Raghavendra Rao N

E-Mail: raghunix@gmail.com Mobile: +91-9019645878.
OBJECTIVE: To associate myself with a company this gives me dynamic and challenging tasks. This can enhance my skills to the maximum. Having a strong desire to work as System Administrator in the Heterogeneous Environment. • • • • High degree of attention and commitment towards work. Ability to quickly analyze problem and to plan to resolve and execute Ability to manage the end users during crisis. Having a strong desire to work as System Administrator in the

them according to priorities.

Heterogeneous Environment.

Having 3.5 Years of exp in Production Environment as a Solaris Admin Current Employer: Designation Organization Period Designation Organization Period : : : : : : System Administrator Accenture Services Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. December 2008– Till Date. System Administrator Envision Financial Systems India Pvt Ltd , Bangalore. February 2007– December 2008.

Previous Employer:

Educational qualifications:

B.Sc Computers from Osmania University in the year 2005.

Professional certification:

Sun certified System Administrator for Solaris 10 (SCSA1)

Disk replacement of failed disks in SVM. NFS). Telnet. RAID 1. detaching and attaching zones. Solaris Volume Manager (SVM): • • • • • • • • Creating Meta devices. Package and Patch Management. Processes administration and management like monitoring. Scheduled various regular. Adding and Deleting Packages and patches according to the requirement. Backups of SUN and other utilities like Ufsdump. and cpio. Implementing RAID levels (RAID 0. Monitoring Virtual memory. Patch administration which is having root mirror as SVM. Performing Cloning. Working knowledge in services like SSH. Administering (Creating. Trouble shooting and configuring NFS server. Creating user-accounts and groups.Job Profile: Solaris: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Installing Solaris 9 & 10 on SUN SPARC using CJS. Installing and uninstalling of zones. and RAID 5). Live Upgrade from Solaris 9 to Solaris 10. Experience on File system and Disk management. moving. User management. Implementing root mirroring in SVM. Solaris Zones: • • • Configuring zones and setting attributes for zones. start/stop/kill various processes. Creating. Monitor System Performance Parameters using iostat and vmstat. tar. FTP. Creating hot-spare pools. Worked on ZFS (Zettabyte File System). . Mount/Unmount) the File Systems (UFS. NIS servers and Auto mount environment in Solaris. future queue tasks by using crontab & at. Resizing the volumes and increasing file system. Restarting and Removing the Volumes. dd. adding additional swap space as needed.

Deporting & importing of disk groups. Creating Sub disks. Solaris. Unmarried. RAID 1. Online Backing-up Volumes Using Snapshots. Konappana Agrahara. Resizing volumes using vxassist & vxresize commands. Resources and Attributes. Creating Service groups. Logical volumes using vxmake & vxassist commands. RAID 5). Hot relocation with spared disks. Bangalore. Veritas Cluster : • Installing Veritas Cluster 4. male. English.Veritas Volume Manager: • • • • • • • • • • • Installation and Configuration of VxVm. 27th May 1984. • • Personal profile: Nationality Sex Marital Status Languages Skills Date Of Birth Address : : : : : : : Indian. Reddy’s Buildings. Online relayouts for reconfiguring the layout and conversion between layouts. GS Palya. Veritas. Rama Lakshmana Layout. Knowledge in Veritas cluster (Fail over and Parallel cluster). Electronic City.0 on all the nodes. Door No : 24. Implementing RAID levels (RAID 0. Plexes. Patch administration which is having root mirror as VxVm. . Hindi. Root encapsulation & Root mirroring. Creating Disk groups in cds & non-cds format. Telugu and Tamil. 2nd Cross.

Date: Place: Bangalore (Raghavendra Rao N) .

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