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Level 1; 52 - 70 Taranaki St


1. Biceps curl, neutral grip (ban • With one foot in front stepping on the band, hold the band with the thumb facing
forward (neutral grip) and curl the band all the way up without moving the upper
• Keep your shoulders back as you lift.

2. Elastic Lat Pull Down • Keep back straight, head up and knees bent Work both arms at the same time
Pronation grip

3. Elastic Shoulder Front Flexion • Keep back straight and abs tigh Keep knees slightly bent

4. Elastic supination • Wrap a band around the hands and bend the elbows to 90° with palms down.
• In this position, the band should be overhand so it will be taut when the palms will
be rotated upward.
• Rotate the forearms so the palms face up.

5. Flexion in scaption • Stand with elastic in hands, arms at sides, elbows straight and thumbs up.
• With shoulders down and back, raise your arms diagonally between your side and
front to shoulder level.
• Return to the starting position.

Prepared by: Brendon Tod 021660160 © Physiotec 1996-2014. All rights reserved.

• Return to starting https://www. • Keeping the elbows locked. 52 . Prepared by: Brendon Tod 021660160 © Physiotec 1996-2014.physiotec. Ulnar Deviation • Hold elastic in both hands.70 Taranaki St Wellington. 8. while supporting with your palms Notes: 6. 9. Strengthening Ext/retraction • Stand and tie elastic in front of you at waist level. thumb up. • Do not move your head forward as you pull. pull the band keeping your chest out and your shoulders down and back. 10. Standing rowing with band • Attach the band to an object in front of you at elbow height. • Incline the wrist upward. • Your hand must be palm up with elastic crossing over palm and under thumb. www.proactiverehab. • Put one foot in front of the other and hold both ends of the band. . All rights reserved. Your elbows are slightly flexed. ProActive Wellington May 19 2014 Page: 2 Level 1. • Hold tightly both ends of elastic in both hands. • Keeping your arms in a 45° from your body. • Support your forearm on table holding an elastic in your hand. • Return to starting position. Radial deviation • Place elastic under your foot or under a heavy object. 7. Pronation • Secure elastic near floor and support your forearm on a table or armchair with your elbow bent at 90 degrees. shoulders down and torso stable. • Rotate hand to palm down and elastic should resist this movement. • Return to starting position. • Move your hands outward. pull elastic backwards as far as possible by joining shoulder blades together and arms back • Slowly return to initial position and repeat.

ProActive Wellington May 19 2014 Page: 3 Level 1. . 52 . Ext/retraction (lower trapezius) strengthening with elastic (I-Row) Exercise#10 : Page 2 XGEN1572 Sitting resisted wrist ulnar deviation with elastic (bilteral) Prepared by: Brendon Tod 021660160 © Physiotec Notes: Exercise#1 : Page 1 REN10711 Biceps curl with https://www.70 Taranaki St Wellington.physiotec. All rights reserved. neutral grip Exercise#2 : Page 1 REN9312 Elastic Lat Pull Down Exercise#3 : Page 1 REN9565 Elastic Shoulder Front Flexion Exercise#4 : Page 1 REN41295 Bilateral elastic supination Exercise#5 : Page 1 GEN2543 Standing resisted shoulder scaption w/ elastic (to 90) Exercise#6 : Page 2 XGEN1567 Sitting resisted wrist pronation with elastic Exercise#7 : Page 2 XGEN1571 Resisted wrist radial deviation with elastic Exercise#8 : Page 2 REN10835 Standing bilateral rowing with band (arms at 45°) Exercise#9 : Page 2 GEN12454 Standing.proactiverehab.