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Ruby Wood

June 11, 2017

English 1302

Dr. Sterling

No Ordinary Love

There has been many research studies that have shown that love is different from passion

or lust. Love happens to be whatever your inner emotions feels like, when you meet a person.

The incredible feeling of loving someone is the sense of vulnerability and commitment. It is

almost like fighting against the inevitable, and everyone has the opportunity to feel this

mesmerizing emotion at least once. No Ordinary Love, by Sade is a smooth definition of what

love can do and illustrates the hill-like-effect of this form. Love can come as soft and warm as a

t-shirt coming out of the dryer, or as quick as a blink. In this research paper, it will maintain the

structure of deciphering the different areas, values and emotions that people could possibly feel

when reaching the solidarity of love.

Melanie Greenberg, from Psychology today illustrates that, Studies that scan brains in

real time show that people manifest lust in the motivation/reward areas of the brains, while love

lights up the regions connected to caring and empathy. That being said explains only a slim

amount of what could actually come from love. It is something that happens to be strived for in

any type of relationship. Some show the emotion and some might only pick on the hairs of just

getting goosebumps from being around someone. This subject comes with an amazing amount of

loop holes to achieve this exponential feeling that someone might even try to achieve it by drugs.
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This song will bring people to a realization of what love could possibly be for someone and in

this example, it happens to be Sade.

The love that she tries to portray is remorse. She exerts herself to the point of trying to

change herself for him, but here is no ordinary love in her case. it is just another heartache. Even

though he did except, her love which is all she had to offer was not enough to corers him into

loving her back. The lyrics also say that, someone might have told him something to change his

mind into thinking it would not work. The relationship consists of her finding a human lover,

while she is a mermaid. She shows him that the relationship can work even if they are different

in species. Even though they happen to be same at heart, it does not seem to be going in her

favor. Her efforts in trying to do everything is just not making it through. She mentions to him

that there nothing like you and I (Sade). Which is completely true, because no love is the same.

Everyone views it through different perspectives.

While trying to do everything she can to change his mind, she changes into a human-

being, thus begins looking for him. In other research, it mentioned that it is not only in the brain

that gets fluctuated by the sight of love, but also the body. Illustrating this to be true, research

also shows that expressing gratitude in words or actions actually creates positive emotions in the

giver as well as the receiver. (Greenberg) The thoughtfulness of someones words can be as

powerful as actually being in love. The intensity of love can become amazing and appealing.

Another road to take on love is having to deal with a heart break, while coming back to love in

Sades song, it can be horrid. Some researchers have examined few police cases and came across

that more men than women actually commit suicide because of feeling unloved or unwanted.

Love can be such a powerful tool, when it comes to finding the right person. The most extra

ordinary reality is that these people sensed the feeling of love or what had come to a close reality
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of it and either could not handle it, or just could not make it work. To be in love there needs to be

equal participation by both parties to make it work correctly in a long term. The hard fact is

everyone should get the chance to experience love once in their lifetime.

Meanwhile some may have love on the brain, love can be a no-beat competitor when it

comes against sex and food combined. Researchers have found out that there are actually three

different stages of love. The first stage is sex drive. Which in appropriate terms, drives the

person to want to have sex or sexual activity. Even though this level is completely bias on being

first, there is a second. The second would be the most famous, which is romantic love, but the

romantic love is the goosebumps and cold chills type-of feeling. Having all that energy becomes

exhilarating to hold on to and then is passed down to a significant partner. This overwhelming

feeling ignites the first few stages of feelings when starting a relationship. Lastly the third level

is attachment; since having the rainbows and overwhelming sensation run through your body, it

is best believed that it is later set for the person that you personally have an unbelievable bond

with or for.

Overall, the critic to this song, is to show how the importance of love can actually be.

Love has many different signs that come from the inside of a human body, but people all need to

at least try to exert themselves into putting more participation is the search for love. The song

No Ordinary Love (Sade), will always have a very strong interpretation on love and that no

love is similar. It is best believed that not love is similar to one another, because if it was

remotely close, people would fall in love with many individuals rather than their distend soul

mate. Most individuals do not think so, but in the long run they actually crave for the attention

that people give off. Comes to show that in Sades song, though being a different species does

have its limitation, there is always away around to further strive for the love that you know you
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deserve. Love would not be as important if it was easy to find, it shows that love presents itself

in different level of areas, values and emotions to anyone when it comes to finding the true

channel of love.
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