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Eyes blink detection using Haar Cascade

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Nguyen Duy Quang Nguyen Dinh Nguyen
Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Bach Khoa University Bach Khoa University
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

traffic accidents and an cascaded classifier. Eyes blink major causes of traffic detection.. This problems with eyes like Dry between 12 and 24 hours. Haar features. Dry Eyes diagnose Estimate that 10-15% of the system automatically. and figure below show how For face and eye detect to determine the integral we will have 2 variables: Identify applicable sponsor/s here. system will be available on have to downsampling the features and tilted features Our mission aim to create portable devices as a smart image. we features include upright notably and make eyes tired. According to AAA in figure below Area Table. the number of will be 11. it let the death rate Because the algorithm reduce blink rate on screen The algorithm applies all cause the lack of sleep will scan whole image to fit time. people B.who has traffic accidents occur your paper size. avoid accident from lack of Classifier. delete this text box (sponsors). calculation scheme of According to a recent the pixel sum of SAT (c) and Foundation. peoples will sleep. good general healthy body known as Summed Area By this way.). we can alert diseases are appeared steps are (a) downsampling the driver in the event of regularly. METHODOLOGY image and the eyes is opened or closed. in types: (a) edge features. Object detection using rotated integral image sleeping or count the number a tool to measure parameters related to blink. 2 (a) Upright Summed Area I. Addition before with images of a to. the driver is usually line features and (c) center. Detect face(2) and eye number get over the number need a convenient way to with OpenCV Cascade of people in the world. Specially. warning avoid different sizes. it will make and change the habit using patients increase or decrease Table (SAT) and Rotated portable devices. And nearly 70% of have the correct template for cure patients . simpler classifiers of 3 car accidents are related to lack of sleep. These equations calculte the face Rect on the blink to avoid Dry Eyes original size image efficiently. this more per day. based on report(1). according to the Traffic for output on the US-letter By using Haar Cascade and Police Department. Eyes blink detection spend more times with Image preprocessing is come as a handy way to computer and portable required in order to make solve this problem. confirm that you day. By using devices. If you are using image processing. their blink rate and type of Summed Area Table Fig. If the image is of unconscious eye blinking the region of interest. Eyes detection. can easily detect if a driver is in the first seven months of A. transport. Consequently. The difference in practice. strong enough to use in fatigue. This will make the rate of these simple classifiers to decrease significantly. If no sponsors. 2 Shrinking the image then (RSAT). eyes blink the period when the driver of A4-sized paper. Therefore. are respectively calculated a blinking detection program feature to help people answer by using integral image and to measure parameters the question how to have a rotated integral image also related to blink in real-time. specially that are and (b) contrast eyes closed more than 3 problems with eyes like Dry Fig. while looking at screen Furthermore. template has been tailored Eye . The Keywords— Face Telfilo Lee Chiong says that detection.910 Haar-like feature based from an original of blinking eyes. So. Fig. In 2014. Dr. Furthermore. we the General Statistics Office. classifier includes multiple sleeping.5 times compared portable devices is increasing to people sleeping 7 hours or unbelievable. Eyes because people tend to features way. classifier scans whole image the lack of sleep is one of the to fit a region of pixels at Haar Cascade. specially we only temperature. particular object(2). many detection effortless. Therefore. we hope too large. This is paper size. please close detection’s algorithm not only the vehicle is subjected to the this file and download the easily implements but also is psychological effects of file “MSW_A4_format”. goods . we hope that by this enhancement. These this program. INTRODUCTION work more than 20 hours per surround features as shown Table and (b) Rotated Summed day. 1 Types of rectangular seconds. the accident rate RSAT(d) survey. it would take more These simple rectangular within close distance reduce that this blinking detection time to finish.. The resultant accidents in the world. light between The main idea of object need a cheap webcam and a day and night (especially for detection is to use available mid-range laptop or PC to means of passenger classifier which is trained run. it can be used average of 61 accidents per image : in healthcare to help doctors First. . there were 12. (b) Vietnam. Abstract— By checking According to a report of II.

Frame per second minimum Resolution Distance Original Environment requirement 1920x1080 15cm 531x177 Brightness operation range 20cm 480x160 Optimal operating brightness 1280x720 15cm 345x115 Video Source 20cm 315x105 480x320 15cm 147x49 20cm 135x45 These parameters are measured using the Original and detect following environment: columns are sizes of eye region before and after Table 3 Environment parameters shrinking. the process is designed an automatic mode environment for this demonstrated as the chart in that define best eye_scale application. side of face. we would detect size and original size see a very distinct edge in of image. so that the far Table 2 Specification in real-time left-hand side will use the left histogram equalization. We carried out the test maximized. Beside equalizing histogram for entire image. If we simply applied histogram equalization on . The average of Then. we can Ram For 2 figures above. 3 Separate histogram face Rect by determining equalizing CPU high brightness relatively eye position on Video Graphic Card face. 4 Algorithm chart They are ratio between on the right half. Parameter the far right-hand side will Distance operation range: Fig. We recorded the the middle because the III. we equalize the with several environments FPS will be about 20 FPS histogram to differ the bright for our application. The ability of Figure 4. 6 Close eye detection with Fig. 5 Open eye detection with high use the right histogram Optimal operating distance: brightness equalization. so to remove Base on algorithm above. From the table. and dark area(3). Specification with different video the right side.face_scale and eye_scale. Webcam about 165x55 pixels. we will apply the we create an application that in the table below: two histogram equalizations using eyes blink detection to gradually from the left-or provide eyes blink counter right-hand side towards the tool with specification center and mix it with a below: whole-face histogram equalization. the This process will remove see that eye can be easily OS test environment is a full unbalance lighting on each Brightness detected if detect region is light room about 200 lux. resolution at 15cm and 20cm this edge. RESULT AND DISCUSSION minimum eye_scale that average brightness is likely detect both eye smoothly to be different on the left and A. Original eye region is calculated from Parameter Fig. Experiment according to detected face eyes blink detection is Rect. and the center Frame size will use a smooth mix of left Frame per second average Table 1 Best minimum eye_scale or right value and the whole. B. We This is also the ideal In conclusion. we process a separate equalizing by splitting the image into left and right halves of the face. and 18 FPS when dropped. Frame per second maximum face equalized value. the left half and then again Fig.

brightness is brightness and sunlight wake alarm about 40 lux. with this automated system. For figure above. FPS is dropped to about 14 FPS. Authors and Affiliations Blinking also keeps eyes The template is designed safe from potentially so that author affiliations are damaging stimuli. 8 Open eye detection with low brightness multiple authors of the same bodies like dust. calculated about 14. Thus. Besides. the For figure 10 and 11 room about 100 lux. with ½ brightness. functionality of this application or just serves As mentioned. We easily set medium brightness Fig. 9 Close eye detection with low Fig. Video across the eyeball. the proverbial "blink of an eye" lasts only a For 480p (640x480) tenth of a second. the test environment is a half light For figure 8 and 9 above. As we screen light with ½ Fig. FPS is calculated all the time needed to clear about 25 and it would be 11 away dust particles and if video has Full-HD spread lubricating fluids (1080p) resolution. FPS test environment is no room above. If there is no . the test environment will be dropped to about 17 light but laptop screen light is no room light but laptop FPS. your eyelids but the ability of detection spread a cocktail of oils and more accurately mucous secretions across the IV. ADDITIONAL FEATURES surface of the eye to keep your globes from drying out. 10 Enable/disable sleep or calculated. the personal purposes. organization). During the examination. 10 Open eye detection with affiliations as succinct as when the eye has not been low brightness possible (for example. we allow program supports source to adjusted detect scale video from real-time camera parameters manually to scale or video. do not blinked for too long to avoid differentiate among eye disease as much as departments of the same possible. eyes tend to focus on longer than usual. to avoid accidental occupational accidents or accidents to others Fig. This template To optimize the was designed for two performance and affiliations. Please keep your we also add alert function Fig. When eyes are tired. observation. Every Full-HD make FPS decrease time you blink. FPS will be splashing into. A. The external up or scale down the region interface supports real-time of interest. 11 Close eye detection with the time it takes to warn of brightness low brightness this situation. That is why affiliation. with an FPS counter (Frame Per Second). it helps to alert patients to open their eyes so that the diagnosis and examination can be more accurate. but that is video. such as not repeated each time for bright lights and foreign Fig. 7 Open eye detection with unfortunately. Or simply to warn employees or drivers not to fall asleep.

into 3 cases that the eye can contact rate and the mean encountered. “Dry Extended lid closure count lid-closure time per Eyes Potential”. That is “Non Mean duration superextended duration of lid closure/blink Dry Eyes” –when only meet All lid closure blink count REFERENCES as parameters. 11 Using parameters real-time parameters of an eyes (> 0 second in duration) to diagnose Contact rate all examination. Patrick r Johnston et al. measured parameters. type of full closure was from 2 – 4 conditions. and Teoflo Lee-Chiong. corresponding to six 85707 Mean duration all detailed information during we can give an advice about conditions that need to be the examination and results eyes condition of the patient. 68441 Mean duration all Mean duration extended B. 1. In total we have six information. second in duration) especially dry eye. At the All full lid closure (> 0 0. Alessi et al. The mean below 2 conditions. tester feels little eyestrain. extended lid time Beginning date Eyes Potential.2 for low resolution this is the result of an eye webcam (about 640 x 480 Table 7 Operation at some point of Table 4 Sample of normal eyes time examination using real-time pixel). Classifiers All full lid closure 6.70228 All full lid closure these parameters differ time.575 0.54223 Extended lidKhvedchenia closure Ievgen. (2014) Blink patterns and duration) and superextended Another test.589 (ms) Fig.4% detect) will also be a 0.special purpose. we realize that diagnose disease in real. Mark B closures (> 0.1 second in duration) Time Measurement parameter We enable analyze Superextended lid closure 1. Cathy divided by the the rest is Dry Eyes. in Jason Saragih. Phillip Ian Wilson (2006) Facial groups as follows: all full lid feature detection using Haar closure (> 0 second in Beginning Result of this test is: Dry Classifiers duration). but also diagnostic All full lid closure (> 0 0. we have 3 [4] Dr. eyes and dry eyes. examination after 3 hours Extended lid closure 5. it is possible to Evaluation and Treatment of observation time.1 secondMahmood. Naureen For each parameter.2% Contact rate superextended (> 0 second in duration) adjustments. we work with computer in a 110 (> 0. using auto-scale for to diagnose in about 1 larger resolution like Full. minute: HD or HD camera to Parameter Value Time Measurement parameter optimize performance. We use the mean of lid.1 second in duration) Contact rate extended parameter to evaluate Superextended lid closure 0. David Millán Escrivá. we lid closures (> 0. Table 6 Personal information in duration) in duration) Specifically.5 second in Object001 21 continuously. Because based use the record function to [2] Dr.18019 Superextended lid smaller groups depending on closure (> 0 second Practical Computer Vision closure (> 0 second the duration of eyes closure. Roy duration) duration) Shilkrot et al. Projects. the second recommend using scale eyes duration). Based on the normal eyes samples and Contact rate extended All of personal scientific studies on the eye. and directly enter the above Table 8 Result of measured Circadian Rhythm Sleep then standardized per parameters of the patient or information Disorders minute.08 tool for eyes disease. Contact rate superextended date and time. Phillip on the research in the record auto values and Ian Wilson (2006) Facial Contact rate Value Mean duration feature detection using Haar paper(4). we analyze parameters of an parameters to measure. Therefore. Extended lid closure (> 0.7% (ms) top-right of this application. (> 0 second in [3] in (> 0 second Daniel Lélis Baggio. eyes examination. [5] George W Ousler 3rd. (2007) Practice Parameters for the Clinical subject’s total For users.when meet Superextended lid closure[1]countTimothy I. after lid-contact times in dry-eye Name Age watching movie 4 hours and normal subjects .1 second in (> 0. checked. Morgenthaler. (2012) classify them into 3 different seconds eyes examination: Mastering OpenCV with Superextended lid 2. second in duration) Contact rate all FPS (beside the ability to Extended lid closure (> 0. Diagnosis of eye Mean duration superextended condition Table 5 Sample of normal eyes All lid closure blink count Not only an application Extended lid closure count that propose eyes blink Parameter Value (second) Superextended lid closure count counter. Then we split up Mean duration extendedwill be stored in a datasheet. John Fernandez.1 second in 7:39:36 25/06/2017 Abelson. John Fernandez. Shervin noticeably between normal Below is a result of eyes duration) duration) Emami.

[7] Computer Vision – The Integral Image at https://computersciencesource .codeproject.wordpress.[6] Video Capture using OpenCV with C++ at Articles/741055/Video- Capture-using-OpenCV-with- [8] .