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67410 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No.

214 / Tuesday, November 5, 2002 / Notices

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve capacity, pursuant to § 225.28(b)(7) of Coordinator, Secretary’s Advisory
System, October 30, 2002. Regulation Y. Committee on Regulatory Reform, Office
Robert deV. Frierson, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve of the Assistant Secretary for Planning
Deputy Secretary of the Board. System, October 29, 2002. and Evaluation, 200 Independence
[FR Doc. 02–28054 Filed 11–4–02; 8:45 am] Robert deV. Frierson, Avenue, SW., Room 344G, Washington,
BILLING CODE 6210–01–S Deputy Secretary of the Board. DC 20201, (202) 401–5182.
[FR Doc.02–28023 Filed 11–4–02; 8:45 am] SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The
Hubert H. Humphrey Building is in
FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM compliance with the Americans with
Disabilities Act. Sign-language
Notice of Proposals to Engage in interpretation will be provided for the
Permissible Nonbanking Activities or DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND
HUMAN SERVICES duration of the meeting. If any
to Acquire Companies that are individual with a disability needs other
Engaged in Permissible Nonbanking reasonable accommodation to
Activities Meeting of the Secretary’s Advisory
Committee on Regulatory Reform participate in the meeting, please
The companies listed in this notice contact Dianne Norcutt at Social and
AGENCY: Office of the Assistant Scientific Systems—phone: 301–628–
have given notice under section 4 of the Secretary for Planning and Evaluation,
Bank Holding Company Act (12 U.S.C. 3146; fax: 301–628–3101; e-mail:
HHS.,; TTY: 800–735–2258.
1843) (BHC Act) and Regulation Y (12
ACTION: Notice of meeting. On June 8, 2001, HHS Secretary
CFR Part 225) to engage de novo, or to
acquire or control voting securities or Thompson announced a Department-
SUMMARY: This notice announces a
assets of a company, including the wide initiative to reduce regulatory
public meeting of the Department of
companies listed below, that engages burdens in health care, to improve
Health and Human Services (HHS)
either directly or through a subsidiary or patient care, and to respond to the
Secretary’s Advisory Committee on
other company, in a nonbanking activity concerns of health care providers and
Regulatory Reform. As governed by the
that is listed in § 225.28 of Regulation Y industry, State and local Governments,
Federal Advisory Committee Act in
(12 CFR 225.28) or that the Board has and individual Americans who are
accordance with Section 10(a)(2), the
determined by Order to be closely affected by HHS rules. Common sense
Secretary’s Advisory Committee on
related to banking and permissible for approaches and careful balancing of
Regulatory Reform is seeking guidance
bank holding companies. Unless needs can help improve patient care. As
for the Department’s efforts to
otherwise noted, these activities will be part of this initiative, the Department
streamline regulatory requirements. The
conducted throughout the United States. established the Secretary’s Advisory
Advisory Committee will advise and
Committee on Regulatory Reform to
Each notice is available for inspection make recommendations for changes that
provide findings and recommendations
at the Federal Reserve Bank indicated. would be beneficial in four broad areas:
regarding potential regulatory changes.
The notice also will be available for health care delivery, health systems
These changes would enable HHS
inspection at the offices of the Board of operations, biomedical and health
programs to reduce burdens and costs
Governors. Interested persons may research, and the development of
associated with departmental
express their views in writing on the pharmaceuticals and other products.
regulations and paperwork, while at the
question whether the proposal complies The Committee will review changes
same time maintaining or enhancing the
with the standards of section 4 of the identified through regional public
effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and
BHC Act. Additional information on all hearings, written comments from the
access of HHS programs.
bank holding companies may be public, and consultation with HHS staff.
obtained from the National Information All meetings and hearings of the Dated: October 30, 2002.
Center website at Committee are open to the general Dr. William Raub,
Unless otherwise noted, comments public. The meeting agenda will allow Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning and
regarding the applications must be some time for public comment. Evaluation.
received at the Reserve Bank indicated Additional information on the meeting [FR Doc. 02–28050 Filed 11–4–02; 8:45 am]
or the offices of the Board of Governors agenda will be posted on the BILLING CODE 4151–05–P
not later than November 18, 2002. Committee’s Web site prior to the
A. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston meeting (
(Richard Walker, Community Affairs DATES: The final full meeting of the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND
Officer) 600 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, Secretary’s Advisory Committee on HUMAN SERVICES
Massachusetts 02106-2204: Regulatory Reform will be held on
Thursday, November 21, 2002, from 8 Food and Drug Administration
1. Boston Private Financial Holdings,
Inc., Boston, Massachusetts; to acquire am to 6 pm. [Docket No. 02D–0137]
up to 33 percent of the voting shares of ADDRESSES: The hearing will be held in
Coldstream Holdings, Inc., and Room 800, Hubert H. Humphrey Regulatory Procedures Manual;
indirectly acquire Coldstream Capital Building, 200 Independence Ave, SW., Chapter 9, Imports, Subchapter:
Management, Inc., and Coldstream Washington, DC. To comply with Guidance Concerning Recommending
Securities, Inc., all of Bellevue, security requirements, individuals who Customs’ Seizure and Destruction of
Washington, and thereby engage in do not possess a valid Federal Imported Human and Animal Food
investment advisory services, pursuant identification must present a picture That Has Not Been Reconditioned;
to § 225.28(b)(6) of Regulation Y; identification, e.g., driver’s license or Availability
commodity pool operator activities; See passport upon entry to the Humphrey
Building. AGENCY: Food and Drug Administration,
Dresdner Bank AG, 84 Fed. Res. Bull, HHS.
361 (May 1998); and in securities FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
ACTION: Notice.
brokerage activities in an agency Margaret P. Sparr, Executive

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