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RG20 - Precise Paging

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What is Precise Paging?

Normally the MSC pages a MS indicating the LAC where the MS is registered. The BSC sends this paging
to all the cells belonging to the affected LAC. The result of this behavior is that all cells where the MS is
not present receive a paging command that is useless.

The goal of Precise Paging is to decrease the signaling load by sending the first paging only to the cell
where the MS was last known and to its adjacent cells.

If there is no immediate paging response, and the supervision timer defined by Precise Paging expanding
delay expires then BSC pages the rest of the cells in the original paging area. High hit rate (e.g. 85 %)
can be achieved in the network with high Smart phones penetration. Therefore, precise paging might be
better solution for CCCH bottleneck.

How this feature Reducing paging load?

There’re two ways to implement this behavior and reduce paging load:

–Configuring the MSC to send the first paging with Cell Id instead of LAC and activate Intelligent
Selective Paging in BSC (BSS21324)
–Activate (BSS21335) Precise Paging that creates a database inside the BSC where the association
between IMSI and last visited cell are stored.

o MSC provides the IMSI to the BSC
o BSC keeps stored in a IMSI # table (MS’s last visited cell)

paging capacity can be further expanded(assume no TMSI re-paging used in MSC) o BSC’s MSC re-paging delay parameter (new BSC DB parameter) defines how long TMSI needs to be saved from previous paging attempt. then the following resources can be saved: o Additional CCCH used for high paging load can be switched back for TCH/SDCCH/PDCH . o If only the first paging message is handled in Precise Paging style then the Precise Paging is repeated for the same MS again after the location information of the MS has been updated first. paging command is sent to the cell (stored) and its adjacent cells The location record is stored for a limited period configurable by Precise Paging Location Records Living Time parameter. o BSC receives paging and checks IMSI in its database o If found. paging repetition from MSC is also made in Precise Paging style. o TMSI for re-paging's in BSC. o If Precise Paging is applied for all pages (MSC/SGSN initiated). For PS connection MS location is updated when MS context is created in PCU(when TBF is established) Update of MS location record in BSC database is impacted by setting of periodical location update (Timer For Periodic MS Location Updating) How repaging performed? o BSC might be configured by Precise Paging enabled for repagings parameter to use Precise Paging for all pagings or only for the first one. Mobile's location is updated at the end of each connection (TCH or SDCCH) when IMSI is known (if it is not known then there is no update). TMSI optimization in Precise Paging o IMSI consumes twice more capacity on air interface compared to TMSI o BSC stores TMSI from the first paging message could use it for re-paging's instead of IMSI. Benefits of precise paging If the paging load can be decreased with precise paging.

the greater PCH load reduction and CCCH (both PCH & AGCH) blocking decrease. 5. Precise Paging usage – This parameter defines if the Precise Paging feature is active in the cell for CS pagings coming from MSC via A or Gb interface. 6. o Capacity of TRXSIG(due to high paging load) can be used for Abis resources e. GLONASS. MSC repaging delay . o With higher hit rate. for EDAP o Fewer sites can serve the same amount of subscribers when CCCH was the bottleneck.This parameter defines if BSC shall convert IMSI repagings to TMSI pagings when possible. 3. Precise Paging enabled for repagings . PS pagings received from SGSN via Gb interface or both. Precise Paging TMSI optimization need to be enabled. 4. Galileo.This parameter defines if BSC shall use Precise Pagings also for repagings. Precise Paging location records living time . Precise Paging TMSI optimization . Precise Paging expanding delay – This parameter defines the time BSC waits for paging response before paging is expanded to all cells in the LA/RA. PRECISE_PAGING_EXPANDED (003067) .Number of times when paging has been sent to the rest of the cells in the original paging area when last known location of a MS was in this cell and the MS was first Precise Paged.Number of PAGING COMMAND messages sent to the cell and its immediate neighbors where the MS had the last connection to BSC according to Precise Paging. Counters PRECISE_PAGING_MESSAGES_SENT_TO_BTS (003066) . Similar Threads: o Nsn rg20 mml macro o RG20 Documentation o Paging and Area Update Optimization: How to run a paging capacity analysis? o GPS. 2.g. IMSI_TO_TMSI_PAGING_CONVERSIONS (003068) . and BeiDou for Mobile Devices: From Instant to Precise Positio o RG20 Alarms Doc .This parameter defines the timer value used for repaging in MSC.Number of times when the BSC has converted an IMSI paging message to TMSI paging message.This parameter defines how long BSC is allowed to use a location record of a MS for Precise Paging after creation or last update. Parameters of Precise paging 1.