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Network implementation and configuration , security and


The project dealt with the implementation of a network, the configuration and
installed of the same for the company cisco system in a new branches of the
company was carried out the connection by protocols, these protocols were carried
out in the network configuration As well as its security with nat.
The objective of the project was realized for the connection of the new branch with
the other branches and between the areas that exist in that branches.
The project was carried out with a cisco system client, over a period of 12 weeks,
according to the requirements from the customer by cisco system.
In the present agreement with the company the project was carried out the
measurements of the branch, the number of machines either by the number of
employees or those that the company needed, the materials occupied in the
installation of the network were cable utp for the Connection of machines to the
internet as well as for the connection of routers and switches, rj45 for the punching
of the cable utp for the connection, routers for the configuration of the security that
we gave to the company by the nat protocol.
The results expected by the cisco system is the security of both your information and
your Company.
In conclusion, the project was successful since it was possible to achieve all the
established points as well as the satisfaction and security of the client, the installation
of the network and the connection with the other successful branches.