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Vol. 16 No. 3 EarthSave promotes a shift toward a healthy plant-based diet. Summer 2005

You Do What You Eat

Studies show what we already knew -- get rid of junk food and put kids
on a veg diet, and their behavior problems go away.
By Marco Visscher still surprised when she speaks of the "astonishing"
changes at the school since she decided to drastically
At first glance, there seems nothing special about the alter the offering of food and drinks eight years ago: "I
students at this high school in Appleton, Wisconsin. don't have the vandalism. I don't have the litter. I don't
They appear calm, interact comfortably with one anoth- have the need for high security."
er, and are focused on their schoolwork. No apparent
problems. The Problems with 'Convenience Foods'
And yet a couple of years ago, there was a police It is tempting to dismiss what happened at Appleton
officer patrolling the halls at this school for develop- Central Alternative as the wild fantasies of health-food
mentally challenged students. Many of the students were and vitamin-supplement fanatics. After all, scientists
troublemakers, there was a lot of fighting with teachers have never empirically investigated the changes at the
and some of the kids carried weapons. school. Healthy nutrition -- especially the effects of vit-
School counsellor Greg Bretthauer remembers when amin and mineral supplements -- appears to divide peo-
he first came to Appleton Central Alternative High ple into opposing camps of fervent believers, who trust When schools replace bad food with
School back in 1997, for a job interview: "I found the the anecdotes about diets changing people's lives, and veg foods, kids excel
students to be rude, obnoxious and ill-mannered." He equally fervent skeptics, who dismiss these stories as
had no desire to work with them, and turned down the hogwash.
job. And yet it is not such a radical idea that food can our plates; it's not hard to believe that some of the vita-
Several years later, Bretthauer took the job after see- affect the way our brains work -- and thus our behavior. mins were lost in the process.
ing that the atmosphere at the school had changed pro- The brain is an active machine: It only accounts for two We already know obesity can result if we eat too much
foundly. Today he describes the students as "calm and percent of our body weight, but uses a whopping 20 per- junk food, but there may be greater consequences of
well-behaved" in a new video documentary, Impact of cent of our energy. In order to generate that energy, we unhealthy diets than extra weight around our middles. Do
Fresh, Healthy Foods on Learning and Behavior. Fights need a broad range of nutrients -- vitamins, minerals and examples like the high school in Wisconsin point to a
and offensive behavior are extremely rare and the police unsaturated fatty acids -- that we get from nutritious direct connection between nutrition and behavior? Is it
officer is no longer needed. What happened? meals. The question is: What are the consequences when simply coincidence that the increase in aggression, crime
A glance through the halls at Appleton Central we increasingly shovel junk food into our bodies? and social incivility in Western society has paralleled a
Alternative provides the answer. The vending machines It is irrefutably true that our eating habits have dra- spectacular change in our diet? Could there be a link
have been replaced by water coolers. The lunchroom matically changed over the past 30-odd years. between the two?
took hamburgers and french fries off the menu, making "Convenience food" has become a catch-all term that Stephen Schoenthaler, a criminal-justice professor at
room for fresh vegetables and fruits, whole-grain bread covers all sorts of frozen, microwaved and out-and-out California State University in Stanislaus, has been
and a salad bar. junk foods. The ingredients of the average meal have
Is that all? Yes, that's all. Principal LuAnn Coenen is been transported thousands of miles before landing on JUNK FOOD/PAGE 7

Disease-Proof Your Child

"When our son Elliot was three we already had a sickly child. He was suffering from his seventh ear
infection this year and had severe eczema since his first year of life. We had been to numerous spe-
cialists for his raw itchy skin and tried many medical treatments to no avail. My search for a better
solution led me to Dr. Fuhrman. In only two months after changing Elliot's diet his skin condition has
disappeared. To our surprise he never suffered another ear infection. It is not merely Elliot's recovery
that has moved us to write, it is our enthusiasm and gratitude for the knowledge we have gained from
Dr. Fuhrman that has given us an incredible sense of freedom and control over our own and our chil-
dren's health."
-- Leslie and Stuart Raymond

by Joel Furman, MD quently ill-they suffer from recurring ear ates at its best, only if we give it the cor-
infections, runny noses, stomachaches rect raw materials to work with. When a
A s parents, we want what is best for and headaches. We take them to the doc-
our children. We would never inten- tor, who prescribes yet another round of
tionally harm them-in fact, we make sure antibiotics. We assume, because we also
young body doesn't receive its nutritional
requirements, bizarre diseases occur. Of
late, there has been an increase in cancers
to get them the best possible care, read to see it happening with friends and family that were unheard of in prior human histo- dren are eating today creates a fertile cel-
them, play with them, that it is par for the course when bringing ry. Most of these can be linked to lular environment for cancer to emerge at
and ensure their safety up children. It doesn't have to be so. improper nutrition. a later age. Trying to prevent breast,
at home, at school and This scenario may be "normal" for Despite our very best intentions, today prostate, and other cancers as an adult
at play. But when it kids today, but it is not normal for humans there are health risks that well-meaning may not be possible because most risk
comes to feeding or any other species of animal that eats parents inflict on their children without factors cannot be changed at this late
them, somehow we nutrient-rich natural foods. Scientific being aware of it. Every day in small stage. The bottom line is that in order to
don't know what's best. research has demonstrated that humans ways, we may well be causing harm to have a major impact to prevent cancers we
Our kids seem finicky have a powerful immune system, even their precious little bodies through the must intervene much earlier, even as early
and eat nothing but stronger than that of other animals, that choices we make about what we decide to as the first ten years of life. In other
Joel Fuhrman, MD cheese or pasta or makes our body a self-repairing, self- feed them. words, childhood diets create adult can-
chicken fingers or defending organism with the innate abili- There is an issue of vital importance cers. When our children eat junk food
milk and cookies, and we let them. At the ty to defend itself against microbes and that most well-meaning parents are not
same time, we notice that they are fre- prevent chronic illness. The system oper- aware of: the modern diet that most chil- DISEASE-PROOF/PAGE 12


Report Food Fatty Foods: Im Vegan,

Card: Choices and Its Official, Hes Not
Pesticides Global Theyre Should I
in Produce Warming Addictive Stay or Go?
P. 3 P. 4 P. 6 P. 10
2 Summer 2005 Perspectives EarthSave News

Letter from the Chair

The fact that a food or drink can have an effect on your
body or mood is no surprise to those who have experienced
the spectacular high and even more precipitous crash after a
cup of coffee and a donut. If a cuppa joe can make your Addiction Recovery The Health March
heart race and your hands shake, wouldn't it also stand to Mr. Robbins, I am writing in absolute gratitude Treating health as a civil rights issue
reason that other foods might have an impact as well? In for your publication, The Food Revolution. I (EarthSave News, Spring 2005 issue) is a great
our cover story, "You Do What You Eat," [see page 1] the found my way to this source just a few short idea. I created a bumper stick with a catchphrase
shocking role which food can play in a child's life is months ago, and it has turned out to be a missing that I pass on to you: "Vegetarianism is an afford-
revealed. A sad factoid of American life is that about six piece of the puzzle in my journey. Coinciding able health plan." I think it's a good slogan.
with this, I also was led to a program which is
million children, roughly one in eight children, will take helping me to recover from an eating disorder, Roberta Kalechofsky
Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta or other ADHD medications - something which before this I never labeled as Jews for Animal Rights
all of which have known profound, serious side effects. such. I am a walking example of the damage our On Peak Oil
Would that doctors would prescribe the kind of diet con- culture's corporate food industry inflicts. At a James Howard Kunstler's article in the Spring
sumed by the lucky students at the Appleton Central young age I became "addicted" to sugar, and the 2005 newsletter is a good summary of his book,
Alternative High School featured in the aforementioned binging behavior began. It would take 30 years The Long Emergency. Despite the pessimism of
article. for the awakening I had, and I am astounded, sim- his long-term predictions, we should do the best
As a father of three ply astounded, at the positive and rapid effects that we can now to mitigate them. America is facing
young children myself, plant-based nutrition brings. four simultaneous crises/stresses - all related to
I can testify first hand In May of 2005 I began EarthSave's our economy's foundation in cheap oil: the peak in
that you'll be rewarded "VegPledge" and I have forever been changed. world oil production, global warming, massive
foreign debt that will probably crash the dollar
with more pleasant soon, and fundamentalist terrorism. Get ready for
behavior from your a bumpy ride.
child post-banana, as Long-term (2025 and beyond), Kunstler's pre-
opposed to post-cook- diction that in the social and governmental break-
ie. "Oh, how can you down the South may become a theocracy rings
deny your child 'nor- true to me. I would add that I believe religious
mal' food!" is a refrain institutions in many locations, as in the Middle
many of us who are try- Ages, have the most attractive community/social
ing to raise our chil- services center around. Many people will join
dren in a conscious religious institutions regardless of theology in
manner are treated to. John Borders and family order to benefit from a community of mutual sup-
Well, according to Dr. Joel Fuhrman in "Disease-Proof Your port and financial resources. Fundamentalist
churches are the institution in the strongest posi-
Child," [see page 1] this "denial" of "normal" could be pro- tion now to expand in the days ahead. I believe
tecting your child from cancer later in life. If we truly take Because I indulged uncontrollably in binge-eating that nonreligious New Age/pagan people should
our responsibility as guardians of a future generation seri- behavior, I continue to work the program of addic- begin creating community/ecology centers, possi-
ously, should Twinkies, Happy Meals and Cocoa Crispies be tion recovery. It takes "psychic rearrangement," bly around veg restaurants/cafes, in order to pro-
any part of a responsible diet? After serious consideration even with the healthiest food available on the plan- vide alternative community gathering/support
of Dr. Fuhrman's article, I would have to answer NO. et. places. I can't overstress the importance of this
What we eat and drink not only has consequences for our I am absolutely convinced that the commercial action. If we continue to behave as atoms and
bodies, it also has consequences for the planet. The incalcu- food industries know exactly what they are doing, family nodes coming together for events we will
lable misery inflicted by Hurricane Katrina in America's and one by one our youth are falling victim to be politically irrelevant during the Long
gulf states could very well have been the result of climate their schemes, creating cravings and addictions to Emergency.
change brought on by man's oblivious footprint on this plan- the foods that are detrimental to their health. I
have no need for anger and resentment toward Danila Oder
et. Are we now beginning to see the terrible disasters pre- such people responsible for turning me on to 30 Los Angeles, CA
dicted long ago by Earthsave founder John Robbins? Is it years of unstoppable binging. What I do have is
too late for us as a species to make a difference? On page 4 quite opposite, and that is my health, and a desire The End of Oil
of this issue, we discuss how vegetarianism could be a crit- to do service on behalf of our dear Earth and all I would imagine The End of Oil will be some-
ical component in slowing climate change. Your steamed creatures who inhabit it. Since reading your book, where between "The Long Emergency," and "The
broccoli and brown rice could very well help save not just and forever using it as an essential reference, I am End of Cheap Oil." I think that will probably be a
your own body, but planet Earth itself. determined to not only maintain my own health low technical point. Maybe the true question is
Do we want to raise toxic children, or healthy ones? Do and lick this disease, but I am absolutely certain not where we will land with the End of Oil, yet
we want to poison the planet, or help heal it? The Earthsave that I, as small as I am, can make a difference. You rather will we have the courage to make the sacri-
message of the importance of shifting to a plant-based diet have inspired me beyond belief, and for that I am fice necessary to implement the big change that
grows more urgent each day. Hurricane Katrina may be just grateful. With your help I desire to bring the veg- will be needed. Granted there is ample evidence
etarian/vegan message to my small community. of this courage throughout the human condition,
a mild wake-up call. My eyes have been opened wide and my brain is though the human condition is fraught with greed
full of ideas. I believe we can help the earth and and selfishness too. This is evident by our current
John D. Borders, Jr., J.D. all creatures one vegetarian/vegan bite at a time! corporate enslavement. So along with the End of
Chair, EarthSave Board of Directors Oil must be the end of greed.
Terri Bergstrom
Austin, MN Mark J Burwinkel

Oceans Have Fewer Kinds of Fish

The variety of species in the world's oceans has The total catch for tuna and billfish has increased as water but then contracted when temperatures dropped.
dropped by as much as 50 percent in the past 50 years, much as tenfold over the past half-century, they found, Predatory fish appear to like medium temperatures,
according to a paper published July 29 in the journal prompting fish diversity to plummet. Overfishing is the around 77 degrees Fahrenheit, Myers said. "Like
Science. main factor in these species' decline, Worm said, as well Goldilocks and the three bears, ocean animals don't like
A combination of overfishing, habitat destruction and as for other fish caught inadvertently. it too hot or too cold, they like it just right."
climate change has narrowed the range of fish across the To do the study, Worm and Myers -- along with
globe, wrote biologists Boris Worm and Ransom A. Marcel Sandow, Heike K. Lotze and Andreas Oschlies of
Myers of Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and three Germany's Leibniz Institute for Marine Science -- used
other scientists. In some areas, such as off northwest data from Japanese long-line fisheries going back to the
Australia where a wide variety of tuna and billfish used 1950s, which they cross-referenced with U.S. and
to thrive, diversity has declined precipitously. Australian scientific observer data.
"Where you used to put out a fishing line 50 years ago The researchers determined that tuna and billfish are
and catch 10 species, now you catch five species for the indicators of wider ocean diversity, and that these species
same amount of effort," Worm said in an interview yes- are disappearing in many areas. Mid-size predators --
terday. "That's a recipe for ecological collapse and disas- snake mackerel and pelagic stingrays -- are taking their
ter." place.
The study, which marks the first worldwide mapping Worm compared the diminishing range of species to a
of predatory fish diversity, identified five hot spots in the poorly distributed stock portfolio that is ill-equipped to
world that have a rich variety of species, two of them in respond to economic and environmental shifts.
U.S. waters. The hot spots are areas off the east coast of "As [fishing] markets change, as the climate changes,
Florida, south of Hawaii, near Australia's Great Barrier you have nothing to fall back on," he said.
Reef, near Sri Lanka and in the South Pacific north of "That's what's driving the pattern," he said. Myers said international authorities need to ban fish-
Easter Island. But in an example of how shifts in temperature can ing in ecologically valuable sites.
"These areas are really of global significance," Worm also affect diversity, the study found that in the Pacific, "We need protected areas in the open ocean," he said.
said. "It's really important to protect them now, because the variety of fish expanded when the weather pattern "The open ocean is still open access."
20 years from now they may not be there." known as El Nio swept in and brought warmer surface
EarthSave News Organic? Yeah, its better. Summer 2005 3

EarthSave Report Card: Pesticides in Produce
Our Mission Adjusting your eating habits can lower your intake of pesticides - potatoes (79.3 percent).
EarthSave educates people - sometimes dramatically so. Substitute organic for conventional pro- Celery also had the highest likelihood of multiple pesticides on a
about the powerful effects our duce that is consistently contaminated with pesticides. When organic single vegetable (78 percent of samples), followed by spinach (51.8
food choices have on the is not available, eat fruits and vegetables with consistently low pesti- percent) and sweet bell peppers (48.5 percent).
environment, our health and all cide loads. Spinach was the vegetable with the most pesticides detected on a
life on Earth, and encourages a An simulation of thousands of consumers eating high and low single sample (10 found on one sample), followed by celery and
shift toward a healthy, pesticide diets shows that people can lower their pesticide exposure sweet bell peppers (both with nine).
plant-based diet. by 90 percent by avoiding the top twelve most contaminated fruits Sweet bell peppers were the vegetable with the most pesticides
and vegetables and eating the least contaminated instead. Eating the overall with 39, followed by spinach at 36 and celery and potatoes,
12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables will expose a person to both with 29.
nearly 20 pesticides per day, on average. Eating the 12 least contam-
Board of Directors
inated will expose a person to a fraction over 2 pesticides per day. Least Contaminated: Consistently Clean
JOHN D. BORDERS, JR., J.D. Less dramatic comparisons will produce less dramatic reductions, but
CHAIR without doubt using the Guide provides people with a way to make The vegetables least likely to have pesticides on them are sweet
JEFF NELSON choices that lower pesticide exposure in the diet. corn, avocado, cauliflower, asparagus, onions, peas and broccoli.
VICE-C HAIR Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of the pea and broccoli samples
CARYN HARTGLASS Most Contaminated: The Dirty Dozen had no detectable pesticides. Among the other vegetables on the
SECRETARY least-contaminated list, there were no detectable residues on 90 per-
MARK E PSTEIN Consistent with two previous investigations, fruits topped the list cent or more of the samples.
T REASURER of the consistently most contaminated fruits and vegetables, with Multiple pesticide residues are extremely rare on any of these
JULES OAKLANDER, D.O. eight of the 12 most contaminated least contaminated vegetables.
SANDY LAURIE foods. Among the top six were Broccoli had the highest likeli-
four fruits, with peaches leading hood, with a 2.6 percent chance of
Legal Advisor the list, then strawberries, apples more than one pesticide when
M ORGAN WARD and nectarines. Pears, cherries, ready to eat. Avocado and corn
STITES & HARBISON LOUISVILLE, KY red raspberries, and imported both had the lowest chance with
grapes were the other four fruits zero samples containing more
Executive Director in the top 12. Among these eight than one pesticide when eaten.
CARYN HARTGLASS fruits: The greatest number of pesticides
Nectarines had the highest detected on a single sample of any
Newsletter Contributors
percentage of samples test posi- of these low-pesticide vegetables
tive for pesticides (97.3 percent), was three as compared to 10
followed by pears (94.4 percent) found on spinach, the most conta-
MARIE O SER, J O S TEPANIAK, MARCO VISSCHER , and peaches (93.7 percent). minated crop with the most
G ARY Z IELKE Nectarines also had the high- residues.
est likelihood of multiple pesti- Broccoli and onions both had
Editorial Board cides on a single sample 85.3 the most pesticides found on a sin-
JOHN BORDERS, JEFF NELSON, SABRINA percent had two or more pesticide gle vegetable crop at up to 17 pes-
NELSON residues followed by peaches ticides but far fewer than the most
(79.9 percent) and cherries (75.8 contaminated vegetable, sweet
Graphic Design & Production
percent). bell peppers, on which 39 were
GREG LEMIRE Peaches and raspberries had found.
the most pesticides detected on a The five fruits least likely to
single sample with nine pesticides have pesticide residues on them
MOVING? Please make sure the on a single sample, followed by are pineapples, mangoes,
address on your mailing label is strawberries and apples, where bananas, kiwi and papaya.
current. Please contact us with eight pesticides were found on a Fewer than 10 percent of pineap-
updates. single sample. ple and mango samples had
Peaches had the most pesti- detectable pesticides on them and
cides overall with some combina- fewer than one percent of samples
tion of up to 45 pesticides found had more than one pesticide
Please check your membership on the samples tested, followed by residue.
date on your address label -- it raspberries with 39 pesticides Though 53 percent of bananas
may be time to renew! EarthSave
and apples and strawberries, had detectable pesticides, multiple
Magazine is published quarterly
both with 36. residues are rare with only 4.7
Spinach, celery, potatoes, percent of samples containing
and sweet bell peppers are the more than one residue. Kiwi and
EarthSave International vegetables most likely to expose papaya had residues on 23.6 per-
P.O. Box 96 consumers to pesticides. Among cent and 21.7 percent of samples,
New York, NY 10108 these four vegetables: respectively, and just 10.4 percent
Tel: 800-362-3648 Celery had the highest of percentage of samples test positive for and 5.6 percent of samples, respectively, had multiple pesticide
Fax: 718-228-2491 pesticides (94.5 percent), followed by spinach (83.4 percent) and residues.

EarthSave News is distributed as a 12 Most Contaminated 12 Least Contaminated

membership benefit to EarthSave
members. Basic annual member - Apples Asparagus
ship in is $35 (tax-deductible). Bell Peppers Avocados
We welcome your feedback and Cherries Broccoli
ideas. Please write or email us. Imported Grapes Cauliflower
Nectarines Corn (sweet)
Contributors Peaches Kiwi
The deadline for articles, letters Pears Mangos
and photos for the next issue is Oct Potatoes Onions
30, 2005, for consideration in the Red Raspberries Papaya
next issue. Fax, mail, or e-mail Spinach Pineapples
submissions to the Editor at the Strawberries Peas (sweet)
office, or to

The editor reserves the right to Should I stop eating certain foods? What about washing?
reject or edit all submissions. We recommend that you eat plenty of Washing will not change the rank of the fruits and vegetables in the Guide.
Opinions expressed by contributors fruits and vegetables because they're essen- That's because nearly all of the data used to create these lists comes from the USDA
are not necessarily those of
EarthSave International.
tial to a healthy diet. But you can and Pesticide Data Program (PDP) where the foods are washed and prepared for nor-
should cut back on pesticides--just as you mal consumption prior to testing for pesticides (apples are washed and cored,
EarthSave educates, inspires and might cut back on fat, calories or choles- bananas are peeled, etc.).
empowers people to shift toward terol. While washing fresh produce may help reduce pesticide residues, it clearly does
a diet centered on fruits, vegeta-
Right now, buying organic food is the not eliminate them. Nonetheless, produce should be washed before it is eaten
bles, grains and legumes -- food
choices that are healthy for peo-
best option to reduce your intake of pesti- because washing does reduce levels of some pesticides. However, other pesticides
ple and for the planet. Our influ- cides if (like us) you're skeptical about gov- are taken up internally into the plant, are in the fruit, and cannot be washed off.
ence and effectiveness is depen- ernment and chemical company claims that Others are formulated to bind to the surface of the crop and do not easily wash off.
dent upon our members, donors, pesticides are "safe." If you want to eat con- Peeling reduces exposures, but valuable nutrients often go down the drain with the
and benefactors. ventionally produced fruits and vegetables peel.
2005 EarthSave International
Image copyrights held by the
that usually have fewer pesticides, you can The best option is to eat a varied plant-based diet, wash all produce, and choose
artists. change your eating habits to do so. organic when possible to reduce exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.
4 Summer 2005 Global Warming & Food Choices EarthSave News

A New Global Warming Strategy: How Environmentalists are over-

looking vegetarianism as the most effective tool against climate change
Global warming poses one of the most serious threats to the global environment ever faced in human
history. Yet by focusing entirely on carbon dioxide emissions, major environmental organizations have
failed to account for published data showing that other gases are the main culprits behind the global
warming we see today. As a result, they are neglecting what might be the most effective strategy for
reducing global warming in our lifetimes: advocating a vegetarian diet.
Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide we fail start dealing with CO2 today, it number one source of water pollution in slowly replace the massive infrastructure
The environmental community rightly will be too late down the road when the the U.S. our economy depends upon today.
recognizes global warming as one of the emissions catch up with us. The conclusion is simple: arguably the Similarly, unlike carbon dioxide which
gravest threats to the planet. Global tem- Nevertheless, the fact remains that best way to reduce global warming in our can remain in the air for more than a cen-
peratures are already higher than they've sources of non-CO2 greenhouse gases are lifetimes is to reduce or eliminate our con- tury, methane cycles out of the atmos-
ever been in at least the past millennium, responsible for virtually all the global sumption of animal products. Simply by phere in just eight years, so that lower
and the increase is accelerating even faster warming we're seeing, and all the global going vegetarian (or, strictly speaking, methane emissions quickly translate to
than scientists had predicted. The expect- warming we are going to see for the next vegan), we can eliminate one of the major cooling of the earth.
ed consequences include coastal flooding, fifty years. If we wish to curb global sources of emissions of methane, the Third, efforts to cut carbon dioxide
increases in extreme weather, spreading warming over the coming half century, we greenhouse gas responsible for almost involve fighting powerful and wealthy
disease, and mass extinctions. must look at strategies to address non- half of the global warming impacting the business interests like the auto and oil
Unfortunately, the environmental CO2 emissions. The strategy with the planet today. industries. Environmental groups have
community has focused its efforts almost most impact is vegetarianism. been lobbying for years to make fuel-effi-
exclusively on abating carbon dioxide Advantages of Vegetarianism over cient SUVs available or phase out power
(CO2) emissions. Domestic legislative Methane and Vegetarianism CO2 Reduction plants that don't meet modern environ-
efforts concentrate on raising fuel econo- By far the most important non-CO2 In addition to having the advantage of mental standards without success. At the
my standards, capping CO2 emissions greenhouse gas is methane, and the num- immediately reducing global warming, a same time, vegetarian foods are readily
from power plants, and investing in alter- ber one source of methane worldwide is shift away from methane-emitting food available, and cuts in agricultural methane
native energy sources. Recommendations animal agriculture. sources is much easier than cutting carbon emissions are achievable at every meal.
to consumers also focus on CO2: buy Methane is responsible for nearly as dioxide. Also, polls show that concern about
fuel-efficient cars and appliances, and global warming is widespread, and envi-
minimize their use. ronmental activists often feel helpless to
This is a serious miscalculation. Data do anything about it. Unless they happen
published by Dr. James Hansen and others to be buying a car or major appliance,
show that CO2 emissions are not the main most people wanting to make a difference
cause of observed atmospheric warming. are given little to do aside from writing
Though this may sound like the work of their legislators and turning off their
global warming skeptics, it isn't: Hansen lights. Reducing or eliminating meat con-
is Director of NASA's Goddard Institute sumption is something concerned citizens
for Space Studies who has been called "a can do every day to help the planet.
grandfather of the global warming theo- Finally, it is worth noting that reduc-
ry." He is a longtime supporter of action tions in this source of greenhouse gas
against global warming, cited by Al Gore have many beneficial side effects for the
and often quoted by environmental orga- environment. Less methane results in less
nizations, who has argued against skeptics tropospheric ozone, a pollutant damaging
for subverting the scientific process. His to human health and agriculture.
results are generally accepted by global Moreover, the same factory farms respon-
warming experts, including bigwigs like sible for these methane emissions also use
Dr. James McCarthy, co-chair of the up most of the country's water supply, and
International Panel on Climate Change's denude most of its wilderness for range-
Working Group II. land and growing feed. Creating range-
The focus solely on CO2 is fueled in land to feed western nations' growing
part by misconceptions. It's true that appetite for meat has been a major source
human activity produces vastly more CO2 of deforestation and desertification in
than all other greenhouse gases put third world countries. Factory farm waste
together. However, this does not mean it is lagoons are a leading source of water pol-
responsible for most of the earth's warm- lution in the U.S. Indeed, because of ani-
ing. Many other greenhouse gases trap much global warming as all other non- First, there is no limit to reductions in mal agriculture's high demand for fossil
heat far more powerfully than CO2, some CO2 greenhouse gases put together. this source of greenhouse gas that can be fuels, the average American diet is far
of them tens of thousands of times more Methane is 21 times more powerful a achieved through a vegetarian diet. In more CO2-polluting than a plant-based
powerfully. When taking into account greenhouse gas than CO2. While atmos- principle, even 100% reduction could be one.
various gases' global warming potential- pheric concentrations of CO2 have risen achieved with little negative impact. In
defined as the amount of actual warming by about 31% since pre-industrial times, contrast, similar cuts in carbon dioxide are Recommendations
a gas will produce over the next one hun- methane concentrations have more than impossible without devastating effects on Organizations should consider mak-
dred years-it turns out that gases other doubled. Whereas human sources of CO2 the economy. Even the most ambitious ing advocating vegetarianism a major part
than CO2 make up most of the global amount to just 3% of natural emissions, carbon dioxide reduction strategies fall of their global warming campaigns. At a
warming problem. human sources produce one and a half short of cutting emissions by half. minimum, environmental advocates
Even this overstates the effect of CO2, times as much methane as all natural Second, shifts in diet lower greenhouse should mention vegetarianism in any
because the primary sources of these sources. In fact, the effect of our methane gas emissions much more quickly than information about actions individuals can
emissions-cars and power plants-also pro- emissions may be compounded as shifts away from the fossil fuel burning take to address global warming.
duce aerosols. Aerosols actually have a methane-induced warming in turn stimu- technologies that emit carbon dioxide. Government policy should encourage
cooling effect on global temperatures, and lates microbial decay of organic matter in The turnover rate for most ruminant farm vegetarian diets. Possible mechanisms
the magnitude of this cooling approxi- wetlands-the primary natural source of animals is one or two years, so that include an environmental tax on meat
mately cancels out the warming effect of methane. decreases in meat consumption would similar to one already recommended on
CO2. The surprising result is that sources With methane emissions causing near- result in almost immediate drops in gasoline, a shift in farm subsidies to
of CO2 emissions are having roughly zero ly half of the planet's human-induced methane emissions. The turnover rate for encourage plant agriculture over animal
effect on global temperatures in the near- warming, methane reduction must be a cars and power plants, on the other hand, agriculture, or an increased emphasis on
term! priority. Methane is produced by a num- can be decades. Even if cheap, zero-emis- vegetarian foods in government-run pro-
This result is not widely known in the ber of sources, including coal mining and sion fuel sources were available today, grams like the school lunch program or
environmental community, due to a fear landfills, but the number one source they would take many years to build and food stamps.
that polluting industries will use it to worldwide is animal agriculture. Animal
excuse their greenhouse gas emissions. agriculture produces more than 100 mil-
For example, the Union of Concerned lion tons of methane a year. And this
Scientists had the data reviewed by other source is on the rise: global meat con-
climate experts, who affirmed Hansen's sumption has increased fivefold in the
conclusions. However, the organization past fifty years, and shows little sign of
also cited climate contrarians' misuse of abating. About 85% of this methane is
the data to argue against curbs in CO2. produced in the digestive processes of
This contrarian spin cannot be justified. livestock, and while a single cow releases
While CO2 may have little influence a relatively small amount of methane, the
in the near-term, reductions remains criti- collective effect on the environment of the
cal for containing climate change in the hundreds of millions of livestock animals
long run. Aerosols are short-lived, settling worldwide is enormous. An additional
out of the air after a few months, while 15% of animal agricultural methane emis-
CO2 continues to heat the atmosphere for sions are released from the massive
decades to centuries. Moreover, we cannot "lagoons" used to store untreated farm
assume that aerosol emissions will keep animal waste, and already a target of
pace with increases in CO2 emissions. If environmentalists' for their role as the
EarthSave News Knowledge Can Cure Summer 2005 5

How The China Study Changed My Life

by Kenton Brown figured if I could benefit my health by actu-
I am a Missionary living in Honduras. I ally having been peer-reviewed scientific
was diagnosed with the clinical depression research I would jump ship and start heading
six years ago even though I had been strug- the other way.
gling with it most of my life. For the last six The first couple of weeks were a bit dif-
years I have been on either 150mg or 300mg ficult; I stopped drinking all soda drinks,
of Welbutrin daily. In the last year it had coffee, sugar and animal protein.
been very difficult. I struggled with daily I also decided while cleaning my body
fatigue and found it difficult to concentrate out I would not take the anti-depression
for an entire work day. I had headaches each medication for a couple of weeks, unless the
morning six out of seven days per week. depression became too difficult to bear.
These were headaches in the lower back of After about a week, I could tell some-
the head. I also would have migraine thing was going on in the area of depression.
headaches mixed in during the week. I could not feel the symptoms! I was cau-
About four months ago a friend sent me tiously optimistic. Another week passed and
a link to a book on I found myself with a
nutrition. Normally I smile on my face. My
would just delete an e- friends were making
mail from this health comments about my
nut but I mistakenly smile, although I was
thought it came from still dealing with Kenton and Saundra Brown
someone else. I clicked headaches from caf-
the link and found feine withdraws. The made drastic changes in their diet. One of energy. I am jogging again. My
information on "The most impressed person had been discouraged with traditional weight is down to 193.5 pounds. My
China Study. Based on was my wife. She had medicine and she is now searching for blood pressure has dropped from
the initial information, been dealing with my how she can better help people through 150/89 to 143/86. The headaches are
I started eating more depression for many nutrition. gone. I have had maybe four headaches
fruits and vegetables years. She recently told There are people that are vegetari- in the last two months and none in the
and cutting back on me that she was not ans for political or religious reason. I last two weeks. Best of all I am not on
meat. I ordered the sure she knew me any am a Vegan by choice. As a Christian any mediation and I have zero symp-
book and had it sent to more. Normally this Missionary I do not find a biblical doc- toms of depression.
a lady coming to would not be good to trine for not eating meat. In fact a I have set a goal to bring my blood
Honduras a couple of hear from your wife, strong argument can be made for eat- pressure below 120/80, and my weight
weeks later. but in this case she was ing meat. If you believe the Garden of down to 160. I plan to run my fourth
I read "The China well pleased. Eden story of the creation of man then Marathon in October of next year. This
Study, and made a I had tried to go off of think about the fact that man did not time I plan to qualify for Boston by
decision to stop eating anti-depressants sever- even kill animals until after the fall of running under 3:30. I am also looking
animal protein. I also al times. Within a week Adam and Eve. They were at least for a financially feasible way to study
found the link to Dr. McDougall's site I would know and so would my friends. I do Vegetarians if not Vegans. I have heard nutrition by distant learning so that I
through this book. Nothing in the book indi- not know that this would work for anyone it said that true science is discovery. I can help the poor people of Honduras
cated that there would be any help for else. Depression is a complex brain chem- am sure that true religion is discovery. to overcome heart disease and dia-
depression, but my blood pressure had been istry issue. I would not recommend going It may be possible that God set us on a betes.
creeping up over the years, and I am 5 foot cold-turkey off of any medication. path of discovery in the area of human
11 inches weighing 201 pounds. I had eaten I am the IT Manager at a mission hospi- nutrition. This may very well be part of Kenton Brown
for 48 years based on no scientific research. tal. My friends are mostly doctors or other God's plan for man's evolution towards Missionary to Honduras

I was stuck in the river of western eating and medical types. Two of the doctors have read His likeness. Hospital Loma de Luz
would have to go wherever it carried me. I my copy of "The China Study". Both have It has been four months. I have lots

Dr. Pinckney Saved My Life

By Gary Zielke spray and my angina was all but gone. I told the car-
diac surgeon during my pre-operation consultation
September 6, 2005 marks the second anniversary that I wanted to postpone my surgery to see if I
of my coming to Dr. Pinckney's Discussion Board would continue to get better. He reluctantly agreed
and beginning a heart disease reversal program, on the condition that I immediately contact him if
through a low-fat vegan diet. What brought me to Dr. my symptoms returned. They haven't.
Pinckney was an angiogram that revealed three coro- My cardiologist has gone from being a skeptic to
nary arteries with significant blockages: the right being a major supporter. He now tells me that the
coronary artery was 95% blocked, the left anterior reason he originally advised me not to be too opti-
descending artery was 80% blocked and mistic was not because this pro-
the obtuse marginal artery was 75% gram doesn't work, but because
blocked. This was complicated by a left he has never known anyone who
ventricular ejection fraction of 24%, the could stick to it. My last lipid
result of a heart attack 11 years earlier. panel was total cholesterol 128;
The angiogram and echocardiogram (to LDL 66; HDL 39 and
measure the ejection fraction) were done Triglycerides 115. I take a daily
after I had complained to my family doc- 20 mg dosage of Lipitor and for
tor about chest pain brought on by mild the low ejection fraction I take
exertion. Coreg and Covarsyl. I am 58
I was scheduled for coronary bypass years old. I recently did an exer-
surgery, but because I had what the cardi- cise stress test where I doubled
ologist called "stable angina," and the time from two years ago and
because I live in Canada which has socialized medi- had no pain or unusual electrocardiogram readings.
cine, I was told that the wait for my surgery would be I recounted my rather long story because I hope
about 6 months. Rather than just wait for my chest to that it will be an encouragement to anyone strug-
be cut open, I thought I would try and find out what gling to stay with a low-fat vegan diet program or
I could do to either improve my condition or at least wondering if it really works. In my study of one the
better my odds of making it through the surgery. program has performed as advertised. There are no
That is when I discovered and Dr. support groups where I live, and at times I have felt
Pinckney. I started on the program immediately. The like the Lone Ranger because none of my family or
diagnosis I had just been given was a great motiva- friends eat as I do (the diet is the hardest part of the
tor. I told my cardiologist what I had done, and program for me). I have therefore had to rely on this
although he did not discourage me, he told me not to site for motivation and advice. I really appreciate
get my hopes up. how quickly Dr. Pinckney responds to questions
Within a week I noticed a small reduction in my with well researched answers and I especially enjoy
angina. I measured this by the number of times I reading other people's questions and comments.
would have to use my Nitroglycerin spray during my Thanks everyone for your support and your contri-
daily walks. I started to lose weight and the idea of butions to the ongoing dialog. I hope to celebrate
taking control of my condition rather than having it many more anniversaries.
control me increased my motivation. By the time my
surgery date came along I had lost 45 pounds of To learn more about Dr. Pinckney's program, and
unwanted fat, and my exercise tolerance had to get online support, visit Dr. Pinckney's discussion
improved to the point where I added jogging to my board at
walking. I no longer needed to use my Nitroglycerin heart/
6 Summer 2005 EarthSave Doings EarthSave News

More Evidence of Fatty Food Addiction

May Provide Basis for Fast Food Legal Liability for Failure to Warn
Editor's Note: It's sad that rats are suffering in order to demonstrate what is already patently obvious - humans are in
denial about their bad diets. Neal Barnard MD of PCRM has already demonstrated much of the info below in his Breaking
the Food Seduction book, without using animal experimentation. The food industry-funded American Dietetic Association
tells us "There are no bad foods." The corporate-funded "personal responsibility" groups tell us "You can eat whatever
you want, you just have to control yourself." The effectiveness of the advice corporate America gives us, through its apol-
ogist like the ADA and the federal government, is evident on every corner - a fatter and sicker America.
A new study published in August in the Journal of Nutrition provides more evidence acterizes addiction is the compulsion: A person may consciously not want to take it any-
of how eating fatty foods produces addictive effects in the brain in much the same way more, but the drive is so intense the person takes it anyway,' said Nora Volkow, director
as nicotine. AND of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. 'That's what we see with cocaine and heroin. What's interesting is that in pathological overeating, you see the same syndrome -- a
Essentially the study shows that rats fed a high-fat diet undergo hormonal changes compulsion to eat an enormous amount of food.'" [10/7/03]
and start not to respond to the body's signals of satiety. They then go on to eat unusual In an article entitled "Are We Turning Our Children Into 'Fat' Junkies?," THE
and unhealthy amounts of fattening foods which further increases the addictive effect. GUARDIAN states that "one in 10 British children under five is obese. Health experts
"Rats fed a high-fat diet don't then continue to overeat because they suddenly lack blame sedentary lifestyles - and even bigger food portions - but new research suggests
'personal responsibility' or rat will power, or because they become couch potatoes, that a diet high in fat and sugar may trigger the same addictive cravings as tobacco or
watch television, or play rat video games. They continue to overeat and become obese drugs.",9950,1058656,00.html
because high-fat foods have caused a hormonal change in their body which causes a REUTERS reported, in an article entitled "Chocolate Cake Addiction: It's
biological compulsion to overeat - virtually the definition of an addictive response," Real," that "People who say they are addicted to chocolate or pizza may not be exag-
says public interest law professor John Banzhaf. gerating, according to U.S.-based scientists. . . . The researchers scanned the brains of
Banzhaf, whose law students put together the first of six successful fat law suits, and normal, hungry people and found their brains lit up when they saw and smelled their
who served as advisor on the seventh fat favorite foods, in much the same way as
law suit recently reinstated by a unanimous the brains of cocaine addicts when they
U.S. Court of Appeals, said that this new think about their next snort." It cites an
study brings us one step closer to the day a article in NeuroImage, A Journal of Brain
fast food chain will be sued for failing to Function. SEE:
disclose and warn patrons about the possi-
ble addictive effects of its products, just as ries/s1091988.htm
cigarette companies paid dearly for failing Similarly, CNN has reported that a
to disclose how their products produced "brain scan study of normal, hungry peo-
addictive effects on smokers.. ple showed their brains lit up when they saw and smelled their favorite foods in
Banzhaf notes that an ever expanding much the same way as the brains of
body of evidence shows that fattening cocaine addicts when they think about
foods can have an addictive effect upon their next snort "
both human and animals, and that more and Even the WASHINGTON TIMES,
more scientific and respectable lay publica- which editorially opposes fat law suits,
tions are reporting it. For example: reported on the growing evidence for one
At least two respected scientific publi- of the key legal theories under which such
cations, and more than a dozen mainstream legal actions will likely be brought: In
media outlets, have now reported that food "Chronic Overeating Called an
addiction is real and plays an important Addiction," the newspaper said: "Just as
role in causing obesity. This could have federal health officials defined obesity as
important implications for fat law suits an illness, researchers at the University of
against fast food companies, says Banzhaf, Florida say mounting evidence suggests
whose law students helped bring the first of chronic overeating may be a substance
five successful fat law suits, and who has abuse disorder and should be considered
emerged as a leading spokesman for the an addiction. 'What's the difference
new movement. SEE between someone who's lost control over AND alcohol and someone who's lost control
especially over good food? When you look at their
Fattening foods can be addictive in the brains and brain responses, the differ-
same way as nicotine or even heroin, says ences are not very significant,' said Dr.
PSYCHOLOGY TODAY magazine, citing Mark Gold, chief of addiction medicine at
the Director of the National Institute on UF's College of Medicine."
Drug Abuse [NIDA], and joining many The WASHINGTON TIMES continued:
other mainstream media in reporting this "'Food might be the substance in a sub-
finding. stance abuse disorder that we see today as
Fattening foods can be addictive in the obesity,' Dr. Gold said. . . . Dr. Gold was
same way as nicotine or even heroin, says PSYCHOLOGY TODAY magazine, citing an early proponent of the "food-as-drug" model. The medical community considered
the Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse [NIDA], and joining many other the idea radical a decade ago, he said, but many addiction specialists give it serious con-
mainstream media in reporting this finding. sideration today. He said the change in thinking occurred as a result of advances in
In "Addiction and Pleasure: A Radical New View," the December 2004 issue of imaging technology, neurochemistry and other fields that have enabled researchers to
PSYCHOLOGY TODAY reports, after discussing how addicts "enjoy the rush of addic- map rodents' brain pathways and show how food and drugs evoke similar responses."
tive drugs," that "obesity may involve similar malfunctions in the dopamine systems..
Like addicts, overeaters may be compensating for a sluggish dopamine system by turn- The OBSERVER has reported: "New research suggests that a diet high in fat and
ing to the one thing that gets their neurons pumping." sugar may trigger the same addictive cravings as tobacco or drugs".
Earlier, the British science magazine NEW SCIENTIST reported that "there is a THE ADVERTISER says that "Snacking on junk food as addictive as heroin -
growing body of evidence" that "fats and simple sugars can act on the brain the same food could be as addictive as cigarettes or heroin."
way as nicotine and heroin." It reports on numerous experiments in which lab animals THE AUSTRALIAN notes that "Scientists have found that high doses of fat and
addicted to fattening foods suffered withdrawal symptoms, how chemicals in the brain sugar in fast and processed foods can be as addictive as nicotine -- and even hard drugs.
can be altered to create or cure obesity, how the brains of human addicts react the same The research found that foods high in fat and sugar can cause significant changes in
way to drugs as the brains of the morbidly obese, how baby rats fed fattening foods vir- brain biochemistry similar to those from drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Once
tually always grow up to be fat adults, etc. hooked, the researchers said, many people found it almost impossible to switch back to
PSYCHOLOGY TODAY also reported: "It's a mark of changing times -- and more a healthy diet, often leading to obesity."
sophisticated science -- that the head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse is think- THE INDEPENDENT (LONDON) said: "High doses of fat and sugar in
ing about doughnuts as well as heroin. Just as blaming drug addiction on moral weak- processed food can be as addictive as hard drugs, according to scientists. Research has
ness was a short sighted and unscientific way of framing a social problem, [NIDA head] revealed that the consumption of fast food can trigger chemical reactions in the brain
Volkow believes that focusing solely on metabolism, or blaming fat people for which can lead to overeating. It suggests that the biochemical changes caused by large
overindulgence and gluttony, are intellectual dead ends. 'What motivates us to eat is quantities of fat and sugar are comparable to the addictive reactions caused by taking
clearly much more than hunger,' she says. 'We need to expand the way we think about drugs such as heroin and cocaine It means many people find it hard to revert to a
eating.'" healthy diet after ingesting fast or processed food which often leads to obesity, accord-
PSYCHOLOGY TODAY is only the latest of many major publications to warn ing to scientists at the Rockefeller University in New York."
about the addictive effects of fast food; a clear indication, says Banzhaf, that the evi- The SUNDAY TELEGRAPH of London, in an article entitled, "REVEALED:
dence is now strong enough to at least require a warning to potential consumers. For FOOD COMPANIES KNEW PRODUCTS WERE ADDICTIVE," reported that
example: "Multinational food companies have known for years about research that suggests many
The WASHINGTON POST has reported: "That chance observation has led to tan- of their products trigger chemical reactions in the brain which lead people to overeat,
talizing new insights into the underlying reasons why some people overeat and have The Sunday Telegraph can reveal. Scientists working for Nestle and Unilever have been
such a hard time shedding pounds, and the provocative question of whether food can be quietly investigating how certain foods, such as chocolate biscuits, burgers and snacks,
an 'addiction.' . . . Addiction and obesity experts stress that both problems are extreme- make people binge-eat, thereby fueling obesity. . . . scientists working for the industry
ly complex and in all likelihood have multiple environmental and biological causes. But have said manufacturers fear they have created foods that undermine the body's abili-
many experts agree that they appear to have certain intriguing similarities. 'What char- CONTINUED NEXT PAGE -->
EarthSave News Summer 2005 7

JUNK FOOD/FROM PAGE 1 ber of hours every day and eat the same and the problem becomes even worse. The like vitamins and minerals. Far more
things at the same time. World Health Organization (WHO) talks effort goes into pharmaceutical, rather
researching the relationship between food Says John Copas, professor in statisti- of an epidemic of overweight among chil- than dietary, solutions.
and behavior for more than 20 years. He cal methodology at the University of dren. Obesity, the official name for seri- The Netherlands currently is the only
has proven that reducing the sugar and fat Warwick: "This is the only trial I have ous weight problems, is said to absorb up country where Gesch's research is being
intake in our daily diets leads to higher ever been involved with from the social to six percent of the total health budget -- explored. Plans to test the findings about
IQs and better grades in school. sciences which is designed properly and a cautious estimate as all kinds of related nutrition supplements and behaviour fur-
When Schoenthaler supervised a with a good analysis." As a randomized, diseases cannot be included in the exact ther are being set up in 14 prisons, with
change in meals served at 803 schools in double-blind, placebo-controlled study, calculation. Think of what this situation nearly 500 subjects. Ap Zaalberg, leading
low-income neighborhoods in New York Gesch emerges with convincing scientific will look like when the current generation the project for the Dutch Ministry of
City, the number of students passing final proof that poor nutrition plays a role in of overweight kids hits middle age. Justice, remembers how he and his col-
exams rose from 11 percent below the triggering aggressive behavior. The link between food and health is leagues reacted when they first heard of
national average to five percent above. better understood by most people than the Gesch's study. "Disbelief," he states res-
He is best known for his work in youth Sugar's Not the Only Problem relationship between food and behavior, olutely. "This was surely not true. But
detention centers. One of his studies Indeed, the study proves what every so health has become the driving force when I looked into the issue more closely,
showed that the number of violations of parent already knows. Serve soda and behind many public campaigns to combat I landed in a world of hard science."
house rules fell by 37 percent when vend- candy at a children's birthday party and overweight. A discussion has arisen in a Zaalberg knows diet is not the only
ing machines were removed and canned you'll get loud, hyperactive behavior fol- number of countries about introducing a factor that determines whether someone
food in the cafeteria was replaced by fresh lowed by tears and tantrums. It works like tax on junk food, the proceeds of which exhibits aggressive behavior. "Aggression
alternatives. He summarizes his findings is not only determined by nutrition," he
this way: "Having a bad diet right now is states. "Background and drug use, for
a better predictor of future violence than example, also play a role. Yet I increasing-
past violent behavior." ly see the introduction of vitamins and
But Schoenthaler's work is under fire. minerals as a very rational approach."
A committee from his own university has "Most criminal-justice systems
recommended suspending him for his assume that criminal behaviour is entirely
allegedly improper research methods: a matter of free will," Gesch says. "But
Schoenthaler didn't always use a placebo how exactly can you exercise free will
as a control measure and his group of test without involving your brain? How exact-
subjects wasn't always chosen at random. ly can the brain function without an ade-
This criticism doesn't refute quate nutrient supply? Nutrition in fact
Schoenthaler's research that nutrition has could be a major player and, for sure, we
an effect on behavior. It means most of his have seriously underestimated its impor-
studies simply lack the scientific sound- tance. I think nutrition may actually be
ness needed to earn the respect of his col- one of the most straightforward factors to
leagues. change antisocial behaviour. And we
know that it's not only highly effective, it's
The Prison Test also cheap and humane."
Recent research that -- even Cheap it is. Natural Justice, the British
Schoenthaler's critics admit -- was con- charity institution chaired by Gesch,
ducted flawlessly, showed similar conclu- A bad diet right is a better predictor of future violence than past violent behavior. which is researching "the origins of anti-
sions. Bernard Gesch, physiologist at the social and criminal behaviour," estimates
University of Oxford, decided to test the this: Blood-sugar levels jump suddenly would be spent on promoting healthy eat- it would cost 3.5 million pounds (5.3 mil-
anecdotal clues in the most thorough after you eat sugar, which initially gives ing. In Britain, Prime Minister Tony Blair lion euros or 6.4 million U.S. dollars) to
study so far in this field. In a prison for you a burst of fresh energy. But then your announced in May he planned to spend an provide supplements to all the prisoners in
men between the ages of 18 and 21 in blood sugar falls, and you become lethar- extra 280 million pounds (the equivalent Great Britain. That is only a fraction of the
England's Buckinghamshire, 231 volun- gic and sleepy. In an attempt to prevent of 420 million euros or $500 million U.S.) current prison budget of 2 billion pounds
teers were divided into two groups: One blood-sugar levels from falling too low, on improving school lunches after the (3 billion euros or 3.6 billion U.S. dollar).
was given nutrition supplements along your body produces adrenalin, which famous television chef Jamie Oliver Finding Safety Through the Stomach
with their meals that contained our makes you irritable and explosive. began speaking out on the issue. It seems the link between nutrition and
approximate daily needs for vitamins, But sugar can't be the only problem. Yet with crime a major political issue antisocial behaviour shows great promise
minerals and fatty acids; the other group After all, high blood-sugar levels mainly almost everywhere, it's surprising more as both political issue and human-interest
got placebos. Neither the prisoners, nor have a short-term effect on behavior, leaders have not embraced the idea of story. How much longer will politicians
the guards, nor the researchers at the while the research of Schoenthaler and healthy eating as a recipe for safe streets concentrate on police and stricter surveil-
prison knew who took fake supplements Gesch indicates changes over a longer and schools. After Gesch published his lance as the answer to crime? When will
and who got the real thing. period. They suggest it is much more findings in 2002 in The British Journal of they realize healthy food can help create a
The researchers then tallied the num- important that you get the right amount of Psychiatry, the study was picked up by healthier society? After all, people would
ber of times the participants violated vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty European and American media. The news- not only be more productive, but the cost
prison rules, and compared it to the same acids because these substances directly paper headlines were clear: "Healthy eat- of health care and of the criminal-justice
data that had been collected in the months influence the brain, and therefore behav- ing can cut crime"; "Eat right or become a system would decline. As is the case for a
leading up to the nutrition study. The pris- ior. criminal;" "Youth crime linked to con- man's love, the way to safety may be
oners given supplements for four consec- If these findings prove true -- and they sumption of junk food;" "Fighting crime through the stomach.
utive months committed an average of 26 do look convincing -- then we should be one bite at a time." Then the media went As Bernard Gesch notes, "Few scien-
percent fewer violations compared to the sounding an alarm about good nutrition. deafeningly silent. tists are not convinced that diet is funda-
preceding period. Those given placebos What are the long-term implications of Perhaps that's because the relationship mental for the development of the human
showed no marked change in behaviour. the fact that the quality of our farmland between nutrition and violence continues brain. Is it plausible that in the last 50
For serious breaches of conduct, particu- has sharply declined in recent decades? to be controversial in established profes- years we could have made spectacular
larly the use of violence, the number of The use of artificial fertilizer for years on sional circles. During their educations, changes to the human diet without any
violations decreased 37 percent for the end has diminished the levels of important doctors and psychologists are given scant implications for the brain? I don't think
men given nutrition supplements, while minerals like magnesium, chromium and training in nutrition, criminologists pro- so. Now, evidence is mounting that
the placebo group showed no change. selenium, therefore present in much lower vided little awareness of biochemistry, putting poor fuel into the brain signifi-
The experiment was carefully con- concentrations in our food. and nutritionists offered no hands-on cantly affects social behaviour. We need to
structed, ruling out the possibility that eth- The eating habits of children and experience with lawbreakers or the men- know more about the composition of the
nic, social, psychological or other vari- young people also should be a cause for tally ill. As a result, the link between food right nutrients. It could be the recipe for
ables could affect the outcome. Prisons serious concern. Their diets now are rich and behaviour winds up in no-man's-land. peace."
are popular places to conduct studies for in sugar, fats and carbohydrates, and poor Even researchers interested in the subject Marco Visscher is a senior editor at
good reason: There is a strict routine; par- in vegetables and fruit. Add to this an are discouraged -- not least of all because Ode Magazine.
ticipants sleep and exercise the same num- increasing lack of exercise among kids, you can't get a patent on natural nutrients More at

ties to control intake and are battling to find a solution. It is also the same reason that doctors must warn already warning customers not to eat at McDonald's
'We have created a bio-chemical monster,'" one said. patients of even a remote risk suggested by a single sci- more than once a week (at least in France), and that
"This growing evidence -- now being increasingly entific study, even if the study hasn't yet been replicated Pepsico -- the largest manufacturer of what many call
reported in scientific and mainstream media -- that eating and/or is apparently contradicted by other studies or by junk food -- is telling people to eat their snack foods only
some fattening foods can cause addictive reactions in the conventional scientific or medical wisdom. In short, such occasionally.
brain just like nicotine strongly suggests that there is now notice is required to alert customers to the mere possibil-
enough scientific evidence to warrant at least a warning ity of a risk so that they can evaluate the weight of the PROFESSOR JOHN F. BANZHAF
about possible addictive effects," says Prof. Banzhaf. evidence for themselves and then knowledgeably exer- III Professor of Public Interest
He notes that the legal duty to warn or inform cus- cise their own personal responsibility. Law Dr. William Cahan
tomers does not arise only when evidence of possible Banzhaf says that several courts have held that ciga- Distinguished Professor George
harm is conclusive and generally accepted by the scien- rette manufacturers may be held liable for failing to dis- Washington University Law School
tific community. Rather, it occurs whenever the informa- close that their products might produce addictive effects, 2000 H Street, NW, Washington,
tion might be relevant to a reasonable person making a even though the general health dangers of smoking were DC 200006, USA (202) 994-7229
purchasing decision. That's why, for example, we see so well known as to be regarded as common knowledge. // (703) 527-8418
many notices saying simply that "some evidence suggests He suggests that food companies can avoid the same
that . . " or that "animal studies indicate that X might legal effect by posting warnings or "health advisories"
cause cancer," etc. about this possibility. He notes that McDonald's is
8 Summer 2005 News EarthSave News

Administration excised
scientists warnings in Toxic Elements Found in
grazing report Infants Cord Blood
The Bush administration problems, it now says, in the long 76 chemicals that cause cancer in humans or animals.
altered critical portions of a sci- term, grazing is the best thing 94 that are toxic to the brain and nervous system.
entific analysis of the environ-
mental impact of cattle grazing
since sliced bread."
Campbell and Brookes were
79 that cause birth defects or abnormal development.
on public lands before announc- among more than a dozen BLM In a benchmark study released July 14, "healthy men in the middle of life" not pregnant
ing relaxed grazing limits on specialists who contributed to researchers found an average of 200 industrial com- women and newborns, said Dr. Alan Greene, a fac-
those lands, according to scien- the environmental-impact state- pounds, pollutants and other chemicals in the ulty member and pediatrician at the Stanford
tists involved in the study. ment (EIS). The others could not umbilical cord blood of newborns, including seven University School of Medicine.
A government biologist and a be reached or did not return calls dangerous pesticides "We've only recently begun
hydrologist, who both retired this seeking comment. some banned in the United to consider the effects on the
year from the Bureau of Land States more than 30 years elderly, women and kids,"
Management, said their conclu- Ranchers hailed the rules. ago. Greene said. "We don't know
sions that the proposed rules "We're hopeful that some of The report, Body Burden what the safe levels are for
might adversely affect water the provisions will strengthen the The Pollution in these groups. Kids have been
quality and wildlife, including public-lands grazing industry Newborns, by the ignored for far too long."
endangered species, were and give our members certainty Washington, D.C.-based Greene, whose family eats
excised and replaced with lan- in their business," said Jenni Environmental Working only organic produce, said the
guage justifying less-stringent Beck of the National Cattlemen's Group, detected 287 chemi- study should be "alarming and
regulations favored by cattle Beef Association. "We are cals in the umbilical cord reassuring" for pregnant
ranchers. encouraged that this EIS demon- blood of 10 newborns. Of women.
A BLM official acknowl- strates the benefits of grazing on those chemicals, 76 cause "It's alarming because there
edged changes were made in the public lands." cancer in humans or animals, were so many chemicals
analysis but said they were part Vast acreage is needed to 94 are toxic to the brain and found, and we don't know their
of a standard editing and review support a comparatively small nervous system and 79 cause birth defects or abnor- health effects, but at the same time the data coming
process and were based on number of livestock because top- mal development in animal tests. in shows that decreasing your exposure to these
"sound science." soil is thin and grass generally is The findings are especially important in substances does make a difference," he said.
Critics often complain that sparse in the arid West. Only 2 Florida, where farmers use more pesticides per acre There have been dramatic drops in the levels of
the Bush administration has percent of U.S. beef is produced than any other state. DDT and its byproducts since it was banned in
made a practice of distorting sci- from cattle on public lands. "What's most startling is that we have such a 1972. A 2002 study of preschoolers in Seattle
entific studies to weaken regula- The new rules, published yes- wide range of compounds in us the moment we are showed that children who ate a conventional diet
tions to serve its political objec- terday by the BLM, a division of born," said Tim Kropp, senior toxicologist for the had nine times the level of pesticides in their urine
tives. Philip Cooney, a White the Department of Interior, project. "Babies don't use any consumer products, as counterparts who ate organic, Greene said.
House official who previously ensure ranchers expanded access they don't work in a factory and yet they're already The Environmental Working Group conducted
worked as an oil-industry lobby- to public land and require feder- starting off with a load of these chemicals." the study in collaboration with Commonweal, a
ist, resigned last week amid al land managers to conduct pro- Among the most pervasive pesticides found: California nonprofit health and environmental
accusation that he repeatedly tracted studies before taking 4,4'-DDE a contaminant and byproduct of DDT, research institute. EWG is a nonprofit environmen-
edited government climate action to limit that access. banned in the United States in 1972 but still used in tal watchdog/research organization that, according
reports in a way that downplayed The rules reverse a long- other parts of the world to control mosquitoes; to its Web site, claims to "bring to light unsettling
links between greenhouse-gas standing agency policy that gave hexachlorobenzene, a fungicide widely used on facts that you have a right to know. It shames and
emissions and global warming. BLM experts the authority to wheat until 1965 when chemical giants Bayer and shakes up polluters and their lobbyists. It rattles
Grazing regulations, which determine quickly if livestock Dow voluntarily discontinued production of the politicians and shapes policy. It persuades bureau-
affect 160 million acres of public grazing is inflicting damage. The likely carcinogen; and Dieldrin, routinely used on cracies to rethink science and strengthen regulation.
land in 11 Western states, set the regulations also eliminate the corn and cotton until banned in 1974 except for It provides practical information you can use to pro-
conditions under which ranchers agency's obligation to seek pub- treatment of termites. tect your family and community."
may use that land, and guide gov- lic input on some grazing deci- Scientists blame the presence of the pesticides Critics, such as David Martosko, research direc-
ernment managers in determin- sions. Public comment will be in the babies' blood on the fact that many of the tor Center for Consumer Freedom, said "a typical
ing how many cattle may graze, allowed but not required. compounds take decades to break down and some EWG study is a pseudo-science ruse meant to scare
where, and for how long without Concerns about the condition are still used in foreign countries, which export pro- the ordinary American to death about the food we
harming resources. of much Western grazing land duce to the United States. eat and the air we breathe." CCF is a nonprofit
The original draft of the envi- have been heightened by persis- For example, Mirex was used to control fire ants coalition of restaurants, food companies and con-
ronmental analysis warned that tent drought that has denuded and as a flame retardant in plastics, rubber, paint, sumers "working together to promote personal
the new rules would have a "sig- pastures in some areas, causing paper and electrical products from 1959 to 1972. It responsibility and protect consumer choices."
nificant adverse impact" on BLM managers to close some sticks to soil for years and contaminates fish and "They never met a square on the periodic table
wildlife, but that phrase was pastures, and leading many animals living near treated sites. Aldrin and of elements that they couldn't turn into a sound
removed. The BLM now con- ranchers to sell their herds. Dieldrin, probable carcinogens, have not been bite," Martosko said. EWG "represents a political
cludes that the grazing regula- The new rules mark a depar- banned or restricted in most of Central and South movement in the U.S. that wants to dump the
tions are "beneficial to animals." ture from grazing regulations America. While most countries have banned world's finest farming system in favor of organic
Eliminated from the final adopted in 1995 under President imports, Brazil and Venezuela still allow the impor- agriculture, a backward scheme that threatens to
draft was another conclusion that Clinton and Interior Secretary tation and restricted use of Dieldrin. build a bridge back to the 19th century," Martosko
read: "The Proposed Action will Bruce Babbitt. Those regulations Besides the pesticides, chemicals from two wrote on the CCF Web site.
have a slow, long-term adverse reflected the view of range scien- widely used household products Teflon and Prior studies have tested for chemicals and pes-
impact on wildlife and biological tists that a legacy of overgrazing Scotchgard were found in every baby tested. ticides in umbilical cord blood. However, the
diversity in general." in the West had degraded water PFOS, the active ingredient in the stain-repellent Environmental Working Group study is the first to
Also removed was language resources, damaged native plant Scotchgard, does not break down in the environ- attempt to detect so many chemicals, pollutants and
saying how the rules changes communities and imperiled ment and has a strong tendency to accumulate in pesticides a total of 413. Of these, 307 had never
could affect endangered species wildlife. humans. While PFOS has not been found conclu- been targeted in cord blood tests.
adversely. "It's an explicit rollback," sively to be toxic to humans, lab tests have shown it The study focused on cord blood, which mirrors
"This is a whitewash; they Thomas Lustig, staff attorney for can cause birth defects and deaths in laboratory ani- the mixtures of chemicals the baby was exposed to
took all of our science and the National Wildlife Federation mals given high doses. 3M, the sole manufacturer while in the mother's womb. Before the cord is cut,
reversed it 180 degrees," said in Boulder, Colo., said of the of Scotchgard, voluntarily agreed to phase out the equivalent of 300 gallons of blood a day will
Erick Campbell, a former BLM new rules. "What (Interior PFOS products in 2000 after pressure from the flow through it, providing the baby with nutrition
state biologist in Nevada and a Secretary Gale Norton) did was EPA. and removing waste.
30-year BLM employee who take Babbitt's regs and found PFOA, the chemical used to make such non- In the Environmental Working Group study, the
retired this year. Campbell wrote parts where they could put a hur- stick products as Teflon, is present in the blood of cord blood from 10 randomly selected, healthy
sections of the report pertaining dle in to undermine the reforms." 95 percent of all Americans. Last month, an babies born in August and September 2004 in U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency advisory panel hospitals was collected by the American National
to impacts on wildlife and threat- BLM officials said the new released a report finding PFOA a likely carcinogen. Red Cross as part of the organization's volunteer
ened and endangered species. rules represented a step forward The chemical has also been linked to birth defects cord blood collection program. The costs of the
"They rewrote everything. It's a in improving the agency's man- and liver damage in lab tests. testing $10,000 per sample and the lack of
crime," he said. agement of livestock grazing. Although the amounts of some of the chemicals laboratories equipped to perform the testing pre-
Former BLM hydrologist Bill Bud Cribley, the agency's detected were extremely small, the results are still vented the organization from testing more samples.
Brookes, who assessed the rules' manager for rangeland troubling to experts, since no one knows how much The organization hopes the findings will
impact on water resources, said resources, said the report was of any given chemical much less a mixture of encourage the Centers for Disease Control in
in the original draft that the pro- written by specialists from dif- chemicals could affect a human fetus. What Atlanta to include testing of newborns in its
posed rule change is "an abroga- ferent BLM offices. When it was research exists has shown that chemical exposure in National Exposure Report, due out later this month.
tion of (BLM's) responsibility finished, in November 2003, the the womb can be dramatically more harmful than "This is the first time anyone has looked at this
under the Clean Water Act." agency believed it "needed a lot exposure later in life. wide a range of chemicals, and in a way, that's kind
"Everything I wrote was of work," Cribley said. In 2003, the EPA updated its cancer risk guide- of sad," said Kropp. "Whether it's the Food and
totally rewritten and watered "We disagreed with the lines, finding that carcinogens are 10 times as Drug Administration or the EPA, you would think
down," Brookes said. impact analysis that was origi- potent to babies and that some chemicals are up to they would want to know the basic attributes of the
"Everything in the report that nally put forward," he said. 65 times more powerful in children. most sensitive population. If these children are
was purported to be negative was "There were definitely changes The EPA also sets maximum exposure limits for being born with these chemicals, we need to know
watered down. Instead of saying, made in the area of impact analy- many dangerous chemicals. However, the research they're safe. We shouldn't have to wait until children
in the long term, this will create sis. We adjusted it. behind those tolerances came from studies of are harmed to do something."
EarthSave News Reviews Summer 2005 9

DVD Review: Vegetarian Cooking Buddhas Table: Thai

with Compassionate Cooks Feasting Vegetarian Style
Reviewed by Gail Davis galangal was a bit tricky. My local Asian
Reviewed by Dan Balogh hardly hear myself typing. market did not carry it, but a
In the midst of preparing all of these Buddha's Table: Thai Feasting Vietnamese market at the other end of
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is passionate dishes (as well as two desserts - Chocolate Vegetarian Style town stocked it both fresh and frozen. It
about animals, about the environment, and Chip Cookies and Magic Chocolate Cake), By Chat Mingkwan was worth the trip, as I quickly learned
about food - vegan food. In fact, she's so Colleen and Alka intersperse facts about Book Publishing Company that while they are similar in appear-
passionate that she started Compassionate nutrition; provide a survey of different 2005/192 pages/$14.95 ance, you simply cannot substitute gin-
Cooks, a non-profit organization that is types of grains; and offer a recommenda- ger for galanagal. Galangal has a very
"dedicated to empowering people to make tion of various vegan products available at The colorful bounty and diversity of unique taste and it is one of the ingredi-
informed food choices and to debunk local supermarkets (like meat substitutes to Thai cooking is unparalleled by any ents that gives Thai coconut soup its dis-
myths about vegetarianism through cook- use in your favorite meat-based recipes). At other cuisine. To have savored it only tinctive flavor. The recipe allowed me to
ing classes, nutrition workshops, and times, so much information is flying about once is to have a permanent culinary adjust the intensity to my personal lik-
supermarket tours." For those who'd like to that you're sure to miss something - impression etched upon one's soul. No ing by adding fewer or more Thai
experiment with veganism this is awesome, Colleen is adding ingredients while Alka is other cuisine combines a more sensuous chilies. Since I like my Thai food spicy,
right? Well yeah ... for talking about phytochemi- variety of vegetables, herbs, and spices. I added a bit more. Following the recipe
folks who live in or near cals, then Alka begins stir- Each dish catches the eye with its rain- was made infinitely easier with the
Oakland, where ring while Colleen begins bow of colors and tempts the palate with book's thoughtful lay-flat binding (ALL
Compassionate Cooks talking about quinoa. It's its spicy aroma. With the flavorful cookbooks should have them) and also
is based. The rest us are clear that these two ladies recipes in Buddha's its compact size (7" x 8").
left relying on the Food love food (Colleen's Table, Chat In little more than 30
Network to show us the favorite food is quinoa ... Mingkwan has minutes, I had an aromat-
vegan way, naively hop- then it's mashed potatoes ... made it possible for ic pot of soup that rivaled
ing that one of the then it's stuffing), and have veg*ns everywhere the flavor of any Thom
dozens of carnivorous so much information to to indulge in these Kha I'd tasted at any Thai
cooks on that channel share that there's no time to culinary delights at restaurant.
will (every now and waste. And that's what the home. There were many dishes
then) find it in their rewind button is for. It is true that in this book that were
hearts to prepare a dish If that wasn't enough, the Thai restaurants unfamiliar to me, so I
that is totally free of ani- DVD also contains a have become as wanted to tease my taste-
mal products. Get real! Frequently-Asked ubiquitous as fast buds with something
Isn't the Food Network Questions segment (where food restaurants. totally new. The creamy-
one of the reasons there Colleen and Alka address So, why bother to sweet freshness of my
are so many vegetarian potential viewer concerns prepare Thai food at first bite of Pineapple
myths to debunk? on everything from B-12 to home? One reason is that many other- Coconut Noodles (Sour Nam) exploded
Doesn't their constant barrage of meat- free-range chickens), and a documentary wise vegan Thai dishes are made with a in my mouth with an unexpected burst
heavy meals only strengthen America's on the history of Farm Sanctuary. very un-vegetarian ingredient--fish of flavor.
nutritional ignorance? There are folks who learn best by taking sauce. All of the ingredients in Buddha's Venturing back to try my hand at a
So what do we do? Easy - we buy the classes and there are folks who do well on Table are plant-based. few favorite dishes like Panaeng Curry,
new $20 DVD called "Vegetarian Cooking their own by reading books. If you'd like to At the beginning of the book, exotic (Gaeng Panaeng) Sweet and Sour
with Compassionate Cooks" which fea- try veganism and are looking for a vegan ingredients like holy basil (Bai kaprow) Vegetables, (Pad Praew Wan) Sticky
tures Colleen, along with her friend Alka cooking class, this DVD is an ideal start for Thai eggplant (Ma-kheau pro) and Rice with Mangoes, (Khao Neaw
Chandna, preparing no less than six vegan you. But even if prefer books, you still may galangal (kha) are explored. While most Mamoung) and of course, the infamous
dishes in 70 minutes flat. But with one want to check this out - no book can sub- of these ingredients can be found at any Pad Thai all yielded equally delicious
word of warning - do not watch this video stitute for the enthusiasm of real live veg- Asian grocery, many more are available results. And with so many more recipes
on an empty stomach! If you absolutely ans having loads of fun in the kitchen, online at such websites as yet to be explored, like Stir-Fried
must, at least ensure that adequate food is demonstrating how veganism is not a diet Eggplant with Holy Basil, (Pad
within reach. Twenty minutes into this of denial, but one of passionate (and com- Tantalizing color photographs held Kaprow) Baked Mushroom and
video your stomach will be growling so passionate) celebration. the promise of mouth-watering results. Asparagus (Pak Oop Pong Garee) and
loud it may drown out the deafening crack- I sure hope this is the first in a series! Since this was to be my first endeavor Floating Lotus, (Bua Loi Sawan) I don't
le of the frying onions that become part of Dan Balogh is a frequent contributor to into Thai cooking, I began with a famil- know when I'll find the time (or desire)
the Harvest Stuffed Acorn Squash; or the He works as a systems iar recipe, Galangal Coconut Soup to eat out. With its generous bounty of
popping of the cumin and coriander seeds engineer in the telecommunications indus- (Thom Kha). At least I'd have an idea of recipes for soups, salads, curries, stir-
which make their way into the Hearty try. He and his wife have been vegans for what it was supposed to taste like! Once fries, noodle dishes, desserts, and bever-
Three-Bean Chili; or the sizzling tofu several years; their kitty Lulu happily I successfully procured the necessary ages, Buddha's Table would make the
which becomes part of the Tofu & approves. lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cook-
Vegetable Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce. And galangal, (a rhizome which is similar to ing and Thai food.
now my stomach is growling so loud I can ginger) I was ready to begin. Finding the

Hemp Is Good for You! A Brief Guide to Deliciously Nutritious Hempfoods

by Gail Davis hempnuts add moisture and texture, too. You can also A growing number of natural food companies are
sprinkle hempseed over hot cereal. It's especially flavor- using their creativity and imagination to come up with
Putting aside all of the political lunacy which pro- ful mixed into oatmeal with maple syrup and dates. hemp convenience foods you will really enjoy. Here are a
hibits the present-day cultivation of industrial hemp in Never to leave my dog, Cicely out of the equation, she few of the most inspired:
the United States, hemp is known by many worldwide as too benefits from the Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids that
"nature's perfect food." Despite the fact that it is illegal to hemp provides. I enjoy making her all kinds of hempseed Hempen Dairy-
grow hemp in the U.S., it is legal to buy and sell hemp treats and she loves wolfing them down. Here is one Free Chocolate
foods. favorite recipe that is free of the most common allergens: Bars
Hemp's reputation as a nutritional powerhouse is wheat, corn, dairy, and eggs: Conscious
well-earned, because hempseed oil has a remarkable fatty C r e a t i o n s
acid profile containing 57% Omega-6 linoleic acid and Happy Hempie Biscuits Organics, Eugene,
19% Omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid, in the 3:1 ratio that 1 cup oatmeal OR
matches our bodies' nutritional needs. Hemp also con- 3/4 cup rye flour These delec-
tains 31% highly digestible protein, with an amino acid 1/4 cup hemp seeds tables come in
profile that is superior to soy or cow's milk. 2 tablespoons agave nectar or 1 tablespoon maple three flavors:
That said, what does hempseed taste like? To be hon- syrup Hempenberry,
est, hempseed oil has a rather strong, distinctive taste and 1 tablespoon melted Earth Balance spread Hempen Mint, and
a pungent odor. I've tried using shelled hempseed in 1/2 cup rice or almond milk H e m p e n
smoothies, and couldn't get beyond the oily smell. I tried Combine oatmeal, 3/4 cup of the rye flour, hemp Hazelnut. While all are yummy, the Hempenberry flavor
using hempseed oil poured over salad as a dressing, and seeds, agave nectar, and Earth Balance together. Slowly propelled my tastebuds into another realm. Eating one of
couldn't manage more than a single biteful. So, what add the milk until a firm but slightly sticky dough forms. these bars is truly one of those manna-from-heaven expe-
good is a nutritional treasure trove if you can't stand to eat Scrape out dough onto a wooden board or counter. Knead riences. And while it's tempting to eat the whole bar at
it? in the rest of the rye flour until the dough stiffens a little. one sitting, it's so intensely satisfying, that I can actually
Happily, there are ways to utilize hemp as a food Wrap in saran wrap and chill for one hour. get by with just a bite or two. This all organic treat is
source, and to make foods from hemp that are both Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Roll out dough to about made with cranberries, almonds, sunflower seeds, hemp
healthful and great tasting. First, I learned that hulled 1/4 inch thickness. Use a cookie cutter and cut into cute and flaxseed. They call it "Food of the Goddess" and I
hempseed (also referred to as hempnut) is a wonderful shapes. (I use little hearts.) Place on lightly greased cook- think they got that right, but no doubt "the Gods" will
addition to any baked goods recipe. I add about cup ie sheets. Bake for 15 minutes. Turn off oven and let bis- surely hunger for it, too. Websites: www.foodofthegod-
when baking bread or muffins, and the end result is not cuits rest until cool in the oven with the door closed. and
only delicious and more nutritious, but whole, hulled Store in airtight container for up to 2 weeks. HEMP/PAGE 11
10 Summer 2005 Ask Jo EarthSave News

Shes Vegan, Hes Not Ask Jo Stepaniak Woes
Jo Stepaniak, MSEd, is an
Dear Jo: science, not an issue of denial or
inconvenience. This is what can author and educator who has been Dear Jo:
I have been vegan for about a make living with a non-vegan so involved with vegetarian- and I am having difficulty with my
month, after being a lacto-ovo veg- exasperating. vegan-related issues for nearly boss at work. He routinely makes
etarian for eleven years. My There are many compelling four decades. She holds a master fun of my vegan beliefs and values
boyfriend of four years eats some reasons for becoming vegan. of science degree in education and in front of my peers. This almost
meat, and loves cheese, cream Nonetheless, when people are pres- an undergraduate degree in sociol- always takes place when we are at
sauces, etc. He hates brown rice sured to change, they tend to rebel ogy and anthropology. Jo is the a restaurant. I eventually become
and is not fond of fresh fruits and rather than embrace new ideas. coauthor (along with Vesanto defensive and very angry with
vegetables. He has eaten soy Even when people understand a Melina, MS, RD) of Raising him. Is there anything I can say to
cheeses and meat substitutes but subject intellectually, it doesn't Vegetarian Children, a compre- him to make him stop? I am con-
still prefers the "real" thing. This necessarily follow that they will hensive guide for bringing up sidering not going out to lunch
makes having meals together very open their hearts to it. And opening healthy vegetarian children and with him and my coworkers any-
difficult! I am planning to get your one's heart to the suffering of ani- maintaining family harmony, more. The solitude and peace that
"Uncheese Cookbook" and possi- mals, people, and the Earth is the author of Compassionate Living I have when I eat my vegan lunch
bly signing up both of us for a only real motivating force there is for Healing, Wholeness & alone at the park is much more sat-
vegan cooking class. Do you have toward lasting veganism. However, Harmony, an invaluable guide - isfying and serene. Any advice
any suggestions on how to bring no one can open our hearts for us. book for restoring inner and outer would be very appreciated!
our eating habits more in synch This is something each of us must peace and inspiring kinship and Jo Stepaniak, MSEd
with each other? I have tons of do in our own way and in our own
recipes, but I'm tired of suggesting time.
harmony with all life, The Vegan
Sourcebook, the definitive these principles into everyday life. Jo responds:
meals that don't appeal to him, and Your partner may not fully She also is the author and coauthor Office environments typically
resource for compassionate vegan
it doesn't feel right for us to eat sep- understand what prompted you to of over a dozen additional books are comprised of people with
living, and Being Vegan, a ques-
arately. Even though he is making adopt a vegan lifestyle. You may and has been a contributing author assorted backgrounds, including
tion-and-answer guide to the
some effort to be tolerant, he's still want to set aside some time to to many other books, pamphlets, spiritual beliefs, political perspec-
essentials of vegan philosophy and
skeptical. explain what inspired you to make national publications, and maga- tives, age, marital status, sexual
ethics, with practical, down-to-
Jo responds: this change and why it is so impor- earth advice on how to incorporate zines. Visit her online at
orientation, ethnicity, hobbies,
Relationships between people tant to you. Your boyfriend may be health, abilities, education, and
more willing to listen if he does not interests. Because of this diversity,
with divergent lifestyles can be feel threatened,
extremely frustrating. It is especial- dated. Let himberated, or intimi- we have antidiscrimination laws in
know that you place, so employers cannot hire,
ly hard when one person is a vege- would like to be able to share
tarian and the other one is not, this promote, demote, or fire people
because eating is such a frequent part of your life with him because it based on personal prejudices or
is so significant to
and important activity. For many bulldoze him in the process. Allow you, but don't assumptions. Turning the work-
people, sharing food with those we him time to speak and to share his place into a hostile environment
love is an act of nurturing and an side of things. Lend an empathetic for an employee is unethical, and it
expression of unity and harmony. It ear and listen nonjudgmentally. He might also be illegal.
can be devastating when someone is hurting, just as you are, and may Supervisors want their person-
you love and care about rejects the nel to be successful. A happy,
food you painstakingly prepare. On feel confused or belittled. Provide cohesive workforce tends to be a
literature and videos for him to productive workforce, which not
the other hand, food choices are explore when
very personal. Everyone's prefer - the purpose ofhetransforming is ready -- not for only enhances the company's bot-
him, tom line, it makes the boss look
ences differ, and what excites one but for him to more fully under
person may be unpalatable to stand where you are coming from.- good, too. There is no reward in
another. having miserable employees,
Being vegan is different from Because food has been such a except for those few sadists who
being a vegetarian, not only with point of contention for both of you, get pleasure simply by watching
regard to food options but in terms points,you
once have aired your view- someone squirm.
jointly devise some guide-
of all aspects of living. A total veg- lines that you each If your boss is embarrassing
can accept. For
etarian is someone who eats no ani- instance, you may not and demeaning you in front of
mal products whatsoever. A vegan, chase or cook meatwant to pur- your peers, he needs to be made
as you define yourself, is someone for your aware of this. Some people are so
who has made a conscious, ethical boyfriend, but would agree to him thick-headed that they are unable
decision to lead a fully compas- Or, you maycooking
buying and it for himself.
feel that having meat rice (if he doesn't like brown rice, the issue of veganism, and realize to discern the subtle cues of dis-
sionate life. This means that vegans in your home is intolerable, try fragrant basmati or jasmine that employing tolerance and comfort. While you may think you
but you
not only avoid products of suffer - would agree to him eating meat rice), curried vegetables or dal with acceptance may be the only way to are responding defensively or
ing in their diet, they also refrain of the house. You could decide that chapatis, a hearty soup or stew, preserve your relationship. We all angrily, he may be misperceiving
from contributing to other forms of when you go out to eat you will vegan pancakes and french toast, or feel that our opinions and perspec- your reactions. He might think you
suffering, directly or indirectly, vinaigrette potato salad and tives are the "right" ones, and it is enjoy his verbal sparring, or he
through their relationships, activi- select a restaurant that serves both coleslaw. If you make dishes that very tempting to foist them on oth- might believe you take pleasure in
ties, and purchases. For many prac- dishes, and soand
vegetarian non-vegetarian are familiar and delicious in their ers. Your boyfriend probably feels being the center of his attention.
titioners, veganism becomes a core own right, and are not "substitutes" just as strongly about his position Perhaps it is his feeble attempt at
Attending a cooking class is a
value system and a beacon for great for anything, your boyfriend may as you do about yours. If you humor or a way for him to feel
guiding all aspects of their lives. As that hesuggestion, but don't insist find them more appealing because extend your love and compassion more comfortable around you by
a result, relationships between veg- attend with you. Let him he's not comparing them with their to him, without coercion, reproach, breaking down barriers. Just as he
make his own
ans and non-vegans parallel the chooses not to go, let him decision, and if he

decline meat counterpart. or condemnation, you may one day may be misinterpreting your
challenges of interfaith couples. Acknowledge that you may find his heart opening in directions responses, you might be misread-
Most relationships endure "The Uncheese Cookbook" is from
with dignity. Using recipes never come to a full agreement on you never imagined. ing his cues, too.
because of a shared value system. a good idea. These recipes are rich- There is no point in second
When fundamental values between tasting and creamy, and should guessing his behavior, and it is
people drastically change, the rela- appeal to his fondness for cheese fruitless for you to continue to join
tionship can be put in peril. your coworkers on outings if you
Frequently love, trust, and the and dairy products. You may also
want to check out my book "Vegan feeling singled out and picked on
heartfelt desire to please the other Vittles." It contains lots of recipes by your boss. The only solution is
person can help weather the dis- for meatless meats and satisfying to discuss your concerns in private
tance created by differing beliefs. traditional dishes
Sometimes, however, this is not bly like the "real"that taste incredi- and let your boss know just how
thing. Because distasteful and off-putting his
enough. If vegans believe that eat- you can prepare these foods
ing animals is wrong and there is easily comments have been. When con-
at home, you can adjust
never a time when it is acceptable, ings to make them exactly the way the season- fronted with honesty and open-
watching a partner consume meat your boyfriend prefers. ness, and the realization that mis-
can be disconcerting and painful. understandings are rarely caused
Bear in mind that transitioning by one side alone, most supervi-
Nevertheless, vegans in mixed rela- to new flavors and textures in food sors are willing to concede and
tionships often feel guilty about can be emotionally
causing their loved one grief, and taxing, and giv- accommodate an employee's
ing up foods
may be torn between their princi- and loved since childhood that one has known requests.
can feel Supervisors have every incen-
ples and their partner. like a tangible loss. Try preparing tive to respect their staff, and
Vegan values extend beyond
the palate and plate. Vegans who do foods that are commonplace but employees have every right to
not like particular foods will seek For example, strictly
not considered vegetarian. insist on that respect. When dis-
bean burritos or cussed in an atmosphere of con-
out alternatives to meet their nutri- tostadas with all the trimmings,
tional needs and satisfy their tastes. cern and sincerity, such conversa-
For vegans, eliminating the prod- spaghetti with mushroom or mari- tions often lead to improved work-
nara sauce, baked potatoes, baked ing relationships and greater admi-
ucts of animal suffering from their beans, stir-fried vegetables with ration all around.
diet and lives is a matter of con-

Do you have questions about being vegegetarian or vegan? Send them to us at and well forward them to bestselling
author, Jo Stepaniak. Jo can address individual concerns as well as general inquiries about vegan ethics, vegetarian philosophy, practical appli-
cations, and living compassionately.
EarthSave News Summer 2005 11

Review: Vegan World HEMP/FROM PAGE 9

Hempshake Natural Food Seasonsings

Fusion Cuisine Legend Foods, Sandpoint, ID

I admit it; I like to sprinkle stuff on my food. So, what
better way to add nutrition to a meal, than with a little
Hempshake? They're made with organic hemp, herbs,
Reviewed by Marie Oser sacred site photography, and original art. and spices, and without any artificial flavors, ingredi-
Mark Reinfeld & Bo Rinaldi, authors of ents, or preservatives. You'll have trouble deciding which
Vegan World Fusion Cuisine Vegan World Fusion Cuisine along with their of the six flavors you like best. I'm particularly fond of
The Cookbook and Wisdom Work from the partners in the award winning Blossoming Dessert Hempshake with cocoa and vanilla. It tastes fab-
Chefs of the Blossoming Lotus Restaurant -- Lotus Restaurant, advocate conscious and ulous on everything from waffles to Purely Decadent
With a Special Foreword by Dr. Jane Goodall wise food choices that can heal our bodies and Soy Delicious frozen desserts! Once you start
Thousand Petals Publishing restore balance to the planet. The foreword, Hempshaking, you won't want to stop. Get yours at:
November 2004, $24.95 Hardcover written by celebrated primatologist and long-
Second Edition by Mark Reinfeld, Bo time vegetarian Dr. Jane Goodall, speaks to
Rinaldi the far-reaching consequences of our food Ruth's Raw Hemp Protein
choices; and recommends Vegan World Power
Vegan World Fusion Cuisine is a beautiful- Fusion Cuisine as a manual for sustainable, Ruth's Hemp Foods, Toronto, CANADA
ly illustrated work of art that showcases over and non-violent living. As I said earlier, adding hulled hempseed to my blended
200 scrumptious international dishes, from Well-organized, the ten chapters of recipes smoothies did not work very well. But, Ruth's Raw
the kitchen of the world-renowned from appetizer to dessert, are preceded by a Protein Hemp Power adds a most pleasing taste and tex-
Blossoming Lotus restaurant in Kauai, comprehensive section devoted to the General ture to any smoothie recipe. These awesome blends pro-
Hawaii. The gourmet Principals of Vegan Food vide all of hemp's nutrition, (as well as flax and maca's)
vegan and live food cui- Preparation that include organic, are 100% organic, and they're totally raw. Substitute up
sine is created with pure, and living foods, GMO aware- to 15% of the flour in any recipe with these powders, or
simple, and natural ness, healing teas, and more. The stir some into soy yogurt, or hot or cold cereal. Now, I
whole foods, such as authors have compiled a wide- would never dream of using any other kind of protein
fresh fruits and vegeta- ranging Resource Guide with powder, and I am totally hooked on these blends. Ruth's
bles, nuts and seeds, over 50 organizations devoted to also makes a variety of other imaginative hempfoods
unprocessed grains, vegan education, and issues of like hemp tortilla chips, hemp salsa, and hemp salad
unbleached flours, and organic farming and permacul- dressing. Check them out at: Website: www.ruthshemp-
unrefined oils and sweet- ture, animal rights, and world
eners. This must have hunger. In addition there is a
cookbook features fun detailed glossary, as well as pho- Nature's Path Organic Hemp Plus Granola
recipes such as, Suryas tos and short bios of the many Nature's Path Foods, Blaine, WA
Fire Roasted Gazpacho, contributors to this book and its Maybe I've watched one too many Seinfeld
Super Shaktis inspiration, the Blossoming episodes, but a bowl of cereal is still one of my
Spanikopita, Noandas Lotus Restaurant. favorite comfort foods. The problem is that so
Pistachio Blue Corn Vegan World Fusion Cuisine has many cereals are made from wheat (which I've
Crusted Tempeh, Thats Amore Tofu been nominated for four book awards and has lately been trying to avoid.) Does it come in a
Cacciatore, Transcendental Tropical won the prestigious 2005 Nautilus Award, cardboard box? Yes. Is it sweetened with sugar?
Ratatouille, Green God Smoothie, Best Book by a Small Press, endorsed by Sure. But, Organic Hemp Plus Granola is made
Bananananda Bread, and Eternal Bliss Balls. Martha Stewart, Omni Media. Whether you with oats, hemp, and flaxseed providing lots of
More than a cookbook, Vegan World are an experienced cook, longtime vegan, or naturally nutritious goodness. Drenched in
Fusion Cuisine is a guide to peaceful and lov- novice, I heartily recommend this cookbook, it soymilk, Hemp Plus Granola's sweet and crunchy
ing food preparation that can take the reader is a treasure and an inspiration. golden clusters are a delicious way to start the
on a spiritual odyssey enriching the body, day, or you can grab a handful for a tasty snack on the run. It's also great
mind and spirit. What I loved most about this To order your copy, go to: http://www.veg- when mixed with a bowl of fresh berries, or sprinkled over your favorite
book, and what makes this a truly unique work frozen dessert. Website:
are the inspirational wisdom quotes, stunning


12 Summer 2005 The Back Page EarthSave News

DISEASE-PROOF/FROM PAGE 1 dairy products, white flour, sugar and oil.

Amazingly, about twenty-five percent of
and healthy life.
Disease-Proof Your Child reviews the
solution-and you won't believe how easy
and tasty it can be.
instead of fruits and vegetables, the toddlers between ages one and two eat no scientific evidence and explains that the This book has the answers. Not only
groundwork is being laid for cancer and fruits and vegetables at all. By fifteen vast majority of adult cancers are avoid- will it explain what a healthy diet is, it will
other diseases to occur down the road. months, French fries are the most com- able if an excellent diet is began and show you how to implement the best diet
Additionally, many children today are mon vegetable consumed in America! maintained from early childhood. for your children in such a way that they
very often recurrently sick with ear infec- Childhood diets are unhealthy, but the Unfortunately, pediatricians and family will love it, eat it, and adopt a healthy
tions, allergies, and then, later in life, may issue goes beyond simple nutrition. physicians rarely discuss diet with par- approach to nutrition that will last a life-
develop autoimmune illnesses such as Recent, compelling, scientific evidence ents, encouraging the perception that what time.
lupus, ulcerative colitis and rheumatoid over the past two decades has shown links a child eats does not matter. Parents also Combining what I know as a physician
arthritis. Kids become ill, not because with precise dietary factors and autoim- are uninformed that following and anti- and what I've learned as a parent Disease-
they just naturally pass around germs or mune illnesses, such as Crohn's Disease cancer diet-style can free their children Proof Your Child brings you up-to-date
have bad genes, but because their diets are and lupus, as well as later-life cancers. from repeated trips to the doctor, endless medical and scientific information along
inadequate. Medications cannot prevent This means that we now know what helps courses of antibiotics, and the curtailed with practical advise on how to use the
these problems-only a diet of nutritional to create an environment in our bodies living that comes from being frequently best of that information in your own
excellence can. which is favorable for cancers to emerge sick. home. Being a father to my four children
The most recent scientific evidence is later in life and we understand how what While the science may be alarming, is the most meaningful and pleasurable
both overwhelming and shocking-what we they eat now can prevent cancer in our the solutions are simple. Eating to pre- part of my life. Our children are our most
feed (or don't feed) our children as they children's future. While the scientific evi- vent common illnesses as well as to pre- important and loved part of our world.
grow from birth to early adulthood has a dence is in, parents haven't been informed vent life-threatening illnesses of the future Giving them the potential for a happy and
greater total contributory effect on the that what their children eat during their can be easy and taste good. You and your healthy life is one of our greatest gifts to
dietary contribution to cancers than growth years has such a profound effects family will discover that the right foods them.
dietary intake over the next fifty years. on their later health and the first ten years can protect against obesity, autoimmune Joel Fuhrman M.D. is a board-certi-
American children and most children in may be the most critical. Unfortunately, disease, diabetes, heart disease and can- fied family physician who specializes in
developed countries eat less than two per- many parents are unwittingly feeding their cer. It is my mission and my passion to preventing and reversing disease
cent of their diet from natural plant foods children dangerous, cancer-provoking get this vital information out to all par- through nutritional and natural meth-
such as fruits and vegetables. American diets. My goal is to inform parents, so ents, and I am not going to sugarcoat the ods, and author of several bestsellers.
children move into adulthood eating nine- that they can give their children the great- message. The truth is too important. This
ty percent of their caloric intake from est gift of all: the opportunity for a long book will show you the science and the Learn more at

This year's invited speakers include:

Are you eating
the healthiest Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2005 Neal Barnard MD
diet possible? Francine Kaufman MD
Inspiring, enlightening, life-affirming weekend! Michael Besancon
Are you get- Friday, Oct 14 through Sunday, Oct 16, 2005 * Burbank Hilton, Burbank California John McDougall, MD
T. Colin Campbell, PhD
ting enough of Joel Fuhrman, MD
the right type FREE ENTRANCE to visit scores of booths -- with samples to try and goodies to Caldwell Esselstyn, MD
of exercise? buy -- food, clothing, jewelry, shoes, handbags, skincare, haircare, top vegan Alex Jamieson
products! Rev. Heng Sure PhD
How does your Chef Tanya of Native Foods
For just a few dollars, a blood test will reveal your total cholesterol, HDL and glu- Mary McDougall
state of mind cose levels -- in just 10 minutes! Then learn what your numbers say about your Marie Oser
influence your diet -- do you need to tweak yours in order to avoid heart disease? Sabrina
health? Nelson
Listen to top experts in fitness and psychology tell you how to keep your mind, Special
Come to the body and spirit in tip-top condition! The Expo focuses on food, fitness, and fun -- panel discus -
Healthy but no fads. The weekend features health, lifestyle and exercise advice, cook- sion with all
Lifestyle Expo ing demos, and product samples galore in enormous exhibitor ballrooms. experts
and find out
the answers! More info, or call (818) 349-5600 audience

Join EarthSave today! With more local chapters and branches ACROSS THE U.S.,
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