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Rules and Regulations Federal Register

Vol. 67, No. 214

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

This section of the FEDERAL REGISTER DATES: This AD becomes effective on retained by the FMS could cause the
contains regulatory documents having general December 20, 2002. pilot to fly the airplane out of the range
applicability and legal effect, most of which ADDRESSES: You may get the service of the correct altitude constraint. This
are keyed to and codified in the Code of condition could result in air traffic
information referenced in this AD from
Federal Regulations, which is published under control or the pilot making flight
50 titles pursuant to 44 U.S.C. 1510. Rockwell Collins, Business and
Regional Systems, 400 Collins Road decisions that put the airplane in unsafe
The Code of Federal Regulations is sold by Northeast, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52498; flight conditions.
the Superintendent of Documents. Prices of telephone: (319) 295–2512; facsimile: Has FAA taken any action to this
new books are listed in the first FEDERAL (319) 295–5064. You may view this point? We issued a proposal to amend
REGISTER issue of each week. information at the Federal Aviation part 39 of the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA), Central Region, Regulations (14 CFR part 39) to include
Office of the Regional Counsel, an AD that would apply to Rockwell
DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Attention: Rules Docket No. 2000–CE– Collins FMC–4200, FMC–5000, and
13–AD, 901 Locust, Room 506, Kansas FMC–6000 flight management
Federal Aviation Administration
City, Missouri 64106; or at the Office of computers (FMC) that are installed on
the Federal Register, 800 North Capitol airplanes. This proposal was published
14 CFR Part 39
Street, NW., Suite 700, Washington, DC. in the Federal Register as a notice of
[Docket No. 2000–CE–13–AD; Amendment FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: proposed rulemaking (NPRM) on July
39–12939; AD 2002–22–13] Roger A. Souter, FAA, Wichita Aircraft 10, 2002 (67 FR 45678). The NPRM
RIN 2120–AA64
Certification Office (ACO), 1801 Airport proposed to require you to remove the
Road, Rm 100, Wichita, Kansas 67209; affected FMC unit and replace it with a
Airworthiness Directives; Rockwell telephone: (316) 946–4134; facsimile: new FMC unit or an FMC unit that has
Collins, Inc. FMC–4200, FMC–5000, and (316) 946–4407. E-mail address: been modified to correct a problem with
FMC–6000 Flight Management the flight management system (FMS)
Computers SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: accepting new information when an
existing procedure or flight plan is
AGENCY: Federal Aviation Discussion changed.
Administration, DOT. What events have caused this AD? Was the public invited to comment?
ACTION: Final rule. The FAA received a report of an The FAA encouraged interested persons
incident that occurred during a flight to participate in the making of this
SUMMARY: This amendment adopts a
arriving in Toronto, Ontario. A change amendment. The following presents the
new airworthiness directive (AD) that in the flight management computer
applies to certain Rockwell Collins, Inc. comments received on the proposal and
(FMC) had been made to the original FAA’s response to each comment:
(Rockwell Collins) FMC–4200, FMC– flight plan changing the altitude
5000, and FMC–6000 flight management constraint to 8,000 feet–11,000 feet. Comment Issue No. 1: List Affected
computers (FMC) that are installed on However, the flight management system FMC Units by Part Numbers in
airplanes. This AD requires you to (FMS) retained the altitude constraint of Addition to Model Number
remove the affected FMC unit and the original flight plan of 10,000 feet–
replace it with a new FMC unit or an What is the commenter’s concern?
14,000 feet. The pilot was unaware of Two commenters state that there are
FMC unit that has been modified to this situation occurring, which resulted
correct a problem with the flight numerous part numbers associated with
in the descent of the airplane beyond each FMC model number that are not
management system (FMS) accepting the published altitude constraint on the
new information when an existing affected by the proposed AD. The
arrival procedure. commenters state that only seven part
procedure or flight plan is changed. When the FMC is operating correctly
This AD is the result of a report that an numbers are actually affected by the
and a change is made, the FMS allows proposed AD as specified in Rockwell
aircraft proceeded beyond the published the pilot to delete information
altitude constraint on an arrival Collins Operator Bulletin 99–11, dated
associated with a procedure or flight September 1999. The way the proposed
procedure. The actions specified by this plan by deleting the procedure or by
AD are intended to prevent the FMC AD is currently written, an owner/
replacing the procedure. operator of an aircraft with any of the
from retaining and displaying original Rockwell Collins FMC–4200, FMC–
altitude constraints when an edit or a specified model FMCs installed would
5000, and FMC–6000 flight management be subject to the proposed AD.
replacement is made to a procedure or computers could be installed on, but not
flight plan that shares a waypoint with Therefore, adding specific affected part
limited to, the following aircraft: numbers in the AD will significantly
another procedure or an airway, and • Raytheon Model Beechjet 400A and
there is an altitude constraint on the reduce the burden on owners/operators
Model 400T (T–1A) airplanes;
shared waypoint. Such a condition • Bombardier Model CL–600–2B19 of aircraft equipped with the specified
could cause the pilot to fly the airplane Regional Jet Series 100 airplanes; and FMC model.
out of the range of the correct altitude • Bombardier Model CL–600–2B16 What is FAA’s response to the
constraint. This condition could result (variant CL–604) airplanes. concern? We concur with the
in air traffic control or the pilot making What is the potential impact if FAA commenters and will clearly identify
flight decisions that put the airplane in took no action? As described above, the seven affected FMC part numbers in
unsafe flight conditions. such erroneous altitude constraints the AD.

VerDate 0ct<31>2002 14:50 Nov 04, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00001 Fmt 4700 Sfmt 4700 E:\FR\FM\05NOR1.SGM 05NOR1
67298 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 214 / Tuesday, November 5, 2002 / Rules and Regulations

Comment Issue No. 2: Remove the Comment Issue No. 3: Add a Note in the determined that air safety and the
Manufacturer’s Service Bulletins From AD Alerting Owners/Operators That public interest require the adoption of
the Procedures Requirements of the Certain FMC Part Numbers Affect Other the rule as proposed except for the
Proposed AD and List Acceptable Installed Avionics Units additions discussed previously and
Replacement FMC Part Numbers What is the commenter’s concern? minor editorial corrections. We have
The commenter states that all of the determined that these additions and
What is the commenter’s concern? FMC corrective actions involve a change minor corrections:
The corrective action required is to in the FMC part number. Before a part • Provide the intent that was
modify the affected FMC unit. Only a number has been certified for proposed in the NPRM for correcting the
Rockwell Collins Service Center is installation on the particular aircraft, unsafe condition; and
authorized to modify (rework) the through either the Type Certification or • Do not add any additional burden
affected FMC units. The modification Supplemental Type Certification upon the public than was already
includes changing the FMC part number process, you should also determine proposed in the NPRM.
when the unit is reworked. Therefore, it whether additional avionics units need
is irrelevant whether an owner/operator to be upgraded at the same time to be Cost Impact
has a reworked unit or a newly compatible with the selected FMC part How many airplanes does this AD
manufactured unit installed provided number. The commenter suggests that a impact? We estimate that 700 affected
the part number is correct. note to this effect be included in the AD.
Rockwell Collins FMC–4200, FMC–
What is FAA’s response to the
What is FAA’s response to the 5000, and FMC–6000 flight management
concern? We concur with the
concern? We concur with the commenter and will include a note in computers could be installed on
commenters and will include a list of the AD to address this concern. airplanes in the U.S. registry. Some
acceptable replacement part numbers in airplanes have more than one unit
the proposed AD. We will not reference FAA’s Determination installed.
the individual service bulletins in the What is FAA’s final determination on What is the cost impact of this AD on
AD. this issue? After careful review of all owners/operators of the affected
available information related to the airplanes? We estimate the following
subject presented above, we have costs to accomplish the modification:

Total cost
Labor cost Parts cost per FMC unit

4 workhours per FMC unit X $60 per hour = $240. .................................................... $500 per FMC unit .................................... $740

Compliance Time of This AD responsibilities among the various PART 39—AIRWORTHINESS

levels of government. Therefore, it is DIRECTIVES
What would be the compliance time
determined that this final rule does not
of this AD? The compliance time of this 1. The authority citation for part 39
have federalism implications under
AD is ‘‘within the next 24 calendar Executive Order 13132. continues to read as follows:
months after the effective date of this Does this AD involve a significant rule Authority: 49 U.S.C. 106(g), 40113, 44701.
AD, unless already accomplished.’’ or regulatory action? For the reasons
Why is the compliance time presented discussed above, I certify that this § 39.13 [Amended]
in calendar time instead of hours time- action (1) is not a ‘‘significant regulatory 2. FAA amends § 39.13 by adding a
in-service (TIS)? The compliance of this action’’ under Executive Order 12866; new AD to read as follows:
AD is presented in calendar time (2) is not a ‘‘significant rule’’ under DOT 2002–22–13 Rockwell Collins, Inc.:
instead of hours TIS because the Regulatory Policies and Procedures (44 Amendment 39–12939; Docket No.
condition exists regardless of airplane FR 11034, February 26, 1979); and (3) 2000–CE–13–AD.
operation. The FMS retention of invalid will not have a significant economic (a) What airplanes are affected by this AD?
altitude constraint information could impact, positive or negative, on a This AD affects Rockwell Collins flight
occur regardless of the number of times substantial number of small entities management computers (FMC) specified in
and hours the airplane was operated. under the criteria of the Regulatory paragraph (a)(1) that are installed on, but not
For these reasons, FAA has determined limited to, the aircraft specified in paragraph
Flexibility Act. A copy of the final
that a compliance based on calendar (a)(2).
evaluation prepared for this action is (1) Rockwell Collins flight management
time should be utilized in this AD in contained in the Rules Docket. A copy computers: The following presents the
order to ensure that the unsafe of it may be obtained by contacting the affected FMC models and part numbers:
condition is addressed in a reasonable Rules Docket at the location provided
time period on all airplanes that have an under the caption ADDRESSES. Affected FMC
affected Rockwell FMC–4200, FMC– Affected FMC model No. Collins part No.
5000, or FMC–6000 flight management List of Subjects in 14 CFR Part 39
computer installed. Air transportation, Aircraft, Aviation FMC–4200 ........................ 822–0783–002
safety, Safety. FMC–4200 ........................ 822–0783–006
Regulatory Impact FMC–4200 ........................ 822–0783–010
Adoption of the Amendment FMC–5000 ........................ 822–0891–001
Does this AD impact various entities? FMC–6000 ........................ 822–0868–004
The regulations adopted herein will not Accordingly, under the authority FMC–6000 ........................ 822–0868–010
have a substantial direct effect on the delegated to me by the Administrator, FMC–6000 ........................ 822–0868–021
States, on the relationship between the the Federal Aviation Administration
national government and the States, or amends part 39 of the Federal Aviation (2) Affected airplanes: The following
on the distribution of power and Regulations (14 CFR part 39) as follows: presents a list of aircraft (certificated in any

VerDate 0ct<31>2002 14:50 Nov 04, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00002 Fmt 4700 Sfmt 4700 E:\FR\FM\05NOR1.SGM 05NOR1
Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 214 / Tuesday, November 5, 2002 / Rules and Regulations 67299

category) that the affected Rockwell Collins (b) Who must comply with this AD? that put the airplane in unsafe flight
FMC units are installed on (other airplanes Anyone who wishes to operate an aircraft conditions.
could have the installation): equipped with one of the affected FMCs must (d) What actions must I accomplish to
comply with this AD. address this problem? To address this
Type certifi- (c) What problem does this AD address? problem, you must accomplish the following:
Affected airplanes
cate holder The actions specified by this AD are intended
to prevent the FMC from retaining original
Raytheon ..... Model Beechjet 400A and
information when an edit is made to a
Model 400T (T–1A).
procedure or flight plan. Such a condition
Bombardier .. Model CL–600–2B19 Regional
could cause the pilot to fly the airplane out
Jet Series 100 and Model
CL–600–2B16 (variant CL– of the range of the correct altitude constraint.
604). This condition could result in air traffic
control or the pilot making flight decisions

Actions Compliance

(1) Remove the affected FMC unit specified in paragraph (a)(1) of this Within the next 24 calendar months after December 20, 2002 (the ef-
AD and install a modified or new FMC unit (as specified in paragraph fective date of this AD), unless already accomplished.
(e) of this AD) in accordance with the applicable maintenance man-
(2) Do not install, on any aircraft, an affected FMC unit specified in As of December 20, 2002 (the effective date of this AD).
paragraph (a)(1) of this AD that has not been modified to the re-
placement part number specified in paragraph (e) of this AD.

Note 1: When selecting a replacement FMC Certification or Supplemental Type with the selected replacement FMC part
part number, determine if the part number Certification process. Also, determine number.
has been certified for installation on the whether additional avionics units must be (e) What are the acceptable replacement
particular aircraft through either the Type upgraded at the same time to be compatible FMC part numbers?

FMC affected part No. Acceptable replacement FMC part No.

822–0783–002 ........... 822–0783–011 or 822–0783–013

822–0783–006 ........... 822–0783–011 or 822–0783–013
822–0783–010 ........... 822–0783–011 or 822–0783–013
822–0891–001 ........... 822–0891–005 or 822–0891–008
822–0868–004 ........... 822–0868–029, 822–0868–030, 822–0868–031, or 822–0868–032
822–0868–010 ........... 822–0868–029, 822–0868–030, 822–0868–031, or 822–0868–032
822–0868–021 ........... 822–0868–029, 822–0868–030, 822–0868–031, or 822–0868–032

(f) Can I comply with this AD in any other (316) 946–4407. E-mail address: DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
way? You may use an alternative method of
compliance or adjust the compliance time if: (h) What if I need to fly the airplane to Federal Aviation Administration
(1) Your alternative method of compliance another location to comply with this AD? The
provides an equivalent level of safety; and
FAA can issue a special flight permit under 14 CFR Part 97
(2) The Manager, Wichita Aircraft
Certification Office (ACO), approves your sections 21.197 and 21.199 of the Federal
[Docket No. 30337; Amdt. No. 3029]
alternative. Submit your request through an Aviation Regulations (14 CFR 21.197 and
FAA Principal Maintenance Inspector, who 21.199) to operate your airplane to a location Standard Instrument Approach
may add comments and then send it to the where you can accomplish the requirements Procedures; Miscellaneous
Manager, Wichita ACO. of this AD.
Note 2: This AD applies to each airplane (i) When does this amendment become
identified in paragraph (a) of this AD, effective? This amendment becomes effective AGENCY: Federal Aviation
regardless of whether it has been modified, on December 20, 2002. Administration (FAA), DOT.
altered, or repaired in the area subject to the
Issued in Kansas City, Missouri, on ACTION: Final rule.
requirements of this AD. For airplanes that
have been modified, altered, or repaired so October 28, 2002.
SUMMARY: This amendment establishes,
that the performance of the requirements of Michael Gallagher,
this AD is affected, the owner/operator must amends, suspends, or revokes Standard
Manager, Small Airplane Directorate, Aircraft Instrument Approach Procedures
request approval for an alternative method of
compliance in accordance with paragraph (f) Certification Service. (SIAPs) for operations at certain
of this AD. The request should include an [FR Doc. 02–28052 Filed 11–4–02; 8:45 am] airports. These regulatory actions are
assessment of the effect of the modification, BILLING CODE 4910–13–U needed because of the adoption of new
alteration, or repair on the unsafe condition or revised criteria, or because of changes
addressed by this AD; and, if you have not occurring in the National Airspace
eliminated the unsafe condition, specific
System, such as the commissioning of
actions you propose to address it.
new navigational facilities, addition of
(g) Where can I get information about any
already-approved alternative methods of
new obstacles, or changes in air traffic
compliance? Contact Roger A. Souter, FAA, requirements. These changes are
Wichita Aircraft Certification Office (ACO), designed to provide safe and efficient
1801 Airport Road, Rm 100, Wichita, Kansas use of the navigable airspace and to
67209; telephone: (316) 946–4134; facsimile: promote safe flight operations and

VerDate 0ct<31>2002 14:50 Nov 04, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00003 Fmt 4700 Sfmt 4700 E:\FR\FM\05NOR1.SGM 05NOR1