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Material used for construction of transformer core is usually

a. wood b. copper c. aluminum d. silicon steel
2. The purpose of providing an iron core in the transformer is to
a. Decrease the reluctance of magnetic path c. provide support to windings
b. reduce hysteresis loss d. reduce eddy current losses
3. In a transformer following winding has got more cross sectional are
a. low voltage winding b. high voltage winding c. primary winding d. secondary winding
4. The changes in volume of transformer cooling oil due to variation of atmospheric temperature during day and night is taken care of
by which part of transformer
a. Conservator b. breather c. bushing d. buchholz relay
5. The chemical used in breather is
a. asbestos fiber b. silica sand c. sodium chloride d. silica gel
6. The purpose of a breather in a transformer is to
a. provide cooling to the winding c. provide insulation to the winding
b. takes insulting oil from the conservator d. extract moisture from the air
7. The power transformer is a constant
a. voltage device b. current device c. power device d. main flux device
8. A transformer is used to change the value of
a. power factor b. power c. frequency d. voltage
9. What is the maximum flux in weber for a transformer with 200 turns at the primary when supplied by 60hertz, 200volts source?
a. 0.0037 b. 0.0375 c. 0.375 d. 3.75
10. The 2300 volt primary winding of a 60 cycle transformer has 4800turns. Calculate the secondary voltage if there are 480 turns in the
a. 230V b. 460V c. 460V d. 240V
11.The 2300V primary winding of 60 cycle transformer has 4800 turns. Calculate the number of turns in the 230V secondary winding.
a. 480turns b. 48turns c. 4800turns d. 240turns
12. A 100kVA, 60Hz, 2200V/220V transformer is designed to operate at a maximum flux density of 1T and an induced voltage of 15V
per turn. Determine the cross sectional area of the core.
a. 0.0432m^2 b. 0.0563m^2 c. 0.0236m^2 d. 0.0128m^2
13. A transformer rated 1kVA, 240/120, 60Hz. Because of an emergency, the transformer has to be used on a 50Hz system. If the flux
density in the transformer core is to be kept the same at 60Hz and 240V, what is the volt ampere rating at 50Hz?
a. 0.833kVa b. 1.211kVA c. 0.766kVa d. 0.899kVa
14. A transformer supplies a load with 30A at 240V. If the primary voltage is 2400V, find the primary current and volt amp?
a. 3A & 7200 volt-amp b. 0.3A & 7200volt-amp c. 300A & 7200 volt-amp d. 30A & 7200 volt-amp
15. A 1, 100kVA, 2400/240V, 60Hz transformer has a primary resistance and secondary winding resistance of 0.828 ohms and
0.009ohm respectively. Calculate the equivalent resistance referred to primary.
a. 1.6ohms b. 0.837ohms c. 1.728ohms d. 1.46ohms
16. A 500kVA, 13200/2400V, 60Hz single phase transformer has a 4% reactance and 1% resistance. The leakage reactance and
resistance of the low voltage winding are 0.25 and 0.055ohm, resp. Calculate the leakage reactance and resistance in ohms of the HV
a. 6.38 & 1.82 b. 4.86 & 1.56 c.6.53 & 1.87 d. 6.23 & 1.85
17. Open circuit test on transformer is conducted to determine
a. hysteresis losses b. copper losses c. core losses d. eddy current losses
18. Short circuit test on transformer is conducted to determine
a. hysteresis losses b. copper losses c. core losses d. eddy current losses
19. While conducting short circuit test on a transformer the following side is short-circuited.
a. high voltage side b. low voltage side c. primary side d. secondary side
20. The following information is given in connection with test performed on a 50kVA, 4600/230V 60Hz transformer. Short circuit test:
ESC=150V Psc=615W Isc=10.87A.What us the percent resistance & percent impedance?
a. 1.26 & 3.62 b. 1.23 & 3.26 c. 1.16 & 3.58 d. 1.32 & 5.8
21. A 10kVA, 2400/240V, single phase transformer has the primary resistance and leakage reactance of 3ohms and 15ohms while
secondary value are 0.03 and 0.15ohm respectively. Find the primary voltage required to produce 240V at the secondary terminals at
full load when the load power factor is 0.8 lagging.
a. 2496.5V b. 2594.5V c. 2496.5V d. 2694.5V
22. A 2300/230V, 10kVA transformer has the following constant: 1% resistance, 10% reactance. Determine the voltage regulation of the
transformer at full load 0.8 power factor leading.
a. -4.8% b. -3.8% c. -6.9% d. -5.9%
23. A 1 -250kVA, 7967/240V, 60Hz transformer has 1.5% resistance. What is the full load copper loss?
a. 626.25watts b. 1252.5watts c. 3750watts d. 2505watts
24. In a transformer, the iron loss is found to be 42W at 30Hz and 90W at 60Hz measured at the same flux density. What is the
hysteresis and eddy current loss at 60Hz?
a. 60W & 30W b. 78W & 12W c. 30W & 68W d. 12W & 78W
25. A 4400 volts 60Hz transformer has a core loss of 840watts, of one third of which is eddy current loss. Determine the core loss when
the transformer is connected to 4600V 50Hz supply.
a. 904W b. 907W c. 1066W d. 977W
26. A 500kVA, 13200/2400V 60Hz single phase transformer has 4% reactance and 1% resistance. The core loss under rated condition
is 1800W. Calculate the percent efficiency of this transformer at full load and 85% power factor/
a. 98.4 b. 96.2 c. 96.8 d. 97.6
27. A 75kVA, 230/115V 60Hz transformer was tested with the following result. Short circuit test: 9.5V, 326A, 1200W and open circuit
test: 115V, 16.3A, 750W. Determine the maximum efficiency at which occurs.
a. 97.27% b. 98.65% c. 96.85% d. 97.53%
28. A 5kVA transformer supplying lighting load. It would, in a normal days run, operate at full load 10hrs, and perhaps at half load
12hrs, during rest of the day there would be no load on the transformer. The iron loss is 150W and the full load copper loss is 200W.
Find the all day efficiency of the transformer.
a. 92.8% b. 87.2% c. 96.2% d. 98.6%
29. What is the typical used of an auto-transformer?
a. control transformer b. isolating transformer c. variable transformer d. toy transformer
30. The at the common winding of a 20kV/7.97kV auto-transformer is 200A. What is the current at the secondary?
a. 200A b. 332.45A c. 142.22A d. 132.45A
31. A 10kVA, 440/110 volts 60Hz, single phase transformer has an efficiency of 97.5% t rated load of unity power factor. The full load
copper loss is 150W and the core loss is 100W. What is the kVA rating if it is used as 550/440 volts auto-transformer?
a. 50 b. 25 c. 12.5 d. 20
32. A 2200/220 volts transformer has two 110volts coil connected in series. Across the first of these two coils is connected a resistive
load drawing 15A. Across the second coil is connected a pure capacitor drawing 10A. Across the two 110V coil in series is an 80%
lagging power factor circuit drawing 20A. Calculate the current to the 2200V coil.
a. 4.50 b. 3.45 c. 8.45 d. 2.45
33. A 10kVA, 440/110 volts 60Hz, single phase transformer has an efficiency of 97.5% t rated load of unity power factor. The full load
copper loss is 150W and the core loss is 100W. What is the efficiency when supplying full load at 80% power factor lagging, if it is used
as 550/440 volts autotransformer?
a. 99.38% b. 98.25% c. 92.58% d. 97.98%
34. Two transformer operating in parallel will share the load depending upon their
a. leakage reactance b. per unit impedance c. efficiencies d. ratings
35. A 1500kVA, 3% impedance transformer is to be operated in parallel with a 1250kVA, 3% impedance transformer, the total load is
2500kVA, What kVA load carried by each?
a. 750& 1750 b. 1363 & 1137 c. 1200 & 1300 d. 909 & 1591
36. Two (2) 1 transformers having equal turns, ratio and ratings are operated in parallel to supply a load of 280kW at 80%pf lagging.
Transformer A has 2% resistance and 8% reactance, while transformer B has 1% resistance and 6% reactance. What is the power
delivered by each of the transformers to the load?
a. 123 and 157kW b. 142 and 138kW c. 130 and 150kW d. 127 & 153kW
37. Two (2)-50kVA 1 transformer are connected open delta, calculate the maximum kVA of a 3-phase balanced load without
overloading any of the transformers.
a. 100 b. 150 c. 50 d. 87
38. Three single phase, 100kVA transformer connected delta-delta supply a balanced 3 phase wye connected load of 300kVA. One
transformer is removed for repair. Find the kVA load of each remaining transformers.
a. 100 b. 125 c. 173.2 d. 73.2
39. Three 10:1 single phase, step-down transformers are connected in Y/delta. For a primary line to line voltage of 3980V, find the
corresponding line voltage on the secondary side.
a. 398V b. 230V c. 3980V d. 2300V
40. A 2000kW, 2400V, 75% pf load is to be supplied from a 34500V, 3 phase line through a single bank of a transformers. Give the
primary and secondary voltages in volts of the transformer for wye-wye connection.
a. 20000/1380 b. 18500/13500 c. 18000/1300 d. 19000/1350
41. A 3 transformer is rated 30MVA, 115delta/13.8Y kV, and 2% impedance, the resistance is negligible compared with the reactance.
Determine the percent (%) voltage drop at the secondary at 80% load and at 75% power factor.
a. 4.1% b. 1.05% c. 2.26% d. 3.15%
42. A 750hp, 2400V, 3phase motor of 90% power factor and 95% efficiency is to be operated from a 13.2kV utility service through a
wye-delta connected transformer bank. What is the kVA rating of each transformers?
a. 218 b. 250 c. 175 d. 150
43. Scott connection are used to convert
a. 3phase supply to dc supply c. 3phase supply to 3 phase supply
b. 3phase supply to two phase supply d. 3phase supply to 1phase supply
44. In a scott-connection, calculate the values of the line currents in Amperes on the 3300V 3 side if the load on the 2 side are both
300kW at 100V and 70.7% lagging pf.
a. 157.2 b. 148.5 c. 145.2 d. 85.7
45. Delta-delta power transformer is protected by current transformer having
a. star/star connections b. delta/delta connections c. star/delta connections d. delta/star connections
46. The transformer oil used in transformers provide
a. cooling and lubrication b. insulation and cooling c. insulation and lubrication d. insulation, cooling and lubrication
47. Buchholzs relay is used in
a. motor protection b. line protection c. buchholz relay d. transformer protection
48. Which of the following is not a part of transformer installation?
a. conservator b. breather c. buchholz relay d. exciter
49. The color of fresh dielectric oil transformer is
a. dark brown b. white to grey c. pale yellow d. colorless
. 50. When a 240V dc supply is given to an unloaded 220V, 50Hz transformer
a. secondary will carry heavy current c. we will get ac voltage on secondary side according to turn ratio
b. primary will carry heavy current and may possibly burn d. we will get high voltage on secondary side