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Oceans, And their Deep, deep Secrets

Janhabi Mukherjee And Peeves Project #1 On Nature and the Natural

Oceans, And their deep, deep secrets
Introduction: There is no place like earth…. Or the places in it either. As man has found out each and every meter of land on our home planet is as special and unique as you could imagine. However, one place that is still mystery to us is ..... the Ocean. Scientists know more about the Moon than the Ocean floor,- of which only 5% has ever been mapped! Hard to believe? Wait till you hear the rest. Earth, viewed from space looks like a planet of deep, deep blue – 71% or 328 million cubic miles, to be exact. That’s one billion three hundred and sixty one kilometers. And it’s been around for almost forever. The first ocean water came from vapour in the atmosphere and water in rocks released during the earth’s formation. Ever licked a rock? No? Well, I bet you have! Coz rocks have salt (and I’m sure you’ve had that) Ad so does mud (ugh!) That salt gets into the ocean though the water cycle – evaporation, condensation, precipitation, evaporation, condensation, precipitation. As a result of which more salt gets added to the ocean, constant! But then, why doesn’t the ocean get saltier and saltier? Or does it? You’ll find this out – and more - ! Just keep those eyes glued to Oceans, and their deep, deep secrets!

Getting the ScoopImagining that I’m a reporter with the “Madrid Messenger”,

and have been assigned the job of interviewing Columbus (!!), and remembering that they still believes they have found a route to Asia, this is what the interview could be like: Me: Welcome to the Madrid Messenger! Today we have with us explorer and sailor Christopher Columbus, who promises to reveal his innermost thoughts before, during, and after his famous seventy-day voyage. Welcome, Mr. Columbus, make yourself at home. And here comes my first question. Here we go – o – Can’t help asking, but was the anticipation for this voyage from all the others you have gone on, were you dying for excitement or are you so mature as a sailor that it did not really matter? Columbus: Well, you see, it was very exciting, very, very exciting, but that was because I was setting sail. This voyage was nothing special. I am always excited to go sailing and it was quite the same

this time. I was just so determined to get to Asia, not that I was unsure of myself- but I so wanted to go and discover the … the …. NEW WORLD! Me: The New World! Ah yes! And the people there? Were they savages? Barbarians? Did our guns scare them? Or did they have some of their own? Comubus: Don’t be silly! Guns of their own? That would be the day! Of course, they were scared of our revolvers. And yes, they were savages. But not barbarians. Just very stupid, -yes, very stupid. Me: And why is that? Columbus: Well, the things they traded with us! Expensive furs! Spices! Herbal medicines! And what did we pay them with? Used knives, swords, guns. Beads, even. They were idiots. Me: Well, yes, you are right then I suppose…. Columbus: You suppose? You suppose? Of course, they’re stupid. Now, I’ve got to go. So goodbye to you, and to the readers, so long!

Picture courtesy: University of Michigan