat or gluten. option, so good for a beginner. The uniform spirals.

linseed, add the ingredients for the 75g (½ cup) cashews
marinara sauce to a food processor and 84g (½ cup) shelled hemp seeds
Serves: 2-4 blend until a chunky mix remains. 6 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar
2 Transfer marinara sauce to a large bowl, 1 tbsp white miso paste
For the sauce: draining the excess juices. 1 tsp dried oregano
1 medium-to-large tomato, roughly 3 Mix in the chia seeds and ground 1 tsp dried basil
chopped linseed and set sauce aside for 15 3 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes
½ medium red bell pepper roughly minutes.
chopped 4 When ready to serve, add the courgette 1 Place the cashews into a food processor
1 small handful basil leaves noodles to the marinara sauce and toss and blend until a fine powder.
2 tbsp cold-pressed extra virgin olive until thoroughly coated. 2 Transfer cashews to a large bowl with
oil 5 Add toppings and serve immediately. the rest of the ingredients and mix by
1 tbsp maple syrup hand until the mixture resembles a paste.
1 medium garlic clove, grated 3 Spread the paste onto a dehydrator
½ tsp garlic powder silicone sheet in a thin layer (about 6
⅓ tsp onion powder mm thick), evenly spaced out and with
½ tsp dried basil minimum overlap, and dehydrate at
½ tsp dried oregano 46˚C (115˚F) for about 3-4 hours, or until
⅓ tsp sea salt flakes crispy. If you don’t have a dehydrator,
¼ tsp freshly cracked black pepper spread the paste on a baking sheet lined
1 pinch chilli flakes or chilli powder with parchment paper and bake at the
1 tbsp chia seeds lowest oven temperature with the door
1 tbsp ground linseed ajar. Keep an eye on it, stirring every 5-10
minutes to make sure it doesn’t burn. It
For the noodles: will be ready in about 30 minutes, though
1 medium-to-large courgette, thin this time can vary depending on your
spirals oven.
4 Taste to make sure the parmesan is
For the toppings: RAW PARMESAN fully dry. Mould can form if any moisture
5–6 fresh cherry tomatoes is left.
5–6 dried tomatoes This dairy-free, salty, cheese-like 5 Store the parmesan in an airtight
1 large handful spinach leaves crumble is delicious crumbled on container in a cool, dry place for up to 1
2 tbsp raw parmesan noodles and pasta, soups, salads, month.
2 tsp nutritional yeast flakes and even sandwiches. It’s a wonderful
1 small handful pine nuts, toasted alternative to traditional parmesan and Per serving:
or raw can be used in any recipe that calls for it.
405 29.6g 4.5g 2.1g 0.8g 21g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
1 Except for the chia seeds and ground Makes: 100g (1 cup)

Per serving: • Recipe from Nourishing Noodles: Spiralize
Nearly 100 Plant-Based Recipes for Zoodles,
386 26.9g 3.0g 9.4g 1.1g 14g Ribbons, and Other Vegetable Spirals by Chris
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein Anca, published by Race Point Publishing
(£14.99), is out now. Photography by Chris Anca.

ns &

Vegavitamin B12 Dr Justine Butler, senior
researcher and writer at
Viva! Health, presents a no
nonsense guide to this often
misunderstood vitamin

verybody needs a regular eating food from the ground that had of B12 (cyanocobalamin) producing
source of vitamin B12: it B12-producing bacteria on it. The B12 more than 10 tonnes per year. Over
helps us maintain healthy on their food was then taken up into half of this is used for animal feed
nerve cells and produce the cells in their bodies, which is how which makes the B12-argument for
DNA, the body’s genetic material. it ends up in red meat, fish, poultry, eating animal products invalid. You
It works closely with folate to help eggs and dairy products. could just cut out the middleman and
make red blood cells and to help iron Vitamin B12 is also produced get your B12 straight from the source,
work better in the body. Folate and commercially in large vats where it’s easier to absorb that way too.
B12 also work together to support our bacterial cultures are grown for its
immune function and mood. extraction. This type of B12 is used WHAT HAPPENS IF WE DON’T
The difficulty of getting enough in fortified foods: yeast extracts,
B12 is often used as an argument margarines, breakfast cereals, plant GET ENOUGH?
against veganism. For vegans this milks and B12 supplements. In B12 deficiency can lead to serious
means making sure you eat enough modern society, food production is health problems, especially in the
fortified foods and/or taking a far more sanitised with fruit and very young. Symptoms include:
supplement. However, despite the vegetables washed in chlorine for extreme tiredness, lack of energy,
warnings, vegans may actually sale in supermarkets. This removes pins and needles, muscle weakness,
have an advantage over meat and the B12-producing bacteria so vegans depression and cognitive problems
dairy-eaters when it comes to this must obtain vitamin B12 from such as impaired memory,
important vitamin. fortified foods and/or supplements. understanding and judgement. A lack
Similarly, modern factory farming of B12 can lead to a raised level of
CAN YOU EXPLAIN A BIT MORE methods have changed the nature of the amino acid homocysteine which
the food farmed animals eat, meaning has been linked to heart disease; this
ABOUT B12? that cattle and sheep now need B12 can affect meat-eaters, vegetarians
Vitamin B12 is made by bacteria in supplements too! France accounts and vegans. You can easily be tested
the soil and water. Traditionally, for 80 per cent of world production by your doctor and a B12 deficiency
farmed animals got their B12 from of the most widely produced form may be treated with supplements or a

bacteria. Our ability to separate
course of injections.
B12 from animal protein declines
with age; up to 40 per cent of the
OK-SO HOW MUCH DO WE UK’s meat-eating elderly population
suffers from low B12 due to a drop in
NEED? their ability to absorb it. In fact, mild
B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that to moderate deficiency is common
can be stored for years in the liver. in industrialised countries despite
Excess amounts leave the body in the fact that a typical western diet
the urine. We don’t need much; the provides around 5-7μg of B12 per
UK government recommends 1.5μg day. The most common causes of B12 VARIATIONS ON A THEME
(micrograms) per day and in the US, deficiency in the UK are:
they recommend 2.4μg. One recent There are a number of
study suggested the ideal intake lies • Loss of intrinsic factor-a substance different forms of B12:
between 4-7μg per day, while another produced in the stomach required for
suggests a daily intake of 6-10μg. absorption. • Cyanocobalamin is a cheap and
Last year, the European Food Safety stable ‘inactive’ form used to fortify
Authority set a new ‘adequate intake’ • A decline in the amount of acid infant formula, breakfast cereals,
level for B12 of 4μg per day. Erring produced in the stomach-this mainly vitamin drinks, plant milks and vegan
on the side of caution, Viva!Health affects B12 absorption from meat. meat replacements, as well as animal
recommends an intake of 5μg per day and fish feed. It is called inactive
from fortified foods with the regular because it needs to be converted into
use of supplements to ensure topping an active form to work in the body.
Plant foods, Tablets typically contain doses from
this up. This is particularly important
fermented soya foods as low as 2.5μg up to 1,000μg.
for children too.
seaweeds and apricots
The Department of Health
do not provide a reliable • Hydroxocobalamin is an injectable
says you should be able to
source of B12. Until plant form of vitamin B12 that is given
get all the vitamin B12 you
foods said to provide B12 are when there are problems with
need by eating a varied
shown consistently to absorption. In the UK 1,000 µg per
and balanced diet but
correct B12 deficiency, dose is generally used.
cautions that if
vegans should not rely on
you take vitamin • Methylcobalamin is an ‘active’
them for vitamin B12.
B12 supplements, form of vitamin B12. It costs more
you should not take too much and is not so stable which is why it is
because this could be harmful. They provided in higher doses from 500-
say that taking 2,000μg or less a day 2,000μg and needs to be stored away
of vitamin B12 in supplements is Studies suggest that the from light.
unlikely to cause any harm. bioavailability of B12 from meat is
lower than previously thought. This • Adenosylcobalaminone another
may be because of losses incurred ‘active’ form of vitamin B12, available
B12 ABSORPTION in cooking or difficulty the body as a supplement that needs to be
The B12 found in meat and other has releasing B12 bound to animal stored away from light.
animal foods is bound to protein, protein. Either way, meat is not the
so it is more difficult to absorb than best source of B12 and you are better Taken together, hydroxocobalamin
unbound ‘free’ B12 produced by off getting it from fortified foods and/ may be better for treatment by
or supplements. injection. Methylcobalamin and
The US Institute cyanocobalamin show very similar
of Medicine of the effects in the body, but on balance,
National Academy cyanocobalamin may be superior
of Sciences as a supplement because of its
recommends that stability. US physician, author
all adults over 50 and internationally recognised
years (including speaker on public health issues, Dr
meat-eaters) obtain Michael Greger says: “Unless you’re
B12 from vitamin a smoker or have kidney failure,
supplements or cyanocobalamin should be fine.
fortified foods That’s what I take!”
because of the high


incidence of impaired absorption of
B12 from animal foods in this age
group. It could be that some vegans
have a heads-up on B12 as they
routinely include a supplement or
fortified foods in their diet.
Vitamin B12 absorption can be
reduced by a number of other
factors: poor functioning kidneys;
the diabetes drug Metformin and
proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) which
inhibit the production of stomach
acid; nitric oxide in cigarette smoke;
nitrous oxide (laughing gas) used
for anaesthesia or recreational use
and heating food and drink in a
microwave or other forms of cooking.
B12 intakes among vegans appear
to be increasing, reflecting the
increase in the number of B12-
fortified products available as well as
a raised awareness. This will provide
an advantage for vegans in later
life who are used to including B12
in their diet. It may be that vegans Meridian Yeast Extract (4g serving-enough for one slice of toast) 2.8
who routinely consume B12-fortified Soya milk - Alpro Soya Original (200ml) 2.5
foods and supplements are less
Marigold Engevita with Added B12 Yeast Flakes (5g) 2.2
likely to experience age-related B12
deficiencies later in life. Koko long-life dairy free coconut drink (200ml) 0.8
Alpro Simply Plain Yoghurt 0.6
For more information on B12 and vegan
nutrition go to: Fortified cereal* (40g) 0.8
Marmite (4g serving - enough for one slice of toast) 0.6
Vecon Vegetable Stock (1tsp/5g) 0.5
Pure Soya margarine (10g) 0.5
Alpro Heavenly Velvet Vanilla Dessert (125g pot) 0.3

Note that some of the organic versions of these products are not fortified
with B12.

*Many cereals fortified with B12 also contain vitamin D (D3) from lanolin,
a substance obtained from sheep’s wool. At the time of writing, Tesco Malt
Wheats, Sainsbury’s Wholegrain Malties and Waitrose Malted Wheats all
contain 2.1μg of B12 per 100g and no vitamin D, so are suitable for vegans.
Kellogg’s only use D3 at the moment but are looking into the possibility of
using D2, which is suitable for vegans.

It is quite easy to ensure your 5μg of B12 per day by including certain foods
regularly in the diet; cereal with plant milk, yeast extract, vegan spread,
Vecon stock in soups and stews, a generous sprinkle of yeast flakes on your
dinner and soya yoghurts or desserts occasionally. Of course, you need to
ensure these foods are the fortified varieties. Topping up once or twice a
week with a supplement is a good safety net to really ensure you are getting
enough B12.

These delicious recipes are an easy way to get children to enjoy fruit and veg

Top tip
For a more nutritious
and substantial shake, try
adding 1 tablespoon of
protein powder (from peas,
hemp seeds, brown
rice or whey).

Serves: 2

2 frozen bananas
4 tbsp peanut butter*
2 tbsp cacao powder
pinch sea salt
250 ml (8 ½ fl oz/1 cup) filtered water

1 Put all of the ingredients in a blender
and blend on a high speed until
completely smooth. Taste and adjust
the saltiness to your liking, by adding
more salt if necessary.
2 Pour into two medium-sized glass
bottles (one of which is featured in
the photo) and serve with straws.

* Choose a quality peanut butter brand
that contains only toasted (or raw) organic
peanuts and salt. Avoid those with
hydrogenated oils, refined sugar and other
Per serving:

370 19.6g 8.2g 26.9g 1.1g 8.8g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein

A trick to get children to eat more
vegetables is to add them to smoothies.
Blending vegetables with sweeter
flavours disguises their taste and
makes them more appealing. Frozen
vegetables are the best option as they
are milder in taste and often actually
contain more nutrients than fresh
vegetables (because they are frozen
directly after being picked). Other
plus sides are that they are generally
cheaper, available all year round and
obviously have a much longer shelf Serves: 2 or 4 small servings 1 Roughly chop the banana and add it
life. This green smoothie contains both to a blender along with the rest of the
broccoli and peas, yet has a sweet and 1 ripe banana, peeled ingredients.
fruity flavour due to the banana and a 50g (2oz/ ¼ cup) frozen 2 Blend on a high speed until
kick of freshness from the orange juice broccoli florets completely smooth.
and ginger. We created this recipe to 50g (2oz/⅓ cup) frozen peas 3 Pour into two medium-sized glass
be child-friendly, but it is just as good 1 tbsp linseeds bottles or four small ones and serve
for any adults who want to incorporate ½ tsp fresh ginger, grated with straws.
more vegetables into their lives. (or ¼ tsp ground ginger)
250 ml (8 ½ fl oz/1 cup) freshly
Per serving: squeezed orange juice
(unsweetened and not from
167 2.4g 0.3g 25.3g 0.0g 5.1g • Green Kitchen Smoothies: Healthy and colourful
concentrate or from approx smoothies for every day by David Frenkiel and Luise
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
3 oranges) Vindahl (Hardie Grant, £15.00)

Pack in maximum nutrients in liquid form

SADHANA WAKE-UP CALL 1 whole lemon (including the peel,
if the lemon is organic), quartered
Part of your daily ‘sadhana’, on waking, 2.5 cm (1 inch) knob of fresh turmeric,
and before yoga practice, drink one of peeled and chopped
these to flush out your system, rehydrate your 120 g (4¼ oz/1 cup) chopped apple
body, kick-start your metabolism and prepare pinch of cayenne pepper
you for the day. 250 ml (9 fl oz/1 cup) water

• Recipe from Naked Vegan by Maz Valcorza, Pass all the ingredients through a cold-press
Murdoch Book (£14.99) juicer, adding the water last.



Boost your nutrient intake with this
super green juice. Enjoy in the morning
for a healthy start to the day or in the
evening to help with a good night’s
sleep as celery contains the chemical
serotonin, one of the most important
brain chemicals, or neurotransmitters,
for regulating the sleep/wake cycle.

Serves: 1
Preparation time: 5 minutes each

1 cucumber
5 sticks of celery
2 apples
1 bag Fresh & Naked baby spinach
1 lime
1 tsp maple syrup

1 Chop the cucumber, celery and apple
into chunks.
2 Put everything through a juicer
then chill in the fridge. Stir well before
• Recipe from

Per serving:

298 4.0g 0.3g 40.9g 0.7g 13g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein


Serves: 4-6

Liquid from 1 x 400g tin (160ml)
of chickpeas
125g/½ cup caster sugar (zylitol)

To layer and top your pavlova:
4 x 400ml/54 fl oz tins of full-fat
coconut milk (refrigerated overnight)
2 tsp vanilla extract
soft fruit of your choice
few mint leaves

1 Preheat the oven to 110°C (Gas Mark
2 In a clean bowl, whisk the chickpea
liquid for 10 minutes, using an electric
hand whisk. It will become thick, stiff
and creamy, with soft peaks.
3 Sprinkle in the caster sugar and
keep whisking, adding the sugar into
the mixture for a further 5 minutes.
4 Get out two baking trays. Using the
base of a 23cm springform tin, draw a
circle on a sheet of baking parchment.
Draw a second circle beside it. You
should be able to draw two circles on
each baking tray. Altogether you’ll draw
four circles.
5 Spoon the meringue mix to fill
your marked circles, then put the two
baking trays into the preheated oven for
2½ hours.
6 When they are ready, take them
out, leave to cool for 40 minutes,
and carefully peel off the baking
7 Skim the cream from the top of
each tin of coconut milk. Put into a
bowl and add the vanilla extract and 2
tablespoons of the clear coconut milk
from the cans. Whisk with an electric
whisk for 1 minute to bring it all
together and remove any lumps.
8 Place your base layer of meringue
on a flat plate and spread with a layer
of coconut cream. Top with fruit of your
choice (For example; fresh raspberries,
strawberries, passion fruit, kiwi,
and mango).
9 Repeat until you are left with a last
• Recipe taken from David & Stephen Flynn’s The
layer of meringue to put on top, top World of the Happy Pear (Penguin, 2nd June 2016).
with some coconut cream, decorate Photography by Alistair Richardson
with some fruit and mint leaves.

Top tip
Chocolate Ganache
is wickedly good on
these brownies.

Per serving:

• Recipe from YumUniverse (BenBella Books; 92 2.6g 0.9g 9.9g 0.2g 2.2g
October 2014) is attached. The book and kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
photography are both by Heather Crosby.

CRAZY BROWNIES 1 Preheat oven to 180°C (Gas Mark
4/350°F) Line an 8” x 8” brownie pan
These brownies are incredible. They with parchment paper.
are fudgy, dense and sweet. Make them 2 Using a small or mini food processor,
and see whether your family can even puree the beans, dates, potato, tahini,
GUESS what’s in them. and coconut butter until smooth, and
then add the maple syrup and milk and
Makes: 16 brownies puree again.
3 If your processor is large enough to
130g (½ cup) kidney beans hold the remaining ingredients, add the
90g (½ cup) pitted dates cocoa powder, coconut sugar, arrowroot
100g (⅓ cup) peeled, precooked, powder, vanilla bean powder, baking
and cooled white or red potato powder, baking soda, and sea salt to the
2 tbsp tahini or nut butter processor and puree until combined.
2 tbsp coconut butter (If your processor is too small, transfer
¼ cup/65ml pure maple syrup the date mixture to a bowl, and use a
3 tablespoons non-dairy milk spoon or spatula to incorporate the dry
½ cup/50g plus 2 tbsp cocoa powder ingredients.) Stir in the chocolate chips.
½ cup/110g coconut sugar 4 Transfer the mixture to the brownie
2 tbsp arrowroot powder pan, and spread evenly with a spatula.
1 tsp vanilla bean powder or 1 ½ tsp Bake for 22–24 minutes (the brownies
pure vanilla extract will continue to firm with cooling,
½ tsp baking powder and are more fudgy with less baking,
½ tsp baking soda so don’t overbake). Remove, let cool
½ tsp sea salt completely, frost if desired (see note),
3 tbsp non-dairy chocolate chips and cut into squares.

Refrigerate until completely chilled,
Chocolate Ganache then use for spreading between NOTES
cookies for cookie sandwiches, as a
This is a ridiculously simple way thick frosting for cakes or brownies, Potatoes: Potatoes add moisture and
to make a thick chocolate ganache or if kept thicker you can roll into density when combined with the
beans (without too much 'beany'
that can be used for cakes, brownies, truffles and then dust with cocoa
flavour from using just beans). If you
or cookies, or kept thicker for powder, coconut sugar, coconut, etc. don’t have cooked potato, substitute
truffles. 20g (¼ cup) of potato starch and
Serving Suggestion: Make a single increase the milk to 5 tablespoons.
Makes: just under 170ml (¾ cup) batch for a thin layer of ganache to
for single batch, just under 350ml frost crazy brownies. Double up for Nut-Free Option/Tahini: I have
(1 ½ cups) for double batch a thicker layer (and use extra for designed these brownies to be
scooping mini truffles). nut-free; however, if you don’t have
Single Batch: nut allergies you can substitute a nut
60g (¼ cup) coconut butter butter, like macadamia or almond
3 tbsp cocoa powder butter. I use a good-quality tahini in this
recipe, which has a mellow, flavour
2 pinches sea salt
and smooth, liquid texture. If you
3-3 ½ tbsp nondairy milk have a dense tahini that tastes bitter,
3 tbsp pure maple syrup I recommend the nut butter swap.
If using a nut butter that is thick or
1 In a small saucepan, combine the dense you may need to add another
coconut butter, cocoa powder, sea 1 tablespoon of non-dairy milk.
salt, milk, and maple syrup over very
low heat. Whisk through until the Coconut Butter: If you don’t have
coconut butter is melted and all the coconut butter, you can substitute
ingredients are smooth. another 1½ tablespoons of a nut butter
like macadamia, almond, or cashew, or
more tahini, but only if it’s mellow tasting.
2 Transfer to a glass dish to let cool.


• Divine Vegan Desserts by Lisa
Fabry, Grub street publishing

BLACK FOREST GATEAUX macadamia fudge crumble crust, put
the macadamias, cacao powder, carob Raw chocolate
If there’s one dessert that’s going powder, vanilla seeds and salt in a food
to convince the wary that raw food can processor and blend to crumbs. 40g (⅓ cup) cacao butter
2 tbsp agave nectar
be decadent and delicious, this is it. It
40g (⅓ cup) raw cacao powder
does take a bit of time to put together, 3 Add the dates and agave nectar and
but-for a celebratory feast-it's worth it. process until the mixture starts to come
1 Melt the cacao butter in a glass
There are lots of stages so read through together in a ball. Divide the mixture in
bowl in a dehydrator, or set over
the recipe carefully before you start, two. Press half into the base of an 18 cm
another bowl of hot water. When it
and remember to leave enough time for (7”) loose-bottomed cake tin, with sides
is melted, stir in the agave nectar,
soaking and chilling. at least 10 cm (4”) deep.Reserve the
then add the cacao powder and mix
other half in the fridge.
well. If the mixture starts to stiffen
Serves: 12
up, don’t panic. This can happen
4 For the chocolate-hazelnut mousse,
but, unlike ordinary chocolate, raw
1 batch raw chocolate first make the hazelnut milk. This isn’t
chocolate can be rescued. Simply
1 batch cashew cream as hard as it sounds. Just blend the
put the bowl back in the dehydrator
½ batch raw chocolate sauce soaked hazelnuts with the water at high
or over a bowl of hot water for a
About 225g (1 cup) fresh black speed until the nuts are as fine as they
few minutes, then whisk until it
cherries, halved and pitted will go. Then strain the mixture into a
becomes smooth and glossy again.
6-8 whole cherries, for decoration large jug or bowl through some muslin
2 Pour into chosen moulds and put
Macadamia fudge crumble crust or cheesecloth if you have it, or a fine
in the freezer to set. Store in the
200g (1 ½ cups) macadamias sieve. Squeeze to get as much milk out
fridge or freezer.
30g (¼ cup) cacao powder as you can, and discard the nut fibre.
2 tbsp carob powder
seeds of 1 vanilla bean 5 Put the cacao, carob, vanilla seeds,
Cashew Cream
pinch of salt dates, maple syrup and salt in the Makes: 250ml (about 1 cup)
100g (½ cup) medjool dates, chopped blender, and add the hazelnut milk
140g (1 cup) cashews, soaked for
1 tbsp agave nectar gradually as you blend. When the
an hour or two
mixture is smooth and you have added 2 tbsp agave nectar
Chocolate-hazelnut mousse: all the milk, add the lecithin, coconut oil 125 ml (½ cup) water
140g (1 cup) hazelnuts, soaked and psyllium powder with the blender seeds of 1 vanilla bean
375 ml (1 ½ cups) water still running. pinch of salt
30g (¼ cup) cacao powder 1 tbsp coconut oil, melted
2 tbsp carob powder 6 Pour the mousse into the cake tin.
seeds of 1 vanilla bean Chill until set. Spread the halved, 1 Put the cashews, agave nectar,
100g (½ cup) medjool dates, chopped pitted cherries over the top of the water, vanilla seeds and salt in
2 tbsp maple syrup mousse, then pour the cashew cream a blender and blend until very
pinch of salt over the cherries. Break the remaining smooth. Leave the motor running
1 tbsp soy lecithin macadamia fudge crumble crust into as you add the coconut oil. Chill.
60 ml (¼ cup) coconut oil small pieces with your fingers and
1 tsp psyllium powder sprinkle over the top of the cake. Drizzle Raw Chocolate Sauce
the chocolate sauce over the crumble. Makes: 60ml (¼ cup)
1 A couple of hours before you’re ready
to start, soak the cashews for the cream 7 Break the raw chocolate into chunks 30g (¼ cup) raw cacao
and the hazelnuts for the filling. Then and poke in the cake. Decorate with tiny pinch of cinnamon
assemble all your ingredients in the the whole cherries. Set in the freezer tiny pinch of salt
order you’ll need them. I recommend for at least an hour or chill in the fridge 2 tbsp maple syrup or agave nectar
making the chocolate, cashew cream overnight. ½ tsp vanilla extract
and chocolate sauce first, then the 1-3 tbsp water
crumble crust and the hazelnut filling 8 When you are ready to serve, carefully
and finally assemble everything. push the base of the cake tin up. 1 Mix the cacao, cinnamon and salt.
Depending on the thickness of your Stir the syrup into the cacao mixture
2 Mix up a batch of raw chocolate and mousse and cream, and how long you little by little until it forms a smooth
spread it thinly on a tray lined with have left the gateau to chill, it may paste. Add the vanilla. Add water
baking parchment. Put in the freezer collapse a little as you remove the until it is the texture you require.
to set. Make the cashew cream and the sleeve, but it won’t matter, it will This keeps for ages in the fridge.
raw chocolate sauce and chill. For the taste divine.

PINK MELON WITH MARINATED 1 Mix the blueberries with the orange
BERRYWORLD BLUEBERRIES juice and liqueur and a few shredded
mint leaves. Leave to marinate and
This pretty dessert is very quick chill for 1-2 hours.
as well as being low in fat and rich in 2 Cut the melons in half horizontally.
vitamins. Replace the alcohol with Scoop out and discard the seeds.
lime juice or elderflower cordial if 3 Serve the melon halves filled with
you wish. fruit or serve in segments with the
fruit poured over. Add a little extra
1 small ripe Charantais melon, chilled liqueur for special occasions.
175g/ 1¾ cups blueberries
• Recipe content and imagery from
Juice of 1 orange
Kirsch or Cointreau Per serving: kcal 343, Fat Trace, Saturates Trace,
Fresh mint leaves Sugars 69.4g, Salt Trace


2-MINUTE HEALTHY 2 Once frozen, put the bananas in a
‘ICE CREAM’ food processor and process until
you have reached an ice cream
Did you know that when a frozen consistency, stopping the processor
banana is blended, it takes on the at intervals to scrape down the sides.
consistency of ice cream? If you At first the bananas will crumble, but
haven’t tried this before then your keep going and you will achieve a
desserts are about to be transformed. creamy consistency similar to soft-
whip ice cream. Mix in the additional
Serves: 2 ingredients of your choice.

2 ripe bananas, peeled and sliced 3 If you like your ice cream really soft,
it can be served immediately,
Optional additions: otherwise transfer to an airtight
1 tbsp cocoa powder container and place in the freezer
1 tbsp peanut butter until set firm.
frozen strawberries
chunks of dark chocolate

1 Ideally, start the day before you want • Edited recipes from Hungry Healthy Happy:
to serve your ice cream. Place the How to nourish your body without giving up the
foods you love by Dannii Martin, photography by
peeled and sliced bananas in a freezer Jacqui Melville (Jacqui Small, £20), out now.
bag. Transfer to the freezer and freeze
for at least 3 hours, though, for best Per serving: Fat 0.3g, Saturates 0.1g,
results, overnight is preferable. Sugars 21g, Salt 0g, Protein 1.2g

Per serving:

254 20.4g 3.4g 8.2g 0.0g 6.2g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein


Rich in nutrients and utterly
delicious, these dainty cupcakes
are a super-charged sweet snack.
The cupcakes will keep in an airtight
container in the fridge for 5 days, or
can be frosted and frozen for several

Makes: 24

155g (5½oz/1 cup) activated cashew nuts
100g (3½ oz/1 cup) activated walnuts
310g (11 oz/2 cups) activated almonds
125ml (4 fl oz/½ cup) coconut nectar
2 tsp vanilla powder or vanilla extract
45g (1½ oz/½ cup) dried bananas,
½ banana, mashed
1 tbsp lemon juice

For the Macadamia
and banana frosting
160g (5½ oz/1 cup) activated
macadamia nuts
3 tbsp cold-pressed extra virgin
coconut oil
4 tbsp coconut nectar
1 banana, mashed
1 tsp ground cinnamon

For the topping
Fresh banana slices

1 Using a high-speed blender, and working
in separate batches, grind the cashews,
walnuts and almonds into a flour, tipping
each batch into a mixing bowl.
2 Add the ground nuts to a food processor.
Add the coconut nectar, vanilla powder,
dried banana, mashed banana and lemon
juice, then pulse to the consistency of a
moist cake. The mixture should bind to
itself when pressed together between your
3 Press the mixture into 24 mini cupcake
tins lined with plastic wrap, or into 24 mini
silicone cupcake moulds, then turn the
cupcakes out onto a clean, flat surface.
4 Blend all the frosting ingredients in a
high-speed blender until smooth. Pop
into a piping (icing) bag and pipe onto the
cupcakes. Top each cupcake with a piece
of banana just before serving.
• Recipe from Naked Vegan by Maz Valcorza,
Murdoch Book (£14.99)

Per serving:

128 9.4g 6.6g 4.8g 0.2g 1.6g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein


PUFFED QUINOA AND 1 Put the dates, coconut oil, date syrup
and vanilla extract into a blender and
blitz until it forms a nice thick paste- the
These are so delicious and perfect mixture may separate, but don’t worry
for a sweet treat. I like to keep them in about this.
the fridge or freezer for a rainy day so 2 Transfer the mixture to a bowl and
that I always have something to enjoy if add the remaining ingredients. Stir until
I get a sweet craving. really well combined.
3 Line a 20 × 30cm baking tray with
Makes: 12-15 bites baking parchment and press the mixture
into it so it is about 3cm thick-it will hold
140g (1 cup) dates, stones removed its shape, so don’t worry if it doesn't fill
85g (⅓ cup) coconut oil, at room temp the tray.
1 tbsp date syrup 4 Put into the fridge to set for 1-2
¼ tsp vanilla extract hours. Remove from the fridge and cut
20g (¼ cup) puffed quinoa into little bite-sized cubes. Store in an
40g (¼ cup) whole buckwheat groats airtight container for up to 2 weeks, or
50g (½ cup) shelled pistachios a month in the freezer.
A generous pinch of Himalayan pink salt

• Recipe taken from Honestly Healthy
in a Hurry, published by Hodder &
Stoughton £25. © Natasha Corrett.
Photographs by Lisa Linder

175g (6 oz) cashews Do not process until smooth, as the
150g (5 oz) dried apricots texture helps the bars hold together.
CASHEW BARS 25g (1 oz) pitted Medjool dates 3 Transfer the mixture to the prepared
Need something to carry you from 1 tbsp cashew butter loaf tin and use a sheet of baking
the office to your evening workout and 1 tsp pure vanilla extract paper on top to press and flatten
the meetings in-between? Try these pinch of sea salt evenly using the palm of your hand.
grain-free bars for sustaining, slow- shredded coconut to top (optional) 4 Sprinkle the crushed nuts on top,
release energy. A mixture of sweet then cover the pan with baking paper
dates, crunchy nuts and smooth nut 1 Line a 23 x 12.5-cm (9 x 5-in) loaf tin or cling film. Place the covered bars in
butter makes the perfect whole food with baking paper. the fridge for 1 hour before slicing into
base with added nutrients-and flavour 2 Place the nuts in a food processor 8 individual bars. Store up to to 5 days
-from spices and dried fruits. and pulse until finely chopped, with in an airtight container in the fridge or
some small chunks remaining. Add 1 month in the freezer.
Makes: 8 bars the rest of the ingredients, except the
• Edited recipes from Whole Food Energy: 200 all
nuts for topping, and pulse until the natural recipes to prepare, refuel and recover by
ingredients start to stick together. Elise Museles (Apple Press, £14.99), out now.

Per serving:

180 11.3g 2.2g 10.0g 0.3g 5.8g

kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein


BLACKBERRY PIE BARS 1 Preheat oven to 190˚C (Gas Mark and lemon juice. Pour over the base
5/375˚F.) dough in the tin. Top with the remaining
Makes: 9 bars 2 Line an 8 inch square tin with baking dough.
paper, leaving overhang for easy 6 Bake for 50-60 minutes, rotating
120g (½ cup, plus 1 tbsp) removal. halfway through until brown. Be sure
granulated sugar 3 In a bowl, stir together 120g (½ dough is set and fully cooked on top.
150g (1 ½ cups) plain flour cup) sugar, with the flour, and baking 7 Cool bars completely in tin before
1 tsp baking powder powder. Add the coconut oil, stir until it slicing and serving.
150g (¾ cup) solid coconut oil forms a crumbly mixture. Per serving:
900g (3 ½-4 cups) blackberries 4 Press half of it into the pan.
326 17.1g 13.9g 17.8g 0.2g 3.8g
1 tbsp lemon juice 5 In a medium bowl, stir together
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
blackberries with 1 tablespoon sugar


Top tip
This chocolate mousse is the
Top with some cacao nibs and fresh
ultimate comfort food. It’s easy to
fruit if you’re fancy. You can also
digest and soothing to both body
easily turn this into a chocolate
and mind, thanks to a silky texture
shake; just add more liquid to thin it
and feel-good chemicals that boost
out and pour into a glass. This
endorphins and serotonin levels
is much creamier and more
in the brain. No need for cream or
delicious using a nut milk,
eggs; the avocado alone adds sultry
particularly a homemade
smoothness, with the addition
cashew milk.
of dates, vanilla, cinnamon, and
an optional superfood boost
from carob and mesquite that
accentuates the chocolate flavour
without adding sugar.

Serves: 1 chocoholic (or 2 to 3 other

1 large avocado
1 Medjool date
1 very generous tbsp raw cacao
⅛ tsp vanilla powder or vanilla
⅛ tsp cinnamon
¼ cup (50 ml) nut milk, coconut
water, or water
A pinch of Himalayan or sea salt
Spread the Mousse
Halve, pit, and scoop out the flesh
of the avocado. Soak the date in
au Chocolove!
hot water until soft, then remove More variations on this classic:
the pit and peel. Add all ingredients
to a Vitamix (preferable) or food Mint Mousse au Chocolove
processor and blend until smooth. Add 1-2 drops of peppermint essential oil
and ½ tablespoon chopped fresh mint into
Add more liquid as needed. the mousse and blend, then garnish with
more mint leaves.
• Recipe from Très Green, Très Clean, Très
Chic: Eat (and Live!) the New French Way with
Mousse au Chocole
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Season, copyright © Rebecca Leffler, 2015. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper and
Reprinted by permission of the publisher, The ¼ teaspoon maca powder.
Experiment. Available wherever books are
sold. Mousse au Chocorange
Add 1-2 drops of orange essential oil and
top with orange zest.

Mousse ay Chai-Colot
Add 1-2 drops of cinnamon bark essential
oil and a pinch of nutmeg, cloves, ginger,
black pepper, and cardamom. Optional:
Add 1 teaspoon
of lucuma powder.

Per serving: Mousse au Chocacai
Add 1 teaspoon of açai powder. Top
748 63.9g 15.5g 17.6g 2.2g 7.9g
with fresh berries and cacao nibs.
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein


RAW LIME CHEESECAKE 1 Put the almonds in a food processor.
Pulse until crumbly, then add the
For the base: remaining base ingredients and
70g (½ cup) almonds blend until the almonds are fine and
4 Medjool dates everything begins to stick together.
1 tsp coconut oil 2 Line your cake tin with some baking
Pinch Himalayan salt paper and grease with coconut oil.
3 Add the base to the tin and press
For the cashew cream: firmly down, put in fridge to set while
150g (1 cup) raw cashews, you make the cashew cream.
soaked in water overnight 4 Add the soaked cashew nuts, agave,
2 tbsp agave lime juice, and melted coconut oil.
Juice of 2 limes Blend until all comes together. Slowly
100g (⅓ cup) coconut cream add the coconut cream until smooth.
3 tsp melted coconut oil Add the salt and lime zest and blend
Pinch of salt further until thick. Per serving:
Zest of 1 lime (¾ in the cream plus 5 Pour on top of the base. Sprinkle on
229 17.2g 8.0g 10.9g 0.4g 5.5g
¼ on top) the lime zest and slices and let it set
kcal Fat Saturates Sugars Salt Protein
Slices of lime for decoration overnight in the fridge.



IDEA 1: Make a rich and IDEA 1: You can make your
tangy dressing to liven own tasty energy balls using
up salad. deliciously sweet dates instead of
HOW? Take a good refined white sugar.
handful of sundried tomatoes HOW? Take a handful of dates,
and put in the food processor, 2 tbsp of peanut butter, 2 tbsp
along with a clove of garlic, 4 of dessicated coconut, raw cacao
tbsp of olive oil, 5 tbsp balsamic powder (to taste) and 5 tbsp of oats. Put all ingredients into
vinegar, salt, pepper, and a couple of tbsp of nutritional a food processor, and pulse until it turns into a dough-like
yeast (if desired). Blend the ingredients into a thick paste-like consistency. Roll the ‘dough’ into balls.
IDEA 2: Smoothies can taste extra sweet if you add a couple of
IDEA 2: You can add sundried tomatoes to a vegan carbonara as dates to the mix for an extra energy boost.
an alternative to traditional bacon. HOW? Take a couple of pitted dates, and soak in non-dairy
HOW? Soak a couple of handfuls of cashew nuts overnight, then milk (almond works well) for 10 minutes to soften them. Add
blitz with a few splashes of nut milk and 2 tbsp nutritional yeast a banana and cinnamon, and blitz all the ingredients together
until smooth and creamy. Boil spaghetti. Heat oil in frying pan, in a blender. Pour over ice to enjoy extra cool. This smoothie
add minced garlic, handful of sundried tomatoes and cooked makes a perfect breakfast.
spaghetti. Stir and add cashew sauce. Season well to taste and
add parsley if desired. IDEA 3: Delicious dates become extra decadent when you stuff
them with tasty ingredients to make perfect finger-food
IDEA 3: Use leftover sundried tomatoes to make a sized treats.
versatile pesto to eat on pasta, courgetti, spread HOW? Slice dates lengthways, so you can put
on bread, in sandwiches, and as a dip. extra tasty ingredients inside. Good ideas
HOW? Toast 4 tbsp of pine nuts in a dry include nut butters like peanut or almond,
frying pan. Place in a food processor with a sprinkle of cinnamon, finely
with a handful of basil, 2 cloves of chopped pistachios with a good pinch
garlic, a good glug of olive oil, and a of dessicated coconut on top, or try
small handful of sundried tomatoes. a more sweet/savoury mix by piling
Blitz until soft, adding more oil until cashew cheese and chopped pecans

the mixture is ‘loose’ enough. into the dates.

se Ends
Make the most of your
IDEA 1: Make a versatile and tasty salad leftover ingredients with
dressing with this nutty-flavoured paste. IDEA 1: Whip up super-easy onion bhajis with
these recipe ideas this gluten-free flour and some fresh veg.
HOW? Take 2 tbsp of good quality olive oil, and
mix with an equal amount of apple cider vinegar. Add HOW? Mix chopped onion, spinach, dice fresh
a tablespoon of tahini paste, and mix well. Mince one small ginger, gram flour and chilli together. Season with a pinch
clove of garlic and add to the dressing. Season. If the dressing each of salt, turmeric, and chilli powder. Stir enough water
is too dry, add water to ‘loosen’ it up. into the mixture to create a thick batter. Deep fry golf ball-sized
amounts in hot sunflower oil.
IDEA 2: Make a perfect glaze for soft, tender, roasted aubergine.
The sweetness of the veg contrasts perfectly with the slightly IDEA 2: Add gram flour to bean burgers instead of regular white.
bitter tang of tahini. It will still bind the mixture and add the right texture, but the
HOW? Slice your aubergine lengthways, drizzle in olive oil and flavour better complements the other ingredients.
sprinkle with salt. Roast in a hot oven for around 20 minutes. HOW? Combine chopped onion, shredded courgette and carrot,
The slices should be soft inside and slightly crusty on top. peas, a pinch of cumin, and gram flour. Add just enough water
Meanwhile, saute garlic, olive oil and onion until soft. Blend to bind all the ingredients. Season with salt and pepper, and
with unsweetened non-dairy milk, a tablespoon of tahini and shape into patties. Slowly fry in olive oil (about 5 minutes per
a dash of agave. Season and pour over aubergine. side) and serve on a whole wheat bun.

IDEA 3: Super-charge classic slaw with tahini. IDEA 3: Try pancakes with a twist-using gram flour you can
HOW? Shred raw cabbage-a mandolin works best, but a sharp make a hearty, savoury cake, as suitable for dinner time as they
knife will suffice. Add chopped spring are for the breakfast table.
onions, chopped peanuts, and HOW? Mix equal amounts of gram flour and water. Add a good
shredded carrot. Mix in a large ½ tsp of bicarbonate of soda, cumin, garlic powder, salt and
bowl. In a blender, combine pepper to taste. Add any raw veg in the quantities you like-
white wine vinegar, tahini, onion, mushroom, red peppers, kale, and broccoli work well.
garlic, fresh ginger, soy sauce, Mix well and cook in an oiled frying pan for around 5 minutes on
olive oil, and vegan mayo. each side. Works well with mashed avocado, hummus, or salsa
Blend and mix with raw veg. on the side.