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Cozart 1

Shantel Cozart


3 July 2017

Nichole Anderson

Myself as a Communicator Part 1

As human being, I carry strengths and weaknesses in every area of my life. I am going to

focus on four specific areas in this paper. The first, being how well I am as a listener. The second

is the aspects of nonverbal communication I use and how it can be improved. Following the

second area, I will be talking about my communication strengths and what they are. Last, will be

the weakness I carry in my communication.

I listen very well. There are things that reframe from doing that allows me to be a good

listener. I do not let my feelings about the speakers opinions distract me from paying attention

to the speakers evidence that there providing me with. I detour from giving into mental

distractions as well as physical distractions such as my knee pain or hunger. If a topic seems

distasteful to me I still hear what the speaker is saying open mindedly not deciding that the

speaker is wrong before hearing them out.

I took a test on my Self-Awareness and the outcome showed that I am highly self-aware.

I make snap judgments about others and I feel that first impressions of people are correct. When

taking my empathy test it showed that there is very much room for improvement. Seeing people

cry somewhat up upsets me. I do not get upset when I see an animal in pain. I dont adopt

feelings such as becoming nerves if others seem nervous around me. So, with my lack of

empathy and high self-awareness I can honestly determine and self-diagnose my nonverbal
Cozart 2

communication and say that it is in despite need to be managed. My nonverbal are loud and can

be very aggressive. If I feel dispositioned with the communicators statement my non-verbals

will show that I am not comfortable with what you are talking about, despite my mouth saying its


In conclusion, there is some need to improve on the communication. I am yet a very good

listener and communicator.