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Expertise Highlights
 SQL  C#

Professional Experience

MEDFLOW – CHARLOTTE, NC January 2010 to Present
Key Results:
 Implemented 60 Allscripts Pro-PM, Mysis Tiger and GE Centricity HL7 interfaces, from initial configuration
to client Go-Live
 Analyzed and identified problems with interfaces and created action plans to resolve client interface issues
or problems
 Exercised judgement to determine appropriate course of action during interface implementation
 Analyzed data for format, content and relationships before and after being loaded into database tables
 Ensured that all interface configurations had been fully tested and documented.
 Performed ad-hoc queries to troubleshoot data issues
 Kept technically current on related and current HL7 documentation, software and technology.


Key Results:

 Created custom PDF enrollment forms for new clients
 Coded, tested, debugged documents and installed modified and new programs
 Monitored production programs for expected performance.
 Supported application errors and applications not operating correctly
 Worked within specifications provided to meet programming assignment goals and objectives in a timely


Key Results:
 Built and maintained the Master Data used by the i2 SCP Planning System.
 Handled requests to make new Product Records coordinating with Marketing and Manufacturing the proper
flow for BIC creation or Color Splits
 Added MRP views as requested for existing products in SAP coordinating the addition of the MRP views in
SAP and the Inventory Records in FOCUS.
 Maintained the Basic Data for existing products in both SAP and FOCUS.
 Adjusted Bills of Materials for changes to Basic Yarn Codes, Conversion Factors and Waste Factors.

Jacqueline B Walker Resume
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Bachelor of Arts in English major.  Created and maintained the computer based training (CBT) software library.  Assisted with Win2k. data resources and ensured the integrity of computer operations through formal.  Partnered with ITS infrastructure colleagues to determine the best operational solutions. Conversion Factors. unlocked accounts.  Assisted Planners with Data problems when trying to release orders to production from SAP to FOCUS. Education  University of Maryland University College (online).  Provided training to merging CNA Computer Operators. documented processes and procedures.  Utilized call/problem management tracking tools. following standard escalation processes. FTP Client Setup and on Account Creation. resetting passwords.  Monitored daily errors generated in SAP related to Master Data and corrected the data in SAP which generated the errors. Adjusted Routings for changes to Dye Tables. Oct 2006-May 2009 (89 credits)  ECPI College of Technology. August 2004  ECPI College of Technology. NC Mar 2004 –Feb 2006 COMPUTER OPERATOR Key Results:  Supported and promptly resolved data center operational issues and problems within the computing and networking environment. December 2000 Jacqueline B Walker Resume Page 2 . added users to shares and added computers and printers to the CNACORP network. COATS NORTH AMERICA– CHARLOTTE.  Created technical documentation on building Win2k and Win2K3 servers.  Fostered a collaborative and partnering relationship with external service providers.  Created Emergency Repair Disks kits to be distributed to all CNACORP sites.  Assisted with Windows 2000 Administration by creating users. Associate in Applied Science/Computer Information Systems.  Assisted with the review of data in SAP to insure consistency throughout SAP and FOCUS. Supply Unit Weights. processes and procedural scripts to include supporting any disruption of normal data center operational services within CNA.  Communicated critical data center related information to appropriate management and business customers on a timely basis.  Monitored the performance of server hardware and networking components. Dye Machine Configurations and Waste Factors. Win2k3 and print server builds according to CNA standards.  Provided required security for the data center. Information Technology/Networking Diploma.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. . TRU64 Unix. Microsoft Office Systems: Windows. C# Jacqueline B Walker Resume Page 3 . AIX.5 3. Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008.Technology Summary Applications: Medflow EMR.17 Languages: SQL. SAP R/3 4. VMS.